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January/February 2014


He Found Himself When He Found a Skill for Digital Art

MEMORIES ON DISPLAY Woman’s Home Reflects Wonder, Innocence and Fun

‘I REALLY FEEL FANTASTIC!’ Facing a New Cancer Challenge, TV Correspondent Wendy Chioji Still Has Mountains to Climb

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Dr. Robert Masson, founder of the NeuroSpine Institute, combined his skills in microneurosurgery with his passion for sports to create the field of sports spine surgery. Inventor of iMas, an intepedicular minimal access surgery of the lumbar spine, he is responsible for the education, product development and research for Synthes Spine in iMas productis and techniques.

All spinal surgeries are not created equal. The NeuroSpine Institute’s renowned minimally invasive surgery means shorter downtime for patients so you can



Dr. Mitchell Supler brings 17 years of experience to NeuroSpine Institute. Dr. Supler graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1989, receiving the Lyerly Award for excellence in Neurosurgery. He completed his residency in Neurosurgery at the University of Florida in 1996, having trained with Dr. Masson. Dr. Supler was trained by Dr. Albert Rhoton, the father of microneurosurgery while at the University of Florida, in advanced microneurosurgical anatomy and surgery.

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Turn your healthy choices into healthy habits.

of muor ts s, ss e n, as

7 e d y n d y. n y d as n, y a, al Download the new Healthy 100 Habits app from Florida Hospital, and choose from more than 100+ habits that will keep you living to a Healthy 100. This app doesn’t just help you lose weight or eat better. Healthy goals could also include spending more time with family, setting aside time for spiritual renewal and making sure you get a full night’s rest.

Which healthy habit will you create?


FREE for iPhone™ or Android™ devices

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Once again in a fight for her life, Wendy Chiolji takes her message of hope to new heights. By Marc Middleton


Gary Jones and Full Sail University offer opportunities for creative reinvention. By Bill Shafer


We’re preparing for our boldest year yet. By Jackie Carlin


Audrey Lentz’s home reflects a sense of whimsy. By Bill Shafer


In discovering art, Ed Feldman discovered himself. By Bill Shafer


Diann Uustal discovers swimming’s healing power. By Marc Middleton


Five tips to ensure a healthy, rejuvenating eight hours. By Dr. Susan Mitchell


Despite the drawbacks, here’s why I said “yes” to adventure. By Marc Middleton

MARC MIDDLETON: WHY I SAID ‘YES’ TO ADVENTURE (/0%s).30)2!4)/.s0/33)"),)49


January/February 2014


He Found Himself When He Found a Skill for Digital Art

MEMORIES ON DISPLAY Woman’s Home Reflects Wonder, Innocence and Fun

‘I REALLY FEEL FANTASTIC!’ Facing a New Cancer Challenge, TV Correspondent Wendy Chioji Still Has Mountains to Climb

ON THE COVER: After receiving a second life-threatening cancer diagnosis, former news anchor and current Growing Bolder and Surviving & Thriving correspondent Wendy Chioji did what you’d expect her to do: weigh all the options and resume her high-octane lifestyle. After a round of treatment, she went snow-skiing in Park City, Utah. And she plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in February.

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Ž¡™Š“£ထ“——£ထŠš¡œ‹Š¤Žဓ Š—Žœ “¨ŽŽ¡©Š£“¨Ž¡œ‹Š¤Ž­¥’£ by Hallie Zobel, Esq., Partner, Your Caring Law Firm

My daughter is obsessed with mermaids. She talks to me about them all the time and insists they are real. As a probate attorney, my clients talk to me every day about certain misconceptions regarding Wills and probate that they insist are real. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths that I hear in my practice daily. Myth #1: “My Dad didn’t have a Will, so the state of Florida inherits everything.” While it is true that the state of Florida has an estate plan for you when you don’t have one for yourself, surprisingly, the state does not name itself first in line. If your Dad died without having a Will, your Dad died “intestate.” The Florida intestacy statute names the family members who will inherit your Dad’s estate. Only if no human living relative is found could the state inherit your Dad’s estate. Myth #2: “Probate court is the worst place ever, and I should do all I can to avoid it.” Poor maligned probate — it has become a four-letter word, when actually, the public policy behind probate is very sound. When someone dies owning assets, the title to those assets has to be changed to survivors. The state of Florida is concerned that the wrong people might snatch the assets, and the proper recipients might never know the assets even exist. The probate court steps in and clarifies who is a creditor of the estate, how much each creditor will get paid, and provides clear title to the remaining assets. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Under Florida law, you pretty much are forced to hire a lawyer to handle a probate. The courts can be overburdened and understaffed, causing delays in the process. Probate costs money and takes time and can be very frustrating. Despite this, probate laws are in place primarily to protect you. Myth #3: “My Mom had a Will, so her estate will avoid probate.” I hear this scenario quite often. “I went to the Courthouse to visit the Clerk of Court and she could not help me get my inheritance. Then I went to my mother’s bank, and

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the bank teller could not help me. I even discussed the issue with my neighbor, and he could not help me. My Mom’s Will says everything goes to me. How do I get her assets transferred from her name to mine?”

most likely can’t be forced to give you your fair share, no matter what your Mom said before she died. In addition, if your Mom applies for Medicaid, the government can penalize your Mom for having made a gift to your sister. There are ways to title your Mom’s account so it avoids probate without these dire consequences. Please make sure Mom gets advice from an estate planning attorney before she adds your sister’s name to her bank account.

The Will does not avoid probate because the Will does not legally transfer title. The Will merely provides instruction as to whom title should transfer. The bank teller and neighbor are not being difficult. You are asking the wrong people to help you. People are very surprised to find out that assets under a Will have to go through probate, while other assets might not.

