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City reveals plans for LRT Phase 2

Patrick Lokic played the lead role of Horton the Elephant in the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School production of Seussical the Musical on March 1. See story on page 12. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO

By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The City of Ottawa revealed the proposed plan to build the second phase of the LRT system which, among other things, will see the Confederation Line extended from Blair Station to Trim Road by 2024 and include a series of six stations at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc Blvd., Orléans Blvd., Place d’Orléans and Trim Road. The plan also calls for the Confederation Line to be extended westward from Tunney’s Pasture to Algonquin College and Moodie Drive; and for the O-Train to be extended southbound to South Keys where it will split off into two spurs – one going to the airport and the other to Riverside South. East West Connectors has been chosen

as the preferred builder to do the work on the Confederation Line and TransitNext is the preferred builder to do the work on the O-Train extension which will be called the Trinity Line. Work on both extensions is scheduled to begin later this year should council approve the plan at a special meeting this week. The projected cost of Phase 2 has ballooned from $3.5 billion to $4.66 billion. That is alarming enough, but even more alarming is the fact that city taxpayers will be on the hook for the full amount of the additional cost. That’s because the provincial and federal governments have each promised to contribute $1 billion to the project leaving $2.66 billion to be financed by the city. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

2019 Kids’ Camps

Design Submission Place d’Orléans Station

Design Submission Trim Station School of Rock is a world-wide leader in Performance based music instruction. What does that mean? Students want to learn how to play songs, not just notes and scales. Most of our programs combine weekly one-on-one private lessons with weekly group rehearsals. Why? When someone wants to get into music, they want to play songs they like or they want to create their own music. Playing with others makes this possible. Think of hockey or soccer – if all you ever did was practice drills then you would never experience the thrill of playing on a team and the comradery of working towards something together. Music is also a Team Sport!

2 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

We go beyond creating the band environment – our students play real gigs. Our bands have played at Grey Cup week, Ottawa Senators games, Hope Beach Volleyball, plus many school and local fundraisers where students get to show their chops in front of their peers. We start rockers as young as 2 with our Little Wing program. From there they move into Rookies (ages 6-7) where students start to move towards an instrument that they would like to master. After Rookies comes Rock 101 (ages 7-11) where students have picked their instrument and begin weekly rehearsals as a band. Our Performance program, for ages 11-17, also combines a weekly rehearsal with weekly private lessons and a mind-blowing season ending show every four months or so. For those students who want even more, the School

of Rock House Band plays events like the Capital Fair – where they performed daily for an entire week! To top it off we even have boot camps for adults – proving that you are never too old to rock! In addition to all the year round programs mentioned above, we are offering a one week camp in March plus 5 one week camps in July. For 7-11 year olds, think of the camps as a mini Rock 101 program. We combine group plus 1:1 instruction, lots of other rock and roll activities and a “concert” at the end of the week. The cool thing about School of Rock programs, and music in general, is that no experience is needed. The team approach ensures that new students are welcomed and encouraged by current students and as the student grows in ability they are offered more prominent parts in their songs. Our instructors are the best in the city, bar none, and we are proud of our facilities. With two rehearsal studios, six individual lesson rooms and all the gear, for those who may have never picked up an instrument before or are seasoned pros, we are sure to be able to satisfy your thirst for music. So check us out online (locations., come by for a tour at 2003 St Joseph, like us on Facebook ( SoROrleans) or call us at 613-841-8118. We are so confident that you will be enthralled that we offer a free first lesson with no additional obligation!

Artists’ renditions of two of the five stations which will be built along the eastern extension of the Confederation Line. COURTESY OF THE CITY OF OTTAWA

LRT Phase 2 cont’d Continued from page 1 That amount, which would be the biggest debt the city has ever taken on, has a lot of councillors nervous. Some are even considering delaying a decision on the project to allow further input from residents, but staff have indicated that any delay could result in an even higher price tag. The city’s director of planning for the LRT, Chris Swail, says the increase in the projected cost is due the “increased scope” of Phase 2, which added $700 million to the tab, and “market pressures” which resulted in another $500 million. The estimates provided by the bidding companies are only guaranteed until the end of March. If city council were to delay their decision past the end of the month, the two companies would be entitled to resubmit their bids which would undoubtedly be higher. Gloucester-Southgate ouncillor Diane Deans is leading the call for further public consulatation. She has reservations about

the ballooning estimated cost and the fact that SNC Lavalin is the company chosen to complete the Trinity Line. “It can’t be LRT at any cost,” Deans recently told the Ottawa Citizen. “It has to make financial sense and we have to be able to pay the bill at the end of the day.. and I think we need to ask the taxpayers if they’re still on board. After all, they’re footing the bill for this.” But Mayor Jim Watson says that any thought of delaying Phase 2, or cancelling it altogether, is “absolutely asinine”. He expects that council will approve staff’s recommendation at this week’s council meeting because the residents of Ottawa are “very much on board” with LRT and expect it to be completed in its entirety. There is no doubt it will be a gamechanger for the residents of Orléans who will have access to five stations along the Confederation Line which will run down the middle of Hwy. 174.

