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Secret Wishes: Wishes: 20122012-2013


Cover photo, Key Stage One Concert ‘Opposites’ © Anna D’Emilio



Introduction – 4

A Celebration of Life on Earth – 27

Figaro project – 5

Beverley Fairy Queen project – 31

Shine a Light – 6

Gloria King’s Lynn – 32

MFYM taster day – 8

MFYM Tour to Calais – 37

Musical Rumpus, Fairy Queen – 9

Cosmos – 38

The Genius of Mozart, Chesterfield – 9

Don Quixote project – 38

Joyous Voices – 12

Musical Rumpus, Mudlark Dances – 39

Club Inégales – 13

String Club – 39

Whitechapel Art Gallery Project – 13

Foundling Choir – 39

OAE Academy – 14

NCEM Baroque Strings Project – 40

REMIX pre-concert event – 16

Guardian Newspaper days – 41

All in the Mix – 15

Musicians on Call – 42

Camden Early Years – 17

NOFA – 43

Gloria in Brighton – 17

Glyndebourne Rameau project – 43

Changing Seasons Concerts– 19

TOTS Concerts – 43

Opposites Concerts- 22

Future Plans – 45

PMZ project – 25

Who’s who in OAE Education – 46

REMIX Night Shift – 25

Education Funders - 47

Bach is Brilliant Family Concert – 26



Welcome to a year of ‘Secret Wishes’ – a year where OAE Education built on existing partnerships, explored new ideas and models of working, always questioned the why, the what and the where and delivered excellent projects across the country. This brochure will take you on a journey through projects inspired by opera, symphonies, concertos, sonatas and quartets – we hope you enjoy it!


Cherry Forbes, Forbes, OAE Education Director

“My favourite part was listening to your fabulous orchestra play because I’d never heard a live orchestra.” -

Flynn, aged 9 after Gloria project in King’s Lynn

‘Changing Seasons’ Concert © Timothy Kraemer “The real strength in the OAE's strategy is in education—both with young people and with intelligent and enjoyable events for its audiences, helping everyone to get to know the music and the ensemble's approach.” -

Robert Rawson, Facebook comment


Figaro project - September September 2012 This week long opera project at St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon was an opportunity for the new Year 7 pupils to create a new opera – their own version of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. Led by Animateur (Music Education Specialist) James Redwood and OAE players all 240 pupils worked incredibly hard to create a new work including dance, music and songs which they then performed to local primary schools at the Wiltshire Music Centre. Additionally, OAE musicians were joined by South West Music School student, Annabel Lainchbury and Bath Spa University music students who shadowed and worked with the OAE, gaining valuable experience in music education work. This annual opera project is the product of a long standing partnership between St Laurence School, the OAE and the Wiltshire Music Centre. The OAE will return to St Laurence School in October 2013 to run a similar project based on Handel’s Acis and Galatea.

How can I begin to express our thanks for last week's fantastic residency with the OAE with the Figaro project? The Year 7s have been absolutely buzzing this week, and are so pleased with themselves it is a sight to behold! The students all say how much they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, each child seems have their own particular favourite part, but one eloquent young man today said ''I like the fact that they were so good at what they do, they made it fun and really unique'' Another lad said '' I thought the singers were just awesome!'' To reach the hearts and minds of 210 excitable 11 year olds is no mean feat, let alone 200 more year 6s in the audience who all thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and who, thanks to you, are looking forward to joining us (and you, please) next year! I think the new varied workshops worked spectacularly well and again were greatly appreciated by the students. As for me personally, Figaro was a dream come true, I think that is the first time I have been moved to tears and left literally speechless after a performance - thank you! Please send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the team, for all their input, energy, creativity, expertise and above all enthusiasm! It really is the highlight of our school year. -

Kate Rowe, Head of Performing Arts/ Director of Specialism, St Laurence School

In being part of this project I have learnt so much for my own playing, teaching and skills of how educational projects like this are managed. I hope to put all of this straight back into my own work with young people. I could go on and on with praise for the OAE – thank you so much to all the players for sharing this week with me! These players really are first class musicians who are sharing the enjoyment of classical music with young people. -

Annabel Lainchbury, South West Music School Student


“The experience that working with the OAE, St Laurence School and Wiltshire Music Centre has given me over the two years I have come here has been invaluable. I am currently taking the 'Music in Action' module at Bath Spa University and the skills and experiences I have taken away from this workshop has helped me more than I could ever have imagined for university and life.” -

Heather Copeland, Bath Spa University student

Shine a Light – Autumn 2012 Shine a Light was a project that involved nine primary schools across our four London partner Boroughs, Camden, Wandsworth, Islington and Merton, most of whom had not worked with the OAE before. Each school received two workshops from two OAE players who taught the specially commissioned song Shine a Light by Timothy Kraemer as well as introducing the pupils to the OAE. The OAE then hosted four culmination days for the project – one in each borough. The culmination day bought all the pupils from the same Borough together for a massed performance of Shine a Light and other material that they had been working on. The culmination day was different in each Borough to suit all the schools involved.

