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Better Together Programme

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas". George Bernard Shaw

Looking back Collaboration between the 2 international aid organizations Outreach Moldova (ORM) – Ireland & Wide Horizons for Children WHFC – USA began in June 2012 in an attempt to address the educational and emotional needs of children with disability at Hincesti Orphanage in the Republic of Moldova.

It was the first collaboration of it’s kind between these two aid organizations who together have over 20 years experience in providing services in Moldova. Children living in institutions in Moldova were formally excluded from formal education and little was done to encourage a child to reach their potential in any sphere. These two organizations worked together to ensure that not only are their human rights being addressed & met but that each child in the programme would have an opportunity to actively explore areas such as education, arts & crafts, music & dance & take part in team building sporting activities. The total budget being allocated to the Better Together programme was $29, 357. WHFC provided $8,000 towards the project with the remaining budget $21,357 being provided by ORM.

It was initially envisaged to provide 3 special needs teachers for the programme; this was expanded to include 5 special needs teachers, one in each of the following areas: 1. Dance & Music 4. Arts & Crafts 5. Sewing and 2. Sport dressmaking 3. Education

Each child at Hincesti orphanage was assessed and then allocated to one or more of the above areas. The programme was run by Tatiana Papanaga (ORM). Activity reports were provided on a weekly basis, management review occured on a monthly basis and there was biannual reporting between partners. The USA partners made an on site visit to the programme to see where their investment had impacted on the children's lives.


A huge part of their enjoyment was derived from Arts & Crafts and Home Economics which was added to these programmes to enhance a real development.

It was envisioned that this school program would allow 73 children and young adults to actively participate in an adapted national school curriculum that would be run over the period of 12 months. There were the recommended periods of rest during the Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. Each child has been evaluated and allocated to a particular class according to the pretesting evaluations. Each child initially completed 1 hour of arithmetic and 1 hour of Romanian (national language) per day, every day, for 5 days; Monday to Friday. They were taught literacy and numeracy skills and given all the assistance required as per their special need. For too long residents in State orphanages have been denied their basic human rights to a formal education, unfortunately those with special needs becoming the most neglected. This is not only a high priority but a vital program in assisting the children reach their potential. Activities include: c) Social sciences a) Language b) Mathematics d) Arts and crafts

Health and Wellbeing Activity plan = 12 months, 5 days per week, 2 hours a day. ORM applied for sponsorship from WHFC to engage our beneficiaries in active movement and sporting activities. Unfortunately the State provides no such services and the daily routine at these institutions include children sitting passively, exhibiting repetitive rocking motion and becoming generally more introvert. The cumulative outcome following multiple years of such neglect has such a damaging effect on the psychological wellbeing of the children from which they rarely recover leading to a lifetime of institutionalisation. In an attempt to counteract such negative stressors from the child’s lives, we proposed a wellness program that actively engaged each child in regular group activities and team sports, stimulating body and mind, promoting self esteem and impacting directly on health. Activities included:

1) Team sports 2) Gymnastics 3) Movement to music 4) Dance & expression

Activity plan = 12 months, 5 days per week, each child involved in 2 hours per week (1) + (2) and 1 hour a day (3) & (4) Both projects engaged with the beneficiaries for a period of 12 months from start date and were run by the project team manager Tatiana Papanaga, specialist manager in social work under the direct supervisions of the head doctor and Moldova field manager.

Meet the teachers who made the difference

School Teacher Eugenia Agachi

Sewing Teacher Maria Brinzeanu

Having assessed each child at the orphanage we have the following programmes running at present:

Art & Crafts Teacher Natalia Popescu

School: 34 Children Arts & Crafts:: 77 Children Sewing and dressmaking: 40 Children Dance & Movement: 252 Children Sport: 55 Children

Sport Teacher Liuda Cojocaru

Programme Manager Tatiana Papanaga Dance / Music Teacher Svetlana Constantinov

Successes: The total number of educational hours that were invested in this programme over the period 01/06/2012 - 01/052013: 1) Education - 2088 hrs 2) Dance & Music - 1827 hrs 3) Sport - 1827 hrs 4) Art & Crafts - 1827 hrs 5) Sewing & Dressmaking - 1044 hrs

The overall global development within the children themselves was extraordinary; there was a notable global increase in selfesteem and satisfaction when they participated at national level in concerts and exhibitions. One child fulfilled her life long dream of singing live on national T.V. at the Opera & Ballet house. The routine provided by daily structured activities impacted greatly on the overall behaviour and psychological well being of the children with a reduction in challenging behaviours

Difficulties: The difficulties we encountered continue to be the cultural attitude towards children in care or children with special needs. There is a deep rooted belief that these children should not participate in mainstream schooling or join the wider public.

Finances Outreach Moldova (ORM) received $8,000 (â‚Ź6,308.34) on the 9th of July 2012 from Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC).



OBJECT big balls small balls cones ropes football ball

ItemS LEI EURO 12 420 26.25 20 300 18.75 30 150 9.38 15 225 14.06 1 350 21.88 1445 90.31

OBJECT notebooks pens coloring pencils white paper folders bags books small folders thumbtack coloring cardboard white cardboard felt-tip pens sharpners glue

ItemS LEI EURO 320 960 60.00 265 265 16.56 10 120 7.50 4 180 11.25 15 75 4.69 22 550 34.38 28 420 26.25 6 270 16.88 2 20 1.25 5 75 4.69 3 30 1.88 4 60 3.75 5 25 1.56 8 80 5.00 3130 195.63

Annex 2: Contribution towards teaching staff, salaries by WHFC in 2012 - 2013 Charge Teacher Art Sewing Sport Dance/Music

LEI EURO 20800 1300 16000 1000 16000 1000 16000 1000 18144 1134 86944 5434

Annex 1: Educational items provided by WHFC in 2012 - 2013




OBJECT ItemS LEI EURO biser-beads 28 448 28.00 glue 6 240 15.00 material 10m 450 28.13 elastic 22 264 16.50 thread 12 300 18.75 journals 4 140 8.75 embroidery hoops 10 200 12.5 needles 4 60 3.75 wool 35 456 28.50 reparation of sewing machine 200 12.50 paints for glass 10 180 11.25 scissors 4 40 2.50 chalk 2 20 1.25 2998 187.38 OBJECT scissors glue playdough wool coloring pencils coloring books set for activities biser-beads sharpners erasers coloring paper coloring cardboard knife for paper

ItemS LEI EURO 12 120 7.50 27 414 25.88 14 490 30.63 6 78 4.88 35 420 26.25 42 1260 78.75 8 140 8.75 6 120 7.50 15 150 9.38 10 100 6.25 36 432 27.00 45 225 14.06 1 36 2.25 3985 249.06

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ItemS LEI EURO 9 750 46.88

TOTAL LEI EURO 12308 874.58

In conclusion

It was a very successful year in colaboration with Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC). Much progress has been made in the children's lives and we look forward to future collaboration. Deep respect, ORM team

For more details please contact us at: Tel: +353 – 1 – 219 0268 e-mail: web: Suite 104, DMG House, Deansgrange Business Park, Deansgrange, Co. Dublin, Ireland Charity Number: CHY 14229 Company Number: 336502

ORM & WHFC - Better Together Programme  

Collaboration between the 2 international aid organizations Outreach Moldova (ORM) – Ireland & Wide Horizons for Children WHFC – USA began i...

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