Orléans neighbours chip in to install outdoor defibrillator station “When we had our own defibrillator we always wanted to be able to share it, but didn’t know how to,” says O’Neill. “It was only after we saw the story in the paper that we realized we could install one outside that everyone on the street could use if they need it. Hopefully they never will, but it’s there if they ever do.” The defibrillator is located on the outside wall of the O’Neill’s home at 1748 Hunter’s Run Dr. The features of the SaveStation device include 24/7 heating and ventilation to ensure the AED is within operating temperature; an audible and visible alarm that is activated whenever the unit is opened and a built-in camera that takes a photo of whoever is retrieving the AED; automatic text messages sent out when the cabinet is opened to anyone on the Neighbourhood Emergency List letting them know help is needed; and constant monitoring of the AED to ensure that the device is always in working order. O’Neill is hoping residents living in other neighbourhoods in Orléans will follow their lead and install defibralators on their streets. There’s no question that AED defibril-

A group of residents from Hunter’s Run Drive sit through a CPR refresher course after having an outdoor AED defibralator installed on their street (right). FRED SHERWIN PHOTO lator can save lives. An AED was recently used to save the life of a 16-year-old boy who went into cardiac arrest while playing in a basketball tournament at Avalon Public School. 518 Smith Rd., Navan 613 612-1415 • 613 835-2085

Serving the Orléans community for over 20 years.

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March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 3

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By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star Residents on Hunter’s Run Drive in Chapel Hill have banded together to purchase and install an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED, on their street. The effort was the brainchild of Bruce O’Neill who got the idea from a news report about a similar device being installed on a street in Kanata. “We always had a defibrillator in our house because our son used to sell them,” says O’Neill. “So when I saw the article in the Citizen I thought why not have one on our street.” The O’Neills donated the defibrillator which cost $1,700. The housing and electrical hook up cost an additional $3,300. O’Neill managed to raise the money by going door-to-door and asking for donations from his neighbours, almost all of whom made a contribution. A training session was then set up at the Modern Sports Therapy Clinic on Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. with a representative from SaveStation, the company that markets the defibralator, and a member of the Ottawa Fire Service who taught the 25 residents who showed up for the basic CPR course.

4 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

Rutting season Let’s face it, we here in the nation’s capital have a propensity for complaining, especially when it comes to the weather. It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. We also love to complain about the city, or to be more specific, city services, like the abundance of potholes in the spring, or OC Transpo buses being too early or too late. But when the extreme weather leads to a breakdown in city services, say after a snowstorm, then that’s really worth complaining about. In particular, I’m referring to the mess that was recently created by a massive snowstorm followed by day of rain and then a sudden drop in temperature which left Grand Canyon size ruts on some streets and outdoor skating rinks at the end of others. No big deal if you drive a monster truck or an SUV, but a disaster waiting to happen if you drive something a little closer to the ground like a Chevy Cruze or Hyundai Elantra. Community Facebook pages have been inundated with photographic evidence of said ruts with each post trying outdo the last. And God help our local councillors who are getting inundated with the same photos and complaints that they need to do their jobs and clear the streets with seeming expectation that they should grab a shovel and a pickaxe and do the job themselves. I’m pretty sure getting 100 complaints a day from irate residents ready to take to the streets waving pitchforks and ice chippers was not what they had in mind when they ran for office four short months ago. But that’s Ottawa. Mother Nature doesn’t have a complaint department or an email address, but you local councillor does. The fact of the matter is that we live in a city that can have some wonky weather in January and February that includes freezing rain, rain and sudden changes in temperature. Streets are going to get iced over, ruts are going to form and puddles the size of Dow’s Lake are going to form at intersections where the stormwater drains are blocked by snow. City workers are going to do the best job they can to clear up the mess, but there is only so much they can do. They can’t be on every street in Ottawa at the same time. Yes it’s a hassle. Yes it’s a pain in the rear end and yes it can often be infuriating, but we live in Ottawa not Myrtle Beach. I read somewhere once that for some people complaining can be cathartic and even therapeutic. It can also be annoying if you are the target of the complaints. Hopefully, we have seen that last of Old Man Winter. According to the long range forecast, the first two weeks of March will be abnormally cold, but the last two weeks will see above average temperatures along with above average precipitation and potential flooding when the complaints will likely begin anew. - Fred Sherwin, editor

Editor & Publisher Fredrick C. Sherwin

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The Orléans Star is a bi-weekly publication distributed to 44,350 residences in Blackburn Hamlet, Orléans and Navan. The newspaper is locally owned and operated by Sherwin Publishing Inc., 745 Farmbrook Cres., Orléans, ON. Inquiries can be made by e-mailing

Orléans residents invited to take part in free tax clinics February was a very eventful month for our ridThrough my office in collaboration with MP ing. February is host to two important occasions that Andrew Leslie, I will be hosting FREE tax clinics are observed in our riding and beyond; they include throughout the month of March and April. Black History Month and Pink The tax clinic will be provided Shirt Day, a day to stand against for individuals and families who Queen’s otherwise have limited access to tax bullying. It is important that we recognize the many contributions filing institutions due to financial Park made by the black community. strain. Additionally, thank you to the At 206-250 Centrum Blvd, from Corner over 400 attendees that were able 9 a.m. to 12 p.m on March 9 and 16 join our Family Day Bowling Marie-France Lalonde and April 6 and 27. event, which was co-hosted with At the RAFO, 3349 Navan Rd, MP Andrew Leslie. The event was a great opportu- from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on April 11 and April 25. nity to see many generations come together from all Registration is mandatory; please call my office at across the riding to enjoy time with their loved ones. 613-834-8679 to book an appointment. Always a pleasure to see you all. With such cold weather it might be easy to forAs Member of Provincial Parliament, it brings me get that spring is around the corner. This spring we great joy to host my annual International Women’s will welcome the first trains into Blair Station. The Day Breakfast on March 8th. During the breakfast, LRT will serve as a strong economic force for our I am always pleased to see how the event pulls to- community connecting commuters to their jobs and gether leaders to celebrate and acknowledge the great the city. I am working hard to ensure construction on work women do in our community. The event hosts LRT Phase II – through Place d’Orléans and on to women from diverse backgrounds and generations, Trim Station – starts as planned this year. which always results in listening to inspiring converAs I speak to residents throughout our riding, I sations. am proud to announce that the Orléans Health Hub Shortly after the breakfast, I am recognizing over is now very close to having shovels into the ground. 20 recipients for my new award the Orléans Leading Recently, the Montfort Hospital shared progress Women and Girls Recognition! I am a firm believer regarding the project to the Champlain LHIN Board. in providing opportunities and highlighting strong We now understand fully the model of care that will female community members. Thank you for putting be delivered, building operations and set to welcome forward nominations. a developer this year.

