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iscover Paradise in the South; come and experience Region 12

• Region 12 is composed of the culturally and naturally rich provinces of Sultan Kudarat, Saranggani, South Cotabato and Cotabato Province and the fast-developing cities of General Santos, Cotabato, Kidapawan, Koronadal, and Tacurong. • Population is composed of 65% Christian, 30% Muslim and 5% other religious denomination. • The region is seldom visited by typhoons. Its climate is characterized by an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year. • English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, T’boli, B’laan, Cotabato Manobo, Tagbanwa and Maguindanaon, are among the major languages and dialects in the region. The 12th Paradise as the region’s brand name and logo depicts the general experience in Region 12. The nest symbolizes nature’s architectural wonder evoking a childlike awe upon discovery. Its strands, rendered in colorful fusion, illustrate diversified yet well-placed and well-connected facets of culture, places and people. Nestled is the number 12 lain in fertility suggestive of the fertile and potent gleams of region 12, a paradise.


here is no better way to float than drift on a boat, embracing the serenity of nature and be introduced to the paradise of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Float with T’bolis still garbed in traditional attire and the T’nalak which designs are product of their dreams, thus dreamweavers.

Float in Paradise

Other Float experiences in the 12th Paradise: • Canoe - Sarangani • Jetski - General Santos City • River Tubing in Maitum- Sarangani • Cruise in Sarbay - Sarangani • Artificial Waves - Koronadal City • Pool Hopping - Tacurong City • Lake Cruise - Lake Sebu • Hobie Cat Sailing - Sarangani • Kayak - Sarangani • Whale Watching - Sarangani • River Trekking - Koronodal City (Triple Extreme) • Swim Across the Bay - Sarangani


here is nothing like taking a shower in a paradise also called Asik-Asik, Alamada, Cotabato. Be spell-bound with this unique and fascinating 140-m wide curtain-like spring falls. What’s amazing about this is that the water does not come from a stream above a hill like most waterfalls; instead it springs from the rocks! Feel the cold water wash your weariness leaving you in a state of bliss.

Shower in Paradise

Several things can be done as you experience Natural Shower in the 12th Paradise: • 7 falls - Lake Sebu, South Cotabato • Amsikong Falls - General Santos City • Siok Waterfalls - Koronadal City • Kansal Falls - Kidapawan City • Mawig Falls - Kidapawan City • Nalus Falls - Kiamba, Sarangani • Tawsuvan Falls - Magpet, Cotabato Province • Sang’ngawan Falls - Makilala, Cotabato Province • Tenobac Falls - Lebak, Sultan Kudarat • Limulan Falls - Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat • Paril Falls - Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat

Photo: Rhonson Ng

Dip in Paradise D

iscover along Sarangani’s 230-kilometer coastline the powdery white, pink, gray or black sand shorelines, pristine waters and amazing coral gardens where whales, marine turtles and the endangered sea cow (dugong) thrives. It’s astonishing marine life is just perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and many other water sports. South Diver’s Point is the perfect place to take a dip in paradise with the Tinoto Wall, stretching 10 – km along the bay. The wall drops off over 50 meters about 10-20 meters from the shore. Other sites that will definitely lure you to take a dip in 12th Paradise are: • Gumasa Beach - Saranagani • Poral Beach - Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat • Tuka Marine Park - Kiamba, Sarangani • Marguez Hotspring - Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat • Lake Agco Mountain Resort (Hot and Cold) - Kidapawan City • Dongon Point - Glan, Sarangani • Tayandak White Sand Beach - Sultan Kudarat • Bacod Reef - Sarangani • Glass Beach - Sarangani • Mountain Spring Resorts - North Cotabato, Kidapawan City, South Cotabato • Beach Resorts - Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and general Santos • South Divers Point - Sarangani • Lake Venado - Kidapawan City • Lake Holon - South Cotabato • Santiak Beach - Sultan Kudarat


mmersing oneself in a rustic swimming pond that’s filled with combined water from the steaming, hot Lake Agco and a cold spring on the side is perfect way to soothe your body. But before that, sweat out body wastes with the help of natural steam bursting from several areas near the Lake. Natural steam and hot bath equals refreshed body and spirit. This is also the belief of the locals that the spirit of the Gods that dwells in Lake Agco restores your health. Literally immerse up in the century-old trees covered with moss, distinct fauna and floral and sulfur craters and nature’s wonders on your way to Mt. Apo. Kidapawan City provides the easiest route to the country’s highest peak.

