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“WHERE IMAGINATION BECOMES ENTERTAINMENT” February 2014 (spring) first domain

Cover art by Felix “flex” Maldonado

With great appreciation, Welcome to the

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Original domain


Original domain “Where Imagination Becomes Entertainment”

With great appreciation, I personally welcome you all to the first domain (first issue) of original domain magazine. a COLLECTION OF ART founded upon encouraging, embracing and exhibiting the original character, imagination and creations of the artist. In a sincere effort to embrace the mission and purpose of fostering Artistic talent and assisting with the creative aspirations of the artist, Original Domain welcomes artists of all disciplines in a new opportunity for public exposure and appreciation for their originals. Adorned with an infinite myriad of artist originals – literary, visuals, media, crafts, performing and home improvement DIY’s and much more. I am pleased and proud WITH THE VARIETY OF talent showcased within this first collection. Ranging from visual, media to performance and writing—to the first artists, their creations, and diverse presentations you are truly original. - a very special thank you ———————————————————————————————————————————— A very humble appreciation and dedication to all that embrace originality and love for the arts all artists all my friends for their presence all my family for their support and existence. god for everything

Martin m. ZuÑIga “moon” Special dedication to my loving parents Maria and manberto zuÑiga Original domain llc All rights reserved


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Distribution director Arturo Martinez


Veronica ferretti

Artist coordinator Elizabeth Martinez

Executive director Anna Martinez MADRINA—LORRAINE GUILLEN-WENTZ


(Indiana's premier bilingual magazine)

Northwest Indiana/Chicago Executive administrator Martin m. zuÑiga

contents Visual artist


Felix Maldonado “flex”




22/31 39

call to artists




Martin M. Zuniga “Moon”


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“While most see a furrow of an eyebrow as just that, I see this gesture as a continuous pause in the color reflection and refraction: an ever-changing palate with every expression made�.

VISUAL Artist/muralist

Felix Maldonado Jr.

One particular body of work, that demonstrates many of his abilities and could quite possibly be his strongest work, is a series of portraits of graffiti artists entitled “Graffit aHEAD”. Felix has chosen these people to paint A proud native of east Chicago, Indibecause of his admiration and respect ana, Felix is a self-taught artist with 25+ years experience in painting., draw- for them as graffiti artists. This comes across in the work in various ways, ing and graffiti art. first and foremost the size of the In 1995, he received his bfa in advertisworks. ing with a minor In graphic design from the American academy of art in He creates a nonpareil perspective Chicago. into the world of portrait artHis work has landed him at several He begins by sitting each subject down agencies in Chicago directing and for a photograph. producing commercials for companies like culligan water, peoples ener- Encouraged to pose in such a manner that represents themselves, their gy, roto-rooter, head tennis and individualities come alive frame by ata airlines. frame.

Felix Maldonado Jr. —b. 1971,

In 2003, Felix helped form cisa studio, llc. A creative services company producing work locally and around the country from murals, kustom paint and airbrushing to advertising, design and multimedia. His clients have included : the lakeshore chamber of commerce, the environmental educational center, the Indiana visitor's center , horseshoe casino, tortillas Nuevo leon, ni-source, reaper’s realm haunted attractions and the list goes on. Felix also has an extensive history of solo and group art exhibitions in the Midwest and throughout the country., exhibiting at the south shore arts center-Munster, cisa gallery-Hammond, the Mexican fine arts museum– Chicago, art expoChicago, swope museum-terre haute, sOMArts museum-san Francisco and recently in 2014 in the “paint, paste, sticker”/street art show at the Chicago cultural center in Chicago. Felix Maldonado is an artist in every sense of the word. His passion and enthusiasm for this subject is evident in everything he makes.

This initial photo session is imperative to Felix's creative process for portraits as this is where he begins his “visual conversation”. These larger than life portraits command attention and respect, which Felix bestows upon these people. The detail in the faces of the subjects is made with care but also with a spontaneous and physical manner synonymous to the medium they all use—the spray can..

“While most see a furrow of an eyebrow as just that, I see this gesture as a continuous pause in the color reflection and refraction: an ever-changing palate with every expression made”. Using this medium , he ties them to each other in the tradition of graffiti art, Felix is currently working on “Graffiti ahead”: A documentation of Midwest Graffiti Artist series #2” due out in may 2014.

