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CALIBER RM 028 Diver’s watch

automatic winding movement adjustable rotor geometry Power reserve 55 h Bottom plate, bridges and balance cock made of titanium Double barrel system eight-point-star-shaped torque and spline screws in grade 5 titanium for the bridges and case Date display at 7 o’clock Unique tripartite case Bezel turning unidirectionally following isO 6425 norm interior flanges in carbon fiber water resistant to 300 meters available in titanium with screwed titanium lugs and a rubber strap

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a new landscape for luxury real estate As this year gets under way, we at Luxhabitat find ourselves working in an environment that has become more settled and positive. Nobody would suggest that the property sector is as it was before the global crisis – and it’s fair to ask if that is even desirable – but, as we enter 2012, a more robust market is emerging, shaped by new forces and pragmatism. While market analysts continue to debate whether the real estate market has ‘hit bottom’, buyers and sellers, accepting the new pricing landscape, are fuelling sales activity. Pricing in the most exclusive residential property developments has remained constant. In some cases, it has even been enhanced. The number of highend property transactions completed last year is the most tangible evidence that the market in well-established communities is moving again. While for some of you a property may be primarily an investment, for a great many it is your home. Here in the UAE, we have exciting and vibrant neighbourhoods, a burgeoning cultural


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life and inspiring landscapes. In this magazine we bring you an insiders’ perspective on some of the best things this country can offer, from interior design to fine watches, and from contemporary art to the coolest swimming pools – not to mention word-of-mouth recommendations from some stylish UAE residents. We also look at the business fundamentals that are consolidating the country as the regional hub, and that affect residential real estate, and of course, we present a selection of the very best properties from our current portfolio. Alongside this bi-annual magazine, we are launching The Journal,, a fortnightly online magazine that brings you more of the same insiders’ track on living well in the UAE. High-end property remains our raison d’etre and we believe that this issue of The Private Collection demonstrates that, taking our conversation with you beyond just bricks and mortar. - Oriol Font, Managing Director, Luxhabitat

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Power with refinement. Racing with style. Only Bentley combines these seeming contradictions into a refined driving experience at the pinnacle of British motoring. May we present the all-new Bentley Mulsanne – the opposite of

mass production. Hand crafted and engineered in Crewe, England, this all-new grand tourer elevates motoring to a whole new level. Find out more at

BENTLEY EMIRATES - Al Habtoor Royal Car, Tel: 02 - 6423114, Fax: 02 - 6423118, Al Habtoor Motors, Tel: 04 - 2944492, Fax: 04 - 2944422, Bentley Marina Boutique, Tel: 04 - 4475365 •  The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2012 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Bentley Mulsanne.


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9 Coveting horological artistry: why we love the A. Lange & Sohne 31 10 A view to a chill: the rustic luxe of Oman’s Zighy Bay 12 Private passion: art collector Ramin Salsali leaps into the cultural lead 14 Object of desire: Frederik Molenschot’s Citylight reinvents the chandelier

29 Hidden in the heart of Dubai Marina, we uncover a villa hiding in plain sight 36 Meet the virtuoso designers of Etcetera Living, the name behind some of Dubai’s most beautiful interiors 38 Cool pools: take a splash into the sublime with these beautiful bodies of water that reimagine the swimming pool aesthetic


73 Best-kept secret: the place nobody quite believes is in Dubai 74 Lifestyle council: word of mouth is always the best ecommendation. Dis cover the favourite places and things of some stylish Dubai residents. 77 Cult shop: the boutique that brought Beirut Boho to the UAE

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105 With its internationally-recognised standards of doing business, Luxhabitat is proving that niche is beautiful 107 Meet the team: these are the luxury sales specialists behind the buying and selling of the UAE’s finest properties 120 The view: mountains take on a blue- tinged beauty in this captivating shot

Living in Emirates Hills: Why this elegant and exclusive neighbourhood remains one of Dubai’s most prestigious areas. We discover what life is like in this leafy, suburban, family-friendly part of the city.












These exquisite homes lie just steps from the ocean and epitomise seafront living at its most carefree, luxurious and serene. A connection to the timeless tides is echoed in their large, airy spaces that invite comfortable living. For a lifestyle borderning water, look no further than these waterfront homes

Set in the heart of the city, these breathtaking condominiums offer residents the convenience of big city living with the privacy, luxury and security of a home that represents both elegance and practicality. Each of these properties makes a bold statement that highlights its unique architecture and location

Rolling, verdant fairways are just moments away at each of these serene and inspiring properties. For golf lovers and non-golfers alike, these homes are also firmly focused on offering their owners the luxury of space, peace and privacy, with expertly planned layouts and stunning finishes

Redefining the best of family living, these lake properties offer elegance and luxury amid around landscaped gardens fringing open bodies of water. For your own beautiful oasis in the desert, look no further than these prestigious homes, which are located in some of Dubai’s most desirable locations

Luxurios penthouses and exclusive apartments created to exacting standards form the core offering of the Marina portfolio of properties. These high-rise homes represent the ultimate selection of rooms with views, balonies and lots of space in the thriving heart of New Dubai.

These communities offer a lifestyle that is both intensely private yet connected to an exclusive community of like-minded owners. Beauty and elegance come as standard and security, discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance. Form and function meet to offer the pinnacle of private living.

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How the DIFC Arch symbolises the rise and rise of the UAE as the region’s business hub Leader comment: business leader Kishore Pagarani on life in Dubai The high-end residential property market in the UAE is surprisingly strong. Luxhabitat’s David Terry explains why

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p u r s u e

a lange time coming behind its discreetly classical face, the lange 31 takes horology to the extreme If proof were needed that the digital revolution doesn’t have the monopoly on miniaturisation, consider the mechanical wristwatch: a tiny machine packed with technological tours de force that are up to 300 years old. The world’s finest watchmakers keep refining that old technology, continually reducing the size of each complication while pushing the boundaries of performance. One of the best, A.Lange & Söhne, has taken the power reserve of a manual wristwatch to a previously unimagined extreme: 31 days. It took seven years to develop, which says all that needs to be said about the pursuit of excellence. The

power comes from a pair of mainsprings, each 1.85 metres long (90cm is the norm) and each packed into a barrel just 25mm in diameter. To defy physics – as a spring loses tension it produces less energy, ergo less accurate timekeeping – Lange’s craftsmen invented a constantforce escapement, which ensures uniform delivery of power. And to make it possible to wind the super-strong spring they went back to a very old idea: key winding. Genius. And it’s all wrapped up in a style that doesn’t shout, but whispers. – Sandra Lane |





Built from local stone, timber and palm thatch, the buildings at Zighy Bay are almost identical to centuries-old Omani houses; a hideaway within the hideaway, The Edge is an idyllic place to spend an evening; the interiors are the epitome of rustic luxe; every villa has its own private pool

A VIEW TO A CHILL It’s only a ninety-minute drive from dubai yet, with its deep peace and raw beauty, zighy bay feels as if you have left civilisation and stepped into paradise To drive the hundred kilometres or so to the east coast of the Arabian peninsula is to enter another world. As the city gives way to open, flat desert the road begins to climb towards the Hajar mountains. The emptiness of the landscape seems to slow down our heart rate; the stress we have brought with us from the city begins slowly to lift. The twisting road through these savagely beautiful mountains could hardly be more different from the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway and, as we emerge at the other side, we begin to wonder if the


w w

clock has turned back a couple of decades. By the time we are across the Omani border at Dibba and perched at the top of the switchback gravel road leading down into Zighy Bay, we are sure it has. Other than our host from Six Senses, the only sign of life is a flock of wild goats. Below us, shaded by date palms between a curve of almost-white sand and the raw rock of the mountains, is a huddle of thatch-roofed buildings – looking just as if it has been transplanted intact from a few centuries ago.

The effect is deliberate – but, far from being a stylistic gimmick, it’s a product of the owners’ philosophy of making only the lightest imprint on Earth, working with local materials, techniques and people whenever possible, and generally ensuring that “authentic” is what it says. These are the people who practically invented barefoot luxury with Soneva Fushi in The Maldives. And that “no shoes, no news” approach carries through to Zighy Bay. Yes, there’s wireless internet access in the library but it begs the question: why would you? (We

don’t bother to check if our BlackBerrys pick up a signal; we’re here to do what Zighy Bay lets you do best: chill.) We settle in our beachfront villa, which is the epitome of rustic luxe with its roughly plastered white walls, timber floor, hand-hewn wood trimmings and pristine white linens. Palm-thatch gates open to an endless view of the Gulf of Oman, we are faced with some tough choices: to laze in our own private pool or cross the sand to the crystalline sea; to stroll over to Spice Market or The Beach House for lunch or have it brought to us in our outdoor majlis? Should we have a massage in our private treatment room or wander over to the Six Senses Spa for the full works; find calm on the yoga deck, or under the water with mask, flippers and only the fish for company? Should we opt for a wuieter-than-quiet private picnic in the midst of the mountains or on a deserted nearby beach. We settle for a little of each experience – as well as spending time in the organic kitchen garden discovering why our vegetables taste so amazing. With hindsight it seems a lot to pack in to three days but the pace was so languid and days so free of any fixed schedule that time seemed to stretch on and on. One decision was surprisingly easy: dragging ourselves away from the beach for an evening. The incentive, drinks and dinner at The Edge, high above the bay, was irresistible. Oh, and another decision: to return to Zighy as soon as possible. – Alexandra Kleinweg


AFICIONADO Private Passion



“My approach is that it is of less value to support startup artists than it is to create collectors. That way not only the artists but the whole creative community will benefit. The beauty of art is that it unifies people.”

ART FOR THE HEART’S SAKE what do you do when your art collection grows far too big for your walls? If you are ramin salsali you open a museum to share your paintings and your passion A decade ago contemporary Middle Eastern art was barely a blip on the radar, attracting just a few very perceptive collectors. Now Al Serkal Avenue – in what really was the “wilds” of Dubai’s Al Qouz industrial area – is a buzzing hub, with collectors, enthusiasts, artists and acolytes thronging to its gallery openings. And, among the commercial galleries, a remarkable space recently opened: Salsali Private Museum. A labour of love for its eponymous founder, Ramin Salsali, it showcases his collection of more than 400 works by Middle Eastern and European artists – and it flies in the face of the region’s received wisdom about how culture should be presented. Like many an art collector before him, Salsali could probably have endowed a wing of an existing museum. But having his name above the door is, emphatically, not what drives him. “I have called it ‘my’ museum – and a private museum – so that I can do exactly as I wish,” he says, with the broad smile that punctuates


www. luxhabitat. ae

most of his conversation. (It’s disarming in a man who has built a very successful business in the tough world of petrochemicals.) And what Salsali wishes is much more than just to share his collection with the world: “I want this to be a catalyst; the main idea is to have somewhere that collectors can meet each other and exchange ideas with complete objectivity. You can’t do that in a commercial gallery, where the agenda to sell is the nature of the business. I want to cultivate the concept of sharing, with no reward other than extending the understanding of art.” Given Salsali’s passion – and the significant investment he has made in making his museum a reality (with the same wall system and climate control as the Louvre, no less) – it’s hard to imagine that he discovered contemporary art by accident. “I was studying in Germany in 1981 and, by chance, met a painter called Kiddy Citny; it was the first time in my life that I’d met an artist – it was very exciting.” In a long and

amusing variation on the classic ‘broke artist pays with a painting’ story, Salsali became the owner of what is now an iconic Citny work, Yellow King. “At the time I thought: there’s no way I want a painting,” laughs Salsali – but it lit a fire. “I bought two pieces from Kiddy each year, then started going though phases – there was an ‘ears’ phase (works by Giacometti and Louise Bourgeois) and a ‘lips’ phase – but over time I have become more focused and, I’d say, more mature in what I buy.” Since the 1990s that has meant an emphasis on Middle Eastern artists, with a collection that just keeps growing: “I cannot sell anything,” exclaims Salsali. “I have such a strong emotional attachment to every piece – I don’t know why.” Helping others to discover that passion is clearly Salsali’s true vocation.: “To hear someone say ‘If Ramin Salsali can do it, so can I’ will make me happier than anything.” – Sandra Lane