Proceeding with Phase 2 of the LRT is a no brainer Normally, I wouldn’t get on a train, or a plane, or even a bus for that matter, unless I knew how much it was going to cost to reach my destination. But there are some exceptions to that rule, say in the case of a family emergency, or the guarantee of something to make it worth my while at the end of the line. Phase 2 of the LRT is a lot like the latter with the lone exception that we now know the cost, or should I say the estimated cost. So the analogy is more like finding out that the cost of your trip has increased 25 per cent after you have already pre-purchased your ticket. Would you still get on the train, or let it leave the station without you? Again, it’s a matter of whether or not the end justifies the means. Or to be more accurate, does the destination justify paying the additional cost? In the case of Phase 2 of the LRT it’s a resounding, if not reluctant, YES! (ALL CAPS and exclamation point added for dramatic effect.) First, there was no sense building Phase 1 of the LRT, if you had no intention of building Phase 2. The Mayor is absolutely right when he says that to not proceed with Phase 2 would be asinine. The question then is one of timing and cost. I’m no expert on mega projects, but I do know that the longer you take to do

Up Front Fred Sherwin something the more it’s ultimately going to cost – it doesn’t matter whether it’s fixing your roof or building a state-of-the-art transportation system. Trim Road is a perfect example. When the former Cumberland town council first approved a plan to realign and widen Trim Road in 1997, it included an interchange at Hwy. 174 and a route all the way to Innes Road where it was to be linked up with Frank Kenny Road, all for the low, low price tag of $35 million. When the project finally began 10 years later, the $35 million could only pay for the section from Hwy. 174 to Cardinal Creek Park with a pair of roundabouts thrown in for good measure. No interchange. No extension to Frank Kenny Road. Just what we now have. If there was a lesson to be learned it’s that delays cost money and often lots of

it. To delay construction of Phase 2 of the LRT would be irresponsible and would only lead to a much higher price tag down the road. I’ve always argued that Phase 2 should itself be built in phases with the eastern section from Blair to Trim Road done first. But the only way to get Phase 2 through city council was to promise a little some-thing to everyone. So that meant doing the whole kit and kaboodle in one shot. Which also meant a massive price tag, much of which will have to be borrowed. It’s the way she goes. If you believe that Ottawa should take it’s rightful place among the other capitals of the world, or even that Ottawa should take its rightful place in the 21st century, then you have to support light rail in its entirety – east, west and south – and you have to accept the fact that it’s going to come with a pretty hefty price tag. But it has to be done. We’re on the path of no return. The train has left the station and there’s no getting off until it’s reached its destination. How the city pays for its share of the project is another debate entirely. I happen to agree with Ottawa Citizen columnist Marc-André Roy who believes the city should implement a $2 daily levy on

downtown parking spots during peak periods. This wouldn’t apply to on-street metered parking, but to spots in outdoor and underground parking lots. It’s estimated that such a levy could yield as much as $50 million a year which would go a long way in helping to pay down the debt incurred by building the next phase of LRT which staff wants to amortize over the next 30 years. A parking levy would also have the effect of encouraging more people to take the LRT to avoid the having to pay the additional charge while freeing up spaces for those who don’t mind. Of course there is the argument that we should all pay for the LRT because we are all going to pay for it. A billion dollars amortized over 30 years at five per cent a year would require a scheduled repayment of $60 million a year. That’s the equivalent of a six per cent tax increase on your property tax bill, which would only have to be implemented once if the revenue created by such an increase was dedicated to debt repayment year after year for the next 30 years. That might be a tough sell, so a combination of the two – downtown parking levy plus a property tax increase – may be the way to go.

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March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 5

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Orléans Ward councillor Cumberland councillor seeks residents’ input looks forward to new role We are going through exciting times We have already begun improving our together in Orléans. infrastructure and, this summer, we As you know, my priorities for this will be resurfacing St. Joseph Blvd and term are building our community, build- improving its sidewalks. ing our economy and We are (finally) seeing building support for those completion of LRT who serve us. Stage 1, which will I have already hit drastically increase the the ground running on reliability of our local these priorities and I transit service. While expect to be able to share I have some concerns Orléans Ward 1 very exciting news very about the plans for LRT shortly on how we will better support Stage 2, I am actively working with my the arts, improve our recreation facilities colleagues, the Mayor and city staff to and improve transit. Furthermore, I will address these concerns. continue to support our city staff, first I want to make sure that our stations responders and you by speaking openly are easily accessible by foot, by bike, by and honestly about mental health. car and especially by those with mobility This year, Council embarks on devel- challenges. oping a new vision for our city through The Orléans Star is an indispensable the Official Plan and I encourage you, paper in our community. It connects, engaged reader, to dream big and share informs and inspires. But above all, it your vision with me and the city. fuels discussion and produces ideas for a We will work to reduce commute better Orléans. times and improve our road, transit I look forward to providing you, the and active transportation infrastructure reader, with additional information in through the Transportation Master Plan. future articles.