Magnolio graffita Artist statement

My goal for this particular body of work is to invite the viewer to take an optimistic view of the world for a change and away from the social, political and cultural issues that seem to posses our everyday curiosity and distract us from what’s actually around us. In my work I attempt to deconstruct our surroundings: the industrial landscape, urban decay and the gripping mundane color palate that has been part of my childhood and adult culture by engaging the viewer with the subject of the flower or “Magnoliophyta” as it is scientifically referred.

I reproduce this familiar visual arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces and developing a new sense of introduction. Aside from the obvious places, often times these subjects are featured around non-typical domestic objects around us such as: under wood pallets, growing out of sidewalk cracks, clinging to brick walls, long railroad tracks, etc.—places we don’t usually look to find the flower (s). I juxtapose them with whimsical strokes and often embellish it with stenciled patterns. The colors I choose for my pieces establishes a dreamlike surreal quality, suggesting notions of calmness and safety yet formally unifying the disparate subjects they’re set in with an almost chaoticlike background.

While I like to change the subject of my works in each project, my methodology is consistent-the spray can. I find a natural confidence of using spray paint as it allows me to control the style of work I want to achieve in each piece while giving me a sense of satisfaction knowing I can accomplish this “impressionistic graffiti” (as some of my peers may like to refer to it as) Also the subject matter of each piece determines the message in each “accidental stroke” in my work (another favorable term to describe my methods).

Magnolio Graffita’s purpose is to challenge the viewer to “stop and smell the roses” if you will and try to understand that beauty exists even in the bleakest of places without discrimination to how or why it got there.

Felix Maldonado “flex”

“Eyes up here”

10.5 x 12.5/spray enamel on wood

“White flower” 7.5 x 10. 5/spray enamel on canvas

“Oopsy Daisy” 7. 5 x 11 / spray enamel on canvas

“Marigolds” 12 x 12 /spray enamel on canvas

“Graffiti aHead”

“denz” 5 x 6 spray enamel on canvas

“Graffiti aHead”

“flash” 5 x 6 spray enamel on canvas



Lisette “elle” Guillen Gardner

“We need the eyes and ears of the community watching and listening. We can't be everywhere at once and we can't do it alone.”



Isette Guillen, a NW Indiana native, is the

Executive Producer and Host for “Crime Stoppers Case Files – Chicago" (CS/CF). This television show is a law enforcement tool and community outreach program designed to help generate tips and leads for unsolved cases.

ARTIST The Cleveland-based production company, Pinpoint Media, also produces Crime Stoppers programs for Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Miami, FL. Collectively, these programs are broadcast into over 13 million television homes.

Fox Television affiliate WPWR-Channel 50 (MY50CHICAGO) airs “Crime Stoppers Case Files – Chicago" every Saturday at 11:00PM. On this network, the show reaches more than 3.4 million households and nearly 8 million viewers in the country’s third-largest market. From the privacy of their own homes, the audience can report information anonymously and receive a reward for it.

The 30 minute, high-definition program features two cases per episode. Viewers will get to know the victims from their family and friends, and learn the facts of each case from the actual detective. Crimes are re-enacted, and then police make a public appeal for help. This approach has been extremely effective in other large cities. In the Chicagoland area we work in cooperation with the following law enforcement agencies - Chicago, Cook County, Evanston, East Chicago, Gary, Hobart, Griffith, the FBI and the U.S. Marshal Service. Though local, the programs have a national feel and high production standards. CSCF programs have won eight Emmy Awards in categories including Magazine Program, Public Service, Community Service, Editing and Music Composition. Chicago is the fourth CSCF program in the United States.

like cscf on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ CSCFChicago.com Lisette's fan page can be found at www.facebook.com/ChicagoLisette Original domain 18

ORIGINAL story Being on the set of the show is an emotional roller-coaster.

We interview detectives who give the facts of the case which can be very chilling and graphic. We are angered to know a murderous monster is out walking the streets. Free. Enjoying their life. We interview family and friends of the victim. This is when the sadness and empathy sets in. Many times I've wanted to leave the set because you cannot allow yourself to cry and get emotionally involved.. but sometimes you just can't help it. When we visit the crime scenes, you can feel the negative energy. It takes a huge toll on you. All the while we are expected to remain upbeat and professional. There is an adrenaline rush like no other. We typically film for 3 days. Our day starts at 8:30am and goes well into the evening. Sometimes we film past midnight. I get very little sleep and sometimes forget to eat. The adrenaline keeps me going. We have great relationships with the Police Departments and Agencies we work with and they are always offering their support and assistance. We're lucky to have that.


