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Déja vu all over again

A volunteer surveys the situation in the backyard of one of the houses on Leo Lane locked in a pitched battle against the rising waters of the Ottawa River. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO

By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star Residents living on Leo Lane near Cumberland Village have been embroiled in an ongoing battle against the Ottawa River for the past two weeks with mixed results. Four of the homeowners have been able to hold their own against the rising water thanks to a small army of dedicated volunteers, but for two others, the help came too late and their houses are now semi-submerged under four feet of water. For at least three houses on Leo Lane, a coffer dam purchased after the 2017 flood seems to be doing the trick in holding the water back along with hundreds of sandbags filled and put in place by the volunteers and members of the Armed Forces brought in from CFB Petawawa to help out with the effort in Cumberland and West Carleton. Besides the rising water, the residents are now having to cope without the benefit of electricity after Hydro One cut off power to the area and nearby Morin Road on Monday.

The power had to be shut off and the residents evacuated during the 2017 flood forcing many of the residents to leave. This time around, many of those same residents are vowing to stay put no matter what. They’ve stocked up on food and water and have purchased generators to keep the lights on and their appliances running. One of those residents is Mike Potvin who spent over $300,000 on renovations after the 2017 flood destroyed his cinder block foundation. He has since raised the ground floor of his house nearly eight feet. It is now an island. “We’re not going anywhere. We have a generator, plenty of fuel and enough food to last us a week,” says Potvin. That same sentiment is being echoed by several of his neighbours. Dan and Sahodra Larivée were talked into evacuating their Leo Lane bungalow in 2017 after being told that emergency service workers would keep their pumps operating. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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An Evening of Food & Wine Pairing 2 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25

can,” says Larivée. Continued from page 1 By the next day the emergency workers Genevieve Landry and Chris Blenk-iron were gone and the pumps had fallen silent, also plan to stay as long as they can, as allowing the water to breach the sandbags do Frank and Rollande Roberge. The two and floor their house causing thousands of couples joined forces to purchase the cofdollars in damages. fer dams which have so far done the job in “Unless there’s a real danger I’m stay- keeping their homes dry along with dozens ing here. My wife will probably stay with of volunteers. sales staff • de: • Experienced clu in e bl • la some friends, but I’m staying as long as I ai av ns Positio • Lot attendants a m e nc ra • Finance and insu

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Latest Habitat families given keys to their new homes become eligible to own a new home. Each By Fred Sherwin family must enter a contractual obligation The Orléans Star Three families were given the keys to a to pay an interest-free mortgage geared to fresh start last Thursday as the owners of their income and volunteer 500 hours with three new homes in Habitat for Humanity’s the Habitat for Humanity organization Leacross Landing development on Fortune starting with the construction of their own home, commonly referred to as “sweat Drive in Convent Glen North. The families spent dozens of hours equity”. Single-parent families are asked working on their new homes over the past to volunteer 350 hours. “My eldest daughter and I, along with five months alongside volunteers from our family and friends, helped build our every walk of life. Juan Pablo, his wife Claire and their home and we now have a whole new son couldn’t stop smiling during the key appreciation for the construction industry, staff and volunteers,” presentation ceremony. said Angela, who is Their new home means a the third key recipient. fresh start after living in “Habitat has allowed community housing for us to gain financial several years. stability in a much safer, “My family is so happy healthier home and to have a proper home and neighbourhood. share our neighborhood – key recipeint The three new with other good, hardworkfamilies were welcomed ing families. We are proud Rebecca with open arms by their that our sons will grow up immediate neighbours alongside the other children in this development and that they will feel who were given the keys to their homes a sense of community and collaboration,” as part of the key presentation ceremony said Juan Pablo. “To be safe in our own for Phase 1 of the Leacross Landing home is a feeling that we just can’t explain, development last July. Members of those families also helped with the construction it’s simply incredible.” His new neighbour, Rebecca, echoed of the three new townhomes. The key presentation ceremony was Juan Pablo’s sentiments. The single mother and her young son have been attended by a number of sponsors, volunlooking forward to moving into their new teers and local dignitaries. With the completion of Phase 2 of the home for weeks. “I’m so excited that my son will get project, work will soon begin on the third to grow up in a community of Habitat and final phase of Leacross Landing which families, that I can let him go outside and consists of nine additional townhouses. Among the many criteria potential play with all the other kids knowing he is in a safe neighborhood,” said Rebecca. applicants must meet is the need to have “My dream of sending Jack to university a total family income of between $46,933 is actually going to become a reality, and and $69,542; they must have children I am so thankful. I am so grateful for under the age of 18; and the must be everyone who supports Habitat – they are living somewhere that doesn’t meet their making such an impact on people’s lives. family’s needs. As Habitat homeowners pay off their This isn’t a temporary fix – a Habitat mortgage, the funds are reinvested into home is simply life changing.” Habitat families must go through an a revolving fund, which is used to build extensive application process before they more homes for more families.

