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Labels of Empire Textile Trademarks: Windows into India in the Time of the Raj

It was said that at one time Great Britain clothed the world. In the 1880s, when the British textile industry was at its most prosperous to date, much of the world’s population wore clothing made from fabric produced in the mills of Lancashire. From 1910 to 1913 alone, seven billion yards of cloth were folded, stamped, labeled, and baled. Most of this output was for export—with 40 percent of it shipped to India.

In order to differentiate their goods, British textile manufacturers and their agents had illustrated paper labels known as “shipper’s tickets” pasted to the faceplate of each piece of folded cloth sold into the competitive Indian market. Designed to appeal to the local people, and printed and registered in Manchester, these brightly colored images further helped to establish a company’s brand. Hindu gods, native animals, scenes from the great Indian epics—the Mahabharata and Ramayana—and views of everyday life were common subjects. In a sense a form of premium, they provided the consumer with an additional incentive to buy the goods of a particular firm.

Organized by subject, from “Gods and Goddesses” to “Swaraj and Swadeshi,” Labels of Empire begins with the late 19th-century heyday of British textile manufacturing and closes with Indian independence in 1947. By combining visual narrative, magical realism, popular culture, and history in a way never done before, this book gives an unprecedented view of the British textile industry during the time of the Raj—and its remarkably successful use of Paper labels as trademarks.


Susan Meller is co-author of Textile Designs: Two Hundred Years of European and American Patterns (Abrams, 1991); author of Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia (Abrams, 2007) and Silk and Cotton: Textiles from the Central Asia that was (Abrams, 2013; La Martinière, 2013); and contributing author to Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats (The Textile Museum, 2010).

9” x 11.75” Portrait • 544 + tip on + 1,285 full-color illustrations • Hardbound + jacket + reinforced spine binding with Cotton JHT cloth over 3.5mm boards case + spot Varnish on all images • 978-1-954081-25-3

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Decorative Art from the Heart of the West


Decorative Art from the Heart of the West celebrates the history of rustic design—from the Adirondacks and National Park “parkitecture” style to the work of legendary western furnituremaker Thomas Molesworth—and describes its evolution to the art form it is today, one that is born of an individual artisan’s creative process and uniquely inspired by place.

The book includes leading voices in the movement, features original examples of bespoke mountain and rustic interiors, and showcases one-of-a-kind artworks from fifty of the best rustic and western decorative artisans working today.

By Western Hands; Decorative Art from the Heart of the West is at once a history, a compendium and a curated showcase full of design inspiration, whether one owns a rustic, western or country home, or simply dreams of one.


Chase Reynolds Ewald first discovered the work of furniture designer Thomas Molesworth when she came to Cody at age eighteen to work at Valley Ranch, located in the fabled Upper South Fork Valley of the Shoshone River, which led directly to the work she has done since, including fifteen books, two Western Design Conference Sourcebooks and hundreds of magazine articles for western lifestyle publications. Chase has worked on various ranches and for backcountry outfitters in the Yellowstone region and ran the nonprofit Breteche Creek Ranch in Wapiti, Wyoming for eight years. A graduate of Yale and the Graduate School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley, she works as a writer, editor, and consultant, helping private clients craft their stories.


11” x 14” Landscape • 240pp • Hardbound • 978-1-957183-16-9

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2023

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An Affair of Flowers

This impressive book is richly illustrated with 91 gorgeous macro photographs—of flowers, and also some of their pollinators—by John Rodrigues, an artist who has taken that time to truly see. We invite you to sit back, maybe with a cup of hot Chamomile tea, and indulge in these images—taking the time to truly see these flowers, and to appreciate their inherent majesty.

John Rodrigues takes an old lens and new camera and gives us a new look at an old photographic subject.


John Rodrigues grew up surfing on California’s Central Coast then moved down south in 1979 where he picked up his love for photography. He worked as a photographer for Motown, and pursued photography jobs in the area. He took headshots for aspiring actors, photojournalism assignments for local papers, and of course some nice family pictures. From the very beginning of his career, his favorite subjects have been landscapes and nature.

For 25 years Rodrigues co-owned Boulevard Camera, a momand-pop photo store, lab, and studio. Back then he made it his job to know every type or piece of camera equipment. He particularly loved Canon’s fast 55mm f/1.2 lens made in the 1970s—that lens stuck out particularly, and years later led to a photographic epiphany

that changed the way he worked. The thought process was: what if he coupled the old Canon lens with a modern mirrorless camera? He was using the SONY A7R IV, and it became the perfect vehicle to meld old technology with new using a simple adapter to create a whole different way of seeing flowers. This allowed for a “live view” screen that gave license to see his subjects in real time— he could move in and out of petals, stamens, and leaves like a mini spaceship. These images with a narrow field of focus had the “look” Rodrigues had been striving to achieve throughout his whole career.


8" x 10" Portrait


World Rights: Available

Hardbound with jacket.

Publication Date: December 2022


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Life in Charcoal

Forged in the crucible of family tragedy, Edgar Jerins's monumental charcoal drawings are a towering achievement of contemporary American art. Arthur Miller commanded “Attention must be paid” and in these meticulously observed images, the artist does exactly that.

His middle American subjects have been buffeted by a sea of troubles, sometimes of their own causing. Jerins brilliantly and movingly captures friends and family members at a moment when all denial has been stripped away. There is no irony here, no flippant art world in-jokes, no smug condescension, and certainly no sentimentality. Jerins shows us the redemptive power of suffering, the quiet heroism of the American spirit, and our refusal to give up no matter the odds against us.

The difficulties his subjects have with relationships, money, health, aging, substance abuse, violence, and death are part of the human condition that we Americans all know too well.

With unflinching honesty and the kind of empathy only known by fellow travelers, Edgar Jerins brings a new realism to American art. His art is not just about life, it is life.


Edgar Jerins was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1958. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1980. His primary focus was always portraiture, whether the subject was clothed or nude. In 2001 he began a series of large-scale narrative drawings of his family and friends in crisis. The drawings received considerable attention in the form of grants, reviews, and museum exhibitions and purchases.

Robert Cozzolino is the Patrick and Aimee Butler Curator of Paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. He curates collaboratively, in partnership with artists, colleagues, and broad communities. “Starting where you are” is critical to his practice—knowing the immediate context and deeper history of the place in which he works. Dr. Cozzolino is drawn to artists that make work about the full range of human experience, especially those who aspire to visually express the intangible, states of consciousness, and a full range of emotions. Although he has worked on topics from the 19th and 20th centuries, he regularly works with contemporary artists in examining history. He has curated over sixty exhibitions, including Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art, World War I and American Art, Peter Blume: Nature and Metamorphosis, David Lynch: The Unified Field, and The Female Gaze: Women Artists Making Their World.


9” x 11” Landscape • 120pp • Hardbound • 978-1-957183-37-4-

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2023

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In Search for Meaning

In Search for Meaning is the first published book by artistphotographer Felisa Tan. This striking collection covers most of her major work for the past fifteen years, many of which were never published before. Consisting of seventy-two photographs exquisitely made and sequenced by Felisa herself, unveiling spellbinding and strange mundane subjects from her extensive travels and light experimentations at home, she has created a record of the way she experiences the world after undergoing more than a decade of evolution as an artist and human being.

Felisa’s photographs reflect honest, clear observation, and an intricate and layered way of seeing, as she watches life unfold itself before her eyes. Her exceptionally loaded ways of looking at the world are reflected in her handling of space, composition, synchronized colours, shapes, and framing, and rather imperfect subjects and places. Common things—graffiti, carnivals, twilight, lonely scenes, and empty spaces—are all transformed by her subtle luminous vision into an extraordinary teacher, filled with ageless Presence and wisdom. The consistency of her proclivity towards certain kinds of places and moments of time, and deep insightful rendering of these moments, present us with an extension of her present tense, reading of meaning, and judgment of what might be of timeless importance to the readers in every phase of their lives. Furthermore, with her ability to grasp the little details that come her

way as both an individual and a representative of a larger human and universal context, this rich compendium of images in both natural and human settings transport the viewer into the heart of childlike wonder and a lush infinite Universe.


Felisa Tan is a self-taught artist-photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beginning with making photographs at home and posting them regularly on DeviantArt in 2007, photography has become a language she chooses to express her love for the world with. Appreciating beauty as it is, she aims to keep her work as accurate as possible to her real-life encounters. The breadth of her subjects is a reflection of her sensitivity to perceive beauty, even in the most ordinary places. Through her work, she hopes to inspire her audience to pause and cherish the myriad blessings that might otherwise be left unnoticed in a world of noise.


7.87” x 11.42” Portrait

World Rights: Available


Publication Date: Spring 2023


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American Industry

Photography of Kim Steele

American Industry is as much a celebration as it is documentation. Through his unique vision and privileged access, photographer Kim Steele has achieved a spectacular distillation of a variety of icons of power. Some of these places of power are literal: sources of hydro-electric energy, such as dams or atomic and accelerators. Other places of power are more metaphorical: the might of massive construction as only heavy industry can achieve, whether in architecture or ships; or the romance of aviation and the exploration of space.

