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ORM shoebox appeal...

Countdown to Christmas 2012 is an amazing children’s Christmas project, bringing joy into the lives of children living in orphanages since 2000. Last year, thousands of adults and children from across Ireland packed shoeboxes with little gifts and sent them to abandoned children across Moldova. You will be able to track Santa on his journey from pick up to drop off with his amazing GPS enabled Reindeers. Visit our website for details or contact us on (01) 2190268 or

Ireland Moldova


Steps to make your own shoebox Steps

Step 1 Find an empty shoebox

It would be a nice festive touch. Wrap the lid and the box separately in wrapping paper.

to making dreams come true

Step 2 Decide who your gift will be for

Step 3 Top up your box with gifts

Choose an age category from 2-18 years. Cut out either the boy or girl label and stick on the top of the lid. Make sure the label is secure with clear tape.

You can put anything you think a child/young adult would like into your box. You can also use the gift ideas list underneath for inspiration.

Step 4 Make your donation

To ensure it reaches us attach a cash or cheque donation of minimum €3 per shoebox. Place it in an envelope and put it in your shoebox on top of the contents. Secure the lid with large elastic band(s).

Step 5 We will collect from wherever you are!

Visit our website for details on the towns and cities we will be collecting from throughout November and contact us on (01)2190268 or and we will arrange to collect from your business, school, home or other.

• Educational supplies:

• No medicines drugs or vitamines of any kind.


• Toys:

Please avoid:

___ __


Please feel free to add:

• No war related items: Toy guns, soldiers or knives of any kind.

• No fragile items: Glass containers, mirrors or ceramics.

___________ ___________

• Hygiene items:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, hair clips, soap, shampoo, bubble bath, baby powder, sudocreme or vaseline.

Felt pens, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, colouring book, notepad, picture or puzzle book, chalk, pencil case, stickers.



Soft toy, jigsaw, Lego, small musical instrument, balls, stuffed animals. For boys - trucks and cars, for girls - dolls, clip on earrings, etc. If your toy requires batteries; please throw ‘em in the box too.

• Clothing:

Pijamas, gloves, scarf, hat, underwear, tights, socks. All clothing permitted (not second hand).

• Other items:

Sweets, chocolate lollipops, sunglasses, bangles, necklaces, bubbles & fun little treats.

• No dangerous items: Sharp objects, scissors or razors, safety pins or obvious choking hazard.

• No novels: Children’s books, videos, DVDs or English language materials.



My box is for a


We provide Christmas for children from 2 - 18 years

Girl Age

My box is for a

We provide Christmas for children from 2 - 18 years

2012 Countdown to Christmas with ORM  

Bringing Christmas to the lives of little children with your help!