‘A Habitat home is simply life changing’

(Above) Juan Pablo and his wife Claire are all smiles after receiving the key to their new home last week. (Below) Fellow key recipient Rebecca shows off her key with her son. PHOTOS COURTESY OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25 • 3

Seeking answers

4 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25

When the Ottawa River overflowed its banks in 2017 and inundated hundreds of homes causing hundreds of thousands in damages it was described as 100-year flood, meaning that type of event occurs once in a century. After all, the last time the river ran that high was in 1915. Homeowners who ended up spending tens of thousands of dollars to repair their flood damaged homes could at least find some comfort in the idea that their properties were safe for the next 100 years, or a good measure there of. Little did they know that the water would rise again, only this time even higher, just two tears later. So much for 100-year flood. The flood could leave many homeowners facing the difficult choice of having to sell their home and lose what little equity they have left in their property after getting a second or third mortgage to pay for the damage done in 2017. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking prospect which is why residents living along Leo Lane and Morin Road near Cumberland Village are fighting so desperately to keep the flood back. Besides the potential personal losses, the flood is costing the City of Ottawa well over a million in emergency services to the affected areas in Cumberland and West Carleton, not to mention the costs incurred by communities on both sides of the river as far down as Hawkesbury, which is why Quebec and Ontario need to launch an interprovincial inquiry into why we had two major floods in three years and what, if anything, can be done to mitigate the impact in the future. To simply blame it on climate change is too easy. To tell the residents they should sell and get the heck out is both over simplified and insensitive. We’ve had springs with heavy snow melt and run off in the past. We’ve even had them in combination with April showers, but we never had the type of flooding we saw in 2017 and again this year. The lone exception was in 1975 when the water came close to the same levels we’ve seen more recently, but that was 44 years ago. The province has a responsibility to find out what’s going on and determine whether the historic flood levels experienced this year and in 2017 are due to climate change, or human decisions in operating the dams and reservoirs further up river, or a combination of both. According to the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, which oversees the operation of dams and reservoirs along the Ottawa River basin, the water is released when heavy rainfall and runoff cause them to become too full. When that happens, the water is released at the same rate the reservoirs are filling up. Perhaps the guidelines need to be revised, or reservoir capacity increased. The answers lie in an interprovincial inquiry and the sooner its undertaken the better. Fred Sherwin, editor