Matt Luloff

After a successful term as Chair of the In the interim, our road crews have Transit Commission where fares for rush done a phenomenal job working to keep hour travellers were reduced and service our roads clear this winter. For a second, increased for Cumberland Ward residents, ponder that it has snowed in Ottawa for I am thrilled to take on the 615 hours since Nov. 1. responsibility of Chairing That’s more than 25 full the Transportation Comdays of non-stop snowing. mittee. While this new We’ve surpassed 20-year role will have its chalaverages for both snow lenges, as the only city and rain and regrettably councillor who represents still have several weeks Cumberland Ward 19 a rural and suburban area, of winter left. my unique experience and work ethic will I am also excited to continue my bring a new perspective to the post where efforts to enact photo radar in school and no community will be left behind. community safety zones. For those who One of the most important issues to east may question and say this is a nanny-state end residents has long been commuting to approach, I will kindly remind you that far and from work whether it be by public too often, careless drivers speed by schools transit or using arterial roads by vehicle. and parks without regard for children. If In this term, the City will embark on a new deploying photo radar in these sensitive Transportation Master Plan that will help areas to catch these culprits offends you, guide our walking, cycling, transit and it’s a price worth paying to help keep our road networks for years to come. This Plan kids safe. What if it was your child? will help us identify transportation facilYou can check back for future columns ities, services and policies to serve pro- from me but in the meantime, please feel jected population of 1.14 million people free to stay up to date or reach out for by 2031. But more on that is to come. assistance by visiting

Stephen Blais

It’s official, maple syrup season is here

6 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

STAR STAFF – There’s not much that is more Canadian than maple syrup. In fact, we love it so much that every year

Canadians brave the cold to visit maple sugar bushes in the winter, which is the peak of maple syrup season here.

Open Saturday & Sunday Feb 23rd - Apr 21st 2019 9am-3pm Ontario March Break Tues-Fri 10am-2pm

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The maple syrup season lasts from February to April which is when maple farmers tap their trees to harvest sap. This is the best time of year because the temperatures are starting to warm up meaning the sap can flow freely through the tree trunks and out of the trees. Maple syrup lovers in Eastern Ontario are fortunate to have a number of sugar shacks at which they can enjoy all the tasty

treats of the season. Proulx Farm on O`Toole Road just east of Orléans and Stanley`s Olde Maple Lane Farm in Edwards are two of them. Both sugar shacks offer a pancake breakfast, wagon rides, a petting zoo and much more. They also sell fresh pure maple syrup and a variety of maple treats including fudge and taffy.

Pancake Breakfast – 9am-2pm Open weekends* until April 22 March Break – 9am-4pm

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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IS MARCH 8! Celebrating women and womanhood throughout the world STAR STAFF – International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8; however, the story of Women’s Day dates back to February 28, 1909 when the United States observed its first National Woman’s Day. An initiative of Socialist Party of America, the first national Woman’s Day was more of a political event that was a result of revolution against inequality and oppression spurring women of the United States. It was the first political activism to protect the rights of women that U.S. National Woman’s Day was celebrated. German socialist, Luise Zietz, took the journey of women liberalisation a step forward, proposing the establishment of International Women’s Day in 1910. At the general meeting of the Socialist International in Copenhagen, 100 female delegates from 17 countries agreed to the proposal of promoting equal rights for women globally. The very first International Women’s Day was first observed on March 19, 1911 in Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. During the early 1900s, Women’s Day

was being celebrated on different dates in different countries; however, the essence of the event remained the same – equality of women and empowerment. International Women’s Day was observed in Russia in February 1914 and again in February 1917 when women in Russia protested against suffrag. They called for a strike for “Bread and Peace” on the last Sunday of February. According to Gregorian calendar, the day fell on March 8. Prior to the event, the Czar of Russia resigned and the government granted women’s right to vote. With every passing year, the essence of Women’s Day strengthened, with mass protests and rallies held around the world. Finally, in 1975, March 8 was designated as International’s Women’s Day by the United Nations. The day is commemorated globally by events and rallies that honour women’s rights to equality and advancement. Over one million people took part in rallies and protests around the world during the first official International Women`s Day, demanding women’s

Taylor Creek Orleans Proudly supports|Soutient èrement International Women’s Day March 8th, 2019

equal right to vote, work, hold public office, vocational training and to stop discrimination at work. “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights,” noted American feminist Gloria Steinem observed at the time..

Today, International Women’s Day is considered an official holiday in many countries, including Cambodia, Cuba, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam and Russia. Although it’s not an official holiday in Canada, thousands of people will take part in events and rallies from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, B.C.


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Let’s celebrate our infinite possibilities and dreams. March 8 is International Women’s Day.

