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the mall at millenia NEIMAN MARCUS | BLOOMINGDALE’S | MACY’S O R L A N D O





M A L L AT M I L L E N I A . C O M

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Natural elements of stone, wood and iron inspired the design of this whole house renovation. Farina & Sons is family owned with a tradition of award-winning renovations, additions and custom homes since 1950. Regardless of size, each project receives Farina’s trademark attention to detail and teamwork approach. Please visit our new website to view our home portfolio. ('*(:$7(5'5‡25/$1'2)/‡3+21(‡)$5,1$$1'6216&20

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Volume 15

Issue 7


Jay interviews actor/comedian/guitarist Chase Padgett, who’s starring in a one-man show at the Garden Theatre, and looks forward to upcoming appearances in Daytona Beach by Jerry Seinfeld and Lewis Black; James Taylor brings his All Star Band to the Amway; Best of Enemies opens at the Shakespeare Center; and the new Dr. Phillips Center welcomes Carmina Burana and The Phantom of the Opera.


Sizzling holiday looks, showcased at Disney’s new Four Seasons Resort Orlando. by Marianne Ilunga • photographs by Rafael Tongol


The tragic loss of a troubled, courageous brother leads to the adoption of two ornery cats. by Mike Thomas


30 A SOLID FOUNDATION The mid-century modern architecture popularized by Orlando architect Nils Schweizer lives on. Plus, a primer on remodeling your existing home or building a new custom home, with tips from the experts. by Randy Noles and Karen LeBlanc • photographs by Rafael Tongol

50 SILVER SPOON AWARDS Surprises abound in our annual look at Central Florida’s best eateries, starting with our choice for the region’s best new independent restaurant. by Rona Gindin • photographs by Rafael Tongol


Orlando Life has partnered with Super Lawyers to present its annual compendium of outstanding attorneys in every practice area. Super Lawyers, a division of Thomson Reuters, uses a rigorous selection process and an attorney-led research team in compiling itsDIRECTOR highly respected list, which also FROM THE OF RESEARCH includes an overall Top 50 as well as a compilation of Rising Stars.

OUR PATENTED SELECTION P Photos: (top left and right and bottom right) rafael tongol; (Bottom left) michael cairns



Beginning your search for legal counsel is no small feat: knowing wher attorneys and finally selecting one you feel comfortable with can be ov our lists, Super Lawyers performs the type of due diligence tha ON creating THE COVER: Emma C, Silver Spoon in hand, informed consumer would undertake if he or she had the time, energy wears a metallic-gray bandage gown by Hervé Léger, things that are in short supply in most people’s lives.

$1,890. The black lucite cuffs with crystal details, $325 each;So and black andSuper crystal drop earrings, $325;it easy for you. All sele how do lucite you use Lawyers? We’ve made are bybyAlexis Bittar. The silver three-finger ring, $125; practice area. Find the area that meets your unique legal needs. He and large silverselected section ring, $225; both bylist Eddie have been to the Superare Lawyers for demonstrating excelle YouAside can also by practice area andNeiman location online at SuperLawy Borgo. fromsearch the spoon, all are from Marcus at The Mall at Millenia.

If you are in need of an attorney, Super Lawyers is an exceptional place





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from the editor




’m all about the scenic lakes, curried parks and sleek high-rises of the City Beautiful. But I also like to hang out down by the railroad tracks. Looks like that option won’t be available to me much longer. One of my favorite haunts is an industrial-chic stretch of Alden Road that parallels the tracks in Ivanhoe Village, just south of downtown Orlando. It’s lined with shambling old warehouses and vintage shacks that have been rented out to a variety of creative enterprises — photographers, designers, artists, actors — not to mention my favorite craft-beer pub, The Thirsty Topher. Some nights, driving home from my latest visit to the Thirsty T, I’ll see a rectangle of flashing blue-white light spilling out through a warehouse door onto the weathered, brick-paved street ahead — a sure sign that one of the district’s metal sculptors is working late. The Ivanhood has character. It’s an urban mutt, a scrappy counterbalance to the pedigrees on Park Avenue and the show-dog parade downtown, stitched together over the past couple of years by a diverse patchwork of resourceful young artists and entrepreneurs. But things come and go so quickly down here that sometimes I think we should call Florida the Evaporate State. Last month word hit the street that all those warehouses have been purchased by Orlando developer Chance Gordy, who is planning to bring in the bulldozers to make room for a 500-unit, residential development along Alden. We live in a city that just finished pouring a half-billion bucks into a new performing-arts center as part of a campaign to enrich the cultural IQ in these parts. Meanwhile, a few blocks away, much the same thing has been emerging organically. Now, poof, in another year or so, it will all be lobotomized. I was at the Thirsty Topher the other night, conveying my sympathies to co-owner Jason Perez, whose place, which had planned a one-year anniversary this month, is on the redevelopment hit list. A “topher,” in case you don’t have your urban dictionary handy, is “the sweetest, sexiest, most perfect guy on this planet” — which may account for why I always feel good about myself when I’m drinking there. More likely, it’s my appreciation for the way Jason and his partner, Ron DiDonato, both long-time Orlando bartenders, used a shoelace budget and a ton of ingenuity to turn this low-slung, 1920s era shack, roughly the size of a two-car garage, into one of the most popular places in town. The bar itself is glorious, crafted from a huge chunk of 2,000-year-old virgin cypress, salvaged from a river bottom. The other night, I shifted in my seat and used the palm of my hand to fish around on its underside, seeking out a rough spot. Then I picked off a splinter the size of a Q-tip and tucked it into my pocket as a souvenir of yet another new friend, gone all too soon.

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What you CAN DO Check out the Dec. 3 premiere of Conquering Kilimanjaro, a heart-tugging documentary about a team of cancer survivors and their supporters who climbed the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. The producers are the Growing Bolder team, including longtime local news anchor Marc Middleton, who made the climb. So did his colleague, Wendy Chioji, a cancer survivor who’s been recently diagnosed with a recurrence. Chioji will be at the premiere, which has been dubbed “Stand Up for Wendy Night.” Everyone’s invited. It’s at Full Sail Live. Tickets are $10. Visit for more information.

What’s ON DECK Michael McLeod Editor in Chief 4


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In our January/February issue, we’ll profile one of Orlando’s most prominent local media celebrities and explore inventive locales and couture options for weddings and brides. NOVEMBER 2014

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Your child doesn’t have to be a professional athlete to receive the best

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine! When an injury benches your athlete, it’s time to turn to the Orthopaedic and Spine experts at Health Central Hospital. The board certified physicians and expertly-trained clinical team at Health Central Hospital offer the most innovative treatment technologies including rehabilitative therapy, and if needed, minimally invasive surgeries that ensure a quick recovery for your athlete. These procedures not only get your athlete back into the game but prepare them to go pro! For more information, visit or to find a board certified Orthopaedic or Spine physician, visit

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The Mod-Mediterranean by Jorge Ulibarri Custom Homes

Build on one of our lots or yours. 407-733-5500 •

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jay boyar

Out of His Shell



hase Padgett used to be a turtle. Not a real turtle, of course, but the voice of Crush,

the animated surfer-dude turtle at Epcot’s Turtle Talk With Crush attraction. Padgett also performed at Universal, bringing Beetlejuice and The Grinch to life. All that was great training, he says, for what he’s doing now: creating and performing in his own one-man shows. On Nov. 14, at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, he’ll be presenting his two biggest successes from the Fringe Festival circuit: Six



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10/20/14 11:13:55 AM

Guitars and Nashville Hurricane. Born in Winter Haven, Padgett grew up in Naples and eventually found his way to the Orlando area, where he attended UCF. These days, he’s based in Portland, Ore., although he’s always moving around. He spent a lot of time playing guitar in high school and pursued a music degree in college. Improvisational comedy also attracted his attention. “I fell in love with improv at an early age,” he says. “The idea that you can just go out and create all on your own, and you can make up your own lines, I just found so intoxicating — and I still do to this day.” Padgett formed his own improv group in high school and studied the craft at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando. Performing at Epcot as Crush gave him a chance to hone his skills as he bantered with young audience members. When he decided to create a stage show, he wanted it to be a solo work. “I wanted to do something that was really hard and challenging, and would demand all of my talents firing on all cylinders,” he recalls. So he used improv techniques to develop one-man shows that would also feature his guitar playing. “I get to stand out because I have this unique blend of character, stories, comedy and music,” he explains. “The music thing is what really helps to set it all apart.” In Six Guitars, Padgett portrays six guitarists, each representing a different musical genre: blues, jazz, rock, classical, folk and country. Nashville Hurricane tracks the career of a fictional musician who Padgett describes as “the best damn guitar prodigy you’ve never heard of.” In that show, he takes on the roles of four characters: the prodigy, his mother, his mentor and his manager. Padgett’s days as a theme-park entertainer are far behind him. But the strategy he used to find success mirrors the advice he once meted out to a child in the Turtle Talk audience. The youngster asked him (as Crush) how he managed to be so cool. “Dude, ‘cool’ is just a word other people use,” he replied. “Don’t worry about trying to be cool. Just be who you are and be proud of yourself, and cool will take care of itself.” Visit for more information. n Jay Boyar, arts editor of Orlando Life, has written about film and travel for the Orlando Sentinel and numerous other newspapers. He’s the author of Films to Go: 100 Memorable Movies for Travelers & Others and a contributor to Reel Romance: The Lovers’ Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies. ORLANDO-LIFE.COM

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In Seinfeld and Lewis Black, It’s Mr. Cool vs. ‘Old Yeller’ Jerry Seinfeld and Lewis Black are both comedians, and they’re both coming to the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach. But they’re two very different guys. Seinfeld, who’ll perform at the Peabody Nov. 15, never breaks a sweat. He may whine a bit, but mainly he stands apart from the rest of the world — calmly eyeing it, mulling it over and sharing his wry observations on stage. Black, who’ll be there Dec. 12, is a screamer. When he talks about something that’s gotten under his skin, he shouts, growls and practically foams at the mouth: In fact, the 66year-old comic is often called “Old Yeller.” Black and Seinfeld, 60, differ in their choice of subject, too. Black, who used to live in the D.C. area, is a political animal who doesn’t seem particularly pleased by either party. Recalling his D.C. days, he has said, with an odd mixture of pride and chagrin, “I would jump on the bus and go down to the White House or Congress and find whoever it was that had bothered me and run around screaming at them.” In contrast, Seinfeld’s standup shows, like his iconic TV series, tend to be about nothing (or next to nothing). He likes to joke about such minor topics as Halloween or airports or shopping for milk. “When we communicate to another person,” he’s observed about email, “we want them to know, ‘I could have called you, and I chose not to. I decided I only want to hear my half of the conversation. This is what I have to say. I think we’re done here.’” Visit for more information.



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plan on it

A Christmas Carol

Orlando Shakespeare Theater Dec. 3-28

In this theatrical rendition of the classic Charles Dickens novel, written by the Shakes’ artistic director, Jim Helsinger, grumpy old Ebenezer Scrooge changes his ways after visits from ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Christmas by Committee: A Musical

Garden Theatre, Winter Garden Dec. 5-21

The annual Citrus Village Christmas show is in a rut. Spunky newcomer Amy must convince the town’s Christmas committee that the season — and the show — is more than just their personal agendas and citrus-themed activities.

Light Up the Holidays

Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs Dec. 6

Santa and Mrs. Claus, a holiday fountain show and a 60-foot-tall Christmas tree set the stage for this annual celebration. The evening also features live music, plenty of food and more than 100 holiday displays, which will be left up for viewing through Jan. 1.

Sanford’s Annual Illuminated Christmas Parade

Downtown Sanford Dec. 13

Marching bands, floats, lots of holiday music and just one officially sanctioned Santa are featured in this unusual night-time parade, which dazzles with thousands of colorful lights on Sanford’s historic First Street.

A Classic Christmas

Knowles Memorial Chapel, Rollins College Dec. 13-14

Combining its adult and youth choirs along with its 60-piece orchestra, the Bach Festival Society presents its annual holiday program under the vaulted ceilings of Rollins College’s beautiful on-campus chapel. The Nutcracker

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Dec. 19-21

The Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra join forces for a full-length production of the best-known ballet of them all. 10


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10/20/14 11:14:13 AM

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When the Worst of Times Makes the Best of Friends

Sometimes, people make the best of friends under the worst of circumstances. When


they do, it can make for an inspiring tale. The Best of Enemies, which runs through Nov. 16 at Orlando Shakespeare’s Goldman Theater, is a prime example. The play is based on a novel of the same name by Osha Gray Davidson, who based his book on the true story of a friendship that developed in the early 1970s between C.P. Ellis, a Ku Klux Klan “Exalted Cyclops,” and Ann Atwater, an African-American mother turned civil-rights activist. The pair developed an unlikely bond after being drafted as co-chairs of a committee that met for 10 days to try and defuse a community battle over court-ordered desegregation of a North Carolina elementary school. After becoming convinced that both poor whites and poor blacks would be better off under desegregation, Ellis held up his KKK membership card and offered to tear it up if it would help improve the community’s schools. When gospel music was played during one of the committee meetings, Ann Atwater moved closer to Ellis and offered to teach him clapping lessons, explaining: “White folks clap on the odd beat.” Visit for more information. — Ailin Le Bellot


© Kristen Weaver Photography

simply stunning

© William Arthur Photography

Avis Marie Barnes as Ann Atwater

Home of the Wedding of the Year Contest

Whether you are planning an extravagant black tie affair or an intimate celebration, Reunion Resort offers an array of venues for every occassion. With a variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception locations, Reunion is sure to make your wedding day dreams come true. VISIT OUR BLOG:


ad_HP_OrlandoLife.indd 2 12 0714_RE_holiday ORLANDO LIFE

7/20/14 1:06 PM NOVEMBER 2014

259-625 PM 2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 12

10/20/14 11:14:26 AM

Since 1968, Park Maitland has been growing the leaders of tomorrow. We offer a proven foundation of excellence in education and provide children the tools they need to realize their dreams!

407-647-3038 Carolyn Manno NBC Sports Reporter and Host B.A. Telecommunications; concentration in Political Science University of Florida Park Maitland Class of 1996 259-625 PM OrlLife - Carolyn.indd 1 2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 13

8/7/14 3:56 PM 10/17/14 2:44:58 PM



Sure, he’s sold more than 100 million albums, won five Grammy Awards, graced the cover of

Time magazine and exchanged inspiration with musical megastars from The Beatles to Carole King. But somehow, James Taylor comes off as easygoing and unassuming as a walk down a country road. Now 66, the singer-songwriter with the honeyed voice recently finished a summer tour of 40 cities just in time to embark on another round of concerts. This time, Taylor and his backing “All Star Band” will visit 50 more venues throughout the U.S. and Europe, including a stop at Amway Arena on Nov. 18. Taylor’s set will, of course, include his most compelling song, “Fire & Rain,” inspired by his own early struggles with mental illness and the suicide of a friend.

Other standards sure to turn up: “Sweet Baby James” (written as a lullaby for his nephew); “Carolina on My Mind” (an unofficial state anthem for North Carolina) and “Something in the Way She Moves,” a song he used to audition for Paul McCartney and George Harrison back in 1968. The song made such an impression that in addition to winning Taylor a contract with The Beatles’ record company, it inspired Harrison to use it for the opening line of perhaps his bestknown song, “Something.” Taylor is as much a troubadour as he is a songsmith, and savors connecting with his audience. During his concerts he likes to banter between songs and regularly signs autographs during intermission. Visit for more information. — Ailin Le Bellot


James Taylor, Sweet As Ever, At Amway Arena




Sun 12:0 The




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10/20/14 11:14:36 AM

40 OR


Orlando Lif




Nutcracker Luncheon

A Magical Holiday T�adition for All Ages! Sunday, December 21, 2014 12:00-2:00 p.m.

The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

December 19-21

Family Series: December 20 & 21*


407-426-1739 ORLANDOBALLET.ORG *Family Series performances do not include Live Orchestra.

