2016-17 Annual Report

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May the God of HOPE fill you with all

joy and peace in BELIEVING, so that by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT you may abound in HOPE. Romans 15:13


2016-2017 Annual Report


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It is our blessing and honor to present to you the 2016-17 Annual Report, featuring stories about our wonderful Lancer family, programs and overall performance from the past year. We are grateful for your support and hope you enjoy the report. God’s Blessings.


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At this time each year, we look back on the previous year and the impact our students have had on us here at Orange Lutheran, as well as in the community at large. We are incredibly blessed with an amazing Lancer family in our students, alumni, families, faculty and staff. We share some of their stories with you here. These stories showcase Lancers and their passions, paths and impact. Included here are two different stories about Lancer families whose involvement has been profound. We share their stories with you because of the remarkable influence on the Lancer community. Orange Lutheran is able to accomplish much of what we do because of volunteers, those who have a passion for Christian education and are willing to share their gifts and talents with us to help Orange Lutheran reach as many people as possible.

FACES OF HOPE – OLu FAMILY Message from Chief Executive Officer, Todd Moritz

Other stories focus on our marvelous students and their accomplishments and impact. They are an inspiration to us every day. One of the core values at Orange Lutheran High School is Relationships. Some would translate that to mean family. We value all of our relationships and the family of Christ that we are. Jesus told us that the greatest commandment was to love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36-40). We attempt to live that out each and every day with the relationships that God has blessed us with. Another core value is Biblical Truth. Every one of us here at Orange Lutheran takes this very seriously. All of our decisions are guided by His truth. And what we want most is for our students to internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. What a wonderful guiding principle for all that we do. Each year, we face many challenges. Some of those challenges are finding and keeping faculty and staff who are sold out for Jesus, or ensuring we have sufficient space and resources for our students to grow and develop, or dealing with financial stability while working to keep tuition as low as possible and provide increasing amounts of financial aid each year. We know God is good and He will provide us the wisdom we need to move forward. We only need be faithful to Him and courageous in following His call. We are OLu! A Lancer family united in Christ’s love since 1973. Thanks for your love. Thanks for your support. Thanks for being a part of our family. I can’t wait to see what God is up to next!

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Longtime volleyball coach Marc Laulhere takes reins of new OLu surf program. #WeAreOLu


we_are_olu: OLu boys water polo...your 2016 CIF Division 1 champs! This is the first-ever CIF title for the boys after the girls won their first CIF title earlier this year! Both the OLu girls and boys water polo squads are now the defending Trinity League and CIF D-1 champs! #WeAreOLu


APR 2017

APR 2017

we_are_olu: Lancers defeat Dana Hills, 3-2, to win the 2017 National High School Invitational! #mood #champions

Nothing like the feeling of your baby coming home and surprising you. A very special moment at OLu today for Susan Madrigal. #WeAreOLu


JUN 2017 @WeAreOLu: #graduation #WeAreOLu #classof2017


MAY 2017

@WeAreOLu: 2016-2017 Yearbooks have been released! Congrats to Mr. Lark for receiving the annual teacher dedication. #OurStory #WeAreOLu 5


By Brantley Watson


Moms in Prayer has made sure that no member of the Lancer community - students, faculty, staff, and their families - is without prayer.

Tuesday mornings on the OLu campus, a small group of women can be seen through the two large windows that highlight Boardroom A. Often times, the eyes in the room aren’t looking at each other. Instead, they’re nestled between each mother’s interlocked fingers. It’s not a time to chat about their sons and daughters. It’s a time to pray for them. For the past two years, Dawn Bartos has led the OLu version of Moms in Prayer, a small piece of an international prayer network. Each year, at Back to School Night, the Moms in Prayer set up a table with a clipboard, where moms can sign up to join the group. For the 2016-17 school year, 35 moms were on the roster, but anywhere from 3 to 12 showed up on any given Tuesday. “WE DON’T NEED THE NUMBERS,” BARTOS SAID. “WE NEED THE HEARTS READY TO DO HIS WILL.” Using that mentality, Bartos and the rest of the Moms in Prayer have taken on the task of supplying prayers to all members of the Orange Lutheran family and beyond. And as the years go by, whether the group shrinks or expands, the Moms in Prayer have become a lynchpin in the fabric of the OLu community...whether people are aware of it or not.

“AS A MOM, I FEEL LIKE I’M ALWAYS NAGGING. SOMETIMES I DON’T GIVE GOD ENOUGH CONTROL AND ENOUGH PRAYER. AND THAT’S WHAT MOMS IN PRAYER ALLOWS US TO DO.” One of the most unique aspects of the Moms in Prayer group is that many of those who are a focus of the group’s prayers don’t know that they are. “You really don’t see what you accomplish, but that actually spurns us on more” Bartos said. “We have prayed for people every day of the year. I feel like I have relationships with people I don’t really know by just praying for them.” Bartos has had two sons walk the halls of Orange Lutheran: Noah, 21, is a senior at SMU, and Matthew, 18, is a senior at OLu. And part of being involved with Moms in Prayer, at least for Bartos, is setting an example for her two boys. “Prayer is something that can freely be done,” she said. “I can freely pray for you. It just shows my sons that it’s important to be faithful and committed.”