The photographic images are as iconic as their subjects. Formally pure and powerful in their scale and clarity, they mirror the ambitious and inspirational quality of what are now understood to be quintessential and classic symbols of American ingenuity and drive. Together, the seven chapters, Hydro Power, Aviation, Heavy Industry, Energy, Space, Atomic Energy, and The Future, create a visual tapestry of American industrial power in the twentieth century. A testimony of a guilded age of American Industrial might.


Kim Steele is a San Francisco-based American photographer. He was educated at the Newhouse School of communications at Syracuse University. After graduating he received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and attended graduate school at the University of New Mexico, where he studied under Beaumont

Newhall. In the 1970s through 2000s, his work was exhibited at the Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, OK Harris in New York, then Charles Cowles Gallery in Chelsea. His work is in the collections at MoMa, New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, LACMA, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Denver Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and many other collections. As well as in corporate collections such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Goldman Sachs, and New York Life.

In addition to fine artwork Kim Steele has also taken on editorial assignments from clients such as Life, Fortune, Forbes, Smithsonian, Paris Match, and Stern.

He also produces unforgettable images for corporate clients include such as EDS, Mobil Oil, Mead Paper, AT&T, Frito-Lay, and Exxon.

Paul Goldberger is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. From 1997 through 2011, he served as the Architecture Critic for the New Yorker, where he wrote the magazine’s celebrated “Sky Line” column. He also holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at the New School in New York City. He was formerly dean of the Parsons school of design, a division of the New School. He began his career at the New York Times, where in 1984 his architecture criticism was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism, the highest award in journalism.


10” x 10” Square • 124pp • Softbound • 978-1-951541-70-5

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2023

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Café Society

Time Suspended: The Cafés and Bistros of Paris

The Parisian café is an integral part of the city’s daily life no matter the weather, the time of day or year, the mood or neighborhood. It is the spirit of the café, the dance of the waiters, the camaraderie of the patrons, the perpetual movement and joy, that brings Joanie Osburn to share a dollop of history, a shot of insight, and a boatload of images that celebrate the Paris café as a cultural heritage worth celebrating and preserving.

Café Society: Time Suspended, The Cafés, & Bistros of Paris is a beautifully presented view of the origins, progression, and current state of the centuries-long tradition of the Parisian café, bistro, and brasserie. The book is neither a history book nor a cookbook, but a nontraditional travel guide, coffee table, and lifestyle book about a treasured lifestyle.

Introductory text and timelines provide a concise narrative of the history and evolution of coffee, coffeehouses, cafés, bistros, and brasseries in Paris and across the globe and form a backdrop for the text and photos in the body of the book that highlights contemporary café life. Osburn’s unique perspective, honed over many decades as an American in Paris exploring and capturing images of café society, captivates and amuses with anecdotes and insider recommendations. Café Society: Time Suspended, The Cafés, and Bistros of Paris is a book that matters now as the world reopens and eager travelers return to Paris.


Joanie Osburn is an award-winning interior designer, artist, and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. She holds a BA in Humanities from the University of California at Berkeley, a degree in Interior Design and Color from the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design, San Francisco, and studied painting, photography, and sculpture in Paris and Cal Arts Los Angeles.

Her art is exhibited in galleries and museums across the US, and interior design projects featured in magazines, newspapers, and books, including the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, House Beautiful,Traditional Home, Sunset Books, and Architectural Digest.

49.95 8.6” x 11.02” Portrait • 240pp • Hardbound • 978-1-954081-77-2 World Rights: Available Publication Date: February 2023 Buy Now
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A Photographic Journey Through Skateboarding in the 1990s


To be a skateboarder today is a much different experience than it was for much of the 1990s. The photographs, quotes, and anecdotal text in ’93 til captures a time in skateboarding when making a livable income as a professional skater was a luxury and public understanding of skateboarding was at an all-time low. It was a time when skateboarding was searching for an identity, a time before Instagram and big corporate influences. Street skating was coming of age, testing its limitations and aligning itself with a new and innovate style of hip-hop culture that was emerging. Looking back, many skaters today feel as though the ’90s were the golden years of skateboarding. ’93 til is a captivating portal into a decade and a culture that is remembered with warmth and nostalgia. Much of the photography that Pete has unearthed for ’93 til was buried in boxes for close to two decades and hasn’t never been seen or published before. The 236-page book also contains several timeless images from his years shooting for SLAP and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine that will be familiar to the initiated. In addition to his stunning action shots are plenty of portraits and unguarded, candid moments that span from the late ’80s up through 2004. The book reveals a raw, unapologetic perspective of a world that no longer exists.

Also included in the book alongside Pete’s imagery are quotes and anecdotes from legends like Tony Hawk, Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Guy Mariano, Nyjah Huston, Geoff Rowley, Stevie Williams, and others. Pete moved on from his career in skate photography in 2004 and is currently living in Brooklyn.


In a photography career spanning nearly three decades, Pete Thompson worked as senior staff photographer for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and contributing photographer for SLAP and Skateboarder Magazine. Pete has photographed many of the best skateboarders in the world, during a time in the ’90s that some call “the golden era” of skateboarding, before leaving the skate industry in 2004.

After re-locating to New York City in 2008, and assisting Danish fashion photographer Anders Overgaard, Pete’s work made a pivotal shift, exploring a more nuanced, spontaneous feeling. His current work focuses on capturing candid moments that communicate a spirit of honesty, and authenticity. Pete currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


9.25" x 12" Portrait

• 236pp

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2020

• Hardbound with Jacket

• 978-1-951541-46-0

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Photoscapes and the Egg

Photoscapes and the Egg is an intimate book to be savored and kept nearby, perhaps on a coffee table because of its sheer beauty. Inside its robin egg blue cloth cover are improvised photos of objects, nature, and art, each matched with a photo of an egg inside a cosmic circle—eggs with personalities from the calm ethereal to the hot aggressive. In full, there are more than 100 stunning color photos, all taken with an iPhone.

The match of phenomena and eggs alludes to the dance of the material world with the invisible “birthing source” represented by the egg. Accompanying text and poems bring stories to the dance.

The juxtapositions evoke surprise, insight, emotions, hope, and refreshment. They make wry jokes and touch on realities beyond the obvious. This book contains unabashed gentleness and spiritual toughness without pretense.

Photoscapes and the Egg sprang from the mind of Patricia Z. Smith, a 79-year-old photographer and writer with extensive life experience and a pull since childhood to meld the physical with the esoteric.

The design by Louis Brody is modern and serene. The book is a gift to the reader and her or his friends. It is a resource for these times and our future.


Patricia Z. Smith, 79, is a photographer, poet, and social activist. She was founder-director (and documentary director) of the first social network connecting women globally for secure private conversations. She documented poverty across the US, taught photography at the Smithsonian Institution and had one-person exhibits of her photographs.

Foreword by Stephen Nachmanovitch

Design by Louise Brody


7.7” x 9.25” Portrait • 104pp • Hardbound • 978-1-957183-21-3

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: December 2022

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Street Culture

Street Culture is a stunning collection of photographs representing women and men of color who exhibit a unique style. Seleen Saleh’s photographs reveal individuality, fearlessness, and creativity in the most vibrant beings who collectively represent street style. This style is as varied as the people; it is a personal expression that changes day to day. It is an expression of a person’s culture, mood, influences, and esthetics. Street style originated in the street where top designers look for inspiration for their next collections. The book preserves the integrity of street style and features some of the muses that have been forgotten or were never acknowledged.

In the book Seleen combines photographs from her work at Essence Magazine with new images of jaw-dropping, creative and colorful moments. As a lover of fashion, art, and people, Seleen brings out the authentic nature of these known and unknown muses. Each person depicted here can be considered a brilliant artist in his or her own right. These portraits were taken in New York City—the perfect global destination—diverse and open and where people are not afraid to tell you who they are. There is an underfed audience for this book; the world is waking up and wants to see more diversity and more eclectic styles.


Seleen Saleh in her younger years painted fashion spreads and collected inspiration from magazines and the world around her. In school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia she merged her love of fashion and photography. It was during this time that she began to develop her bold and vibrant style.

Her editorial work has been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, People, Essence, Fault, Gilt, as well as gracing the cover of Footwear News. In addition to her own projects as a fashion photographer, Seleen began working at Essence Magazine in 2009. There, she helped develop the “Street Style” section of the magazine’s website, which boasts 658K unique visitors every month. Seleen enables her subjects to show their best selves. She takes photos of a snippet of time which immortalize her models making them bigger than life. She enables her viewers to experience and live in and through all her subjects. She has made it a priority to create and foster relationships with all these beautiful people. She cultivates connections while generating exponential exposure for her evolving brand. Her highly praised work stands as a divine tapestry of culture and sensuality.


5" x 7" Portrait • 300pp • Softbound • 978-1-943532-59-9

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2020

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Inflatable Planet

Addi Somekh

A balloon artist and photographer travels the world surprising people with improvised, inflatable crowns and offer a deep view into the nature of joy.

The simple act of twisting a balloon for a complete stranger can make people instant friends. This idea animated balloon artist Addi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert to improvise balloon crowns for unsuspecting people throughout 35 countries and document their reactions. Part photography book, part sociological study, part spontaneous party, Inflatable Planet chronicles features of over 200 photos from this international experiment in joy.