Immerse in Paradise

Mt. Apo is the abode to the national bird, Philippine eagle. At the mountain’s foot is the mystifying Lake Agco. Cultural immersion is also possible in the 12th Paradise through Homestays at T’boli or B’laan villages in South Cotabato and Sarangani, Inaul Weaving in Cotabato City, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat, T’nalak Weaving in South Cotabato and Sarangani Province, Brassware Making in Cotabato City, Brass Casting in Cotabato City, Beading Products in South Cotabato, School of Living Tradition in South Cotabato, Regular cultural rites related to celebrations in all areas of Region12.

Photo: Jing Velos

Wear in Paradise Traditional T’boli and B’laan clothing Dress up as in the days of old and be in the company of princes and princesses of the indigenous T’bolis or B’laans. Crown your head with the headdress, wear the kegal nisef (blouse) and the tabih (skirt) and be adorned with bead or brass necklaces, bracelets, anklets and bell belts as you announce your presence with the sounds the belts make. Tnalak Tinalak is a cloth made of naturally colored abaca fiber. Its intricate designs are interpretation of dreams, weaved to life by the Tboli women originally produced in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Traditional Maguindanaon Attire Inaul is handwoven by Maguinanaon women in Cotabato City. Inaul is a tubular skirt. This is topped by banggala (blouse) which distinction is on the gold coin used as accent or button. The head is covered with tendung or hijab or veil (women) or kupya or tubao for men. Inaul The inaul (handwoven cloth) is woven from the simplest to the most expensive threads to become pieces of cloth accentuated by intricate designs reflective of the life, works and culture of the Maguindanaons. Recently, inaul has been used by known couturiers as accents to gowns, used as office uniforms and other household items.

Dance in Paradise D

ance steps relating to tuna and merrymaking lasts a week or more during the Tuna Festival. This is a fitting celebration for the contribution of the industry to General Santos City, dubbed Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Tuna float and street dancing featuring the different tuna products are awesome events to watch and the sumptuous tuna dishes to taste during the culinary contest and Sashimi Night. Business and pleasure related events such as tuna congress, tuna exhibit, tuna culinary, tuna tours and game fishing competition completes the festivity. Distinct dance steps reflecting a local culture or a mishmash of such can be enjoyed during festivals. The colorful attire, props and set as well as the heart-pounding music produced from locally made instruments will bring you to your feet.

Experience paradise in region12; dance with us: • Kalimudan Festival (November) - Sultan Kudarat • T’nalak Festival (July) - South Cotabato • Kalilangan Festival (February) - General Santos City • Tuna Festival (September) - General Santos City • Muna To Festival (November) - Alabel, Sarangani • Sarangani Bay Festival (May) - Glan, Sarangani • Kalivungan Festival (September) - Cotabato Province • Talakudong Festival (September) - Tacurong City • Shariff Kabunsuan Festival (December) - Cotabato City • Halad Sa Sto. Nino (January) - Midsayap, Cotabato • Hinugyaw Festival (January) - Koronadal City • Apo Sandawa Festival (April) - Kidapawan City


reating artworks and performing arts is second nature to the famed Hinugyaw Dance Troupe of Koronadal City. Its advantage? –It is a melting pot of various cultures from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines. Ilonggos, Ilocanos, Tagalogs, T’bolis, Blaan’s, Muslims, Tirurays and other cultural groups brought with them their artistic prowess resulting in a distinct art creation.

Create in Paradise

Truly a crowning (korona) brilliance, Hinugyaw Dance Troupe has recreated original traditional dance steps, music using indigenous instruments, costumes and accessories. While other artists visit the original areas of the cultural groups to study the way of life, for Koronadal City and Region 12, it’s a way of life. Create your own masterpiece in the 12th Paradise Rituals, cultural Dances • Observing visual arts • Use the flute, kulintang, agong, kudyapi for tunes • Loom for weaving original designs of t’nalak , abaca and water hyacinth for novelty items • Creation or building your own boat or ship.


