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April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

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Drivers continue to run flashing school bus signals By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star

A father walks his son across Princess Louise Blvd. near a stop where several incidents involving cars driving past school buses with their stop arm extended have been reported. STAFF PHOTO

It appears far too many drivers in Cumberland and Orléans are continuing to play a deadly game racing past school buses while the bus drivers are picking up and dropping off their young passengers. According to M.L. Bradley co-owner Kathleen Both, the number of drivers playing Russian roulette with children’s lives is back on the rise this school year after being on the decline for several years following the launch of the “I Stop, You Stop” campaign in 2016. That’s the same year M.L. Bradley and former Cumberland Ward councillor Stephen Blais joined forces to launch a stop-arm camera pilot project. The project eventually resulted in the City of Ottawa purchasing six camera systems in 2019 that are rotated among the hundreds of school buses currently operating in the city.

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The fact that drivers could never know which school bus had the system installed on it was supposed to act as a deterrent, and for the better part of the 2019-2020 school year it did. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers have a shortterm memory, not only of the stop-arm cameras, but of the law prohibiting the passing of a school bus in either direction once they turn on their flashing lights and extend the stop arm. The fine for doing so is $490, which is sent to the owner of the vehicle because the cameras can only capture the license plate. Both says M.L. Bradley’s drivers have been reporting a steady increase in cars running past their flashing lights and stop arms since the resumption of in-school classes in the fall and more recently in February. “It was bad in the fall, but it’s been even worse since in-school learning resumed,” says Both. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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School bus runners putting children’s lives at risk Continued from page 1

If you like marshmallows, you will love La Guimauverie – a food truck that serves up the toasted puffy pillows of sugary goodness in a variety of ways including Lemon Meringue Pie, Banana Crunch and S’mores. The La Guimauverie food truck will be back in Navan this Saturday and Sunday at the NAPA AutoPro garage on Colonial Road. It will return for the Original Navan Market on the last Sunday of each month until the end of the summer. You can visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/laguimauverie.

Forget Me Not Foundation behind green wall installation at Orléans Health Hub ORLÉANS – During the opening of the Orléans Health Hub scheduled for early summer 2021, patients who visit the elderly services waiting room will be able to admire a green wall. The 300 square foot wall will feature a vertical garden made up of living and landscaped plants, which will be fed by an irrigation mechanism. The Forget Me Not Foundation is currently in the process of raising $100,000 to create the wall. The Foundation recently reached the halfway point of their goal, with the hope of raising the remaining $50,000 over next few months. Members of the public can get involved by purchasing a piece in their virtual butterfly puzzle or make a direct donation by visiting www.oubliepouruninstant.org.

Copies of Orléans road map are still available

ORLÉANS – Readers of the Orléans Star can still order a copy of the 2020 Orléans Road Map. The street map was produced by Sherwin Publishing Inc. and includes the various neighbourhoods of Orléans including Chapel Hill North and South, Convent Glen, Orléans Wood, Chateauneuf, Fallingbrook, Queenswood Heights and Avalon. To order your copy simply send an email to editor@orleansstar.ca and include your name and address.

2 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

Asked which routes were of particular concern, Both says it’s happening all over the east end. “The fear is that it’s not a matter of if, but when,” says Both when asked about the potential for a serious accident involving a student either crossing the street to get to their bus, or walking home after they get off. Cumberland Ward councillor Catherine Kitts says her office has received several calls from parents in both Cumberland Village and Navan who have witnessed drivers blowing past their children’s school buses while they were stopped, their lights were flashing and their stops arms were extended . Dunning Road between Wilhaven and Innes is one problem area as is Trim Road near Navan. St. Joseph Boulevard is another problem area as is Charlemagne Boulevard. In both cases, drivers seem to be unaware of the fact that they must stop in both directions on a four lane road when a school bus lights starting flashing. The only time you don’t

have to stop when you are coming in the opposite direction is when there is a median dividing the four lanes. Francine Boucher is a bus driver for M.L. Bradley whose route takes her down Princess Louise Boulevard. She’s witnessed several close calls with drivers failing to stop when they should. One stop in particular has been especially jarring. “One of my stops is just before the intersection at Clearcrest just across from Fallingbrook Elementary School,” Boucher explains. “I stop just before the stop sign heading northbound and cars coming in the opposite direction will stop at the intersection and then continue on and drive past my bus and completely ignore the flashing lights and the stop arm. I think it’s because they’re day dreaming, or they’re simply in a hurry. Either way it’s no excuse. Kitts plans to bring the matter up with the head of the city’s Safe Roads program to see what can be done either through enforcement, or a beefed up public information campaign.