Shine a Light culmination, Camden © Zen Grisdale,


“My favourite part was when we did our own piece and I got to play my flute. I really enjoyed learning the song and making new words to our song.” -

Pupil after Shine a Light Project

“My favourite part was working with other schools because it was nice seeing other schools and it felt like a big choir” -

Pupil after Shine a Light Project

“The OAE players were enthusiastic, hardworking, supportive and encouraging. Even somebody as un-musical as myself felt motivated and encouraged. I feel that the whole process of putting together this performance is of great value to all concerned. Without the work of the OAE we could not have this sort of access.” -

Teacher after Shine a Light Project


MFYM ensemble taster days – Autumn 2012 During the Autumn term of 2012, OAE Education hosted three taster sessions for the three newly formed ensembles across our four London partner boroughs. These ensembles are: •

ICE – Islington Creative Ensemble

Illuminati – Camden Early Music Group

Capital Strings – a cross-borough string orchestra with students from both Wandsworth and Merton

Each ensemble received a workshop day with OAE players to introduce the ensembles to working with the Orchestra. Each session was different at the request of the partner music services – ICE focused on creative new music with a REMIX (taking old music as an inspiration point at creating something new) slant on their work, Illuminati looked at the development of baroque forms, and Capital Strings focused on the early classical symphony. This work was then developed in Spring 2013 with two extra workshops with OAE players for each ensemble, before all the groups came together to perform to each other and friends and families at a study event ‘All in the Mix’ at

Jenny Bullock demonstrates the viol at Illuminati rehearsal, Camden © Ellie Cowan

Cecil Sharp House.

“Every part of the day has been great. I like the way there was a journey through the years of the pieces through the day. I enjoyed learning about baroque instruments such as the viol.” -

Student from Illuminati group

I thoroughly enjoyed today as I got to meet other people who share the same passion for violin/string playing as I do – something I think is hard to find. I made new friends, played some classical music and practiced my sigh-reading skills! Thank you for this opportunity. -

Student from Cross-Borough Orchestra


Spitalfields Fairy Queen – Autumn 2012 OAE Experience players joined Animateur Sam Glazer and singers from Spitalfields Music and delivered a series of concerts for under 3 year olds based on Purcell’s Fairy Queen. The concerts were met with great acclaim and were held in various locations from local libraries to community centres.

Chesterfield – The Genius of Mozart Autumn 2012 This project followed on from the highly successful creative association between Chesterfield and the OAE in partnership with Orchestras Live (the national organisation which aims to provide access to live classical music) and the Chesterfield Borough Council on the Anthem tour during 2011-12. Designed to inspire further interest and involvement in classical music, the all-Mozart programme performed by the OAE on November 4th 2012 at the Winding Wheel provided rich material for primary and secondary school workshops, care home performances and further study as well as encouraging new audiences to classical music events in Chesterfield. Primary Work During October 2012 OAE viola player Katie Heller and OAE Education Director Cherry Forbes visited Hasland and Brockwell Schools. Each school had a day’s workshop with Year 4 and 5 pupils. They explored families of instruments, the sounds and colour of major and minor movements,


number patterns, imitation, layering, conducting and note lengths all linked to Mozart 40. Pupils also learnt sections of composer James Redwood’s piece Mozart 40 REMIX which was then performed at the Winding Wheel in November. Secondary work James Redwood and a team of OAE players worked with GCSE students at Newbold Secondary School, Chesterfield to explore the first movement of Mozart’s 40th Symphony, from which they created their own song - ‘Happiness is Everywhere’. This work provided tools for the students to develop their skills in composition, as well as work

Chesterfield workshop photos © Ian Batley

together in a large group. Each morning one of the primary schools joined the secondary school students for a two hour slot to work on a massed body percussion piece and also to sing in the Mozart 40 REMIX. It was valuable experience for the secondary students to see how James and the OAE worked with the primary school pupils and it was particularly interesting to see how the older students were much more comfortable and able in the second session with the younger pupils.


Care Homes During this mini residency in Chesterfiled, Anthony Robson (OAE Oboist) and Rebecca Stockwell (OAE Bassoonist) visited two care homes within the Orchestra’s Musicians on Call programme to take music to people who can no longer visit the concert hall. They performed and chatted to residents about their instruments, the music and the OAE. A Level study session Four OAE players led an A level study session looking at 300 years of instrumental development in wind, strings and keyboards as well as an in depth session on the Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto which the students were studying. Culmination November 4th 2012 Participants from the school workshops joined OAE players on 4th November at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield for a rehearsal followed by a pre-concert event. This pre-concert performance gave pupils the opportunity to perform their work to family, friends and the general public.