Addi Somekh has been twisting balloons for almost 30 years and specializes in improvising elaborate headdresses. His side hustles include teaching a critical thinking course at UC Santa Cruz and playing music with his homemade balloon bass in his LA-based band Unpopable.

Charlie Eckert is a photojournalist, living in New York City and working around the world.


9" x 11" Portrait • 252pp • Hardbound • 978-1-951541-15-6

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: December 2022

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Reggie Watts is a musician, comedian and the bandleader on the Late Late Show with James Corden.
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Masters of Shape The Lives and Art of American Women Sculptors

This inspiring and beautifully illustrated book chronicles the lives of seventeen pioneering women sculptors who dared to speak their truths about inequality and injustice and overcame obstacles of gender and race in the last hundred and fifty years. The works that these talented artists cast, carved, and molded mirror both their internal worlds and the society surrounding them. There is no better way to inspire young women to fulfill their destiny with courage than to give them these brilliantly brief and cogent portraits of great women who shaped the world of sculpting and through that, our culture, and our world. Ausherman puts the spotlight on women artists simply by celebrating them insightfully, and so well. With many helpful references for additional in-depth readings and beautiful photographs taken by Steven Taylor, this book is a gem for anyone who loves reading how immensely skillful and creative people pursue their passions through the art of sculpture.


Maria Ausherman, a high school teacher and independent scholar, is the author of The Photographic Legacy of Frances Benjamin Johnston published as a paperback by the University of Alabama Press in 2022, as well as author of Behind the Camera: American Women Photographers Who Shaped How We See the World published by Goff Books, an Imprint of ORO Editions, in 2021. She is the co-author with Patricia Jennings of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii published by Koa Press in 2011.

Other contributors

Steven Taylor, photographer

Carol S. Ward, Introduction

Kristen Visbal, Foreword


6" x 9" Portrait

• 200pp

World Rights: Available

• Softbound

Publication Date: December 2022

• 978-1-954081-95-6

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Small Town Big Dreams The Life of Nancy Zeckendorf

This is a story of a young girl from a small town with a big dream that took her to Juilliard, Broadway, summer stock, the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and the Santa Fe Opera, and introduced her to her husband William Zeckendorf Jr. Her memoir overflows with the glamour of a life lived among the famous figures of mid-century New York society and the grit necessary to succeed in the professional world of dance.

Fascinated by art and architecture, the vivacious ballerina Nancy Zeckendorf became a formidable development partner with her husband and a philanthropic leader in the performing arts–her fundraising ability is an art form unto itself.

“I love hardware stores and tools,” she said of her common-sense approach to construction projects. Indeed, Nancy was a guiding force in the expansion of the Santa Fe Opera, the Lensic Performing Arts Center, and the premier community of Los Miradores where she lives now in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Nancy King Zeckendorf, formerly a principal dancer for the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and Santa Fe Opera, is a founding director and chair of the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe. After her years as a dancer, she began a new career creating special events and fundraising for the arts. A design partner on projects in Santa Fe and New York with her late husband and New York real estate developer William Zeckendorf Jr., she is as comfortable with an architect’s blueprints as with a choreographer’s direction.

Jane Scovell has written books with Elizabeth Taylor, Ginger Rogers, Tim Conway, Marilyn Horne, and a biography of Oona Chaplin. She is currently writing with director Brian Large.


7" x 9" Portrait • 340pp • Hardbound with jacket • 978-1-954081-89-5

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2022

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Anti-trend Resilient Design and the Art of Sustainable Living

The overall purpose of Anti-trend is to encourage designers and consumers to take responsibility for overproduction and overconsumption, and to alter unsustainable production and behavioral patterns. Through a study of anti-trend as opposed to volatile trends the importance of pursuing resilience in life in general and in relation to the creation of sustainable design-objects and living solutions is underlined. Hence, the anti-trend investigations navigate through two main focal points: anti-trendy living and the anti-trendy design practice. Establishing a sustainable lifestyle and designing durable products have one very important thing in common: they revolve around the formation of an enduring core that can function as a stable, yet flexible foundation for actions and usage.

One of the most important and vital ways of overcoming and turning around the immense environmental problems we are currently facing worldwide is radical reduction of consumption. However, despite the fact that altering our habitual consumer ways might sound straightforward, it appears to be unbelievably hard. Even though we are bombarded with horrific and very tangible scenarios involving starving polar bears, whales with plastic-filled stomachs, and burning rivers, and even though these images are presented as interlinked with overconsumption, we continue to shop, and we continue to discard the majority of our belongings way before they don’t work anymore or are worn out, and hence we continue to add to the

mountains and islands of trash that are building up in landfills and in oceans. Why? Because we are evil? No, of course not. Rather, the reason could be partly interlinked with an increasing detachment from our physical, natural environment and partly with the fact that habits are hard to change, particularly when engulfed in a busy daily routine. Our lack of sustainable action is likely connected to the fact that status symbols are to an extent associated with new, flashy things, and to the constant craving for more that seems to govern our late-modern minds and societies, as well as to the despair that this entails. Therefore, a significant part of Anti-trend is dedicated to an investigation of despair as well as authentic, sustainable living. Other parts of the book are committed to solutions: to an investigation of how objects and living solutions can encourage fulfilled, sustainable, resilient living with less as well as to a concretization hereof in the shape of three legitimations for creating new products in a world that is already overflowing with things and product waste.


Kristine H. Harper is a freelance writer and researcher. Her main research areas are sustainable object-design and living, aesthetics, permaculture, and preservation of endangered crafts traditions. She worked as a lecturer in Copenhagen for a decade and is the author of Aesthetic Sustainability and has written a wide range of articles on sustainability.

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A Botany of Violence

528 Years of Resistance & Resurgence

From germ theory to plantation logic, this book charts the 528year legacy of global, colonial powers in the violent search for the elusive Cinchona plant of South America, the only known natural cure for malaria in the world. Stolen by the Jesuits in the 17th century, smuggled abroad by Britain and Holland during the 18th century, mapped by German explorer Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century, and exploited by global pharma in the 20th century, the Cinchona plant and the story of its powerful quinine extract not only lie at the base of modern civilization but trace the deep roots of Indigenous, territorial resistance back to the Amazon and the Andes. Composed as a geopolitical treatise, this book proposes a counter-map to rebuild relations with the Cinchona plant—originally known to its peoples as the “Quino tree”—and to challenge territorial destruction that continues to increase amidst state-sanctioned resource extraction and benevolent conservation. Using the unfamiliar format of an illustrated historical timeline, the chronological organization of images and stories presented as unique spatial evidence offer counter-narratives to the conventional bounded map of the nation state and the distancing of the past that often overshadows and obscures realities of the present-future.


Pablo Escudero is a farmer, architect, and urbanist from the Andean region of Pichincha in northern Ecuador and US Fulbright Scholar living on traditional territories of Kechwa People. He is founding director and research coordinator of LA MINGA Collective based in Quito focusing on territories of conflict at the intersection of the Amazon and the Andes.

Ghazal Jafari is a designer of Persian and Azeri descent and territorial scholar in exile. Originally from Tehran, her practice focuses

on spatial and environmental justice, immigrant narratives, women resistance movements, and non-Western spatial discourses. She is founding director of Miyan Rudan “Between Rivers,” a longterm territorial initiative based along the Karun River watershed, borderlands of Iran and Iraq.

Pierre Bélanger is a settler designer and landscape architect, originally from Montréal and Ottawa, currently in Boston, traditional lands of the Massachusett Peoples, territory of the Wampanoag and Nipmuc Nations. He currently coordinates The 1492 Project, an initiative dedicated to the removal of Columbus monuments across the Americas and the dismantling of structures of white supremacy.

Together, they are founding members of OPEN SYSTEMS / Landscape Infrastructure Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to the opening of knowledge of complex ecological challenges and raising awareness of geopolitical conflicts at the intersection of environmental justice, spatial inequality, climate change, and community self-determination.

x 6.5” Landscape • 532pp • Softbound • 978-1-951541-93-4
Rights: Available
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Think Before You Shoot The Art of Taking Creative Photographs

This is a book is a visual feast, an offering both for those who love fine art and those who recognize the thought behind its creation. It is in addition, a book for photographers seeking to learn how to make your own photographs more artistic.

The goal of this book is to offer readers a guide for those seeking to take fine, interpretive photographs and a joyful thought-provoking journey that the photographs in this book will inspire.


For more than 45 years, Santino Zafarana has simply photographed “the magic of light,” and now shares his key techniques in this book. Think Before You Shoot is a fine art photography book and educational guide created to help inspire photographers of all levels to learn how to see and creative great photographs, no matter where they are in their photographic journey.


9" x 12" Portrait

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2021



• 204pp
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Slow Wine Guide USA

The very best wines are awarded the Top Wine accolade. Among these we have the Slow Wines—which beyond their outstanding sensory quality are of particular interest for their sense of place, environmental sustainability or historical value—and the Everyday Wines, representing excellent value at prices within $30.