AFICIONADO Object of desire

tripping the light fantastic to be seen in the middle east for the first time at design days dubai, frederik molenschot’s citylight reinvents the chandelier Think ‘chandelier’ and the first thing that comes to mind is usually a curly rococo confection dripping with sparkly crystals. Unless you are Frederik Molenschot, that is: the Dutch designer takes for inspiration his vision of a future world, defined by mega-cities. The cue for his monumental Citylight chandelier was, he says, “midnight strolls among the flyovers of Shanghai”. Every piece is a one-off, completely made by hand from almost 300kg of cast bronze, distressed with black patina and worked into a sinuous 25-metre track with more than 120 bell-shaped shades – their interiors highly polished to reflect the


www. luxhabitat. ae

light. London-based Carpenters Workshop Gallery – a growing force in the world of international design – has commissioned Molenschot to create a new unique piece in the Citylight series to bring to Design Days Dubai in March. Given that it is the first-ever fair in the Middle East dedicated to limited-edition and collectible design from leading contemporary practitioners as well as the 20th century, Design Days Dubai is clearly setting the bar high for its inaugural showing. An exciting sign of very good things to come. – Sandra Lane |



SEA Front



family fabulous


As you step through the front door of this attractive, white stuccoed villa your eye is drawn through the house, straight to the sea beyond. This moment captures one of the greatest pleasures of living here: the intimate connection between the house, the beach and the water. The house is wonderfully light throughout, thanks not only to large expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass, but also a double-height, octagonal atrium that brings daylight right into the centre of the house. The current owners’ choice of pale creamy colours for the interior enhances the airy feeling. On the ground floor, the dining room and family kitchen are arranged to the left and the majlis/library and open-plan living room to the right. This open-plan living area opens on two sides, to the garden and the sea. It’s a very practical and comfortable layout that adapts equally well to relaxed family life and elegant entertaining. From the central atrium, a staircase leads to the octagonal, gallery-style first floor landing, around which the four bedroom suites are arranged. The master suite is a peaceful haven, with a large bay window facing the sea, its own private sitting area, a walk-in closet, whirlpool bath, and a terrace with beautiful sea views that stretch all the way to Burj Al Arab.


www. luxhabitat. ae



Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Private swimming pool, front and back gardens, balconies, shaded porch, paved terraces and built-in barbecue area. Staff accommodation, garaging for two cars. ample storage space. Villa ( Mediterranean Central Rotunda) 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 5,200 sq ft | 483 sq m Plot size 6,500 sq ft | 604 sq m

The beach façade of the house looks directly across the overflow swimming pool and, just three steps below, the private beach – which invites quiet strolls in the morning and evening or, for sportier residents, is a perfect launching place for a kayak or paddle-board.


www. luxhabitat. ae

To the left side of the garden lies a large shaded porch featuring ample space for comfortable outdoor seating. This leads out from the open-plan living room and connects to a terraced area just above the beach, with a lovely barbecue area and more seating. It is the perfect setting for relaxed

alfresco entertaining. The front and side gardens, shaded by a mature palm tree and laid with lawn, offer great scope for further landscaping and planting. In addition, the villa features a maid’s quarters with a separate entrance, and a two-car garage with ample storage.

South-facing with sea views, swimming pool and direct access to private beach

aed 12,000,000 | USD 3.28m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 803



Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi




www. luxhabitat. ae

The Island of Nurai offers an exclusive private island community catering to the world’s most truly affluent. Located minutes from Abu Dhabi, Nurai’s Beachfront Estates set a new benchmark for beachside living with the properties showcasing a canopy of greenery unfolding across the roofline to create the illusion of an untouched island. Airy, elegant

and filled with light, the living spaces of the ground floor are centered on a sensational double-height atrium that creates the feeling of being enveloped in light. Living areas and bedrooms all feature breathtaking views of the sea and the bedrooms have beautifully finished en-suite bathrooms. The Estates offer expansive outdoor spaces including infinity pools, outdoor barbeque areas, private beach and garden, and entertainment patios.

5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Built Up Area 18,730 sq ft | 1,740 sq m Plot sizes from 71,000 sq ft | 6,600 sq m

From AED 48,000,000 | USD 13.06m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E : Property ref 397




just steps above its own private beach, this family villa combines relaxed outdoor living with an elegant and inviting indoor space Palm Jumeirah, Dubai The grand double-height entrance hall of this Signature villa leads to flowing living spaces – a majlis, family room, dining room. and family kitchen/breakfast room. A grand circular staircase leads to the galleried first floor landing. The villa has a pool and direct beach access. 6 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (6 Ensuite) Approximately 7,000 sq ft | 650 sq m Plot size 13,000 sq ft | 1,207 sq m

aed 19,500,000 | USD 5.31m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 733


www. luxhabitat. ae

life’s a beach

light, airy, with generous rooms and great indoor-outdoor living spaces, this villa offers the best of barefoot deluxe

Saadiyat Beach Villas, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi With white sands on your doorstep and the Gary Player-designed Saadiyat Beach Golf Course just a stone’s throw away this cool, contemporary villa offers a new way of living in the UAE. The high ceilings and generous room sizes enhance the sense of living near the water. 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 8,050 sq ft | 747 sq m Plot size 17,000 sq ft | 1,579 sq m

PRICE ON APPLICATION David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 889



Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Set towards the tip of one of Palm Jumeirah’s northerly fronds, this villa has been extensively upgraded with high-quality materials and finishes. The double-height central atrium draws natural light through the whole house, as well as creating a beautiful design statement. The villa has the

Kempinski Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Fully furnished in classical European style, this elegant property is a perfect home for family life and entertaining. With hotel services offered by Kempinski, it comes equipped right down to the towels and china. As well as direct beach frontage and a stunning private garden, the villa features its own roof terrace with a private pool and luxurious jacuzzi. Built over three levels, it also boasts a media room and its own gymnasium, sauna and steam room, along with garaging for two vehicles, and additional staff accommodation. 5 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 8,000 sq ft | 743 sq m Plot size 12,000 sq ft | 1,114 sq m

aed 33,000,000 | USD 9.02m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 724


www. luxhabitat. ae

rare advantage of its garden and pool being at the same level as the beach, creating a seamless relationship with sand and sea. The villa boasts several features, among these stunning floor-to-ceiling windows and ample storage space including built-in wardrobes. There is also a study room and a games room, which further enhance the lifestyle options of this unique property.

6 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (6 ensuite) Approximately 7,000 sq ft | 650 sq m Plot size 13,000 sq ft | 1,207 sq m

AED 23,500,000 | USD 6.42m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E : Property ref 718

The Residences at The St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort – Villas, Abu Dhabi With its pool seeming to merge with the sand and sea, this oceanside villa is as good as beach living gets. And while the outdoors beckons, with great seating areas and that endless view, the interior

scores just as high for space and style, with formal and informal living spaces arranged around a fantastic doubleheight entrance hall. With beautiful views, the upstairs bedroom suites feel just as intimately connected to the beach. And with St Regis hotel services at your fingertips, life here could hardly be more relaxed.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 7,400 sq ft | 687 sq m Plots 9,677–12,648 sq ft | 899–1,175 sq m

PRICE ON APPLICATION David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 891

Saadiyat Beach Villas, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi Designed for family living, this comfortable townhouse-style villa has lovely high ceilings that enhance the sense of space. The large, open-fronted kitchen faces the dining room and this area flows easily to the large living room. The Andalusian-inspired detailing adds great charm to both the interior and exterior, where there’s a generous terrace, ideal for outdoor dining. 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 3,950 sq ft | 367 sq m Plot size 6,000 sq ft | 557 sq m

PRICE ON APPLICATION David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 890


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THE PORTFOLIO a r c h i t e c t u r e ,

i n t e r i o r s


o u t d o o r

s p a c e s

d e s i g n e d

t o

i n s p i r e

HIDDEN IN THE HEART Private and secluded, yet right in the middle of Dubai Marina,there’s a remarkable house that holds a special place in the hearts of its owners Finding your way to this villa for the first time is like unearthing a treasure – it’s so private, so secluded, with no obvious sign of how to reach it. From its hidden entrance courtyard, rich with greenery and lined with polished black granite, you step through the front door into a white-walled hallway that opens to a wide, light-filled living room – and, through a wall of glass, the view. And, oh, what a view. You are nestled so deeply in the heart of the marina that you feel you

can almost touch the water. Directly below you, boats rock gently at their moorings; straight ahead, a broad channel leads to the open sea. Indoors, all is clean-lined minimalism and a calming blend of deep brown-blacks against a white background, all rendered in the finest materials: sleek sofas in dark chocolate leather, a feature wall of matte, nearly-black flamed granite, solid wood plantation-style shutters, and floors made of giant slabs of snowy-white marble.



as light as air Different parts of the house capture the light as the day progresses. The morning sun filters through wooden slat blinds in the master bathroom and dressing room, creating a subtle play of patterns on the polished white floors and shiny black cabinet (left), while a section of the roof terrace, overlooking the water, is a suntrap during the afternoon

The same white marble and dark granite extend along a small corridor to a casual family room that, in turn, flows into a sleek, openplan kitchen-dining room, each space with floor-to-ceiling windows and double glass doors opening on to a series of terraces. From this entirely different angle the view is of more boats and, in the foreground Marina Walk, with its buzz of outdoor cafés. On all three floors of the house there’s a similar pattern of indoor spaces, terraces and views and, during the cooler months with the glass doors flung wide open, it all blends seamlessly together. The roof, which has been given a new floor in ceramic tiles that look exactly like solid wood (with none of the problems timber has in this harsh climate) and a glass balustrade so as not to break the view, is a huge L-shaped space, perfect for entertaining – or relaxing in quiet seclusion amid a profusion of flowering shrubs. “Often we just sit here, people-watching,” says Mounir Barakat, the owner. “We love the way we are so much part of the marina’s buzz, yet not in it; we can be completely absorbed in the atmosphere, yet totally private – and having this corner position gives us the best view of all.” When Mounir and his wife, Lina, bought two adjoining townhousestyle villas off-plan in 2004 little did they know that they were taking the first step in creating a much-loved family home. It’s a remarkable property, unique in Dubai and probably un-matched anywhere. “The house just evolved into what it is now,” explains Mounir. “Originally we planned to live in one and let the other but when the developer handed over the properties in 2009 they felt smaller than we had expected – the


www. luxhabitat. ae


space race


Spanning what was previously the entire top floor of two adjoining houses, the huge master suite has a wraparound view of Dubai Marina from two sides, yet is completely private and very quiet

point of view All of the main rooms have private terraces and spellbinding views of the marina. In one first-floor bedroom suite you can even gaze at the boats from your bath. The louvred wooden shutters – a unifying stylistic motif of the entire house – can be slid closed to separate the bathroom and bedroom if wished

rooms were quite boxy and everything felt very up-and-down. So we thought: why not knock them together and make lateral spaces, like a real villa?” Now, the two original ground-floor spaces – each previously chopped into kitchen, dining, study and living room – are occupied by the main living room on one side and the family spaces on the other. Eight compact bedrooms (four in each of the original houses) have become five large suites, with the master suite spanning what used to be the entire top floor of both houses. With its sitting area, exercise space, vast walk-in closets and huge bathroom, it has a wraparound view of the aarina from two sides, yet is completely private and quiet. “We had no preconceived ideas about what to do with it,” says Lina, “so we played with ideas of what the space would allow us to do.” All through the house the furnishing is kept minimal in order to emphasise the space, light, and fine materials – as well as reconfiguring the space, they stripped walls, ceilings and floors back to the shell. The white crystal marble flooring is laid in metre-square slabs on all three levels. (“Given the climate, we wanted marble, not wood – and we wanted it pure white with no veins; we spent months hunting down this


www. luxhabitat. ae



sleek simplicity Throughout the house the furnishing is kept deliberately minimal, in order to emphasise the space, light, and the fine materials used in redesigning the property. The main living room was created by combining four smaller rooms

special composite,” says Mounir.) The motif of extra-large tiles is repeated in grey granite on the bathroom walls and floors, and the brown-black flamed granite reappears as an accent on each of the three floors, tying the scheme together – as do several walls and doors in etched glass, which draw light into the interior. Rather than using curtains, the owners have continued the minimalistic theme by installing wooden shutters through the entire house: as well as ensuring privacy and allowing precise control of the light at differ-


www. luxhabitat. ae

ent times of day, they create an exotic atmosphere. The serenity and sense of seclusion is so pervasive here that it’s little wonder that the family loves the house so much. Clearly, it will be a wrench for them to leave it and it’s only because an irresistible business opportunity elsewhere has enticed Mounir out of early retirement that they have considered selling. “This is our seventh or eighth house,” he says, “and, more than any of the others that we have lived in, we truly feel this is home. For us, and the children, the space is filled with many defining memories.” - Sandra Lane