Myth #5: “My brother refuses to schedule the reading of my Dad’s Will. Can I make him?” This only happens in the movies, and is a remnant of life before copy machines. Now, everyone named in the Will should get an individual copy. And Wills are public record, meaning pretty much anyone can go to the Clerk of Court, read your Dad’s Will, and learn the intimate details such as that your Dad left money to mermaid research instead of to you.

For example, an asset owned jointly with rights of survivorship, such as a home owned by a husband and wife, passes ownership by operation of law, magically, to the survivor. Assets titled in a trust can avoid probate. And assets such as life insurance or retirement plans can transfer title via beneficiary designation. The probate court likely would not be involved with these types of transfers.

Myths are powerful. It is easy to take the word of a friend, neighbor, or even the cashier at the grocery store. Do your family a favor and hire a qualified attorney who can debunk these and other myths. While lawyers might not be much help with mermaids, we should be able to create a thoughtful, well-crafted Will or trust and hopefully, make the probate process less bewildering.

But all other assets pretty much require the intervention of the probate court to get title transferred. The bottom line: take your Mom’s Will to a good probate attorney and get the probate process started. The experience and knowledge of a legal professional can help you understand the intricacies of this complex legal area. Myth #4: “My Mom added my sister’s name on her bank account to avoid probate. Clever!” I cringe when I hear this. Because your sister’s name is on the title, if your sister gets divorced, her soon-to-be-ex-spouse can go after your Mom’s bank account, as could the injured person if your sister has a car accident and get sued. When your Mom dies, your sister probably is going to inherit the entire bank account — and your sister

Hallie Zobel, Esq., is a partner with Your Caring Law Firm, a boutique law firm in Maitland offering probate, wills, trusts and guardianship services, as well as business succession, asset protection and estate planning. Hallie and her partner, Merrell Bailey, offer clients throughout the Central Florida region compassionate, sound legal counsel on very private family matters. Visit or call (407) 622-1900.

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Show Resolve

From the Editor

Self-Improvement Vows for the New Year Almost Always Fail if They’re Too General.


’ve never really understood the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. They almost always seems self-defeating. The problem with most of us when it comes to successful lifestyle change is procrastination. We just keep putting it off. A New Year’s Resolution is little more than putting it off until later, and hoping the motivation we lack today will show up then. The best day to improve your life is today. In fact, the only day to improve your life is always today. Any other day is procrastination. And that sets you up for almost certain failure because it means you lack the motivation to start and the willpower to continue. You’ve read the statistics. Fifty percent of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8 percent achieve them. We want to be better, and to do better, but we’re not very good at actually doing it. We fail because we make more than one resolution, and we make large, sweeping, abstract resolutions. Behavior modification takes focus. Pick one specific resolution, and tie it to specific behavior that can be easily tracked. Instead of resolving to lose weight, commit to replacing dessert after dinner with a short walk. Instead of resolving to quit smoking, commit to skipping your morning cigarette after breakfast. Instead of resolving to get a new job, commit to creating a resume and getting it to three companies in which you’re interested. Instead of resolving to get in shape, commit to swimming at the local YMCA twice a week. If it’s something you want to do, do it. Start today. Not next week. Not next month and not in the new year. Start today and stick with it at least 30 days. That’s when habits begin to form, and studies show that sticking with a resolution for 30 days will triple your chances of achieving it. You’re looking for long-term sustainable change, and that takes time. Most of us give up too quickly. Don’t worry if the weight isn’t coming off as fast as you like, or if your craving for that morning cigarette isn’t abating. When it comes to building life-changing habits, it’s initially about the effort and not the results. Put in the effort and the results will follow.

Editor-in-Chief Marc Middleton Managing Editor Bill Shafer Associate Editors Katy Widrick, Jackie Carlin Contributing Writers Wendy Chioji, Jill Middleton, Bess Auer, Dr. Susan Mitchell Digital Development and Production Jason Morrow, Pasquale Domenic Narciso IV, Josh Doolittle, Mike Nanus Senior Account Manager Beth Dover

407-406-5910 1 Purlieu Place, Suite 139 Winter Park, FL 32792

Group Publisher Randy Noles Art Director Laura Bluhm Senior Associate Publisher Lorna Osborn Associate Publisher Kathy Byrd Growing Bolder is a publication of Florida Home Media LLC, publishers of Orlando Life. 407-647-0225 2700 Westhall Lane, Suite 128 Maitland, FL 32751


Vis Marc Middleton, Editor-in-Chief 6


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At Del apply. condit

Is today the day you begin the next phase of your life?

MODEL GRAND OPENING Saturday, January 11th 1pm - 4pm Model Tours, Live Music, Refreshments ‡ Full time on-site Lifestyle ‡ Outdoor firepit & Director

‡ 30,800 sq. ft. clubhouse New Single Family Homes Call to RSVP at 866-671-3330 225 Ridgewood Lakes Blvd. | Davenport, FL 33837

Tour 8 Model Homes & Clubhouse Visit for driving instructions.

‡ TechnoGym Fitness Center ‡ Resort-style pool & spa


‡ Fishing pier & miles of walking trails

‡ Billiards, arts & craft room, and ballroom

‡ Indoor heated pool & spa ‡ Guard-gated privacy ‡ Tennis, pickle ball, bocce ‡ Active-Adult Living ball and basketball courts

At Del Webb communities, at least one resident must be 55 years of age or older, no one under 19 (18 in certain communities) in permanent residence, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Contact a sales consultant for details. CGC1515415. ©2013 Pulte Home Corporation. All rights reserved. 12/16/13.