The most interesting wineries on the other hand are awarded the Snail, for the way they interpret Slow Food values (sensory perceptions, territory, environment, identity) while offering good value for money; the Bottle, to wineries whose wines are of outstanding sensory quality throughout the range; the Coin to those estates offering excellent value for money.


Giancarlo Gariglio: Editor-in-chief

Deborah Parker Wong: Coordinating Editor

Pam Strayer: Senior Editor

Editorial Assistant: Jonathan Gebser

Other contributors

Gwendoyln Alley, Peg Champion, Catherine Fallis, MS, Charles Kelly, Laurie Love, Sally Ohlin, Karla Ravandi, Leslie Rosa, Amber Turpin, L.M. Archer, Sophia McDonald Bennett, Catherine Fallis, MS, Ellen Landis, Neal D. Hulkower, Ph.D., Nancy Crosier, Robin Shreeves, and Kathleen Wilcox

Slow Wine Guide USA is a new and revolutionary guide to the wines of California, Oregon, New York, and Washington. Thanks to the help of a handful of expert contributors, we’ve selected the best wineries from each state and reviewed their most outstanding bottles.

The idea behind Slow Wine is simple: it acknowledges the unique stories of people and vineyards, of grape varieties and landscapes, and of their wines. The awareness that wine is more than just liquid in a glass helps wine lovers make better, more conscious choices and enhances the very enjoyment of this beverage. Since its beginnings in Italy twelve years ago, Slow Wine has combined its tasting sessions with equally important moments of exchange and debate with producers. The direct contact with winegrowers and winemakers allows for a genuine, authentic, and always up-to-date report on what’s happening in America’s vineyards and cellars.

Each winery receives a review divided in three sections: the first one is dedicated to the people who live and work at the winery, the second to the vineyards and the way they’re farmed, and the third to the finest wines currently available on the market.

The Slow Wine Guide evaluates over 400 different wineries and treats each with the utmost respect and attention. The Slow Wine team prides itself on the human contact it has with all producers, which is essential to the guide’s evaluations. While other guides limit their relationship to a blind tasting and brief write up, Slow Wine takes the time to get personal with each winery in order to create a wellinformed, detailed review of the wines themselves and the people behind the production. Slow Wine selects wineries that respect and reflect their local terroir and practice sustainable methods that benefit the environment. And for the first time ever, those wineries that receive the snail or the official Slow Wine seal are 100% free of chemical herbicides, a quality that the Slow Wine Guide continues to passionately support.


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Brut Rosé 4 McFadden Vineyard & Blue Quail

108 Mendocino Carignan 2018 2 SLOW WINE Vinca Minor

25 Mendocino County Comptche Ridge Pinot Noir 2018 2 Anthill Farms Winery

102 Mendocino County Honeymoon 2018 1 Martha Stoumen Wines

79 Mendocino County Old Vine Carignane 2017 2 EVERYDAY WINE Porter Creek Vineyards

35 Mendocino County Oppenlander Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 1 SLOW WINE Campovida

33 Mendocino County The McNab 2016 2 Bonterra Organic Vineyards

93 Mendocino County Wild Thing Rendezvous Rosé 2019 3 Carol Shelton



1829 St. Helena Hwy. - tel. (707) 963-2784 www.grgich.com - info@grgich.com

PEOPLE -Rare is the winery that puts its founder’s image on the label of its top wines, but when that founder is Mike (or Miljenko) Grgich, the image fits. ACroatian immigrant who arrived in Napa with one simple suitcase and just a few bucks, Grgich (now 97) famously made the Chardonnay that won the 1976 Paris Tasting. Astoried career followed in partnership with Austin Hills (of Hills Bros. Coffee). These days Grgich’s daughter Violet serves as the winery’s president; Grgich’s nephew Ivo Jeramaz manages winemaking and production.

VINEYARDS -Grgich Hills has amassed a treasure trove of five estate vineyards that encompass the entire length of Napa Valley—from Calistoga in the north (good for Zinfandel) to Rutherford in the middle (prized for Cabernet) to Carneros in the south (perfect for Chardonnay). It grows another 166 acres of vines in American Canyon. In Yountville, its prized heritage Cabernet vineyard, has preserved old vines dating back to 1959.

WINES - Grgich wines have always stood out for elegance, consistency and age-worthiness.

T Yountville Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

2 690 cases; 150 $ c Everything you’d expect from a perfectly balanced, old school Napa Cab - complex and fresh with red berry fruit. Seamlessly integrated, it’s an expression of timeless grace from the 1959 Yountville vines that its composed of. Rutherford Miljenko’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 2 1,135 cases; 70 $ - c - A newer wave style of Cab savory and complex, fruity, and herbal, with notes of chocolate and tobacco.

Paris Tasting Commemorative Chardonnay 2017 1 940 cases; 97 $ d - A gorgeously complex, top of the line Chardonnay impresses at first for its slightly creamy and rounded texture. Light on the entry, it then explodes on the palate with bright lemon, peach, a delicate whisper of pineapple, and citrus with a long, lingering finish.

Napa Valley Estate Chardonnay 2019 1 2,500 cases; 45 $ - a c - Layered, juicy, racy

Acres 366 - cases 65,000

Fertilizers compost, cover crops

Plant protection organic, sulphur

Weed control mechanical

Yeasts spontaneous fermentation

Grapes 100% estate-grown Certification organic

2445 Alamo Pintado Ave #102. - tel. (805) 691-9065 www.grimmsbluff.com

C This Demeter certified biodynamic ranch is a statement to what can be achieved when biodynamics are embraced from the outset.

PEOPLE - After living abroad in Monaco, Rick and Aurora Grimm relocated to California and purchased the bluff property in 2010. Bringing their love of European food and wine to the West Coast, they partnered with winemaker Paul Lato and biodynamic specialist Philippe Coderey and planted the first vines in 2012.

VINEYARDS -The vineyard rests at 850 feet above sea level overlooking the Santa Ynez River in Happy Canyon AVA. Through soil testing they discovered the estate’s unique series of sandy loam over clay and old riverbed rocks. Farmed biodynamically from the start, the warm days and cool evenings of Happy Canyon encourage a hands-off approach to their plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc.

WINES - South Africa native Ernst Stone is the winemaker, his goal is to craft elegant wines with pronounced sense of place.

T Happy Canyon Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 SLOW WINE 2 900 cases; 55 $ c - This ruby colored beauty sings of crème de cassis, tobacco leaf, cedary herbs, chocolate, and spice. With medium to full-bodied richness on the palate, it has notable freshness as well as beautiful purity and elegance.

Santa Ynez Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2017 1 350 cases; 28 $ - a - The nose is pronounced with classic aromas of gooseberry, fresh green apple, lime rind, and racy minerals. Tropical zest and intriguing spice dances on the palate. The mouthwatering minerality is redolent of the wet river stones awash off the bluff below the vines. Happy Canyon Cliff Hanger Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 2 250 cases; 65 $ - c - Crème de cassis, toasted spice, dried herbs, new saddle leather, and graphite all emerge amongst concentration and firm tannin structure that ensures this wine has a long life ahead.

Acres 16.5 - cases 1,500

Fertilizers biodynamic compost Plant protection sulphur, organic, biodynamic preparations Weed control mechanical

Yeasts spontaneous fermentation

Grapes 100% estate-grown Certification biodynamic




610 Harbor Boulevard www.haarmeyerwinecellars.com

PEOPLE - Guthrie Family Wines is an idea born from the dreams of a winemaking couple, a small boutique brand launched in 2013 to showcase a minimalist approach to winemaking. Blair Guthrie, whose day job involves making high end Napa Cab, always knew he wanted his own brand as soon as he got into the wine industry. They have actualized that vision to have complete freedom, to sell direct to consumers and to produce bright, fresh “New California” wines for folks who crave something a bit more accessible and refreshing.

VINEYARDS - Guthrie sources all of their fruit, with high standards on using only organic. Blair says that one day he had an epiphany while shopping at Whole Foods, and asked himself “why do I not make my wines the way I eat?” Going forward, he decided to never buy fruit from a vineyard that is not farming organically or biodynamically.

WINES - Guthrie Wines are light, juicy, bright and clean. They pick early, which results in high aromatice and acid-driven, food friendly wine.

T Mendocino County Galaxy Carbonic Carignan 2019 EVERYDAY WINE 2 150 cases; 22 $ a - The high acidity and bright aromas of Carignan make it perfect for natural winemaking. The fruit comes from a 5th generation, old vine, dry-farmed vineyard in Mendocino County, important for making a lighter style red wine. It is fresh yet round, broad and juicy, full of strawberry, bubblegum, and an herbal, dusty nose from the whole-cluster style. Calaveras County Faux Picpoul Blanc 2019 1 150 cases; 22 $ a - A special wine with fruit sourced from the Rorick Heritage Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills. Limestone creates this mineral-driven, briny wine that displays pure “California sunshine,” as Guthrie puts it.

Sonoma County Electric Syrah 2018 2 150 cases; 28 $ - c - Another 100% whole cluster, traditional fermentation wine. A tiny bit of carbonic gives it a little bubblegum, with bright raspberry fruit and a spicy earthy character.