Dubai Marina, Dubai 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 15,000 sq ft | 1,393 sq m

Aed 42,500,000 USD 11.57m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 852


THE PORTFOLIO st ylemaker

luxe, calme volupté Clockwise from left: the informal sitting room of a villa on Palm Jumeirah; a bedroom on Nurai Island; the entrance hall of a villa on Palm Jumeirah; living rooms in Al Barari and on Palm Jumeirah; a bedroom in Al Barari


For the creative team behind the interiors of some of the UAE’s most chic and memorable houses, the mantra is simple: it’s all down to comfort Al Barari, Palm Jumeirah, Nurai Island… for most, that’s a list of dream locations for homes in the UAE. But, for Lesley Zaal and Marie-Inez Botha it’s where they can be found on any working day, overseeing contractors and craftsmen – that is, unless one of them is in Istanbul, Cape Town, Muscat or Milan, seeking out unique pieces to add a special spark to their clients’ houses. In the eight years since Lesley Zaal established Etcetera Living, she and Marie-Inez have completed a remarkable portfolio of projects, becoming known for a distinctive, contemporary take on luxe, calme et volupté that blends international style with a clear sense of place – all executed in a restrained colour palette, punctuated by some bravura flourishes. If there is an “Etcetera Style” it’s a mood and feeling, rather than a look: “We want each house to be uniquely for the client, not an ‘Etcetera house’,” says Lesley. “As for rules – they went out the window a long time ago.”


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Marie-Inez, who recently left Etcetera to pursue other interests, put it another way: “It’s all about comfort – in all senses: both the physical shape and feel of things, and what you could call psychological comfort – things that are easy on the eye, not too challenging, but that really resonate with the person whose home it is because of his or her experiences, background and interests.” The starting point is always an extensive interview, which can surprise some clients, with questions about a favourite car, watch or handbag. “It may seem to have nothing to do with interiors but the answers give us many clues about the person’s taste and lifestyle: someone who loves Jacob watches has a very different approach from a Rolex devotee.” While few of Etcetera’s private commissions can be seen or photographed, their work on some of the country’s smartest show houses, at Al Barari and on Nurai Island, shows this approach. Each one was

designed with a specific (albeit fictitious) “most likely owner” in mind. So, for a “financier” who entertains a lot and has a young family, the house “had to be elegant but also relaxed and practical enough that the children can climb all over the furniture.” While epitomising a certain kind of contemporary international look, Etcetera’s work is also anchored in its location. “People come to us for Western style but it’s important to include local touches; the houses are here, after all, and there should be a sense of difference – and also relevance.” This can be seen in the choice of colours and fabrics – typically layered in a mix of textures and subtle tones – with linen being a chic and climate-friendly favourite. It may also translate as low seating, influenced by the Arabian majlis, subtle patterns that recall Islamic geometry, screens that echo mashrabiya, or antique Omani jewellery transformed into decorative art pieces. What you’ll never see is any of

the Arabesque pastiche that has become so pervasive here. There’s a lightness of touch in Etcetera’s work: often a classical piece will be stripped back and given a witty and modern spin, as with traditional Louis XV-style dining chairs repainted in glossy white and covered in a plain, modern fabric. Traditional colours appear in fresh ways – even gold: used with beiges and greys, it’s very subtle. Five years ago the designers would never have combined them and probably would have steered clear of gold altogether. But their version of gold is a far cry from ‘bling’ – and much of that Lesley attributes to an increasingly sophisticated clientele: “As more people travel widely and are educated abroad they become more aware of what’s around. Standards have moved – what we did at Al Barari would have been unthinkable before Al Barari,” she says. A short pause, then: “Our own style has evolved, too,” she smiles. – Alexandra Duchemin



THE COOLEST POOLS The day of the ubiquitous rectangle of bright turquoise is no more, as swimming pool designers experiment with different materials and more naturalistic colours Set amid an expanse of dark wood decking, its water spilling over the infinity edge at treetop level, the main pool at Como Shambhala Estate in Bali is very much at one with its jungle surroundings. That is due partly to its being level with the leaf canopy, which is reflected in its glassy surface, but owes a lot to the materials from which the pool is built – dark bluish-green tiles with an edging of polished black granite. When Shambhala opened a little over a decade ago photos of the pool featured in high-end design magazines as well as glossy travel publications. It was gorgeous, it looked so right… and it was not turquoise. Shambhala (then called Begawan Giri) had turned its back on the colour that had long defined resort swimming pools the world over. For decades, bright turquoise pools were synonymous with glamour: think Acapulco in its 1950s heyday and the sun-kissed Hollywood of David Hockney’s 1960s paintings. Being relatively rare, a pool was a status symbol – it could come in any colour as long as it was turquoise. But, in the past decade, we’ve seen more of a completely different pool aesthetic


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– and yes, as with many design trends, hotels led the way. At the Alila Ubud the pool looks almost black-blue at certain times of day. On Huvafen Fushi in The Maldives the pool juts from the beach into the lagoon; it’s as white as the coral sand at its shallow end and a very naturalistic ‘lagoon’ blue at its deepest edge. Here, at Qasr Al Sarab on the edge of the Empty Quarter, the pools are off-white – thus making the water appear as a soft pale blue. There’s no colour-clash with the surrounding dunes, and the gentle palette enhances the deep sense of peace in the desert. Residential architects and designers have been picking up on the idea. In Al Barari the villa pools are lined with small-format mosaic in dark green and blue, a colour that blends beautifully with the lush vegetation throughout the estate. At home in Victory Heights, Gail Thompson designed her own pool with matte black tiles, surrounded by pale limestone paving. “I wanted something glamorous that also wouldn’t clash with the green of the golf course,” she says. And that’s the point of this new approach to

colour: generally it is chosen to enhance, not clash with, the surroundings – and the overall effect is more naturalistic. Because water itself has no colour, designers are choosing tones and materials that play off the interaction between light and water. Glass mosaic gives the water an almost ethereal quality as it reflects the light; white limestone will create a soft, almost milky aquamarine – and there’s also a practical reason for choosing white in a hot environment, since it will reflect heat better and stay cooler for longer. At the opposite extreme, black will not turn the water black but will give it a dark mystery – and the darker the colour, the more reflective the water’s surface will be. As more of pools in the UAE are being designed in different colours is it only a matter of time before the request is “any colour so long as it’s not turquoise”? Probably not – it’s the iconic pool shade, after all. But its ubiquity certainly is a thing of the past, as homeowners and designers experiment with an array of exciting choices. - Sandra Lane

A bigger splash The designer of this pool in Dubai lined it in deep cobalt blue, emphasising the rich colour with bands of white pebbles and black marble around the edge. Pale limestone, carried through in an unbroken expanse from the terrace to the base of the pool, turns the water a delicate shade of aquamarine rather than vivid turquoise and has a calming and unifying effect on the whole outdoor area.



experience a unique lifestyle that offers true luxury, convenience and privacy, right in the heart of the city



Luxury Condominiums

high and mighty

with its spectacular views, superb interior spaces and highquality finishes, this duplex penthouse is in a class of its own


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When Burj Khalifa erupts in a spectacular burst of fireworks on New Year’s Eve you could hardly be in a better place than this duplex penthouse in The Residences. From the balconies that span the entire width of each floor and from all of the main rooms you have the ultimate grandstand view of the fireworks and fountains. But special occasions aside, this is a fantastic home all year round, with six balconies, stunning views in three directions, very large interior spaces arranged over two floors, and absolute privacy. An apartment of such size and quality is extremely rare in this prized Downtown location. As you enter the front door the apartment reveals its secrets slowly. The lighting here is subdued yet theatrical, the staircase highlighted by LED and pinpoint spotlights. Turn right and the entrance hall leads into a grand, glass-walled double-height space that in turn flows into a very large open-plan living room to one side and dining room to the other – all of them with doors on to the main balcony. Large and highly adaptable, this living space works perfectly for both family life and formal entertaining. On the other side of the entrance, with their own balconies and far-reaching views towards the sea and the sunset, there’s a home office and bedroom suite, both well positioned for privacy, and a games room. Upstairs, opening off the gallery-style mezzanine, there is a very spacious


Luxury Condominiums

master suite with a large, adjoining sitting room that would also work very well as a family living room. The two other bedroom suites are also very large, wonderfully light and have beautifully fitted bathrooms. One suite features a double-aspect view of Burj Khalifa and the sea beyond, while the other has a large private terrace facing towards the sunset. The penthouse has three parking spaces,


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and residents enjoy access to very good leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, steam room and sauna. A short walk from The Dubai Mall, this wonderful apartment has access to a vast number of shops, restaurants and bars and, with DIFC very close by, is perfectly located for Dubai’s most important business and leisure destinations. This is a truly unique property.

The Residences, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 7,059 sq. ft | 655 sq m

price on application David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E : Property ref 859


Luxury Condominiums

Index Tower, DIFC, Dubai

height of style

in a building that makes a big architectural statement, this stunning duplex offers space, style and fabulous views


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With large expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass and three terraces, this stunning duplex apartment has magnificent views in three directions, taking in Burj Khalifa, new and old Dubai and, right on its doorstep, DIFC. Beautifully planned for both entertaining and family life, the apartment’s lower floor comprises three interconnected

living rooms and a formal dining room, as well as a study, family room, open-plan kitchen/dining room, and a guest bedroom/ playroom. The upper floor has four en-suite bedrooms, an additional family sitting room and a terrace. Notable for its architectural merit and built to a very high standard, Index Tower offers its residents an indoor swimming pool, spa and gym, and a very high level of privacy and security.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) approximately 7,900 sq ft | 733 sq m Terraces 690 sq ft | 64 sq m

aed 18,000,000 | USD 4.92m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 763


Luxury Condominiums

with its stunning, contemporary interior, this large apartment on a high floor of burj khalifa is a rare find

living the sky life

Burj Khalifa, Dubai To create this fantastically stylish apartment, the owner stripped the original interior to the core, replacing it with the finest materials, fixtures and finishes. Its sleek, all-white modernity perfectly mirrors the iconic location, enhances the sense of light and space and captures the awe-inspiring views. Burj Khalifa residents enjoy first-class leisure facilities and very high security, as well as one of the most prestigious and central locations in Dubai. 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms (3 ensuite) approximately 2,663 sq ft | 247 sq ft

Price On Application Paul Christodoulu T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 879


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Shams, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai On the main floor of this duplex penthouse, a vast open-plan living space has two walls of retractable floor-to-ceiling windows that open on to broad terraces. One terrace has a private swimming pool and both have

far-reaching sea views towards the north and west. Designed for family living, the penthouse has informal living areas on the lower floor, separate from the formal living/ dining room, and four large bedrooms on the upper floor, along with a kitchenette. The apartment has two parking spaces and staff quarters.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) approximately 6,156 sq ft | 571 sq m

aed 7,500,000 | USD 2.04m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 779

The Address, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai This exclusive and rare property in the Address Hotel is decorated and furnished to the highest standards. The open-plan kitchen is adjacent to the living/dining area, which has a balcony and uninterrupted views of Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountains and, beyond them, the sea. The master bedroom has a bathtub overlooking the lake and a separate, full bathroom. The other three bedrooms are all ensuite and two feature their own private balconies. Residents can enjoy the excellent amenities of The Address hotel, including a swimming pool, gym spa, and 24-hour room service, as well as a very high level of security and privacy. 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) approximately 3,737 sq ft | 347 sq m

aed 23,000,000 | USD 6.28m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 750


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Neighbourhood an









a day in the hills

From little more than a patch of sand and a concept, Emirates Hills has rapidly become one of the most sought-after and prestigious communities in the region The day starts gently in Emirates Hills: with little sound other than the trees rustling in the breeze, the song of myriad birds and perhaps a fountain splashing. Now and then, from beyond your back garden, you’ll hear the sharp thwack of a golf ball being hit (and occasionally an exclamation – if the shot was particularly good or bad). There’s no roar of traffic, not even a distant hum, but now and then you’ll hear the powerful sound of a Ferrari or the deep-throated growl of a Maserati as a neighbour drives off to work. Out on the street, workmen have already begun the trimming and clipping and weeding that keep the

neighbourhood’s richly planted verges looking immaculate – it’s rare indeed to see even a twig out of place here. It’s hard to imagine, as you drive along streets where tall trees shade the road and front gardens overflow with massed plants that only a few years ago this was nothing but low, rolling sand dunes. “Our friends all told us we were mad,” say those who – based on a just map and a sense of the possible – bought plots of land in the early days, “but they’re not laughing at us now.” In fact, more than a few of those nay-saying friends, seeing how well Emirates Hills was



green acres The Montgomerie and Emirates Golf Club are among the finest clubs in the region. Surrounding these are the elegant and peaceful residential areas, with their tree-lined avenues and beautiful villas.