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Growing Bolder With... Gavin MacLeod

Darlene Love




“You’d be surprised what some people go through that’s never revealed. Very successful people have low points in their lives. I’ve struggled with alcohol abuse, depression and I even tried to kill myself one night because I was so unhappy with my role on McHale’s Navy. I started to drive my car off a cliff, but something forced my right foot go on the brake, even as my two tires were over the edge. I snapped out of it and started to think more rationally. I got help, and spent a month in therapy. It wasn’t until years later that I realized God is where my identity comes from, and the most important role in my life is to serve God.” Gavin MacLeod had starring roles on some of the most beloved TV shows in history, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McHale’s Navy and, of course, his iconic role as Captain Merrill Stubing on The Love Boat. He shares stories from his amazing career in his new memoir, This is Your Captain Speaking.


Visit to listen to our full conversations with Gavin MacLeod, Darlene Love and Tess Vigeland and find out more about their journeys to overcome obstacles.


“This is the best time of my life because all of the worries and cares that you had as a young adult, or when you’re raising your children, are gone. I have a fabulous marriage; I’ve been married for 30 years. I work out every morning at 5 a.m. Life is not as hard or complicated as it was 30 or 40 years ago. It’s all about me sticking to my career, making that 20-foot march from backup singer to the front — and my eye is on the prize. This can be done by anybody at any age.” Rolling Stone called Darlene Love one of the greatest singers of all time, yet few know her name because she’s a backup vocalist. Darlene sang with such artists as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick and Sam Cooke. Now she’s taking center stage in a new documentary called Twenty Feet from Stardom and her autobiography, My Name is Love.

Tess Vigeland


Public Radio Reporter/Host

“I knew it was time to leave when I had too much self-respect to stay. How did I know it’d work out for me? I didn’t. And I didn’t know for months after I quit that it was going to work out. That’s why they call it a leap of faith. I hope when people learn about my willingness to take a risk and test the waters to see what’s out there they think, ‘If she can do it, maybe I can, too.” After more than two decades in public radio, including 11 years at Marketplace, the weekly personal finance program on NPR, Tess Vigeland walked away as host of Marketplace Money in October 2012. She’s now working on her first book. 8


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12/16/13 2:04:57 PM


Family Caregiver... We Care for You! Uncertain and Anxious? Tired? Stressed? Do you neglect yourself... need “me” time? Hospice cares for your loved one and you! ❖ Home visits to manage patient’s pain and symptoms ❖ Emotional and spiritual support for everyone ❖ 24-hour assistance and advice ❖ Patient Bathing and Personal Care ❖ And so much more for those facing serious illness

Patient with caregiver wife and Cornerstone Hospice Social Worker

Information Referrals (888)728-6234 and (866)742-6655 Medicare, Medicaid, most commercial insurances accepted. 2GB_Jan14_GB With.indd 9 Cornerstone Hospice FP GB.indd 1

12/16/13 4/24/13 2:05:02 3:31:45 PM

Rock Stars of Aging

Centenarian Superstars Here’s How to Reach 100, and to Enjoy Those Extra Years.


by Jackie Carlin

t Growing Bolder, we tell stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Our business is all about smashing the stereotypes of all ages and the limitations of possibility. Our message, very simply, is this: Don’t let others define who you are or what’s possible in your life. We’ve been told for so long, by so many, what’s not possible as we age that few of us know what really is possible. That’s why we do what we do. Our stories are meant to inspire people of all ages to realize that it’s never too late to improve their lives. It’s never too late to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s never too late to chase your dreams and pursue your passions. It’s never too late to really live. It’s a message of hope and optimism that resonates. We’ve found that one of the most powerful ways to illustrate what’s possible is to share the stories of centenarians — those who are 100 years or older. Our book, Rock Stars of Aging: 50 Ways to Live to 100, features hundreds of interviews with centenarians and active nonagenarians and octogenarians (those in their 80s and 90s). These people are too busy enjoying life to pay attention to society telling them that they’re supposed to be dying. These Rock Stars of Aging are as diverse as any group could be, but as we talked and listened, we learned. Many common denominators were revealed. ■ Very few who live to 100 have been sentenced to extra years of misery. Beyond a certain age, miserable people die very quickly. It’s really that simple. The only way to get to 100 is with a smile on your face, joy in your heart and enthusiasm in your step. ■ Centenarians are not necessarily super beings genetically destined to longevity. And they’re not necessarily wealthy people who were able to purchase their extra years. They’re generally simple, humble people of all races,



9GB_Jan14_Rock Stars.indd 10

religions and nationalities. They’re you and me. ■ Everything you do today will influence your quality of life in the future. The right lifestyle choices make it possible to reach 100 in good enough shape, mentally and physically, to actually enjoy it. ■ Those same lifestyle choices make it possible to control chronic conditions to the extent that even people with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure can live to 100. ■ And if you don’t make it to 100? At least you’ve enjoyed the ride. As proud as they are of reaching 100, the Rock Stars of Aging final takeaway is this: The destination isn’t as important as the journey. Few centenarians set a goal of reaching 100. They were simply enjoying life so much that one day, it happened. So what are you waiting for? Start Growing Bolder. ■

GB EXTRA Want to learn more? Visit GrowngBolderMagazine. com to meet some of our favorite Rock Stars of Aging and download your own copy of our book for just $4.99. In 50 simple steps, you’ll find the tools you need to get started on your own path to living a long and vibrant life.


