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eSoup f handcrafted soups are served with gluten-free multi-grain crackers or appropriate chips Cup $4.49 Bowl $5.99 *** to make soup a complete meal, add fresh fruit, side of the day, or a side salad for an additional $2.49 *** to substitute a cup of soup for the side with a sandwich, add an additional $2.49 or $3.79 (farm soup)


monterrey jack, cheddar, & cream cheeses are mixed with green onion & spinach; served warm with choice of tortilla chips or vegetable crudité GF/VEGT $4.99

eSalads f all salads are served with appropriate crackers or chips & a mini cookie Dressing Choices: House Pesto, FAC Maple Balsamic, Bleu Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Country Fresh Buttermilk, Fat-Free Herb, Creamy Garlic Caesar, Sriracha Ranch & Honey Mustard

eExtra dressing charge: 50 centsf

F.A.C. CHICKEN SALAD WITH FRUIT our specialty: diced chicken breast is mixed with a sprinkling of pecans, green onions, & mayo; served on mixed greens & sided with fresh fruit & dressing choice GF $8.99

FLENNIKEN’S CREATION mixed greens are ringed with mandarin oranges, topped with chicken salad, bleu cheese, & pecans; side with choice of dressing & you’ve got something delicious… GF $9.49 without chicken salad GF/VEGT $7.29 with roasted chicken breast instead of chicken salad GF $9.99


our signature dish... salmon grilled our way, finished with maple-soy lacquer, served on mixed greens with fresh cucumber slices, & sided with dill-sour cream sauce GF $12.99

CORNUCOPIA red quinoa is tossed with dried cranberries, green onions, & diced dried apricots then served atop mixed greens & finished with avocado & toasted almonds; sided with lemon cumin dressing GF/VEGN/VGT $8.99 *add roasted chicken breast for add’l $2.99, small salmon portion for add’l $5.29, or large salmon portion for add’l $8.99

NOT YOUR USUAL CRAB CAKE SALAD fresh spinach is topped with chopped ‘slaw’ (cabbage, carrots, peach bits, & corn) & crowned with two crab cakes & sided with a tart sweet n’ sour lemon dressing… a delicious departure from usual crab cake fare… real crab here, no imitation $11.99

SOUND OF MUSIC II two warm goat cheese cakes are served atop a mountain of fresh spinach with dried cranberries, red onion slivers, & toasted pecans; dressed with Black Forest maple dressing... your tastebuds’ll be alive with the taste of this one ... VEGT $9.99 *add roasted chicken breast for add’l $2.99, small salmon portion for add’l $5.29, or large salmon portion for add’l $8.99

FIRST LADY’S COUSIN a close relative of former First Lady Barbara Bush’s FAC menu choice: an avocado half filled with lemon tarragon chicken salad; presented on mixed greens, sided with fresh fruit & choice of dressing GF $9.99

NEW MEXICAN PUMPKIN ‘BURGER’ SALAD for our guests who love the pumpkin burger but not the bun: mixed greens are topped with a pumpkin burger & avocado slices; sided with tomatoes & dressing of choice VEGT $8.99


a complete ‘breakfast’ in a salad: chopped Egg, chopped spiced Bacon pieces, & Toasted croutons are served atop baby spinach along with peach pieces, pecans, red onion slivers, & feta cheese $9.99 *add roasted chicken breast for add’l $2.99, small salmon portion for add’l $5.29, or large salmon portion for add’l $8.99

SPICE ROUTE SALAD mixed greens are topped with cumin-scented brown rice, dates, almonds, feta, red onion, carrot, cilantro & cucumber slices; presented with orange coriander dressing VEGT GF $9.99 *add roasted chicken breast for add’l $2.99, small salmon portion for add’l $5.29, or large salmon portion for add’l $8.99

LIGHT N’ LOVELY smoked turkey, apples, red onion, pecans, & feta top mixed greens; served with tarragon citrus dressing… the perfect light lunch GF $9.99

eSandwiches & Wraps f all sandwiches are served with side of the day, fresh fruit or kettle-style potato chips... choice of sandwich bread: wheatberry or white, unless otherwise specified; a honey whole wheat tortilla is used for wraps

ITAL-FRANCO DIP a French roll is filled with warm slow-cooked shredded Italian roast beef; topped with cheese & caramelized onions… delizioso et délicieux! $8.99


sliced roasted chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, tomato, & onion are served on jalapeño cheese bread dressed with cilantro sour cream… bring on the mariachis! $8.99

GROWN UP GRILLED CHEESE creamy herbed Havarti is grilled with choice of bread to make a simple but outstanding grilled cheese sandwich…simplicity at it’s most delicious VEGT $8.49 *for the ultimate grilled cheese experience, add bacon for an additional $1.99

BETCH’LL LOVE THIS WRAP strips of Bacon, slices of avocado, Lettuce, fresh Tomato & swiss cheese are dressed with FAC Southwest Ranch Dressing in a honey wheat wrap... a BLT like no other... $8.99

DELUXE HAM & CHEESE pecan wood-smoked ham, swiss & cheddar are served on choice of bread dressed with Dijon mayonnaise; finished with lettuce, tomato, & red onion… $8.99

THE ISLANDER lean jerk seasoned pork is slow-simmered with molasses & onions; served on a wheat burger bun with curried peach relish… welcome to Jamaica, m’on! $8.99

THAI ONE ON a honey wheat wrap is dressed with red curry mayonnaise then filled with sliced smoked turkey, shredded carrot, fresh basil, apple, & mixed greens; sided with peanut dipping sauce… this’ll Thai up your tastebuds! $8.99