Editor & Publisher

Fredrick C. Sherwin

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Orléans MPP to host pair of roundtables on autism As May is the month that welcomes beautiful Youth Council to act as a leading force in developblossomed flowers in Orléans, I hope everyone takes ing the Bill. I am delighted to announce that Bill the opportunity to enjoy our nature trails and parks. 96, Democratic Participation Act, 2019 will now be May is also host to the start of fesheaded to second reading at Queen’s tival season. We kick off this seaPark on May 2nd. This is a true Queen’s grassroots Bill. son with Poutine Fest, which will be held from May 10-12 in the Sunshine Protection Act Park heart of Orléans on Centrum Blvd. Speaking of grassroots Bills, Come join me! Corner I have recently put forward Bill This past week, I had the privi98, Sunshine Protection Act 2019. lege of joining Sonshine CommuMarie-France Lalonde If passed, Sunday March 8, 2020 nity Ministries, as they recognized should be the last time Ontario the five winners for their third annual “Great Stories moves their clocks forward. It is time to stop changNever Told” program. These five individuals, now ing our clocks twice a year. There are numerous benauthors, shared their life story, while seeing for the efits to permanent DST, such as children get more first time a hard copy of their publication. Congrat- exercise on days with later sunsets and reduce trafulations to Eugene Perabo, Daryl Ellen McCormick, fic-related deaths, especially for pedestrians. Please Maria Prescod-Hyacinth, Murray Elves and Rachel put forward your name in support of the Bill at sunCarter for this achievement. shineprotection.ca Student Summer Jobs Autism Round Tables With the school year wrapping up, many post-secI am deeply concerned with the changes to the ondary students in Orléans will now be looking to Ontario Autism Program. In addition to directly viscomplement their education with relevant work iting service centres, speaking with parents and comexperience. Having spoken to many young people munity leaders, I am now calling on our constituents about resources available to them, I would like to and families as I host two autism round table discushighlight that Employment Ontario located at 240 sions. I will continue to fight for children with autism Centrum Blvd. is always available to assist you. Visit and I thank you for your contribution. Your input will their website at https://eolcc.ca/en/ be brought to the attention of the government. English – May 6, 7 p.m. at 2158 St. Joseph Blvd. Private Members’ Bills - Democratic ParticiGabriel Pizza pation Act Update French – May 16, 7 p.m. at 2158 St. Joseph Blvd. Having hosted consultations throughout much of the province and engaging with our local Orléans Gabriel Pizza

The battle of Leo Lane – the redux It’s been two years since the residents of Leo Lane fought bravely against Mother Nature and the Ottawa River before they were finally forced to give into the inevitable and abandon their homes to the rising water. The result was both devastating and costly. Michel Potvin had to replace his entire foundation, the subfloor, the hardwood flooring and several appliances at a cost of more than $300,000. Dan and Sahondra Larivée lost dozens of personal effects after the water filled their basement and rose two feet above the main floor. Genevieve Landry and Chris Blenkiron had to replace their flooring and most of the drywall in their home, as did Rollande and Frank Roberge. The two couples joined forces to purchase a coffer dam in the aftermath of the 2017 flood at a cost of $35,000 each, hoping they might never have to use it. Little did they know they would need it just two years later to prevent another potential disaster. A coffer dam is a large section of heavy vinyl tubing that is inflated with water. For the past 10 days the dam has kept the homes on Leo Lane relatively dry, but it has been nip and tuck for the past few days as the Ottawa River has threatened to over-

Up Front Fred Sherwin flow the five foot high dam and thousands of sandbags that have been filled and put in place by a small army of volunteers, some of whom have been on site every day since the call went out for help. On Saturday, the army showed up to help with the operation. It’s literally been all hands on deck since the first forecast came in predicting major flooding. In that, the residents of Leo Lane are way ahead of where they were in 2017. No one was prepared for what happened two years ago. The water rose so high and so fast, there was no time to call in the army or recruit hundreds of volunteers and the City was slow to react as well. They ultimately turned the power off in the hope of convincing the last remaining residents to vacate their homes. Some were even promised that emergency workers would keep their pumps from running out


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May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25 • 5

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The thought that they might have to man the battlements again in the next two weeks is mindnumbing. If the water doesn’t recede fast enough and low enough then the impact of the second flood event could be even worse than in 2017. One thing for sure is that the sandbags won’t be coming down anytime soon. At least not until the danger has passed and the water begins to recede which will take several weeks. And then the long and arduous task of cleaning up what the river has left behind can begin. If the battle is won and the residents emerge victorious, they can thank the hundreds of volunteers who answered the call to help. Most are from the area, but some have come from as far away as Toronto. They’ve filled and placed thousands of sandbags all day, every day, while others have been busy making hot lunches for them. It’s enough to restore one’s faith in the human spirit. The hope is that many of them will return in a month’s time to clean up the mess the river will undoubtedly leave behind, not to mention the thousands of sandbags that will have to be removed and disposed of. Only then will everyone be able to breath a collective sigh of relief.