12/16/13 2:05:36 PM

Groan Bolder


rowing Bolder member and friend Sherman Goodrich is a pioneering commercial animator and cartoonist whose work has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and most nearly every major magazine. He’s produced hundreds of animated TV commercials and developed animation for Nickelodeon’s Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys. Sherman is also a prostate cancer survivor who, at 70, became the world’s oldest Body-for-Life Challenge Champion. He entered the international competition and won in the 46-and-over class, beating competitors three decades his junior. Sherman says his story is a lesson of never giving up and, of course, Before and after. the importance of a good laugh. ■


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12/16/13 2:06:30 PM

FROM CANCER Once Again in a Fight for Her Life, Wendy Chioji Takes Her Message of Hope to New Heights.


by Marc Middleton

t’s the first real snowfall of the season, and the locals in Park City, Utah, are excited that the slopes will soon be open and another ski season underway. Wendy Chioji is hiking at 8,000 feet, crunching through the nearly knee-deep snow with a smile that won’t go away. “I love the snow,” she says bending down to scoop it up in her hands. “I’ve been waiting for this for months. It’s good snow, too. It’s really dry and perfect. I can’t wait to ski on it.”

Wendy, as most Growing Bolder readers know, spent 20 years as a news anchor on WESH Channel 2, the Orlando NBC affiliate. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, she took her fight public and ultimately beat the disease, inspiring friends and fans across the country. Now a new cancer — a different one — has emerged. But Wendy, who’s also an on-air correspondent and host for the Growing Bolder and Surviving & Thriving TV shows, is tackling her latest health challenge with typical guts and gusto. After a morning hiking in Park City, where she lives when not away on an adventure, I ask her how she feels. She stops, smiles and raises both arms above her head, striking a superwoman pose. “I really feel fantastic!” Not exactly what you’d expect from most people who’d just completed a radiation and chemotherapy regime to treat a potentially deadly cancer called thymic carcinoma. But it’s exactly what you’d expect from Wendy Chioji. Still, she admits that the disease and the treatment have exacted a toll. “The fatigue sets in at the end of the week,” she says, a bit grudgingly. “And my overall endurance is definitely down. I’m having some trouble eating and even speaking because my esophagus is in the radiation field.” 12


5GB_Jan14_Feature.indd 12

Despite nearly constant fatigue, Wendy continues preparing for February’s assault on Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain. “To still make this trip is incredibly important,” she adds. “When I was first told that I might have to have a full round of chemotherapy, the first thing I did was work backwards from Kilimanjaro to make sure I’d still have time to get back to full strength.“ Climbing Kilimanjaro is highly symbolic, Wendy notes, particularly for a two-time cancer survivor. Accomplishing such a demanding feat represents victory over the illness, she adds. “Everything for me centers around Kilimanjaro. I will do everything that I can to make it to the very top. It’s amazingly important. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a big, fat exclamation point. So there, cancer. You can’t change my life. You can’t take this.” Even on treatment days, Wendy runs, swims, bikes or hikes. Soon she’ll be doing all three at once. “I’ve already signed up for an Ironman this summer so I’m moving forward,” she says. “Cancer slowed me down a little bit, and it changed my path a little bit, but I’m still moving forward.” JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

12/16/13 2:06:54 PM


“Climbing Kilimanjaro is a big, fat exclamation point. So there, cancer. You can’t change my life. You can’t take this.”

TO KILI 5GB_Jan14_Feature.indd 13

12/16/13 2:07:01 PM

“Oh my gosh. I have the best life. I’m so blessed. I’m so lucky.”

5GB_Jan14_Feature.indd 14

12/16/13 2:07:11 PM

For Wendy, moving forward means giving back. That’s why she shares her candid but always positive thoughts on her blog at “I’m just trying to live my life and to think positively,” she says. “I really believe that positive breeds positive. If you think that things are going to be okay, and try and figure out solutions and ways around obstacles, it makes everything a whole lot easier, not just for you but for people around you. If my experience can provide others with any kind of inspiration, any kind of hope, any nugget of information that might help them in a difficult time, it’s incredibly rewarding.” So how has this latest difficult and painful bout with cancer changed Wendy’s message of hope and inspiration? “I don’t think it’s changed it at all. What it’s done is validate it. You have to pursue a healthy lifestyle and live every day like it’s going to be your last.” Even though Wendy now lives in Park City, she says her heart remains in Central Florida with the large group of friends she still communicates with both personally and through her on-air work with nationally broadcast Growing Bolder and the Emmy-nominated Surviving & Thriving, which airs on WKMG Local 6. “I feel like I grew up in Orlando,” she says. “I was there for 20 years. I love the people there. I love the community. To still be able to have that connection with folks in Orlando that I still love, and to still think about them fondly

Wendy, shown above with longtime friend and coworker Marc Middleton, hasn’t let a second bout with cancer scuttle her active lifestyle or her busy career. She still files segments for the Growing Bolder TV show and co-hosts Surviving & Thriving, which spotlights people who have overcome adversity to pursue their dreams.  and often, is really important to me. And to be able to connect with people through the important and powerful message of Surviving & Thriving is a real blessing and very special.” Wendy’s next TV assignment will be for a Park City TV station covering the Sundance Film Festival in January. Then it’s off to Tanzania and Mt. Kilimanjaro in February and then Idaho’s Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June. In between, she’ll be filing stories for Growing Bolder and hosting Surviving & Thriving. “Oh my gosh, I have the best life. I’m so blessed. I’m so lucky. No matter what happens, I have the greatest life. Sometimes, you just have to make sure that you appreciate the good stuff when the bad stuff comes. I get it. I’m on it.” n Growing Bolder 15

5GB_Jan14_Feature.indd 15

12/16/13 2:07:20 PM

5 Questions



Full Sail University was founded more than 30 years ago as a place where people with a passion for creative careers in the entertainment and media industries could make their dreams come true. It started with music, but quickly grew to include film, show production, games, animation, web design and more. The school, located in Winter Park, now offers 44 degree programs and boasts 17,000 students. Garry Jones has been helping chart the course for Full Sail University since 1980. His 12 years as president have encompassed stunning growth and expansion. With more and more people looking to reinvent themselves in new careers, Jones believes the best is yet to come.