are a lot of strange things that happen when we film, mostly when we are at the crime scenes! On one occasion we were filming around 11:00pm in East Chicago. The street was quiet - at first. Then we noticed a lot of cars driving by, people coming out of their homes and looking out their windows. Shortly after we were surrounded by a large group of guys. They were trying to intimidate us. East Chicago PD took care of that problem real quick! On another occasion, we were filming in Chicago. It required the detectives and our film crew to park our cars on the side of the street because we had to walk down a hill to get to the crime scene. The detective left his red lights on. Next thing you know, about 10 Chicago tactical guys were yelling at us to stop and put our hands up. They thought we were running from the detectives. It was hilarious after we explained what we were doing. I have to tell you, that is one scary sight - 10 Chicago PD officers running towards you! Now, it makes a great funny story! On set/on location - CSCF CHICAGO

In between filming and get-


ting cases ready I work with my mother, Maria Guillen at Latin Media, a company we both own. We have just a few clients because the show takes up so much of our time. Latin Media is a multi-media agency. We help our clients plan events and create marketing and advertising pieces.

One of the most memora-

ble moments is when we were interviewing the father of a 14year-old homicide victim from Chicago. The detectives were there along with the boy's mother. The father required an interpreter. He only spoke Spanish. He kept his head down the whole time and spoke very softly. His words and love for his son captivated all of us. When we finished his piece there wasn't a dry eye on set.

I am a huge advocate for our K9 officers so you'll always see me trying to raise awareness and funds for them.

Another time, we were filming on-location in Gary. It was 1:00am and it was in front of a restaurant. it was a taco place that stayed open all night. The owner came out and asked what we were doing so we told him. He asked if we were hungry. I also am on the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) MultiCultural Advisory Board for the Indianapolis Field Office. I represent the Northwest Indiana region.

Of course We were because it was one of those long days and we hadn't stopped for dinner. After about thirty minutes he came out with individual containers packed with rice, beans and tacos. He said he wanted to thank us for what we were doing to catch criminals.

I look forward to our

annual Safety Summit we put together every year around late summer, early fall. New opportunities are always popping up so only time will tell what is next.

I want people to know there

Pictured above CSCF Lisette Guillen Honorable Lake County judge Lorenzo arredondo

Lisette Guillen/maria guillen/ chicago area central officers

are ways to report crime anonymously. We need the eyes and ears of the community watching and listening. We can't be everywhere at once and we can't do it alone. People are fed up. They want their neighborhoods back And we're here to help them.

Original artist

Michael Reyes Performer/poet

OD 24

OD 30

Martin m. Zuñiga “MOON” ORIGINAL WRITING “I have never had a desire to be Shakespeare or Hemingway, they are unique artists, I will be original”


OD 33

Antonio Villagrosa

Rosie Perez


Lee Phillip Bell (Creator of the Young & The Restless/ Bold & the Beautiful)

Martin m. zuÑiga Growing

up I remember working with crafts, drawing and WRITING ORIGINALS BECAUSE IT IS WHAT I LOVED TO DO. At a young age I designed my own structures—houses and buildings for my own benefit but I loved to do that As a Hobby—AND STILL DO. I continue to design my own jewelry under the name mzo and I also love home improvement DIY’s. I love the idea of tearing down a wall and recreating that wall on a budget.

When I was younger my teachers and college professors would tell me that my writing was not Shakespeare or Hemingway and that my poetry wasn’t poetry. My response then and is now … “I’m original” that is why I encourage, embrace and have a desire to exhibit all original artists. I have never had a desire to be Shakespeare or Hemingway. they are unique artists, I will be original. I will be my own artist.

I do not ever refer to my original writing as stories or poems they have always been referred to as “originals” and the following originals are I also have media experience part of the mzo collection and ESTABLISHED relationships (along with my jewelry not feawithin THE INDUSTRY and A DIVERSE LIST OF SEVERAL REGIONAL tured) AND national organizations FOR NOW PLEASE BE ENTERTAINED SUCH AS the recording and BY FOUR OF MY ORIGINALS. television academies . These relationships have positioned me to connect and meet THROUGHOUT THE LIFETIME OF ORIGINAL DOMAIN YOU WILL GET TO with some very well-known KNOW MORE ABOUT ME. People and new talent. Furthermore, my original caution: due to my diverse writing consists of a full writing “original” on page 37 range of genres. Thankfully, I contains mature language. am able to write comedy, romance, drama, sciencefiction, thriller, adventure and horror. ORIGINAL DOMAIN 34

The Sun Cannot Be Covered With One Finger

My life isn't what it appears to be,

I'm only human like you

I've had my doubts about gods love so don't you ever praise or envy me I'm not perfect, for me I make that hard to see