Orlando Life Full Nutcracker.indd 1 2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 15

Sponsored In Part by

Judy and Bob Yarmuth

10/13/14 10:25 AM 10/17/14 2:45:13 PM



Carmina a Pitch-Perfect Fit For New Center’s Festivities

na, whose most famous movement, “O Fortuna,” has been used as a soundtrack for The Simpsons and to get the crowd charged up at Wrestlemania XIV. Given its universal appeal, Carl Orff’s masterpiece is a logical choice for one of the key performances that will be part of the “Grand Premiere” of The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts — whose motto is “Art for Every Life.” The dramatic choral work calls for a huge choir and full orchestration, which will be supplied by the Bach Festival Choir, the Bach Festival Youth Choir, the Rollins College Concert Choir and three professional soloists as well as the Bach Festival Orchestra, all led by conductor John Sinclair. Orlando Ballet dancers will supply the visuals. Carmina Burana, a ticketed event, will be performed Nov. 22. Other Grand Premiere events: n Nov. 6, 10 a.m. Ribbon cutting and media preview. Free and open

to the public. n Nov. 8, noon to 6 p.m. Open house. Free. n Nov. 8, 8 p.m. Sheryl Crow in concert at the Seneff Arts Plaza in front of the center. Free. (A ticketed dinner with a view of the show from the center’s Hospitality Suite, which overlooks the plaza, is also being offered.) n Nov. 9, noon to 4 p.m. Open house. A family movie will be shown on the plaza at 6 p.m. Watch for free from the plaza, or, with a ticket, enjoy the view and dinner from the center’s Hospitality Suite. n Nov. 14, 8 p.m. Emmylou Harris concert in the Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater. Ticketed event, limited seating. n Nov. 15, 5 p.m. Broadway & Beyond at the Walt Disney Theater. Ticketed event. Visit for more information. — Harry Wessel


Classical music is often perceived as elitist. Then there’s Carmina Bura-

LUXURY DOWNTOWN WINTER PARK LAKEFRONT CONDO Ranked Top 100 Realtors in Central Florida - 2008- 2014



311 E Morse Blvd., #2-1 Winter Park, FL 32789

2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms/1,964 sq.ft. $969,000

Top/Multi-Million Dollar Producer



Fannie Hillman Megan OL Nov14.indd 1

2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 16

NOVEMBER 2014 10/17/14 2:09:34 PM

10/20/14 11:14:50 AM

2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 17

10/17/14 2:45:20 PM



The most notorious stage-door Johnny in his

tory is back. Actually, he never really left. Such is life for the title character of The Phantom of the Opera, a mad-love lothario who haunts a Parisian opera house while nursing a crush on a beautiful ingénue. The diehard mega-musical has made three stops in Orlando over the past two decades, all at the Bob Carr. This production will serve to christen a new home for the Broadway Across America series: the Walt Disney Theater at the $500 million Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s baroque blockbuster is by far the most successful musical in history, a planetary sensation with a global



2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 18

gross of $5.6 billion. It’s still running in London’s West End, where it opened in 1986. It’s been playing at the Majestic Theater in New York City for 26 years. You can also catch a show in Budapest, Kyoto or Seoul. Cooper Grodin and Julia Udine star in the new North American tour, which opens in Orlando Dec. 4 for an 11-day run. The current revival actually opened in Liverpool two years ago. Phantom fandom will notice several changes, most notably in staging, as orchestrated by longtime Broadway producer Cameron Mackintosh (Cats, Les Mis, Miss Saigon). The Parisian opera house is evoked this time around with a rotating faux-brick tower. Floating stairs appear and disappear, of-

fering the phantom easy escape. Computergenerated images make the graveyard scene spookier still. And there’s an audience-involvement aspect to the exploding-chandelier scene. The musical is based on the 1910 novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux. Visit for more information. — Michael McLeod

PHOTO: Courtesy broadway across America

The Phantom Haunts a Brand-New Venue


10/20/14 11:15:18 AM

Dr Kahn.ind

Afaq Zaman Khan, M.D., F.A.C.S.

General Surgeon Laparoscopic and Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr. Khan is a board-certified diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and is a fellow of American College of Surgeons. This is accepted as the standard of excellence in the field of general surgery. He also underwent specialized training in minimally invasive gastrointestinal and robotic surgery.

PHOTO: Courtesy broadway across America

Dr. Khan comes from a family of physicians. He earned his medical degree from King Edward Medical College. He then furthered his studies at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Royal College of Surgeons of Dublin, Ireland. He completed his general surgery residency at Michigan State University and then did his fellowship in foregut surgery at University of Southern California. Dr. Khan has been awarded the Oweida scholarship by the American College of Surgeons and has several publications in the field of General Surgery. Our team at Surgimed of Orlando actively participates in preoperative, operative and post operative management, including the management of complications. We understand the importance of teamwork and work closely with the primary physicians to provide the best possible care to their patients. Dr. Khan enjoys water sports, a good game of cricket, movies and traveling. On the weekend, you can find Dr. Khan socializing with family and friends. He lives in Baldwin Park Orlando with his wife, who is also a physician and young son. Immediate appointments are available, Please call the office for further information.

Monday through Thursday,9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Phone: 407 966 3355 Fax: 407 966 3365 631 Palm Springs Drive, Suite 104. Altamonte Springs, FL. 32701.

Dr Kahn.indd 1 2OL_Nov14_Agenda.indd 19

8/7/14 9:26:24 10/17/14 2:45:36 AM PM


Showcase for the Season SLEEK AND SEXY HOLIDAY LOOKS

styling by Marianne Ilunga photographs by Rafael Tongol hair and makeup by Elsie Knab Emma E, from The New Version Models, showcases sleek and sexy holiday clothing and accessories in the lobby of the new Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World. Here she wears a black-lace, shoulderillusion cocktail dress by Caché, $188, from Caché at The Mall at Millenia. She also wears jeweled crystal drop earrings by Maria Elena, $475; and pavé crystal bracelets by Jenny Packham, $290-$454. Both are from Solutions Bridal at the Shoppes at Millenia.



3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 20


10/20/14 10:45:14 AM

EDITORIAL INTERN: ailin le bellot; photo assistant aaron wendler

Emma’s electric-blue gown with open-back zipper detail is by Alice + Olivia, $1,096. The navy blue and gold long-tassel clip earrings are by Oscar de la Renta, $425; the gold cuff with lapis detail is by Alexis Bittar, $345; and the gold-tone lapis and turquoise cuff is by Devon Leigh, $495. All are from Neiman Marcus at The Mall at Millenia.


3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 21



10/20/14 10:45:30 AM





3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 22

Emma wears a flared, off-the-shoulder dress by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni, $650. Her gold and bronze T-strap heels are by Prada, $850. Her gold-leaf necklace with green stones, $995, and gold-leaf cuff with green stones, $495, are both by Oscar de la Renta. All are from Neiman Marcus at The Mall at Millenia.


10/20/14 10:46:07 AM

GL PNC Ad 9x10.75_Layout 1 10/14/14 2:36 PM Page 1

PNC FATHER/SON CHALLENGE WEEKEND PACKAGE • Overnight deluxe lake front room accommodations • Two tickets for the PNC Father/Son Challenge (December 13 & 14) • $25 resort credit per night • Commemorative golf tag THE RITZ-CARLTON ORLANDO, GRANDE LAKES FROM $299* JW MARRIOTT ORLANDO, GRANDE LAKES FROM $199*

RESERVATIONS: 800-576-5760 (CODE VLKY) *Valid December 11 - 14, 2014. Package is subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer. Advance reservations are required; rates do not apply to groups. Rates listed are per room, per night, single or double occupancy, and exclusive of taxes, gratuities, fees and other charges unless otherwise noted. Hotel and resort credits cannot be used toward room rate, tax, resort fee or gratuities. Credit must be used during stay and cannot be reimbursed or exchanged if not used.

Reserve tickets now at

DECEMBER 11–14, 2014 3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 23

Raymond Floyd Jr. & daughter

10/17/14 2:46:03 PM

STYLE Emma’s red strapless silk-chiffon gown with lace bodice is by Tadashi Shoji, $595. Her red and gold velvet jacquard mid-length coat is by Alice + Olivia, $997; her golden-swirl drop earrings are by Oscar de la Renta, $195; and her red leather bracelet is by Valentino, $325. She carries a red crocodile clutch by Nancy Gonzalez, $2,350. All are from Neiman Marcus at The Mall at Millenia.



3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 24


10/20/14 10:46:22 AM

3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 25

10/17/14 2:46:11 PM


Emma wears a long sparkling gold dress by Theia, $1,495. Her crystal drop earrings, $424, and gold-tone jeweled headpiece, $450, are both by Maria Elena. All are from Solutions Bridal at the Shoppes at Millenia.




3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 26

O n R a h w t


10/20/14 10:46:37 AM

Dr Lateef

Orlando Dermatology

Dr. F. Lateef, MD., is a Board Certi�ied Dermatologist, Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. He has been practicing Dermatology in the Dr. Phillips area since 2001.

Dr. Lateef is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of Skin, Hair, and Nails in Adults, Teenagers and in Children. He offers a full range of Dermatological services from treating common skin disorders to skin cancer and surgeries. Orlando Dermatology offers a full range of cosmetic dermatology services from laser hair removal to �illers, PRP with Micro Needling and much more.

Dr. Lateef has been voted one of Orlando’s TOP DOCTORS by Orlando Magazine, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and a TOP DOCTOR 2014 in Orlando Life.

Dermatological Services: • Skin Cancer Treatment • Acne

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Cyst & Wart Removal • Hair loss

• Nail Diseases • Vitiligo

• Rocasea

• Keloid removal/injections • Melasma

Cosmetic Services:

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• Sclerotherapy for spider veins

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Emma’s red-lace cocktail dress is by ML Monique Lhuillier, $448. Her gold-tone crystal necklace is by Erin Cole, $615, and her gold-tone, vintage-inspired crystal earring studs are by Maria Elena, $158. All are from Solutions Bridal at the Shoppes at Millenia.



3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 28


10/20/14 10:46:51 AM

3OL_Nov_14 Style.indd 29

10/17/14 2:46:29 PM


The architectural detailing on the dock and the abundance of Florida foliage are trademarks of homes designed by Nils Schweizer. His personal home, located on Wood Lake in Maitland and still owned by family members, is a rambling, mid-century classic. 30


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 30


10/20/14 12:05:34 PM


hen architect Nils M. Schweizer built his family home on Wood Lake in Maitland, the neighbors thought it was “a monstrosity,” according to his widow, Beverly Schweizer Gurtis. “They didn’t understand the style and how it could be built on a lot that was considered unbuildable,” she recalls. “Because Florida is so flat, there was no understanding that you could build in levels at that point.”


rior walls are for show, not support. The result is usually fewer walls, Today, Schweizer’s mid-century modern homes are celebrated or even “pony walls,” which extend from the floor to just below the as architectural art. Schweizer, who died in 1988 at 62, also conceiling, separating rooms while allowing them to share light. tributed his modernist sensibilities to such familiar local struc“The birth of mid-century modern was after World War II,” says tures as Orlando International Airport, Epcot’s Mexican Pavilion, Sian Winship, president of the Southern California Chapter of the the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Michael’s Episcopal Society of Architectural Historians. “The houses had open floorChurch in College Park. plans and giant sliding-glass doors, which encouraged people to go The man once known as the dean of Orlando architects was the outside and be healthy.” original designer of the Loch Haven Art Center, now considerIn most traditional homes of the era, Winship notes, window ably expanded and renamed the Orlando Museum of Art. One height was 4 to 5 feet, making it impossiof his final projects was an addition to ble for children to see outside. With walls the Orlando Public Library, a Brutalist of glass, “children became engaged and bunker of a building that still stirs strong open-minded, because the environment feelings among architecture aficionados stimulated the senses in a different way.” decades after it was completed. Schweizer, known for his organic apSchweizer belonged to a group of Cenproach to architecture, studied at the Unitral Florida trailblazers who led an archiversity of Georgia, the University of Zurich tectural and philosophical movement and under the Taliesin Fellowship program that would find expression in residenin Spring Green, Wis. — site of the original tial neighborhoods throughout Orlanarchitectural school started by Frank Lloyd do, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Wright, his mentor and primary influence. Springs, Longwood and DeLand. In 1953, Schweizer came to Florida to His legacy endures. The Nils M. Schoversee construction of an assortment weizer Fellows is a nonprofit corporation Schweizer, left, supervised construction of Frank of Wright-designed buildings at Florida formed by design enthusiasts with the Lloyd Wright’s buildings at Florida Southern Southern College in Lakeland. There he goal of preserving Central Florida’s midCollege in Lakeland. met his soon-to-be wife, Beverly Fettercentury modern architecture as well as man, an elementary-education student. ”When I first met Nils, I identifying the works of Schweizer along with compatriots Frank thought he was so cosmopolitan,” she recalls today. Sheehy, Lowell Lotspeich, Fred Lopatka and others. Although Schweizer remained Florida Southern’s official archiSo, how is mid-century modern architecture defined, beyond tect until 1985, he and Beverly moved to Orlando in 1957. There, the time frame in which the buildings were constructed? he co-founded the architectural firm of Schweizer Associates with The term covers plenty of aesthetic territory. But features of midhis younger brother, Mark. His youngest brother, Hans, joined the century modern homes often include large windows, overhanging firm several years later. eaves, flat roofs and simple horizontal elevations. Carports, terrazzo “In the beginning, modernist architecture was embraced by a floors and open floorplans also are associated with the style. nucleus of people with a broader understanding of architecture,” Post-and-beam construction is likewise typical. That means inteORLANDO-LIFE.COM

7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 31



10/20/14 11:37:16 AM

says Kevin Schweizer, an architect in New Smyrna Beach and one of Nils Schweizer’s five children. (Others are Garth, a landscape architect; Kyra, who manages the career of her pianist husband, Wayne; Tamara, an interior designer; and David, a musician). “Florida hadn’t developed its own style,” Kevin adds. “There was a haphazard approach to architecture, because people would come with preconceived ideas to replicate.” The original Schweizer residence in Maitland is now owned by son Garth. I recently visited the home — where I met with Beverly, Garth and Kevin — to talk about the legacy of Nils Schweizer and the region’s most significant mid-century modern structures. Schweizer’s first local commission was to design a lakefront home in Chaine du Lac, an upscale neighborhood in Windermere. The Goldberg House spanned 3,500 square feet, with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. Next came the Shiffman House, which was built in Maitland for a Goldberg family member. “There was this desire for a more natural, organic type of design instead of imitating other architectural styles,” says Beverly. “Nils’ work gained momentum because it worked well with Florida’s climate and topography.” The harnessing of natural light is a defining feature of midcentury modern design in general, and of Schweizer’s homes in particular. In his one-time residence, light dances through walls of glass, skylights and clerestory windows. “It was very important to Nils that a house fit, not sit, on the land,” says Beverly. “And the house had to work for the people who lived in it.” Indeed, function was crucial to mid-century architecture, which generally eschewed unnecessary ornamentation. Griff and Elizabeth Ariko, modern-design enthusiasts, now own the Shiffman House. Ironically, they didn’t know they were purchasing a home designed by one of the style’s most prominent practitioners until they saw the original blueprints and renderings, which the 32


Graphic designer John Kaiser owns this Schwiezer home in Maitland. He later bought a second one just to keep it from being demolished. prior owners had saved. “My wife and I like the clean, simple, uncluttered look,” says Griff Ariko. “We love the open floorplan, all the glass and the way natural light fills the home, even in the hallways.” The 2,200-square-foot home is built of exposed concrete block with a flat roof punctuated by skylights. A façade of vertical windows and corners of butt-joint glass enhance curb appeal. A “compressed” entrance area unfolds into a voluminous, light-filled space with sweeping views. Concrete-block columns line the hallway. John Kaiser bought another Schweizer-designed home in Maitland. Built in 1964, the two-story, concrete-block classic has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and, of course, expansive glass walls. “I’ve always admired the warm nature of Nils’ work under Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Kaiser. “While it’s modern and clean-lined, there are some ornamental details that make it unique.” Architectural historian Christine Madrid French, who wrote a paper on the design of the Orlando Public Library, is the curator of history at the Art & History Museums-Maitland and the owner of an A-frame Maitland home built in the 1960s. She’s in the process of renovating the home, which she bought as a distressed property. “The A-frame is modernist only in the sense that it was built during the mid-century modern period,” says French. “Typically, the A-frame was built as a vacation home, so this one was probably only used in the winter.” Many modernist homes were built on the former site of nearby Hiawatha Grove, which is now Dommerich Estates, adds French. They were marketed primarily to employees of Martin Marietta, now Lockheed Martin, whose engineers liked the sleeker look. “Mid-century modern is not an academic term,” says French. NOVEMBER 2014

CCC_WPM 7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 32

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©Everett & Soulé 2014

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“Scholars define the architecture of the period as either modern or revivalist. But the term has really taken off in the public vernacular, and it is a huge category.” Mid-century modern style comes in many iterations, from the sterile minimalism of glass houses by Mies van der Rohe, who is said to have coined the term “less is more,” to the kitschy Brady Bunch family home seen on the popular sitcom. (Mike Brady was, after all, an architect.) Today, many mid-century modern homes are disappearing to make way for new custom homes. Kaiser, in fact, purchased another Schweizer home that he feared was in danger of demolition. He rented it out and ultimately sold it to another mid-century enthusiast who promised to preserve it. Built in 1961, the Polynesian-style structure is relatively small and located on a double lot. “I recognized this home’s chances of survival were very slim,” says Kaiser, a graphic designer. “It would have been gobbled up by a developer who would have split the property in two.” Kaiser is such a proponent of mid-century modern architecture that he, in cooperation with the Schweizer family, founded the Nils M. Schweizer Fellows. The organization was instrumental in persuading the City of Orlando to save the patterned concrete panels from the iconic American Federal building downtown, which is being demolished as part of the redevelopment effort around the new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The so-called “round building’s” distinctive brise soleil (French for “sun breaker”) is significant because it was designed by Bob Murphy, who was a student of Walter Gropius, a founding father of the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus was a German school of design that promoted the form-follows-function philosophy, which came to underpin mid-century modern architecture. “The panels temporarily will go into storage and await the second phase of our preservation effort, which is to repurpose them,” says Kaiser. Funding for the Fellows’ projects comes from a combination of private and public money. 34


