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Planning a College Vacation to Orlando

For many college students, vacationing with their friends during the break period is something that really helps them de-stress. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some good, clean and wholesome fun?

However, many college students do have a difficulty enjoying their breaks because they need to balance many things like a part time job, some after semester chores as well as their budget for vacationing.

Thankfully enough, for those in the Florida area, there is a city that is well worth the money for college – Orlando.

There are many things to do here that are really within the budget of the average college student. So if you are planning a vacation, here are a few things you can probably add to your itinerary.

First off, the best part about being in Orlando is probably the theme parks. Now unless you want to relive your childhood, you may be just a bit too old for Disney World. What you probably want to go to are the more thrilling and interesting parks like Universal Studios and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Universal Studios has some of the monster rides you can experience in the city – and take note these are very near the Kissimmee vacation homes that are of great value if you purchase them with the theme park ticket. (This will be explained later on – as some of these places are cheaper and nearer in proximity than some Orlando hotels.)

The thing is, there are a bunch of other great theme parks if you just browse through them.

Another great thing about Orlando is the great service they give you. You may have some trouble convincing your parents that you will be out with your friends for a few days, but Orlando is so adept with its tourists there is actually very little you need to worry about.

Kissimmee Fl vacation packages offer discounted accommodation services that make it ideal for a college student’s budget.

To avail of this, simply buy a theme park ticket. Many of these Orlando hotels even offer a free shuttle ride to and from the theme parks.

The last great thing to be mentioned about Orlando is the sports events at the Amway Center. You may want to time your visit to when the WWE is in town, but make sure you do this asap as the WWE can really skew the plane ticket prices aversely!

Nevertheless, you can always visit during the NBA season and watch the Orlando Magic do their thing. This powerhouse team on the Eastern Coast will definitely spark those adrenaline junkies to cheer for every amazing play!

Other sports events can also be watched at the arena and you may want to check the Amway Center website for their schedules.

Given these, you can see that planning a trip to Orlando with your friends isn’t hard at all. Maybe you can save up or simply work for it – because it will definitely be worth your while.

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Planning a College Vacation to Orlando