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In celebration ! n e m o w g n o r t s f o Happy International Women’s Day from

March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 7

Journée internationale de la femme 8 mars 2019


A tribute to all women

Claire Arsenault

Since 1977, the United Nations has called on countries around the world to highlight the importance of gender equality and to fight for women’s advancement. International Women’s Day is a day to honour all women who have fought for recognition of their rights to education, participation in political life, access to the workforce, pay equity and work-family balance. It is a day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of all the women who have helped in the fight for gender equality and contributed to writing the history of women’s rights. This special day is also an opportunity for men and women to look to the future. It is a time to stop and think about ways to improve the status of women in developed and developing countries. It is an invitation to think about how to end the discrimination, inequality, abuse and violence of which they are in many around thedayworld, including Since 1977, the Unitedstill Nationsvictims has called on countries around theplaces world to highlight This special is also an opportunity for men andhere women toat lookhome. to the future.

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International Women’s Day is a day to honour all women who have fought for recognition of their rights to education, participation in political life, access to the workforce, pay equity and work-family balance. It is a day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of all the women who have helped in the fight for gender equality and contributed to writing the history of women’s rights.

1 in 4 Canadian

women over 50 have some level of hearing loss is your hearing?

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A tribute to all women the importance of gender equality and to fight for women’s advancement.


It is a time to stop and think about ways to improve the status of women in developed and developing countries. It is an invitation to think about how to end the discrimination, inequality, abuse and violence of which they are still victims in many places around the world, including here at home.

March 8 is also the perfect time to celebrate women, irrespective of their nationality, religion, language, economic March status orperfect political convictions. 8 is also the time to celebrate women, irrespective of their nationality,

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Happy International Women’s Day! Marie-France Lavigne CONNECTED & Michèle Quinn Célébrons la journée Choice, Advice, internationale de la femme! Service, Solutions! become


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613 830-5098 •

8 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

(Sortie ch. Trim de l’autoroute 174)

Louise Cardinal is no stranger to the community

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March 2, 2017 • Volume 31, No. 33 • 11

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with your true self


613-580-2472 Louise Cardinal is no stranger to the community of Orléans. With of Orléans. With over 30 years of experience as a over 30 years of experience as a consultant in interior design, she consultant in interior design, she has developed a strong has developed a strong reputation for unsurpassed professionalism for unsurpassed professionalism in the home inreputation the home decorating field, Louise’s substantial experience in decorating field. clearly Louise’s substantial experience in the the industry reflects in her timeless design style, with a industry reflects timeless primary objective of clearly creating in theher ideal interior design working style, space.with a primary objective of creating

the ideal interior living space. Together we will create your dream space!

Working directly with a team of reputable and talented industry professionals, Louise Cardinal • 613-859-0768 provides exceptional consulting services and high-end results to her clients in either official language.

Join me in celebrating International Together, we’ll realize your dream décor. Women’s Day as an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of women leaders and inspire young women in our community to assume leadership roles. Joignez-vous à moi pour célébrer la Journée internationale de la femme. C’est une occasion de reconnaître les LAURA DUDAS réalisations des femmes et d’inciter les Innes Ward jeunes filles dans notre communauté 613-580-2472 à assumer des rôles de leadership. • 613-859-0768

One-time patient takes over newly renovated Eye Care For You clinic By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star It’s a story that’s right off the pages of a novel. When a young Jenna Bender first started seeing optometrist Dr. Linda Kwasnick as a four-year-old, she had no idea that she would not only become an optometrist herself one day, but eventually take over the practice. Inspired by Dr. Kwasnick, Jenna would on go to study optometry at the Université de Montréal and eventually become Dr. Jenna Bender. “I remember having an appointment with Linda and thinking, ‘This is a really fun exam.’ I felt like I wanted people to want to come and see me and that’s why I picked optometry.” Eager to return to Orléans, Dr. Bender, who is fluently bilingual, joined her mentor at the Eye Care For You clinic on Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. in Orléans Wood in 2010. Through the years she has gained a reputation for her thorough examinations, and her attentiveness and dedication to her patients. When Dr. Kwasnick announced her pending retirement early last year, it seemed a natural transition for Dr. Bender to take over the practice. Over the past eight months, she has

overseen an extensive renovation which will allow the clinic to better serve their patients. “Our patients will still enjoy the personable service they’ve come to know and love, but in a new, larger, rejuvenated space,” says Dr. Bender who looks forward to welcoming all generations to the clinic which has been in existence for more than 35 years. Many of the clinic’s patients have been coming to get their vision checked and eyewear needs served for most of their lives. They are even seeing second and third generation patients, as well as young families who have recently moved to the area. Dr. Bender specializes in treating older patients who are at a high risk of vision complications due to diabetes and hypertension. “We can not only detect ocular conditions, but systemic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and many others. It’s a privilege to be able to monitor, educate and treat all this in our patients,” says Dr. Bender who prides herself on taking a very empathetic approach to her patients and taking the time to properly explain things to them. Besides vision exams, the Eye Care

Dr. Jenna Bender and the staff at the Eye Care For You clinic on Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. North are busy preparing for their official Grand Re-opening on April 13. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO For You clinic also carries a full line of eyewear and contact lenses including children’s frames. With the renovations, Dr. Bender plans to recruit a second optometrist so the practice will be able to serve two streams of patients. Dr. Bender and her staff plan to celebrate the completion of the renovations

and her officially taking over the practice during a Grand Re-opening event on April 13 where there will be door prizes, giveaways, smoothies and huge discounts on frames and lenses. The Eye Care For You clinic is located at 7778 Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. just west of Champlain Blvd. You can visit their website at

International Women’s Day is coming.



On behalf of Critter Jungle and my four daughters, I am happy to join in celebrating International Women’s Day with the Orléans community. Today, more than ever, we need to set an example for women and show our communities that we have a place in business. I look forward to exchanging ideas and providing support for our fellow businesswomen.