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 34

Griff and Elizabeth Ariko, owners of this Schweizer home, like the clean, uncluttered look and the open floorplan. Built in the early 1960s, it was Schweizer’s second Central Florida commission. The Fellows are also working to acquire and restore the Spring House in Tallahassee. Built in 1954, it’s the only Wright-designed home in the state. Kevin Schweizer is on the Spring House Institute board of directors and a longtime friend of the current owners. “Dad would leave Florida Southern on Friday and drive to Tallahassee to supervise the architectural work during construction,” he recalls. “That was a very common method of apprenticeship training that Mr. Wright would use to get his designs built.” French, who’s also a member of the Fellows, was previously director of the modernism program for the National Trust for Historic Preservation in San Francisco. She’s passionate about preserving as many of Central Florida’s mid-century modern buildings as possible. “Maitland and Winter Park have minor protections for historic structures,” she says. “Some neighborhoods and cities have informal, opt-in lists, but that’s no way to curate your architectural collections as a city.” French believes that cities should celebrate their mid-century modern structures and protect them as they would any other historic or cultural asset. She points to such efforts in Palm Springs, Calif., and, closer to home, in Sarasota, which holds a SarasotaMod Weekend. “Society should preserve a variety of architecture from all periods,” she adds. “We can’t rebuild everything every 30 years; it’s not sustainable. If we lose these modernist structures, we lose a lot of the historical context and cultural heritage of Florida.” For more information on the Nils M. Schweizer Fellows, visit  Karen LeBlanc is a Design TV host, writer and blogger. Her show, The Design Tourist, offers a global dose of design inspiration and airs on Her Design Tourist Trend Reports air nationally on The Daily Buzz. Visit to see and read more. NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:57:48 AM

The pro cus Ce at w

CAHILL Castleworks Charles Clayton Construction Dave Brewer DeLorenzo Homes Derrick Builders Farina & Sons Goehring & Morgan Construction Hannigan Homes Hardwick General Contracting J. Richard Watson Construction Company Kelsey Custom Homes McNally Homes Phil Kean Design Group Posada Custom Homes Ray Coudriet Builder Regal Classic Homes Silliman Homes The Master Custom Builder Council is a Central Florida organization pledged to maintain the highest professional standards in the home building industry. The &RXQFLOUHSUHVHQWVWKHDUHDtVOHDGLQJ custom and luxury home builders who have dedicated themselves to using their craft and workmanship to make Central Florida an even finer place to live. MCBC builders adhere to a very strong code of ethics which are listed at

Speer Homes Stonebridge Homes The Einheit Company Woodruff Construction and Development P.O. Box 536732 Orlando, Florida 32853 407.875.2121

Like us on Facebook MasterCustomBuilderCouncil

“The Seal of Homebuilding Excellence�

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Before After


A Solid

Foundation by Randy Noles


riedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, may have had

a more difficult time understanding building than he did religion, morality, culture and science. Nietzsche once said: “When one has finished building one’s house, one suddenly realizes that, in the process, one has learned something that one really needed to know in the worst way — before one began.” So, if you find building daunting, don’t feel bad. One of the most brilliant people who ever lived apparently found out the hard way that he hadn’t adequately prepared himself for the experience. Thinking about remodeling your home or building a new custom home? Be smarter than Nietzsche about it. Do your homework. Run the numbers. And most important, hire a qualified contractor with a strong track record of customer satisfaction. Because building is finally coming back, we at Orlando Life thought it 36


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 36


would be timely to engage in an in-depth discussion about the process of remodeling existing homes and building new custom homes. We consulted with the acknowledged experts, and tried to distill their insights into a few pages. At the very least, we hope this story prompts you to consider moving ahead with any projects, large or small, that you may have shelved during the financial crash. Waiting for the right time? It’s here.


Remodeling is all the rage these days. According to the latest leading indicator of home-remodeling activity at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, expenditures on With a whole-house remodel, Farina & Sons turned a dated ranch-style home into a spectacular showplace. NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 11:32:12 AM

7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 37

10/20/14 10:03:14 AM

Before After remodeling are expected to increase by more than 10 percent this year versus last year. “As owners gain more confidence in the housing market, they’re likely to undertake home improvements that they’ve deferred,” says Eric S. Belsky, managing director of the Joint Center. Also, home-improvement projects are making more financial sense these days. While most renovations don’t pay off dollar-fordollar when you sell your home, the average return in 2014 increased to 66.1 percent, a jump of 5.5 points over last year and the largest increase since 2005, according to Remodeling Magazine. In fact, a study last year by, a home-improvement website, found that homeowners would rather postpone vacations and avoid big-ticket purchases, such as vehicles, than delay or decrease their budgets for remodeling. Still, it’s easy for a homeowner with little experience in the remodeling realm to end up unhappy. Last year, the Better Business Bureau received nearly 8,500 complaints about remodelers nationwide. In Central Florida, homeowners are fortunate to have a plethora of solid remodelers, many of whom participate in the Remodel and Design Council of the Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA). Members of that group, whose mission is to enhance industry professionalism and expand consumer education, hate to hear remodeling horror stories. So, Orlando Life rounded up a cadre of excellent remodelers, all of whom are association members, and asked them the questions you’d want to ask if you were thinking about embarking on a remodeling project. Here’s what they had to say: ••• What kind of qualifications should a remodeler have? Do all those fancy-sounding certifications really mean anything? Yes, they do, up to a certain point. In recent years, the remodeling industry has worked hard to differentiate professional, credentialed contractors from the ubiquitous “guys in trucks” that local 38


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 38

Jonathan McGrath Construction turned a mundane back porch into a beautiful and functional summer kitchen and gathering area. TV stations so love to confront. Both the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) offer certification programs. NAHB programs include Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) and Certified Green Professional (CGP). NARI programs include certification for five distinct groups of remodeling professionals. For example, a specialist in kitchen and bathroom rehabs may earn a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR) designation for his or her resumé. At the very least, a remodeler should be licensed by the state as a contractor. And membership in one or more trade associations is usually a good sign that the remodeler cares about professionalism and continuing education. A remodeler who has taken the time to earn certifications is likely to be a reputable businessperson, says Jonathan McGrath, president of Jonathan McGrath Construction in Longwood. “Keeping up with changes in the industry is an important indicator,” says McGrath, whose company was co-founded 30 years ago with his wife, Marion. “A remodeler who’s acquired these certifications improves his business acumen, and runs a more professional operation. That can only help the client.” Although certifications may be a plus, they’re still no guarantee of a good job, according to Victor Farina, president of Farina & Sons in College Park. “It’s far more important that your remodeler has longevity and extensive experience in the field,” says Farina, whose company has been in business since 1950. Everyone agrees that checking references, seeing completed work and feeling personally comfortable with a remodeler — after all, the two of you are going to be in close proximity for an exNOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 11:32:30 AM

McGrath F



Imagine YOUR ‘AFTER’ A full-service, design-build Remodeler t8IPMFIPVTFSFOPWBUJPOt,JUDIFOT t"EEJUJPOT








McGrath FP Mid OL Nov14.indd 1 7OL_Nov14 Cent Homes.indd 39

10/17/14 10:03:26 9:08:33 AM 10/20/14


Charles Clayton Construction installed a warm, modern kitchen as part of this wholehouse remodel in Winter Park.

After tended period of time — are also essential to ensuring that you’ve made a good choice. ••• Sure, remodeling can be expensive. But so is buying a new home. How do I decide which is best for me? “Location, location, location,” says Tom Lamar, president of Lamar Design in Winter Park, repeating the old real-estate axiom. “That’s the No. 1 reason to remodel. If you love your neighborhood but have outgrown your home, remodel.” Farina agrees that location is key. “People are very loyal to their neighborhoods,” he says. “We’ve done several projects for people who actually bought the homes where they grew up.” But he also tells potential clients not to remodel if they’re planning to move in a couple of years. “It won’t be worth the stress,” he says. Which is to say, invest in remodeling because you love your home and want to remain — not because you plan to flip it for a big profit. That attitude is so 2006. Taxes are a consideration as well. If you add square footage, your remodeled home will be reappraised and your taxes increased proportionally — but not nearly to the same extent as building an entirely new home. ••• How much should I spend on remodeling my home? Will I ever recoup my investment when I sell? “The answer is, ‘it depends,’” says Charlie Clayton, president of Charles Clayton Construction. “Each home is unique. View your project as both creating a great place to live and creating a great investment.” Clayton, a second-generation builder, adds that some projects make more financial sense than others. “Remodel the right areas,” he says. “Don’t redo a living room and leave an outdated kitchen or bathroom.” Of course, when remodeling you shouldn’t over-improve for the neighborhood you’re in. A good remodeler or a knowledgeable realestate agent can help you assess what’s reasonable for where you live. 40


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 40

Still, if you’re the sort who must quantify everything, Remodeling Magazine publishes a Cost vs. Value Report that estimates the cost of various improvements and the likely return at resale. Among relatively major projects, a basement remodel is the best investment, returning 92 percent of the cost. (Of course, most Florida homes don’t have basements.) Solid returns are also offered by a minor kitchen remodel (89 percent) and an attic remodel (88 percent). Replacing siding and windows returns more than 80 percent of the cost, as does installing a wood deck. ••• What are the most popular remodeling projects? Not surprisingly, kitchens and bathrooms still top the list, in part because of the return-on-investment potential, but mostly because those are the rooms in which out-of-date design and technology are the most glaringly apparent. “Master bathroom renovations seem slightly more popular, with kitchens a close second,” says McGrath. “Clients want the spalike showers and, if space is tight, they want the tub removed.” In kitchens, McGrath says, under-counter LED lighting, taller cabinets and large single-level islands are on most wish lists. Farina says he’s seeing an upswing in clients wanting to combine their kitchens and great rooms, eliminating formal dining rooms altogether. Clayton notes that glass-tile or full-slab marble backsplashes are popular in his kitchen projects, along with stainless-steel appliances, glass cooktops and pizza ovens. Subway tile is a hot bathroom trend, he adds. Lamar’s clients like mixing materials — tile, wood, steel, granite — and using plenty of white with gray and black accents in their revamped kitchens. They’re also interested in new countertop materials, such as tempered glass and nanotech matt, a material that actually “heals” when it’s cut. Lavish outdoor living areas are also popular, and empty nesters are converting unused bedrooms into exercise areas, home theaters and hobby rooms. And master bedrooms are becoming more lavish, with coffee bars, mini-fridges and lounging areas. ••• The contract with my remodeler is 25 pages long. I need a lawyer to review it. What really needs to be included? A detailed contract is for everybody’s protection. But you should be certain that you understand it and that it includes, among other things, these elements: a timetable, a price and payment schedule, detailed specifications, insurance documentation, permit information, procedures for handling change orders, provisions for conflict resolution and notice of your rights under the Federal Trade Commission’s “Cooling Off Rule.” (The rule spells out your right to cancel the contract within three days if it was signed someplace other than the remodeler’s place of business.) Details on issues such as access to your home, care of the premises, phone and bathroom use and cleanup and trash removal should also be dealt with. NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 11:32:57 AM


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 41



10/20/14 10:03:38 AM

“We like to educate our clients as much as possible before starting the renovation,” says McGrath. “The biggest investment for most clients is their home, so having all the details spelled out is crucial.”

This Phil Kean custom home won the Grand Aurora Award at the 2014 Southeast Building Conference.


In 1922, Edwin Meredith gave contractors a gift that has kept on giving. He started a magazine called Fruit, Garden and Home, which two years later was renamed Better Homes and Gardens. Before there was HGTV and Houzz, homeowners turned to Better Homes and Gardens for ideas and inspiration. Many other home-themed magazines followed, but Meredith’s was the first to tap into that innate desire shared by virtually everyone who pays a mortgage to have a home that truly reflects their personal style. These days, most large production builders offer buyers wide latitude in “customizing” their homes with different fixtures and finishes, optional extra rooms and varying elevations. But, appealing as these homes may be, they’re still basically stock plans with dozens or perhaps thousands like them in subdivisions around the country. Many buyers, especially high-income buyers, choose to build true custom homes, meaning the homes are one-ofa-kind, built from original sets of plans. However, some custom builders also have portfolios from which buyers select basic plans and modify them. In that case, is it still a custom home? 42


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 42


10/20/14 11:50:57 AM

7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 43

10/20/14 10:03:47 AM



7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 44

and consider it to be a cautionary tale). In Orlando, some of the best custom builders are members of the Master Custom Builder Council (MCBC), a highly selective organization that requires its members to meet certain financial stability requirements as well as adhere to a rigid code of ethics. Not all custom builders are MCBC members, but participation in such organizations is one of many criteria you should consider in selecting a custom builder. Orlando Life interviewed some the region’s top custom builders about the process of creating a unique home — from conception to completion — and how to make certain everyone involved is happy with the result. Here’s what they had to say: ••• I want to build a custom home. I guess I need to find an architect first, right? There’s some disagreement on this subject. Most custom builders can relate stories about buyers who show up with a full set of plans they’ve commissioned only to find that it’s impossible to build the home

they envisioned at a reasonable cost. However, many architects and building designers — a building designer, by the way, is not an architect, but has been certified to design single-family homes — say they are quite adept at designing within the confines of a budget. Phil Kean of Phil Kean Design Group in Winter Park is both an architect and a builder, so the issue rarely arises. In fact, Kean says he hasn’t yet built a home that wasn’t of his own design. “However, I would say [the issue of who to contact first] depends on the architect,” Kean notes. “Many are very good, and can establish realistic budgets with you in the same way that a builder can.” Indeed, builders often successfully work from supplied plans. Ulibarri has certainly done so, but warns that few clients have the kind of technical knowledge required to accurately assess competing bids from builders. “A house is made from thousands of components, so even with the same set of drawings, you can end up with very different pric-


10/20/14 11:34:01 AM


Perhaps not by the strictest definition. “Semi-custom” may be a more appropriate term, depending upon the scope of the changes made to the portfolio plan. “A custom home can be a stock plan with modifications,” says Mike Keesee, president of Keesee and Associates, an Apopka-based home-design company that works with both custom builders and production builders. “But [a modified stock plan] will never be the first of its kind.” Jorge Ulibarri of Cornerstone Custom Construction in Orlando goes even further. “A custom home is created from a blank sheet of paper,” he says. “It’s unique to that client. No one else has the same home. The builder doesn’t sell the plan to anyone else.” In any case, building a true custom home is always going to be far more complicated than picking something out of a plan book. And, as with remodeling, the process requires considerable research and encompasses many potential pitfalls. (Watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, the 1948 Cary Grant and Myrna Loy comedy,

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es,â€? Ulibarri says. “The client must invest a lot of time to compare apples to apples.â€? That’s why most custom builders don’t like to bid against one another on a set of predrawn plans. There are so many cost-impacting variables at play that it’s difficult to make valid comparisons. Anyway, the lowest bid may be the costliest option in the long-run, especially if the contractor is sub-par. The best advice? Assemble a team and make sure everyone is on the same page — or the same blueprint, as it were. With so much money on the line, a team effort is mandatory. ••• F ASHION C ONSULTING Some builders describe themselves as “design-buildâ€? companies. What does that mean, exactly? With a design-build contract — in which the tylissima is a full service fashion consulting company that provides individual builder drives the process from conception through personal shopping, wardrobe assessment, travel packing as well as Glam Squad or construction special — the architect is part of a team and reports to the builder, not to occasion consultation. Stylissima’s goal is complete enhancement - creating an empowered you. A particularly hands-on owner may find you inside and out with a special focus on color preferences, body shape and personal style. that unappealing. The upside, however, is that a design-build contract offers a single point of contact and, arguably, tighter cost controls. “The design-build process enables the owner, builder, architect/designer and interior designer to work together, within a pre-defined budget,â€? says Greg Hardwick, president of Hardwick General Contracting in Maitland. “The team makes sure the owner’s needs are met without surprises. It’s also the smoothest andFquickest way to tranASHION C ONSULTING sition through design and construction.â€? Scott Green, president of Castleworks in tylissima is a full service fashion consulting company that provides individual Orlando, sums it up in two words: “Value enpersonal shopping, wardrobe assessment, travel packing as well as Glam Squad or special gineering. The builder can enhancement guide the -design occasion consultation. Stylissima’s goal is complete creating an empowered you inside process and out with focus on color preferences, body shape and personal style. toa special reduce unnecessary costs.â€?    ••• ‡ CLOSET ASSESSMENT I’d love to build a custom home, but don’t they cost a lot of money com‡ WARDROBE STYLING pared to a production home? F ASHION C ONSULTING ANY SERVICE ‡ SPECIAL OCCASION STYLING Many — but not all — custom homes cost ‡ TRAVEL PACKING from the high six figures to more than $1 Wardrobe styling Ä“ Travel packing Ä“ Fashion production ‡ FASHION SHOW PRODUCTION Closet assessment Ä“ Personal shopping million, in large part because they’re bigger with noconsulting obligation tylissima is a full service fashion company that provides individual and feature upscale finishes and leadingpersonal shopping, wardrobe assessment, travel packing well as Glam Squad or special (please present this brochure forasdiscount.) edge technology. occasion consultation. Stylissima’s goal is complete enhancement - creating an empowered Also, custom builders may build only a you inside and out with a special focus onLUNGA color preferences, body shape and personal style. ARIANNE IOUF SERVICE handful of homesANY each year, lavishing many F ASHION C ONSULTING Free Consultation months of attention on every project, while STYLISSIMA FASHION CONSULTING with no obligation ‡ CLOSET ASSESSMENT production builders make (please present this brochure for discount.)their money on WWW STYLISSIMA COM volume and replication. tylissima is a full service fashion consulting company that provides individual ‡ WARDROBE MARIANNE ILUNGA DIOUF STYLING personal shopping, wardrobe assessment, travel packing as well as Glam Squad or special Most custom builders say they can build STYLISSIMA FASHION CONSULTING consultation. Stylissima’s goal is complete enhancement - creating an empowered occasion .,    a %%   ‡ SPECIAL a WWW home.STYLISSIMA for between $150 and $200 per OCCASION STYLING .COM

e the new you.





