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March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

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Shenkman hosts virtual concert series By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star

Area residents took advantage of the fabulous weather on Sunday by cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or just going for a walk. FRED SHERWIN/PHOTO

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every economic sector in the country, there’s no question it has disproportionately impacted the arts and entertainment sector. Acting and dance companies have been unable to perform in front of a live audience for nearly a year. Festivals have been canceled, galleries have been closed and although some professional sports have resumed, they have done so in empty arenas and stadiums. Concert venues have also been closed for nearly a year, forcing musicians to seek out audiences on YouTube and other social media platforms. The trickle-down impact this has had on the industry is unimaginable,

affecting everyone from theatre technicians and concession attendants to the musicians themselves. In an effort to support Ottawa musicians during this challenging time, the city’s recreation cultural and facility services department organized a series of concerts in collaboration with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition. These concerts were taped behind closed doors at the Shenkman Arts Centre in the fall. The Encore Ottawa series premiered on Rogers Channel 22 and was rebroadcast on March 1 and 2. Each of the 16 acts performed one song each on the show which doubled as a teaser for the rest of the series. Future performances will be broadcast every Friday night starting March 12 and CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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Shenkman concerts to be simulcast on rogerstv.com Continued from page 1


Céleste Lévi • April 30 Pony Girl/Seiiizi Each performance will be rebroadcast on the following Monday and Tuesday.

up S to ave 25 % *

simultaneously live-streamed on the Rogers TV website at rogerstv.com. The performances were recorded over a number of days using Shenkman Arts Centre stage and sound technicians. The project granted artist fees to more than 40 professional musicians who made up the 18 acts through Ontario Creates and the Ottawa Music Development Fund. The tapings also generated weeks of work for the Art Centre’s technical staff. The live tapings adhered to the health and safety guidelines of Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario at all times. The Ottawa region was in the Orange-Restrict zone at the time of the tapings. Here is the schedule with broadcast dates: • March 12 Andrew Casara/Taming Sari • March 19 Celéste Lévi/CHRISSY • March 26 Harea Band/Chrystalena • April 2 IAMSOULFUL/KAR33M • April 9 Jess Wedden/Rosalyn Dennett • April 16 Marie-Clo/Mischa • April 23 Sing Song Part Time/ Moonfruits

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2 • March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

East end wards see 20% increase in COVID-19 cases By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The number of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa’s three east end wards saw a 20 per cent increase in the two-week period between Feb. 9 and Feb. 22. According to the last update of Ottawa Public Health’s COVID Ward Map, there were 98 cases reported in Orléans, Innes and Cumberland Wards between Feb. 9 and Feb. 22 – that’s up more than 20 per cent from the 80 cases reported between Jan. 25 and Feb 8. Among the three east end wards only Orléans Ward saw a decrease in the number of cases, dropping from 27 cases between Jan. 25 and Feb. 8 to just 24 cases during the most recent two-week period. Innes Ward saw an increase in its number of confirmed cases during the same period, going from 24 cases between Jan. 25 and Feb. 8 to 33 cases between Feb. 9 and Feb. 22, and the number of cases in Cumberland increased from 29 to 41. The slight increase in cases in the east end runs counter to an overall decrease in new cases city-wide. According to the Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 dashboard, there were 603 new

cases in Ottawa between Feb. 8 and Feb. 22, down from 638 new cases during the previous two-week period. As of Saturday, Feb. 27 there were 482 active cases in Ottawa – that’s up more than 10 per cent from previous two weeks when there were 437 active cases on Feb. 18. The daily positivity rate has remained below two per cent 10 of the past 14 days, the exceptions were on Feb. 15 and 16 when it was at 2.5 and 3.3 per cent respectively, and Feb. 20 and 21 when it was at 2.7 and 3.0 per cent. Another leading indicator of the impact of the COVID-19 virus is the number of hospitalizations it has caused. As of last Saturday, 23 people were being treated for the coronavirus in Ottawa area hospitals, including eight who were being treated in intensive care. Forty-five people have died since Jan. 1. Nine people have died due to COVID related complications in the past two weeks, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in Ottawa to 437. The recent upward trend in new cases has Ottawa Public Health officials warning the city might have to move into the red-control restrictions less than two weeks after non-