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East end sees 45 per cent increase in COVID cases By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star The number of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa’s three east end wards went up by 45 per cent during the two-week period between March 8 and March 22. According to the last update of Ottawa Public Health’s COVID Ward Map, there were 141 cases reported in Orléans, Innes and Cumberland Wards between March 8 and March 22 – that’s 44 cases more than were reported during the previous two-week period between February 23 and March 8. The number of reported cases in Orléans Ward increased from 32 to 50, while the number of reported cases in Innes Ward increased from 24 to 32. The number of reported cases in Cumberland Ward also increased going from 41 to 59. City-wide there were 1,040 reported cases in Ottawa between March 8 and March 22, that’s a 57 per cent increase from the previous two-week period when there were 664 reported cases. The increase in reported cases is reflected in the number of active cases which currently sit at 1,029 as of 3 p.m., Saturday. That’s a 20 per cent increase from the number of

active cases on March 20. The average positivity rate for the sevenday period between March 18 and March 25 was 4.63 per cent which is significantly above the 2.5 per cent that is the cutoff line to shifting between the orange zone and the red zone. The incidence rate, which is the second factor used to determine which zone a region is placed in, is 73.1 per 100,000. The rate required to move back into the orange zone is 40 per 100,000 or lower. The reproduction number which is another leading indicator of community spread, is 1.23, slightly above the 1.20 rate which is the minimum level needed to move back into the orange zone. Both the reproduction number and the seven-day average incidence rate are puttng Ottawa dangerously close to being declared a grey zone. If the trend continues and the number of hospitalizations continue to go up, the province’s hand may be forced to impose a region-wide lockdown. Under the red zone designation, private social gatherings are limited to a maximum of five people indoors and 25 people outdoors. Restaurants are limited to four

Number of new cases reported in east end wards between Mar. 8 and Mar. 22

Orléans Ward 50 cases

Innes Ward 32 cases

people per table and no more than 50 per cent of their normal capacity or 50 people whichever is lower. Alcohol cannot be sold after 9 p.m. and the restaurant must close by 10 p.m. Gyms and fitness centres are limited to 10 people per class and 10 people in areas with weights and exercise machines as long as a three-metre physical distancing buffer can be maintained.

Cumberland Ward 59 cases

Another leading indicator of the impact of the COVID-19 virus is the number of hospitalizations. As of yesterday, there were 26 people being treated for the coronavirus in Ottawa area hospitals, including seven who are being treated in intensive care. Sixty-five people have died since Jan. 1, 10 of whom succumbed to the virus over the past two weeks, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in Ottawa to 457.


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April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 3

Antivaxxers If there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the fact that the quickest way to end this seemingly never-ending nightmare is through mass vaccination. However, not everyone either can get vaccinated, or wants to get vaccinated. More on the former later. As for the latter, most people who don’t want to get vaccinated don’t want to on the grounds that they feel the vaccines are unsafe, that they’ve been developed too quickly and that no one has any idea of the longterm side effects of the vaccine. No one can say for sure what the longterm side effects of the vaccine are, but the long-term side effects of a continuous cycle of shutdowns and limited reopenings is clear and entirely unsustainable thus the need for mass vaccination. A common label used for those who don’t want to get vaccinated is “anti-vaxxers”. Personally, I wouldn’t use the term anti-vaxxer. To me, anti-vaxxers are those people who don’t think anyone should be vaccinated. I also personally have nothing against those who don’t want to get vaccinated so long as they’re not judgemental against those who do. Whether or not you wish to be vaccinated is a personal decision. Just don’t come crying if you end up catching the virus or have to go to the hospital as a result. I plan to get vaccinated as soon as I’m able, and I don’t care which vaccine I get. I am aware that there are side effects with any drug and I am prepared to take that risk – not because I’m afraid of catching the virus, but because it will help get us back on the path to normalcy. I’m also hopeful that it will make me less contagious should I contract the virus so that I won’t pass it on to those people who are unable to get vaccinated due to health reasons such as people who are at risk of a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine components, or who are have an auto-immune deficiency such as people with HIV or who are undergoing cancer treatment. Although the World Health Organization says the vaccines have been found to be safe for individuals who have hypertension, diabetes, asthma, pulmonary, or liver or kidney disease that is stable and controlled, those same individuals must weigh the risk of possible side effects from the vaccines against the risk of catching the virus and the serious health issues that could result. For most, the decision is not as easy as it may seem to an otherwise healthy person. I know some of these people and I feel for them, which is why the best way for me to protect them from the virus is to get vaccinated myself. As for any potential risk, I am more than willing to accept it for the greater common good. If enough people think the same way then we will be able to end the pandemic sooner rather than later. Fred Sherwin, editor

Fredrick C. Sherwin, Editor & Publisher fsherwin@orleansstar.ca The Orléans Star is a bi-weekly publication distributed to 44,000 residences in Blackburn Hamlet, Orléans and Navan. The newspaper is locally owned and operated by Sherwin Publishing Inc., 745 Farmbrook Cres., Orléans, ON. Inquiries and delivery issues should be sent to info@orleansstar.ca.