Joyous Voices – November 2012 This pre-concert performance by the New Foundling Choir, the Foundling Community Choir and a small OAE ensemble took place in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer. The repertoire performed was inspired by the OAE's concert that night and included Handel’s Zadok the Priest and Purcell’s ‘An Evening Hymn’. The choir performed to a packed QEH foyer and to great acclaim.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the work you put into this term and particularly yesterday. It really was a momentous occasion having both choirs from Foundling and the players from OAE. For me being able to work with such great players and enthusiastic singers was an extraordinary experience! Thank you for all the organisation as well, it went off like clockwork. Bring on the next collaboration! It was fabulous, so thank you again for all your hard work!” -

Adam Treadaway, Foundling Choir Conductor

Joyous Voices performance © Ellie Cowan


Club Inégales – November 2012 On the 15th November 2012, players from OAE Education’s REMIX ensemble (an ensemble that uses old repertoire as inspiration to compose new repertoire) performed at Club Inégales alongside regular musicians from the club. Club Inégales is an innovative club night hosted by Notes Inégales, an ensemble that meet regularly to explore contemporary, free and jazz music. OAE Musicians Ken Aiso, David Gordon and Jonathan Rees formed the REMIX trio and performed Baroque music as well as a newly created ‘REMIX’ piece before improvising music with the Club Inégales musicians. This programme was then repeated in April 2013 in a pub Night Shift event, hosted by James Redwood.

Whitechapel Art Gallery Project – November 2012 In collaboration with Community Music (CM), a partner from the 11-12 Anthem project, Music Technology students were given the opportunity to work with OAE players to create a soundscape to accompany an art show at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The students recorded OAE players and then composed new music for them, using both the recorded sounds and a live score. The new pieces were performed as part of an art installation at the Whitechapel


Gallery on the 17th November where OAE players Joanna Lawrence and Katherine Spencer performed live improvisations to the soundscapes that the students had created in and around a sculpture by artist Giuseppe Penone.

Whitechapel Art Gallery performance © Ellie Cowan OAE Academy – January 2013 2013 started with our annual OAE Academy – a three day induction course for young players on the Ann and Peter Law OAE Experience scheme. During the Academy, players on the scheme form an orchestra and receive coaching from different OAE players, each offering different expertise. The course included master classes from OAE players Margaret Faultless, Cherry Forbes, Chi-chi Nwanoku, Anthony Robson, Steven Devine and Martin Lawrence. The Academy finished with an open performance for friends and family. This course provides a starting point before participants are given different opportunities to work with the OAE throughout the year, on concerts and education projects.


OAE REMIX prepre- concert - February 2013 For this pre-concert event, OAE players forming a ‘REMIX’ group performed a selection of music they had created in response to Mozart in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer. The group had also incorporated ideas from our ICE group (see below for explanation in full) and this material was also performed in the ‘All in the Mix’ education event the following day.

All in the Mix – February 2013 This all-day event at Cecil Sharp House brought together different groups for a day of varied musical activities including rehearsals, a study session, a creative music making session and a public performance. The age range and ability involved was vast, from year 7 String Club pupils from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School to members of the OAE coaching and playing in the OAE Academy Orchestra. Pupils from local schools William Ellis and St Mary Magdalene Academy were invited to watch the afternoon study session. During this event about 120 young people were given the opportunity to make music with the OAE and formed a mass orchestra to perform a newly created piece, led by James Redwood. Margaret Faultless led the OAE Academy Orchestra,

What a fantastic day yesterday! I

inviting pupils and audience members to sit amongst the

defy anyone to have come out of that

orchestra as they played Mozart’s 40th Symphony.

performance without a grin on their

The ensembles involved in this event were:

face and it was great to see the

ICE – Islington Creative Ensemble

students enjoying the involvement

Illuminati – Camden Early Music Group

alongside OAE musicians – really

Capital Strings – a cross-borough string

inspirational! I can’t believe that the

orchestra with students from Merton and

waltz was only put together with


everyone with only an hour or so to

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School String Club

go – extraordinary!

The OAE Academy Orchestra



Clare Norburn, OAE Director of Development


“The best part was when we all came together to interact with others and all play as one. I have made brilliant new friends and I can’t wait until next year.” -

Anne-Marie, participant of All in the Mix

All in the Mix performance © Zen Grisdale


Camden Early Years – Spring 2013 This was our third consecutive year of a very successful partnership with Camden Integrated Early Years Service during which Cecelia Bruggemeyer designed a programme of OAE visits for early years settings. At the beginning of this year, each participating nursery in Camden received visits from a pair of OAE musicians to explore live music. Every setting was different and the musicians reacted accordingly to tailor the visit to the children involved. This branch of work is complementary to our public TOTS series – concerts for under five year olds which continue to grow in popularity.

“It has been a good experience for the children as well as the adults involved. It gave the children the opportunity to explore and experience the instruments on a level they may not have been able to otherwise. It has been great in the sense that it has affirmed the good practice we already have in place, but has been inspirational for all; stimulating ideas to develop specific areas and ideas.” -

Teacher from project

Gloria in Brighton – Spring 2013 Working in collaboration with Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) this singing project involved local primary school pupils and the BREMF community choir culminating in a performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria with the OAE. As well as providing a platform


for people to sing with the OAE, this project gave opportunities for young musicians to gain valuable experience as workshop leaders. After a term of learning Vivaldi’s Gloria and Timothy Kraemer’s Handel the Water in school lessons, all schools came together with the community choir on the 19th March to give a performance, accompanied by the OAE.

