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Innovation – A key success factor for Switzerland

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Switzerland scores repeatedly high in innovation indexes. As a small country with little raw material base, it is clear that the economy can only be competitive with sustainable innovation. – Various stakeholders from academia to companies play an important role to realise innovation pipeline.

One Nation, One Biotech Cluster

Program of Swiss Biotech @ BIO San Diego

Editorial Jean François Lichtenstern

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ctory 2013/2014

CHF 35, or collect one at the Swiss Pavillion, booth 4307. The Swiss Biotech Association (SBA) is the national industry association representing innovative enterprises in Swiss life sciences (and biotechnology). The SBA continues to champion the interests of the industry and works closely with partners. SME’s are the backbone of the association, but large companies and multinationals are equally important. Beyond core biotechnology, the SBA includes industry members involved on the supply side from technology providers, suppliers of equipment and services to contract research, bioinformatics, consulting and finance companies.

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CHF 35.– 4.2.13 19:31

Partner Profile: Switzerland Global Enterprise Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) informs, advises and guides SMEs from Switzerland and Liechtenstein in their international business ventures. It links companies, experts and private and public organizations around the world, thus facilitating efficient promotion of foreign trade. Apart from http:// export promotion, S-GE is responsible for promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad as well as for http:// promoting imports from selected developing and transition countries. In addition, S-GE runs 21 global/about/en/content/swiss-business-hubs Swiss Business Hubs abroad, which provide guidance to Swiss exporters and promote Switzerland as a business location*. S-GE has selected life sciences as a focus industry and works in close collaboration with the Swiss Biotech Association. * The SBH USA is located in new York

No 6, May 2014

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the Swiss Biotech Association (SBA) and all participants at the Swiss Pavifion at this year’s BIO Show in San Diego, a region which features one of the largest biotechnology clusters in the US next to the Bay area. Swiss biotech companies and academic research institutions including many exhibiting at BIO, have traditionally maintained close cooperative relations with their counterparts in California and th is Show and Conference provides another excellent opportunity to further strengthen those relations. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is collaborating with the Swiss Business Hub (SBH) in organizing networking events during the Show which are designed to highlight the strengths of the Swiss biotech sector to US companies interested in exploring opportunities in Europe and conversely, to facilitate match making for Swiss exhibitors with local counterparts in the areas of R&D and commercial applications. It is an honor and a pleasure for me to support th is endeavor.

Sunday, June 22

Join Jean-François Lichtenstern, Consul General of Switzerland in Los Angeles, SwissBio and a special California VIP Host Committee for a casual pre-BIO reception from 5 p.m to 8 p.m in San Diego’s historic Little Italy.

RSVP required, attendance limited to registered guests. Please contact Jean-Marc Tissot at by June 18 or visit to register.

Monday, June 23

BIO Welcome Reception on USS Midway (only for full registered conference attendees)

Tuesday, June 24

Swiss Pavilion, booth No. 4307

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

International Marketing Briefing: Room 2484 10:00 am - 10:45 am Innovation System Contributors Switzerland. Panel with: Dr. Florian Wurm - ExcellGene Massimo Nobile - BioArk Dr. Raimund Sterz - SwissRay Moderated by: Nic Alexakis - Swiss Biotech

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Wednedsay, June 25

Swiss Pavilion, booth No. 4307

9:30 am – 5:30 pm 4:00 pm

9:30 am – 5:30 pm Bio Exhibition Open and Exhibitor Booth Partnering

Report 2014

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Contact: NTN-SwissBiotech

Main Office, Zürich

Office Romandie

Editor D. Alexakis - Advertising C. Kroll - Published 3 times a year (print or pdf.)

Swiss Biotech Association Wengistrasse 7, 8004 Zürich

Swiss Biotech Association Route de la Corniche 4, 1066 Epalinges


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Biotech Report 2014

The expectation is that biotechnology will continue to play a key role in the sustainable development of Switzerland. Boosting innovation in this industry will be vital to economic growth, to our environmental endeavours, to commercialization of new technologies and to public health.

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Further partners Daniel Gygax, biotechnet, Muttenz Liv Minder, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Zürich

Bio Exhibition Open and Exhibitor Booth Partnering Chocolate case drawing during Power Hours

Swiss Pavilion, booth No. 4307

Swiss Biotech


Exhibitor Hospitality Receptions Win a Swiss chocolate case!

Thursday, June 26

I wish each and every one an enjoyable stay in the beautiful City of San Diego and a successful show.

Steering committee Domenico Alexakis, Swiss Biotech Association, Zürich Jan Lucht, scienceindustries, Zürich Oreste Ghisalba, CTI, Bern Heinz Müller, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern Ori Schipper, Swiss National Science Foundation, Bern Andrea von Bartenwerffer, SIX Swiss Exchange AG, Zürich Seraina Benz, SIX Swiss Exchange AG, Zürich Jürg Zürcher, Ernst & Young AG, Basel

BIO Exhibition Open and Exhibitor Booth Partnering

By further strengthening academic output, enablers and competitive clusters, we can create a strong ’bioeconomy’ moving forward. The current report highlights major initiatives and key players in the value proposition, and looks at the contribution they make to its success.