Number of new cases reported in east end wards between Jan. 25 and Feb. 8

Orléans Ward 27 cases

Innes Ward 24 cases

essential businesses were allowed to reopen. According to the provincial guidelines a region must move into the red zone if the weekly incidence rate is 40 per 100,000 or more and the positivity is 2.5 per cent or higher. At present, Ottawa’s incident rate 36.9 per 100,000 and the average positivity rate for the past seven days is 2.3 per cent. Under the red zone designation, indoor dining at restaurants is limited to a maximum total of just 10 people and private indoor

Cumberland Ward 29 cases

gatherings are also limited to just 10 people. According to Ottawa Public Health, there have been 415 cases in Orléans Ward since the pandemic began, excluding long-term homes and retirement residences, 564 cases in Innes Ward and 730 cases in Cumberland Ward. All told, there have been 345 cases in long-term care homes and retirement residences in the three east end wards since the pandemic began. That number includes both residents and staff.


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March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21 • 3


42nd! That’s this country’s position in the world when it comes to vaccinating our population. The facts are clear: the federal government could not have done a worse job in failing to procure vaccines. They failed to partner with a Montréal company that could have been producing our own vaccines because they wanted to build their own facility instead and then delayed construction by five months which means it won’t be ready until next year. They made a deal with the Chinese for a vaccine last spring, without thinking that holding Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou indefinitely maybe problematic in consummating that deal – which it did – spilling all the beans Trudeau put in his vaccination basket in the process. And then he tried to make up for it by negotiating deals with six different drug manufacturers in August and September...months after a myriad of other countries had already done so. When I brought up the fact that we’re 42nd in the world to a proTrudeau friend of mine, he tried to defend the Prime Minister by arguing that the shortages were not his fault. He blamed the delays on the suppliers. Which is fair enough, except for the fact that a majority of the countries ahead of us in the Bloomberg and World Health Organization rankings have had to deal with the same delays, and only a fraction of them have manufacturing facilities within their border. I then tried to explain to my friend that so goes our vaccination program so goes our economy. Those countries that manage to vaccinate their people sooner rather than later will be able to open up their economies sooner than later and enjoy all the economical benefits that will come with it. Domestically, the longer the vaccination program drags out, the longer the shutdowns and stay-at-home orders will last and greater the impact on our economy will be in the form of business failures, job losses and reduced tax revenues. The vaccination program is the only thing that matters right now, and the Trudeau government is failing miserably. Thankfully, the United Kingdom and the United States are way ahead of the curve in vaccinating their populations. The U.K. is fourth in the world and the United States is sixth. In fact, the U.K. has already vaccinated over 90 per cent of their people over the age of 70. We’re just starting to vaccinate people over the age of 80 this week, and even then, we’re only vaccinating people over the age of 80 in high-risk communities. We should all be cheering on the Brits and the Americans as their vaccination numbers continue to go up, because once they’re all vaccinated we’ll be able to get their leftovers. And that’s why I continue to remain optimistic despite our miserable record so far. Another reason why I’m optimistic is the news that Health Canada has finally approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, which means the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can’t be far behind. With those two vaccines in the pipeline, we might finally be able to start catching up to the rest of the world . – Fred Sherwin, editor

Fredrick C. Sherwin, Editor & Publisher fsherwin@orleansstar.ca The Orléans Star is a bi-weekly publication distributed to 44,000 residences in Blackburn Hamlet, Orléans and Navan. The newspaper is locally owned and operated by Sherwin Publishing Inc., 745 Farmbrook Cres., Orléans, ON. Inquiries and delivery issues should be sent to info@orleansstar.ca.