Although she is the leader of Moms in Prayer, Bartos doesn’t love taking the lead when it comes to speaking. For Moms in Prayer, rarely does a topic slip through the cracks. “We even pray for social media,” Bartos said. “It’s really tough for this generation. We give our kids cell phones. We give them our last dime. But we also need to make sure we’re giving them prayers.” Moms in Prayer has been in existence at OLu for over a decade but rarely does the group seek or receive recognition, mainly because of its dedication to the task at hand. The group’s purpose statement is, “To pray for our children, staff and administration, trust God to answer prayer, focus on Him, and expect great things to happen.” No lobbying, politically or socially, is permitted. No gossip is allowed, and everything spoken is strictly confidential. Each meeting begins with open prayer and thoughts, before the moms begin to pray for the school, its students and staff, and members of the Lancer family. Bartos usually seeks information throughout the week, such as the dates of missions trips, if any faculty or staff members are dealing with an illness, and so forth. She puts notes on her prayer sheet for the week and the group will pray about specific issues on a weekly basis.

“I AM NOT ELOQUENT. GOD HAS GIVEN ME THE JOB TO SET THE ARENA BUT HE BRINGS THE MOMS THAT KNOW THE SCRIPTURES. WE DON’T ALWAYS KNOW THE SPECIFICS OF WHAT WE’RE PRAYING FOR, BUT GOD DOES. AND HE ALWAYS DELIVERS.” Moms in Prayer, in addition to valuing motherhood, has become a sisterhood. On occasion, you will see a son or daughter in Boardroom A on a Tuesday morning. When moms can’t make it to the meeting, they will often send cookies or veggies with their student to deliver to their fellow Moms in Prayer. Other times, moms commute from as far as Temecula to make it to a few meetings a year, just to be with their fellow mothers. And for Bartos, as the prayers continue to come in and flow out, there is one prayer that her and the moms never ignore. “We pray every school has a Moms in Prayer. We pray for Moms in Prayer.”

“It’s important to pray for your own children, but also their teachers and their classmates and the school,” Bartos said. “If a student or staff member doesn’t have anyone praying for them, that’s what spurs us to do it.



By Brantley Watson & Braden Delannoy ‘13

Over the years, many members of the Lancer family have felt called by God to join the military in order to serve and protect our country.

One of the most selfless acts that an individual can perform is to join the military. Members of our armed forces sacrifice their lives, time with their families and loved ones, and much more to serve and protect our country. And many of those who have made these sacrifices are members of the Lancer family, two of which are Jordan Pavlisin ‘07 and Hilary Thomas ‘08. Captain Hilary Thomas ran cross country, and was involved with Missions and choir during her time at OLu. She has been active duty for the last four years as an engineer in the Army. Second Lieutenant Jordan Pavlisin played football, baseball and ran track in his four years at OLu, and has served in the Marines for over a year. Both Thomas and Pavlisin shared what motivated them to join the military, how their faith plays a role in their service, and how OLu prepared them to join the ranks of our armed forces. 8

What was your motivation to join the military? What went behind the decision? When did you decide it was the right path for you? Thomas: My senior year at Orange Lutheran, I was preparing to pursue a degree that would enable me to continue missions/ not-for-profit construction work. One day, God turned my heart and mind and told me to join the military. I researched my options and God aligned the right people to reveal the path laid out before me, which was to attend college and complete Army ROTC. From the moment I joined ROTC, I felt excited and challenged and knew that this was the place God meant for me to be. I had ZERO idea what I was getting myself into, but I never looked back. It was so apparent to me that God had been molding and preparing me for the opportunities I would have and will continue to have in the military. Pavlisin: I always wanted to join the military and was planning on doing it after graduating college, but then I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play a year of professional football overseas and a few seasons of professional arena football here in the States. After finishing up my football career, I started working as an account manager for a steel company in Westminster and was living down by the beach, but still felt a calling to serve my country, especially after the Paris attacks and my grandfather passing towards the end of 2015. My grandfather served in the Army, and I had spoken with him about joining the military. He was very supportive and would often talk about how serving in the military was such a great experience for him and how he learned so much while he was in the Army. I looked around for jobs in the military that I thought would be a good fit for me and where I could best be of service. I spoke to all of the branches, did a lot of research and even more praying before I came to the realization that the officer program for the Marine Corps was where I felt called to. After training with them a few times, I realized they really support one another like brothers, and treat each other like family, very similar to what I felt with my teammates during my playing days.

How did your time at OLu prepare you for your journey into the military? Was there something specific you learned at OLu that has helped you during your service? Thomas: I found myself and my faith through the Missions Program. It was on these mission trips that I saw, felt and experienced God in a way that confirmed my faith and belief in a very real God. For the first time in my life, I experienced God in a way that made me believe because I knew deep in my heart He was the real truth, and not just blind faith based on what I was raised on. The Missions Program taught me that God’s purpose for me was to be a servant, and that I would be best serving Him through physical labors. I learned this early in high school, building homes in Mexico, and it has transitioned to many occasions in my military career. Pavlisin: OLu helped shape me into the man of faith that I am today. Coach Jim Kunau would always stress making us into ‘Champions for Life,’ and taught us so many valuable lessons in regards to what is really important in life. He helped develop

us not only into a great football team, but also a great bunch of young Christian men who put God first before anything else, and made sure that our values followed suit. The time I spent at OLu helped me develop my leadership style and has really helped me during my service as far as it pertains to setting the example for others and doing what is right, even when it may not be the easiest choice but the right choice. I’m in no way saying I always make the right choice, as we are all sinners, but I am continually striving to make that effort.