4 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

Federal fund will help build active transportation networks This past month has been quite eventful. As March was the Mois de la francophonie, I celebrated the exceptional assets we Francophones and Francophiles are to our Canadian culture and diversity. I also had the honour of being appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Development and Official Languages (FedDev Ontario and Official Languages). I look forward to collaborating with Minister Mélanie Joly on the important files ahead! Moreover, on March 6, in honour of International Women’s Day, I hosted a virtual breakfast reception where we recognized 35 amazing women and girls from our community who demonstrated great leadership qualities. Over 80 people participated through Zoom and I want to thank you everyone for their engagement. On federal business, the government has announced that the 2021 Budget will be released on April 19, following thousands of consultations across our country. Here in Orléans, I was pleased to hold two local consultation sessions and I thank everyone who attended for sharing your ideas and priorities with myself and my staff. I also want to thank those who sent back my most recent constituency mail’s comment section. Your opinions have been heard and I have shared your priorities with the government.

In terms of vaccines, the government has delivered over 6 million doses to provinces and territories and is expecting another 3.2 million this week alone. I want to highlight the exceptional work our public health officials are doing as we see vaccines rolling out in Ottawa. I am also delighted with the government’s announcement of $400 million in funding over five years dedicated to active transportation. This is the first federal fund dedicated to building active transportation networks and is part of the government’s plan to create one million jobs, fight climate change, and rebuild a more sustainable and resilient economy. Investing in pathways and trails for cycling, walking, hybrid e-bikes and scooters, as well as wheelchairs, will give everyone in our community and beyond the opportunity to get out, get active, and access public transportation. Finally, Happy Holidays to everyone who just celebrated Holi, are celebrating Passover, or are about to celebrate Easter. Don’t forget to be mindful of Public Health guidelines still being in effect to slow the spread of COVID-19. Be safe and be responsible! As always, do not hesitate to reach out to my office at Marie-France.Lalonde@parl.gc.ca or at 613-8341800 should you have any question or concern.

It’s more important than ever to think local, support local, give local Most of us – not all, but most – have it pretty good here in Orléans and the surrounding area. In a 2019 Maclean’s ranking, Ottawa ranked third in best communities to live in Canada (behind Burlington and Grimsby) given our high median household income, housing affordability and labour market stability. Many of you reading this column right now live in a household where one or more adult members work for the federal or provincial government or the para-public/ MUSHPA (municipal, university, schools, hospitals, prisons, and associations) sector. Even though I was restructured a year ago, I am fortunate to be in this former group and have also found new revenue in a soleproprietorship consultancy focused on communications, policy, government relations and artificial intelligence. So, what is the point you may rightly ask? While the pandemic has been a hardship and trying on front-line workers, those with precarious or gig employment, and some entrepreneurs, the pivot to working from home, living with Zoom or Teams fatigue, and trying to educate kids who are in school or not in school depending on what rainbow colour of a zone we are in, has transpired while your paycheque or pay-

Walter Robinson Guest Column cheques showed up without interruption via direct deposit in the bank account every two weeks. And losing your job or livelihood never ever crossed your mind. Meanwhile, federal and provincial wage subsidy and business support programs will wind down in the coming months. And our local business community is hurting, big time. They need more on-line and foot traffic (safely of course). #ShopLocal is much more than #EatLocal once a week. Your neighbourhood bookstore wants to see you, so please forego that Amazon order. Sure, your car has gotten months per gallon mileage, but the local garage is ready to provide a tune-up, brake job and its also time for detailing and carpet shampoo too. If a spring purge of your closets is on the list, the local consignment shop, Value Village, or the Salvation Army would welcome

some of your gently used fashions. Did you put on the dreaded COVID 15 pounds or slim down? Either way, get yourself over to the local dry cleaner and tailor for some alterations and pressing of a few items that are surely musty after not being worn for over a year. With the snow finally gone, the forthcoming Easter Weekend is a perfect time to putter around the house, so make that list of reno/repair projects and get to the local hardware store and call local contractors for quotes. As for our furry friends, time to get their shots up to date and given a few of the shaggy hippy-haired creatures I have seen out for walks, some grooming is in order as well. While your pet is at the vet, the local bakery or butcher wants to entice you with great food and why not, a little willpower slip up will help them. Professional firms can also use your support. Are your wills and powers of attorney up to date? Did you start a side hustle business during the pandemic and need some help with your taxes? How about your home and auto policies, do they need a re-look from a local broker? Perhaps you saved a whack of money in lockdown with your uninterrupted paycheque(s). If so, now is the perfect time to seek the advice of a

r y style, e v e r o f g Floorin eframe . . . m i t r o t budge y for a d o t s u t • CARPET • HARDWOOD Contac pert advice! ex • LUXURY TILES & PLANKS • CERAMIC • VINYL • LAMINATE

financial planner. And if you have the travel bug, it is never too early to think about summer trips and flights as well as sun getaways on cruise ships and resort trips next winter and into 2022. Prices are going up weekly and given all the uncertainty around, testing requirements and potential quarantines, seeking the advice of a travel agent – even if you usually do this all by yourself – would be a wise investment of your time and likely save you future dollars and avoid disappointment. On your next drive down Innes, Jeanne d’Arc, St. Joseph and other major streets, pay special attention to the vacant spaces and stores that have, sadly, become more commonplace. Then look at the ones beside them that are still there, put on your turning signal, and pay them a visit. These businesses have been here for our kids and their first jobs, sponsoring local teams and community groups for years, and constantly contributing to local charities and food banks. They need and deserve your support and your money. And of course, take-out and dining-in (safely) or on the patios that are popping up everywhere again is never a bad call. #ThinkLocal #SupportLocal #GiveLocal

