Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

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SUSTAINABILITY SCAVENGER HUNT How many examples of sustainability can you find at your home and in your community? Don’t worry! If you can’t find every example, just look for as many as you can! Check the box in the lower right corner of each example of sustainability you find.

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Adults! When you and your child have completed the scavenger hunt, visit OV.Coop/sustainability and sign up for our e-newsletter to receive an OV coupon. 22


Solar electric systems help protect the environment by using sunlight to make electricity. This electricity then powers our homes, farms and other buildings.

Keep an eye out for solar in your neighborhood— you’ll see a lot of solar on rooftops, but watch for solar panels on the ground, too! 3


COMPOsTING is a great way to reduce food

waste and make fertilizer for your garden. There are lots of ways to compost! Instead of throwing food in the garbage, you can start a compost pile in your backyard or make a small compost bin in your basement or under the kitchen sink. Some people even add worms to help break down their food! Do you know anyone who composts? Talk to them about why they do it! 4


SAVE ELECTRICITY by turning off lights,

computers, TVs and tablets when you’re not using them. It’s important because most electricity is still made by burning coal and other fossil fuels. Bonus activity! Make a friendly sign for your home asking friends to do these things as well. 5


WATER is one of the most precious resources

we have. When it gets dirty or polluted, it’s really hard to clean up. And remember, the water from your sink wasn’t made by magic! It all comes from somewhere. Be sure to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or washing dishes.



ORGANIC GARDENING is a great way to

grow your own food, and your whole family can get involved! Organic means you don’t use toxic chemicals in your garden. Organic gardening creates healthy soil while also giving you healthy food. Start an organic garden at home in your backyard, in pots on the patio, or inside by a sunny window! 7



Pollinators like bees are incredibly important— without them, we wouldn’t have a third of the food we eat! Pollinators love flowers that don’t have chemicals on them. Did you know bees are in danger because there aren’t enough safe places for them to get food? Plant a pollinator garden in your yard or in a pot to help provide food for these creatures that return the favor.




Bat houses provide a place for bats to sleep during the day and for bat mothers to raise their babies, or “pups.� Bats are a very important part of the environment because they eat moths and mosquitos. Some types of bats eat nectar and are also pollinators! Did you know they are the only flying mammal? Make some bat houses for your yard or neighborhood. 9



Not using the clothes dryer is an excellent way to save lots of energy. Hang your clothes out to dry in the sun. Just be sure to bring your clothes in before it rains! 10


reduce what you buy. reuse everything you can. recycle what you can’t reuse. Make a flower pot by reusing an Organic Valley yogurt container. Have a parent help you poke a few small holes in the bottom, decorate, and plant a seed! 11


pick up litter Litter is not only ugly,

it’s dangerous! Land and sea animals can confuse trash for food or get trapped in plastic bags and nets. Do your part by picking up litter whenever you go on a walk! 12


wind turbines use the power of the

wind to make energy! We call this “clean” energy because it doesn’t create pollution like fossil fuels. Most turbines built today are over 300 feet tall and make enough energy for many homes and businesses! Look for wind turbines in your community. Not only are they doing a good thing, they’re fun to watch! 13


By pLANTING TREES , you can make a difference that will last for years! Trees help clean the air, they provide shade, and give animals like birds, bats and squirrels places to live. Even better if the tree you plant has flowers, nuts or fruit because it provides them food as well! Plant a tree with an adult at home or at school! 14



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