Stylissima OFF 20% B


e the new you.



e the new you. Free Consultation










you inside and out with a special focus on color preferences, body shape and personal style.



.,    a%%   NOVEMBER 2014 1/3/14 10:49:04 AM

10/20/14 11:34:40 AM


7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 47



10/20/14 10:04:28 AM




square foot, but there’s no average because each home is one of a kind — and each client has his or her costly quirks. One client might spend tens of thousands of dollars on a specially designed spiral staircase. Another might insist that ceiling beams be salvaged from a barn in Vermont. Most custom builders work on either fixedprice or cost-plus contracts. With a fixedprice contract, the cost of the home is predetermined and is unaffected by fluctuations in labor and materials costs. Cost-plus contracts take the actual cost and tack on percentages for overhead and management. ••• What are some tips for selecting a custom builder? It goes without saying — although we’re saying it — that any builder should have the proper state licenses. But the selection process goes far beyond that. “Look for building experience, but also experience in the [architectural] style you prefer,” says Keesee. “We’ve had many builders kill a good design because they didn’t understand the scale or proportions, and just ‘did it like they always have.’ It’s not a fun day when you have to go to the job site and tell the builder to tear it off and start again to get it right.” Nobody wants to be in the middle of a newhome project and have the builder go out of business. So, assuming you’re getting a construction loan, ask your banker to run a credit check on the builder you’re considering. A builder with poor credit might not pay subcontractors, which would entail liens. Likewise, a builder with financial difficulties might lowball a job just to generate cash flow. Chad Cahill, vice president of Cahill in Winter Park, adds that it’s important to hire a builder who’s hands-on. “Find out how often the builder and the project manager are onsite,” he says. “There are builders out there who don’t check their jobs very often. Then there are builders who have someone on-site every day during the building process.” Personal compatibility with the builder is also important. “I tell my customers that building a custom home is like entering into a 12-month marriage,” says Ulibarri. “Above all, there has to be trust. The buyer is making one of the largest investments in his or her life.” 




In its Summer issue, Orlando Life published a directory of Top Doctors for Cancer as selected by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., which for nearly 25 years has conducted a rigorous, doctor-supervised survey of individual physicians and hospitals across the country. Inadvertently, the sub-specialty of Colon and Rectal Surgery was omitted. The following doctors within that subspecialty should have been included with their peers in the August list. Orlando Life regrets the error:


Matthew R. Albert, M.D. Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery 661 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs 407-303-5191 Florida Hospital Altamonte, Florida Hospital Orlando


Sam B. Atallah, M.D. Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery 242 Loch Lomond Drive, Winter Park 407-599-9705 Winter Park Memorial Hospital, Florida Hospital Orlando


P a P o

Thomas B. Blake III, M.D. 331 N. Maitland Ave., Maitland 407-629-5141 Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida Hospital Altamonte Samuel DeJesus, M.D. Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando 110 W. Underwood St., Orlando 407-422-3790 Orlando Regional Medical Center, Florida Hospital Orlando

th c c E e fi F P s

Andrea Ferrara, M.D. Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando 110 W. Underwood St., Orlando 407-422-3790 Orlando Regional Medical Center, Florida Hospital Orlando Joseph T. Gallagher, M.D. Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando 110 W. Underwood St., Orlando 407-422-3790 Orlando Regional Medical Center, Health Central Hospital Jacqueline L. Kaiser, M.D. Winter Park Colon & Rectal Specialists 255 N. Lakemont Ave., Winter Park 407-628-1718 Winter Park Memorial Hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center



DOc correction.indd 1 7OL_Nov14 Mid Cent Homes.indd 48


10/20/14 9:54:06 AM 10/20/14 11:34:52 AM

DR Profiles


Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery

Florida Hospital Medical Group Altamonte Springs: 661 East Altamonte Drive, Suite 220, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701; East Orlando: 258 South Chickasaw Trail, Suite 201, Orlando, FL 32825; Winter Park: 242 Loch Lomond Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792 • 407-303-2615 •

PIONEERS OR TRANSANAL MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY (TAMIS) AND TRANSANAL TOTAL MESORECTAL EXCISION (TATME). George Nassif, Jr., D.O. ; Sam B. Atallah, M.D. ; Teresa H.deBeche-Adams, M.D. ; Matthew R. Albert, M.D. Practice Highlights: The Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery has four offices where sub-specialty surgeons treat a broad spectrum of disease of the colon and rectum with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. Prestigious Surgical Innovations: The group is well recognized for pioneering, transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS), and has trained thousands of surgeons around the world while publishing extensively on this revolutionary technique for rectal cancer. TAMIS has further evolved into another transanal approach to radical rectal surgery called transanal total mesorectal excision (TATME). TATME is considered the next generation of rectal cancer surgery, and is thought to be one of the most important innovations of the past three decades. The surgeons at CCRS continue to lead the world in surgical technique development, instruction and patient outcomes. They have published 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conducted numerous presentations at national surgical society meetings. Elite Fellowship Program: Out of 100 applicants, only two surgeons are enrolled in the CCRS’ highly competitive colorectal surgery fellowship program each year. International fellows, physician assistant students, medical students and surgical residents also rotate to learn from our team. Our physicians are affiliated with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine and Florida State University College of Medicine as well as Graduate Medical Education at Florida Hospital. Philosophy and Patient Promise: To provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible, and continue our research endeavors that lead to surgical innovations from which physicians and patients around the world can benefit.

“Research is ongoing, and the group is actively seeking to enroll patients in national and international clinical trials. We have helped establish Centers of Excellence in colorectal oncology and pelvic floor disorders with regular participation in multi-disciplinary conferences —such as pelvic floor, pathology and GI tumor board—and provide a true continuum of care to solve complex problems of the colon and rectum. “ Castle Connolly Top Doctor: Matthew R. Albert, M.D.

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10/20/14 10:04:35 AM 7/15/14 11:25:54


s a restaurant critic, I zip around town sam-

pling new establishments, savoring wine pairings, frequenting food fairs and noshing at snack vendors. But then I pay my dues. I crank out reviews, tend to my blog, update my listings, schlep to the Y — and share a year’s worth of my favorite discoveries via Orlando Life’s annual Silver Spoon Awards. As always, we also conducted an online Readers’ Choice survey, whose results are shown separately. Central Florida’s culinary scene, like its population, is increasingly sophisticated and diverse. The proof, as always, is in the pudding. Or the parfait. Or the mousse. Bon appétit!


Txokos After evaluating the whole package — food, service, décor and originality — it’s clear to me that Txokos deserves the nod as top new independent. Located in the Audubon Park Garden District’s East End Market, Txokos (pronounced CHO-kose) serves specialties from Spain’s Basque region. The chefs are dedicated to putting out destination-worthy food, and the prices aren’t off-putting.


Highball & Harvest The Vineyard Grill was a lovely restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. But not lovely enough that you’d bypass the resort’s other posh eatery — Norman’s — for dinner. So it was a savvy and welcome upgrade on the part of the resort to tear down the old and start from scratch with the new: Highball & Harvest, a farm-to-table concept best described as rustic chic. Nibble on a bar snack of housemade jerky and sip a Whistle-Stop, which is essentially the world’s best whiskey sour. Begin your meal with sweet parkerhouse rolls made with “ancient” grains and served with herb and apple butters. Other highlights: cask wines, deviled eggs, shrimp and grits, smoked lamb belly with boiled peanut “baked beans,” and my all-time favorite, Pig ’N’ Potatoes, an all-day classic farmhouse breakfast. 50


6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 50



Le Café de Paris My friends sometimes resisted me when I took them to lunch at Le Café de Paris, a tiny restaurant in the Dr. Phillips area. They’d take a gander at the innocuous nook, which had just enough space for three small tables, and assume that it couldn’t possibly be as good as I claimed. Now the once-diminutive dining establishment has doubled in size, and looks five times bigger. The Wolff family — Claude, Chantal and their son, Pierre — have a grand café, serving up quiches, paninis, crêpes and omelets I’d come to love before they went big-time (well, biggerthan-before time, anyway). Plus, they’ve added wine and beer.


No Experience Necessary Our local hotshot chefs have been busy writing lately, turning out so many pretty cookbooks that I may have to get a bigger coffee table. My favorite food-related literary tome isn’t a cookbook but a memoir, No Experience Necessary. Turns out that Norman Van Aken, the proprietor of Norman’s in The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, isn’t some super-fancy kind of guy. He’s essentially a hard-working erstwhile hippie who traveled a long and winding road from short-order cook to culinary superstar. Chef Norman, generally regarded as the originator of New World Cuisine, wasn’t formally trained as a writer. But he wasn’t formally trained as a chef, either, and that turned out pretty well.


Bistro Cloclo Other than the patriarchs, Christini’s and Chatham’s Place, Restaurant Row’s few independents tend toward downscale. So what a delight it was to find Bistro Cloclo, a classic French dining spot that combines formality with warmth. Surrounded by rich red walls heavily bedecked by framed oil paintings of Parisian street scenes, you can almost forget that you’re in an Orlando strip mall. The service is welcoming, and the menu offers pâté, steak au poivre, coq au vin and tarte tatin — the kind of

BEST APPETIZER Le Coq au Vin’s Vegetable Tarts NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:38:27 AM



6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 51

10/20/14 10:38:02 AM



Your vote counts, too! Orlando Life’s Readers Choice survey, sent via email and posted online, gave you a chance to dish out your opinions. Here are your picks for favorite dining places in the following categories:

NEW ESTABLISHMENT 1. South + York 2. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood 3. The Coop BREAKFAST PLACE 1. Villa de Flora 2. Keke’s Breakfast Café (multiple locations) 3. Oscar’s Brasserie LATE NIGHT PLACE 1. Raglan Road 2. Santiago’s Bodega 3. Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria WINE LIST 1. The Venetian Room 2. Old Hickory Steakhouse 3. Bull & Bear DESSERT 1. Cocina 214 2. The Dessert Lady 3. Raglan Road SERVICE 1. The Venetian Room 2. Chef’s Table 3. Café de France SERVER 1. Matthew Schwemmer, Café de France 2. Jack Cremlin, Chef’s Table 3. Wendy Voss, Wreckers Sports Bar CHEF 1. Barbara Alfano, Peperoncino 2. Kevin Tarter, Chef’s Table 3. Nathaniel Russell, Café de France APPETIZER 1. Mushroom Torte, Chef’s Table 2. Guacamole, Cocina 214 3. Tempura Goat Cheese, South + York



6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 52

Gasteaux Basque with Bordeaux Cherry Gastique dishes you’d expect in a space this decked out.


Fresh from the Field Nonprofit organizations have for years raised funds through food-focused events. At first, they were nearly all indoor affairs, held primarily in hotel ballrooms. Now, some have moved outdoors, allowing patrons to chow down for charity beneath the stars. I’m particularly looking forward to Fresh from the Field, slated for Nov. 8 at Lake Meadow Naturals, a farm in Ocoee. The event will showcase chefs from K Restaurant, The Rusty Spoon, The Ravenous Pig and Cuisiniers, each of whom will prepare a course. The local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will benefit.


Jason’s Deli, Bonefish Grill, Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza, Italio’s OK, I’m enough of a food snob to eschew chain eateries whenever possible. But I have to admit that some chains offer an impressive option or two. I like to lunch on the Zucchini Grillini at Jason’s Deli. It’s a monster of a vegetable sandwich with Muenster cheese, spinach, olives, tomatoes and roasted red-pepper hummus on a hearty bread. At Bonefish Grill, those spicy Bang Bang Shrimp are quite a tasty treat. Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza offers an Italian tuna sandwich that raises the bar for this lunchbox staple. The lemony fish is placed on focaccia and topped with peppery arugula salad and sliced tomato. At Italio’s, a counter-service Italian eatery, I’m mighty fond of the spaghetti with NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:39:27 AM

© Kristen Weaver Photography

© William Arthur Photography

simply stunning SAY I DO TO REUNION RESORT

Home of the Wedding of the Year Contest

Whether you are planning an extravagant black tie affair or an intimate celebration, Reunion Resort offers an array of venues for every occassion. With a variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception locations, Reunion is sure to make your wedding day dreams come true. VISIT OUR BLOG:


0714_RE_holiday ad_HP_OrlandoLife.indd 2

7/20/14 1:06 PM

Thank you for voting the BEST in town Best Tex-Mex/Mexican, Best Appetizer, Best Cocktail, Best Dessert, Best Happy Hour and Best Family Place

Grilled Brun-Uusto Cheese Tacos

Park Ave Lux

DINE IN | CATERING | PRIVATE DINING 151 East Welbourne Ave | Winter Park, FL 32789 |407-790-7997 | ORLANDO-LIFE.COM

6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 53



10/17/14 2:48:55 PM

COCKTAIL 1. Orange Blossom Margarita, Cocina 214 2. Barrel Aged Seelbach, Chef’s Table 3. Skinny Margarita, Señor Tequila


BEER 1. Cask & Larder 2. Wreckers Sports Bar 3. Raglan Road DELI 1. TooJays (multiple locations) 2. Publix (multiple locations) 3. Jason’s (multiple locations) PIZZA 1. Prato 2. La Luce 3. Mellow Mushroom (multiple locations) BURGER 1. Tasting Room at Chef’s Table 2. Wreckers Sports Bar 3. BurgerFi (multiple locations) BUFFET 1. Villa de Flora 2. Oscar’s Brasserie 3. Boma COFFEE 1. Starbucks (multiple locations) 2. Axum 3. Palmano’s SUSHI 1. Sora 2. Zeta Bar & Sushi Lounge 3. Seito HAPPY HOUR 1. Cocina 214 2. Tasting Room at Chef’s Table 3. Peperoncino DATE PLACE 1. Chef’s Table 2. The Venetian Room 3. Old Hickory Steakhouse FAMILY PLACE 1. Cocina 214 2. Salamanders Sports Grill 3. Raglan Road

Italian sausage and spicy tomato-based Prima Rossa sauce.,, acfp. com,


Kevin Spencer It’s just a happy coincidence that a guy named Kevin Spencer wound up as executive chef at Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops. The restaurant is named for a cut of beef, not for him. What really matters, though, is that Spencer is making a name for both himself and the establishment he’s been piloting. His appetizers and desserts are inventive and, while I prefer the beef, the meat list on any given week might include kangaroo. At private dinners and foodcentered fundraising galas, he might bring pork belly enhanced by whiskey and Coca-Cola with foie gras gravy and gooseberries (it’s amazing). The food at Spencer’s is so good that it merits braving I-Drive traffic.


Bonsai Sushi Three sisters tend to guests at Bonsai Sushi, a tiny Japanese hideaway in the Dr. Phillips area. Giselle, Nicole and Michele know the regulars 54


6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 54

and pamper them without fuss. (Giselle’s husband, Chun Kim, makes the rolls and such.) They rush over with extra lemon for the guy who likes several slices. They remember which oh-my-heavens-that’s-good version of their raw tuna and raw salmon dishes I last ordered. The Bonsai bowl? The one with avocados? Or was it the other one with avocados? Which one has the crunchies? They know, they care and they remember to bring extra spicy mayo for the Japanese take on jalapeño poppers. No website


Tamale Co. I discovered the portable Tamale Co. stand at a PechaKucha Orlando gathering, and rediscovered it at the Winter Garden Farmers Market. Now I can’t get enough of these gentle flavor giants, which are also sold at the Orlando Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola. They’re soft masa pancakes (steamed, not fried!) wrapped around robustly flavored meats or beans and topped with crazy-flavorful sauces. Owners Fernando and Jennifer Tamayo toss in bonuses, such as Mexican cheeses, minced cilantro leaves and chipotle cream. I like — make that love — the chicken tamale with Fernando’s tomatillo-based NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:39:52 AM

green sauce, cilantro aioli, queso fresco and cilantro.


The Coop Everyone’s dazzled by those metal buckets packed with crispy fried chicken at The Coop in Winter Park. But the side dishes at this popular Deep South-style eatery share the glory. The flavorful creamed corn is made, surprisingly, with cream cheese. The just-like-mom-made macaroni and cheese is highlighted by that humble but trustworthy family favorite: Velveeta. And the sweet cornbread is baked in a cast-iron skillet slathered with — just pretend you didn’t hear me say this — bacon fat. Apart from the sides, there’s a dessert worth mentioning: Old-School Banana Cream Pie, which uses bananas baked in their peels.