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www.millenniumfloorcovering.ca | 1680 Vimont Court, Unit 600, Orléans | 613-837-6003 April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 5

COVID-19 vaccination program Homeowners should wary of Service Line Warranties Canada is in full swing in Ottawa Over this past year, I have seen so many changes coming and residents should notice folks and local businesses reaching out and the differences moving forward. looking for ways to support one another. We are always here to take your calls I want to express and emails if you have a huge thank you to concerns. We are here to everyone for their support you! Tim patience, resilience and This past week has also Tierney been an exciting one as empathy as we move through the ups and we have been vaccinating downs of the pandemic those who are 75 and over Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward 11 across city. We’ve had together. Please trust that we truly mean it when we say that we are a few hiccups with the provincial booking working hard to ensure everyone is heard system, but all staff are working hard to and that we are doing as much as possible to ensure that every single person who books meet the community needs as best we can. an appointment, gets their vaccination. I We’ve been reading our emails, listening have to extend a huge thank you to every to calls and returning messages, and we’ve single person working in these vaccination heard you loud and clear. clinics. Without them none of this would be Councillor Luloff and I have been in possible! several meetings and taking the time to Mayor Watson also spoke on the City’s speak with KEV and the Stage 2 LRT staff live update last Wednesday and has asked to ensure that overnight work is done well the province to consider extending the within the noise limits so folks can sleep AstraZeneca vaccine program for folks in the well at night. We are working with them to 60-64 age group in Ottawa. The vaccine is reduce disruptions during the day as well, currently being offered through pharmacies especially as we head into warmer weather in Kingston, Toronto and Windsor/Essex. and BBQ and patio season. There are some Hopefully, Ottawa will be next.

Like many of you, I also received letters by the Association of Municipalities of on City of Ottawa letterhead from Service Ontario (AMO). Line Warranties Canada (SWLC). I have I also want to emphasize that this program heard from residents with is completely voluntary questions and concerns, and your existing homeand I wanted to provide my owners’ insurance may Laura thoughts, and some backalready offer this protecDudas ground information, about tion. While, this program this program. has merit for some Several years ago, the Ottawa homeowners, the Innes Ward 2 previous city council apcommunications that have proved a committee report to direct staff accompanied the roll-out have been confusing to implement a service warranty program, and raised far more questions than they specific to water and sewer service lines on answered. This is unacceptable. private property. In the report, they noted that Far from simply raising awareness about many homeowners were surprised to find a homeowner’s liability, and regardless of out that they were financially responsible the value to some residents, the letters sent for costly repairs to the service lines that are by SLWC unprofessionally blurred the line on their property. In response to this issue, between the City of Ottawa, this private staff looked for an optional, opt-in service, corporation and the obligations of residents. to provide residents whose homeowner’s Ultimately, I have serious concerns that need insurance did not offer such coverage. to be addressed about the communications This was not a uniquely Ottawa problem, and contracting of this program and I will but an issue happening in municipalities be bringing these up at council. I will also across Ontario. That is why this rolled out in be looking for measures to be put in place to more than 50 municipalities in Ontario and prevent this type of communications roll out SLWC was even endorsed for municipalities from happening again.

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Health, Happiness and Home

Vaccination centre now open at Orléans YMCA-YWCA By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star East end seniors over the age of 75, or who turn 75 in the current calender year, can now get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus at the Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA on Centrum Boulevard. The Ottawa Public Health vaccination clinic first opened on March 15 for people age 80 and over. The program was expanded to residents 75 and over on March 22, but immediately encountered problems due to overbooking issues with the provincial booking system. In order to get vaccinated, you must first book an appointment through the provincial online booking system or by calling 1-833943-3900. Thanks to a glitch in the system, hundreds of spots at the YMCA-YWCA clinic ended up being overbooked. In order to tackle the problem, Ottawa Public Health set up a special vaccination clinic at the François Dupuis Recreation Complex in Avalon. During the four-day period between Monday, March 22 and Thursday, March 25 2,306 people were vaccinated at the Orléans YMCA and 1,597 people were vaccinated at the François Dupuis Recreation Complex.

Elsewhere in Cumberland Ward, several hundred residents in the target age group were vaccinated at pop-up clinics at the R.J. Kennedy Centre in Cumberland Village and the Navan Memorial Arena in Navan which were restricted to residents in the rural part of the ward. Robert Adams and his wife received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the YMCAYWCA clinic last Friday. They made their appointments over the phone after being placed on hold for over three hours. When they arrived at the vaccination centre they had to briefly wait in the rain for another 10 minutes before their number was called and they were allowed to enter the building. Once inside, they had to confirm their appointment before finally getting vaccinated. “It was all pretty straight forward,” said Adams who turns 75 in November. “It’s a relief to get it out of the way, but we still need to follow all the precautions.” According to the latest data, the Pfizer vaccine is 90-99 per cent effective from developing COVID-19 related symptoms and 89 per cent effective against hospitalization and death after just one dose. Adams and his wife have already made an

The Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA on Centrum Boulevard is the site of the main vaccination clinic in Orléans. FILE PHOTO appointment to get their second “booster” dose in July. The current pace of vaccinations will be determined by the available supply of the vaccine. According to the most recent Census data, there were 4,675 people between the age of 70 and 74 living in the federal electoral district of Orléans in 2016. If you take into account the historical contraction

between the two age groups over the years, there maybe as many as 4,000 individuals between the age of 75 and 80 currently living in Orléans, At the current pace, most of those people could be vaccinated by the end of this week. Once that happens, the program can be expanded to individuals who turn 70 and over in 2021 if supply allows.