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taking shape, have since rushed to snap up the land that remained to be sold. Now, says Suzie Qureshi, Luxhabitat’s Emirates Hills specialist, there’s almost no hope of buying an empty plot. The first part of the development to be completed was The Montgomerie golf course, which forms the heart of the estate, neatly interwoven with curving streets and groups of villas in order to give wideopen green views to as many properties as possible. Today those views – and the sense of space and peace that they provide – are one of the neighbourhood’s greatest assets. It’s not uncommon to hear people remark that Emirates Hills is “not really a neighbourhood” as it doesn’t have a shopping centre or cafés where residents gather (although some regard The Montgomerie’s glamorous clubhouse, which stands next to one of the estate’s main gates, as their de facto club). And yet, in another sense, it truly is a neighbourhood: there’s a feeling of cohesion, of belonging to a rather special and self-contained world. The great majority of residents have families and the comings-and-goings of the school schedules punctuate the rhythm of the days; in the late afternoon children ride their bicycles or roller-blade on the quiet streets; dogs are walked; smaller children are taken by their nannies to the play area on the ‘village green’ in P Sector. As dusk falls whole families sometimes come out to stroll. The feeling of security, of living apart from the crowds, is something that Emirates Hills people treasure. “Privacy matters a lot to us,” said one resident, who asked not to be named for exactly that reason. “Living here, we feel very free to be ourselves and to relax and enjoy the rewards that we have been so fortunate to have in life.” His wife adds, with a laugh, that being among like-minded people has its good and less good side: “You can be very social here – there’s quite a ‘set’ who give lots of parties and dinners. But that can get a little claustrophobic and gossipy, too. The good thing is that we all respect each other’s privacy and if you don’t want to be so social you don’t need to be.” The people living in a neighbourhoos define it at least as much as the physical surroundings do. And that’s a major reason why Emirates Hills feels so established despite its being so new: a lot of the families have moved here from other parts of Dubai; they came to the UAE in the early days, built



city limits In this quiet neighbourhood, the heart of Dubai is just moments away, yet seems much further – an imposing skyline of glinting skyscrapers whose hustle and bustle remains at a polite distance from the gently rolling greens and manicured fairways of the local golf clubs and beautiful villas.

successful businesses and have known each other – and each other’s children – for several decades. Some of those children, now successful adults with families of their own, are among those who have seized the opportunity to have a house built to their own specifications. This possibility of owning a one-off house is another factor that makes Emirates Hills feel more like a neighbourhood. It has grown


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organically – albeit at ‘Dubai speed’ – without the uniformity seen in much of ‘new’ Dubai. Now, with empty plots almost impossible to buy, even existing houses are attractive: for those wanting to shape their home to their own tastes and lifestyles, it is much easier to make significant alterations or extensions to a house in Emirates Hills than in most other areas. Because the villas have been individually designed there is no uniform

look that must be adhered to. Within Emirates Hills, the areas feel different. Sectors S and V are elevated, with far-reaching views; Sector P is surrounded by lakes, whereas other parts have more distant lake views, if at all; Sectors H and R, among the first to be established, nestle cosily among mature trees. But what of the golf, you may wonder. With a world-class championship course literally on the doorstep, isn’t golfing the glue that

binds the community together? In fact, as is common to high-end golf communities elsewhere in the world, only a small proportion of residents bought their properties in order to play the sport; for them the real attraction is the green and open space that the golf course provides. Here, behind the rolling greens, residents relish the opportunity to create a very personal haven in the heart of Dubai. - Alexandra Duchemin




Golf Club


Golf Club Retreats

COOL contemporary a great emirates hills location wasn’t enough for the owner of this villa, so she transformed every inch of it, inside and out


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When interior designer Leila Garadaghi moved from London to Dubai with her financier husband her first project was to find a house in a great location that she could transform into a perfect environment for modern living. Her no-holds-barred approach meant a complete renovation and restructuring of this Emirates Hills villa – stripping it back to its shell, moving walls and installing materials of great quality and style, mostly sourced on frequent trips to her favourite suppliers in Italy. The result is a wonderfully airy, openplan space; it’s very European in style and sensibility yet ideal for living in this climate, with a natural flow from indoors to outdoors, large expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass, and plenty of shading on the sunnier side of the house as well as in the garden. The ground-floor spaces are unified by flooring in cool grey marble and whitepainted walls, with each area defined by a feature wall in stone or wood. Surrounded by garden on two sides, formal living and dining rooms flow in logical sequence into the less formal and family areas, allowing for different styles of entertaining. Casual lunches and dinners – when not outdoors by the pool – gravitate to the open-plan kitchen/dining area, where sleek SieMatic cabinets and top-of-the-line Gaggenau appliances create a focal point.


Golf Club Retreats

Upstairs there’s a fantastic, 1,200-squarefoot master suite with huge walk-in closets, a private sitting area and a gorgeous bathroom with a sauna, steam room and free-standing tub. Like the stunning master suite, each of the other three elegant bedrooms has a beautiful bathroom and its own balcony or terrace. There’s also a very large room that the family currently uses as a home cinema-cum-yoga studio/gym – a


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wonderfully light alternative to the usual basement gym, with full blackout blinds for movie times. Surrounded by mature trees, the garden wraps around the house and has been skillfully planned to make the most of the space – again, with an emphasis on stylish indoor-outdoor living and the same contemporary design DNA as the villa’s super-chic interior.

H Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai –4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (3 ensuite) Approximately 10,500 sq ft | 975 sq m Plot size 16,000 sq ft | 1,486 sq m price on application Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 227


Golf Club Retreats

light fantastic

With its high quality finish, huge light-filled rooms and wide-open views, this is a wonderful villa for a large family

E Sector, Emirates Hills , Dubai This fabulous newly-built villa has very spacious open-plan living areas and is flooded with light. As well as two ground-floor guest suites there are five bedroom suites on the first floor, two with private terraces. The vast roof terrace with its sweeping views of the golf course and distant city skyline, is perfect for entertaining. 7 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms (7 ensuite) Approximately 18,984 sq ft | 6,713 sq m Plot size 24,254 sq ft | 2,253 sq m

price on application Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 751


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classical elegance

great spaces and beautiful details strike a perfect balance between elegant entertaining and relaxed family living E Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai An attractive villa with a lovely, mature garden and good outdoor living spaces, this house has been very well thoughtout for both formal entertaining and family living. The high quality finishing and furnishings show great attention to detail. 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 9,1700 sq ft | 852 sq m Plot size 13,530 sq ft | 1,257 sq m

AED 21,000,000 | USD 5.71m Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 878


Golf Club Retreats

charm and style

A beautiful family home in lime tree valley, overlooking the earth golf course, is designed for indoor-outdoor living

Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Very well planned for relaxed yet elegant living, the villa is designed around a tripleheight entrance hall that draws natural light into the heart of the house, enhancing its airy and spacious feel. On the ground floor, the large and well-appointed kitchen has an adjoining breakfast area and family


www. luxhabitat. ae

room – the latter opening on to the terrace, outdoor seating and barbecue areas. The formal dining room and living room also open on to the terrace, looking across the private swimming pool to the lush green of the fairways – a view shared by the two principal bedrooms and the second family sitting room. Fixtures and finishes – including terracotta tile and wood flooring – are of a very high standard.

5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) approximately 5,799 sq ft | 539 sq m Plot 9,756 sq ft | 907 sq m

aed 7,500,000 | USD 2.04m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 383


Golf Club Retreats

JW Marriott Residences, Dubai Lifestyle City, Dubai

tuscan tale

Furnished right down to the towels and teaspoons, this grand, italianate villa offers space, peace and privacy


www. luxhabitat. ae

This grand Tuscan-style villa, fully furnished in classical European style, also offers all services of the JW Marriott Hotel. A huge master bedroom suite is supplemented by four additional ensuite bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor with a separate entrance, making it ideal for guests. The

generous living spaces include a library, large formal dining and living rooms, two family rooms and a breakfast area adjoining the kitchen. There are several shaded terraces and balconies for relaxing or casual dining, a cinema, games room with adjacent bar, and a gym and sauna. The pool and garden have west-facing views and, in addition, the community shares tennis, squash and basketball courts.

5 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 10,371 sq ft | 963 sq m Plot size 11,751 sq ft | 1,092 sq m

aed 18,000,000 | USD 4.9m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E : Property ref 700


Golf Club Retreats

country club

with polo fields and a golf club on its doorstep, this villa is the epitome of elegant living Polo Homes, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Designed around an open-air courtyard, the ground floor of this villa has wonderful spaces for both formal entertaining and relaxed living. Southfacing south with golf and polo field views, it has a large private pool and several outdoor living areas. 6 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (6 ensuite) Approximately 8,766 sq ft | 814 sq m Plot size 23,229 sq ft | 2,158 sq m

Price On Application David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 809.


www. luxhabitat. ae

Les Maisonettes, Emirates Hills, Dubai This charming home next to The Montgomerie Club House has great space for indoor-outdoor living and entertaining. It is furnished, has two terraces, golf views and a shared pool, gym and tennis courts. 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms Approximately 3,088 sq ft | 287 sq m Plot size 2,412 sq ft | 224 sq m

aed 7,000,000 | USD 1.905m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 643

E Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai Very spacious with a well-arranged floor plan and high-quality fittings and flooring, this villa has a grand entrance hall that leads to large, open living spaces. It has a private pool and large garden with views over the golf course. 6 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (6 Ensuite) Approximately 11,884 sq ft | 1,104 sq m plot size 23,768 sq ft | 2,208 sq m

aed 34,000,000 | USD 9.26m Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 205

P Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai Finished to a very high standard, this villa has an impressive double-height entrance hall, open-plan living spaces and very light and spacious rooms. The private garden and pool have lake and partial golf course views. 6 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms (6 Ensuite) approximately 12,000 sq ft | 1,115 sq m Plot size 19,000 sq ft | 1,765 sq m

Price On Application Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 756


Golf Club Retreats

bright beauty

perfectly positioned on a large plot, this stunning contemporary house offers endless light-filled spaces V Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai The clean-lined interior of this fantastic villa is flooded with light, enhancing the large rooms and flowing spaces, which include formal and informal areas. Lit from above, the sleek central staircase is a great design feature. Set on a large plot, the villa has expansive outdoor living areas and a very large pool with north-facing views of the golf course 7 Bedrooms | 9 Bathrooms (7 ensuite) Approximately 20,000 sq ft | 1,858 sq m Plot size 31,402 sq ft | 2,917 sq m

aed 50,500,000 | USD 13.75m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 529


www. luxhabitat. ae

Sanctuary Falls, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai The grand entrance hall of this impressive house opens into a double-height sitting area, beyond which are two open-plan formal and informal living/dining rooms. There is a ground-floor guest suite and the upper level features four luxurious en-suite

bedrooms, all with their own balconies, and a study room. The expansive master bedroom has its own private sitting area with an adjoining balcony. The north westfacing garden features a large swimming pool and several terraces, all with stunning lake and golf course views. This contemporary villa would make a superb family home.