1605 Orléans Blvd., Orléans Garden Mall

(Corner of Orléans Blvd. and Jeanne d’Arc Blvd.)



Taylor Creek Business Park 3-501 Lacolle Way, Orléans Tel: 613-834-2667

Proud to Celebrate

International Woman’s Day “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” 900 Watters Road, Orléans 613-841-8400


Treating our dental patients with compassion and gentleness comes naturally to our team of female professionals. Dr. Chantal Plant, an advocate for women in business, opened Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre in 2003.

We treat nervous adults and children.

Direct Insurance Billing 613.834.5959 2668A Innes Rd. Located in the Blackburn Shoppes Plaza

March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 9

Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre

Seniors’ Suites

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Petrie Island

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Seniors’ Suites


nn Jea

rc d’A



1 WY

ph o se J St. lvd B

th Ten Line

10 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

2 km

Located Near:

Farm Boy Place d’Orleans Shoppers Drug Mart Divine Infant Parish Millstone Park Camelot Golf & Country Club Beckett Creek Bird Sanctuary Walmart LCBO


10AM 2PM March 23, 2019 150 Rossignol Drive Join us for mimosas and light snacks while you tour our model suite! For more information contact us at: 613.221.5931 Ask us about our referral incentive!

Missoula Children’s Theatre returns to Orléans By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The Missoula Children’s Theatre traveling road show made its annual stopover in Orléans last week to stage a production of The Snow Queen at the Shenkman Arts Centre with the help of 60 young actors from the local community. The Missoula Children’s Theatre company is based in Montana. Every year they send out more than 40 teams of directors and instructors to stage children’s productions across North America including Orléans where they have been coming for more than 20 years. The entire production takes less than a week to stage, starting with auditions on the Monday and culminating with a pair of performances six days later. More than 80 children between the ages of five and 17 showed up for auditions this year, making the task of selecting the 60 member cast extremely difficult. The younger cast members were given the supporting roles of Snow Chickens and woodland animals, while the older kids were given the lead roles or assigned to the chorus. Scripts were handed out to the successful cast members immediately

after the auditions and rehearsals began after school the following day. The Snow Queen is based on Danish fairytale about a girl named Gerda whose friend Kay has been placed under a spell by the Snow Queen and taken to her icy palace. Determined to find her friend, Gerda embarks on a quest that takes her to strange lands where she meets a variety of characters including a group of robbers led by the Old Robber Woman and the Little Robber Girl; a Finnish gardener who tries to place Gerda under her own spell; and a pair of crows who help her find the palace where Kay is being held captive. Gerda eventually frees her friend when her tears melt the palace and break the spell. The Missoula production was a wonderful experience for the young cast who had to learn their parts in less than a week with the help of their Missoula instructors Justin Kline and Daniel Boughton who did double duty as the director and the narrator respectively. As for the play itself, considering the shortened time frame they were working under, it was surprisingly entertaining. The young cast members were adorable as the Snow Chickens, as were the snow

The Missoula Children’s Theatre Orléans production of The Snow Queen included Aidan Scheiman as the Yeti, Tyson Grant as Kay and Miriam Pereira as the Snow Queen. PHOTO COURTESY OF KIMBERLY MCRAE animals and the team of robbers. My favourite were the hobgoblins who had to double as trees, a river, a bridge and a castle throughout the play. The lead role of Gerda was given to local children’s theatre veteran Taylor Smith who was her wonderfully talented self. Kay was played by Tyson Grant and the part of the Snow Queen was played

by Miriam Pereira. The rest of the lead roles were played by Aidan Scheiman, Jenna Stevenson, Zoe Tessier, Eden Baker, Anick Williams, Zachary Everett, Olivia Paul, Aydriad Martin, William Baker and Cadence Everett. To find out more about future Missoula productions e-mail




SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2019 10 A.M.

March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 11


Sir Wil’s Seussical the Musical hits all the right notes fact, he’s one of the best male vocalists I’ve seen in a high school production in a long, long time. His solo performance of Solla Sellew in the second act of Seussical was one of the many highlights of the this year’s play. But it wasn’t the only highlight. Lukic was surrounded by a chorus of wonderful voices starting with Alyssa Rama who played Gertude McFuzz. Rama’s two solo numbers, Notice Me, Horton and All For You, were especially strong. Other performances that stood out included Jordan Mason as the Cat in the Hat, Kelsie Smith as Mazie LaBird and Michael Danso, who was a sheer joy as Jojo and shone brilliantly during his solo, It’s Possible, and in a duet with Lukic in singing Alone in the Universe. The 32-member cast shone brightest during the ensemble numbers like Oh The Thinks You Can Think, the repises of How Lucky You Are, The Who’s Christmas Pageant and Green Eggs and Ham which brought the production to a close. But for my money the most entertaining number was The People vs. Horton the Elephant which brought everything together. Kudos to drama director Sonya

By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star In a radical departure of past efforts like Phantom of the Opera, Annie and The End of the World (With Prom to Follow), the folks in the theatre department at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School decided to tackle something slightly less dramatic this year and instead staged the wonderfully whimsical Seussical the Musical. Seussical the Musical is based on the Dr. Seuss story of Horton Hears a Who! with the addition of characters like the Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Maysie LaBird, the Grinch and others. It’s also chock-a-block with catchy tunes like Alone in the Universe, How Lucky You Are, Oh The Thinks You Can Think and Havin’ A Hunch. The production has 32 numbers in all, which means you need a talented cast with some excellent vocalists to pull it off. Fortunately, this year’s group is blessed with a wealth of talent starting with Grade 11 student Partrick Lukic who plays Horton. I remember being blown away by Lukic who played the Phantom in last year’s Sir Wil production of Phantom of the Opera. He’s even better as Horton. In