In your eyes, how does serving in the military connect you with God? I think most people might look at the military from afar and initially think of violence. But obviously, it’s much more than that. So how does your faith play into your service? Thomas: I believe that God uses people to fight evil and free the oppressed. On my current deployment, we are working to free Iraq (currently: Mosul) of ISIS, a supreme evil. ISIS has no limit to the violence it will commit and inspire. Additionally, the values that my faith teaches me - honesty, loving and respecting others, not condemning people - play into the type of leader I strive to be. Pavlisin: In my eyes, serving in the military connects me with God by giving me the opportunity to positively affect other people’s lives with the decisions I make and the example I set by living my life in accordance with my faith. I would coach during the offseasons when I played football and I realized the impact you can have on someone’s life if you lead them effectively. I realized I could use those same tools I was taught in my playing days from my coaches at OLu and apply them to helping lead young men in the military. If I can help save one soldier’s life by leading them effectively and equipping them with not only the skills they need to survive on the battlefield, but also in the real world as well, then I believe my faith plays a critical role to my service and doing my job effectively. There is a quote from the writer Edmund Burke that stuck with me throughout the years and really put things into perspective for me, it goes: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” When I hear this, I can’t help but to think about Jesus, His teachings, and everything He stood for when He walked this earth. I felt called to serve my country and stand up against the evil out there in the world because I owe it to my family, my country, and those unable to take a stand against the evil out there in today’s world. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve and defend this great country that I am fortunate enough to call home. 9


By Matt Hutnyan ‘17

OLu artists continue to use their work - whether on stage or on paper - to glorify the God who blessed them with their artistic abilities.


Natalie Conn ‘17 has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Conn was a member of Orange Lutheran’s Advanced Dance team and an outside competitive dance team, which allowed her to perform and compete. She has also performed and danced in musicals at the Ford Amphitheater, the Dorothy Chandler, and in OLu’s very own Nechita Center productions. Conn was nominated for the Orange County Register’s 2017 Artist of the Year for Dance and won a MACY award for Best Dancer in 2017. She has even danced on television, performing on Fox’s Mobbed and All the Right Moves. “WHEN I DANCE, I DANCE FOR GOD,” said Conn, who is now attending Pace University, pursuing a BFA in commercial dance. “I pray before every performance and thank God for the amazing opportunity I have to dance. He has given me this amazing gift and I make sure to honor God with it. “Our bodies were created in the image of God and as dancers, we use these bodies to move to amazing voices given by God,” she added. “Many different art forms and talents are all amazing gifts of God that come together and glorify Him.”


Per usual, the Lord said it best. “For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever!” Romans 11:36 effectively sums up the mission of Orange Lutheran’s Arts programs. The school and its faculty seek to provide students a unique variety of opportunities to grow in their faith through their artistic ability. But in a society that is increasingly secular, it can be difficult for artists to maintain a wholesome purpose and avoid having their minds clouded by personal ambition, greed and pride. This is true of Christian artists as well, and the temptations that come along with fame and fortune are alluring, even for high schoolers. However, in addition to their craft, keeping God at the center of success is something that many Orange Lutheran artists have nearly mastered. And while many students internalize this truth during their time at Orange Lutheran, it is especially evident in three recent graduates.


Another example of a student glorifying God through their artistry is Nicollette Pickell ‘17, who has been an artist for as long as she can remember. During her time at Orange Lutheran, she took multiple high level art classes and was named Orange Lutheran’s 2017 Outstanding Visual Artist of the Year. Pickell says that although not every piece she creates makes a direct comment about her faith, she believes that God gave her a “unique passion for art and the ability to do it well.” “WHEN I USE THIS GOD GIVEN TALENT, I BELIEVE I AM HONORING GOD. IN EVERYTHING I DO, I TRY TO HONOR GOD. THEREFORE, EVERY PAINTING THAT I CREATE IS AN EXTENSION OF THAT. I WOULD HOPE THAT WITH EVERY PIECE OF ART I CREATE, IF SOMEONE WERE TO SEE IT, THAT IT WOULD HONOR GOD AND NOT MYSELF.” AMANDA DAYHOFF ‘17

Amanda Dayhoff ‘17 has always been an artist at heart. She began doing musical theatre when she was 4 years old and hasn’t stopped since. At Orange Lutheran, Dayhoff was a valued member of the Honors Choir and the Musical Theatre program, took Advanced Drama 3, and was a member of Bel Canto, an after school women’s chorus. Dayhoff was also nominated for the Orange County Register’s 2017 Artist of the Year (Vocal Music) and won MACY and JRay Awards for Best Actress in 2016. When thinking about performing in the context of faith, Dayhoff recalls some opportunities she had in Honors Choir. “We were given the privilege to perform in front of many people who may have never accepted God before,” Dayhoff said. “We were allowed to sing worship songs for different groups of people and talk to them about our Heavenly Father. I feel that I best use my artistic ability by singing His praises and using worship as a platform to talk to others about our Savior.” However, as a result of Dayhoff’s high level experience, she has also encountered many professional settings that shunned the idea of Christian artists expressing their faith. “The theater, voice and film industry is tough because standing up for God is truly not the most popular thing to do,” she said. “I have seen many actors and performers who take a stand for the Lord and get shut out by those around them. They are not casted, and they are not often acknowledged.” Still, Dayhoff says that faith is so ingrained in her life, it can’t help but be on display. “I think faith should affect your art as you represent the Lord and his beauty and grace every day,” Dayhoff said. “WHEN PEOPLE LOOK AT ME AND MY WORK, I HOPE THAT THEY SEE GOD’S LIGHT SHINE THROUGH THE THINGS I DO AND THAT’S THAT. “I like to think of it like this: The Lord is my agent. If He wants me to have something… I’ll have it! If not, that’s okay because that just means He’s saving something else for me. In this world and in this industry, it’s extremely important to trust Him and follow His commandments.”