Just wanted to say thank you for organising such a great Gloria! project for Westdene to be - part of with BREMF & OAE. I truly wondered if I'd made the wrong decision about this project after the first rehearsal as our cohort were quite a challenging bunch this time. But ultimately they loved it & so did their parents! Thank you for giving them such a brilliant learning opportunity way outside of our usual learning area & creating an experience for them which I really think some will remember forever! -Emma Bright, Teacher on project

“It was a fabulous event and I will remember it for years to come too! Their faces were a joy to behold.” -

Sue Joseph, BREMF volunteer


Changing Seasons School Concerts for 77- 11 year olds – Spring 2013 The 2013 series of Schools Concerts for the Key Stage Two age group (7-11 year olds) were titled Changing

Seasons, where audiences of school pupils were treated to a musical exploration of the seasons, with highlights from Purcell and Vivaldi. These hour long concerts were specially designed for Key Stage Two pupils and provided an opportunity for children to hear, and perform with, a live period instrument orchestra. Participating teachers were invited to an afternoon of teacher training with the Orchestra at Cecil Sharp House, where James Redwood led a session about the music which would be played at the concert and how best to prepare their pupils for it. Based on the highly successful model adopted last year for our

Anthem concerts, participating schools received workshops from OAE players to prepare for the concert ahead of their visit to Kings Place. During the in-school workshops, musicians worked with classes of instrumentalists so they had the skills to perform with the OAE – from violins to recorders, everyone had the chance to play and sing with the Orchestra. This interactive concert format is especially

Changing Seasons © Timothy Kraemer 19

remarkable considering the Orchestra play at Baroque pitch, where A = 415 Hz and pupils play at modern pitch where A = 440 Hz. This was the first in our schools concert series to involve a singer alongside the orchestra so arias could be included in the programme. The Changing Seasons programme was as follows: Vivaldi – Movement 3 from Spring, the Four Seasons Purcell - King Arthur - Blustering Brethren and Cold Genius Purcell - Chaconne no 1 in King Arthur Purcell - Ode to St Cecelia - Wondrous Machine Anon - Ah poor bird – arranged by James Redwood Gershwin - Summertime – arranged by James Redwood Rachel Stott - 16 bars of chocolate

“I loved listening to the violins playing their lovely tune because the tunes were inspiring and magical” -

Izzy, aged eight

“My favourite bit was whenever the OAE played because the instruments sounded nice when put together” -

Tara, aged nine


“It is always good for children and staff to see how professional musicians work. The Orchestra was a joy to listen to and the activities in the workshop enhanced their enjoyment. I will endeavour to build on this experience in the time the pupils have left at in this school”


Mary Coton, Teacher from a partner school

“I liked the bit when Bob came and sang in his classical song because he just sang while the instruments was playing, it was a surprise.” -

Rayan, aged nine


Opposites School Concerts for 55-7 year olds – Summer 2013 During the Summer term, we piloted our first workshop and concert series for Key Stage One pupils (5-7) year olds. The project was developed using the theme of ‘opposites in music’ and Telemann’s Overture in C as a starting point. We commissioned James Redwood to write a set of songs that illustrated opposites in music and he responded to this brief in the composition of four songs – Smooth and Spikey, Fast and Slow, High and Low and Quiet and Loud – all pairs of opposites that are also illustrated in the Telemann piece and are integral to the music curriculum for this age group. We then held a teacher training session for all teachers involved in the project, where a mix of music specialists and classroom teachers attended to learn the new material. The teachers were given resource packs and recordings of the songs so they could teach


their class the material. Before coming to

“I really enjoyed the project from the course I attended to

the concert at Kings Place, each class

the concert. As someone not very ‘musical’ it’s given me

received an in-school workshop with two

more confidence to teach music and it’s given me some

OAE players to focus on the songs and

good ideas. Thank you!”

prepare them for the concert.


Laura Smith, teacher from St Andrews

Primary School

Opposites concert © Anna D’Emilio


I loved the schools concerts - I thought it was all beautifully thought out and that the music and all the talk so well integrated. I felt lucky to be doing it. -

Alison Bury, leader for KS1


“I feel that a lot of the actions/signs to accompany opposites are useful across curriculum to develop teaching styles, particularly for musical learners� -

Lisa Bacon, teacher from

Christ Church Primary School


PMZ project – Summer 2013 Continuing a partnership developed during our Anthem project last year, in April this year OAE musicians Katherine Spencer, Katie Heller and Iurii Gavryliuk went to Plymouth

Music Zone (PMZ) for a three day creative music course for disabled young adults and local special needs secondary school students led by Animateur James Redwood. Alongside this team of musicians, participants were encouraged to compose and share music with each other.