April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 7

8 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

April is National Oral Health Month

h dy

National Oral Health Month is sponsored by the Canadian Dental Association to raise awareness about the benefits of maintaining good oral health.

ialists who maintaining e Canadian ), National April 9-16, th for Total

PHOTO: sTOckbyTe / THINksTOck

ely linked to ntal hygiene g you more this reason, o adopt an y lifestyle.

Don’t worry; your dentist doesn’t bite!

day. Use a toothpaste.

Oral health = A happy, healthy life

habits can and various

pot anything ms or bleedmmediately.

Have your teeth and mouth checked

regularly in order to stay healthy. 1) Did you know that regular dental visits help you maintain good oral hygiene and better overall health? Neglecting your dental health can lead to cavities, gingivitis and peri- designed to detect the presence of cavities, plaque or odontal These oraltodiseases can, in turn, aggravate NC –disease. The best way maintain proper oral quality pain, teethisordedicated oral to 2) tartar of onlife. yourOral teeth. Themissing second part other such aasday diabetes, cardiovascular the prevention gum disease, the a dentist examines healthhealth is toproblems, brush twice and floss on a infections can of influence the asway person diseases and respiratory diseases. How can you avoid all the space between your teeth and gums with a special regular basis. But problems can still somespeaks, eats and socializes. These oral health these complications? Think prevention; it’s the best way instrument. The hygienist will also give your teeth an 3) to avoidarise, problems. in-depth can cleaning thatamakes yourquality smile a of lotlife brighter. times which is why it is important to problems reduce person’s

vist your dentist at least once a year as an

by affecting their physical, mental and social

Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss every day. Eat a balanced diet, with an emphasis on cheese, nuts, vegetables and non-acidic fruits for snacks. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco. These habits can cause gum disease, heart problems and various types of cancers.

DentAl exAminAtion Was your last visit to the dentist over a year ago? Don’t 4) Examine your mouth regularly. If you spot anything unusual, such as adult andexamination twice a yearallows as a child teenager. A dental yourordentist to take well-being. reddish or swollen gums or bleeding when you brush, consult a dentist put it off any longer. You can decide to take better care care of your mouth by detecting things youbody, can’t see of your oraldental healthexamination by making anensures appointment Although the mouth is part of the A regular that for a immediately. yourself. How often are these appointments neces- routine checkup today. After all, April is National Oral we often think of it as something separate. your teeth and gums are in a healthy state. If any sary? Ideally, you should see the dentist once every Health Month! 5) Visit your dentist for a regular check-up. six The first part oforthe examination We months. often ignore bleeding tender gums, is issues are detected, your dentist can take of it

or even a toothache while an irritation or before things get worse. Not going to a dentist pain elsewhere in the body would mean a and ignoring issues can lead to gum disease, trip to the doctor. tooth decay,McKeown and in extreme cases, oral Dr.severe Beverley Poor oral health can affect a person’s and cancer. her Team members are


Approximately 3,200 Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. With early detection, the survival rate of oral cancer can be greatly improved. This

means going to your dentist for regular dental exams. So don’t delay. If you haven’t been to the dentist in over a year, book an appointment today,

proud to have been serving the community for over 20 years!

and children


We are accepting new patients, call to book an appointment.

Dr. Beverley McKeown

www.orleansfamilydentist.com 1600 Forest Valley Dr. (Chapel Hill), Orleans (The same mall as the Mac’s convenience store) 613-830-7003 NEW PATIENTS WELCOME


teeth and mphasis on ic fruits for

ACTIVE PREVENTION Did you know that your oral health is closely linked to your general overall health? Everything that happens in your mouth affects your whole body, which is why it is important to visit your dentist regularly. Only your dentist has the training, skills and expertise to properly address all your oral health care needs. Regular dental exams help prevent small problems from becoming much bigger problems. As part of a healthy lifestyle and to help reduce the risk of oral disease, follow CDA’s 5 steps to good oral health:


orthodontist dr. Blair adams consumer hodontics 2015 and Faces Magaine award.



that you can be truly proud of!