Acres 0 - cases 6,600

Fertilizers compost Plant protection copper, sulphur, organic

Weed control mechanical

Yeasts spontaneous fermentation

Grapes purchase 100% Certification none

15401 Sonoma Hwy. - tel. (707) 996-5800

www.hamelfamilywines.com - info@hamelfamilywines.com

PEOPLE -Pamela and George Hamel, Jr. bought a historic Sonoma Valley property and founded the winery in 2010 with their two sons, managing directors John B. Hamel II, and George F. Hamel III. Their sons run the family winery with a dream team of consultants including Pedro Parra (from Argentina) on terroir, Garrett Buckland (from Napa) on viticulture, Corinne Comme (from France) on biodynamics, and Alberto Antonini (from Tuscany) on winemaking.

VINEYARDS -The grapes come solely from four estate sites, which are all certified organic and biodynamic. Three are on the floor in the Sonoma Valley AVA—Tres Palmas in Kenwood and the Hamel Family Ranch and Armor Plate in Sonoma—while its Nuns Canyon vineyard is at higher elevation in the Moon Mountain District AVA. The Armor Plate vineyard was first planted in the 1890s and it still grows dry farmed, head trained Zinfandel.

WINES - Committed to biodiversity and biodynamics, Hamel also integrates animals—chickens, goats and cows —into its regenerative agriculture program on the ranch site.

T Moon Mountain District Nuns Canyon Vineyard 2017 2 215 casest; 160 $ c - This monovarietal Cabernet Sauvignon is archetypal for expressing its windy, higher-elevation terroir showing intensity from complex dark fruit and age worthy tannins. Sonoma Valley Isthmus 2017 2 1,260 cases; 85 $ - c -

A Bordeaux blend composed of one third mountain fruit and two thirds valley grapes. Full bodied, it offers up concentrated, dense, black cherry notes with integrated tannins on the long finish. Though enjoyable now, it’s a gem for cellaring.

Hamel Family Ranch Red Wine 2017 2 235 cases 160 $ - c - A Bordeaux blend from valley fruit with notes of blackberries and plums. Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2019 2 760 cases; 48 $ - a c - light-footed, graceful, floral.

Acres 88 - cases 5,000

Fertilizers biodynamic compos, cover crops

Plant protection organic, biodynamic preparations

Weed control mechanical

Yeasts spontaneous fermentation

Grapes 100% estate-grown Certification biodynamic, organic

Goff Books Fall 2023 12 TOP WINE
103 Adelaida District Paso Robles Esprit de Tablas 2017 2 SLOW WINE Tablas Creek Vineyard 80 Agnes Sorrel Cabernet Franc 2019 2 Pott Wines 72 Alexander Valley Bell Mountain Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Medlock Ames 28 Alexander Valley Scheurebe 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Bannister Wines 103 Alexander Valley Warnecke Ranch Rosé Saignée 2019 3 EVERYDAY WINE Sutro Wine Company 82 Amador County Shake Ridge Ranch Based on a True Story 2018 2 CARY Q WINES 87 Amador County St. Amant Vineyard Trousseau 2018 2 SLOW WINE Rootdown Wine Cellars 98 Amador County The Old Soldier Touriga 2018 2 St. Amant Winery 42 Anderson Valley Dach Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 2 SLOW WINE Domaine Anderson 40 Anderson Valley Elke Home Ranch Rosé 2019 3 EVERYDAY WINE County Line Vineyards 66 Anderson Valley Estate Blanc de Gris 2015 4 Lichen Estate 65 Anderson Valley FEL Chardonnay 2018 1 EVERYDAY WINE Cliff Lede Vineyards 104 Anderson Valley Filigreen Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 2 SLOW WINE Tessier Winery 44 Anderson Valley Fog-Eater Pinot Noir 2018 2 SLOW WINE Drew 54 Anderson Valley RSM Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 2 SLOW WINE Handley Cellars 112 Anderson Valley Wentzel Vineyard Albariño 2018 1 EVERYDAY WINE Yamakiri Wines 78 Arroyo Grande Valley Rim Rock Vineyard Syrah 2017 2 Piedrasassi 65 Astral Blend 2019 3 Les Lunes Wine 64 Ballard Canyon Estate Syrah 2017 2 Larner Vineyard & Winery 30 Ballard Canyon PMV Clone #1 Syrah 2018 2 Beckmen Vineyards 29 Ben Lomond Mountain Beauregard Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 2 Beauregard Vineyards 25 Bike Path Tempranillo Grenache 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Angeleno Wine Co. 52 Calaveras Rorick Heritage Vineyard Chenin Blanc 2018 1 EVERYDAY WINE Haarmeyer Wine Cellars 73 Calaveras Rorick Heritage Vineyard Mondeuse Rosé 2019 3 SLOW WINE Jaimee Motley Wines 74 California Petite Sirah 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Mountain Tides Wine Co. 63 Calistoga Larkmead Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 2 Larkmead Vineyards 69 Carmel Valley Massa Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 2 SLOW WINE Maître de Chai 113 Carneros Founder’s Reserve Pinot Noir 2017 2 SLOW WINE ZD Wines 57 Carneros Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 1 Hyde de Villaine - HdV 70 Carneros Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 2019 1 Massican 22 Centennial Mountain Rosso 2018 2 SLOW WINE Aeris Wines 32 Central Coast Besson Vineyard Old Vine Grenache 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Birichino 101 Central Coast Grenache 2016 2 EVERYDAY WINE Storrs Winery & Vineyards 33 Central Coast Le Cigare Volant 2018 2 Bonny Doon Vineyard 67 Central Coast Syrah 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Lindquist Family Wines TOP WINES 13 TOP WINE 91 Chalone Old Vine Pinot Blanc 2018 1 SLOW WINE Seabold Cellars 42 Cienega Valley Chardonnay 2016 1 EVERYDAY WINE DeRose Vineyards 27 Clements Hills Vermentino 2018 1 EVERYDAY WINE Avivo 70 Contra Costa County Muscat Blanc 2019 1 Margins Wine 76 Contra Costa Oakley Road Mataro 2018 2 SLOW WINE Once & Future Wine 81 Dry Creek Valley Cinsaut 2018 2 SLOW WINE Preston Farm & Winery 41 Dry Creek Valley Estate Sagrantino Riserva 2013 2 SLOW WINE DaVero Farms & Winery 83 Dry Creek Valley Fig Tree Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2018 1 Quivira Vineyards 69 Dry Creek Valley Kierkegaard Vineyard Chenin Blanc 2018 1 EVERYDAY WINE Maître de Chai 106 Dry Creek Valley Vermentino 2019 1 Unti Vineyards 62 Edna Valley Oliver’s Vineyard Chevey 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Lady of the Sunshine 107 Edna Valley Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard Albariño 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Verdad Wine Cellars 89 Edna Valley Spanish Springs Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 1 EVERYDAY WINE Sawyer Lindquist Wines 74 El Dorado Water Tower Blanc 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Narrow Gate Vineyards 104 Fiddletown Terre Rouge Viognier 2017 1 EVERYDAY WINE Terre Rouge/Easton Wines 110 Fort Ross-Seaview Estate Zinfandel 2015 2 SLOW WINE Wild Hog Vineyard 85 Fort Ross-Seaview Mohrhardt Ridge Chardonnay 2018 1 Red Car 46 Fort Ross-Seaview Waterhorse Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 2 Enfield Wine Co. 39 Fountaingrove Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 2 Cornell Vineyards 36 Gomes Vineyard The Octopus Albariño Extra Brut 2018 4 EVERYDAY WINE CARBONISTE 51 Happy Canyon Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 2 Grimm’s Bluff 21 Howell Mountain QUINTVS Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 2 SLOW WINE ADAMVS 82 Kelsey Bench Negroamaro 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Prima Materia Vineyard and Winery 30 Lake County Horne Ranch Survivor Petite Sirah 2018 2 EVERYDAY WINE Beaver Creek Vineyards 76 Livermore Valley Estate Vineyard Petite Sirah 2016 2 Page Mill Winery 85 Livermore Valley Merlot Reserve 2016 2 SLOW WINE Retzlaff Vineyards and Estate Winery 22 Los Carneros Boundless Optimism Rosé of Pinot Noir 2019 3 EVERYDAY WINE Adastra 95 Los Carneros Pinot Noir 2016 2 SLOW WINE Robert Sinskey Vineyards 34 Los Olivos District Sauvignon Blanc Au Naturel 2018 1 Brander Winery 61 Los Olivos District Semillon 2019 1 EVERYDAY WINE Kings Carey Wines 84 Madera County Love Ranch Counoise 2019 2 EVERYDAY WINE Raft Wines 71 McFadden NV Sparkling Cuvée

Situationist Funhouse

G.H. Hovagimyan

G.H. Hovagimyan is an absurdist, a strategist, a serial collaborator, and nothing short of a cultural icon in the world of contemporary art, particularly as it relates to how artists have adopted the digital technological tools of our times, adapting them in his work for critique of art, popular culture, and social engagement.

Situationist Funhouse is a joyride through this history. The journey Stephen Zacks so meticulously documents and describes is not only an incredibly comprehensive ride through G.H.’s life work to date— Hovagimyan adopted G.H. as an acronym in the 1990s as a kind of gesture of personal rebirth and to ease others’ difficulty with his last name [pronounced ho-va-GIM-yan]—it also serves as a document that tracks a particular view on the alternative contemporary art scene of New York from the 1970s to the present day.