Oblivion Taproom It used to be hard to find a good burger in Orlando. Now there is a plethora of premier patties. Our latest crush is the lineup at Oblivion

BEST CELEBRITY CHEF BOOK No Experience Necessary

“Book early for your Holiday Parties”

Follow us on FaceBook for menu specials and special events. Winner: Silver Spoon Award 2014 ORLANDO-LIFE.COM

6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 55

W inter Park 400 South Orlando Avenue s 407-644-7770 Reservations online at ORLANDO LIFE


10/20/14 10:39:59 AM

AFRICAN 1. Boma 2. Jiko 3. Nile Ethiopian AMERICAN 1. The Ravenous Pig 2. Tony Roma’s 3. Season’s 52 BBQ 1. 4 Rivers 2. Harry & Larry’s 3. Bubbalou’s BRAZILIAN 1. Texas de Brazil 2. Fogo de Chão 3. Vittorio’s CARIBBEAN 1. Bahama Breeze 2. Guavate 3. Lelo’s BBQ CHINESE 1. Jum-Bo 2. Kim Wu 3. P.F. Chang’s CREOLE 1. Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen (multiple locations) 2. Hot N Juicy Crawfish 3. King Cajun Crawfish CUBAN 1. Black Bean Deli 2. Padrino’s 3. Columbia FRENCH 1. Café de France 2. Le Coq au Vin 3. Chez Vincent GERMAN 1. Hollerbach’s Willow Tree 2. Biergarten at Epcot 3. Jaeger Haus GREEK 1. Taverna Opa 2. Greek Corner 3. Athena’s INDIAN 1. Saffron 2. Memories of India 3. Woodlands 56


6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 56


Taproom. With its macabre graphics and crimson walls, the place looks like a biker bar. Ignore all that. Choose a burger. Any burger. They’re a blend of chuck, brisket and short rib — oh-somoist and cooked over a gas grill to give them that backyard-barbecue caramelization. The buns are supplied by Olde Hearth Bread Company, a local artisan bakery that makes them not too thick or thin, not too soft or chewy, and just stout enough that they bear up to burger juice without falling apart. Toppings, even the ketchup, are made from scratch.


That One Spot This humble little counter-serve restaurant in Ocoee quietly plates up quality beef and creative patties on nice, thick rolls. That One Spot’s surprisingly creative menu includes a salmon/ goat cheese/garlic aioli combo and a black-bean patty. Specials range from an Asian-flavored shiitake mushroom burger to the “banana boat,” a traditional burger topped with banana cream sauce, walnuts, fried egg, bacon and cheddar cheese.


Shake Shack When we couldn’t get anyone to join us for burgers at Shake Shack on a recent trip to

New York, we shrugged it off, knowing Central Florida was getting its own soon. After all, über-chef Danny Meyer’s creation, which was dear to me thanks to my NYC roots, is now an international sensation. The burgers are from humanely raised, vegetarian-fed Angus. The hot dogs, fries, frozen custard and shakes are all but artisanal. Confession time: I’m recommending this in spite of the fact that I still have not visited the local Shake Shack. It shares an overburdened parking lot with Trader Joe’s in Winter Park, and I haven’t had the heart to brave it. When I do, I’ll order a double patty topped with Shack Sauce and Applewoodsmoked bacon. Or maybe a meat-free, cheesefilled, crisp-fried Portobello mushroom burger.


Pio-Pio My family would eat at Pio-Pio weekly, if time permitted. I’m not crazy about the muted, formal décor, but I love the selection of Colombian and Peruvian staples, and so do the kids. The Campestre Combo, denoted on the menu as being meant to serve two, is actually ample enough for four. The meals start with a garlicky salad, followed by the platters: tender rotisserie chicken, fried sweet and green plantains, and rice. Garlic and spicy dipping sauces go fast; NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:40:08 AM

we usually blend them together, then ask for refills. The Matador Combo includes all that, plus French fries with slivers of frankfurter and a plate of beans. It would feed six.


The Bar at Yellow Dog Eats The more it evolves — and it keeps renovating, adding and changing — the more popular Gotha’s Yellow Dog Eats becomes. The down side is, you have to wait in line to order your sandwich, salad or barbecue platter. Now there’s another option: Sit at the newly expanded bar and tell the bartender what you want. He’ll let the kitchen know while you unwind over a glass of wine or, better yet, a mango mojito.


Le Coq au Vin’s Vegetable Tarts Year after year after year, casually elegant Le Coq au Vin ranks among the region’s most beloved French restaurants. And year after year after year, I begin my meals there with a vegetable tart. The stalwart is an onion tart: flaky crust filled with a creamy blend of Boursin, goat and cottage cheeses and tender caramelized onions. A bit of hidden bacon adds a boost. During Magical Dining Month, the restaurant offered a zucchini version that was almost as good. Add a glass of wine and the tart makes a nice, light dinner on its own.


RanGetsu With its stylish dining room and patio, RanGetsu offers an ambiance worthy of its fine Japanese cuisine. But I’m a fan of this Maitland restaurant’s mix-and-match: a reasonably priced bento box. For $20, you can choose any four items from a list of about 15. I usually pick the teriyaki salmon, gyoza dumplings, bulgogi and sashimi. Your selections might include vegetable tempura, a spring roll and robata chicken. The portions are generous, and the bento box comes with a choice of miso soup or a green salad with ginger dressing. I often follow up my bento box with a take-home box.

DON’T MISS WINTER PARK Beginning this year, award-winning Winter Park Magazine will be sent to its own readers and not included automatically as a bonus for Orlando Life subscribers. But if you’d like to continue receiving Winter Park Magazine, free of charge, log onto, click on the Orlando Life cover image and fill out the form.


ORLANDO-LIFE.COM 16th sub adsH WP.indd 1

6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 57


1/17/14 12:30:22 PM

10/20/14 10:40:14 AM

IRISH 1. Raglan Road 2. Fiddler’s Green 3. Claddagh Cottage ITALIAN 1. Peperoncino 2. La Luce 3. Maggiano’s 3. Rocco’s Italian Grille & Bar JAPANESE 1. Sora 2. Amura (multiple locations) 3. Kobé (multiple locations) KOREAN 1. Korea House 2. Shin Jung 3. Bee Won MEXICAN/TEX-MEX 1. Cocina 214 2. Taquitos Jalisco 3. Garibaldi MIDDLE EASTERN 1. Bosphorous 2. Cedar’s 3. Flame Kabob SEAFOOD 1. Winter Park Fish Company 2. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood 3. Mitchell’s Fish Market STEAKHOUSE 1. Bull & Bear 2. Capital Grill (multiple locations) 3. Ruth’s Chris (multiple locations) THAI 1. Thai Thani 2. Spice Thai 3. Soong Thai VEGETARIAN 1. Ethos Vegan Kitchen 2. Sweet Tomatoes (multiple locations) 3. Dandelion VIETNAMESE 1. Little Saigon 2. Pho 88 3. Saigon Flavors



6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 58



Pisa Italian Pizza A friend and former New Yorker has pushed me for years to try Pisa Italian Pizza, insisting that the unfussy eatery’s pies are “just like home.” It’s on West Colonial, though, near Hiawassee Drive. That trafficky part of town is offputting, so I hesitated. Now I tell you this: Go, go, go, go, go! This is, indeed, the kind of pizza I grew up loving — proof that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The crust is thin, the dough flavored nicely. The sauce is not too sweet, not too dull. The cheese goos just the right amount. And the pies emerge from the oven with oversized brownish bubbles, just as they should. I haven’t tried the toppings yet, or anything else on the menu. I was so relieved to find a real pizza — the type New Yorkers call “regular;” here it’s known as “cheese” — that I may never venture into sausage, pepperoni or spinach territory. No website


The Soda Fountain What’s black and white and red all over? The most darling little storefront in College Park. It’s called The Soda Fountain, and it’s right on Edgewater Drive. The corner shop has a black-and-white tile floor, a chalkboard — with chalk! — on the wall, and a warm, nostalgic feel throughout. A local company, Muse Gelato, makes the premium ice cream using hormonefree milk. Eighteen flavors are available. Have one or more of the flavors in a cone, in a sundae or atop a brownie. Or, skip the ice cream

altogether and have a Brooklyn-style egg cream, which consists of seltzer (in this case Perrier, although I’d prefer plain seltzer, which produces bigger bubbles), milk and chocolate syrup.


Ravalia’s When Ravalia’s opened in Casselberry, it looked like every other déclassé pizza parlor. Except its pizza was really, really good. And the staff made the pastas from scratch, right behind the counter. This “find” isn’t such a secret anymore, thanks to its recent move to more upscale digs in Lake Mary. I’ll bet its customers will follow.


Al Bacio When an Al Bacio server brought my cappuccino order, I had to smile when I saw the foamy floral design it featured. The trio of flowers had white petals, dark brown outlines and red centers. It was just so cheerful. At Al Bacio — located in the Park Avenue space once occupied by Brandywine’s Delicatessen — each artful cup of joe is also served with a chocolate-dipped Italian cookie.


Los Portales Supermarket & Mexican Restaurant Next time you’re out on West Colonial near Winter Garden, stop by Los Portales, a Mexican grocery store with a counter-service eatery NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 10:40:21 AM

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within. Ask for guacamole to go and choose a container size. Then comes the show: An employee will cut an avocado in half, scoop out the flesh and mash it with white onion, tomato, cilantro and jalapeño. The result is a fresh and hearty guacamole as good as any you could make at home. No Website


Global Venture Dinners With tens of thousands descending on Orlando during Epcot’s annual Food & Wine Festival, neighboring hotels have come up with clever promotions to attract visiting foodies. At the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and adjacent Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Food & Wine Weekends involve multiple eating and drinking events. Friday and Saturday night Global Venture Dinners are group affairs. Sixteen guests, maximum, share a three-course, winepairing dinner. Chefs and wine gurus discuss each dish served and each wine poured. The menu changes weekly, but one thing is guaranteed: As you break bread together, the total strangers you sat down with will feel like dear friends by evening’s end. This year’s festival wraps up Nov. 10.


L’Artisan des Glace Epcot is renowned for its sweet treats, from Japan’s fruity shaved ice to America’s sugary funnel cakes. Now, in the France Pavilion, you can indulge yourself at L’Artisan des Glace, a dessert shop where the chef-created ice cream is made in an upstairs kitchen. I sampled Caramel Fleur de Sel, which is similar in composition to America’s frozen custard. It’s ultra creamy yet also frothy, with a deep, rich flavor. This, and all L’Artisan des Glace ice creams, can be savored solo. They also can be enjoyed between warm halves of brioche topped with syrup in a “croque glace” sandwich, in a sweetened iced cappuccino topped with whipped cream, or in a “martini” drizzled with Grand Marnier or another spirit. Chocolate and seasonal ice cream-filled macaron sandwiches are also sweetly sinful. n


6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd 59


Daringly Traditional.

You crave it. We serve it. Since 1981, TooJay’s has been delighting diners with an exciting and eclectic menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the craving strikes indulge in authentic NY–Style deli sandwiches or settle in with slow roasted turkey, old fashioned pot roast and other comfort food favorites. Friendly, professional service is a part of every meal, so make plans to join us for “a little taste of home”. LEGENDARY DESSERTS

Black & White Cookies

Chocolate Killer Cake


Corned beef, roast beef, turkey and Swiss cheese rolled with lots of Cole slaw and Russian dressing. Exclusively at TooJay’s

Carrot Cake

Orlando Colonial MarketPlaza (407) 894-1718 ● East Orlando Waterford Lakes Town Center (407) 249-9475 Southwest Orlando The Marketplace at Dr. Phillips (407) 355-0340 ● Ocoee Shoppes of Ocoee (407) 798-2000 Altamonte Springs Palm Springs Shopping Center (407) 830-1770 Lake Mary Lake Mary Centre (407) 833-0848 Locations also in Sarasota and Tampa •

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A� ��a� �litte� … Engagement ◆ Wedding ◆ Anniversary ◆ Birthday Holiday Gifts

40th Anniversary Celebration Dec 6th 4 PM-8 PM Food, Wine and Fun

232 North Park Av enue •

Reynolds and Co OL Nov14.indd 60 1 6OL_Nov14_Silver Spoons.indd

Serving Our Valued Customers for 40 Years

Since 1974

Winter Park •

4 07. 6 4 5 . 2 278•

w w w. Rey n o l d s J ewe l e m

9:36:42 PM AM 10/17/14 2:49:03

spec ial adv e rt isin g sec t ion



THE ANNUAL LIST The Top Attorneys in the Orlando area INCLUDING RISING STARS


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10/9/14 12:57 PM

spec ial adv e rt isin g sec t ion




OUR PATENTED SELECTION PROCESS Beginning your search for legal counsel is no small feat: knowing where to start, researching attorneys and finally selecting one you feel comfortable with can be overwhelming tasks. In creating our lists, Super Lawyers performs the type of due diligence that a highly motivated and informed consumer would undertake if he or she had the time, energy and resources—the very things that are in short supply in most people’s lives. So how do you use Super Lawyers? We’ve made it easy for you. All selected attorneys are listed by practice area. Find the area that meets your unique legal needs. Here you’ll find attorneys who have been selected to the Super Lawyers list for demonstrating excellence in that practice area. You can also search by practice area and location online at If you are in need of an attorney, Super Lawyers is an exceptional place to begin your search.




Diverse list of the top attorneys nominated by their own peers

Validated with third-party research across 12 key categories, conducted by an attorney-led research team

EVALUATIONS Candidates are grouped into categories based on practice area and reviewed by those attorneys who received the highest totals from each category



FINAL SELECTION 2.5% of attorneys selected to RISING STARS


VISIT SUPERLAWYERS.COM Search for an attorney by practice area and location, read features on attorneys selected to our lists and find out more about our patented selection process.

PICTURED ON THE SUPER LAWYERS COVER Criminal-defense and family law attorney J. Cheney Mason grabbed global headlines in 2011 by landing a not-guilty verdict for Casey Anthony, accused of killing her daughter Caylee. He is one of the many exceptional lawyers listed in this Super Lawyers special advertising section. PHOTO BY SCOTT COOK


DISCLAIMER: The information presented in Super Lawyers is not legal advice, nor is Super Lawyers a legal referral service. We strive to maintain a high degree of accuracy in the information provided, but make no claim, promise or guarantee about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in this special section or linked to and its associated sites. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be solely based upon advertising or the listings in this special section. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services performed by the attorneys listed in this special section will be greater than that of other licensed attorneys. Super Lawyers is an independent publisher that has developed its own selection methodology. Super Lawyers is not affiliated with any state or regulatory body, and its listings do not certify or designate an attorney as a specialist. State required disclaimers can be found on the respective state pages on

© 2014 Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters business. All rights reserved.



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November 2014

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Divorce and Family Law Board Certified in Marital and Family Law

Richard D. West

2014 Super Lawyers honoree

Caryn M. Green

2014 Super Lawyers honoree

8 01 N. O RA N G E AV E . , SU I TE 700, O RL A N D O, FL 32801 | ( 4 0 7 ) 4 2 5 -8 8 7 8

y, al on Super Lawyers is a registered trademark of Thomson Reuters.

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special adv ertising section


PRACTICE AREA INDEX Alternative Dispute Resolution ............................... S-4 Appellate .................................................................. S-4 Banking..................................................................... S-4 Bankruptcy: Business ............................................... S-4 Bankruptcy: Consumer............................................. S-4 Business Litigation ................................................... S-4 Business/Corporate ................................................. S-5 Civil Litigation: Defense ........................................... S-5 Construction Litigation ............................................ S-5 Consumer Law.......................................................... S-6 Creditor Debtor Rights ............................................. S-6 Criminal Defense ...................................................... S-6 Criminal Defense: White Collar ............................... S-6 Elder Law .................................................................. S-6 Eminent Domain ...................................................... S-6 Employee Benefits.................................................... S-6 Employment & Labor ............................................... S-6 Employment Litigation: Defense ............................. S-6 Environmental .......................................................... S-6 Environmental Litigation ......................................... S-6 Estate & Trust Litigation .......................................... S-6 Estate Planning & Probate ...................................... S-6 Family Law................................................................ S-6 Franchise/Dealership .............................................. S-6 General Litigation......................................................S-7 Government Finance .................................................S-7 Government Relations ..............................................S-7 Health Care................................................................S-7 Immigration ...............................................................S-7 Insurance Coverage...................................................S-7 Intellectual Property .................................................S-7 Intellectual Property Litigation.................................S-7 International ..............................................................S-7 Land Use/Zoning ......................................................S-7 Mergers & Acquisitions .............................................S-7 Personal Injury General: Defense .............................S-7 Personal Injury General: Plaintiff..............................S-7 Personal Injury Medical Malpractice: Defense ...................................................................S-7 Personal Injury Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff....................................................................S-7 Personal Injury Products: Defense .......................... S-8 Personal Injury Products: Plaintiff ........................... S-8 Professional Liability: Defense ................................ S-8 Professional Liability: Plaintiff ................................. S-8 Real Estate ............................................................... S-8 Schools & Education ................................................ S-8 Securities & Corporate Finance ............................... S-8 Securities Litigation.................................................. S-8 Social Security Disability .......................................... S-8 State, Local & Municipal .......................................... S-8 Tax............................................................................. S-8 Workers’ Compensation........................................... S-8

S-4    ORLANDO LIFE  November 2014

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 4

THE LIST BY PRIMARY AREA OF PRACTICE The list was finalized as of December 5, 2013. Any updates to the list (for example, status changes or disqualifying events) will be reflected on Names and page numbers in RED indicate a profile on the specified page.