Despite the many accolades that each of these young artists have, they remain ever-humble and aware of God’s role in their many successes. Every song, dance and painting is a vessel for God’s glory just as every person on this earth is made in His image with the purpose of furthering His kingdom.



By Matt Hutnyan ‘17 12

Orange Lutheran visual artists have transformed one particular OLu hallway into a work of art.


The Orange Lutheran hallways serve as more than just a space for lockers. They serve as a canvas. Constructed in 2003, the space that is currently known as “Gallery500” was originally built to serve merely as a hallway. But in time, it’s grown into so much more. And now, what was just part of a campus expansion has in fact, expanded the view of the OLu community. At the time of Gallery500’s creation, the Visual Arts Department had been displaying art on campus in various formats, mostly moving display panels. However, many members of the department began to realize that having permanent wall space would be very helpful in telling the story of the Visual Arts Department to the OLu community. “It was really a natural conclusion,” said arts teacher Jeannie Mooney, reflecting on the decision to use the new hallway as a gallery space. “Because the visual arts are largely a silent art form, the faculty needed to provide a ‘stage’ to help students and the community view and interact with their artworks. We needed to bring the visual arts alive for our students and our community. “And the blank walls literally shouted out to us!” After much research into various forms of gallery display formats, the Visual Arts Department devised a plan to cover panels with burlap and affix them to the walls of the 500 hallway. “Art flooded that hallway constantly,” Mooney recalled. “As soon as our classes finished a project we put the new project up for all to see. It really began creating a buzz about the classes and programs we offered in the Visual Arts. Shortly after the gallery walls were created and we were strolling the 500 hallway to critique our progress, we realized we really had begun changing the culture of our school with this new setting.”

In addition to various shows throughout the year, the annual student art shows at the end of the school year are the culminating events for art students. The first show exhibits work from Exploratory Art, Sculpture/Ceramics, Graphic Design, and Video Production. Students typically choose their best 2-3 artworks created during the year, mat & label the artwork, then install the work in Gallery500. The grand finale of the gallery season is the Advanced Art Show, featuring work from Advanced Drawing & Painting, Advanced Sculpture/ Ceramics, Photo 1 & 2, Graphic Design 2, Advanced Studio Art & AP Studio Art. This exhibition includes the Featured Artists exhibit in the Nechita Gallery where the top 10 art students have the opportunity to install their work in their own personal section of this professional space. In Gallery500, AP Studio students display work from their AP portfolios in their own personal section in the front of the gallery, and Advanced Studio students are given the smaller boards upstairs to arrange their work. “The purpose of education is to teach students to think for themselves and express their ideas in clear, powerful, and courageous ways,” Dawn Hamby, Visual Arts Chair/Teacher said. “The arts give voice to students’ perspectives, experiences, and emotions. More than just an outlet or pastime, the visual arts challenge students to originate ideas, solve problems, overcome restraints and failures, produce quality work, and critically evaluate their own achievement. The galleries play a vital role as a space for sharing and exchanging ideas. “Like performing on the Nechita stage, it takes courage to put artwork up in the gallery for everyone to see, but it is on the stage and in the gallery that expression becomes connection as the audience reacts to the artists’ communication. The gallery is where the power and courage of students’ ideas connect with others.”

Since its inception, Gallery500 has grown exponentially. Between the two gallery spaces on campus - Gallery500 and the Nechita 13


By Braden Delannoy ‘13

Through her involvement with vocal music and performing arts, Sam Hood ‘17 made her high school career one to remember.


For Sam Hood ‘17, stagefright wasn’t a concern. It was leaving the stage that was the scary part. Hood, who graduated from OLu in June, was a jack-of-all-trades when it came to the performing arts. In fact, the Nechita center stage became less of a platform to showcase her talents and more of a second home. During her four years in high school, Hood spent one year in Women’s Chorus, one year in Concert Choir, two years in Honors Choir, was a member of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Creative Worship Team, and was a cast member of 10 Nechita Center musicals and plays. Hood hopes she left a lasting legacy on the arts programs and on OLu as a whole. As if that wasn’t enough, at the conclusion of her senior year, Hood was named the female Spirit of Christ recipient, was awarded with the Nancy Paul Teaching Scholarship, and was recipient of OLu’s Lancer Award. But what might be most impressive is her desire to give back, which is why Hood will attend Concordia University, Irvine to become a teacher, with the goal of having a lasting impact on students’ lives, the kind that OLu and its teachers have had on her life. Hood’s unique and widespread involvement centered around Orange Lutheran encouraging students to be dedicated to academically rigorous classes, take advantage of extracurricular opportunities, and be involved in campus life. After moving from