Stephen Zacks is an advocacy journalist, architecture critic, urbanist, and organizer based in New York City. A graduate of Michigan State University and New School for Social Research with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities and a master’s in liberal studies, he founded Flint Public Art Project in 2011 and serves as president of the nonprofit Amplifier Inc., which promotes new conceptual frameworks and proven strategies to influence public policy and improve local and global governance. He has

been published in the New York Times, Village Voice, Art in America, Abitare, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Dwell, the Architectural Review, Oculus, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Architectural Record, the Architect’s Newspaper, Brownstoner, Curbed, Monocle, Blueprint, Mic, Print, and Hyperallergic, and previously served as an editor at Metropolis. His projects have received awards from ArtPlace, Creative Capital, Warhol Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Graham Foundation, MacDowell Colony, and the New York State Council on the Arts.


7" x 9" Portrait • 208pp • Softbound • 978-1-951541-99-6

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2022

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Goff Books Fall 2023

New York: Stilled Life

Portrait of a City in Lockdown

Mid-March 2020: native New Yorker Gregory Peterson is on an early evening walk through the city, suddenly shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. Manhattan’s grand public spaces are bare. The monumental Lincoln Center Plaza is empty. The sounds of skates on ice and bustle of tourists and workers at Rockefeller Center are absent. Not a soul on Easter Sunday at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Starkly silent, the city is stilled, as no one had ever seen it before.

Traveling on foot and by bike to avoid public transportation, Peterson took more than 400 photographs of over 200 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens through the spring and summer of 2020. Using his iPhone 11, he captured myriad surreal landmarks—the United Nations Secretariat with no traffic, people, or flags, Grand Central Terminal without a person or even a car in sight, as well as gelled neighborhood streets, churches, shops, and other tourist destinations. Without people, these photos reveal the city’s primeval soul. They unveil a serene beauty most often obscured by the frenzy of our fast-paced lives. We see New York with new eyes.

During the height of the lockdown, Peterson also captures the city’s response to swelling Black Lives Matter protests that shook the world after the killing of George Floyd. For the first time in living memory, midtown Manhattan and other areas were boarded up following

Memorial Day due to fears of civil unrest as, documented in the chapter “Plywood New York.”

New York: Stilled Life is a comprehensive record of a unique, vanished moment; a memento of a time we all endured and how it changed us and our cities—perhaps forever.


Gregory Peterson is a corporate lawyer and noted art collector. A native, life-long New Yorker, he is a graduate of the High School of Music and Art (now the LaGuardia High of Music and the Performing Arts), where he studied oil painting and other media, and is an alumnus of Columbia College and Columbia Law School. Prior to becoming a lawyer he was a filmmaker and television producer.

Barry Bergdoll is Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History at Columbia University and the former Chief Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. A specialist in the history of modern architecture, he curated numerous exhibitions at MoMA, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Musée d’Orsay, and other venues.


9"x 11" Portrait • 204pp • Hardbound • 978-1-954081-26-0

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2021

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Who Am I?

The lush surreal illustrations of this book and its short humoristic story telling make it a fun, quick read for all ages and for anyone obliquely interested in our thirst for development and the nature of who we are. Through a poetic parody of human’s desires for more of everything, we become aware that such a quest does not bring us any closer to knowing ourselves or seeing, as contemporary scientific or spiritual leaders are telling us: all things and beings of our planet are intimately related, alive and ultimately “One.”

While each colorful painting alludes to our close relationship with the world, short lines innocently and wryly comment on the predicaments of our lives pertaining to the industrial world, where dream and reality often appear intertwined. Through the shifting identities of forms, this album gives us a glance at our own formless nature and how our excessive wish for love, home, comfort, power, and productivity inexorably transforms our worldview and make us bypass our deep infinite nature, which cannot be contained through words. As some indigenous traditions have taught us: “life is like a dream. One wonders whether it is by living that we dream or by dreaming that we live.”


Jean-Paul Bourdier has taught in many US Universities, in Senegal and Italy; author of nine books; he collaborated with Trinh Minh-ha on a number of installations and eight feature-length films. He is co-founder and co-editor of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. He is Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Photography and Visual Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.


Portrait • 96pp • Hardbound • 978-1-954081-29-1
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8.5” x 11”
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Complements Eloquence of Small Objects

Complements is a gem, an intimate book to be savored on first readings and held near as a resource on what is real. It contains 115 luscious photos of small objects juxtaposed in ways that evoke emotions, thoughts, questions, and remembrance of beauty. The photographs tell stories, make wry jokes, and elude to larger realities of the esoteric. As complements, the objects are more than the sum of their parts.

A sentence or two of text accompanies each photograph, creating storylines that draw the viewer into the world of the objects as strongly as if they were human, except, their not being human allows the viewer a purer sense of what they tell us. David Hume Kennedy, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, says in the foreword, “The narrative and pictures reunite twins separated at birth.”

The photographs pull the viewer in with their emotional content, then ask the viewer to step back for another look—to both feel and think, to understand truths beyond words.


Patricia Z. Smith was the photographer for the “War on Poverty.” She taught photography at the Smithsonian Institution and has had several one-person shows. She has a playwright, a collector of pre1850 quilts exhibited at the Smithsonian, and is a globally-recognized peace activist.

Louise Brody has designed more than 100 books for a variety of leading British, American, and French publishers, museums, and international press, as well as working with private clients to produce publications for important events or to commemorate achievements.

David Hume Kennerly is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and was the White House photographer under President Gerald Ford. He has photographed eight presidents, and historic events around the world. His photographs are icons of American history.


6.7” x 8.07” Portrait

World Rights: Available


Publication Date: Fall 2021

Hardbound • 978-1-951541-74-3

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Behind the Camera American Women Photographers Who Shaped How We See the World

Each of the women in this series stepped out of the bounds of physical and social expectations to pursue her personal vision through photography. Some were fortunate to have come from wealthy families who fostered their interests. Others had to make their way by supporting themselves, or they found encouragement from other, more established photographers.

Many chose to avoid or leave behind the comforts of married life at a time when marriage provided the primary source of financial security for a woman. Each of them surmounted the challenges they encountered in order to pursue their dreams. I hope their true stories inspire you, and I invite you to continue documenting and recording whatever is most important in your life through the ever-evolving tool of photography, just as these women did before you.




6" x 9" Portrait • 200pp • Softbound • 978-1-951541-51-4

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2021 Buy Now

Ausherman is the author of The Photographic Legacy of Frances Benjamin Johnston and co-author with Patricia Jennings of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii.
Goff Books Fall 2023

Po Po Says Eight Inspiring Stories in Asian American History

Did you know Po Po (paw-paw) means grandma in Chinese? Did you know Filipino settlers were the first Asian American community? When Po Po knits, she shares parts of American history that are not often told. As her young granddaughter listens with admiration, Po Po talks about Asian Americans and how their resilience has helped shape the strength and beauty of the United States of America.

In this inspiring picture book, Po Po brings to light the hardships and discrimination that many endured in eight events that took place in American history. Accompanied by rich and colorful illustrations inspired by historical photography, Po Po wants her young granddaughter to know that not only have Asian Americans lived in the United States for centuries, but the different types of people are what make our nation unique and extraordinary. Each story has a special message and embraces the Chinese language–emphasizing that America is a culture of many cultures.


Ashley Ng is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. She graduated with an MFA in Graphic Design and sees her skills as a tool to influence change in the world. Ashley hopes that her work encourages young readers to learn from the past and embrace the beauty of differences. She is currently a UX/Product Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

$19.95 7.28” x 5.83” Portrait • 76pp • Hardbound • 978-1-935935-53-7 World Rights: Available Publication Date: Spring 2022 Buy Now
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Death by Design at Alcatraz

Anthony Poon

A mystery of obsession exploring the heights and depths within the world of architecture: Who would you kill to satisfy your creative ego? On a fog-enshrouded morning, a famous architect plunges to his death off a San Francisco cliff. Architects are being murdered as they compete for developer Magnar Jones’s prized commission: a new art museum at the notorious Alcatraz Island. Magnar’s devious plan? Turn his design competition into a spectator sport, where architects soon find themselves prisoners.

Tormented architect, Parker A. Rand, confronts the police as the prime suspect, and Magnar’s alluring girlfriend, Celadonna Kimm, has her sights on this “friendly neighborhood” architect. With Parker’s ambition spiraling into darkness, can this beloved hero win the contest without losing his mind and soul? A tale of intrigue examines arrogance and redemption. Who will succeed—and at what cost?


Anthony Poon, AIA, is an award-winning architect, mixed-media artist, and classically-trained musician. His Los Angeles company, Poon Design Inc., poondesign.com—a multi-disciplinary architecture studio serving national and international clients—has completed over 300 residential, commercial, religious, and educational projects. Having received over 50 national and regional honors, the work of Poon Design has been featured in hundreds of articles.