5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 5,584 sq ft | 518 sq m Plot size 8,091 sq ft | 752 sq m

aed10,000,000 | USD 2.72m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 563

E Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai North-west facing with a large garden, pool and panoramic views of The Montgomerie’s verdant fairways, this impressive villa is flooded with natural light. There are formal and informal living rooms, the latter connecting to an open-plan kitchen. The high-quality flooring includes the use of timber. The master bedroom suite features a private jacuzzi and steam room. The mature garden boasts a swimming pool with fountains, a charming pergola and barbecue area for alfresco entertaining, as well as great space and scope for additional landscaping and planting if desired. 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 12,500 sq ft | 1,161 sq m Plot size 30,000 sq ft | 2,787 sq m

aed 34,000,000 | USD 9.26m Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 177


AD P72


the insiders hidden








with equanimity

one of dubai’s best-kept secrets, this retreat is a hidden gem “This is really not Dubai is it?” Well, yes it is – but that’s a frequent comment from first-timers who come to Desert Palm. You can see why: everywhere there’s green, immaculately manicured and punctuated by bougainvillea that explodes with colour over walls of pale stone. Created by a polo-mad local businessman, Ali Albawadi, so that he could enjoy his hobby more easily, it has two polo fields, stables and paddocks, a few dozen villas tucked in among the vegetation and the very chic and low-key Desert Palm hotel. Epicure, the hotel’s café is a hidden gem. From its terrace you look across the blue pool to the main polo field. Come early and you’ll see the horses, skirting the perimeter of the field. That’s about as much action as you’ll see all day, for this is one

of the most peaceful places in Dubai, designed to make you slow down – where you find yourself letting breakfast (home-made croissants; great coffee) last all morning, or lunch merge into an afternoon swim and sunbathe. Yet, despite its delicious food, Epicure has stayed off the radar of the noisier kind of brunch crowd. So yes, perhaps it isn’t really Dubai. When you’ve had your fill of wide-open green spaces and all that peace, Epicure has one more secret in store: its own bakery, which turns out what may be the best bread in Dubai. It’s almost worth the drive just to stock up on the wonderful, rustic sourdough. – Alexandra Kleinweg




PATRICIA BOETTCHER Born in France and raised in Germany, Patricia moved to Dubai in 2008 with her husband, Anders, a board member of several well-known European companies. For 22 years she ran her own construction company in Germany, building private residences for the super-wealthy, then worked in real estate in the South of France. On moving to the UAE Patricia saw that the choice of high-quality, well-designed furniture was limited, so she opened B5 Living at the beginning of 2011. Patricia and her husband live on Palm Jumeirah and are also building a new house on the Côte d’Azur.

KNOWING THAT THE MOST TRUSTED RECOMMENDATIONS COME BY WORD-OF-MOUTH, WE ASK SOME STYLISH UAE RESIDENTS TO SHARE THEIR SECRETS OF WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO BUY Eating out For fine dining, you can’t beat Okku. The food is delicious and the cocktails are great but, best of all, I know the owner so we get treated very well! For a romantic dinner with my wife, it’s Pier Chic – the location, over the water, and the candlelit walk to get there say it all. For more relaxed dining, Legends at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is casual but classy and serves superb steak. The outdoor area is fantastic, with its view of the Creek and floating Lounge.

SHAHRIAR KHODJASTEH Born in Iran, Shahriar moved with his family to Switzerland, Belgium and then Australia. In Dubai for 15 years, he came here to join the family business, Al Aqili Group, one of the region’s largest home furnishings retailers, where he is the Marketing Director and a Member of the Board. He has also established several businesses of his own under the Rage brand – street wear, action clothing and cycles. Shahriar and his wife live in an ultra-modern penthouse loft in Jumeirah Beach Residences.

Fast facts Favourite holiday destination: Istanbul. My wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary there and, although I have been many times, it always has something new to offer. We stayed at the W Hotel, which has the best concierge ever. Indispensible item: My BlackBerry – it’s my lifeline. Need I say more? Object of desire: I have a collection of Cartier pieces; my most recent addition is the Ballon Bleu – a stunning watch. But my favourite is a simple steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Style icon: My father. He has always looked immaculate and elegantly dressed.


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Fast facts

Out on the town

the jetty set

I recommend early drinks at the upstairs lounge at Zuma, which boasts an excellent sommelier and a great selection of light dishes and cocktails. Now that I’m a nonsmoker I prefer al fresco surroundings; Siddartha at Grosvenor House Tower Two is a favourite and it’s just around the corner from home.

Main picture: The Jetty at One & Only Royal Mirage offers the perfect blend of style and laid-back chic, says Patricia. Above: Cuadro Gallery in DIFC and Yas Marina Circuit. Below: The Cartier Ballon Bleu; Legends restaurant at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, a favourite haunt of Shahriah.

Wardrobe staples For business and formal wear I’ve been going to Pal Zileri and Ermenegildo Zegna for years – they both do a slim cut that suits my shape. I buy Alain Figaret shirts – customised so they fit me perfectly. Back in the days when I went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan every year, I always did a big raid on Via Montenapoleone.

Local gem I have a penchant for street-influenced sportswear as well, which is what prompted me to open the Rage shops; we specialise in skate, surf and snow clothing and are at The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Festival City, and Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi.

Interiors shop Well, of course, I would like to say our shops! But among the furniture brands we have in the stores, I believe that i4 Mariani is outstanding – and I’ve filled my own loft with it, so that I can be surrounded by it constantly. I think it is one of the world’s most underexposed and under-rated furniture makers and has some beautiful items.

Favourite holiday destination: St Tropez. I used to live there and it will always be a special place for me. Indispensible item: High heels – always in a bright colour. Object of desire: a wall-to-wall natural sheepskin for our bedroom – the ultimate barefoot luxury Design hero: Frank Lloyd Wright Favourite movie: François Truffaut’s Jules et Jim Style tip: Never do head-to-toe designer; mix high street pieces with high fashion

Eating out For fine dining it’s Ossiano at The Atlantis hotel for its star kitchen – which produces beautiful seafood dishes, especially the gourmet menu – and its stylish and relaxed atmosphere. For casual dining Eau Zone is a long-time favourite: you sit on the water’s edge, the food is a mix of Mediterranean and Asian – very tasty. I love the relaxed style of the Jetty Lounge. If you didn’t have The Palm in front of you, you could be at Nikki Beach in St Tropez or on Ibiza. They’ve got it just right.

Out on the town For early evening it’s the Jetty Lounge at One & Only Royal Mirage – it is super-stylish and relaxed. Late in the evening Buddha Bar at Grosvenor House is still my favourite. It’s a great case of ‘when something is right, don’t change it’, and has become a Dubai classic.

Wardrobe staples I am not a huge fan of the international designer stores although I do love Gucci and Hermès! For everyday high street gems Zara

is perfect – its quick turnover of collections means that there’s always something new to buy, which you can combine with designer piece to create your personal style. Zara trousers fit my shape perfectly, so I can buy them without having to try them on!

Local gem At first glance Al Motahajiba looks like just another abaya shop – albeit higher quality than many. But it has beautifully cut, brightly coloured, beaded and embellished kaftans, jellabiyas and tunics. These are so comfortable and stylish – perfect for athome here, as well as for entertaining at our holiday house near St Tropez. My favourite shop of all is Le Soleil de St Tropez, where I regularly find stylish outfits that are not available in Dubai. I’ll never end up standing beside someone here in the same dress! My hairdresser is Version Française in Dubai Marina. Alex and Carine, the French owners, are amazing.

Local gem I love Sharjah Museum and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi – they are fantastic places that create real emotions and an affection for this special part of the world. Ayyam Gallery is my favourite in Dubai for contemporary art.

Interiors shop Well there can be only one – and this is my own, B5 The Art of Living.



from zegna to zuma Azaj admits to a fondness for the tailoring of Ermenegildo Zegna. Once he’s finished at work, he prefers to relax at home or pop out to Satwa for a slice of street life (and a curry at Ravi’s restaurant)

AJAZ SHEIKH Having spent most of his career working in some of London’s finest hotels, British-born AJAZ SHEIKH came to the UAE 18 months ago as Operations Director for Zuma restaurant, Dubai – which, hot on the heels of being cited in the World’s Top 50 Bars of 2011, is shortly to open in Beirut. He lives within walking distance of work, in the sleek World Trade Centre Residences and makes the most of his own neighbourhood and its surroundings, where he has discovered sources for most of his favourite things.

Eating out One of my favorite places to eat (other than Zuma, of course) is La Petite Maison, also in DIFC. I can’t seem to break away from going there – it’s excellent. For more informal dining, Jones the Grocer has a great casual ambience; it’s perfect for Saturday morning breakfasts with friends. And at Ravi’s, a Pakistani restaurant in Satwa, the food is as delicious as the place is basic. It’s a real Dubai institution.

Out on the town In the early evening I’m often to be found in Zuma, seeing contacts and generally soaking up the atmosphere before the evening ahead. Later in the night? Well, once it’s late, chez Sheikh is where I like to head!

Wardrobe staples Like most men, I love anything made by Ermenegildo Zegna, and the store in The Dubai Mall is conveniently close for some


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retail therapy. It’s definitely Dolce & Gabbana for my casual blazers and I also want to try out some of the bespoke suit-makers in DIFC, but haven’t got around to it yet.

Local gem Emirates Towers is one of the greatest architectural landmarks in Dubai and I can see it all day, whether from the floor-toceiling windows of my apartment or from the restaurant. Meanwhile, in nearby DIFC, U-

Concept is a good gym that opened recently – but I have to admit that I don’t go very often.

Interiors shop I am starting to like Ralph Lauren’s interiors collection, which is at Bloomingdale’s Home, more and more every time I see it. However, when I first arrived in Dubai I furnished my entire apartment at Marina – it has such a great variety of different looks and styles and yet is really good value for money.


SO ROSY Celebrating the tidal wave of creativity that is sweeping through the Middle East, O’de Rose defines the new Arabian Boho Deluxe When you walk into O’de Rose it’s impossible not to smile. Rich patterns, colours and materials, exquisitely detailed glassware next to bold, almost-kitsch collage work, hand-painted ceramics alongside metalwork – all appear to be thrown together with joyful abandon (although, in fact, with great styling skill). And everything imbued with the scent of roses – such as the handcrafted glass of rosewater that you’re offered on arrival. The antithesis of carefully tasteful minimalism, it’s a mix that makes the spirit soar. It’s a world away from the glossy ostentation that so often defines interior decoration in this part of the world. And yet it is completely of this part of the world. The boutique echoes the traditional souk in the labyrinthine villa it occupies: almosthidden spaces each displaying a different mix of wares. But make no mistake, this is the spirit of the souk reworked in a totally original way. This is Arabian Boho Deluxe. O’de Rose is the brainchild of three cousins, Nadine Kassem Khoury, Dania Atallah and Mimi Shakashir (who has since gone on to pursue other design interests). They were probably the first outside Lebanon to champion Bokja, the company whose vintage furniture covered in patchwork has become a cult favourite of design aficionados from London to Los Angeles. They introduced Nada Debs and Karen Chekerdjian – both now recognised as international design stars – to the Gulf. The thread that unites these designers is a witty, original reinvention of traditional crafts and Orientalist design, bringing them bang up to date. Recent additions include a set of acrylic side tables decorated with images from the golden age of Egyptian cinema. If you yearn to capture a sense of place in your surroundings – O’de Rose is a godsend. Rose-scented and brimming with treasures, it’s a flag-bearer for the new Arabian-Boho. O’de Rose, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai; +971 4 348 7990 - Sandra Lane






Lake SurrounDings

Jumeirah Islands, Dubai


a peaceful family retreat, this lakeside villa is on the city’s doorstep, yet seems a world away