Seattle, Washington, Hood had a lot of fears and anxieties about fitting in at a new school. The transition was not without its challenges, but she started to realize her potential through her time in choir ensembles and in plays and musicals. Hood gave credit to Director of Vocal Music Megan Carvale and Associate Director of Vocal Music Dan Vu for helping her acclimate to her passion for singing and to the school as a whole. “Mrs. Carvale was an amazing example of teaching your students and simultaneously loving them, even when it’s hard. And Mr. Vu was one of the first people to believe in me.” Some would say the Nechita Center stage is simultaneously a safe haven, proving ground, and place of discovery for many Orange Lutheran students, giving them the chance to express themselves, find what they love and develop their passions. For Hood, her first major role at OLu was playing Wendy Jo in Footloose during her sophomore year, a role that set the stage for the rest of her high school performance career. “I loved that role because it was so high energy and featured a lot of unique dance moves. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a lot of ways.” Hood’s favorite role was also her most eccentric and one of her least demanding, when she played the Dragon in Shrek: The Musical. “Even though I was only on stage for a few minutes, I was able to have fun and showcase my personality and love for the performing arts in such a unique way.” In reflecting on her past four years, she said she’d like to be remembered as “the person who holds herself in a light that makes people feel comfortable and makes everyone feel known.” “THE BEAUTY OF THE ARTS IS ITS ABILITY TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER NO MATTER THEIR CIRCUMSTANCE. IT’S TRULY A FAMILY.”



By Brantley Watson

Similar to its students, Orange Lutheran Online is what you would call a globetrotter. OLO came into existence at Orange Lutheran in 2005. Originally, it was viewed as a way to provide students with the time needed to succeed academically and pursue extracurricular interests, allowing them to take classes without having to spend a full day on campus. But as time passes, it continues to evolve into so much more for OLu students. Taegan Choi ‘20, a freshman, and Isabella Morrow, a senior, are prime examples of just how many doors into a new world OLO can open... literally. 16

In just over a decade, Orange Lutheran Online has expanded the OLu mission on a global scale.


For Taegan Choi ‘20, attending Orange Lutheran was a dream. Orange Lutheran Online is what turned that dream into reality. Taegan attended Mariners Christian School and many of his friends transitioned to OLu after their eighth grade year, which he planned to do as well. But God had a different plan in store. “We decided to go on a trip and spread the Gospel to families because we felt called by God,” Choi said. “We sold our house because it was time to go out and do our job.” Taegan and his family, originally from Orange County, took a leap of faith this past year, embarking on a year-long trip across the world, exploring their

roots and delivering the Gospel to families on a global scale. Their journey began in Seoul, South Korea, where Choi’s father and grandfather were born. Since then, the family has traveled to China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii, sharing God’s Word. And during that time, Choi attends his dream school online. “OLu and OLO have helped support me whenever I was in need of help,” Choi said. “The teachers care for us and for our educational needs. If ever I was confused or had a question, I could email them because I knew they would get back to me as soon as possible. When I have to ask for grace when I am traveling or have to be on a plane for an extended period of time, they always make things as stress free as they can for me. I couldn’t do any schoolwork in China because I did not have internet access, but after emailing my teachers, everything was okay. “They worked with me so that I could do this with my family.” Choi and his family concluded their trip in Europe and returned to American soil in mid-August. He will now transition to attending classes on campus for his final three years at OLu. “MY ONLINE EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL,” Choi said. ISABELLA MORROW ‘18

Similar to Choi, Isabella Morrow ‘18 has utilized the Orange Lutheran Online program to give herself and her family the opportunity to serve on a wider scale geographically. Morrow and her family currently reside in Puerto Rico and have been there for over two years, as Isabella’s stepfather serves as pastor at a local church through a missionary program. Upon arrival, Isabella and her two siblings began attending Southwestern Educational Society. However, Isabella struggled with certain cultural differences and with the idea of being in a classroom setting for the entirety of the day. Luckily, a mutual friend connected Isabella and her family with Tim and Laurie Schlueter, whose daughter, Moriah, a 2013 OLu graduate, was a full-time OLO student while their family did missions work in Singapore and Indonesia. The Schlueters suggested OLO for Isabella. “I realized I wanted to be able to travel more often and that I had better opportunities doing online classes,” Isabella said. “So once the Schlueters told us about OLO, I believe I was registered about a week later.” And for Isabella, the rest is history. “OLO AND OLu HAS BEEN A GREAT SOURCE OF SUPPORT EVEN THOUGH I’VE BEEN THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY. THE ONLINE TEACHERS WANT TO SEE THEIR STUDENTS SUCCEED, THE ADVISORS WANT TO HELP IN ANY WAY THEY CAN, AND THE STAFF IN OLO MAKE YOU FEEL AS THOUGH YOU ARE ACTUALLY THERE PHYSICALLY.” “I would strongly recommend OLu and OLO to anyone that was in my situation.” Director of OLO Patty Young daily receives a glimpse of the success and support that OLO students experience, and she explained that when the program first came into existence, it was the school’s hope that it could touch lives on a global scale. She wasn’t sure how it would be accomplished, but she knew that God put it on the heart and minds of those developing Orange Lutheran Online. “Our original thoughts were for this to benefit our area, our nation, and then have a global impact,” Young said. “We weren’t quite sure strategically how it would happen, but from the beginning, this was our vision. “And if God means for our mission to go well beyond the walls of this brick and mortar, then we will pursue it. We’re open to whatever path God puts in front of us.” 17

INSPIRED AND EDUCATED Each of Nick Abuzalaf’s ‘17 experiences at OLu led him to develop into an inspiration for his fellow classmates.