Attorneys with this icon have a featured Super Lawyers video that may be viewed on their online profile. Visit video.superlawyers. com and enter the unique code in the box towards the top, right corner of the screen to view the attorney’s videos. If you are viewing this magazine in a digital format, simply click the icon.

ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Jernigan, A. Michelle, Upchurch Watson White & Max, Maitland, 407-661-1123 Lane, Joseph A., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Pg. S-5 Sawicki, Stephen C., Stephen C. Sawicki, Orlando, 407-843-1994 Watson, Jr., Lawrence M., Upchurch Watson White & Max, Maitland, 407-661-1123

APPELLATE Eagan, Barbara Anne, Eagan Appellate Law, Orlando, 407-286-2204 Hamilton, John R., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Lippincott, Marcia K., Marcia K. Lippincott, Lake Mary, 407-688-2700 O’Leary, Erin J., Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566 Rogner, William H., Hurley Rogner Miller Cox Waranch & Westcott, Winter Park, 407-571-7400 Shannin, Nicholas A., Shannin Law Firm, Orlando, 407-985-2222 Pg. S-5 Weiss, Kevin B., Weiss Legal Group, Maitland, 407-599-9036 Wheeler, Elizabeth C., Elizabeth C. Wheeler, Orlando, 407-650-9008

BANKING Brenner, Matthew G., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Pg. S-5 Brumback, Jr., Charles T., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Carolan, III, Joseph P., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246 Case, Robert L., Stovash Case & Tingley, Orlando, 407-316-0393

BANKRUPTCY: BUSINESS Brumby, Andrew M., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6901 Cohen, Jules S., Akerman, Orlando, 407-419-8512 Pg. S-5 Dell-Powell, Denise D., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6607 Golden, Eric S., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6603 Green, Elizabeth A., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Herron, Jr., Kenneth D., Wolff Hill McFarlin & Herron, Orlando, 407-648-0058 Higgins, Robert F., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Hill, Peter N., Wolff Hill McFarlin & Herron, Orlando, 407-648-0058 Kane, Jon E., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6625 Kobert, Roy S., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Pg. S-5 McDowell, Brian A., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500

McFarlin, David, Wolff Hill McFarlin & Herron, Orlando, 407-648-0058 Peterson, David E., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Rotella, Raymond J., Kosto & Rotella, Orlando, 407-425-3456 Saxton, Bradley M., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246 Pg. S-5 Shuker, R. Scott, Latham Shuker Eden & Beaudine, Orlando, 407-481-5800 Pg. S-5 Vilmos, Nicolette C., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Wolff, Frank M., Wolff Hill McFarlin & Herron, Orlando, 407-648-0058 Young, Robert L., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300 Zusmann, Jr., Samuel J., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500











McCausland, Elizabeth Foshee, Liz McCausland, Orlando, 407-992-8824




Allen, W. Riley, Riley Allen Law, Orlando, 407-838-2000 Bell, Brent C., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6725 Benford, John Y., Benford Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-956-1010 Bennington, Jr., Alfred J., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6755 Bloodworth, Darryl M., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Pg. S-5 Boudet, John A., Roetzel & Andress, Orlando, 407-245-2451 Brennan, John M., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Cannella, David E., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300 Carr, Jr., Peter F., Carr Law Firm, Orlando, 407-426-9300 Cho, Min K., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Dellinger, Richard S., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 DeVault, Megan C., Akerman, Orlando, 407-419-8426 Downs, Mayanne, GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Pg. S-5 Elsberry, Michael V., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6240 Fassett, Ladd H., Fassett Anthony & Taylor, Orlando, 407-872-0200 Fisher, John E., Fisher Rushmer, Orlando, 407-843-2111 Foster, Joseph E., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Gerber, Daniel J., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Gilbert, Suzanne E., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Pg. S-5 Greene, Charles M., Charles M. Greene, Orlando, 407-648-1700 Hathaway, David P., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Hill, Christopher T., Hill Rugh Keller & Main, Orlando, 407-926-7460 Pg. S-8 Hinson, Lynn J., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Johnson, Daniel C., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300 Jones, David A., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1133 King, David B., King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando, 407-422-2472 Pg. S-5 Kirk, William L., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Linscott, Jerry R., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4024 Litchford, Hal K., Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, Orlando, 407-367-5400 Melton, Jr., Howell W., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-5186


10/9/14 12:57 PM







A th b

















spec ial adv e rt isin g sec t ion


BY PRACTICE AREA Mercier, Judith M., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Oliver, David S., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-849-2972 Osborne, William G., William G. Osborne, Orlando, 407-894-1534 Pittenger, T. Todd, Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Roberts, Joel E., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Rogers, III, Robert L., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Salzman, Gary S., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Pg. S-5 Spivey, II, I. William, Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Tellechea, Albert F., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1150 Tessitore, Michael A., Moran Kidd Lyons Johnson & Berkson, Orlando, 407-841-4141 Townes, Virginia B., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Vitale, Michael S., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Wilson, William B., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1115 Pg. S-5 Young, Terry C., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Pg. S-5 Zehnder, Thomas A., King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando, 407-422-2472 Pg. S-5

BUSINESS/CORPORATE Brennan, Terence F., Brennan Legal Group, Orlando, 407-420-6800 Cauthen, William H., Cauthen & Feldman, Tavares, 352-343-2225

ORLANDO AREA THE TOP 50 An alphabetical listing of the Orlando area lawyers who ranked top of the list in the 2014 Florida Super Lawyers nomination, research and blue ribbon review process

Grimm, William A., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Humphries, J. Gregory, Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6940 Marder, Michael Ellis, Greenspoon Marder, Orlando, 407-425-6559 Schick, David L., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4084

CIVIL LITIGATION: DEFENSE Bussey, III, John W., Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, Orlando, 407-203-7599 Caldwell, Lori J., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Lawton, William E., Dean Ringers Morgan & Lawton, Orlando, 407-422-4310 Meier, III, George A., Meier Bonner Muszynski O’Dell & Harvey, Longwood, 407-872-7774 Weiss, Jeffrey S., Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566

CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION Alfert, Jr., Robert, Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Pg. S-5 Arnold, Trevor B., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Ashby, Kimberly A., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Pg. S-5 Baxa, Jr., Edmund T., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Blair, Brian C., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4050 Brown, Curtis L., Wright Fulford Moorhead & Brown, Altamonte Springs, 407-425-0234 Bull, Stephen M., Bull & Associates, Orlando, 407-843-5291

Cacciabeve, Charles J., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300 Candes, Michael R., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Dannecker, John H., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6727 Pg. S-5 Dillon, Sean M., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland, 407-622-5250 Fowler, Kevin D., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Gibbons, Michael R., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Grant, William L., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Groover, Claramargaret H., Becker & Poliakoff, Orlando, 407-875-0955 Hamner, Frank A., Frank A. Hamner, Winter Park, 407-645-4549 Hayes, Rosemary, Hayes Law, Orlando, 407-341-2242 Kirwin, Brian P., Kirwin Norris, Orlando, 407-740-6600 Pg. S-5 Martin, Gregory S., Gregory S. Martin & Associates, Maitland, 407-660-4488 Milne, Michael E., Milne Law Group, Orlando, 321-558-7700 Moye, James E., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland, 407-622-5250 Norris, Bruce A., Kirwin Norris, Orlando, 407-740-6600 Pickert, Stephen W., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland, 407-622-5250 Pg. S-5 Railey, III, Lilburn R., Railey Harding & Allen, Orlando, 407-648-9119 Richie, Kenneth R., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1100 CONTINUED ON PAGE S-6

Dukes, III, Thomas E., McEwan Martinez & Dukes, Orlando

Ringer, Geoffrey D., Ringer Henry Buckley & Seacord, Orlando

Egerton, Charles H., Dean Mead, Orlando

Salzman, Gary S., GrayRobinson, Orlando

Etscorn, James V., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando

Saxton, Bradley M., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando

Ford, Richards H., Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford, Orlando Frey, Julia L., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando

Shannin, Nicholas A., Shannin Law Firm, Orlando Sharma, Prineet D., Harris Harris Bauerle Sharma, Orlando Shuker, R. Scott, Latham Shuker Eden & Beaudine, Orlando

Garganese, Anthony A., Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando

Slaughter, Jr., Harrison T., Harrison T. Slaughter, Orlando

Allen, Herbert L., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando

Gilbert, Suzanne E., Holland & Knight, Orlando

Walsh, Michael R., Christian D. Smed, Orlando

Ashby, Kimberly A., Akerman, Orlando

Isenhart, Heidi W., Shuffield Lowman & Wilson, Orlando

West, Richard D., West Green & Associates, Orlando

Ball, Stephen T., Holland & Knight, Orlando

Johnson, Scott J., Holland & Knight, Orlando

Bittman, Michael J., Broad and Cassel, Orlando

King, David B., King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando

Wilson, Brian T., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando

Bloodworth, Darryl M., Dean Mead, Orlando

King, Samuel P., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando

Wilson, William B., Holland & Knight, Orlando

Kirwin, Brian P., Kirwin Norris, Orlando

Yates, Jr., Leighton D., Holland & Knight, Orlando

Kobert, Roy S., GrayRobinson, Orlando

Yates, Tad A., Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, Orlando

Lane, Joseph A., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando

Young, Terry C., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando

Detzel, Lauren Y., Dean Mead, Orlando

Lindsey, Warren W., Law Office of Warren W. Lindsey, Winter Park

Zehnder, Thomas A., King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando

Doppelt, Ava K., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando

Mandel, Jeffrey E., Fisher & Phillips, Orlando Pickert, Stephen W., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland

Downs, Mayanne, GrayRobinson, Orlando

Raiskin, Morey, Burr & Forman, Orlando

Alfert, Jr., Robert, Broad and Cassel, Orlando

Brenner, Matthew G., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando Brown, Usher (Larry), Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando Cohen, Jules S., Akerman, Orlando Dannecker, John H., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 5

Henry, Robert D., Ringer Henry Buckley & Seacord, Orlando

Subin, Ben W., Holland & Knight, Orlando Weiss, Christopher J., Attorney at Law, Orlando

Wolf, Kay L., Ford & Harrison, Orlando


10/9/14 12:57 PM

special adv ertising section



Sasso, Michael C., Michael C. Sasso, Winter Park, 407-644-7161 Subin, Ben W., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-5122 Pg. S-5 Vilmos, Peter C., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6600 Weiss, Christopher J., Attorney at Law, Orlando, 407-928-6737 Pg. S-5 Wilson, Michael K., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Worman, Robert B., Worman & Sheffler, Winter Park, 407-843-5353

CONSUMER LAW Brown, Douglas B., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-839-4550

CREDITOR DEBTOR RIGHTS Bancroft, Zachary J., Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, Orlando, 407-422-6600 Johnson, Jason W., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600

CRIMINAL DEFENSE Buonauro, Robert J., Attorney at Law, Orlando, 407-841-1940 Consalo, Marc A., The Consalo Law Firm, Orlando, 407-843-2003 Fussell, David, Fussell Law Firm, Orlando, 407-472-0686 Hernández, H. Manuel, H. Manuel Hernández, Orlando, 407-682-5553 Kehoe, Terrence E., Law Office of Terrence E. Kehoe, Orlando, 407-422-4147 Lindsey, Warren W., Law Office of Warren W. Lindsey, Winter Park, 407-644-4044 Pg. S-5 Lykkebak, Donald A., Law Offices of Donald A. Lykkebak, Winter Park, 407-425-4044 O’Mara, Mark M., O’Mara Law Group, Orlando, 407-898-5151 Snure, Michael J., Snure & Ponall, Winter Park, 407-469-6200 Umansky, William D., The Umansky Law Firm, Orlando, 407-228-3838 West, Donald R., Don West Law Group, Orlando, 407-425-9710 Yates, Tad A., Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, Orlando, 407-608-7777 Pg. S-5

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: WHITE COLLAR Horwitz, Mark L., Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, Orlando, 407-401-7224 Sheaffer, William J., William J. Sheaffer, Orlando, 407-423-1066 Slaughter, Jr., Harrison T., Harrison T. Slaughter, Orlando, 407-650-5535 Pg. S-5

ELDER LAW Bryan, Randy C., Hoyt & Bryan, Oviedo, 407-977-8080 Isenhart, Heidi W., Shuffield Lowman & Wilson, Orlando, 407-581-9800 Pg. S-5

EMINENT DOMAIN Garber, Kurt H., Wilson & Garber, Orlando, 407-843-4321 Hipp, Kent L., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Johnson, Scott J., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1120 Pg. S-5 Marshall, Tracy A., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Milian, Richard N., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Sharma, Prineet D., Harris Harris Bauerle Sharma, Orlando, 407-843-0132 Pg. S-5 Small, Jay W., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 S-6    ORLANDO LIFE  November 2014

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 6

Spoonhour, James M., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6300 Wilson, III, J. Christy, Wilson & Garber, Orlando, 407-843-4321




Canan, Michael J., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Hurt, Richard T., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Van Heyde, II, Joseph J., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5108

Kendig-Schrader, Julie P., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Pence, William L., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4095 Sims, Roger W., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-5107





Ackerbaum Cox, Joyce, Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Ball, Stephen T., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Pg. S-5 Brown, James G., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 Egan, Jr., Joseph, Egan Lev & Siwica, Orlando, 407-422-1400 Finnigan, John M., Finnigan Law Firm, Maitland, 407-478-3700 Garwood, Jr., Thomas C., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 Green, Dorothy F., Latham Shuker Eden & Beaudine, Orlando, 407-481-5800 Helsby, Wayne L., Allen Norton & Blue, Winter Park, 407-571-2152 Hollifield, Travis R., Hollifield Legal Centre, Winter Park, 407-599-9590 Houston, Mary Ruth, Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6939 Kennedy, Kristyne E., Cole Scott & Kissane, Orlando, 321-972-0000 Lev, Tobe M., Egan Lev & Siwica, Orlando, 407-422-1400 Levitt, Mark E., Allen Norton & Blue, Winter Park, 407-571-2152 Lord, Jr., John S., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Mandel, Jeffrey E., Fisher & Phillips, Orlando, 407-541-0850 Pg. S-5 McKenna, Allen J., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 McKenna, Susan K., Jackson Lewis, Orlando, 407-246-8429 Mooney, Nichole M., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Muldowney, Patrick M., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Pilacek, Thomas J., Thomas J. Pilacek & Associates, Winter Springs, 407-660-9595 Piscitelli, Kathryn S., Attorney at Law, Orlando, 407-491-0143 Raiskin, Morey, Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6675 Pg. S-5 Ryan, Cynthia Brennan, Ryan Law, Oviedo, 407-359-0403 Schwartz, Jill S., Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, Winter Park, 407-647-8911 Sigman, Patricia R., Sigman & Sigman, Altamonte Springs, 407-332-1200 Spalter, David H., Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, Winter Park, 407-647-8911 Wilson, Gary D., Wilson McCoy, Maitland, 407-803-5400 Wood, Benton N., Fisher & Phillips, Orlando, 407-541-0851 Works III, Donald C., Jackson Lewis, Orlando, 407-246-8433 Young, Thomas Wade, Thomas Wade Young, Orlando, 407-373-0942 Zandy, Aaron L., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300

Sundberg, Laura Kristin, Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7010 Wilkins, Jr., Robert C., Attorney at Law, Maitland, 407-539-2798


EMPLOYMENT LITIGATION: DEFENSE Shaughnessy, Kevin W., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Wolf, Kay L., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 Pg. S-5

Ryan, Rory C., Ryan Law, Oviedo, 407-359-0403







Ahearn, Matthew J., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5152 Akins, David J., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5169 Brennan, David Clark, The Brennan Law Firm, Orlando, 407-893-7888 Detzel, Lauren Y., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5114 Pg. S-5 Dunegan, Stephen D., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Feldman, H. John, Cauthen & Feldman, Tavares, 352-343-2225 Frey, Julia L., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Pg. S-5 Lefkowitz, Ivan M., Lefkowitz Shaw & Sentner, Orlando, 407-425-1974 Marshall, III, Stewart A., Akerman, Orlando, 407-419-8516 Miller, Scott G., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Palma, Anthony W., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Price, Pamela O., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Stanley, Norma, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6467 Wohlust, G. Charles, G. Charles Wohlust, Maitland, 407-644-3206