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Subtle Arabian-inspired architectural details and a tastefully decorated interior lend extra appeal to this pretty lakeside villa. Indoors, a double-height entrance hall and sitting room make a grand statement, as well as providing the axis for the wellplanned living areas. The easy flow of the ground-floor spaces, several of which

open to outdoors, encourage relaxed living and elegant entertaining. Three spacious bedroom suites open off the galleried first-floor landing and an additional guest suite is located on the ground floor. The garden has also been well thought-out, with mature plants, a large, shaded seating area with a built-in barbecue, and a child-safe swimming pool. Jumeirah Islands has private tennis courts and a residents’ club.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 5,382 sq ft | 500 sq m Plot size 10,621 sq ft | 987 sq m AED 6,500,000 | USD 1.77m David Terry T: +971 50 875 0307 | E: Property ref 541


Lake SurrounDings

family retreat light and spacious, this villa offers a great chance to add your own style

The Meadows, Dubai Set in the heart of The Meadows, one of Dubai’s most family-friendly neighbourhoods, this lake-view villa has been recently modified and upgraded. The light, spacious interior offers the opportunity for new owners to add their own style. On the ground floor, the open-plan kitchen/diner is complemented by a family room, dining room, formal living room and guest bedroom suite. Upstairs are three bedroom suites and two bedrooms that share a bathroom. A large garden with a pool is edged with mature trees and offers scope for landscaping. 6 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 6,650 sq ft | 618 sq m Plot size 9,800 sq ft | 910 sq m AED 9,450,000 | USD 2.57m Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 749


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french accent

open to the garden, with peaceful lake views, this lovely villa has been upgraded to make a perfect family home Jumeirah Islands, Dubai This lovely, light-filled home, with its French-inspired design, is perfect for entertaining and relaxed indoor-outdoor living. Open-plan living areas on the ground floor lead on to the garden, pool and barbecue area. The family room has been extended to create a larger family room and breakfast room. 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 5,400 sq ft | 502 sq m Plot size 10,473 sq ft | 973 sq m AED 7,500,000 | USD 2.04m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 734


Lake SurrounDings

Jumeirah Islands, Dubai Recently redecorated, this fully furnished villa has an open-plan living room with double-height windows, a built-in bar and an adjoining dining room. There’s also a cinema room and a family kitchen with high-quality fittings. The living room opens to a spacious

terrace with an Arabian-style majlis that is perfect for enjoying cosy dinners outdoors at the edge of the pool. The ground floor has marble flooring, while the master bedroom and study have wooden floors. The villa has been fitted with a surround sound system.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 5,242 sq ft | 487 sq m Plot size 10,270 sq ft | 954 sq m aed 6,600,000 | USd 1.8m Michaela Muller T: +971 50 159 9766 | E: Property ref 883

Jumeirah Islands, Dubai Set in an elevated position within Jumeirah Islands, this villa has farreaching views over the lakes, with the city skyline in the distance. It has been upgraded, with the addition of many decorative details, and a large shaded area overlooking the private pool. This is a lovely family home, with the added benefit of community tennis courts, and a clubhouse with a restaurant, bar and great gym, all within walking distance. 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 5,250 sq ft | 487 sq m Plot size 9,000 sq ft | 836 sq m

aed 6,500,000 | USD 1.77m Michaela Muller T: +971 50 159 9766 | E: Property ref 892


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eye for style

a great sense of design and attention to detail have made this a stunning family home

Jumeirah Islands, Dubai Without question one of the most beautiful homes in its neighbourhood, this villa sits in a prime lakeside position with wide open views. Every inch of it has been upgraded, from the transformation of the living rooms into a magnificent open-plan space, to a plethora of exquisite decorative details.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 5,500 sq ft | 511 sq m Plot size 9,877 sq ft | 917 sq m

PRICE ON APPLICATION Michaela Muller T: +971 50 159 9766 | E: mm Property ref 896



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H leaders

t h e and



HUB insight




it’s barely a decade old but the growth of DIFC and its surrounding area is a symbol of the Uae’s rapid transformation into the region’s business hub Acres of newsprint and millions of web pages have been devoted to the phenomenon of Dubai’s economic rise that it hardly bears repeating. And yet it does: it is nothing short of phenomenal to have turned Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum’s vision – to make a world player of his hot and sandy trading outpost – into reality. At warp speed. Of course, since the founding of the United Arab Emirates in 1971 Dubai’s fortunes have been tied to those of Abu Dhabi and the other five emirates, but Sheikh Rashid’s son, HH Sheikh Mohammed, the present Ruler of Dubai, also raced ahead with his own emirate’s agenda. With tourism as a springboard, and a nascent airline to transport those tourists, the marketing of Dubai Inc. went into overdrive at the turn of

the millennium. Government initiatives – including the Free Zones – encouraged foreign investment and expatriate-owned businesses and that led to one of the biggest construction booms in history, which, itself became a major driver of the economy. By 2008, with a GDP of $270 billion, the UAE was ranked third in MENA and 38th in the world. Private sector investment reached $35bn by 2008-2009 and by 2009 non-oil revenue accounted for 67 per cent of GDP, according to government figures. And while, in the fallout from the global financial crisis, Dubai (and therefore the whole country) received a very public bloody nose for its over-reliance on property, the September 2010 restructuring of Dubai World’s enormous debt boosted confidence and GDP was back


THE HUB dubai

at $239bn last year. The political turmoil across the Middle East caused a blip in much of the region’s progress but had the opposite effect on the UAE and Qatar, enhancing the perception of them as safe havens for both investment and people. Whatever the longer-term effects of the Arab Spring and the Eurozone’s troubles on the UAE economy, one thing the country did learn from the 2008 crisis is that it doesn’t exist in a bubble, immune from the viruses that affect the rest of the world – and this underlines a more sober approach to the plans, targets and priorities for the way ahead. Crucially, the building blocks put in place during the early 2000s have weathered the crisis and have more than proved their worth. The establishment of Free Zones, permitting up to 100 percent foreign ownership of businesses, has been of fundamental importance, not only economically – attracting billions in investment – but also socially, in giving entrepreneurs and business owners a reason to be here for the longer term. The establishment of Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) in 2002 and its opening in 2004 have transformed the region’s financial sector, thanks to its offer of majority foreign ownership of companies, no withholding tax, land and office space that is designated as freehold, a tailor-made regulatory system, its own courts that are governed by English law, and a stock market for regional businesses. While the bourses are still finding their way, the banking and financial services sectors are very robust. The expansion of DIFC mirrors the success of other free zones, such as JAFZA (Jebel Ali) where more than 200 manufacturers now have factories, and Dubai Internet City and Media City, which opened in 2000 and 2001 respectively, causing many global players such as Oracle, Microsoft, the BBC and Thompson Reuters to open branches or move their regional headquarters to Dubai.


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But it is SMEs that have driven the biggest growth in the free zones and, given their agile nature, they have been able to lead much of the recovery. Dubiotech, the life sciences Free Zone, for example, saw a 33 per cent increase in company registrations last year, compared with 2010. Jumeirah Lakes Towers registered 725 new businesses in 2010 and more than 1000 in the first 10 months of 2011. There are countless other positive signs that the economy is moving once again. To cite just two: DP World, the ports operator, reported a 12 per cent growth in the volume of goods handled last year compared with 2010, making Dubai the world’s third largest sea cargo centre after Hong Kong and Singapore; after shelving plans to open in Dubai in 2008 Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts has confirmed that construction on a new Jumeirah Beach site will begin in March. But the most dramatic impact on the economy may come from the new Companies Law, approved in January. This new law raises the current ceiling of 49 per cent foreign ownership of a non-Free Zone company, and allows the establishment of a stronger framework for governance of public companies. It should encourage new investment by making opportunities here more enticing for business owners. The announcement this month (February) by the UAE Cabinet that companies owned by nationals of other Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries may open branches here with the minimum of paperwork and no requirement for local partners is a sign that this country is taking the lead in bringing about the GCC’s plan of a unified economy. It’s reasonable to assume that this will further reinforce Dubai’s status as the region’s financial hub – but what’s already very clear is that DIFC, neatly sandwiched between the government’s Executive Offices in Jumeirah Emirates Towers and the soaring symbol of Burj Khalifa, has become both geographically and philosophically the business heart of the country and the region.


JUST THE BUSINESS As entrepreneur Kishore Pagarani discovered, the UAE can be a very good place to build a business – and coming to live here has revealed even more benefits than he had expected “When I get back to Dubai from a trip abroad, I feel that I am coming home. Although it’s not quite three years since we moved, it has been a remarkably easy place to feel a sense of belonging here. I knew it well from many years of regular business trips, [Kishore is the Director of Choithrams, part of the family-owned Choithram Group, which has a significant presence in food processing and distribution in the UK and beyond] but that was never a guarantee that living here would turn out so well. My last project for the UK business was to build a food-processing factory north of London, set up a management team and get it running smoothly. It was an enormous and demanding task and it was while doing it that I decided to move to the UAE. Although we were fortunate enough to live very well in the UK, it was immediately apparent how much easier it is here: we have a larger house, with full-time staff and – a big plus – none of the security concerns that you have if you’re well-off in the UK. And, of course, it’s tax-friendly. What’s more, we’ve been able to purchase a wonderful piece of land to build our own house – which is difficult and expensive in or near London. When we moved, at the beginning of 2009, it was just a happy coincidence that property prices were very much in our favour. I think it’s still a good time to buy or invest in property – but as a longer-term venture. The days of a quick return are over, fortunately. That period really wasn’t healthy and once the property market turned into paper trading it was bound to burst. I feel confidence returning here – and with a stronger sense of reality; there are countless opportunities for enterprising businessmen.

Our own business has seen huge changes: when we started in 1973 there was no other supermarket. Now there’s a lot of competition but, as a businessman, I welcome that. It keeps you on your toes and makes it more interesting to go to work each day. The difference in the past 40 years is enormous – the UAE has made huge strides, making it attractive to both investors and managers. However, I think there’s still a lot that could be done to reduce some bureaucratic regulations – especially those that are not so friendly to longer-term planning. I see myself staying here for the long term – as well as opportunities right here, it’s an ideal staging post between the UK and our interests in India and further east. In particular, it makes it easier for me to be involved in our charitable

activities in India where our family trusts have built and are funding hospitals and a medical research centre, as well as schools and colleges, and an outreach programme to remote villages. We want to reach the poorest of the poor, not to give handouts but to give them what they need to be able to help themselves. Before I moved to Dubai I was starting to understand what burnout really means – it was hard on the business and very tough on family life. Here the day is fuller, in a positive sense – it’s a five-minute walk to the beach, I can swim in the sea, we have more family time. I have more energy for everything – I feel that I have re-connected with work, with family and with myself. The only thing I miss is the garden with its changing seasons.”