One Cool School

Full Sail Offers Opportunities for Creative Reinvention. by Bill Shafer The growth of Full Sail University has been incredible. How has it managed to emerge as one of the premier art, music and film schools in the world? The best way I can explain it is to take a closer look at the heart of our mission: to provide students with an innovative style of education, delivered by a skilled staff of dedicated individuals, that addresses career opportunities in an ever-growing, constantly evolving industry. We do this by developing unique curricula that combines creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess and academic achievement. Programs are offered at our Winter Park campus and globally through our online learning environment. Every one of our degree programs is designed to provide 16


4GB_Nov13_5 Questions.indd 16

the knowledge and real-world experience that will help our passionate students realize their career goals. ■■■ Are opportunities at Full Sail increasing for people looking to reinvent themselves? Yes! Dreams are forever, regardless of age. Whether you’re just starting your career or maybe you’ve made the decision to take your career in a different direction, our philosophy is still the same. People from around the globe come to Full Sail to pursue their educational goals, and we’ve noticed that they all share one thing in common — a passion for creative careers in the entertainment and media industry. An inspirational example that I’d like to share comes from JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

12/16/13 2:08:01 PM

Troy McGuire is creating a mini-empire from studios at Full Sail University. a graduation ceremony we held last May. We were proud to recognize Bhavna Bhen, who was 60 years old, as the valedictorian of her class. She pursued her dreams of finishing college and earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design. This is a testament to the driven spirit and motivation our students and graduates possess. nnn Full Sail is such a unique learning environment. What have you tapped into that so many others have missed? One step onto our campus — or one click onto our online learning platform — and you’ll quickly discover the benefits of learning and creating in a place where students are studying every aspect of this unique industry. At Full Sail, like in the real world, projects come together as a result of a team effort. On our campus, we’ve strived to create inspiring spaces designed to nurture the creative spark within our students and faculty members. Our production environments are on par with the best in the world — and this is the environment in which students hone their craft and develop their skills. The idea is to start working and acting like professionals while they’re still in school. That way, they’re comfortable, prepared and have the best chance to succeed once they’re out there. nnn With so many changes in the art, music and film industries, how do you keep your graduates ahead of the curve and ready for tomorrow’s challenges? Full Sail graduate credits include work on projects that have won or been nominated for Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Addys, MTV Video Music Awards and Spike Video Game Awards. Our philosophy is to give our grads a complete education that combines hands-on experience and tradi-

Full Sail University’s 2.2-acre Gateway Project includes Full Sail Live, a venue built to host a wide variety of live musical performances, monthly graduations,  multivisual presentations, guest lectures, movie screenings and trade shows. tional classroom work. Our Career Development department is a key part of that philosophy. This dedicated team of people provides assistance to current students and alumni before and after graduation. nnn Full Sail was founded on the concept of helping people achieve their dreams. How has that vision changed over the years? You may have heard us say, “If you’re serious about your dream, we’ll take your dream seriously. ” Well, it’s true. Over 30 years ago, Full Sail began as a dream to create a place where you could learn to take your passion for entertainment and turn it into a career you loved. That founding principle remains the same today. As the years go by, our dream continues to grow, and we’re humbled by the success of our graduates and the passion of our educators and mentors. All of them contribute to making Full Sail University one of the most unique educational communities in the world. n

GB EXTRA Did you know Growing Bolder tapes its daily TV show at Full Sail? Visit GrowingBolderMagazine. com for behind-the-scenes photos of our set and to learn more about Full Sail’s educational opportunities for reinventing your career. Growing BOlder 17

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12/16/13 2:08:07 PM

Behind the Scenes

Growing Bolder in 2014 We’re Preparing for Our Boldest Year Yet. By Jackie Carlin


rowing Bolder is getting bigger and bolder in 2014 — and we want you to come along for the ride. On these pages you’ll find updates on some of our projects, and learn how we’re finding new ways to spread our message of hope, inspiration and possibility to more people than ever. We wouldn’t be here without your support.

Thank you for being a crucial member of Team GB. The best is yet to come!

GB TV Rolls Out to 100 Million Homes After a successful three-year run on more than 500 PBS stations, Growing Bolder has moved to commercial television. And after only 60 days, it’s already available in more than 100 million homes across America. Stay tuned for some big news about new partnerships with major cable channels. In Central Florida, Growing Bolder has a new home. On Jan. 5, the show will join WKMG Local 6’s Sunday morning lineup, airing from 5 to 6 a.m. Growing Bolder is hosted by Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer and features regular reports from Wendy Chioji and Secily Wilson. “This program is about the power of a positive attitude, and the stories shine the spotlight on ordinary people living extraordinary lives,” says Skip Valet, WKMG’s vice president and general manager. “It’s the inspirational, motivational stories that our community deserves, told by some of the most well-known and beloved names in Central Florida television history.” In the meantime, Growing Bolder Radio continues to air locally on 90.7 News WMFE-FM. The highly rated show features celebrity guests, authors, health, wellness and lifestyle experts, masters athletes and much more. The radio program offers in-depth conversations with people pursuing their passions and smashing stereotypes. Tune in Sundays at 7 a.m. or anytime online. Just visit and click on the “Listen Live” button. From top, Growing Bolder co-host Bill Shafer Skypes with Olympic Gold Medalist and cancer survivor Shannon Miller; Executive Producers Katy Widrick and Jackie Carlin prepare for a new Growing Bolder broadcast; Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton and Wendy Chioji meet in Park City, Utah with Andrea Eliscu, president of Medical Marketing, and Dr. Robert Masson of the NeuroSpine Institute. 18


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Your Take

Team GB Elite is debuting with high-profile bloggers who’ll share personal stories about living life to the fullest.