• Bilingual service • Convenient location COVID PROTOCOLS IN PLACE • Extended hours Sc D.D.S. Dip. Ortho Kids welcome ! INTRAVENOUS •(IV) SEDATION

e your complimentary exam ages 7-77



st in orthodontics



613.590.2300 • 3848 Innes Rd., Unit 101 (between Wal-Mart & Lowe’s)


Dr. Plant

DIRECT BILLING AVAILABLE! | T: 613-834-5959 | 2668A Innes Road, Gloucester www.ottawafamilydentist.com | FOLLOW US! April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 9


Expect a pleasant patient experience when you visit Chapel Hill Dental ed at the corner of Innes and Page Roads with lots of parking, a spacious waiting area and eight operating rooms, all of which are equipped with big, bright windows and flat screen TVs. The general and family dentistry practice focuses on hygiene and basic preventative services to keep their patients healthy. In fact, their goal is to see their patients as infrequently as possible by helping them improve and maintain proper oral hygiene. The staff and dentists are proud to offer dental solutions for every member of your household, no matter how big or small. From toddlers to grandparents, they have the expertise to help you with all your dental needs. Anxious about seeing the dentist? Require special assistance? Let them know ahead of time. They have all the tools necessary to provide their patients with a safe and pleasant experience no matter how anxious you may be. At Chapel Hill Dental, they employ all the COVID-19 protocols adopted by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Health including pre-visit health checks, staggered

Dr. Beverley McKeown and her Team members are proud to have celebrated Oral Health Month in the community for over 20 years!

Welcome! We are accepting new patients, call to book an appointment.

appointment times, mandatory face mask policy upon arrival, temperature checks, enhanced sanitization and sterilization measures and full personal protective gear for all staff members.

For more information about Chapel Hill Dental and the services they provide visit chapelhilldental.ca. You can also reach them by e-mailing smile@chapelhilldental.ca.

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Dr. Beverley McKeown


1600 Forest Valley Dr. (Chapel Hill), Orléans (Just down from the Circle K) 613-830-7003 10 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

Drs. Sally Ing and Katerine Muzar lead a team of 15 professionals whose only mission is to make their patients’ experience as stress free and as pleasant as possible. PHOTO SUPPLIED

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STAR STAFF – At Chapel Hill Dental on Innes Road near Chapel Hill South, they pride themselves on providing excellent dental services in a warm and friendly environment aimed at making your visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible. The practice was founded on the principle that having a caring connection with their patients is just as important as having the latest skills and technologies. And with 21,400 unique patients seen over the years, it is clear they practice what they preach. With over 40 years of combined experience, the Chapel Hill Dental team, lead by dentists Dr. Sally Ing and Dr. Katerine Muzar, has the knowledge and training to provide you with the best care possible. Almost all of the staff live in the local community. Dr. Ing was born and raised in Orléans and Dr. Muzar grew up in Cumberland. Among the rest of the staff, several either walk or bike to the office. The staff and dentists are known for their cheerful and positive attitudes. Knowing that visiting the dentist is never high on a person’s “to do” list, they strive to make your appointment as pleasant as possible. Their spacious and modern office is locat-

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What to expect during your child’s SPONSORED CONTENT first trip to the dentist What to expect during your child’s first trip to the dentist NC – Children of all ages look forward to going to the dentist when they visit the Blackburn Shoppes Dental Children of all ages look Centre. forward to going At the Blackburn Dental to the dentist when they Shoppes visit the Blackburn Centre, we proudly provide a safe and kidShoppes Dental Centre. friendly environment for children At thedental Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, from months of age. we 12 proudly provide a safe and kid-friendly dental environment forcreate childrena 12 months We know how to positive of ageexperience and older. and suggest starting dental know to createofa regular positivevisits dental yourWe child on how a schedule experience and suggest starting your child to the kids dentist to build comfort and on a schedule of regular visits to the dentist confidence in the dental chair. to build comfort and confidence in the dental At Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, chair. we are lucky to have Dr. Chantal Plant. At Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, we Dr.arePlant many ofPlant, experience luckyhas to have Dr. years Chantal who has working with and treating patients oftreatall years of experience working with and ages, especially children. ing patients of all ages, especially children. With Withevery everyyoung youngpatient, patient,Dr. Dr.Plant Plantgoes goes above aboveand andbeyond beyondtotomake makeyour theirchild’s dental experience a positive one. She dental experience a happy one.pays She special pays attention to children’s behaviours and special attention to children’s behaviours feelings so that each young patient feels and feelings so that each patient feels uniqueand andrespected. respected. She She uses unique uses aavariety varietyof approaches such as the adaptation of dental of approaches such as the adaptation of jargon into kid-friendly words and the dental jargon into kid-friendly words and “show-and-tell” technique. the “show-and-tell” technique. At Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, At take Blackburn Shoppes DentaltheCentre we great pride in seeing dental weexperience take great pride in seeing the dental from a child’s perspective.