Get Ready For a

Worry Free Lifestyle SPRING MOVE-IN SPECIAL Sign a lease before March 31st & receive our spring promotion Please call Anita TODAY to plan your visit 12 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21


The Sir Wilfrid Laurier production of Seussical the Musical featured Patrick Lukic as Horton and Alyssa Rama as Gertrude McFuzz who formed part of an extremely talented cast. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO Schrum who is the person responsible for pulling it altogether. And kudos as well to the school band who provided the soundtrack to the production under the direction of Megan Schwartz. But the majority of the credit goes to the students, both on stage and behind

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the scenes. To pull off a production like Seussical takes hours and hours of rehearsal and a level of dedication and commitment that is truly commendable. I mean what I say and I say what I mean, Seussical was amazing 100 per cent.

Age-In-Place Living Community





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COMMUNITY BILLBOARD SATURDAY, MARCH 9 SATURDAY, MARCH 16 FREE TAX CLINIC from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 206-250 Centrum Blvd. For individuals and families who otherwise have limited access to tax filing services due to financial issues. By appointment only. Call 613-834-8679. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 THE RAG & BONES PUPPET THEATRE presents The Cow Show in the Richcraft Theatre at the Shenkman Arts Centre. A moosical history of the world from the point of view of the cow. Showtimes at 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tickets $10 each or 4 for $32. To order your tickets visit boxoffice/.


Gretel in the Richcraft Theatre at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Showtime 3 p.m. This delectable introduction to opera and lyrical singing is a treat for the eyes and ears! Tickets $20 for adults, $15 for children, and family of four $16 per person. A special workshop will be held before the show from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Come before the show to meet the artists and immerse yourself in a world of vocal experiences. You can even learn a tune and choreography so that you can sing and dance like Hansel and Gretel. Cost $15. Visit




$49 installation fee on a 1-year term.2

EXHIBITION & SALE VENTE ET EXPOSITION April /avril 27 & 28 Navan Memorial Centre & Arena

Sign up in March and get a $50 bill credit!3 Call 1-877-739-0684 today!

Wearable Art Art vestimentaire

SATURDAY, MARCH 23 SING-ALONG WITH THE F.R.OG.s (Fully Rely On God) at St. Mary’s Church Hall, 1171 Smith Rd. in Navan. Enjoy some much loved favourites as well as some Christian music followed by a selection of sumptuous soups and baked breads. Tickets $15. Call 613-841-6248. SUNDAY, MARCH 24 OPERA CANDY presents The Gourmet Adventures of Hansel and

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Functional Art Art fonctionnel Unique Art for the Home Art unique pour la maison Music by pianist Musique de la pianiste Bev McKiver

Painting to Music Demo Démonstration de la peinture à la musique Sunday at 11am, 1 pm & 3 pm Dimanche à 11 h, 13 h et 15 h

Monthly service fee includes rental cost of equipment, except Xplornet Wi-Fi router. Taxes apply. Offer valid until March 31, 2019 for new customers and is subject to change at any time. Actual speed online may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and other factors. Traffic Management policy applies, see 2If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees apply. Subject to site check, site check fee may apply. See dealer for details. 3Service must be installed by April 10, 2019 to qualify for $50 credit. Bill credit to be applied after the first month of service is complete; customer account must be in good standing. These packages are intended for single households and typical residential usage. Packages subject to availability. A router is required for multiple users. Xplornet® is a trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2019 Xplornet Communications Inc. 1

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Cumberland United soccer club merges with Capital United under Ottawa TFC banner By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The Cumberland United Soccer Club and the Capital United Soccer Club have merged to become Ottawa TFC in partnership with the Toronto FC Major League Soccer team. Toronto FC will support Ottawa TFC as a regional satellite club, providing professional technical player and coaching development at the youth level. Ottawa TFC joins Windsor TFC and London TFC as exclusive youth affiliate clubs of the Toronto club. Under the partnership, Toronto FC and Ottawa TFC will work in collaboration to enhance all technical programming, including coaching development, sports science, methodology, curriculum development and provide a direct pathway for the highest achieving athletes to join the professional player pathway at TFC Academy. The partnership will include development programs for players, with TFC coaches making multiple trips per year to Ottawa to provide coaching instruc-

tion and technical training. Ottawa TFC coaches will also make a number of trips per year to Toronto FC’s BMO Training Ground to observe and learn best practices from TFC’s staff. Former Cumberland United technical director and now Ottawa TFC general manager Pavel Cancura says the partnership gives area players a potential pathway to the MLS. “It has become a very real pathway for them,” says Cancura. “It gives both the opportunity and the responsibility that we can look the kids in the eye even at the youngest ages and say if you work hard enough and if you do the right steps there’s no barrier to keep you from actually fulfilling your dreams.” As for the impact the partnership will have on area soccer players, it will be minimal. The recreation program will see very little if any change. While the academy program will benefit from the combined resources of the former Cumberland and Capital United soccer clubs and Toronto FC, the players will have to go through the same tryout process for the


Young soccer players line up to get an autograph from Toronto FC player Aiden Daniels during the official launch of Ottawa TFC. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO competitive teams as in the past. News of the merger comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that plans for a future dome at Millennium Park has entered the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.