When he first stepped foot on campus, Nick Abuzalaf dipped his toe in everything. By the time he graduated, he was fully immersed in all things OLu. For that reason, Abuzalaf earned the title of Honored Scholar and Most Inspirational Senior, calling for him to deliver a speech at Orange Lutheran’s 40th Commencement Ceremony. During his freshman year, Abuzalaf became a member of the Student Leadership Team. By the time he was a senior, he was ASB President. As a freshman, he sang bass in Honors Choir and Men’s Ensemble, and he joined Vocal Jazz as a sophomore. By the time he was a senior, he was president of all three groups, maintaining a 4.6 GPA, and performing beatboxing solos on the Nechita stage. Now, Abuzalaf is off to Yale, hoping to bring his spirit for education and student engagement with him to New Haven, Connecticut. Below is the speech he delivered at his OLu’s June 2017 Commencement, words he hopes will inspire at least one student to take what OLu has to offer and run with it: nal Speech

Most Inspiratio

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Having the opportunity to grow up in a mixed family and two different households, I experienced different boundaries, relationships, and ways of communicating. It was and is my unique family identity story. I grew in and learned what it meant to be a brother, son, and member to my extended family. I observed and learned what it meant to love, to serve, to follow, and what it meant to lead in a family. It was modeled for me and revealed to me as I discovered the special ancestral story that found its way into my values, loyalty, work ethic, relationships, and most importantly, my faith. My reflections into the past have significantly empowered me to value and embrace the familial environments I find myself in today. Without a doubt, this has very much influenced and shaped my perspective, appreciation, and love of the Lancer family here in my role as principal.

ALL IN THE LANCER FAMILY Message from OLu Principal, Todd Eklund

WHILE THE TRADITIONAL MAKEUP OF A FAMILY IS DEFINED THROUGH ANCESTRAL BLOOD, THE ORANGE LUTHERAN FAMILY IS UNITED THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. AND WE PURSUE OUR MISSION AS A FAMILY BECAUSE OF CHRIST. THIS IS THE “WE” IN “WE ARE OLu.” AS A FAMILY UNITED IN CHRIST, WE GROW TOGETHER, WE STRUGGLE TOGETHER, WE CELEBRATE TOGETHER, AND WE SERVE TOGETHER. Most of all, we passionately come together in this ministry for the students and families that we serve daily because of Christ. The Lancer family simply does not exist without the cross. The spirit and mission of Orange Lutheran lives in my home and it weaves into my family. The special connections and narratives also continue to exist when I’m off campus in the community, and they even show up in my travels out of state and across the globe. Collectively, they reside as the fabric of so many of the friendships and relationships that occur in my life on and off campus. After thirteen years, there is a piece of Orange Lutheran in just about everything in which I engage. The threads of our community and what makes the tapestry of the Orange Lutheran family so uniquely special is that it doesn’t only exist in members of our faculty, staff, coaches, and administration, but it very much extends to those in these roles that have come before us over the past 45 years. It also absolutely extends to the many former families and students who gave so much to the foundational growth of this ministry. It is apparent that the culture that we revel in and celebrate on campus today is one that was rooted many years ago through the collective vision, support, and pursuits of our founding families and churches.


As we look back with gratitude in order to look forward, it is extremely humbling to ponder the number of hands that God has orchestrated and called to Orange Lutheran to be able to grasp a full understanding of the Lancer family, His incredible family, within the bigger Orange Lutheran ministry story. WE ARE OLu! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!



AT OUR BEST Message from Head of School, Leslie Smith

Head of School, Mrs. Leslie Smith, M.Ed., challenges us to change the conversation and reframe the definition of “best” as she leads Orange Lutheran in “Redefining the High School Experience.” The purpose of Orange Lutheran High School is to help students internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus; this mission is central to our vision, values, and the OLu Experience. Our priorities are focused on providing the best educational experience possible so students are Strengthened by Faith and Prepared for Life. Best means our students are loved and cared for by our Lancer family, and they are safe physically and emotionally through a campus environment that promotes empathy, compassion, and kindness. Best also means partnering with parents to help our students grow in their faith and become people of strong character who value integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, faithfulness, forgiveness, respect, and gratitude. Best embraces a commitment to student health and psychological well-being and the development of emotional intelligence through social emotional learning. Woven into the fabric of the OLu Experience, all students participate in World Council, which is designed to foster unity, promote global awareness, and develop character, empathy, and leadership. Settings that include Country Groups, R.O.A.M (Revitalize On A Monday), and T.B.D. (To Be Discussed) create opportunities for students to interact with faculty, staff, and peers to connect, discuss relevant life issues, and promote balance within the school day. Best includes an environment that fosters resilience, responsibility, and accountability, as students are encouraged and empowered to develop a strong sense of ownership in their learning and growth. Designed to personalize learning, best at Orange Lutheran consists of a variety of learning options including Academies, hyflex classes, and online course offerings. In addition, as students prepare for life beyond high school, best at Orange Lutheran means selecting their best fit college while also appreciating, embracing, and celebrating the gift of today! Every Lancer has a unique story, and the OLu Experience provides each with the best opportunity to actively participate in the learning process, as their interests, skills, and needs shape their four years of high school. In addition, the OLu Experience provides students with opportunities to lead courageously, serve compassionately, love unconditionally, and hope faithfully. At our Best, Orange Lutheran means students understand that their identity is in Christ alone, and that they are strengthened by faith and prepared for a Christian life of purpose, service through vocation, and leadership in a global society. 21



From the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, Orange Lutheran set out to solidify its focus on Redefining the High School Experience by placing an onus on developing emotionally intelligent students who are prepared to enter college and the professional realm, and are able to identify and utilize their gifts while remaining healthy and balanced. Entrenched in a system that expects students to sacrifice sleep, health, happiness, and hobbies in order to succeed, Orange Lutheran shifted its focus in order to change the story not only for its current students, but for future generations as well. The acronym P.I.V.O.T.A.L. highlights the school’s key areas of focus: We aim to never lose sight of our Purpose and Priorities, we will encourage students to be Involved and Invested in their high school experience, we will put Value on being caring and kind individuals, we will help students Optimize their gifts and talents, our students will learn to manage their Time effectively, we will implement different learning models through Academies, and lastly, we will promote a culture of Leadership through social emotional learning.