experience from a child’s perspective. So what can your child expect during theirSofirst tripcanto your the Blackburn Shoppes what child expect during Dental Centre? their first trip to the Blackburn Shoppes WhileCentre? your child is waiting for their Dental turnWhen to sititinis the chair, they can timedentist for their appointment, check out member our special a friendly of our Kiddie team willCorner escort your child the dentist chair.toOne of our where thereto are activities entertain dental hygienists setcomputer up your games young children of all ages,will from patient in the chair with a bib to keep them and LEGO to craft supplies and books; clean and a pair of sunglasses to protect there is something for everyone. Our their eyes. Kiddie Corner is a fun and safe place If they are curious, we will explain what for your child to enjoy their visit to our each of our tools is used for. When it is time office. to get started ,we will count, clean and shine it is time teeth for their appointment, allWhen of your child’s so that their smile a will friendly member of our team will escort be its brightest. yourNext, childone to the dentist chair.will Onecome of our of our dentists to dental hygienists set check-up up your of young visit. They will dowill a full your patient the chair bibmake to keep child’sinmouth and with teethato surethem they are healthy child is taking proper clean and a and pairyour of sunglasses to protect careeyes. of their teeth. their Now for are the best part! When the dentist If they curious, we will explainis all finished with your child’s check-up, they what each of our tools is used for. When it will get to pick out a prize. After an exciting is time to get started we will count, clean first trip to the dentist, your child will be and shine all of your child’s teeth so that able to carry on with their day knowing that their smile will be its brightest. they have a healthy smile. Next, of needs our dentists will to If yourone child to return forcome a filling visit. They will do a full check-up of your or fillings, we have the option of using

Dr. Beverley McKeown ING T P E C C A W NO and her Team members RESERVATIONS FOR INDOOtoR Dhave INING! are proud celebrated Oral Health Month in the community 20 years! Check out our menufor at over www.makerfeedco.ca (TAKE-O U



At the Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, Dr. Chantal Plant and her team of dental professionals take every measure possible to create a stressof dental professionals take every measure possible to create a stress free free environment for their young patients. FILE PHOTO environment for their youngpatients. FILE PHOTO At the Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre, Dr. Chantal Plant and her team

laughing gas, if necessary, to overcome any

child’s mouth and teeth to make sure they anxieties they may have. are healthy and your child is taking proper During the ongoing pandemic, we also care of atheir follow strictteeth. series of protocols which inNow for the best part! When the dentist clude a pre-visit health check; staggered apis all finished with your child’s check-up, pointments; a mandatory face mask policy; they will getchecks to pickand outsocial a prize. temperature distancing.

We’ve also installed a new industryAfter an exciting first trip to the dentist, leading, surgical-grade indoor air cleaning your child will be able to carry on with system throughout our practice and we’ve their day knowing that they have a healthy put in place enhanced sanitization and smile. sterilization measures including full PPEs. 613-834-5959, bookyour yourchild’s child’s CallCall 613-834-5959, to to book appointment today! appointment today!




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0 • April 4, 2019 • Volume 33, No. 22

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Dr. Beverley McKeown

www.orleansfamilydentist.com 1600 Forest Valley Dr. (Chapel Hill), Orléans (The same mall as the Mac’s convenience store) 613-830-7003

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April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 11 CHARTWELL BELCOURT 1344 Belcourt Blvd., Orléans 613-688-3386 • CHARTWELL.COM

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The Superdome at Millennium Park

Canada’s largest builder of air-supported domes is pleased to announce its proposal for a domed facility at Millennium Park. The team at *TMSI Sports Management Inc. is currently working on a proposal to be presented to the City of Ottawa to erect a dome at Millennium Park that would become the permanent indoor home of the Ottawa TFC soccer club and the Ottawa TFC Academy. The dome would also provide an indoor venue for the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association and the Nation’s Capital Flag Football League. Construction and operating costs of the dome would be fully funded by TMSI Sports Management Inc.

*Thunderbird Management Services Inc. (TMSI) is an Ottawa-based company that designs, builds and manages multi-sports facilities throughout the region. 12 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23

Millennium Park dome proposal still on the table By Fred Sherwin The Orléans Star As the debate over a proposed air-supported dome at École secondaire catholique Garneau continues to draw controversy from the surrounding community, the folks at TMSI Sports Management are once again echoing their desire to erect a dome at Millennium Park. TMSI is the largest design, build and manage air-supported dome company in North America. The west end company already owns and operates four air-supported domes in the Ottawa area including domes at Ben Franklin Park in Nepean and the Hornet’s Nest in Blackburn Hamlet, both of which were built through a private-public partnership with the City of Ottawa. TMSI first expressed an interest in erecting an air-supported dome at Millennium Park in April, 2018 when the city initiated a Request for Information (RFI) process to see if any private companies were interested in the project. Only two companies responded. Following up on the Request for Information, the city launched a Request for Proposals (RFP) process in September 2018. Of the two companies that responded to the

RFI, only TMSI submitted a proposal under the RFP. But rather than accept TMSI’s proposal, the city inexplicably canceled the RFP process. Undaunted, TMSI’s president, Darin McCorristan, decided to work on an unsolicited proposal to erect a dome at Millennium Park using 100 per cent of their own money. “They told us to go ahead and that they would be happy to look at it,” says McCorristan. TMSI submitted their proposal to the City over a year ago, which has been sitting on it ever since. McCorristan believes the delay is a result of the French Catholic school board’s plans to build a dome at Garneau high school in the heart of Orléans. For McCorristan it’s déja vu all over again. Shortly after TMSI erected a dome at the Hornet’s Nest in 2004, the French public school board (the Conseil des écoles public de l’Est de l’Ontario) erected a dome at École secondaire Louis-Riel. McCorristan says there is only room for one air-supported dome in Orléans and it should be at Millennium Park. “We submitted our proposal to the

TMSI Sports Management wants to build a dome at Milliennium Park like the one above at the Hornet’s Nest. FILE PHOTO city long before the school board. The sports community has wanted a dome at Millennium for years and we’re prepared to build it and manage it with our own money. There won’t be any tax dollars involved,” says McCorristan.