Region XII Map




Shower Dip


Dance Explore Bongo Island Immerse Delight

Cotabato City

Libungan Car Pigkawayan Aleosan



Marvel Wear Play




Pres. Quirin Esperanza




Tacuron City

Tan Norala


Sto. Ni単o Palimbang

Sen. Ninoy Aquino




Lake Sebu Maitum




Arakan Pres. Roxas



Davao Region Kabacan Matalam

Magpet Kidapawan City




DAVAO del Sur




Lake Buluan


Lutayan ntangan


Koronadal City







Malungon Polomolok




Malapatan Maasim




Delight in Paradise


aras Bird Sanctuary in Tacurong City is a haven to over 20,000 migratory egrets and herons. Unlike other bird sanctuaries, the flocks hover only 2 meters from the walkway and are quite used to the company of people making them easier to observe and photograph in their natural habitat as they make nests, feed the little ones or just stand on a branch entertaining their audience with their singing. The place is literally filled with their throaty croaks as the birds fly in freedom all over the1.3 hectares bird sanctuary. The best time to bird watch is at dusk when nocturnal birds fly out from their sanctuary as day birds come back for the night’s rest. Equally delightful sights in the 12th Paradise are: • Children in T’boli or B’laan native attire • A lass or a man in Maguindanao attire • Folks doing their daily routine in the field, on the seas and in traditional production areas


eel the imposing Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid or Grand Mosque of Cotabato City and the grandest in the Philippines. Built with numerous domes, the mosque can accommodate more than 1,200 Islam worshippers. Marvel even more when thousands converge at worship times especially during Ramadhan and Eid’l Fit’r. The gigantic structure and number seem to signify the strong Islamic faith and foundation.

Marvel in Paradise

Other natural and historical marvels in the 12th Paradise are: • Munato jars/caves - Maitum, Sarangani • Old houses in Glan - Glan, Sarangani • SK Provincial Capitol - Isulan, Sultan Kudarat • Takumi Butai Memorial Shrine - Cotabato City • Japanese Bunkers - General Santos City • Fort Pikit - Pikit, Cotabato Province • Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid - Cotabato City • 17 Martyr Shrine - Koronadal City • Fort of Stone - Kutawato, Cotabato City • Sumbang Point - Glan, Sarangani • Sta Cruz Shrine - Maasim, Sarangani • Tamontaka Church - Cotabato City

Play in Paradise Paragliding - Fly high with the birds and enjoy the view of Gensan, Sarangani Bay and the nearby Dole Plantation and Mt. Matutum. Boxing - Who wouldn’t know Manny Pacquiao? Experience training in his gym in General Santos City and feel like being prepared for a world bout too. Mountain Sports - Smooth road or Off-Road mountain bike, road bike or amyak; choose your terrain and leave your marks in Region12 Water Sports - Swim across Sarangani Bay, Bancarera, River Tube, Beach Volleyball, Skim board or Jetski in Sarangani Province and General Santos City Challenging Sports - Compete against others in the Eco Karera Challenge (South Cotabato) and Mt. Apo Challenge (Kidapawan City). Golf - While your time away or discuss business transactions with co-golfers on the higher grounds of Dole Philippines pineapple plantation at Kalsangi Golf Club, and foot of Mt. Matutum, South Cotabato or at Paraiso Golf Course in Koronadal City. Arnis - learn from a Pro, an international winner in Tacurong City

Tuna – General Santos City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. So what do you expect? Tuna dishes from sashimi to chef’s masterpieces; huge fresh, frozen tuna to canned tuna. And tuna of all sorts in canneries, allied services, small processors, tuna festival, tuna tour and others. Coffee - Sultan Kudarat is the no. 1 coffee producer in the Philippines growing robusta, arabica, excelsa and liberica varieties. There is also civet coffee. It is sold as green coffee beans, roasted beans and roasted and ground. Muscovado – Region 12 (Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato) boasts of the naturally grown sugarcane processed into muscovado or semiprocessed brown sugar, sugarcane juice, cane vinegar and jams.