4 • March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

Canada’s vaccination program remains on track despite delays Every year, it is a tradition for me to celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting the exceptional dedication shown by women and young girls from our community. We have some gems in Orléans, and on Mar. 5, I will be recognizing them by granting the Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition Award. This year, my traditional breakfast with all the recipients and their guests has had to move to a virtual format, but I am confident that the celebrations will remain as festive as they always were. I had the opportunity during Question Period on Feb. 26 to ask the government about the vaccine rollout, and I was thrilled to hear that the government remains on track to meet their targets. I know that for myself and for many of you, this is very good news. Canada is expected to receive six million Pfizer and Moderna vaccines by the end of March and 23 million between April and June, for a total of over 84 million doses by the end of September, which is more than enough to vaccinate all Canadians. Furthermore, with the announcement last week that Health Canada has now approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, we can expect these numbers to further exceed our current expectations. Even with this good news, I cannot stress enough

the importance of staying safe and continuing to respect the best practices. Let’s all stay home as much as possible, avoid all non-essential travel, wear masks, use the COVID Alert application, and follow our local public health guidelines. I also took the time on Feb. 25 to speak in the House on the importance of the measures the government has taken to reduce poverty among the elderly. The government is committed to providing even more assistance to low-income seniors over the age of 75 and establish pan-Canadian standards on Long-Term Care, and I will always take a stand to defend the well-being of our seniors. Finally, I am also very pleased that the government has announced a historic modernization plan with key measures for official languages to increase bilingualism and defend the French language. The status of our official languages has evolved over the past 50 years, and the federal government is taking action to address the challenges they face. Bilingualism is an invaluable legacy of Canada, and the government is fulfilling its duty in ensuring that it continues for generations to come. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to my office at Marie-France.Lalonde@parl.gc.ca or at 613-8341800 should you have any question or concern.

Now’s the perfect time to make your post-COVID bucket list Despite the big dumps of snow over the last fortnight, Spring 2021 is just a few weeks away. Ah, the melting snowbanks, big puddles, a forever dirty car exterior, and discovering frozen dog turds on the front lawn that were never picked up by their owners, it awaits us all. Despite my pessimism (see last month’s column) at the sloth-like speed at which mass vaccination efforts are progressing, I want to be proven wrong by an amazing public health campaign and turnaround as so there is so much to plan and make reality in 2021. And I’ve made a bucket list to pass the time and keep my mind focused on positive things and sunnier days. Item number one is to reconnect with about 150 friends over coffee, lunch or wine before 2022 arrives. So, the sooner the sun comes out the better. No doubt local restauranteurs have ambitious plans to resurrect outdoor patio tents and heat lamps as soon as possible and yours truly will there with an appetite friends in tow. Dining safely with constant fresh air flow will be great and I will not have to say, “you’re on mute”. As I was writing this column, bucket list item number two was taking shape across four different Chrome tabs, two airline

Walter Robinson Guest Column sites, one budgeting spreadsheet, and with a cruise line chatbot. If you search pent-up demand for travel, you will find my picture. A European cruise, an all-inclusive down south, Airbnb stays and local overnight jaunts around eastern Ontario, upstate New York and into Québec are all being planned for Labour Day onward and well into 2022. Not all of these will occur as the pandemic evolves (and lingers on) and my fantasy budget gets introduced to the raw – and rude – reality of my modest bank balance, but hey, a fella can dream. Bucket list item number three is putting my new level of fitness to the test. Since the beginning of the year the diet has changed, workouts have been more structured and frequent, and the pounds are shedding. I used to love running and competed in 10kms, about 20 half-marathons and even

ran in the Ottawa and Portland (Oregon) marathons. Virtual races or even in-person events stateside in Q4 are being put in the calendar to coincide with my travel plans. During our various lockdowns (one more likely to come, sigh), many of us have discovered interesting paths and trails as we escaped the daily drudgery of Teams or Zoom calls and binge-watching Netflix. These will become my new haunts for workouts, and I should be on them four or five days a week given the number of coffees, lunches and wines that will occur as I check off item number one above. Turning to the penultimate item on my bucket list, it is power reading dozens of books. Despite my best efforts, Walter’s reading pile is once again out of control and growing faster than Ottawa’s official flower, the dandelion. Stretches of somber hours are being scheduled beside the fireplace and will move outside, weather cooperating (pppllleeeaaaassseee!) to the front porch and back patio. Silent journeys into some great autobiographies, mind blowing and galaxy spanning sci-fi series, and the latest thinking around leadership and strategy are calling me. Finally, living life to its fullest and turning my 2021 bucket list into reality involves