One of the biggest supporters of a dome at Millennium is the Ottawa TFC soccer club which would become its main tennants. “A dome at Millennium would be perfect for us,” says Ottawa TFC general manager CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 • 13


For the best seafood in Orléans, visit Restaurante Caravela


Social gatherings can have deadly consequences.

Since it first opened on Boxing Day 2016, Restaurante Caravela has earned a reputation for delivering healthy, hearty Portuguese cuisine that has earned the establishment a long list of repeat customers for which they are truly grateful. “We have made a lot of good friends since we first opened,” says owner Fernando Diniz. “Many of our customers come back two or three times a month.” The long list of regular customers is a tribute to the food and family-friendly service delivered by Diniz and his staff starting with Chef Tom Moore, formerly of El Meson, who creates the magic in the kitchen and manager Henrique Sousa who also worked at El Meson for many years. Although trying to operate during the COVID pandemic has been a roller coaster ride for Diniz and his staff, they have not made any sacrifices when it comes to the quality of the food which Fernando Diniz includes some of the best seafood in Orléans. Diniz comes from Teceira in the Azores, which is known for their reliance on the sea and everything in it. Among the many specialties on Caravela’s menu are Shrimp and Scallops, Grilled Octopus, Sea Bass, Seafood Cataplana and Fernando’s Platter which includes lobster, Tiger shrimp, baby clams and 20 mussels. They also have a number of seafood appetizers including Grilled Squid, Cod Cakes and Garlic Shrimp. If seafood isn’t your thing, you can choose between the Alcatra pot roast, the PeriPeri Chicken, the braised Lamb Shank or the Grilled Rabbit. You can enjoy Caravela’s delicious menu either indoors where Diniz has spent thousands implementing their enhanced COVID-19 safeguards, or on their European patio. Ordering a meal from Restaurante Caravela is like dining at any quality restaurant in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve or the Azores. “We often get compliments from people who have been to Portugal and they tell us that when they eat our food they are immediately transported back in time. It’s like reliving their memories all over again,” says Fernando. The first step to enjoying delicious Portuguese food is to visit caravelaottawacom, where you can check out their menu. You can then make a reservation or order takeout. Restaurante Caravela is located at 3712 Innes Rd. next to Food Basics.

Stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. Learn more at ontario.ca/covid-19 Paid for by the Government of Ontario

14 • April 1, 2021 • Volume 35, No. 23 Cossette


100% of Final Size

Local city councillor still hopeful dome will be built at Millennium Park Continued from page 13

Pavel Cancura. “Our program and our enrollment continues to grow year after year and a dome would help us meet the additional demand.” Besides Ottawa TFC, TMSI’s proposed dome is also supported by the OttawaCarleton Ultimate Association and the National Capital Flag Football League. The city’s planning committee is supposed to receive a report on the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est’s dome later this month or next. When they do McCorristan wants them to consider their proposal as well. “We feel our dome is better positioned to meet the needs of the entire community. For one thing, you would avoid the controversy over the school board’s proposal, plus we have experience in building and managing domes elsewhere in the city without any issues. The school board should focus on

education and leave the business of operating a dome to us,” says McCorristan, adding that the board could easily run their sports program at a dome built at Millennium Park. TMSI has a sympathetic ear in Innes Ward councillor Laura Dudas, who also thinks Millennium Park is the better location. “There’s no place in Ontario where you have a dome in the middle of a residential neigbourhood,” says Dudas who is worried that if the CECCE goes ahead with building a dome at Garneau, it would ruin any chance of seeing a dome at Millennium Park in the future. “I would love to see further discussions with building a dome at Millennium because that’s where it should be... far away from any homes,” says Dudas. The city planning committee will get a chance to consider the Garneau high school site plan either this month or next. The committee can either approve it, or reject

it. It will then go to city council who will vote on the committee’s recommendation. If council rejects the school board’s proposal, it will probably end up before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, a provincial body that considers land planning appeals. Dudas is hopeful it won’t go that far. “The best outcome would be for the two parties to come together to find a way to build a dome at Millennium that still meets the school boards needs,” says Dudas. But that maybe wishful thinking. In the past, the CECCE appears determined to build a dome at Garneau where they want to introduce a sports program similar to what the CEPEO is offering at Louis-Riel. The CECCE has held several public meetings to get the public’s feedback and they’ve revised their plans to build the dome closer to Orléans Blvd. and further away from the surrounding homes. Only time will tell where the dome is eventually built.


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The Orleans Star April 1, 2021  

The Orleans Star April 1, 2021  

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