Aikin, Wendy L., The Aikin Family Law Group, Winter Park, 407-644-4040 Foster, John W., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Green, Caryn M., West Green & Associates, Orlando, 407-425-8878 Holmes, N. Diane, N. Diane Holmes, Orlando, 407-843-1744 Pg. S-8 Levin, Norman D., Norman D. Levin, Longwood, 407-834-9494 Mason, J. Cheney, Law Office of J. Cheney Mason, Winter Park, 407-843-5785 Palmer, Rebecca L., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6472 Rabinowitz, Mark P., Greenspoon Marder, Orlando, 407-425-6559 Smith, IV, Roy J., The Smith Family Law Firm, Altamonte Springs, 407-790-4800 Walsh, Michael R., Christian D. Smed, Orlando, 407-896-9431 Pg. S-5 Weber, Nancy S., Sasser & Weber, Orlando, 407-896-0491 Weiss, Samuel J., Weiss Grunor Barclay & Barnett, Maitland, 407-999-9500 West, Richard D., West Green & Associates, Orlando, 407-425-8878 Pg. S-5















FRANCHISE/DEALERSHIP Blaher, Neal J., Law Office of Neal J. Blaher, Altamonte Springs, 407-696-5050



10/9/14 12:57 PM


6 0


spec ial adv e rt isin g sec t ion




Deery, J. Jeffrey, Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246 Durkin, Denis L., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4053 Etscorn, James V., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Pg. S-5 Ford, Richards H., Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford, Orlando, 407-317-2170 Pg. S-5 Keiner, Jeffrey D., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Marks, Howard S., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-647-4455 Paul, David A., Paul & Perkins, Orlando, 407-540-0122 Rader, Shawn G., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Schwamm, Richard B., Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm, Orlando, 407-841-9866 Simmons, David H., de Beaubien Knight Simmons Mantzaris & Neal, Orlando, 407-422-2454 Toscano, James S., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600

Gilchrist, Brian R., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Herbert, Gregory W., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Landa, Adam B., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Milbrath, Stephen D., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330

GOVERNMENT FINANCE Bloom, Warren S., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Clement, Randall C., Bryant Miller Olive, Orlando, 407-426-7001 Wilson, Jéan E., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Leonhardt, Frederick W., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880

HEALTH CARE Allen, Jr., Richard L., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 Bittman, Michael J., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Pg. S-5 Chaires, Gregory A., Chaires Brooderson & Guerrero, Altamonte Springs, 407-834-2777 Evans, David L., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 Indest III, George F., The Health Law Firm, Altamonte Springs, 407-331-6620

IMMIGRATION Zyne, Philip M., Philip M. Zyne, Orlando, 407-833-8951

INSURANCE COVERAGE Harwood, Susan B., Boehm Brown Fischer Harwood Kelly & Scheihing, Maitland, 407-660-0990 Wall, Dennis J., Dennis J. Wall, Winter Springs, 407-699-1060

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Allen, Herbert L., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Pg. S-5 Beusse, James H., Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, Orlando, 407-926-7700 Doppelt, Ava K., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Pg. S-5 Gibbs, Jon M., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Regan, Christopher F., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Riola, Jill Sarnoff, Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-244-8246 Sanks, Terry M., Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, Orlando, 407-926-7707 Pg. S-8 Sigalow, David L., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 7

INTERNATIONAL Lavigne, James R., South Milhausen, Orlando, 407-539-1638 McClane, J. Brock, McClane Partners, Orlando, 407-872-0600 Perez-Kelly, Penelope B., Perez-Kelly Law Firm, Orlando, 407-392-0755

LAND USE/ZONING Brown, Ted R., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1132 Cheek, III, James E., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Winter Park, 407-423-4246 Fitzgerald, Miranda F., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6340 Kantor, Hal H., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Yates, Jr., Leighton D., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1126 Pg. S-5

PERSONAL INJURY GENERAL: DEFENSE Bos, Carey Nicolas, Kubicki Draper, Orlando, 407-245-3630 Cameron, A. Craig, Cameron Hodges Coleman LaPointe & Wright, Orlando, 407-841-5030 Caro, Andrea, Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7075 Corso, David A., Fisher Rushmer, Orlando, 407-843-2111 King, Jr., Philip T., Fisher Rushmer, Orlando, 407-843-2111 Kirk, J. Scott, Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 O’Connor, Dennis R., O’Connor & O’Connor, Winter Park, 407-843-2100 O’Connor, Kieran F., O’Connor & O’Connor, Winter Park, 407-843-2100 Ringer, Geoffrey D., Ringer Henry Buckley & Seacord, Orlando, 407-841-3800 Pg. S-5 Thompson, G. Mark, Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin, Orlando, 407-420-4380

PERSONAL INJURY GENERAL: PLAINTIFF Anderson, III, George H. “Dutch”, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin, Orlando, 407-888-8000 Y GP8RK9T Bailey, Michael K., Bailey Fisher, Winter Park, 407-628-2929 Boatwright, Jr., Joseph E., Billings Morgan & Boatwright, Winter Park, 407-679-9900 Byrd, Jeffrey M., Jeffrey M. Byrd, Orlando, 407-423-1313 Carter, Nathan P., Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Orlando, 407-712-7300 Clem, Alexander Murphree, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Copeland, Todd E., Todd E. Copeland & Associates, Orlando, 407-999-8995 Cunningham, James O., Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, Orlando, 407-425-2000 Dellecker, Robert H., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Diez-Arguelles, Carlos R., Diez-Arguelles & Tejedor, Orlando, 407-705-2880 Faddis, Eric H., Faddis & Faddis, Orlando, 407-872-1050

Green, Robert F., Robert F. Green & Associates, Winter Park, 321-207-8393 Holbrook, David L., Holbrook Law Firm, Orlando, 407-422-1906 King, Samuel P., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Pg. S-5 Klausman, Glenn M., Jacobs & Goodman, Altamonte Springs, 407-788-2949 Maher, Michael C., The Maher Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-839-0866 McKenna, Kenneth J., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Mooney, Thomas E., Mooney Colvin, Orlando, 407-648-2889 Morgan, Mary Ann, Billings Morgan & Boatwright, Winter Park, 407-679-9900 Payas, Armando R., Payas Payas & Payas, Orlando, 407-425-7223 Perkins, Jr., Paul C., Paul & Perkins, Orlando, 407-540-0122 SanGiovanni, Paul L., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Sos, Anthony “Tony”, Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Wilson, Brian T., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Pg. S-5 Wooten, Jr., Council, Wooten Kimbrough, Orlando, 407-843-7060 Wright, Melvin B., Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Orlando, 407-712-7300

PERSONAL INJURY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: DEFENSE Dukes, III, Thomas E., McEwan Martinez & Dukes, Orlando, 407-423-8571 Pg. S-5 Gibbs, Eric P., Estes Ingram Foels & Gibbs, Orlando, 407-481-9449 Grower, III, Mason H., Grower Ketcham Rutherford Bronson Eide & Telan, Orlando, 407-423-9545 Henry, Robert D., Ringer Henry Buckley & Seacord, Orlando, 407-841-3800 Pg. S-5 Hurt III, Jennings L., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120 Jewett II, Henry W., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120 O’Hara, Kevin T., Beytin McLaughlin McLaughlin O’Hara & Bolin, Altamonte Springs, 407-622-6725 Pierce, III, Francis E., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 Rushmer, Gary H., Fisher Rushmer, Orlando, 407-843-2111 Stokes, Brian D., Alvarez Sambol & Winthrop, Orlando, 407-210-2796 Womble, Richard S., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120

PERSONAL INJURY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: PLAINTIFF Bates, H. Scott, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Dill, John W., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Faiella, Elizabeth H., Faiella and Gulden, Winter Park, 407-647-6111 Gilbert, Ronald S., Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Orlando, 407-712-7300 Mitnik, Keith R., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-849-2383 Ruffier, William E., Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Taraska, Joseph, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-244-9484 CONTINUED ON PAGE S-8


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special adv ertising section



Pearson, Karl E., Pearson Bitman, Maitland, 407-647-0090

Dymond, Jr., William T., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6342 Evora, Orlando L., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Gorovitz, Aaron J., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6336 Grindstaff, Michael J. (“Micky”), Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6927 Level, Meredith E., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6284 McIntosh, Daniel F., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6272 McNeil, Jr., James H., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Neff, Jr., A. Guy, Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1127 Ort, Joseph D., Joseph D. Ort, Ocoee, 407-656-4500 Pope, Nicholas A., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Ryan, Michael, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Seay, James E.L., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1117 Snively, Stephen W., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1112 Sullivan, Michael J., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Taylor, Robert L., Becker & Poliakoff, Orlando, 407-875-0955 Willard, James G., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200



Kelaher, James P., Kelaher Law Offices, Orlando, 407-841-7698

Brown, Usher (Larry), Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566 Pg. S-5 D’Agresta, Suzanne, Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566

PERSONAL INJURY PRODUCTS: DEFENSE Edwards, James A., Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7010 Eubanks, Jr., Ernest H. (Skip), Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Kolos, Chris N., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 McDonald, Jr., Francis M., McDonald Toole Wiggins, Orlando, 407-838-4052 Roth, Larry M., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Smith, Larry D., Southern Trial Counsel, Orlando, 407-422-6100 Wiggins, Michael J., McDonald Toole Wiggins, Orlando, 407-246-1800

PERSONAL INJURY PRODUCTS: PLAINTIFF Bodiford, Raymond O., Bodiford Law Group, Orlando, 407-423-9728 Didier, Jr., Henry “Hank”, Didier Law Firm, Orlando, 407-895-3401 Maher, Steven R., The Maher Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-839-0866 Newsome, C. Richard, Newsome Melton, Orlando, 407-648-5977


SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Morgan, Paul J., Morgan White-Davis & Martinez, Winter Park, 407-629-5300

STATE, LOCAL & MUNICIPAL Garganese, Anthony A., Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566 Pg. S-5 Shepard, Clifford B., Shepard Smith & Cassady, Maitland, 407-622-1772

T (f o



Adams, Glenn A., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Boyles, William A., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Egerton, Charles H., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Pg. S-5 Hale, Russell B., Akerman, Orlando, 407-419-8556 Looney, Stephen R., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-841-1200 Maser, Joel D., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000


N o








Byrd, Tucker H., Tucker H. Byrd & Associates, Winter Park, 407-392-2285

Barrett, Robert C., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120 Cox, Derrick E., Hurley Rogner Miller Cox Waranch & Westcott, Winter Park, 407-571-7400 Eidson, Frank M., Frank M. Eidson, Winter Park, 407-245-2887 Hurley, Rex A., Hurley Rogner Miller Cox Waranch & Westcott, Winter Park, 407-571-7400 Leo, Charles “Chick”, Law Offices of Charles H. Leo, Orlando, 407-839-1160 Lienard, Kevin L., Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7010 Meyers, Steven M., The Nurse Attorney, St. Petersburg, 727-822-8020 Rissman, Steven A., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120 Shoemaker, Monte R., Shoemaker & Shoemaker, Maitland, 407-920-3695 Smejkal, Dennis D., Law Offices of Dennis Dean Smejkal, Orlando, 407-649-7746 Wieland, Glen D., Wieland Hilado & DeLattre, Orlando, 407-841-7699






390 North Orange Avenue Suite 1610 PO Box 2311 Orlando, FL 32802 Tel: 407-926-7460 Fax: 407-926-7461

801 North Magnolia Avenue Suite 409 Orlando, FL 32803 Tel: 407-843-1744 Fax: 407-849-0301

390 North Orange Avenue Suite 2500 Orlando, FL 32801 Tel: 407-926-7707 Fax: 407-926-7720





Since graduating from the University of Florida with degrees in both law and engineering, Mr. Hill has practiced in the Orlando and central Florida area for over 20 years. He was recently elected to the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) based upon his extensive trial experience and success. He has been recognized 2009-2014  as one of Florida’s Legal Elite by Florida Trend and in Florida Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters. He served as the Chair of the Orange County Business Law Committee in 2006. In 2004, he was voted Best of the Bar in the area of commercial litigation in a survey by the Orlando Business Journal. He is also AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell. Mr.  Hill practices in the areas of commercial, construction, and intellectual property litigation.

A Board Certified family law attorney serving Central Florida, N. Diane Holmes has a solid and recognized presence in the community with a commitment to her clients. She is a leader in the field of collaborative divorce. As testimony to her stellar reputation, she is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys. The firm’s practice areas include: alimony; divorce; child custody/visitation; child support; collaborative divorce; enforcements; modifications; parenting plans; paternity; pre- and post-nuptial agreements; time-sharing; and relocation.  N. Diane Holmes is Martindale-Hubbell AV preeminent and recognized as a Top Attorney in The Wall Street Journal and Florida Trend’s Legal Elite. She is a member of The Florida Bar, ABA, AAML, CFAWL, FAWL, and Inns of Court and a Summit Award winner.

Mr. Sanks is a registered patent attorney with experience in all areas of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets, unfair competition, related litigation, and related transactional matters. Mr.  Sanks has served on the adjunct faculty for both the Barry University School of Law and the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University College of Law. Mr. Sanks has been appointed to the Federal Court Practice Committee of The Florida Bar through 2016. In addition to his pro bono representation of children as a Guardian Ad Litem, he is also active in The Florida Bar as a member of the Intellectual Property Law Committee of the Business Law Section of The Florida Bar and as a member of the Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Section of The Florida Bar. Prior to law school, Mr. Sanks served in the U.S. Air Force.


REAL ESTATE Bonifay, Cecelia, Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Bozarth, Stephen J., Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5133 Bozzuto, Jacqueline, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6207 Brockman, Christopher C., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Brown, II, C. David, Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Chong, Stephen C.L., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 DeCubellis, Daniel L., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300


S-8    ORLANDO LIFE  November 2014

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 8

SECURITIES & CORPORATE FINANCE MacLeod, Scott R., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Marshall, Jr., Byrd F., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 McAleavey, Tom, Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500



















10/9/14 12:57 PM







as s, d ct a n ar as of of ts n

spec ial adv e rt isin g sec t ion


THE LIST BY PRIMARY AREA OF PRACTICE The list was finalized as of December 5, 2013. Any updates to the list (for example, status changes or disqualifying events) will be reflected on Names and page numbers in RED indicate a profile on the specified page.

APPELLATE Dixon, Jennifer R., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Wozniak, Carrie Ann, Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000

BANKING Lawson, Christi A., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-244-3235

BANKRUPTCY: BUSINESS Davis, Ryan E., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246 Goldin, Douglas, Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Luna, Justin M., Latham Shuker Eden & Beaudine, Orlando, 407-481-5804 McKean, Esther, Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Nardella, Michael A., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6620 Parrish, Jimmy D., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4048 Roy, C. Andrew, Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246

BANKRUPTCY: CONSUMER Azam, Nishat, The Azam Law Firm, Lake Mary, 407-420-2115 Budgen, L. Todd, Budgen Law Group, Longwood, 407-481-2888 Leach, Barbara J., Barbara Leach Law, Orlando, 407-672-1252

BUSINESS LITIGATION Alexander, Joseph N., Lieser Skaff Alexander, Tampa, 813-358-5455 Alvaro, Chad K., Mateer & Harbert, Orlando, 407-425-9044 Brady, Julie Singer, Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Bridges, Gennifer L., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-244-0888 Castillo, Jorge A., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Dixon, Andrew T., Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman, Orlando, 407-423-4246 Elkins, Jeffrey S., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Ettori, Paul W., Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Ford, Taylor F., King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando, 407-422-2472 Griffin, Melanie Shoemaker, Dean Mead, Orlando, 407-428-5106 Levine, Marc L., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Marlowe, Brett A., Page Eichenblatt & Bennett, Orlando, 407-386-1900 McWhorter, Jameil C. (Jay), Attorney at Law, Orlando, 407-620-5849 Pace, Christopher A., Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, Winter Park, 407-647-8911 Pape, Sarah, Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7075

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 9

Parrish, Christine Irwin, Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6627 Prosser, Damien H., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-236-5974 Renton, Brett R., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Rhoden, Rebecca E., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Ripley, Micah M., Stovash Case & Tingley, Orlando, 407-316-0393 Robinson, Kevin P., Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe, Orlando, 407-425-7010 Saydah, Neil A., Saydah Law Firm, Orlando, 407-956-1080 Simon, Jill Davis, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Torres-Alvarado, Natly, Torres Alvarado, Orlando, 407-801-3529 Valkenburg, Derrick M., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6798 Webster, Benjamin A., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Wermuth, Fritz, King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Orlando, 407-422-2472 Yaegers, Thomas R., Akerman, Orlando, 407-419-8489 Young Polstein, Jessica L., Young Polstein, Windermere, 407-536-9216

