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Origami means “folding paper” in Japanese. Origami in the Garden² (also known as the Fundamental Exhibition) captures the delicate nature of this paper art form in museum quality metals. This collection of pedestal sized and otherwise easy to install, outdoor sculptures was created by American artists Kevin and Jennifer Box. Designed for temporary installing in public gardens and museums, each sculpture tells the story of a single piece of paper transforming into a flapping bird, a flying airplane, a galloping horse, a floating boat and more. The exhibition features Box’s own compositions as well as collaborations with world renowned origami artists Te Jui Fu, Beth Johnson, Michael G. LaFosse and Robert J. Lang. The exhibition includes 24 sculptures creating 20 displays including 4 unfolded cast wall hangings. It is a platform for educational programming, includes OiG merchandise and fine art for the gift shop and includes an audio tour for visitors to call using their own cell phones to listen to the artists speak about the work.

“Origami presents a simple metaphor; we all start with a blank page, what we do with it is up to us and the possibilities are endless.” — KEV I N B O X

The Fundamental Exhibition is a curated selection of pedestal sized and larger sculptures that tells the story of Origami through 20 easy to install displays.



CONVERSATIONPEACE This artwork is meant to inspire a conversation. What different elements can you identify within this work, its materials and potential meaning? How do the elements relate? What does it mean to you? Rock Paper Scissors is a fun way to find a winner but for serious conflict, conversation and communication is the key.

/ Conversation Peace / by Kevin Box / painted cast stainless steel on stone on steel / 80” x 18” x 18” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 13

CRANEUNFOLDING This sculpture was the first origami related work by Kevin Box, the creator of Origami in the Garden. For him the crane is a symbol of what we see on the outside but when unfolded, we can see what is on the inside. There is more to the world than meets the eye and the artist expresses this perception through this simple metaphor of origami.

/ Crane Unfolding / by Kevin Box / powder coated cast stainless steel on steel / 78” x 22” x 22” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 16

DUO In Japan the origami crane is recognized as a symbol of peace and harmony. In nature cranes are known to mate for life and this sculpture represents that commitment.

/ Duo / by Kevin & Jennifer Box / painted cast stainless steel on stone / 55” x 16” x 24” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 14

EMERGINGPEACE This sculpture tells the story of a leaf dreaming of flying and the process of a caterpillar transforming from a tiny egg into a beautiful butterfly.

/ Emerging Peace / by Kevin Box & Michael G. LaFosse / painted cast stainless steel on steel / 73” x 20” x 20” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 32

FLYINGPEACE Now captured in cast stainless steel, this sculpture displays one of the most complicated origami cranes ever folded from a single uncut square of paper.

/ Flying Peace / by Kevin Box & Robert J. Lang / painted cast stainless steel on stone / 74” x 27” x 12”, height varies / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 9

FOLDINGPLANES This sculpture tells the story of a piece of paper dreaming of flying. At the base is a blank page that folds its way up to the to the top where the airplane takes flight. It takes seven decisions or folds to make a piece of paper fly. Each fold symbolizes a choice or action taken to transform dreams into reality.

/ Folding Planes / by Kevin Box / painted cast stainless steel on steel / 88” x 21” x 26” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 11

HERO’SHORSE Ancient legends tell of a winged white horse sent from above to help the hero in his journey to save the world. Upon completing the task, the mythical winged horse returns to the sky, unfolding into the stars becoming the constellation Pegasus.

/ Hero’s Horse / by Kevin Box & Robert J. Lang / painted stainless steel on steel / 90” x 30” x 30” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 21

MASTERPEACE An Asian legend tells of 1,000 paper cranes. It says if you fold all 1,000 within a single year, a wish will be granted. In Japan it is known as a “Senbazuru”. Many people make this paper folding pilgrimage as a wish for peace, long life and good health. In 2014 Kevin and Jennifer Box created “Master Peace”, a sculpture of over 1,000 cast metal cranes as their wish for peace. This sculpture is made from those 1,000 cranes. The reflection in the base is meant to remind us of all 1,000 cranes including the ones we see and the ones we don’t see.

/ Master Peace / by Kevin & Jennifer Box / powder coated cast stainless steel on granite on steel / 84” x 30” x 30” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 10

NESTINGPAIR Olive branches are also known as a symbol of peace and are used here to remind us of the compromise necessary to make a happy home together.