Anthony’s 2020 illustrated volume, Live Learn Eat: Architecture by Anthony Poon, showcases his process and projects as a unique “triple threat”: housing, schools, and restaurants. Anthony’s 2017 book, Sticks and Stones / Steel and Glass: One Architect’s Journey, has received critical acclaim, and he writes regularly on architecture and design at anthonypoon.com. Mr. Poon received his Master of Architecture from Harvard University, examining how the making of jazz can influence the making of architecture. He received his Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Berkeley, Magna Cum Laude, with a focus on design and music.

$24.95 6" x 9" Portrait • 330pp • Softbound • 978-1-954081-28-4 World Rights: Available Publication Date: Fall 2021 Buy Now
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The Wisdom of Buddha

A Photographic Pilgrimage into the Traditional World of Buddhism

The Wisdom of Buddha is a stunning visual journey through the countries of India, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The soul-touching photographs are paired with carefully selected quotes meant to express the very heart of Buddha’s teachings. Visit historical Buddhist landmarks including Bodh Gaya, where Siddhartha Gautama became enlightened and was pronounced the Buddha. View traditions from the different branches of Buddhism including Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. ‘The Wisdom of Buddha’ is a gorgeous, linen-bound work that offers beauty, peace, and wisdom for your journey through life.

Paige Lee holds a master’s degree from New York University and holds a lifetime passion for photography. At age 12 she started taking photos with a Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex camera and developed the film in her homemade darkroom. Paige Lee now shoots on a Nikon D810 and has traveled to over 60 countries capturing the diverse beauty of our planet, and of our humanity. For the last 15 years, Paige Lee has been practicing meditation and has been an enthusiast of Buddhist Philosophy.


With a master’s degree from New York University under her belt, Paige Lee has had a lifetime passion for photography. When she was 12 years old she started taking photographs with a Yashica-Mat twin lens relax camera and developed the film in her homemade darkroom. Paige Lee, now shooting on a Nikon D810, has traveled to over 60 countries capturing the diverse beauty of our planet and humanity. For the last 15 years Paige Lee has been practicing meditation and has been an enthusiast of Buddhist Philosophy.


12.5” Landscape • 140pp • Hardbound with jacket • 978-1-943532-90-2
Date: Fall 2020 Buy Now
9.75” x
World Rights:
Goff Books Fall 2023

Body Mirror

This body of work is a contemplation of human beings’ passage on earth and their intimate interrelation with the environment. This book attempts to bring humor to the things we are getting attached to. It points at the invisible within the visible, the immaterial within the material or the vertical nature of being (and its mirror-like quality) within our horizontal way of living (where our mind, time, and space condition our experiences). The naked body is seen as our primary indivisible unit of perception which is usually pushed and pulled by our thinking mind’s desire to either get less or more. In other words, our lives are colored by our minds and since body-mind is a single entity, most of the colors painted on the body are an allusion to the range of our changing desires from being invisible or transparent to wanting to be singular and the center of attention. The stanzas, interviews (featuring interviewers from Russia, Colombia, Korea, Germany, and the United States), and photographs are not seen as being subservient to one another but can be seen as an assemblage of three independent directions that may or may not intersect following each reader.


Jean-Paul Bourdier has taught in many US Universities, in Senegal and Italy; author of eight books; he collaborated with Trinh Minh-ha on a number of installations and eight feature-length films. He is co-founder and co-editor of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. He is Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Photography and Visual Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

$50.00 12" x 12" Square • 220pp • Hardbound with jacket • 978-1-951541-20-0 1 World Rights: Available Publication Date: Fall 2020 Buy Now
Goff Books Fall 2023

Sand and Golf How Terrain Shapes the Game

George Waters

Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game explores what makes golf, and golf course architecture, so special on sandy terrain. Golf was born on sandy ground and the features of the game are a direct product of that terrain. Fairways and greens were derived from the naturally occurring areas of short grass found among the coastal dunes of Scotland. The original sand traps were areas of bare sand that can be found scattered throughout any dune landscape. As the game spread beyond the coastal dunes it took these features with it, and while they have been incorporated into a variety of landscapes they have always fit best on sandy ground. For this reason each major expansion in golf has begun with new courses on sandy ground. Even the best courses of the modern era are products of sandy terrain. The reason golf works so well on sandy ground is that it quite literally belongs there.

This book explores the unique features of sandy ground that make it so suitable for golf, studying the similarities and differences among sandy courses in a wide variety of environments. The courses of Melbourne’s Sandbelt may not bear much resemblance to the fantastic sandy courses of America’s Great Plains, but they actually have a great deal in common. The firm turf that is a product of free draining soils, rugged bunkers carved directly into the sandy soils, and a style of play suited to firm, often windy sites. Golf on sandy sites is a game played as much along the ground as through the air, and creative shotmaking is required to deal with the challenges of sandy terrain. The creativity required to succeed when golfing on sandy ground is a big part of the enduring popularity of these courses and the reason why people travel around the world to seek them out.

Golf on sandy terrain is something special because golf itself is a product of that terrain. Sand and Golf looks at all aspects of the relationship between sand and golf, from golf’s earliest days to the spread of the sport across the globe. Golf and golf course architecture on sandy sites is explored in every detail, using examples and illustrations from the best sandy courses in the world.


George Waters is a golf course architect with particular expertise in designing on sandy sites. He has participated in the design and construction of several of the most significant new courses on sandy terrain, in addition to the restoration of several sandy classics.

Tom Doak is one of the world's leading golf course architects and the author of numerous books and articles on golf course architecture. He has designed five courses ranked among Golf Magazine’s Top 100 in the World, four of those on sandy terrain.

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$40.00 12" x 9″ Landscape • 140pp • Hardbound • 978-1-939621-03-0 World Rights: Available Publication Date: Fall 2013
Goff Books Fall 2023

Over-Development Over-Population Over- Shoot


Why, when every problem facing humanity, from poverty to violent conflict over resources, is exacerbated by a ballooning human population, is the demographic explosion ignored by policymakers and the media?

Why, when every problem facing nature, including ecosystem loss, species extinctions, and climate chaos, is caused by human overpopulation, is the root of the problem mostly ignored by the global environmental movement?

Isn’t it time to start talking about the equation that matters most to the future of people and the planet? Overpopulation + Overdevelopment +Overshoot

In 2015, a book as large and dramatic as the topic it covers, Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER) will ignite that conversation around the world. In an exhibit-format treatment with provocative photos from across the globe, OVER moves beyond insider debates and tired old arguments (yes, population numbers AND consumption both matter). Framed by essays by population experts, the heart of OVER is a series of photo essays illuminating the depth of the damage that human numbers and behavior have caused to the Earth—and which threatens humanity’s future.


Tom Butler is the editorial projects director of the Foundation for Deep Ecology and the president of the Northeast Wilderness Trust. A conservationist and writer, his books include Wildlands Philanthropy, Plundering Appalachia, Keeping the Wild, and Energy: OverDevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth.

Musimbi Kanyoro is a Kenyan human rights advocate. She has been the CEO and President of the Global Fund for Women since August 2011.

William N. Ryerson is founder and president of Population Media Center and also serves as Chair and CEO of The Population Institute in Washington, DC. He has a 40-year history of working in the field of reproductive health, including two decades of experience adapting the Sabido methodology of social change communications to various cultural settings worldwide. He lives in Shelburne, VT.

Eileen Crist teaches in the Department of Science and Technology in Society at Virginia Tech, where she is advisor for the undergraduate program, Humanities, Science, and Environment. A leading thinker about the relationship between humans and nature, she is author of Images of Animals: Anthropomorphism and Animal Mind and coeditor of Gaia in Turmoil and Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation. She lives in Blacksburg, VA.


10” x 12” Portrait • 330pp • Hardbound • 978-1-939621-23-8

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2015

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Every Last Jew Mark Koperweis

Experience firsthand what it’s like to struggle for your life in one of the most diabolical and murderous events in human history—The Nazi plan to exterminate every last Jew in Europe.

Gain insights as to why the Nazis, and Hitler in particular, hated the Jews, making them the enemy of society, and labeling them Untermenschen—subhuman.

This true-to-life story shines as a beacon of hope and perseverance and serves as a backdrop-narrative that reminds us that racism and hate can lead to murderous behavior and the rapid destruction of civil society.

In Every Last Jew, Mark Koperweis beautifully retells his father Henry’s amazing story of survival that takes you on an unimaginable journey that is up-close, personal, and in full living horror. When you emerge, you will never see the world or your life in the same way. It will change you, as it did Henry, forever!


Mark Koperweis is co-founder and Executive Director of the Henry Koperweis Foundation for Holocaust Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe.

He lives in Oakland, California, where he owns and operates a successful window coverings business—draperyGuru®.

This is his first book, compiled from hours of recorded interviews with his father Henry—the subject of this memoir.

To learn more please visit: www.henrykoperweisfoundation.org

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• Softbound • 978-1-943532-71-1

Liquid Poetry

The Wonder of Water

Patrick Macrory describes himself as keen but not particular skilled in photography. Ten years ago he was taking photos of two of his grandchildren in a water park in Oregon, and as an experiment, he took a few photos of a fountain at very high speed (1/4000th) and with a long focal length (400mm) (the first two can be found in this book). He was surprised and pleased by the results, and since then has been taking photos of fountains whenever he could. Some of his best are in this book, each accompanied by quotations about water by authors and poets throughout the ages, ranging from Heraclitus to Conan Doyle to Philip Larkin to Yoko Ono.