THE HUB market watch

MEASURING UP The high-end residential property market in the UAE is surprising those who doubt its strength


Asset Price


Rental Yield

% per year




7% 6%






20,505 20,000


3.3% 18,066





5% 4%

2.9% 16,727

2.8% 15,388










3,393 London Hong Kong






New York




1% 0%

Note: The Buying Price per square meter figures, are based on the average for a 120 square meter apartment in a prime inner city area Source: Global Property Guide, Luxhabitat analysis, February 2012

In comparison to major cities worldwide, current sales prices in Dubai are very competitive L U X H A B I T A T

It’s a given that real estate markets are affected by the wider economy of the country where they are based. But the speed, style and scope of the UAE’s development in the past 15-20 years has done more: it has created and defined the residential property sector from the ground up. It’s common knowledge that the global financial crash of 2008 left the UAE with a serious oversupply of finished property, while a significant number of developments never got beyond paper plans or a hole in the ground, leaving buyers and investors with burnt fingers – and the international media with a good story. However, according to David Terry, Luxhabitat’s Sales Manager, that view is simplistic, overlooking the fact that the top end of the market has been resilient. It’s a view supported by the annual keynote research paper from Jones Lang LaSalle, released in January: the firm says the market has polarised and, during the coming year, that division will become more marked as buyers become more discerning about quality. For Terry, quality is the key issue: in the pre-2008 boom many developers were building hastily, often cheaply, and buyers demanded little more than the keys and title deeds so they


www. luxhabitat. ae

could ‘flip’ what they had bought. “What we’re left with is a shortage of quality property,” says Terry. “The impact on values is significant. On Palm Jumeirah, for example, prices bottomed out in the first and second quarters of 2009; in the past year they have jumped by 20 per cent.” Along with the shortage of quality, a key factor is the change in the profile of buyers and sellers at the top end. Among the latter, says Terry, distress sales are now rare and vendors are aware that good property can command a premium. As for high-end buyers, the return of confidence has increased their numbers. “Some clients already live here and are deciding to establish their families properly rather than renting,” Terry notes. “And, with the view of the UAE as a safe haven rather than a short-term investment opportunity, buyers are looking for properties to hold and live in, rather than turn – which means a push to quality.” The third change in the buyer demographic, he adds, is a “significant influx of capital” from citizens of North and West Africa. The effect is seen in all the prime areas: In Al Barari, where prices were over-inflated during the boom (as high as AED 45m) then took a huge knock in the crisis (to a low of AED 8m),

we are now seeing that due to increased demand, prices have risen to around AED 10.5m an increase in a relatively short period of time. In Emirates Hills prices are stable; houses are one-offs and most owners build them to live in; bottom line prices have increased from about AED 10m in 2010 to AED 16m at the end of 2011. In areas such as Dubai Marina, DIFC and Downtown Burj Khalifa, prices have recovered partly due to the fact that there is less construction and more community amenities, but also due to the increase in demand for due to quality buildings. Overall there has been an average increase in sales price of around 30% between the beginning of 2009 and the end of 2011. For investors, the polarisation in Dubai’s rental market is even more marked: while average yields continue to fall at the lower end, they remain significantly higher than global benchmarks at the high end (see chart). The ‘expat factor’ has a big effect, says Terry: “To help attract top talent, companies offer big housing allowances. Renting high-quality property here is relatively expensive compared to buying, and will stay that way.” That’s good news for investor-owners, too. –Luis Caminho


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Marina Living

For those seeking privacy and security the best approach can sometime be “hidden in plain sight”. That’s certainly the case for this apartment in Dubai Marina: to passers-by there’s nothing to suggest that such a vast and luxurious home sits just a few floors above them. Extending over an entire floor of the building, with two large balconies, two huge terraces and lots of floorto-ceiling windows, the apartment is flooded with natural light and enjoys beautiful views of the surrounding marina in three directions. The floor plan has been laid out with perfect logic, not only making the most of the large space but also separating the formal, entertaining areas from the family living rooms and private bedroom suites in a very natural and intelligent way.

hidden jewel



www. luxhabitat. ae

Double doors lead from the private lift lobby to a wide entrance hall and, straight ahead, the vast, majlis-style main living room, with its adjoining sitting room and formal dining room. All of these spaces have floor-to-ceiling windows and open on to the main terrace overlooking the marina – the sense of space, light and flow enhanced by elliptical, curved arches and

Marina Living

openings linking the three rooms and giving the apartment a distinctive design signature. All of the main rooms have marble floors, while the bedrooms have the warmth of wood flooring. Everywhere throught this upgraded and renovated apartment the materials and fittings are of very good quality.


www. luxhabitat. ae

The private areas of the apartment include a family kitchen and a back kitchen, a small cinema, a family sitting room and four large bedroom suites – the expansive master suite having its own private sitting area and balcony.

Dubai Marina, Dubai

Set right in the heart of the marina, the apartment has four parking spaces and a community pool and gym.

Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 805

5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 18,976 sq ft | 1,763 sq m aed 22,000,000 | USD 6.02m


Marina Living

the high life designed and furnished to exceptionally high standards, this penthouse is tailor-made for living in grand style


www. luxhabitat. ae

Le Rêve, Dubai Marina, Dubai Occupying an entire floor of one of Dubai’s most prestigious buildings, this magnificent, penthouse-style apartment has been designed with exceptionally high quality materials and furnishings. Planned to make the most of the far-reaching views, three open-plan living areas span the sea-facing side of the building, providing

wonderful spaces for entertaining; these are complemented by a formal dining room. The apartment also has a games/media room and study, and its private spaces include an open-plan informal dining area with a sleek kitchen, and a family sitting room. Residents of Le Rêve enjoy a superb rooftop garden, pool and gym, 24-hour concierge service, valet parking, and very high levels of security and privacy.

4 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) approximately 13,400 sq ft | 1,245 sq m Terrace 500 sq ft | 46 sq m

aed 72,000,000 | USD 19.68m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 166


Marina Living

party perfect

with its amazing views, super-cool decor and state-of-theart entertainment system, this penthouse is built for fun Dubai Marina, Dubai Converted from a four-bedroom into a two-bedroom apartment in order to maximise the entertaining space, this apartment has been decorated in super-cool style. It boasts a stateof-the-art entertainment system and is fully sound-proofed, guaranteeing absolute privacy. 2 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms (2 ensuite) Approximately 4,600 sq ft | 427 sq m

AED 8,000,000 | USD 2.17m Alexander von Sayn-Witgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 888


www. luxhabitat. ae

rooms with a view

with views that stretch from sea to city to sky, this spacious penthouse apartment makes a wonderful family home

Al Seef Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai This is a superb family home with large, well-planned spaces. Well known for its quality, Al Seef Tower has a great residents-only pool and gym. Offered for sale furnished, the apartment has stunning north-easterly views. 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 7,605 sq ft | 706 sq m

aed 11,500,000 | usd 3.13m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 823


Marina Living

Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina, Dubai Spanning the entire 74th floor, this stunning contemporary-style penthouse has formal living and dining rooms, a family living room, cinema room, and a spa/gym area with an indoor lap pool, sauna and steam room. With several generously sized

Al Murjan, JBR, Dubai This urban-chic loft apartment is defined by clean lines that are accentuated by sculptural furnishings. Architectural details, polished-concrete floors and large windows dressed with sheer fabric panels complement the neutral creams and warm red accents. The apartment is an excellent choice for those who appreciate contemporary design, excellent finishes – whether a single or a couple who want to move in with just their suitcases in hand. With stunning views stretching from Dubai Marina to Emirates Hills, Al Murjan tower is located in the heart of JBR and surrounded by cafes, restaurants and boutiques, with the beach only a few steps away. 1 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms (1 ensuite) approximately 2,154 sq ft | 374 sq m

aed 6,500,000 | USD 1.76m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 826


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terraces and large areas of glass on all sides, it has stunning 360o views of Dubai’s sea, city and desert, and overlooks the Palm Jumeirah. The sense of light and space is evident throughout this unique apartment property, while luxurious features like marble flooring and jacuzzi add to its highly desirable ambience.

5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) approximately 11,058 sq ft | 1,027 sq m

aed 30,000,000 | USD 8.17m Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 774


dream living

set in one of dubai’s finest buildings, this penthouse-style apartment is perfect for family life and stylish entertaining Le Rêve, Dubai Marina, Dubai This elegant, classy family apartment exudes sophistication. Its well-designed layout includes a large double living room, separate dining room and builtin wardrobes throughout. Le Rêve features a stunning shared rooftop pool and gym, and the apartment has its own northwest sea-facing terrace and jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 Ensuite) Approximately 6,100 sq ft | 566 sq m

aed 18,000,000 | USD 4.90m Alexander von Sayn Wittgenstein T: +971 50 154 4695 | E: Property ref 894



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The online epicentre where the craf t and appreciation of luxur y is not only recognized, but rather adored


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a core set of values By bringing internationally recognised standards of doing business in the luxury sector to the top level of the UAE property market, Luxhabitat is proving that niche is beautiful What is the definition of quality? It’s a question that lies behind every decision that the members of Luxhabitat’s team make, every working day of their lives – and it is the major reason why the company focuses on a specific niche in the market. “When we talk about quality, we mean the properties themselves – the bricks and mortar, the location – but that’s just one element,” says Oriol Font, the founder and managing director of Luxhabitat. “For us, it means the quality of our relationships with clients, our networks, market intelligence, analytical skills, business ethics, discernment and sensitivity to what constitutes luxury and real value.”

Given the unique characteristics of the UAE market this is crucial for buyers and sellers of high-end residential property. Historically, the market has been driven by an assumption that “luxury” status was conferred by price, not value but, as it matures and buyers become more discerning, the finesse and expertise to distinguish value on a buyer’s behalf becomes more important than ever – and this is a fundamental tenet of Luxhabitat’s business. “Our decision to take a given property on to our books is not governed only by our price threshold of Dhs5,000,000 and above but also by the value being provided,” says David Terry, Sales Manager. “In the



HIGH-END PROPERTY SUPPLY | VILLAS AND APARTMENTS High-end apartments in Dubai, units Development


High-end villas in Dubai, units Development


majority of the property stock here, based Palm Jumeirah 200 Palm Jumeirah 1,500 on the international standards that we apply, Dubai Marina 150 Emirates Hills 622 quality is lacking – our responsibility to clients DIFC 30 Jumeirah Islands 766 is to find those high-quality gems, priced at a Downtown Burj Khalifa 30 Al Barari 238 level that reflects their value.” Culture Village 220 Ranches/ Meadows/ Lakes 120 The lack of quality is rooted not just in the Total 630 Total 3,246 small overall quantity of good property but the fact that demand is growing with the return of The demand in penthouses in mainly in the 5,000 to 15,000 sq The demand for high quality villas in A++ locations is always very high, especially for villas with private beach access, only some confidence to the economy. Also, with there are as few as 200 large, high quality penthouses in Dubai available on the Palm Jumeirah and/or with high quality of which 80 of them are in the Le Reve building standards. There are an estimated 150 high quality villas on the the UAE seen as the region’s safe haven, new Palm and they rarely come on the market for sale as most are Source: Luxhabitat analysis 2012 owner occupied or used as holiday homes (1) Includes Mirador La Colleccion, Hattan, La Avenida and Terra Nostra buyers are attracted by the political stability and personal security, as well as the tax-free There is a very limited availability of high end penthouses and villas in Dubai environment. And they want the ‘safe haven’ of buying quality, not speculative investment. L U X H A B I T A T A key point to make, says Font, is that in HIGH-END PROPERTY SUPPLY | PRICE EVOLUTION the cases of good quality, prices compare favourably with other cities. “ Internal spaces of High-end market price evolution, illustrative examples, 2007-2011 top-end properties here are very generous – AED million 30 Le Rêve’s penthouses are about 1,300 square 25.0 Le Reve, full floor penthouse Palm Jumeirah, Garden Home villa 25 23.0 metres, compared with One Hyde Park in 20 18.0 17.5 London, at around 500sqm. Although the dif16.5 15.5 14.5 14.0 13.5 15 ference in unit price of the best properties is 12.0 12.0 9.0 8.8 8.5 8.4 10 7.8 not as great, the cost per square metre is sig6.3 6.0 5 nificantly lower in the UAE.” So how does Luxhabitat determine qual0 Dec'07 Sep'08 Mar'09 Dec'09 Dec'10 Mar'11 Jul'11 Dec'11 Jan'12 ity? In addition to all of the tangible elements, say Terry and Font – ranging from location to 3,833 4,167 2,000 2,250 2,417 2,583 2,750 2,917 3,000 Le Reve orientation, flow of internal spaces and quality 2,400 2,800 1,200 1,260 1,560 1,680 1,700 1,760 1,800 Garden Home of finishes – are those that are of greater or Source: Luxhabitat analysis, January 2012 lesser importance to each buyer. This could be Prices have been increasing in high-end and reasonably priced developments the degree of privacy, ceiling heights, lighting such as the Palm Jumeirah due to limited supply and many other things that have a more subliminal influence on comfort. L U X H A B I T A T “For us it is important to take time to understand the buyer’s moti- of urgency or requirement for privacy, too.” vations, tastes and overall approach to life,” says Font. “There are many All of these will determine the best approach: as a specialist, Luxsubtle clues that we can read – things that may not seem obvious to habitat understands the nuances of specific marketing channels, the others, even including a person’s choice of watch or handbag.” best image to project, and the most likely potential buyers to target “At The point of building a real relationship with clients that goes be- this level there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all,” says Font. yond the transaction is fundamental to Luxhabitat. “These are busy Maintaining a consistent message in the market is fundamental to people, who are accustomed to getting real service. Taking our time to luxury property. “As the sole agent we ensure that this happens – and, understand them enables us to save their time by showing them prop- because we are not competing with other agents for commission, it erties that match them better; it is by remaining specialised and dealing keeps the price higher.” Another factor in maintaining price is that Luxwith only high net worth individuals that we are able to do so.” habitat’s specialisation gives it expertise in determining that pricing, Luxhabitat’s understanding of its market gives significant benefits based on a deep analysis not only of the market but also the property to vendors, and the company emphasises the value to clients of work- itself – from the basics such as location and quality of materials, to the ing with it as sole agent. likelihood that a buyer would want to cost in replacing the taps with “One of our main roles is to unburden the owner of the logistical a different style. This attention to detail is an intrinsic requirement of and administrative elements that are an unavoidable part of selling,” working in the luxury sector, yet has historically been absent from the says Font. “By giving the vendor a single point of contact, everything UAE market. It is one of the things that underlines Luxhabitat’s posibecomes much simpler and more time-effective.” tioning, which in turn ensures that it has excellent access to high net This approach is more deeply relationship-based, which increases worth clients via other luxury-sector networks that it belongs to. Perthe level of trust and allows the agent to better understand the vendor’s haps most telling, though, is the fact that in just a few years of busiunderlying objectives, says Font: “We know that high net worth vendors ness, the majority of Luxhabitat’s business is now coming from wordnever decide to sell a property in isolation. There are many things to be of-mouth recommendations and repeat clients. – Luis Caminho considered, such as where it sits in a property portfolio, and among Previous page image: Luxhabitat event, Nurai. To promote its other non-real estate assets, the degree to which the owner is wishing high-end portfolio, Luxhabitat organises private events with the to realise an investment versus personal or business issues that may world’s most prestigious brands, such as this one for HSBC Private be behind a decision to sell. There are other matters such as the degree Bank VIP clients.