The sun has gone my days are gray When strangers turn to look at me, they see me smiling and assume I'm happy But if you look deep into my eyes, then and only then will you realize that I'm crying inside because of my disappointing life I cannot accept my problems. I'd rather hide my failures then confront them You've been my friend for so long You think you know everything about me, but let me tell you truthfully, what you don’t know about me

I find myself crying alone at night, the tears I cry are not of joy My life is miserable I've been torn apart. How can I tell you I love you without breaking my heart

My past is hidden,

I don't speak of it. My present is still and so quiet

From my perspective my future seems unclear I've kept my sins a secret so be doubtful of the rumors you hear Perhaps someday I'll find courage to confess that my secrets have ruined me that I've pretended for so long to be happy I tell people my life is fine, however my cross has gotten heavy with the passage of time But now I'm tired I want to rest my sins have kept me from all the best So I'll give my secrets liberty because my sins kept secret shall be the death of me

For this guilt has weakened my soul I have not the strength to fight

One cannot lie because of that constant reminder for sooner or later the truth comes to light that still remains One cannot keep a secret, of my sinful deeds, for trying to keep a secret that until now is like trying to cover the sun, a secret I've maintained with one finger. That reminder awakens the guilt —it cannot be done … that consumes me and may be the cause that sets my © MZO Martin Zuñiga Original secrets free

I'm going insane

Todavía Me Quieres Todo comenzó muy bien, es triste que todo se termino Todo con el tiempo cambio Yo no soy el mismo, tu también eres diferente Tal vez nuestra amor ya no existe Tu me culpas a mi Pero cuando me acerco a ti Me rechazas con tus miradas y tus palabras Trato de amarte de nuevo........ Ya estoy cansado que cada día y cada noche es lo mismo, Cada oportunidad que hallas me recuerdas que no soy perfecto Que en algo te fallado y que nunca te amado Tu me dices que me haz perdonado, Porque me tormentas y me haces vivir en un infierno, hÉ decidido quedarme contigo, cuando era muy fácil abandonarte Tal vez todavía siento cariño o tal vez me acostumbrado estar a tu lado y acomodarme en tus brazos Puede ser porque ya te conozco, ya se como eres Y se que sobre todo

Todavía me quieres

© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original





On the job

I wash dishes for a living,

Work two jobs ain’t got time for nothing, I waste the day on dirty plates And on stupid customers that I especially hate

Let’s get one thing straight I work to serve you, I’m nobody’s slave, I don’t get paid to put up with your shit, Minimum wage ain’t worth it, You want respect, you better earn it, Because the customer doesn’t always come first, From me you get what you deserve, Because being courteous just ain’t all that serious, In my experience with customer service.

Work sucks, I hate my job, I know what it’s like to be a maid, work all day my body aches, no time to get laid, My boss is a dick, I hate the people I work with, I get treated like shit and I’m sick and tired of it I don’t kiss the boss’s ass so I’m not on that special list of favorites that bullshit in the office

I can’t sit for a minute on the job I work nonstop like a robot on the clock Expected to do 22 extra jobs and I’m not allowed to call off or complain even though I bust my ass twice for people who get paid to stand around and take an 8 hr. break, and I have to wait forever for a 5 cent raise, I’m overworked and underpaid and no one truly appreciates What I go through everyday……..


© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original

Take it from me, it feels like hell When you’ve got people on your ass demanding help,

I am

You choose not to believe in me,

that’s not proof I don’t exist You simply refuse to acknowledge my presence even though I am the answer to all your questions or prayer praising me, In your hour of persecution, in your desperate cry for help, There I will be for I am all one needs for I am creator of all things, seen and unseen I am pure love, I am peace my mercy has no boundaries.

I am everywhere,

I am always there I am the light that brightens the day; I am the darkness at night I am the sun the moon and the stars, I am never too far

I am joy and pain, I am known by many names but I am still the same because I never change I am the good and the bad,

I am beauty, I am the outcast I am the first and the last

I give life to your soul

I am flesh and bone; I am life, I am death, I am life after your last breath the middle and the end My kingdom shall come again I am your eternal salvation because you are all my children for I am thy almighty father in heaven, I am......

OD 38

I am the beginning,

© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original

In any tongue spoken

Original domain “Where Imagination Becomes Entertainment”

Northwest in—Chicago—Dallas

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Original domain celebrates talent, like the

imagination of an artist, established within the art world, original domain’s influence, exposure and networking are endless.

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