Savor in Paradise Other must savour in the 12th Paradise are: • Crabs - Cotabato City and Sultan Kudarat • Tilapia - Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato • Bangus - Sarangani, Sultan Kudarat, General Santos City • Bangsi (Dried flying fish) - Sarangani Province • Fresh and Processed Fruits- All areas in Region12 • Tablea - North Cotabato, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat • Maguindanao Delicacies (Tinagtag, Dudol, Putrimandi and Pastil )- all areas in Region12 • Rice Delicacies – Most parts in Region12 • Apasragus - South Cotabato • Pineapple - South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat


xperience exploring the depths of the earth like no other at Lagbasan Cave in Sultan Kudarat - Crawl on to a cave and enter a seemingly gigantic natural coliseum complete with rock-formed tapestry of stalagmites, carpeted with crystal-like stalactites and adorned with helicites. The smaller chambers with exquisite and distinct formations may have inspired stunning function rooms today.

Explore in Paradise

Waiting for you to explore in the 12th Paradise are – • Mt. Apo Natural Park - Trekking, falls hopping, river tubing, cave adventure - Kidapawan, Cotabato Province • New Israel Eco-Tourism Park - Makilala, Cotabato Province • Lake Sebu Eco-cultural Park - Lake Sebu, South Cotabato • Klaja Karst Eco-Tourism Park in Brgys. Conel, Mabuhay, Upper Labay and Olympog) - General Santos City • Tuna Fishport - General Santos City • Mt Matutum - Tupi, South Cotabato • Mt. Melibengoy - South Cotabato • Bob’bong Rainforest - North Cotabato • Pawikan Nesting Ground - Sarangani • Kiwa Mountain Resort - North Cotabato • Timako Hill - Cotabato City

How to get there: Philippine Airlines Daily Flight General Santos- Manila General Santos-Cebu and Vice Versa Cotabato City-Manila and Vice Versa Cebu Pacific Daily Flight General Santos- Manila General Santos-Cebu and Vice Versa Cotabato City-Manila and Vice Versa Major Carriers include Yellow Bus lines, Weena Express, Peoples Transport, Husky buses and vans transporting pople in and around Mindanao. Other means of Transportation: Van, Jeepney, HabalHabal (single motorcycles)

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Events and Festivals Cotabato City • Shariff Kabunsuan Festival- December 15-19 Cotabato Province • Halad sa Sto.Niño (Midsayap) - 2nd Saturday of January • Kalivungan Festival - September 1 General Santos City • Isda-isdaan Festival – January 15 • Kalilangan Festival - Febraury 22-27 • Eco Karera Adventure Challenge – 2nd week of June • Yabong Maliit na Negosyo (YaMaN) sa GenSan – 3rd wk. of June – 4th wk. of July • Tuna Festival- September 1-5 • Paskuhan sa Gensan- December 1-31 Kidapawan City • Apo Sandawa Festival- April 30 • Manaka Ta Bay! – January - June • 2nd Season of climb/ October Climb - October - Dececember

Koronadal City • Hinugyaw sa Pascua - December 16-23 • Hinugyaw Festival - January 10 Sarangani Province • Bangsi Festival – Last Friday of January • Muna To Festival- November 28 • Sarangani Bay Festival- May 19 • Lubi-lubi sa Glan Festival (Glan) October 8 • Binuyugan Festival (Maitum)- May 22-27 South Cotabato Province • Amyak Maleh – 2nd week of March • Ses’long Festival – March 16 • Foundation/ T’nalak Festival- July 14-18 • Kariton Festival – October 2-5 • Helobung Festival (Lake Sebu) - November 9-11 • Lembuhong in Surallah - December 8 Sultan Kudarat • Kalimudan Festival- November 21-22 Tacurong City • Talakudong Festival - September 18 • Inugyunay Festival - 3rd week of December

NELLY NITA N. DILLERA Regional Director

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Door 6 & 7, ground floor, Lucena Realty Building Alunan Avenue cor. Abad Santos Street, Koronadal City Telefax number (083) 520-1274/ (083) 228-8667 Email Address: Website: Facebook Page: dotXii

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