The RFP is expected to attract several proposals from the private sector to build and operate the dome. Cumberland Ward Coun. Stephen Blais, who has spearheaded the project, says construction will likely take place in 2020.



14 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

Programs for players of all levels from age 4 to 60+ The Orléans Amateur Fastball Association 2019 registration is open. Boys and girls ages 5-19 are welcome. The registration fee includes a team uniform, professional photo, and wrap-up event.

Central/East Ottawa’s only provincial-level soccer program Competitive tryouts start in late February

On-line registration open now! Free helmet to all new players.

Registration and more information at





Figure skaters shine at Elizabeth Manley Classic By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star More than 600 skaters from across the province gathered at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Conplex on Feb. 22, 23 and 24 to compete in the third annual Elizabeth Manley Classic hosted by the Gloucester Skating Club. There were almost as many reasons for competing in the Classic as there were skaters. Some of the skaters were hoping to post a score that would qualify them for next month’s provincial championships, while others who have already safely qualified at a previous Super Series event were there to fine tune their routine in advance of the provincials. The StarSkate program is a pre-competitive program for skaters at all levels. It runs from Star 1 to Star 10, but also includes the Gold; Diamond; Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile levels. The level a skater competes at is determined by their ability to successfully complete a pre-determined list of jumps, spins and other elements. The provincial championships start at the Star 5 U10, U13, and 13 and over age groups. One of the Gloucester Skating Club members who was hoping to move further up the provincial rankings was Emma Guo whose previous best result in the U13 prejuvenile division was 23.51 which had her ranked 22nd. On Sunday, she managed to improve her score to 23.81 which was good enough to win the event and move her up a notch to 21st in the provincial rankings. Fellow GSC member Madelyn Wensley improved her ranking by nine spots in the Star 10 division, moving from 33rd to 24th with a score of 25.75, and is now in

position to qualify for the provincial championships with two more Super Series events left on the schedule. Alexa Scully took full advantage skating on home ice, registering a score of 21.92 in the Star 6 division which was good enough for second place, but more importantly it improved her provincial ranking from 125th to 34th, just four spots out of the top 30 cutoff. With two events left before the provincial championships, she still has a chance to improve on her ranking. GSC members Monica Finlay and Ewa Kulik were among the skaters who were using the meet to fine tune their programs. The pair are ranked fourth and fifth respectively in the province in the Star 9 division. Neither one was able to improve on their existing scores, but they did gain valuable experience in finishing behind Toronto skater Holly Campbell who is the top ranked Star 9 skater in the province. Alicia Primiani was unranked heading into the competition, but a well-earned 29.46 now has her ranked 14th in the province in the Star 8 division. Clubmate Grace Elliot is also hoping to join Primiani at provincials, but a 26.73 was only good enough to move her from 35th to 34th in the rankings, less than half a point outside the top 30. Like Scully, she will be hoping to improve on her ranking in one of the two remaining Super Series events. Mila Marleau placed second in the Star 7 division on the weekend with a score of 20.75 which moves her from 17th in the provincial rankings to 10th. The StarSkate provincial championships will be held in Mississauga from March 7-10.


Gloucester Skating Club member Hana Cheikali skates below a mural of Elizabeth Manley at the Elizabeth Manley Classic on Feb. 24. STAFF PHOTO


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March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21 • 15

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Empty-handed East end teams go 1-for-6 in high school title games

game was relatively close through the first two quarters, but the Lions blew the game wide open with a 25-point third quarter. Next up was the Gisèle-Lalonde Titans senior boys team, but they too had to leave the floor in defeat after coming out on the short end of 71-61 final against the Franco-Ouest Falcons in the Tier 1 senior boys final. The Titans trailed 22-9 after the first quarter and never recovered. They did manage to narrow the deficit to seven points at the end of the first half, but by the end of the third quarter the Falcons had reestablished a 20 point lead. It was the same story for the St. Peter Knights junior boys team which was completely overwhelmed by the Nepean Knights in the first quarter of the Tier 1 championship game. By the time they knew what hit them they were trialing 28-8 with the game barely eight minutes old. The 20-point deficit proved too much for St. Peter to make up and they ended up losing by 36 points. The lone bright spot in the east end were the Carine Wilson Wildcats who beat the Hillcrest Hawks 61-58 to win the senior boys Tier 2 championship.


16 • March 7, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 21

The St. Peter Knights’ Nwike Osiagwu drives to the basket during the NCSSAA junior boys Tier 1 championship game on Feb. 28 at La Cité Collégiale. FRED SHERWIN PHOTO

By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star February was a bleak month for high school basketball in the east end. What started out as a post season full of high hopes ended with only one team capturing a title while five others were left wondering what could have been after they came up short in their quest for a city championship. The Louis-Riel Rebelles had the first shot at a title, but they came up a point short in a heart-breaking overtime loss to the Longfield Davidson Heights Ravens in the senior boys AAA final on Feb. 21 despite a 21-point effort by point guard Sacha Gautheir. Collège catholique MerBleue suffered the same fate in a 60-57 loss to Notre Dame High School in the senior boys ‘A’ final. On Feb. 28, three more east end teams would have their shot at a city championship on the hardwood in the La Cité Collégiale gym, but all three would suffer the same fate as the Louis-Riel and MerBleue senior boys teams. First up was the Mer-Bleue junior boys squad which ended up losing 70-59 to the Earl of March Lions in the Tier 2 final. The

BECAUSE FLOORS ARE FOR LIVING. | 1680 Vimont Court, Unit 600, Orléans | 613-837-6003