item number five: getting vaccinated. If you are under 60, it is almost guaranteed that you will receive a single dose AstraZeneca or the Johnson & Joahnson jab in the arm at some point this summer or later this fall. As soon as it is my turn, I will go on-line and book an appointment and I encourage you to do the same. Mass vaccination will accelerate our path out of this pandemic. However, vaccine hesitancy (not the antivaxxer, homeopathic disciples or conspiracy nutbars), but genuine concern over the speed at which these products have been developed, proper regulatory oversight, and their potential side effect profiles is perfectly normal. If you have concerns, talk to your healthcare provider, do research on valid scientific sites (not cut and paste Facebook posts or what Uncle Bob sent you from a guy he allegedly knows who was fired/censored/ or has “secret” pharma/government cabal meeting minutes) and as time goes by, seek out people who have been vaccinated and ask them how they are doing … and living! In the meantime, make your own bucket list; it is fun and can help put a pep in your step, and a swagger as you walk. Be well. #CaVaBienAller

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www.millenniumfloorcovering.ca | 1680 Vimont Court, Unit 600, Orléans | 613-837-6003 March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21 • 5

Ottawa Public Health to start Fast facts about how city crews vaccinating individuals over 80 repair those pesky potholes We had good news this week from the much while clearing your driveways and city vaccination update. We’re moving walkways. Take your time and take a break along quicker than the province and getting when you need it. vaccinations in arms fast With the month rolling enough that we’ll be over to March, we’re able to move onto folks finally looking forward to Tim age 80 and over in high warmer and longer days risk communities in the Tierney and replenishing some coming days. of our Vitamin D while The city will be getting out and enjoying running an online Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward 11 the outdoors again. There booking portal as well are so many great trails in as a designated phone number so that the east end if you’re looking for an outdoor those eligible folks will be able to make activity by yourself or with the family. appointments and get vaccinated. We’ll see And if you haven’t already heard, this needles in arms as soon as Mar. 5. year the kids are looking forward to an April This has been a monumental effort and break and the city is ready to accommodate! I must give a huge thanks and shout-out E-guides are now available to check out to Ottawa Public Health, Emergency and this year’s activities. Registration opens on Paramedic Services and all those who’ve been March 4 through the online portal. involved in the excellent work done so far! There are so many great activities We’ve also had tons of snow dumped on depending on your children’s interests us these past couple of weeks and it looks to be able to interact and participate in. If like there might be a bit more to come. you’re looking to keep your little ones in Just a reminder to take your time if you’re the comfort of your homes, there are also shovelling your driveway. Please make sure virtual activities they can sign up for so they to push the snow and not strain yourself too don’t miss out on the April Break fun!

6 • March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

Spring in Ottawa is marked by birdsong, Ottawa crews switch to a mixture that is budding trees, melting snow, and, of course, heated at the city’s asphalt plant, and then potholes. trucked out to a work site. This hot mixture Potholes form when adheres better to the water seeps into cracks pavement and provides a on roads, then when the more permanent fix. City Laura temperature fluctuates, crews head out each day vibrations and traffic with a full load of the hot Dudas create strain on these asphalt and fill potholes sites, resulting in holes. until their load is used up. Innes Ward 2 City roads crews repair In spring, residents an average of 250,000 are also encouraged to potholes annually on Ottawa’s approximately “adopt” a catch basin near their home and 6,600 kilometres of roadway. keep it clear of snow and debris. This helps In spring, Ottawa uses the “cold patch” prevent flooding during snow melts. The method of pothole repairs, which is common City features a neat catch basin locator, at practice in climates with cooler weather. This open.Ottawa.ca. process uses an asphalt mix formulated for Both potholes and water pooling due to cold temperatures and that must be warmed blocked catch basins can be reported online onsite. While this allows crews to start through ServiceOttawa.ca or by calling 3-1-1. repairs earlier in the year, it often means that This is the fastest way to get service patches are more temporary than usual, as because the request is sent directly to the the cooler mixtures cannot adhere as well to nearest city roads crew. the jagged and wet edges of the potholes. With such a large network of roads, the city For this reason, we often see crews return relies on residents reporting problem areas, to the same site later in the summer to repair as it ensures that repairs can be completed as the same pothole. As the weather warms, quickly as possible