Orange Lutheran athletics remained atop the heap athletically during the 2016-17 campaign.

With each passing year, the Orange Lutheran Arts Department continues to find more success and opportunity.

The boys water polo team won its first-ever Trinity League title and CIF Division 1 title, going undefeated in Trinity League play and defeating Huntington Beach in the CIF championship game. Junior Ash Molthen was also named Boys Water Polo Player of the Year.

Five arts students were selected for the Southern California Vocal Association’s Regional Honors Choir: Netra Chakravarthy, Madisyn Fox, Linsey Urrea, Hope Graham and Jacob Kent. Chakravarthy went on to represent Orange Lutheran at All-State Choir in the spring. Kent was also a finalist for the Spotlight Competition in Los Angeles.

The softball team won its second consecutive Trinity League title, and senior Maddy Dwyer was named Softball Pitcher of the Year. Baseball ascended to the top of USA Today’s national high school rankings in April, after winning the National High School Invitational. Also in only its fourth year in existence, the OLu hockey team, for the second year in a row, won the CAHA State Championship, and the OLu girls basketball team repeated as CIF champions, winning the Division 3AA title and advancing all the way to the State semifinals. The OLu softball team put together arguably its best campaign ever, going undefeated in Trinity League play and finishing as runner up in the CIF Division I final. Coach Steve Miklos was named OC Register Coach of the Year and Maddy Dwyer was named Softball Pitcher of the Year. The OLu boys basketball team was selected to play in the prestigious CIF Open Division for the second consecutive year, and made it to the regional semifinals of the CIF Division II State playoffs. The Lancer football team also made it to the second round of the CIF PAC5 Division playoffs and the boys water polo team made it to the quarterfinals of the CIF Division I playoffs.



Advanced Dance saw Natalie Conn accepted into the exclusive PACE University Dance Program in New York City. Honors Choir, Honors Women’s Chorus and Creative Worship students toured Northern California with performances in the Capitol rotunda, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and ministered at two retirement homes and a local church. Bel Canto sang for over 30 community events in December, including numerous mornings as the carolers for Breakfast with Santa at Downtown Disney. Performing Arts held Master Classes with Broadway star Susan Egan and vocal adjudicator Chris Peterson. OLu Arts also introduced its new Performing Arts Academy. Vocal Jazz Ensemble placed 3rd place in the 2017 Fullerton Jazz Festival, High School A Capella competition. Jazz Band performed at St.Paul’s fundraising Gala, competed in the Fullerton Jazz Festival and placed 7th in its division. Orchestra traveled to San Francisco to compete in an international festival on the Davies Symphony Hall Stage, receiving high marks in all categories.

CLASS OF 2017 Breakdown Student


1,300 students



Exemplary Accredited School by NLSA and earned highest WASC Accreditation 6-Year Rating


Financial $1.9 million need-based SUPPORT

4,948 is the number

of mission trip participants 2001 thru 2017

Call TO 313,390 total number of hours Serve served on 68 Missions trips since 2001

financial aid dollars. Provided annually




full-time, dedicated college counselors on staff which equals a 150:1 student to counselor ratio vs. the national average of 482:1 (2016) and California average of 760:1

82.5% AP Tests pass rate vs., national average of 62.5%



Orange Lutheran online offers over 40 online classes and 100% of students participate in at least one online course over 4 years

COLLEGIATE SUCCESS at OLu Attend 2 or 4-year universities

96% 83% Are accepted to a 4-year university


Alumni on staff





ACCEPTED different colleges in 30 state and 2 countries



$5.4M Scholarships offered. $2.3M accepted.

to Christian colleges/universities

talent or merit scholarships


41 202 total employees



By OLu Missions and Jamison Kent ‘18

Every summer, the Orange Lutheran Missions Program spends its time spreading the Gospel and serving communities on an international scale. This summer, one of the team’s trips landed them in Argentina and Brazil. Over the course of these trips, students and chaperones alike are touched by the people they encounter and visions they see. Jamison Kent ‘18, a senior at OLu, recorded a few special moments from the Argentina trip, in her personal journal and Instagram. She shares them with us - unedited - as follows: 24

JUNE 30, 2017

The lady stirring the drink, her name is sara. she & her husband (ivan) are starting up a church in fuerte apache, one of the most looked down upon places in all of argentina. when she talks about the community & the church, you can see Jesus in her eyes, & it’s the most beautiful thing. when she was a little girl she watched a movie about a missionary in china, & for years & years she always wanted to go to china. it was her dream, where her heart was. but she explained to me that fuerte apache had become her china, as well as her husband (& NEARLY HERE BABY). sara loved with an intensity that can only be of Jesus. the drink she is stirring is mate, a tea with the sole purpose to bring people together. everyone shares one cup & one straw, taking turns & just simply being.