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of gas. By the next morning the street was deserted, the pumps had fallen silent and the sandbag walls, which the residents and volunteers had spent so much blood, sweat and tears maintaining, had collapsed and allowed the water to inundate their homes. No one wants a repeat of 2017, least of all the residents who have no intention of abandoning their homes this time around no matter how high the water rises, or the power is shut off. They are staying to the bitter end to protect their homes and their property and Mother Nature be damned. Whether or not they are fighting a losing battle remains to be seen. The water barely rose at all on Sunday and as of Monday afternoon the dam and the sandbags were still holding. The fear is that it’s just a break in the conflict. The 2017 flood occurred in mid-May during the second of two high water events that normally occur along the Ottawa River basin every year, although hardly ever as severely as what occurred in 2017. Two years ago, the initial flooding occurred in late April. For the next two weeks the water receeded about two feet when the second flood hit, made worse by three days of heavy rain which ended up causing all the damage.

Orléans Ward councillor Extraordinary volunteer launches new website efforts a true godsend This month, we’ve been focused threats of flooding and the erosion that on engagement. I believe it is my first often comes with it will subside. responsibility to keep you informed of Joined by Myers, Orléans Wrestling city projects and developing issues. I want Alliance, Douvris, OC Transpo, CIty to thank everyone who officials and many other has joined me with your community partners, we concerns at the important officially opened our new events these past few community office at the weeks. Ray Friel Centre. Located Our open house with across from the front desk, OC Transpo last week at our office is now more Orléans Ward 1 the Shenkman drew over accessible to you. Pop in 400 people, eager to learn more about how to say hello or send me an e-mail at matt. light rail will affect our commute. I know luloff@ottawa.ca to make an appointment. we all wait impatiently for the launch later MIFO has launched their 2019-2020 this spring and are frustrated by delays, artistic programme! It was incredible to but I’m optimistic we’ll be able to climb help announce this year’s exciting concerts on board before Canada Day. For the latest and events. Visit http://mifo.ca/spectacles/ information, please visit: http://www. programmation/ to find a complete list of octranspo.com/ready4rail. excellent programming on offer this year. Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Finally, it was my pleasure to welcome lead a session at Queenswood Heights three new families to our community at the Community Centre on their flood plain key ceremony for Habitat For Humanity. mapping study for Bilberry Creek. The These families put in hundreds of hours work that was done last season is holding in preparation of move-in day. We are up well, and I am hopeful that with the proud to have them join our incredible water levels due to peak later this week, community.

Matt Luloff

It’s been a tough few weeks in CumberMore than one million sandbags have land and across Ottawa. been filled in Ottawa to protect residents in Since Holy Thursday, the City of Ottawa West Carleton, Britannia and here at home and residents along the Ottawa River have in Cumberland. been preparing for what Despite the herculean would become the worst efforts by homeowners, flooding in a generation. City staff, members of It was just two years the Canadian Armed ago that the last “worst Forces and thousands of flooding in a generation” volunteers, some members occurred. The community of our community have Cumberland Ward 19 rallied together then but had to abandon their unfortunately the waters came too fast and homes once again. For many others, too high. It was heartbreaking to see so the stress of going through this again many lose so much. is too much and the trauma from these Now, less than two years later, it’s experiences will last a lifetime. I’ve seen firsthand the spirits of these happening all over again. But this time, the City and homeowners are better prepared. neighbours rise as busloads of volunteers We had better warning that floodwaters arrive to help them. Thousands of neighwere coming. We were ready with plans bours young and old turning out to fill sand for sand bagging operations and volunteer bags, make sandwiches or offer a shoulder mobilization. Homeowners had invested to cry on. It’s heart-warming to know that in raising their homes, buying dams and we live in such a generous community. Someone once said, “The greatest gift generators and pumps. Unfortunately as I write this, the flood- you can give, outside of your love, is your waters have still not receded. In fact, they time.” On behalf of the residents impacted by this tragedy THANK YOU for both. may not have yet reached their peak.