GOOD OL’ REUBEN a traditional Reuben, made with true deli corned beef, swiss, & fresh sauerkraut, with 1000 island dressing on rye bread; served with a kosher pickle spear, of course $8.99

NEW MEXICAN PUMPKIN BURGER a different kind of “burger”: pumpkin, wild rice, corn, jalapeno, cilantro, & jack cheese; served on a whole wheat bun with chipotle sour cream spread, avocado, lettuce & tomato... scrumptious & good for you... VEGT $8.99

QUEEN’S LUNCH an open-face sandwich: curried chicken salad is served atop fresh-baked banana nut bread & finished with mango chutney coulis & toasted almonds… tiara-worthy $8.99

DON’T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT an unusual & unusually tasty wrap: dressed with savory tahini poppy seed spread then filled with roasted sweet potato cubes, avocado, red onion, shredded jack cheese, lettuce & tomato… for the vegetable lover in you… VEGT $8.99

eHalfsies & Wholesies f FAC CHICKEN SALAD

An FAC specialty: diced chicken breast, green onion, celery, & a smattering of pecans, lightly dressed with mayo… served on bread of choice with lettuce & tomato & additional mayo… Whole $8.99 Half $6.49

HOMEMADE PIMIENTO CHEESE made with cheddar cheese, green onion, & diced pimientos, lightly dressed with mayo… served on bread of choice with lettuce & tomato & additional mayo… VEGT Whole $7.99 Half $5.49

e Warm & Wonderful Things f ALSATIAN QUICHE WITH ARTICHOKES goat’s cheese, smoked ham, & diced artichokes are baked in a savory creamy custard; served with a side salad & choice of dressing… a perfect blend of flavors $9.99

CHICKEN & SPINACH ENCHILADA PIE layers of chicken, tortillas, & creamy spinach sour cream sauce, topped with monterrey jack, make this an FAC favorite; served with a side salad & choice of dressing GF $8.99

GRITS GONE WILD sautéed asparagus pieces, tomato, onion, & a bit of jalapeño swim in cheddar grits; topped with bacon & served with a side salad, this is the best of all worlds… GF $9.99

SWISS BACON MUSHROOM MEATLOAF lean ground beef, bacon, & swiss make this meatloaf outstanding… served with mashed potatoes & side salad with choice of dressing… good to the last bite $9.99 HIMALAYAN CHICKEN POT PIE an herbed chicken & vegetable filling is topped with a curried sweet potatoes; served with side salad & choice of dressing…this pot pie is tops $9.99

e Going Local & Organic f LOCAL/ORGANIC CHEF’S CHOICE ENTRÉE an entrée made with organic & locally produced ingredients


LOCAL/ORGANIC SOUP DU JOUR soups are made with organic & locally produced ingredients Cup $5.99 Bowl $7.99


There’s always room for Dessert... Ask your server about FAC Handcrafted Desserts

eSpecialty Italian Sodas f Italian Sodas can be made using a single flavor also (strawberry, cherry, lemon, etc.) Pink Flamingo strawberry/apple/lemon/banana Strawberry Lime Twist Very Berry raspberry/blackberry Raspberry Daisy raspberry/lemon Strawberry Daisy strawberry/lemon Create an Italian Cream Soda by requesting cream to be added to an Italian Soda

Italian Soda


Italian Cream Soda


eOther Cold Beverages f Real Lemonade Coke Diet Coke Sprite Dr. Pepper Diet Dr. Pepper Sparkling San Pellagrino Fresh-brewed Iced Tea, regular & flavored

eFrom the Coffee Bar f drinks can be made with half n’ half, skim, soy, or almond milk. All hot drinks can also be iced. There is an additional $ .75 charge for soy & almond milk

Espresso Single $1.75 Double $2.25 Cappuccino Single $2.75 Double $3.75 Flavored Cappuccino Single $3.25 Double $4.25 Latte Single $3.50 Double $5.00 Mocha/Flavored Latte Single $3.95 Double $5.50 Traditional Hot Cocoa 12 oz $2.50 16 oz. $3.25 Gourmet Hot Cocoa 12 oz $3.00 16 oz. $3.75 North Pole made with peppermint syrup Peanut Butter Cup made with real peanut butter Cocoa Chambois made with raspberry syrup Candied Cocoa made with caramel & hazelnut syrups Cocoa Olé made with ground cinnamon Cherry-covered Chocolate made with cherry syrup

cocoas are made with ground sweet chocolate, choice of milk, & topped with whipped cream

Mocha Frappe Freeze Coffee Toffee Freeze

16 oz. 16 oz.

$4.00 $4.50

20 oz. 20 oz.

$4.50 $5.00

eCafe Reservations f

Reservations for lunch can be made for parties of 8 or less. Due to the limited seating capacity of the Cafe, reservations cannot be taken for larger parties. Reservations can only be held for 15 minutes past the requested time. After that time, the reservation will be released. NO EXCEPTIONS. Incomplete parties cannot hold the table past the 15 minute allotted window for a reservation. Therefore, we ask those making reservations to plan their day accordingly to allow for prompt arrival at the Cafe. Reservation time can be changed up until the Café opens for business the day of the reservation, but not after the Café has opened. No exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

To better serve you & other guests, no separate checks for parties of 6 or more. A 18% gratuity will automatically be added to these checks. **Extra plate charge: 75 cents**

Thank you for choosing Funky Art Cafe as your dining destination. We hope to see you again soon. Let Funky Art Cafe & Catering / Adams 205 cater your next special event. Contact us at 979.836.5220 or through our website at and, as always... Keep Brenham Funky

This menu is good thru August 29, 2018

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