Night Shift – OAE REMIX – April 2013 Following the very successful REMIX concert at Club Inégales in November last year, OAE Education curated the April Pub Night Shift concert using material OAE players Ken Aiso, Jonathan Rees and David Gordon had created for the concert in November. The concert at the Amersham Arms in New Cross was hosted by James Redwood who bought his own unique workshop style


presenting to the evening. The evening included music by Biber, a piece by David and a sing along based on a 17th century drinking song (in eight parts!). The evening was very popular and in keeping with The Night Shift remit to present ‘classical’ music in an unusual setting.

The Night Shift © Joe Plommer

Bach is Brilliant Family Family concert – Summer 2013 This public family concert in May was curated as of the Bach Unwrapped series at Kings Place. The OAE played Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto number One for a family audience in Kings Place Hall 1 complete with piccolo violin, played by Huw Daniel. Children from ‘CamJam’ (a local Camden


Saturday school) joined the Orchestra to sing in the Minuet from Brandenburg 1 following a workshop the previous week with animateur Sam Glazer who presented the concert.

Chippenham Music and Science Science – April/May 2013 The Wiltshire Music Centre (WMC), Wiltshire Music Service (WMS) and OAE worked with Chippenham Primary schools on a music and science project ‘A Celebration of Life on Earth’ in the Summer term of 2013. Following the highly successful Anthem project in 2012 this project targeted Key Stage Two (KS2) pupils who participated in music and science workshops inspired by Haydn’s masterpiece ‘The Creation’.

The team from the OAE comprised of Cherry Forbes, Cecelia Bruggemeyer, Henrietta Wayne, Sophie Barber, Katie


Heller and Ruth Alford. These musicians were joined by Kate Courage, a vocal animateur from WMS, Dr Richard Kirby, a Plymouth University Scientist and Dr Holly Bridge, an Oxford University Scientist. The team ran three consecutive workshop days in the Summer Term where each day consisted of two KS2 classes rotating round workshops on the theme of A

Workshop photos by classroom teacher

Celebration of Life on Earth.

The three classes rotated around the workshops as follows: •

Instrumental Evolution - led by OAE players, pupils discovered how wind and string instruments have changed and adapted over the centuries

Build a Beast by random selection – led by a scientist and with an OAE player, pupils created a swimming, flying or walking animal by random selection

A New Created World - a vocal workshop inspired by Haydn’s movement from The Creation. Led by a member of the WMS team and joined by an OAE player

The opening session of the day was for all pupils to come together to find out about the building blocks of music in Haydn’s String quartet ‘The Rider’ and also about the building blocks of life.. The closing session of the day was for everyone to share what we had learnt as a school of explorers..


The project was supported by extensive resource materials to enable teacher follow up work to be undertaken after the initial workshops –teachers were introduced to the material at a twilight training session.

“Thank you to you all for all the knowledge and hard work you put into these projects. The children were bubbling as soon as I said the OAE were going to work with us again! Your enthusiasm, as a group, is very infectious!! Well done and hope to work with you again.” -

Lynda Gulwell, Teacher from project

“The teachers were so friendly and enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm for music and their particular instrument gave the children an interest in these instruments. The activities also supported the home learning activities I set on different types of musical instruments” -

Lynette Turner, Teacher from project


‘I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! to you and all the other OAE members for yesterday! The children haven't stopped talking about it since and from the walk back to Ivy Lane I know that we have some new budding musicians. Personally I had a brilliant time in the afternoon and could tell that the children all had an amazing time too! It really was a day to remember and will provide us with so much inspiration for future learning so thank you again! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.� -

Jim Faulkner,

Teacher from project


Beverley Fairy Queen – May 2013 Throughout the week of 20 May, members of the OAE, music students and members of the Music Education Group from the University of York worked with year 7 and 8 pupils from two Beverley secondary schools on a collaborative opera project based on Purcell's 'The Fairy Queen'. Led by James Redwood, the students were encouraged to explore themes from the 17th century work and Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' upon which the opera is based, in the composition of songs, drama and movement as well as learning to sing some of the highlights of Purcell's great work. After a week of work, the students performed their new creation to friends and family in St Mary’s Church, Beverley.

“Staff and students loved every minute! All of the musicians involved are not only first class musicians and educators, they are skilled at making the school based music teachers feel valued and relaxed enough to take risks themselves. This is not always the case when working with the education outreach departments of some orchestras and opera companies.” -

Beverley Music Teacher

“The project has really opened the students’ eyes to a different style of working and a different style of music. They were incredibly proud of what they achieved and surprised by it too…. The amount of students asking when the next project like this is really shows what they thought of it – amazing!” -

Beverley Music



“I can’t tell you how pleasing it is to hear/see secondary schools singing Purcell with enthusiasm and joy” -

Delma Tomlin, Director, National Centre for Early Music

Gloria in King’ King’s Lynn – Summer 2013 Working in collaboration with Norfolk Music Service (NMS) and Orchestra's Live (OL) the OAE designed and delivered a singing project for King’s Lynn primary schools and the Thetford Community Choir. Similar to the Brighton Gloria project in the spring term, the project involved all participants learning Vivaldi’s Gloria in school before coming together for a performance with OAE players at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.