Patrick Macrory grew up in the United Kingdom. After three years practicing as a barrister in London, he moved to Washington, DC, where he has practiced law, specializing in international trade. He is a keen amateur photographer, and has had two shows exhibiting his photography, one in Washington on the subject of Japan, and the other in London showing the photographs in this book.

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$24.95 8” x 10” Portrait • 80pp • Softbound • 978-1-941806-21-0 World Rights: Available Publication Date: Spring 2019
__ J -? -\f} ..,.1;f.: _:,-21 ··· ·, .. .-1.:,:: ,. 'H ·r \)·•'fl.",.; . JL • ;,, ' ' ;.:: ·, 11, ; ··-:, ::

Galapagos Birds

A Photographic Voyage

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 54 photographic images in Mathew Tekulsky’s Galapagos Birds speak volumes about these unique and fantastic creatures that live in one tiny part of the world. From the Red-footed and Blue-footed Boobies to the Swallow-tailed Gull and the Waved Albatross, the family lives of these animals are explored through photographs and a text that reads like a fairy tale. “Far, far away, on enchanted islands…” Mr. Tekulsky begins his story, and during the ensuing adventure, the reader sees a Nazca Booby female find her lost egg; observes American Flamingos foraging in a mystical lagoon; shares a ride on a Galapagos Giant Tortoise with not only a Galapagos Mockingbird but a Yellow Warbler as well; witnesses a Galapagos Hawk stretch his wings in anticipation of an imminent flight; and experiences fleeting moments with a Black Oystercatcher mother and her chick on the rocks. The Magnificent and Great Frigatebirds are in the story as well, and what a story it is. So join Mathew Tekulsky for a magical trip to the Galapagos and discover the wonderful birds that live there.


Mathew Tekulsky is the author of Backyard Bird Photography and The Art of Hummingbird Gardening, both of which feature his bird photographs. His column “The Birdman of Bel Air” at NationalGeographic.com included essays and photographs about his birding experiences. His bird photographs have been published in numerous field guides, including the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds: California and the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America.


7″ x 9″ Portrait • 128pp • Hardbound

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Publication Date: Spring 2020

• 978-1-951541-12-5

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Americana A Photographic Journey

From sea to shining sea, from Yankee Stadium to Yosemite National Park, Mathew Tekulsky turns his lens and commentary on the greatest topic of them all, the United States of America, in his new book Americana: A Photographic Journey. Following on the heels of his successful book Galapagos Birds: A Photographic Voyage, Mr. Tekulsky’s take on the American landscape includes images such as a barn with an American flag draped along its side; John Lennon’s Imagine mosaic in New York City’s Central Park; covered bridges and antique automobiles; an inflatable Uncle Sam in a front yard festooned with red, white, and blue buntings; John Burroughs’ Slabsides cabin; Mariano Rivera pitching a save at Yankee Stadium; a classic Vermont diner; a roller coaster at twilight; the Beverly Hills Hotel; tourists at Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park; and surfboards in Hawaii.

And there’s much, much more in this book. We live in an era of photographic images, and Mr. Tekulsky has provided the reader with 83 of the best photographs of America that you will ever see. According to Wikipedia, Americana is defined as “any collection of materials and things concerning or characteristic of the United States or of the American people and is representative or even stereotypical of American culture as a whole.” As such, Mathew Tekulsky’s book Americana: A Photographic Journey is a piece of Americana itself.


Mathew Tekulsky is the author of Backyard Bird Photography and The Art of Hummingbird Gardening, both of which feature his bird photographs. His column “The Birdman of Bel Air” at NationalGeographic.com included essays and photographs about his birding experiences. His bird photographs have been published in numerous field guides, including the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds: California and the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America.


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9″ Landscape • 136pp • Hardbound • 978-1-951541-57-6
World Rights: Available Publication Date: Spring 2021

The Gold Lotus

Thousands of Cupid’s Arrows on the Battlefield of Love

A.D. Dauphinais

This is an epic tale; a fantasy replete with grand romances and countless avenues leading to divine love. Venture through diverse time perspectives and complex mythologies of the gods in this multidimensional drama, inspired by ancient Asian principles. The Gold Lotus is a dance in written form; a saga with a rhythmic delivery that will transport you through intricate plots, legendary wars, unsettling separations and passionate love, unbound.

Manifested in a time of darkness and war, the celestial being Kānu prepares for a journey brought on by Muniji, the minstrel saint, to face a destiny that stands between destruction and salvation. Weaving through the ways of love and power, the almighty Kānu will learn to become the saviour of his heavenly kingdom while discovering the deepest desires of the heart and defeating evil – both within and without.

As the heavenly kingdom yearns for its saviour, a formidable and broken God of War comes to battle with an unpredictable foe that has bested the mightiest of warriors before him: finding the lost love capable of fulfilling the void in his heart. What (or who) he finds as the answer proves to be a riddle never before encountered by the revered warrior. Alongside Kānu and a kingdom of mystical beings that oversee the forces of existence, the celestial war for balance is far from won and the stakes grow higher with every heartbeat.


A.D. Dauphinais started her “out of this world” life journey during a long, solo pilgrimage throughout India at the age of eighteen. For the past twenty-five years, she has been immersed in ancient knowledge, fascinated by Buddhist, Vedic, and Sanskrit literatures. Recently she compiled a fantasy novel filled with timeless possibilities of divine love, based upon the Vedic viewpoint of time. The Gold Lotus multi-world drama series is not only a page-turner, but also a perception changer. Filled with poems, ancient knowledge, wars and romance.

She is the founder of two non-profits, an ancient temple dance teacher, director of Devi Communications Music, and founder of TerraVoyage LLC. She spends most of her free time planting trees and saving ancient seeds at her organic permaculture-based farms.


5.5” x 8” Portrait


World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Spring 2021


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Laclil Shunrei \1/ung

Arches to Zigzags

An Architectural ABC

Michael Crosbie, Steve and Kit Rosenthal

Arches to Zigzags introduces its audience (both young and old) to the world of architecture through the alphabet. It challenges young readers with new words and images, adults will widen their own knowledge of architecture. Captivating images and clever wordplay entertain folks of all ages to explore the built environment. The book begins its journey through architecture with an Arch (for the letter A), then a Balcony, and next on to Column Capitals. Along the way, readers will learn about some less-familiar architectural examples (such as, Finial, Keystone, Obelisk, and Quoin). Each letter and its corresponding image are described with light verse, which asks the reader some quick questions about what they see. This colorful, lively, and entertaining book closes with some thoughts about what architecture is, why it’s important, and where you’ll find examples of architecture in the buildings you visit and use every day. There’s also information on the location and history of each of the 26 beautiful images in the book, in case you want to check them out on your own. Created by an architect, writer, photographer, and librarian, Arches to Zigzags connects architecture with the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z.

Author Architect, writer, and educator Michael J. Crosbie is the awardwinning author of or contributor to more than 70 books on architecture and design. He writes and lectures on architecture in the U.S. and abroad, and teaches at the University of Hartford.

Steve Rosenthal is a nationally recognized photographer who has run an architectural photography business with his wife, Kit, for the past 40 years. Trained as an architect, Steve is a graduate of Yale and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Kit also studied architecture at Harvard, and has been a public-school library volunteer for the past dozen years.


World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2020

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9.25” x 10.5” Portrait

City of Immortals Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

This first-person account of a legendary necropolis will delight Francophiles, tourists, and armchair travelers, while enriching the experience of taphophiles (cemetery lovers) and aficionados of art and architecture, mystery, and romance. Carolyn Campbell’s evocative images are complemented by those of renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish. City of Immortals celebrates the novelty and eccentricity of Père-Lachaise Cemetery through the engrossing story of the history of the site established by Napoleonic decree along with portraits of the last moments of the cultural icons buried within its walls. In addition to several “conversations” with some of the high-profile residents, three guided tours are provided along with an illustrated pull-out map featuring the grave sites of 84 architects, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and actors, including Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Frédéric Chopin, Georges Bizet, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Isadora Duncan, Eugene Delacroix, Gertrude Stein, Amedeo Modigliani, Sarah Bernhardt, Simone Signoret, Colette, and Marcel Proust.


Carolyn Campbell was born in Washington, DC, has lived in Paris, and is now a resident of Los Angeles. A published writer and an exhibited photographer, her fascination with Père-Lachaise was kindled on a first visit to Paris in 1981. With the support and encouragement of her mentor, John Russell—the late New

York Times art critic—she embarked on her research and photo documentation of the cemetery. A summa cum laude graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has been working as an arts and communications specialist for over thirty years. She has held executive positions with the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the American Film Institute, and the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, where she was also editor of UCLA Arts magazine.


Joe Cornish, contributing photographer, studied fine art at Reading University and then assisted photographer Mike Mitchell in Washington, DC, before basing himself in the UK. Since his first photographic explorations in Père-Lachaise with Carolyn Campbell in 1982 he has contributed to numerous travel books as well as writing his own on landscape photography.


6” x 9” Portrait • 200pp • Softbound • 978-1-943532-29-2

World Rights: Available

Publication Date: Fall 2019

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