Stephen Blais

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6 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25

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Scenes from the flood – 2019


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Eye Care For You optometry clinic celebrates grand reopening By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The Eye Care For You optometry clinic held its grand reopening on Saturday, April 13 and a number of local dignitaries were on hand to join in the celebration including Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde who has been a patient at the centre since 2014. “We started coming here about five years ago and we love it,” says Lalonde. “It has a real neighbourhood feel to it and they really look after their clients.” For years the clinic was owned and operated by Dr. Linda Kwasnick, but Dr. Jenna Bender, who used to be a patient herself, took over the operation last year. The grand reopening follows a number of renovations to the office space and Dr. Kwasnick’s official retirement last month. Over 100 people took advantage of the grand reopening to reacquaint themselves with the clinic and check out the renovations while Ottawa artist Mique Michelle painted a mural in the waiting area with the help of her assistant Marcus.


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The Smart Way to a healthier, happier and kinder life and swag from event sponsors, partners and exhibitors. It will feature the newest trends in health, fitness and yoga, as well as current food innovations, such as glutenfree, vegan and keto. Self-described as “a small town Canadian gal just wanting to make this world a little healthier, happier and kinder,” Smart now lives in Orléans and has worked in the health and wellness sectors for more than 20 years. Diagnosed with celiac disease as a child, Smart learned firsthand that “if you change what you eat, you can change your life.” For her, the key is natural foods. “Diets don’t work. Eating real food does,” she maintains. She doesn’t believe in counting calories, but urges people to “learn how to eat based on your metabolic needs.” Smart will be giving a 12:30 p.m. presentation both days on the meaning of food cravings and how to prepare “a smarter and equally decadent alternative to those food cravings by just eating real food.” She will demonstrate her 30-second Oprah Peanut Butter Fudge, a 10-second protein dip to eat with fresh Washington Apples, and a new recipe from her revised Canadian Comfort Foods cookbook. Another highlight of the speakers’

series will be Kathie Donovon’s 30-minute presentation, “The Fine Art of Aging Gratefully,” on Sunday at 11:45 a.m. Extremely efficient, energetic and focussed, Smart attributes these traits to the self-discipline she learned at an early age. Born in Cornwall, her upbringing was strict and sheltered. “I wasn’t allowed to watch television or listen to music; instead, I listened to character-building tapes.” Her schooling included 10 years at an extremely strict American private academy and several challenging years at the now-discredited Grenville Christian College boarding school near Brockville. After a personal battle with bulimia as a teen, Smart is a long-time advocate for mental health and a portion of the event’s proceeds will go to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health and Research Centre. She says she understands mental illness at a very deep level because she’s seen what mental illness can do. In particular, she has great empathy for “the shrapnel” that impacts the families of those suffering from mental health issues. She keeps focused on her mission to give Canadians the tools to be “the healthiest nation on earth,” by remembering the example of one of her personal heroes,

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Local Rotarians host exchange group from Russia By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star A group of Rotarians from Russia visited Canada on an exchange trip earlier this month that included stops in Ottawa, Cornwall, Montreal and Kingston. While in the National Capital, the Russian Rotarians were hosted by members of the Rotary Club of Orléans who took them on a tour of several local attractions that included the Museum of History, the National Gallery and Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm. Both groups gathered for a potluck supper at Julia Ginley’s house on Saturday, April 20. The trip was co-organized by Friendship Exchange Chair, Fay Campbell, who is among four local Rotarians who will be traveling to Russia in June. While in Canada, the Russian contingent was billeted by their fellow Rotarians in Ottawa, Montreal, Cornwall and Kingston who are all part of Rotary District 2220. Campbell hosted Marina Baisheva and her daughter Anna, who doubled as the group’s interpreter