To start the project, Norfolk Music Service staff received teacher training about the repertoire from Scott Stroman who was the lead Animateur and Conductor for the culmination day. This training session gave the NMS staff the resources to teach Vivaldi’s Gloria and two pieces by Scott in their weekly wider opportunities lessons in eight local primary schools. Where pupils would usually learn instruments, weekly wider opportunities lessons became singing lessons to learn the soprano and alto


chorus parts from Gloria in its entirety, by heart. Each school also received two OAE workshops to go over what they had been working on before joining forces for a mass rehearsal.

The final performance day saw nearly 250 performers at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange. From amateur to professional with a mix of ages, this was truly an inclusive, intergenerational community performance. Soloists for Gloria were local singers, recruited through the Norfolk Music Service and given a rare opportunity to perform this repertoire in their local area accompanied by a world class period instrument orchestra.

The culmination day was structured so that there were two performances, one in the afternoon for local primary school children to watch their peers and one in the evening for friends and families.

Gloria performance Š Ellie Cowan


A particular highlight of the day was a performance given by the Foundling Choir during the afternoon concert of Purcell’s Sound the Trumpet. This London group had been invited to participate in the event for several reasons – firstly to give them a performance platform, secondly to experience a project outside of London and thirdly to inspire other children the same age. This magical performance happened in the afternoon concert as the Foundling Choir had to travel back to London before the start of the second concert. Before leaving King’s Lynn and during the afternoon break for all the other schools involved, a class from Greyfriars Primary school hosted the Foundling choir in a fun packed musical afternoon of sharing performances and singing and playing together, to further enrich their visit to King’s Lynn.

“Dear orchestra, One day I hope I can play one of the instruments when I’m older. On that day we performed I wanted to play the piano more and more. By the way you was all brilliant.” -

Emily, aged nine


“I loved singing et in terror parks (sic) because I loved it when the bass sang, then the tenors, then the altos, then us.” -

Jorja, aged nine

“My best bit was singing to all of the Kings Lynn Schools because we got to show other kids our talents. This project was very fun and I had fun learning it” -

Kaleise – aged ten

“The best bit of the performance was being part of a big group of kids because I like being in a large group of people – it was really cool.” -

Lily aged eleven

“My favourite bit was singing in front of all the parents because when we was all singing together it just sounded amazing. I thought all the other schools and our school just sounded amazing” -

Jaime aged ten

“My favourite bit was when we all sang together in the evening concert that was my favourite bit because

the atmosphere was amazing. It was an experience I’ll never forget” -

Liam, aged eleven

“Listening to the orchestra it was nice listening to something I’ve never heard. I didn’t think that I would like it but I loved it” -

Ana aged ten


“OAE players have been amazing at engaging pupils – variety of skills, personalises and

styles of presentation. Brilliant engagement – they know exactly what buttons to press.” -

Marika Mears, St Martin School, King’s Lynn.

“I loved watching the children's' faces throughout Tuesday. I am sure that many will never have seen an orchestra before now, and I am convinced that the experience of performing will stay with them for the rest of their lives. What a fantastic and unique memory you have gifted to them. I am convinced that, for some of them, the experience of music in their lives will be forever changed for the better. I really enjoyed participating, and it was great to have a sunny day off work. King's Lynn looked almost picturesque in the fleeting summer sun!” -

Fraser Reich, member of the Thetford Community Choir


MFYM Tour – July 2013 In July 2013 we undertook our first Cross Borough Tour as part of the Mayor’s Fund for Youth Music Partnership. Young players from Wandsworth, Merton and Camden boroughs went to Calais, France, for an intensive coaching weekend with OAE players Jill Samuel, Ruth Alford and Helen Kruger. The weekend away allowed time for close study of baroque and classical repertoire with a French and English theme. The group performed two concerts in local villages Rue and Marquise.

Rehearsals in Calais© Ellie Cowan


Cosmos – Summer 2013 Cosmos was a partnership project between 4 Camden primary and secondary schools, the OAE and the Royal Academy of Music (RAM). Designed and led by Animateur Jackie Walduck, students created the music for a short film about the galaxy. Primary pupils who learn string instruments worked with players from the OAE during school based workshops before joining secondary school students for a massed rehearsal and performance at William Ellis School. Secondary students from La Swap Orchestra had created music for the film working with Jackie, OAE players and RAM students. The 150 strong ensemble then gave a performance of their new composition alongside a screening of the film to friends, family and other pupils from William Ellis School at the beginning of July.

“I enjoyed playing with other schools and I now know how to hold a bow like a professional. My favourite bit was making up our own piece of music because it was loud and really dramatic. I had fun.” -

Ellina, aged nine

“My favourite bit was when we played our own music because we got to play what we made and we knew what we were playing. I loved how we all played at one time.” -

Nermeem, aged nine

Don Quixote project Summer 2013 Don Quixote was a project in Richard Cobden School for beginner violinists and singers, designed and led by OAE violinist Susie Carpenter Jacobs. After several workshops in the school, pupils came together with OAE players to sing and perform their version of Telemann’s Don Quixote to other members of the school and parents.