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IS MARCH 8 Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality. STAR STAFF – International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8; however, the origin of International Women’s Day dates back to 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. The following year, the Socialist Party of America organized the very first National Women’s Day on Feb. 28. It was the first political activism to protect the rights of women that U.S. National Woman’s Day was celebrated. German socialist Clara Zetkin took the journey of women liberalization a step further, proposing the establishment of International Women’s Day in 1910. At the general meeting of the Socialist International in Copenhagen, 100 female delegates from 17 countries agreed to the proposal of promoting equal rights for women globally. The very first International Women’s Day was observed on March 19, 1911, in Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. During the early 1900s, Women’s Day was being celebrated on different dates in

International Women’s Day – March 8, 2021 #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 www.internationalwomensday.com

different countries; however, the essence of the event remained the same – equality of women and empowerment. International Women’s Day was observed in Russia in February 1914 and again in February 1917 when women in Russia protested against suffrage. They called for a strike for “Bread and Peace” on the last Sunday of February. According to Gregorian calendar, the day fell on March 8. Prior to the event, the Czar of Russia resigned and the government granted the women’s right to vote. With every passing year, the essence of Women’s Day strengthened with mass pro-

tests and rallies held around the world. Finally, in 1975, March 8 was designated as International’s Women’s Day by the United Nations. The day is commemorated globally by events and rallies that honour women’s rights to equality and advancement. Over one million people took part in rallies and protests around the world during the first official International Women`s Day in 1975. Collectively, they demanded a woman’s equal right to vote, to be able to work without the threat of discrimination and to be able to hold public office.

Today, Internationally Woman’s Day is an occasion to not only shed light on social and economic injustice being perpetrated against women, but to also celebrate the economic, political and social achievements being made by women past, present and future. Today, International Women’s Day is recognized as an official holiday in a number of countries including Cuba, Ukraine, Vietnam and Russia. Although it’s not an official holiday in Canada, thousands of people will take part in events and rallies from coast to coast to coast.

Reconnaissance des femmes et filles leaders d’Orléans Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition



FÉLICITATIONS À TOUTES! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE! Adèle Copti-Fahmy Adriana Suuronen Ainsley Lewis Amy Simcoe Anne-Marie Robinson-Sisk Betty Shields

Breanna Sirois Cassandra Auguste-René Christina Hétu Daunett Tucker Dega Mohamed Elise MacCaull Eunice Oladejo

Fatima Aden Osman Huddiya Younis Jafrin Asif Bux Jeanine Mader Jenna Lemay Judy Daniel Katie Morrisette

Bonne journée internationale de la femme 2021! Happy 2021 International Women’s Day!

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco Marie Charette Marna Durante Mashkura Tabassum Tathoye Mashooda-Lubna Syed Murielle Cayouette Naaz Nathoo

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March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21 • 7

Canadian women invited to take part in Feminist Response and Recovery Summit

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(NC) – On March 8 and 9, Status of Women Canada will be hosting Canada’s Feminist Response and Recovery Summit with the goal of bringing together politicians, experts, feminist leaders and those with lived experience to examine how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of women in Canada. The summit will focus on the steps that governments, civil society and all Canadians can take to ensure an inclusive recovery by advancing gender equality. Over the two-day summit, participants will learn about key issues facing women impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including black and racialized women, indigenous women; women with disabilities; LGBTQ2 individuals; senior women; women in rural and remote areas; new Canadians; and young women. The online summit will look at issues faced by women’s and equality-seeking organizations. Through presentations and interactive sessions participants will: • Learn and discuss how COVID-19 and related public health measures are impact-

L’orléanais octobre 2020 1/8 H • 2,375 x 5,5 po.