New! Team GB Elite Debuts With Top-Notch Bloggers The Growing Bolder team has just launched an exciting new

“I love, love, love your radio broadcast. I’m a newly divorced empty nester. I’m often feeling a bit lonely, and that it’s all done for me (crazy I know at 53 years old!). But then I turn on 90.7 and hear you guys, and I’m immediately encouraged, energized and, most importantly, hopeful about my new adventure in this phase of life. Thanks so much for the stories, the encouragement and the info: it’s not about age --it’s about attitude. Got it! I’ll be listening.” — Gaile, Orlando, Fla. “I tripped on your television show today and I fell in love. I’m in tears because even though I am not in my 40s or 90s yet, I was so inspired by the theme, the interviews -- everything about the show is amazing. Thank you for such a show.” — Yolanda, New York

project. Team GB Elite pulls together a top-notch roster of bloggers to share personal stories of overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest. Inaugural bloggers include: Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton, Bill Shafer and Wendy Chioji; champion cyclist Sandy Scott; artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and beauty expert Oleda Baker. Visit for links to all their blogs.

GB Magazine Was a Red-Hot Title in 2013 Thanks to each and every one of you who picked up a copy of Growing Bolder Magazine in 2013. Whether you get yours at a Central Florida Walgreens or through the mail at home, you’ve helped us become one of the hottest magazines in publishing. We’re working right now to expand distribution beyond Central Florida. Stay tuned for our exciting updates. Look who’s reading Growing Bolder Magazine! It’s actor Gavin McCloud, best remembered for his stint on The Love Boat.

“I’ll be turning 59 in the near future and I have a very physically demanding job as a park ranger/maintenance worker. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I’m too old to do the job I love. And then I watch your show and I’m energized. In fact, seeing the show once a week keeps me going for the rest of the week. I’ve cheered, cried and applauded many of the people you’ve featured. Thanks for doing the show.” — Gail S., Alameda County, Calif. “I’m a 65-year-old female who received a cochlear implant in May, and I’ve been using your website as part of my personal rehab program. The surgery left me deaf, and then after the activation of the implant I’ve had to relearn how to hear as the old brain accommodates the new method. I wanted to say a very big thank you, as I have so enjoyed Growing Bolder and seeing that you have so much to offer. I’m now referring your site both to my hearing and non-hearing friends.” — Shirley M., New Brunswick, Canada “Your story on Karen Putz, the deaf water skier, had me crying like I was peeling onions. It was so heartwrenching yet so motivating. You have inspired me in so many ways.” — Wayne C., Illinois

See Yourself Growing Bolder

Want to see yourself in Growing Bolder Magazine? Send us a photo of you doing your thing and a short description of how you’re Growing Bolder. Send it and your contact information to or send c/o Growing Bolder Magazine, One Purlieu Place, Suite 139, Winter Park, FL 32792. You can also post your photos and comments on our Facebook page: Growing BOlder 19

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Collectors’ Corner

Memories on Display

Audrey Lentz’s Home Reflects a Sense of Whimsy. by Bill Shafer


’m a born collector,” says Audrey Lentz. “I’ve collected all my life and this is the result.” Audrey’s home is a pop culture museum; an homage to the toys, trinkets and trivia of a time gone by. From Betty Boop to board games, from Howdy Doody to Hasbro, every inch is filled with memories — the kind that make this 65-year-old feel perennially young. In fact, looking around the home is like looking inside Audrey’s psyche. It’s a reflection of who she is. Audrey, in fact, is a book that you can completely judge by the cover! “I continue to be what I am on the outside. I truly feel that way. There’s no mystery. When it comes to me, what you see is what you get,” she says. Home decor often reflects the personality of the home-owner.Audrey says she’s just taken that concept a few steps further, making her surroundings more personal and more revealing. But far from cluttered, her home is a warm, charming fantasy land and an echo from Audrey’s past. But she insists she’s not reliving her childhood. In a way, she insists, she never stopped living it. “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood,” she says. “Who says we have to lose that sense of wonder, innocence and belief we had when we were young? I’ve decided I’m not going to. So many people try to hold on to it, but can’t. I’ve had no trouble.” Audrey never intended to fill her entire home with her collection. It just grew over the years to the point where it’s taken over. But it isn’t haphazard. Some of the rooms, in fact, have themes. She has a ‘50s room and a Monopoly hallway. The kitchen is filled with food-related items and the bathroom is covered in a decoupage of classic magazine ads. “Someone walked in here and told me the house looks like a popup book,” says Audrey. “Isn’t that a nice description?” Sometimes, however, visitors make comments that are difficult to categorize. “I can’t quite tell if I’m getting compliments or insults,” she says with a chuckle. “But I’d only be insulted if they said my house looked like other houses. I like to be different” And since the things in her home are such a direct reflection of what’s in her soul, it’s easy to see that for Audrey Lentz, her heart is truly where her home is. ■ 20









A visitor ot Audrey Lentz’s home might think he or she had stumbled into a pop culture museum. Every room is filled with often iconic objects that make the 65-year-old feel perennially young.