Spitalfields Musical Rumpus – Mudlark Dances – Summer 2013 Following a very successful project based on Purcell’s Fairy Queen, Spitalfields Music designed another Musical Rumpus project for under three year olds, this time inspired by Monteverdi’s music entitled Mudlark Dances. This production toured round early years settings in Bedford, Dagenham and Newham. The production involved two young players affiliated with the OAE and Animateur and cellist Sam Glazer.

String Club – all year Our String Club continued successfully throughout the academic year where over 50 local primary and secondary school pupils received weekly string coaching from OAE players. String Club pupils were also given opportunities to perform with the OAE at Schools Concerts and at the event ‘All in the Mix’. At the end of each term we held a String Club sharing session where all the club pupils joined together at one of the schools to form a massed string orchestra and perform for parents, friends and families.

String Club sharing session © Ellie Cowan Foundling Choir – all year The Foundling choir have strong links with the OAE who have continued to support the ‘Foundlings’ throughout the academic year. OAE musicians accompanied the Foundlings at their end of term concerts and OAE violinist Hetty Wayne attended many of the weekly rehearsals. The Foundling Choir were also able to take part in the Vivaldi project in King’s Lynn as well as featuring in the


Joyous Voices pre-concert event in November. For the Gloria project, the Foundlings learnt the same music as the King’s Lynn Primary School pupils and joined them to perform as a mass choir on the 25th June. We also arranged for the Foundlings to visit a local school in King’s Lynn to experience a school that was undoubtedly very different from the inner-city London schools that they are used to. There was an incredibly inspiring sharing session between pupils of King’s Lynn and members of the Foundling Choir at Greyfriars School in King’s Lynn after the concert at the Corn Exchange.

NCEM NCEM Baroque Strings Project This summer we held the first session of a four tiered baroque string project, designed in conjunction with the National Centre for Early Music (NCEM). This is a year long collaboration with the NCEM and Rachel Podger looking at how we can work with string teachers to enhance their knowledge of baroque music and how they prepare students for Grade 5-8 exams. Ruth Alford joined Rachel and harpsichordist Andrew Passmore in York for the teacher development day which was hailed as a great success.

Throughout the 2013-14 academic year, the project will continue with training for peripatetic teachers, an ensemble project for young string players (grade 5 and above), a masterclass day for young people and the development of online resources about baroque string playing techniques all delivered by a team from the OAE and Rachel Podger.


Guardian Newspaper Days – onon- going As a continuation of a very successful partnership we hold six Guardian Newspaper days across the year at the Guardian Education Centre. During these very popular workshops, pupils from our partner schools are invited to come and interview an OAE player and write an article about their experiences with the OAE.


Musicians on Call – onon- going Our Musicians on Call programme continued in nursing homes in and around London. This is where musicians visit settings where residents are no longer able to visit the concert hall and give an in-house recital.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Musicians on call, yourself, Ally and Ruth for the wonderful magic that was created here at Heffle Court yesterday. It was heart warming to see the massive impact music has on our residents with dementia, it certainly bought a tear to my eye and several of the other staff.” -

Sam Keylock, Heffle Court Nursing Home

“Zoe and I were met and had a lovely welcome from Lynda. We then did a concert for 20 (approx) residents in the dining room, including lots of varied repertoire, lots of chat and stories, some solos some duets, audience participation with instruments, scarves and singing. The residents seem to be enjoying themselves and we had time to chat afterwards.We then went to play to Muriel (who used to play violin/piano) in her room who we'd been warned may not cope with much or might get distressed. However, luckily she was very responsive and cheered by the music and chat. As soon as she saw the cello out of its' case, she asked for some vibrato so Zoe whispered ' the swan' so that's what she got! and it was worth going all the way to Kings Lynn just to see her face! Nothing to do with my vibrato or performance, just that it made a connection. Fantastic! Zoe then played her some beautiful solo bassoon and Muriel was so funny about how a lady could have 'so much puff'. We did duets too, Mozart etc, but not for too long as Muriel had to go for tea. Lynda was with us throughout and very helpful. All in all, a good afternoon. -

Ruth Alford after a Musicians on Call visit


NOFA – July 2013 Continuing a long standing partnership, OAE wind players Andrew Watts and Katy Bircher gave a woodwind workshop before joining in the final performance of the National Orchestra’s For All 2013 course.

NOFA woodwind workshop © Ellie Cowan Glyndebourne Rameau project – Summer 2013 Inspired by the OAE and Glyndebourne 2013 production of Rameau’s Hippolyte et Aricie, OAE Education and Glyndebourne Education have collaborated to deliver a dance and music project for teenagers from the Brighton area. This project culminates in October 2013 as part of the Brighton Early Music Festival where participants will put on a performance following music, dance and design workshops based on themes from the opera.