International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge #FeministRecovery #IWD2021 www.internationalwomensday.com

ing women and the women’s and equalityseeking sectors. • Be part of engaging discussions on the role of child care, good jobs, and other initiatives in Canada’s inclusive recovery. • Examine how, done right, our response and recovery can help advance gender equality and grow the economy over the long term. Special guest speakers include Senator and former paralympian Chantal Peticlerc; Angela Marie MacDougall, executive director Battered Women’s support Services; former Minister of State for the Status of Women Jean Augustyne; and the Executive Secretary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Monique Bégin.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted those individuals who were already marginalized, vulnerable or struggling. Women have been on the front lines of this crisis, facing steep job losses and taking on more unpaid work. Women also represent the majority of essential workers on the front lines of the fight against COVID. The summit is the first step in the creation of an Action Plan for Women in the Economy to help women get back into the workforce and ensure a feminist, intersectional response to the pandemic and recovery. To register for the Feminist Response and Recovery Summit visit https://gesummit feministrecovery.ca/.

March 8 is International Women’s Day! #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021


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A tribute to all women Since 1977, the United Nations has called on countries around the world to highlight the importance of gender equality and to fight for women’s advancement. International Women’s Day is a day to honour all women who have fought for recognition of their rights to education, participation in political life, access to the workforce, pay equity and work-family balance. It is a day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of all the women who have helped in the fight for gender equality and contributed to writing the history of women’s rights. This special day is also an opportunity for men and women to look to the future. It is a time to stop and think about ways to improve the status of women in developed and developing countries. It is an invitation to think about how to end the discrimination, inequality, abuse and violence of which they are still victims in many places around the world, including here at home. March 8 is also the perfect time to celebrate women, irrespective of their nationality, religion, language, economic status or political convictions.

Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8! Célébrez la Journée internationale de la femme le 8 mars!


105 - 240 boul. Centrum Blvd.


On March 8 please join us in paying tribute to all the remarkable women in Canada and around the world. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

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March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21 • 9

10 • March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

Délice Royal Bakery closes it’s Trim and Watters location By Aislin Lionais The Orléans Star This past Valentine’s Day, Délice Royal Bakery at Trim and Watters closed their doors for good. The bakery has been open for 15 years. This is only one of the locations of this bakery. The Délice Royal Bakery on Forest Valley is remaining open, as it has for the past 25 years. Délice Royal Bakery on Trim and Watters is closing because the owner, Kieng Gov and his wife, want to downsize their business so they can have more free time to spend with their children and more recently, their grandchildren. The Trim and Watters location is not closing due to COVID-19 or due to retirement. It’s simply closing because operating the two locations has been very time consuming and the owners wish to spend more time with their loved ones. “The owners of Délice Royal Bakery at Trim and Watters would like to thank all of

their customers for their wonderful support over the past 15 years. We thank you for your loyalty, happiness, encouragement and for allowing us to be a part of so many of your special days. We appreciate you all very much and hope to see you all at our original location at 1600 Forest Valley Dr. in Orleans.” says the owners’ daughter, Olivia Gov. After graduating from the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie de Québec (ITHQ), Kieng Gov moved to Orléans from Montréal in the early 90s. With the encouragement of his wife and extended family, Gov opened the original location at Forest Valley and Orléans Blvd. in 1995 with the goal of producing high quality French pastries from scratch. With the closure of Orléans Bakery last year and the hill Top Bakery in 2019, Délice Royal is one of the last bakeries in Orléans that produces freshly baked pastries every day. It’s the quality of their pastries that has produced such a loyal clientele, many of

The Gov family, headed by master baker Kieng Gov (far right), has been operating the Délice Royal Bakery on Forest Valley Drive in Chapel Hill for more than 25 years. SAMUEL GOSSELIN-BÉLANGER PHOTO who visit the bakery several times a week. Délice Royal Bakery has been and will continue to be a wonderful place to visit

and get the sweets we all crave. Please continue to go see these friendly faces on Forest Valley Drive.


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March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21 • 11


Upgrade Your Life to Tamarack’s Gallery Towns Get 6 appliances, air conditioning and now Quartz countertops throughout your new home.

Carefree, condo-free living from $413,900!

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S H O P, T O U R A N D B U Y O N L I N E 12 • March 4, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 21

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The Orleans Star March 4, 2021  

The Orleans Star March 4, 2021