Visit for a video tour of Audrey’s collection.


The Grammy-winning entertainer has difficulty with his short-term memory, but is still wowing audiences with his undiminished musicianship. Somehow, music

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You can’t carry a steak in your golf bag.









The Original Protein Shot.™ Protein Perfected.™

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In Discovering Art, Ed Feldman Discovered Himself.


by Bill Shafer

d Feldman didn’t like getting older. He felt self-conscious about his changing appearance. Uncomfortable expressing himself, he withdrew socially, hiding behind a computer and other electronic devices. It was an easy place in which to disappear. He would settle into his room and the hours would fly by. He found himself particularly drawn to photography filter apps, and discovered that he could digitally manipulate photographs in the most astounding ways. By adding textures, swirls, colors and shapes, he began to transform his photographs into compelling works of art. Ed didn’t realize it, but he had also begun to transform himself. He got up the nerve to share some of his creations with his co-workers — and they were astounded. Word began to spread. Everyone wanted to see Ed’s work. Little by little, his confidence began to grow and an identity began to form. Ed was reinventing himself. One of his co-workers asked him why he wore a toupee, and encouraged him to get rid of it. It turned out to be a defining moment. “Someone asked me to take off the hairpiece,” he recalls. “My first thought was, ‘Absolutely not!’ Then, I started thinking about it and decided to give it a try. It wasn’t easy. I started to realize that the hairpiece was sort of my security blanket. I didn’t want anyone to see me.” Ed removed the hairpiece, but for about a month wore a hat every single day. “Then I had an ah-ha moment,” he says. “I suddenly realized 22


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that as I grew more confident in my art, it started to replace my hairpiece. It was so liberating. I felt like I could be more honest with everyone, because I was finally being honest with myself. I wasn’t hiding behind a mask anymore.” With an Ed Feldman creation, the closer you get, the more you see. As you move in, familiar shapes take on impressionistic twists, revealing streams and rivulets of color, carving trenches and crests into the surface. Ed found something soothing and comforting in his art — and slowly began to understand why. His works, he realized, were a reflection of himself. “I started to see that just like my art, we all have many different layers, and people may see completely different 24

Growing Bolder

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things in us depending on how closely they’re looking,” Ed says. “By trying to hide my outer layer, I realized I wasn’t really changing who I am. In fact, now I can say I’m quite proud of who I am. And I’m anxious to share my creative process.” Through his website,, Ed has connected with art enthusiasts all across the country. His hope now is to sell enough prints to be able to become a full-time artist. Thanks to his art, he has found himself, discovered his passion and is enjoying life more than ever. “We’re only on this planet a short time,” he says. “I’m so glad I’ve been able to find my purpose. It sure feels great to feel so alive.” n JANUARY/FEbruary 2014

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“I’m so glad I’ve been able to find my purpose. It sure feels great to feel so alive.”

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Bolder Sports

The Magic of Water

Diann Uustal Discovers Swimming’s Healing Power. by Marc Middleton


tator cuff was torn and all three hamstrings were ripped he annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic at Oroff my hip.” lando’s YMCA Aquatic Center attracts swimmers She underwent several surgeries to repair her shoulder of all ages and all abilities from all over. “Some and reattach all three hamstrings. Once again, swimming want to break world records and others just want to finish was her path back. “It was physical therapy but it was the race,” says Gaines. “But they all have their own unique also spiritual therapy,” she says. “It was emotionally setstory, and many are incredibly inspirational.” tling and reassuring to be in The former Olympian could the water.” have been talking about DiAs her recovery continann Uustall, 67. Diann is a ued, Diann began swimming doctor of education, the aufaster and faster. And after thor of nine books, president not competing for 17 years, of her own company, a regshe began entering meets, istered nurse specializing in winning races and setting palliative care, a triathlon records. In just a few years, coach, a swim instructor and she’s set 38 American and a grandmother. 13 world records in all four Oh, and she broke a world strokes, making her, argurecord — one of 13 that she ably, the greatest all-around has held — at the Masters over-65 swimmer in history. Classic despite being told “I thank the Lord every that she’d likely never walk day for the blessings that I again, much less swim comhave,” she says. “I’ve learned petitively. to live a life of gratitude and In 2003, she suffered seto help others to achieve as vere back injuries when a much as they possibly can. car going 60 mph rear-endGiving back is much more ed her at a stoplight. Her reimportant than focusing on habilitation included water yourself.” therapy. “They would lower For her example of hope, me into a pool so I could inspiration and possibility, float,” she recalls. “There was Flanked by Growing Bolder Host Marc Middleton and former something magical about the Olympian Rowdy Gaines, Diann Uustall, 67, displays her Rowdy Diann Uustal was awarded the Growing Bolder Rowdy water.” Gaines Inspiration Award. Gaines Inspiration Award for Soon she was moving her 2013. ■ legs and eventually, swimming and walking. “Swimming is the whole reason that I was able to recover, and I’m very grateful for it.“ GB EXTRA While still recovering from that accident, Diann took a Want to see one of Diann Uustal’s record-breaknasty fall on a slippery floor in a public restroom. “There ing swims? Visit to watch her in action. was some kind of emulsion on the floor, and my right leg shot out from underneath me,” she says. “I put my arm down to try and break the fall. My shoulder broke, my ro-



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Bolder Nutrition

Sweeter Dreams

Five Tips to Ensure a Healthy, Rejuvenating Eight Hours.