/ Nesting Pair / by Kevin & Jennifer Box / painted cast stainless steel, patinated cast bronze on stone / 60” x 24” x 18”, height varies / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 4

PAINTEDPONIES This is the first colorful collaboration between Box and an origami artist. They used a technique called kirigami, which means to cut. The Chinese symbol on the backside of the larger pony is a collaborative signature. Te Jui’s last name Fu, translates as teacher or tutor and the box that surrounds it symbolizes Kevin’s last name.

/ Painted Ponies / by Kevin Box & Te Jui Fu / powder coated cast aluminum / large pony: 66” x 77” x 24” / small pony: 40” x 48” x 13” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 2

PAPERNAVIGATOR This sculpture is inspired by ancient explorers that navigated small boats across vast oceans. To find their way they studied the movement of stars, ocean currents, weather patterns, the habits of animals and the changing colors of the sea. Knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Many explorers brought with them the plants, seeds and animals needed to survive and thrive in new lands.

/ Paper Navigator / by Kevin Box / painted fabricated aluminum / 30” x 56” x 25” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 31

SEEDSOWER This sculpture was created by three different artists working together. Nature also works together in inspiring ways like in the relationship between a squirrel and a tree. A tree provides food and shelter for the squirrel while the squirrel helps pollinate and distribute the trees seeds.

/ Seed Sower / by Kevin Box, Michael G. LaFosse & Beth Johnson / patinated cast bronze on steel / 75” x 27” x 16” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 31

STANDINGCRANES This series of hand painted cranes celebrate the many patterns and colors that can be found on origami paper. Different patterns on each side inspire and reward viewers that explore the entire sculpture.

/ Standing Cranes / by Kevin Box / hand painted fabricated aluminum / 72” x 72” x 24” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 7 & 8

STARUNFOLDING This abstract self portrait represents Box’s work prior to learning about Origami. There is a relationship between this work and the star at the base of the “Crane Unfolded”. Both tell the story of what is beneath the surface of what we see.

/ Star Unfolding / by Kevin Box / painted cast bronze on steel / 73” x 24” x 12” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 24

WHITEBISON The White Bison is a symbol of peace to many Native Americans. This Bison was the first collaboration between Kevin Box and internationally renowned origami artist Robert J. Lang. The design uses a single, uncut piece of paper that was white on one side and silver on the other. Box recently added the crane to this Bison for this exhibition.

/ White Bison / by Kevin Box & Robert J. Lang / powder coated cast aluminum on steel / 52” x 24” x 24” / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 15

WHOSAWWHO? In the relationship of predator and prey, the Raptor is looking for food and the Mouse is too. The difference is that the Mouse has to keep a look out for two things: the food he wants to eat and the predator that wants to eat him! When you look at these two, who do you think saw who first?

/ Raptor / by Kevin Box & Robert J. Lang / patinated cast bronze on stone / 55” x 14” x 6”, height varies / Armijo’s Mouse / by Kevin Box & Tim Armijo / patinated cast bronze on stone / 12” x 7” x 3”, height varies / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 6

UNFOLDED Most of the pieces in Origami in the Garden were originally folded from a single piece of uncut paper. Hidden within every folded origami object is a “crease pattern”– a pattern or record of the choices, or creases, made in creating an origami object. These four pieces display the beautiful patterns found inside an origami object when it is unfolded.

/ Unfolded / by Kevin Box, Robert J. Lang & Michael G. LaFosse / painted cast aluminum / Peace Pattern, Butterfly Unfolded, Light Boat Plans & Pegasus Unfolded / audio tour: 1-888-495-7736 no. 17, 26, 27, 22

The art of paper making

Abe’s method for trisecting an acute angle using origami

EDUCATIONALPROGRAMMING Origami in the Garden is an educational platform for Asian Culture, Mathematics, Paper Making Plants, Renewable Resources and Recycling.

/ Did You Know? / One ton of recycled paper can save: / 17 Trees / 380 gallons of oil / 3 cubic yards of landfill space / 4,000 kilowatts of energy / 7,000 gallons of water


Inspiring gardens near you: The Dow Gardens 2019 Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden 2018 Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 2018 Tucson Botanical Gardens 2017– 2018

Inspiring gardens near you: The Morton Arboretum 2017 Artis– Naples the home of the Baker Museum and the Naples Philharmonic 2016 – 2017 Naples Botanical Garden 2016 – 2017 Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 2016


Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden 2015


Santa Fe Botanical Garden 2014

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Origami in the Garden 2: Fundamental Exhibition  
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