BUSINESS/CORPORATE Abrams, David H., Law Office of David H. Abrams, Orlando, 407-385-0529 Jones, Bret, Bret Jones, Clermont, 352-394-4025 Koegel, Rebecca M., Koegel Law firm, Orlando, 407-494-5752 Okaty, Michael A., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Roofner, Ty G., Burr & Forman, Orlando, 407-540-6672 Rubin, Stefan A., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6735 Sloane, Jeremy S., Vasallo Sloane, Orlando, 407-622-6751 Walsh, Brian M., Walsh Law Group, Orlando, 407-259-2426

Ramsey, James K. “Keith”, Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-244-1175 Springhart, Jeremy T., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Tate, III, George W., Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Tomasic, Brikena I., Tomasic Law, Orlando, 321-695-5346

CONSUMER LAW Lee, Jared M., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414

CREDITOR DEBTOR RIGHTS Fitzgerald, Edward, Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Nguyen, Kim Yen, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600 Reed, Eric C., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200

CRIMINAL DEFENSE Balani, Jaya, NeJame Law, Orlando, 407-245-1232 Hornsby, Richard, Richard E. Hornsby, Orlando, 407-540-1551 Mazin, Lyle B., Mazin Law, Orlando, 407-499-4800 Rooth, Jay R., Moses and Rooth, Orlando, 407-377-0150

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: DUI/DWI Cohen, Corey, The Law Office of Corey Cohen, Orlando, 407-246-0066 Katz, David S., Katz & Phillips, Orlando, 321-234-2035 Phillips, Jr., James D., Katz & Phillips, Orlando, 321-234-2035

EMINENT DOMAIN Crews, Rachael M., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Lopez, Edgar, Broad and Cassel, Orlando, 407-839-4200 Lynch, S. Brendan, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6461 Smith, Brian E., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000



Concepcion, Michelle E., O’Connor & O’Connor, Winter Park, 407-843-2100 Cox, Mary Alice, Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Innes, Alyson M., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Lewis, Jr., H. Davis, Moran Kidd Lyons Johnson & Berkson, Orlando, 407-841-4141 Lytle, Laura F., Rissman Barrett Hurt Donahue & McLain, Orlando, 407-839-0120 Walker, Joshua B., Dean Ringers Morgan & Lawton, Orlando, 407-422-4310

Fitzgerald, Ashley Lynn Gay, Littler Mendelson, Orlando, 407-393-2900 Flynn, Chelsie J., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 Hammond, Keith L., Jackson Lewis, Orlando, 407-246-8440 Ortega Rubin, Glennys E., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Shaw, Caryn Diamond, Fisher & Phillips, Orlando, 407-541-0888

CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION Atkins, April A., Kirwin Norris, Orlando, 407-740-6600 Cantlebary, Megan A., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland, 407-622-5250 Hill, Jason W., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-835-6736 Idle, Kenneth “Jayme”, Kubicki Draper, Orlando, 407-245-3630 Miller, Carlton D., Moye O’Brien Pickert & Dillon, Maitland, 407-622-5250 Moody, Jr., Chesley G., C. Moody, Orlando, 407-926-4028 Nadjafi, R. John, Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Perkins, Jason A., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300

EMPLOYMENT LITIGATION: DEFENSE Chiu, Alicia M., Jackson Lewis, Orlando, 407-246-8440 Gonzalez, Luis J., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Lynch, Melody B., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6447 Walberg, Jessica T., Ford & Harrison, Orlando, 407-418-2300 Zaharias, Melanie A., Littler Mendelson, Orlando, 407-393-2900

EMPLOYMENT LITIGATION: PLAINTIFF Leach, Carlos, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Mazaheri, Bernard R., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 CONTINUED ON PAGE S-10


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special adv ertising section



Morgan, C. Ryan, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-418-2069 Thomas, Christina, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414

ENVIRONMENTAL Huels, Jonathan P., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-843-4600

ESTATE PLANNING & PROBATE Cipparone, Paul, Cipparone & Cipparone, Lake Mary, 321-275-5914 Hunt, Ashley S., Hunt Law Firm, Leesburg, 352-365-2262 Liste-Gonzalez, Aimara, Liste-Gonzalez Law Firm, Orlando, 407-745-1529

FAMILY LAW Bernal-Mora, Ophelia G., Law Office of Ophelia BernalMora, Orlando, 407-354-5223 Cersine, Matthew L., Matthew L. Cersine, Orlando, 407-592-7326 Darby, Paul W., Holden & Darby, Tavares, 352-742-1876 Davis, Jennifer L., Davis & Konicek, Orlando, 407-894-1122 Faulkner, Eric, The Marks Law Firm, Orlando, 407-872-3161 Frye, Kaely Smith, Williams Smith & Summers, Tavares, 352-343-6655 Hastings, Kelli Biferie, Law Office of Kelli Biferie Hastings, Orlando, 407-539-3032 Hung, Donna C., Law Office of Donna C. Hung, Orlando, 407-999-0099 Persis, Karen Lynn, Karen Persis, Orlando, 407-228-2864 Simon, Jonathan R., The Orlando Family Firm, Orlando, 407-377-6399 Tener, Elizabeth, Greenspoon Marder, Orlando, 407-425-6559

FOOD & DRUGS Di Spirito, Neil P., Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz, Oviedo, 407-608-2608

GENERAL LITIGATION Bitman, Ronnie J., Pearson Bitman, Maitland, 407-647-0090 Kest, Kristopher J., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6285 Knopf, Jennifer F., Knopf Law, Winter Park, 407-622-2111 Losey, Adam C., Foley & Lardner, Orlando, 407-423-7656 Morey, John A., Morey Law Firm, Orlando, 407-426-7222 Paul, Jason, Paul & Perkins, Orlando, 407-540-0122 Sivick, Krista A., Baker & Hostetler, Orlando, 407-649-4000 Stimler, Jonathan A., Latham Shuker Eden & Beaudine, Orlando, 407-481-5835 Walson, James E., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6403

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Carmody, Jr., Christopher L., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880

HEALTH CARE Ishaq, Saqib, Roetzel & Andress, Orlando, 407-896-2224

IMMIGRATION Colombo, Carlos M., Colombo & Hurd, Orlando, 407-478-1111 Poudat, Maud, Law Office of Maud Poudat, Orlando, 407-373-0994 S-10    ORLANDO LIFE  November 2014

FLSLRS14_ORL.indd 10

INSURANCE COVERAGE Alastra, Jacqueline A., Groelle & Salmon, Maitland, 321-280-4880 Clark, Johanna W., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, Orlando, 407-849-0300 Jacobson, Lee M., Hale Hale & Jacobson, Orlando, 407-425-4640

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Abid, Jack G., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Carus, David S., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Davis, Amber N., Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, Orlando, 407-926-7700 Imber, Allison R., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Ramsey, Ph.D., Christopher, GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Sauer, Justin R., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Wimberly, Kevin W., Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, Orlando, 407-926-7700

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LITIGATION Boyles, Jeffrey S., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Magana, David W., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330 Santurri, Ryan T., Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, Orlando, 407-841-2330

Goldman, Sarah R., Goldman Law, Maitland, 407-960-1900 Machlus, Joshua A., Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Orlando, 407-712-7300 Martin, W. Doug, Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, Orlando, 407-244-3000 Morgan, Matt, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-244-3211 Morgan, T. Michael, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Mott, Michael A., The Mott Law Firm, Lake Mary, 407-878-7853 Nayee, Rajeev T., Rajeev T. Nayee, Orlando, 407-536-4621 Novack, David H., Vickaryous Law Firm, Lake Mary, 407-333-3332 Overchuck, John K., Overchuck Law Firm, Orlando, 407-900-2344 Presser, Justin, The Nation Law Firm, Longwood, 407-339-1104 Stagmeier, Jr., G. Alan, Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414

PERSONAL INJURY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: DEFENSE Bear, David R., McIntosh Sawran & Cartaya, Maitland, 407-875-0261

PERSONAL INJURY PRODUCTS: PLAINTIFF Knopf, Andrew F., Knopf Law, Winter Park, 407-622-2111 Towery Santana, Senthia, The Maher Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-839-0866



Latorre, Katherine W., Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566 Roper, Christopher, Akerman, Orlando, 407-423-4000 Sullivan, Thomas R., GrayRobinson, Orlando, 407-843-8880 Turnbull, Allison E., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500 Wilson, Rebecca, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6250

Azam, Asima M., Divine & Estes, Orlando, 407-426-9500 Barrett, Tara Lyn, Brown Garganese Weiss & D’Agresta, Orlando, 407-425-9566 Castleson, Eric A., Greenberg Traurig, Orlando, 407-420-1000 Clark, Justin R., Clark & Lagrow, Longwood, 321-282-1055 Crews, Chadwick E., Shutts & Bowen, Orlando, 407-423-3200 Desai, Tushaar, Desai & Maya, Orlando, 407-895-8707 Hamilton, Christopher M., Clark Albaugh & Rentz, Winter Park, 407-647-7600 Miedona, Timothy R., Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, Orlando, 407-418-6358 Stango, Jaisen J., Jaisen J. Stango Esq., Orlando, 407-835-8688

PERSONAL INJURY GENERAL: DEFENSE Biernacki, Eric R., Adams & Diaco, Orlando, 407-649-9434 Correnti, Michael, McDonald Toole Wiggins, Orlando, 407-246-1800 Engelman, Anna E., Bell & Roper, Orlando, 407-897-5150 Jackson, LaShawnda K., Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, Orlando, 407-872-7300 Justice, Joseph S., Ringer Henry Buckley & Seacord, Orlando, 407-841-3800 Lorenz, Kimberly E., Fisher Rushmer, Orlando, 407-843-2111

PERSONAL INJURY GENERAL: PLAINTIFF Cerasa, Michael D., Pearson Bitman, Maitland, 407-647-0090 Damaso, II, Michael J., Wooten Kimbrough, Orlando, 407-843-7060 Everett, Tyler B., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-420-1414 Faddis, Tiffany M., Faddis & Faddis, Orlando, 407-872-1050 Fraxedas, Jason R., The Maher Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-839-0866 Gainsford, Bret C., Morgan & Morgan, Orlando, 407-849-9651 Gibson, Michael T., Michael T. Gibson, Orlando, 407-422-4529

SECURITIES & CORPORATE FINANCE Rigdon, Amy R., Holland & Knight, Orlando, 407-425-8500

STATE, LOCAL & MUNICIPAL Langley, Daniel W., Fishback Dominick Bennett Ardaman Ahlers Langley & Geller, Winter Park, 407-262-8400 Smith, III, D. Andrew, Shepard Smith & Cassady, Maitland, 407-622-1772 Vose, Wade C., Vose Law Firm, Winter Park, 407-645-3735

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION Longo, Jr., Paolo, Bichler Kelley Oliver & Longo, Maitland, 407-999-9444 Spears, James Robert, Law Office of James R. Spears, Orlando, 407-629-8300 Thorne, Christopher A., Thorne & Associates, Orlando, 407-982-3747 Waranch, Nisha, Banker Lopez Gassler, Orlando, 407-406-5550


10/9/14 12:57 PM

LAMAR PETERSON: Suburbia Sublime On view 09.27.14 - 01.04.15

DAVID RATHMAN: Stand By Your Accidents On view 09.27.14 - 01.04.15

(Left) David Rathman, Untitled, 2008, ink and watercolor on paper, 18 x 26 in., Private Collection, Minneapolis, Minnesota; (Right) Lamar Peterson, Bliss, 2013, oil on canvas, 73 x 59 in., Courtesy of the artist and Fredericks & Freiser, New York, These exhibitions are organized by Rochester Art Center, Rochester, Minnesota.

/ 2416 N. MILLS AVE. / ORLANDO, FL / 407.896.4231 / WWW.OMART.ORG


12OL_Nov14_Restless Native.indd 71



10/17/14 2:50:01 PM


mike thomas

A Tale of Two Brothers


I DISCOVERED THAT, AGAINST ALL ODDS, HE HAD RESCUED HIMSELF. he cats are boys, brothers in fact, and they behave accordingly.

They roughhouse. They push the envelope in calculating their leaps from the dresser to the top of the bookcase. They knock things over, dispelling the myth of feline agility and stealth. I don’t know what to do with them. Their owner was riding his bicycle in Brooksville on a four-lane thoroughfare, which he attempted to cross with an ill-advised left turn. He didn’t see the Jeep coming up behind him. His head hit the windshield before he was thrown a considerable distance. Every rib was broken, as was his neck. As was his skull. I don’t know how the police officer got my contact information. But when he identified himself, I knew there was bad news regarding my older brother. Ironically, what the cop told me wasn’t the worst possible news. That would have been my brother taking his own life, which he had attempted before. But things, I would later learn, had changed. My brother was in intensive care. A respirator was doing its job, sending blasts of air into his lungs, causing the body to convulse with each one. His eyes were closed, the damage to his body not obvious. The nurses offered encouragement. The doctor said all was not lost. A neurosurgeon was coming in to relieve the pressure on his brain, which would entail cutting into his skull. Then we would wait and see. I listened to them, looked at my brother, and knew he had died on impact. But they had to go through the medical motions to arrive at that conclusion. Still, there were limits. I talked to the neurosurgeon and we agreed the brain operation was pointless. And so I stopped the nurses who were preparing him for transport down to surgery. One of them still talked about a positive outcome. But I knew there would be no positive outcome. Only a best outcome. And I decided, on his behalf, that “best” wouldn’t be life strapped into a wheelchair, a respirator breathing for him, his brain too damaged to comprehend, living with two cats. My brother had been lonely and addicted to various substances for many years, a side effect of bad brain chemicals. He heard voices. He imagined plots. Sometimes it would become overwhelming. The unpredictable nature of the illness made him too much of a risk to bring into my family. So I kept him at dialing distance. I knew that it was wrong, but I didn’t know what else to do.



12OL_Nov14_Restless Native.indd 72

I also didn’t know that, quite on his own and against all odds, he had rescued himself. He began sticking to his medications. He joined an Alcoholics Anonymous group and sat in the back, keeping to himself. Occasionally, he would talk and tell his story. And people found value in what he said. My brother became, of all things, an inspiration. If he could stay off the bottle after all he had been through, those who came to know him through AA couldn’t help but believe that they could, too. When my brother had three teeth pulled, he wouldn’t take the painkillers for fear of where that might lead. He was crying in pain at the meeting he went to that night. I know all this because of the people from the group who came to the hospital. They knew the brother I never met. They cried with me. They were with me when I finally told the doctors that enough was enough, and life support was removed. The memorial service was held at the AA meeting because I couldn’t think of a better place. One by one, members of the group talked about what Pat meant to them. It was overwhelming. The last six years of his life were his best. He mattered. I went through his subsidized apartment and found notebooks scattered about. He had written prolifically. You could see the journey from illness and desperation to stability and purpose. And now I have his two cats. They were traumatized and so fearful that they had to be caught with poles and nooses. In my house, they dived under the bed and refused to emerge. For days we slid little plates of whipped cream to them and talked in soothing voices. Then one emerged. And then the other. Soon after came their personalities. Sometimes they follow me like dogs. One is in my lap right now. But we can’t keep them. There is too much howling, hissing, uncompromising conflict with our existing cat. I can’t have the two newcomers separated, I certainly can’t have them killed. And there isn’t a big market for two adult cats. I need a cat lover who can help a brother out. Let me know if you know of one. n Native Floridian and longtime Orlando columnist Mike Thomas is a freelance writer. You can reach him at NOVEMBER 2014

10/20/14 12:13:17 PM

12OL_Nov14_Restless Native.indd 73

10/17/14 2:49:48 PM

Your Style of Health Designed by you, for you Experience care that’s tailored to meet your individual health and wellness needs.

Maintaining your health is the key to getting the most out of life. Now there’s an exclusive opportunity to optimize your health with in-depth screenings that are tailored to your personal needs and goals. At Winter Park Memorial Hospital, we’ve developed a full array of health assessment packages for you to choose from that allow you to create a personalized health care experience like non other. This is no ordinary doctor visit. It’s a detailed assessment of your health designed by you, for you, and conveniently packaged into one relaxing day of wellness. Customize your comprehensive assessment expierence from our menu below.

energy restoration Learn how to optimize your energy levels through proper nutrition, fitness and sleep management. This package offers life-changing insights into living life to the fullest.

Skin Health & Nourishment Learn how to obtain healthier skin and defy the aging process with our personalized, in-depth cosmetology and dermatology consultations.

Women’s Health Gain insight into your health from head to toe, including hormones, heart health and body composition.

Heart Measures Give your heart the care it deserves with a comprehensive cardiac and pulmonary evaluation to learn what you can do to have a healthier heart. This package is perfect for people with high stress or a family history of heart disease.

Life Balance & Stress Relief Restore balance through acupuncture, Swedish massage and a signature facial. Learn simple techniques for stress relief during your day.

Genomic Insight Unlock the secrets hidden in your DNA to help maintain an optimal metabolism, lose weight and improve energy performance. This unique offering is one of our most popular and revealing packages.

Call or click to schedule your complimentary information session.

(407) 303-4461 | FHILM-14-21476 FHILM-14-21476 Winter Park Health Assessment Orlando Life Magazine_R3.indd 1 12OL_Nov14_Restless Native.indd 74

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