by Susan Mitchell, PhD, RD, FAND

fect on quality of sleep. In other words, a cup of coffee hat’s keeping you awake at night? Seventy before bed is a bad idea. million people in the U.S. are affected by a chronic sleep disorder, according to the Na■ Adopt a routine. Your body craves routine, even when it comes to sleeping. Once a rhythm is established, you’ll tional Institutes of Health. Two out of every 10 Americans be tired and ready for sleep at about the same time each sleep less than six hours a night. Your body needs seven to eight hours. night. ■ Get some exercise. Try to get in some physical activToo little sleep means you’ll be too tired to work efity during the day, but finish a ficiently, exercise or eat healthy meals. That, in turn, can negativecouple of hours before you turn in so you’re not wired and unly impact health. It turns out that able to sleep. Yes, sex counts as women suffer from lack of sleep exercise. more often than men. ■ Create the right mood. With age, the frequency of Your bedroom should be cool, sleeplessness increases. Sleep is dark and comfortable. Create a the time that your body restores and maintains itself. Think of it personal bedtime ritual, such as using aromatherapy or taking a like rebooting your computer. But warm bubble bath. Listen to your you can recapture the rejuvenatfavorite relaxing music or read a ing benefits of sleep. Try these five book. But give your laptop the tips: boot. Researchers have found ■ Chomp on cherries. Studies have found that drinking tart that exposure to computer tablet light significantly lowers levels cherry juice daily helps reduce the of melatonin, which plays a role severity of insomnia. Fresh and in the sleep cycle. dried cherries also count. Melatonin and naturally occurring hyNow more than ever, a good tonutrients may be the reason. night’s sleep is important to your health and wellness. Along with ■ Nix caffeine. A recent study diet and exercise, plenty of sleep found that caffeine consumption Dr. Susan Mitchell says getting enough sleep is cruat bedtime or up to six hours be- cial to your physical and mental well being. Exercise will help you better cope with tofore bedtime has a significant ef- and some kinds of food can help. day’s stressors. Take care of you — you’re worth it. ■ Covering the health topics that impact our daily lives, registered dietitian nutritionist Dr. Susan Mitchell writes and produces the blogs How Big is Your BUT? and BUT Busters: No Excuse Tips to Eat Smart-Live Smart. Thousands of listeners tune in to her radio segments and podcasts, watch her videos, TV segments and read her online commentaries. From interviews with national talk radio personalities such as Sean Hannity and consumer warrior Clark Howard, Dr. Mitchell is known for her smart, sassy straight talk about nutrition, food and fitness.



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Visit for links to Dr. Mitchell’s podcasts and her Pinterest page, which is full of healthy, easy-to-make and delicious recipes.


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The Takeaway

A Mountain of a Mission

Despite the Drawbacks, Here’s Why I Said ‘Yes’ to Adventure. by Marc Middleton


y good friend, colleague, and two-time cancer survivor Wendy Chioji is joining the Livestrong 2014 Survivor Summit, a group of cancer survivors and relatives of survivors who are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to make a statement about hope, inspiration and possibility. Since Wendy now lives in Park City, Utah, and another friend, Dr. Robert Masson, has a second home there, I arranged for the two to meet. The next day, I learned that Robert was joining the Survivor Summit to honor his sister Callie, a kidney cancer survivor. Robert thought the trip worthy of Growing Bolder’s attention, and recommended to Livestrong that I tag along to document this inspirational and symbolic quest. Livestrong gave me 48 hours to take the final spot in the expedition. I had plenty of reasons to decline. Our business is busier than ever, and I wasn’t sure I would have enough time to get in the physical condition required to reach the summit of the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Also, I couldn’t justify the expense of the supplies and equipment required to hike through the arctic conditions at the summit. Time was running out and my many doubts were beginning to win out when my GB colleagues assured me that they would pick up any additional work created by my absence, 30


10GB_Jan14_Takeaway.indd 30

and help find sponsors to underwrite some of the expenses in exchange for exposure on our national TV shows. The final straw was when Pat Narciso, our Director of Technology, created a web page containing several dozen of the motivational graphics that I made for our Facebook page, television show and this magazine. He hit me with my own words, with the message we work so hard to share with others: Life is about taking chances, saying yes and living large. In a Growing Bolder moment, I said yes to the adventure.Yes to celebrating Wendy Chioji and all that she means to me and to Growing Bolder. Yes to supporting the survivors who are climbing to make a statement about the power of belief and the importance of teamwork. Yes to spreading the word about the amazing work being done by the Livestrong Foundation. I’m joining the Survivor Summit beginning Feb. 9 and making a 6-day assault on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Tanzania, here I come. ■

GB EXTRA Visit for updates on Marc’s trip Mount Kilimanjaro and to find out how you can help Wendy Chioji and Dr. Robert Masson meet their Livestrong fundraising goals to help other cancer survivors.


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The Mayflower. Smart. Secure. And Spectacular. Close your eyes and think “continuing care retirement community” for a second. What do you see? Park-like grounds and walking trails? A pool and fitness center? A formal dining room? Perhaps. 1620 Mayflower Court Winter Park, FL 32792

MAY 998 Cross Ad_Growing Bolder.indd 1 10GB_Jan14_Takeaway.indd 32

At The Mayflower, you have the freedom and flexibility to customize your home and your retirement lifestyle to make them uniquely yours. And while you’re having fun doing that, you’ll also have the guarantee of pre-funded long-term care. That’s what prompted residents like Ann and Pete Cross to plan ahead and proactively make the move . . . because they wanted to, not because they needed to. How about you?

What’s your plan for the future? Call today, and let’s talk about it: 407.672.1620.

88141 PRAD GB 1/2014

But what about your own faux fireplace? Hardwood floors? Designer kitchen with granite countertops and custom cabinetry? Closet systems? At a retirement community. . . seriously? Seriously.

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