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Pleased to meet you Your search for a property is in safe hands. Meet the Luxhabitat team of experts dedicated to helping you find the perfect home or investment property

Paul Christodoulou

Chris Jones

Linda Kuhn

Michaela Muller

Suzie Qureshi

David Terry

Paul has an extensive knowledge and detailed understanding of the Dubai property market, which he has gained throughout his career in this highly specialised sector. Paul oversees two of Dubai’s most iconic, exclusive and desirable locations: the Palm Jumeirah and Al Barari. He is available to meet and discuss all your requirements and guide you through the process.

Residential sales expert Chris Jones knows Dubai’s property market exceedingly well. Chris is an expert on the local market and focuses on the elegant residential areas of The Meadows, The Lakes and Arabian Ranches. Chris understands how important finding the right property is and is proud of offer a high level of expertise and service in helping you to attain that goal.

Luxury homes and properties are Linda’s area of expertise. Linda is a dedicated member of the Luxhabitat team and specialises in several highly desirable areas of Dubai, namely The Meadows, The Lakes and Victory Heights. Linda can help guide you through the process of finding the right property for your requirements, whether you are looking for a home or investment.

Since joining the Luxhabitat team, Michaela has become one of our most valuable team members. Michaela’s passion for finding beautiful properties extends into every aspect of her role. Her professional responsibilities include overseeing the prestigious Jumeirah Islands portfolio and ensuring client satistaction. Your succesful property search is her goal.

Suzie’s professional understanding of the luxury property market means she can pass her knowledge and expertise straight on to the client. Suzie manages the Emirates Hills portfolio of properties, one of the largest groups in the Luxhabitat portfolio. If you’re looking for a home in this part of Dubai, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Suzie.

David Terry knows property inside and out: he’s a highly experienced and motivated property consultant with the drive to help you find the right home or investment property. David is currently focused on two very exciting areas in Dubai: the dynamic and successful development of Downtown Burj Khalifa, and the exclusive Jumeirah Golf Estates. +971 50 955 94 98 RERA no. 12511 +971 56 789 72 52 +971 50 228 33 28 RERA no. 10420 RERA no. 22935 +971 50 159 9766 RERA no. 24781 +971 50 348 44 21 RERA no. 22758 +971 50 875 03 07 RERA no. 10422

Alexander von Sayn-Wittgenstein Alexander specialises in high-end penthouse properties in and around Dubai. In addition, his area of expertise is Nurai Island. Alexander will be happy to share his knowledge of this highly desirable and exclusive neighbourhood of Dubai with you and to take the time to personally show you around each and every property of interest. +971 50 154 46 95 RERA no. 10424



discover an exclusive lifestyle that offers privacy, seclusion and silence with the vibrancy of the city close at hand



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Bold visions have been the defining mantra of Dubai over the past generation but when, a few years ago, Zaal Mohammed Zaal outlined his vision to turn a patch of bare sand into an oasis of almost tropical lushness dotted with houses of unusually high quality and developed with sustainability as its core principle, few could envisage the outcome. And even fewer would have believed how stunningly successful it has been. Set amid meandering streets and tall trees, with Al Barari’s botanical garden right next door and its own extra-large private garden, this beautifully designed Dahlia villa – decorated in exquisite taste by Etcetera Living – must be one of Dubai’s most desirable homes. Exceptionally well planned for both entertaining and family living, the ground floor includes a bespoke kitchen that adjoins the airy, open-plan family living and dining areas. Separated from this by a pair of tall, solid oak pocket doors are the grandly proportioned entertaining areas: a formal living and dining room and impressive double-height reception hall. To the other side of the hall, well positioned for privacy, are a study and a stunning bedroom suite for guests. All of the main ground floor rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and glass bi-fold doors that open up to the garden and pool terrace, creating great indoor-outdoor flow for relaxed entertaining, as well as


Private Communities

bringing the scents of the garden and the sound of birdsong into the house. The first floor has five large bedroom suites, including a gorgeous master bedroom with its own terrace; all have peaceful views of the surrounding greenery. Also on this floor, with its own entrance directly from the main gate of the house, is a very pleasant maid’s suite. Above this, the main roof garden is a great space for both relaxing and entertaining, with wonderful leafy views in the foreground and the imposing skyline of the city in the distance. The basement comprises two large rooms that would be ideal for conversion into a cinema, gymnasium, spa or games room.

Al Barari, Dubai Dahlia villa 6 Bedrooms | 9 Bathrooms (6 ensuite) Approximately 12,713 sq ft | 1,181 sq m Plot size 11,357 sq ft | 1,055 sq m

price on application Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E:


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Private Communities

green peace

set deep in the heart of al barari, this beautifully upgraded villa is a haven of peace and privacy Al Barari, Dubai Surrounded by greenery, this Camellia-style villa has been upgraded and decorated with great style, taking full advantage of the well-designed floor plan. A beautiful double-height entrance hall sets the tone for the whole house and flows into a series of formal and informal living and dining areas. All of these main rooms open on to the garden, terrace and pool through large glass doors, creating wonderful indooroutdoor entertaining areas. The ground floor has two master suites and a very stylish Japanese-inspired study. Upstairs, a wide and light-filled landing leads to three more bedroom suites and a family room – the


www. luxhabitat. ae

latter set up as a billiards room. All of the main upstairs rooms open on to a terrace or balcony and, on the level above there is a vast roof terrace, with lovely leafy views of the neighbourhood, with the city skyline beyond. It’s hard to imagine a better place to entertain friends of simply escape to relax. 5 Bedrooms | 9 Bathrooms (5 Ensuite) Approximately 13,858 sq ft | 1,287 sq m Plot size 11,883 sq ft | 1103 sq m

aed 14,500,000 | usd 3.95m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 881


Private Communities

white magic

with its clean lines inspired by modernist architecture, this villa stands out for style Acacia Avenues, Dubai With well-designed spaces, large expanses of glass and multiple terraces, this sleek, contemporary villa is perfect for both indoor-outdoor living and entertaining. A rare opportunity to own freehold property in the area between Madinat Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, 4 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (4 ensuite) Approximately 4,900 sq ft | 455 sq m Plot size 5,100 sq ft | 473 sq m

price on application Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 727


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E Sector, Emirates Hills, Dubai Designed by the renowned architect Sir Michael Hopkins in sophisticated, contemporary Arabian style, this family home has a large garden and pool. With a well thought-out floor plan, high ceilings and a double-height main living room, it is filled with natural light. 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms (3 ensuite) Approximately 7,500 sq ft | 697 sq m Plot size 23,380 sq ft | 2,172 sq m

price on application Suzie Qureshi T: +971 50 348 4421 | E: Property ref 748


Private Communities

a chance to create

set amid al barari’s lush greenery, this large well-planned villa is a great opportunity for owners to make their mark Al Barari, Dubai This Bromelia-style villa is beautifully built and offers a blank canvas for owners to stamp their personality. A hall leads to living and dining areas, and the open-plan family and dining areas are linked to a large, modern kitchen. Full-height windows maximise light in the house; glass doors open onto the outdoors from all main rooms. A roof terrace has superb views of Al Barari’s botanical garden and Dubai’s skyline. 6 Bedrooms | 10 Bathrooms (6 ensuite) Approximately 14,918 sq ft | 1,385 sq m Plot size 16,404 sq ft | 1,523 sq m aed 14,500,000 | USD 3.95m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 806


www. luxhabitat. ae

Al Barari, Dubai At the heart of this lovely family home is a flowing, open-plan space comprising informal living, dining and games rooms, with a large adjoining kitchen. Multiple glass doors open onto terraces and a private pool. Also on the ground floor are formal living and dining rooms, the master suite

and a guest suite. On the first floor are three more large en-suite bedrooms and a family room/study. Other features include a maids room, study room, storage room, all with marble flooring. The property boasts floorto-ceiling windows, a full alarm system, and smart home technology, as well as a beautiful jacuzzi area and landscaped gardens with three parking spaces.

5 Bedrooms | 9 Bathrooms (5 ensuite) Approximately 13,838 sq ft | 1,285 sq m Plot 11,886 sq ft | 1,104 sq m

aed 11,350,000 | USD 3.1m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 802

Al Barari, Dubai Set on a large plot in one of the finest locations in Al Barari, this Bromellia villa radiates opulence. With high ceilings and over-sized rooms, the ground floor has grand, formal entertaining spaces, an expansive open-plan family living area and beautiful contemporary kitchen. Also on this floor, one of the master suites has its own outdoor plunge pool, which complements the stunning main swimming pool. 6 Bedrooms | 10 Bathrooms (6 ensuite) Approximately 14,918 sq ft | 1,386 sq m Plot size 14,747 sq ft | 1,370 sq m

aed 16,500,000 | USD 4.492m Paul Christodoulou T: +971 50 955 9498 | E: Property ref 795


THE View

wadi wurrayah a photographer’s view of the uae, by ray robinson “It was getting quite late in the afternoon as we drove up the road into Wadi Wurrayah, near Khor Fakkan. The scenery is very raw and harsh there in the mountains – but I noticed, in just one spot where the mountains overlapped with each other, the beautiful soft effect of this hazy, bluish light. We stopped the car and, as I was getting out my camera, the sun caught the stones and rocks in the foreground, creating that nice contrast in colour and texture.” That eye for the transforming effect of light and the power of detail is what first got Ray Robinson hooked on photography. A keen amateur photographer, he travels the world constantly for his work and, he says, taking photographs is not only very absorbing and relaxing, it provides a deeper connection with the places he goes. “I think, with photography, the sum of the parts is actually greater than the whole. A small element of something can be much more powerful and revealing than the whole picture. It’s about really seeing things, rather than just looking at them.” The UAE is a great place for photography, he believes, because there is such intense natural beauty: “It’s not conventionally pretty but too often it is overlooked. When you really notice what’s there it is amazing.” Robinson descibes himself as a rather an old-school purist: “For me the point is taking the photograph, not manipulating it on a computer.” He’s no gadget fanatic either: he took this shot with a Sony Alpha that he has had for several years. “To take good pictures you don’t need to have the latest camera – just good eyes.”


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The online epicentre where the craf t and appreciation of luxur y is not only recognized, but rather adored




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The Private Collection 2012 by LUXHABITAT  

The Private Collection 2012 by LUXHABITAT