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“It’s been wonderful. We hit it off right away. They are already like my sister and my niece,” said Campbell. The feelings went both ways as Anna and her mother described Campbell as a kindred spirit. “Before we left Russia we were expecting to meet a lot of nice fellow Rotarians here in Canada and we’ve been very fortunate to meet Fay and to stay in her home. She and my mother have a lot in common,” said Anna, whose favourite part about the visit was tasting pure maple syrup for the first time at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm. “What can I say? It’s maple syrup – it was delicious,” said Anna. For her part, Campbell is already looking forward to visiting Russia in June. Tops on her list of things to do is visiting the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and going to the ballet. “After that, they can take me any place they want,” laughed Campbell. After their stay in Ottawa, the Russian Rotarians traveled to Cornwall on Monday where they visited the Mohawk Cultural

National Capital portion of the Russia Rotarians exchange visit to Canada arlier this month. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO Centre on Tuesday before moving on to Montréal, where they spent the last two days visiting Notre Dame Basilica, the Old Port, Mount Royal, Saint Joseph’s

Oratory and the Botanical Garden. The last leg of the trip took them to Kingston and Niagara Falls before returning to Toronto for their flight home.



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Rotarians from Russia and Orléans gather for a group picture during the


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12 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25


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Local gymnasts heading to Eastern Canadian meet

(L to r) Annika Magneron, Stacey Lelei and Adelyn Hiscocks are heading to the Eastern Canadian Gymnastic Championships next month after qualifying for the meet at the recent provincial championships. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO

By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star Four area gymnasts are heading to the Eastern Canadian Championships after placing in the top six in their respective divisions at the recent provincial championships in Amherstberg. Three of the gymnasts hail from the TRYumph Gymnastics Academy on Ogilvie Road, while the third is a member of the Tumblers Gymnastics Centre. Stacey Lelei from TRYumph placed second overall in the Level 7, age 14 division thanks to a pair of first place routines on vault and uneven bars in which she scored 9.366 and 9.45 respectively. Lelei has high hopes heading into the Eastern Canadian Championships which are being held in Summerside, P.E.I. from May 9-11. Although she placed first on vault and uneven bars, she finished eighth on floor and beam, which means she still has a lot of room for improvement. Fellow TRYumph gym member Adelyn Hiscocks placed second overall in the Aspire 1, 9- to 11-year-old division.

Hiscocks was the picture of consistency, placing second on vault and fourth on floor, uneven bars and beam. Her highest score came on vault where she earned a 9.499 from the judges. The third TRYumph member to earn an invitation to the Eastern Canadian Championships was Annika Magneron who placed fifth in the Aspire 1, 9- to 11-year-old division, despite winning the gold medal in the vault event with an impressive 9.633. She also placed third on beam, but a fifth on floor and a sixth place result on the uneven bars means she also has room for improvement heading to Summerside. The lone Gloucester Tumbler heading to P.E.I. is Olivier Carriere who placed third overall in the Level 1, 10- and 11-year-old boys division. Carriere had high hopes heading into provincials having finished in first place in a pair of Ontario Cup meets in January and March. He will be looking to win a medal of a different colour when he travels to P.E.I. next month.

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May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25 • 13



New gymnastics club producing results right out of the blocks By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star It’s been less than a year since the TRYumph Gymnastics Academy opened its doors next to Cosmic Adventures on Ogilvie Road. In that short period of time, they have produced some eyebrow-raising results including three top 10 results at the recent provincial championships in Amhertsberg. The gym was the brainchild of partners in life, Alina Florea and Paul ApSimon. Florea is a former Romanian gymnast who coached in Romania from 1993-1999. Florea is a former coach of Olympic gold medalist Andrea Raducan. ApSimon is the current head coach of he Canadian women’s foil team. Together, they launched the TRYumph Gymnastics Academy on July 16, 2018. The academy has both recreational and competitive gymnastics programs as well as a trampoline and tumbling program, a fencing program and a program for budding ninjas. To help teach their members, the academy employs three full-time and eight part-time coaches. The recreational gymnastics program starts with Gigglenastics for infants up to 18 months of age. The program aids