TOTS Concerts – November 2012, March, April, June 2013 TOTS concerts - our specially designed public concerts for under five year olds, continued to be incredibly popular sell out performances at both Kings Place and Southbank Centre throughout the year. The three main themes this year have been centred round the different sections of the orchestra: •

November 2012 – TOTS go Brass!

March 2013 – TOTS go Wind!

April 2013 – TOTS go Strings!


As part of the Nucleo Festival at the Southbank centre the OAE were invited to host two additional TOTS concerts at the Purcell Room in June 2013. These concerts were a revised version of concerts given in March 2012 at the Purcell Room and July

We'll be along for the April concert, this time with his 8-month-old brother as well, so will see you there. We really do appreciate the orchestra doing these concerts - they've been the pick of the various musical and theatrical things we've taken him to see. -

Patrick Goymer, audience member after TOTS go Brass!

2012 in the Greenwich Festival, titled ‘Going on a Journey!’

“I thought the event was really wonderful. It was so well done and perfect for a range of ages - our 3 month old was transfixed, our 2 year old really enjoyed it and so did we. -

Lucy Clark, audience member after TOTS go Wind!

“My three year old keeps talking about it and wants to go back to see you again immediately!” -

Kirsten McGarrie, Audience

member after TOTS ‘Going on a Journey’

© Anna D’Emilio, TOTS go Wind!


Future Plans 20132013 -14 OAE EDUCATION – A Place for Change As I read through the OAE print describing the Gamechangers concerts for the 13-14 season these words jumped out at me •











Shine a Light © Zen Grisdale

They are all words that are also at the heart of OAE EDUCATION. The OAE’s music, ethos and instruments inspire us to design unique projects allowing us to share the music that we love through study and exploration. It is these exciting projects that will form the 2013-14 OAE Education Season: A Place for Change 2013-14 will see a year of projects in our residency cities exploring opera, variations, oratorios, odes, symphonies, carols, concertos and overtures 2013-14 will see us working with thousands of people from ‘Tots to Teenagers to Thoroughbreds’ in London, York, Chesterfield, Plymouth, Bradford on Avon, Suffolk and Norfolk 2013-14 will see us working in partnership with the Southbank Centre, The Wiltshire Music Centre, Orchestras Live, The National Centre for Early Music, Spitalfields Festival, Camden Music, Arts First, Wandsworth Music Service, Merton Music Foundation, Chesterfield Borough Council, Plymouth Music Zone, Universities across the country and the Brighton Early Music Festival. OAE EDUCATION A place to explore, to try out ideas, to challenge and to exceed expectations. Cherry Forbes, OAE Education Director


If you would like to find out more about OAE Education please contact us: Website: Telephone: 020 7239 9371 Email: Facebook Twitter @theoae

Who’s who in the Education Team

Cherry Forbes – Education Director Ellie Cowan –

Education Projects Manager

Education Leaders for 20122012- 13

Ken Aiso Kate Aldridge Ruth Alford Anthony Bailey Rachel Beckett Cecelia Bruggemeyer Jenny Bullock Naomi Burrell Alison Bury Susie Carpenter-Jacobs Carina Cosgrave John Crockatt Huw Daniel Steven Devine Carina Drury Gavin Edwards Margaret Faultless Catherine Ford

Rebecca Hammond Katie Heller Claire Holden Timothy Kraemer Helen Kruger Joanna Lawrence Martin Lawrence Jonathan Rees Anthony Robson William Russell Jill Samuel Claire Sansom Jan Schlapp Colin Scobie Zoe Shevlin Katherine Spencer Andrew Watts Henrietta Wayne

Holly Harman


Education Funders Thank you to our funders without whom this fantastic year would not have been possible. We are very grateful to the following for their support for the OAE Education programme 2012-2013

Andor Charitable Trust The Angus Allnatt Charitable Foundation The Anson Charitable Trust Apax Foundation Aquarius Charitable Foundation The Paul Bassham Charitable Trust The Coutts Charitable Trust The D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust The Ernest Cook Trust Edgar E Lawley Foundation The Foyle Foundation The Garfield Weston Foundation Garrick Charitable Trust The Golden Bottle Trust The Gurney Charitable Trust The Idlewild Trust J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust John Lewis Partnership John Lyon’s Charity Michael Marks Charitable Trust Mayor of London's Fund for Young Musicians The Mercers’ Charitable Foundation The Brian Mitchell Charitable Settlement The Nugee Foundation Orchestras Live The Charles Peel Charitable Trust The Roger and Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts The Radcliffe Trust The RK Charitable Trust The Patrick Rowland Foundation The Thistle Trust


Business Club members: EC Harris Parabola Land Green & Fortune Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Individual Business Business Club members: Stephen & Angela Jordan Stephen Moss – The Guardian

Feedback after Gloria project, King’s Lynn

Brochure compiled by Ellie Cowan August 2013

Ellie and Donkey, TOTS go Strings! 48

OAE Education Brochure 2012-2013  
OAE Education Brochure 2012-2013