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Leaves and Weeds Beet & Butternut – Watercress, roasted beets, butternut squash, toasted walnuts, $10

blue cheese, dressed with Cyprus pine vinaigrette.

Duck Terrine Salad –Duck terrine with pistachios, cherries, watercress, arugula, $12

apples with a house made sherry vinaigrette.

Wilted Spinach Salad - Golden raisins, smoked egg puree, pickled red onions, and house made pancetta, tossed with warm shallot-sherry vinaigrette and topped with grated egg.


Caesar - Organic romaine, and shaved pecorino Romano cheese, lightly tossed with anchovy vinaigrette, topped with diced egg and served with garlic grilled crutes.


Small Plates Charcuterie Plate – Liver pate, veal confit, house made sausage, served with grilled $12

bread and assorted condiments.

Beef Tartar - Finely chopped flat iron beef round, topped with a fried oyster, heirloom $13

radish slices and an umami lime sauce .

Dungeness Crab Sphere – A delicate all crab sphere served with wild mushrooms, $14

garlic aioli and crispy shallots.

Scallops – Seared scallops, pork belly confit, parsnip puree topped with an apple and house $14

preserved lemon salad and sweet soy. *Meats and produce are sourced locally whenever possible* 2101 Bailey Hill Rd, Ste L. Eugene, OR 97405. Ph. 541-684-8888 Lunch: Tues - Fri 11-2

Dinner: Tues – Thurs 5-10, Fri & Sat 5-11,

Sun - Family Dinners twice a month,


Pomme Frites - House cut, thin fries, tossed with garlic oil, shaved Pecorino Romano and sea salt, served with truffle aioli.


Escargot – Creamy garlic polenta topped with snails, spicy tomato sauce and a poached egg.


Porcetta Tonnata- Thinly sliced pork belly wrapped pork tenderloin with albacore sauce, arugula and shaved Parmesano Reggiano.


Big Plates Oxtail – Braised oxtails served over a cocoa risotto with spiced cherries and wild $19


Gnocchi – House made potato-lemon dumplings served with a butternut squash puree, $15

pickled red onions and crispy sage.

Flat Iron - Grilled 8 ounce Flat Iron steak, sliced and served with potato gratin, $23

sautéed seasonal vegetable and sauce lyonnaise.

Wild Boar Bolognese – Wild boar tossed in a rich and creamy tomato butter sauce and hollow noodles.


(Vegetarian Bolognese option $14)

Duck Breast –Tender seared duck breast with squash hash, winter fruit chutney and $17


Cassoulet – A hearty white bean stew with duck confit, smoked bacon and house made $15

boudin blanc.

Fish of the Day- Your server would be happy to tell you!

Market Price

Sweet Plates Vanilla, Fig Crème Brulee – Crème brulee topped with a fig compote served with a raspberry coulis and a crisp tuile.


Coco Brownie – Decadently rich brownie made with browned butter, walnuts and topped with an orange blossom cream.

Cheese Plate- Assorted cheeses with their natural accompaniments.

$6 Market Price

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$13 $14 $12 $14 Wilted Spinach Salad - Golden raisins, smoked egg puree, pickled red onions, and Caesar - Organic romaine, and shaved pecori...