in the development of their balance and motor skills through stimulus recognition and response activities with the assistance of a caregiver. Other pre-recreation programs include parent and tot session for toddlers from 18 months to three-and-a-half years old and a Kinder Gym program for kids from three and a half to five-and-a-half years old. The girls and boys recreation program follows a multi-level system that runs from beginner to advance. There are also recreation programs for teens and adults. The tumbling and trampoline program is also taught at the recreational level for kids six years and over at three different levels of aptitude. The acrobatic program enhances balance, co-ordination and agility while developing posture and confident body movement. It’s a great class for kids who want to share the thrill of performing balances, flips and twists with their friends. Perhaps the most exciting program at the TRYumph Academy is their Ninja program which combines elements of both gymnastics and parkour with an obstacle course – American Ninja Warrior style. The program already has more than 100 members and is growing every day.

TRYumph Gymnastics co-owner and head coach Alina Florea is surrounded by some of her students at the Ogilvie Road gym. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO

Last, but by no means least, the Academy has a fencing program led by ApSimon himself who is a former national team member and 3 time Olympic coach. There are currently 30 members in the fencing program, which starts at the introductory level and moves up through the Canadian Fencing Federation armband levels.


For those people who are on the fence about fencing (no pun intended) or gymnastics, the Academy will be running a series of summer camps this year for both disciplines as well as the Ninja Zone. You can check out the various options by visiting their website at www. tryumphgymnastics.ca.



14 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25

Programs for players of all levels from age 4 to 60+ Central/East Ottawa’s only provincial-level soccer program Competitive tryouts start in late February





COMMUNITY BILLBOARD FRIDAY, MAY 3 CHILD HAVEN INTERNATIONAL hosts its 34th Ottawa Annual Fund Raising Dinner at 6 pm at Hellenic Community Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Dr., Ottawa. Child Haven operates Homes for over 1300 children and assists destitute women and seniors in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and has a child support program in Tibet in China. For info and tickets please visit www.childhaven.ca or call 1-613-527-2829.

Orléans is happening again this year! As always you will be able to find everything under the sun and then some all priced to GO. MOVING /DOWNSIZING SALE from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 6399 Lumberman Way in Convent Glen South. Art, kitchenware, collectables, home decor, camping supplies, albums, and so much more!!

TONY TRUE entertaining from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Orléans Legion, 800 Taylor Creek Dr. Buffet dinner served from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 THURSDAY, MAY 9 ANNUAL SPRING BAZAAR at the Résidence Saint-Louis, 879 Hiawatha Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monies raised will go to purchase new equipment and articles essential for residential care.

SATURDAY, MAY 4 ORLÉANS COMMUNITY GARDEN SALE FUNDRAISER from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 622 Valin St. The biggest garage sale in

FRIDAY, MAY 10 LAUREN HALL entertaining from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Orléans Legion, 800 Taylor Creek Dr. Buffet dinner served from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


FRIDAY, MAY 10 SATURDAY, MAY 11 SUNDAY, MAY 12 ORLÉANS POUTINE FEST from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on May 10 and 11 and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 12 in the Centrum Blvd. Festival Plaza. Come sample some of the very best poutine in Ottawa paired with some delicious craft beer, wine, and tasty coolers while enjoying live music in the beer garden.

Marcel Breton, 88 Passed away on April 25, 2019 Pierrette Cyr, 94 Passed away on April 18, 2019 Amani Chimène Nounbo Kokora, 54 Passed away on April 11, 2019

SATURDAY, MAY 11 2ND ANNUAL MOTHER’S DAY TEA PARTY from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. hosted by the Rotary Club of Orléans at St. Helen’s Anglican Church, 1234 Prestone Dr. Dress up in your finery and bring your favourite fascinator or hat for a lovely afternoon including a silent auction, live entertainment and, of course, tea and goodies! Tickets $25 for adults and $15 for children under 12. Available at eventbrite.ca.

Wayne Colbon, 66 Passed away on April 11, 2019





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overwint ered nursery s tock

16 • May 2, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 25


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