Download a copy at: NTN partners:

Project partner:

BIO 2014 San Diego, June 23-26, 2014 SWISS Pavilion - Booth No. 4307 Company

Company description





AC Immune SA

AC Immune develops innovative therapeutics with best-in-class potential against Alzheimer’s Disease and related diseases

Prof. Andrea Pfeifer

Phone +41 21 693 9121

Actelion Pharmacuticals Ltd.

Actelion Ltd. is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on the dicsovery, development and commercialization of innovative drugs for diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

Mr. Nicholas Franco

Phone +41 61 565 6565

BioAlps Life Science Cluster

BioAlps, the Life Sciences cluster from Western Switzerland, promotes the excellence and performance in MedTech and BioTech globally.

Mr. Claude Jorris

Phone +41 22 304 4071

BioArk SA

BioArk is a site supporting start-ups/companies in biotechnology and diagnostics. Under public/private partnerships, you can find on site possibilities for producting recombinant protein, diagnostic kits and a future septic fill and finish platform

Mr. Massimo Nobile

Phone +41 27 606 8860

Cerbios Pharma SA

Cerbios is a privately held company specialized in development and manufacturing of chemical and biological APIs. Services are offered in the area of HPAIs and Biopharmaceuticals

Ms. Mara Camillo

Phone +41 79 618 0988

ExcellGene SA

ExcellGene is a Swiss expert transforming DNA to proteins through cutting-edge tech- Mr. Arul Ramadurai nologies & analytics to produce high quality & high yielding biopharmaceuticals.

Phone +41 79 572 2993

Greater Zurich Area

GZA AG is a regional public-private partnership promoting and marketing the Greater Zurich Area business region abroad.

Ms. Jillian Ochs

Phone +1 925 360 8293

Life Science Zurich Business Network

The LSZ Business Network has been established as a platform with a single point of contact to promote cooperation between the Life Science stakeholders in academia, industry and the public sector in the Greater Zurich area as well as with other Life Science Centers in Switzerland and across the world.

Dr. Isabel Klusman

Phone +41 44 635 3501

Micro-Sphere SA

Micro-Sphare SA (MS) is a company dedicated to the contract development and production of pharmaceutical formulations.

Mr. Michele Müller, Ph.D.

Phone +41 79 491 9519

Molecular Partners AG

Molecular Partners create medicines using a novel class of biologicals (DARPins) for diseases with unmet medical needs.

Dr. Patrick Amstutz

Phone +41 44 755 7703

NTN Swiss Biotech TM

The NTN Swiss BiotechTM unites R&D and KTT- related activities of the Swiss Biotech Mr. Domenico P. Alexakis Association and biotechnet Switzerland. It covers all relevant competences across the entire value generation chain; from innovation through to product development and commercialization. The twin pillars of translational R&D and knowledge management are organized in six operational fields. The NTN is co-funded by the CTI agency of Switzerland.

Phone +41 44 455 5678 swiss_biotech

Numab AG

Numab focuses on the discovery and development of innovative antibody fragmentbased therapeutics.

Mr. Oliver Middendorp

Phone +41 44 533 0471


PERELiS is pan-european real estate fund dedicated to Life Sciences properties. It targets long term investment in world class infrastructure for universities, research centers and biotech/medtech companies. The fund strategy will be deployed on existing buildings as well as project development. Based on its in-house knowledge and track-record, PERELiS acts as a strategic partner for corporate tenants, academic users and bio-clusters promoters.

Mr. Pierre Jacquot

Phone +41 79 406 3308

PRECLIN Biosystems AG

Comprehensive in vivo preclinical testing platform for the identification and validation of lead candidate therapeutics.

Ms. Bettina Ernst

Phone + 41 44 586 0776


regulanet® is a network of regulatory affairs consultancies with members in over 90 countries throughout the world. Founded in 2001 and led by Dr Regenold GmbH, regulanet® offers services to a wide variety of national and international healthcare and pharmaceutical clients.

Dr. Tobias Ostler

Phone +41 44 786 1428


SpacePharma is focused on becoming a world leader in advanced research and manufacturing solutions in space’s microgravity for the life-sciences industry.

Mr. Martin Aebi

Phone +41 61 693 1000

Swiss Biotech Association

The Swiss Biotech Association represents the interests of the biotech sector, supports the entrepreneurship of biotech companies, and generates value for members and the industry.

Mr. Domenico P. Alexakis

Phone +41 44 455 5678

TRB Chemedica International SA

TRB Chemedica International SA is active in the rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology fields.Top innovative, safe and Swiss-made medical devices and drugs are produced to meet with the most stringent regulatory and medical needs.

Mr. Marco Betancourt

Phone +41 79 671 7854

Venture Valuation AG

We specialize in independent valuation of life sciences companies and run the global Biotechgate database (

Dr. Patrik Frei

Phone +41 43 321 8660

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