JULY 1, 2017

you are overjoyed with the life jesus has given you. & sometimes, most of the time, it’s jesus showing up & surprising you in the day to day life, being the more that you’ve always looked for. in this picture, it was the third option. i got to spend a day with my team in La Boca. the post card, picture perfect area i imagined when i thought about argentina. there was artists scattered throughout the streets painting what was around them & dancers in restaurants. this day was a lot of fun, & doing life with jesus is a lot of fun. jesus gave us the joy of day to day life. in the book of Ecclesiastes king solomon says that the toil of life is God’s GIFT to us, to enjoy, & rejoice in the world & people He has created. JULY 13, 2017

The following story is a story about me being a brat & Jesus being like nah kid: so one of the things my team got to do was turn this church from orange to red. but as our work days dwindled down, i began to panic because i realized we weren’t even close to being done. so i became a basket case trying to hurry everyone & literally trying to paint as fast as i could. i was so scared of being “those americans” who just come & leave a mess (which is a good fear). but jesus used my teammates to remind me that the people we spend time with (the community there) is way more important than any painting project we could do. time after time, ivan (guy who owns the church) told us that he wasn’t worried about us finishing but he would rather have us building community. but me being so caught up in feeling the need to finish something (def a pride issue), i got lost in it. jesus ever so gracefully was like no, be here, be present, you are doing what i need you to be doing. so ya. once again, another story of me being stubborn & jesus gently pulling me out of my own self deprecating cycle. JULY 5, 2017

LA BOCA <3 living a life abundant with jesus can look like a lot of things. sometimes it looks like jesus taking your hand & asking you to step out of the boat, like He did for peter. sometimes it’s going on a missions trip to Argentina/Brazil. sometimes it looks like dancing in the streets because

Longing. ever since i’ve been home from the trip i’ve filled my days with endless coffee dates & different people. i’ve been going to church non-stop, sometimes 3 times a day (yeah, i’m one of those people). my quiet time with jesus has consisted of me journaling about my day & Him teaching me through it, but i haven’t really given myself time to just sit. even when i’m quote on quote “resting”, i’m either watching aziz ansari’s (freaking fantastic) show “master of none” or reading. i haven’t given myself a second to just be, without quickly checking instagram because God forbid i actually let myself feel something. last night i sat. last night i began to mourn over the trip & the fact that there was people on the trip i most likely won’t ever see again. i left a place behind that so greatly impacted who i am now, behind being the key word. jesus had me sit in what it feels like to long for time in my life. this isn’t a new feeling, but what was different this time is that i was longing for a time that was solely good, & still remains good. it’s hard to be somewhere when your heart is else where. i’ve been learning that with the whole london thing, which is exciting because eventually i’ll be there indefinitely, but that won’t be the same case for fuerte apache or porto alegre. i may one day get to go back to these places, but i won’t be going back to or with the people who have shaped my heart for good. i miss angel & augustine, i miss daniella & dancing on the boat while screaming worship songs. but, jesus is slowly and graciously restoring the part of my heart that is missing, since i left it in argentina & brazil.



By Braden Delannoy‘13

The Heim family has seen its faith enhanced through the years at Orange Lutheran. Now, three members of the family are returning the favor.


Sometimes, a school leaves a meaningful imprint on a student’s life. Other times, a student leaves a lasting impression on their alma mater. But in certain cases, the impact goes both ways. The combination of Orange Lutheran and the Heim family is one of those special cases. In the midst of Orange Lutheran’s 44 years of ministry, many families of great leadership and service have shown themselves to be simultaneously impactful and impacted by their time at Orange Lutheran. Over the years, the Heim family has emerged as a testament to God-centered service and the importance of the Lancer legacy. Currently, Director of Student Life Drew Heim ‘03, Associate Director of Counseling and College Planning Elizabeth Heim, Drew’s wife, and Assistant to the Director of Missions Jessica Heim, Drew’s cousin, make up the trio of Heims on campus. But their legacy extends well beyond just those three. Drew’s brothers - Matt ‘01 and Jason ‘07 - and his cousins - Dave ‘02 (Jessica’s husband), Sara (Heim) Yoder ‘03, and Zach ‘05 - make up the network of Heim alumni. Drew’s parents have served on mission trips since 2009 and are current members of the Missions Leadership Team. Before becoming an integral part of student life as a staff member, Drew spent his years at Orange Lutheran playing tennis and basketball, all while influencing his peers through Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After graduating from UC San Diego, Drew spent the majority of 2008 doing ministry work in Australia with Christian non-profit organization, Cru. Feeling a deep vocational call to ministry, Drew came back to OLu as a substitute teacher while waiting to start seminary at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. He quickly saw his time at OLu as an immense ministry opportunity, realizing that God was beginning to call him deeper into the lives of the students. Drew began to step into this call by going on an Orange Lutheran mission trip to Belize in the summer of 2009. Seeing Drew’s heart and passion for following Jesus and serving students, Director of Missions Mark Maietta invited Drew onto the Missions staff where he served in a part-time capacity until 2012, and then served full-time until 2014, when he became the school’s Director of Student Life. Through his time at Orange Lutheran, Drew has had the opportunity to make many meaningful connections with various students and colleagues. “I LOVE HAVING THE PRIVILEGE TO WALK WITH STUDENTS OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME AND SEEING THEIR MATURITY AND GROWTH,” DREW SAID. “OLU WAS SO FORMATIONAL FOR ME AS A STUDENT, AND I LOVE THAT I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO SERVE OUR STUDENTS, TO WALK WITH THEM IN THEIR FAITH JOURNEY, TO DO MISSIONS WITH THEM, TO ASSIST IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT AS PEOPLE OF CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY, AND TO HELP POINT THEM TO JESUS.” Drew’s involvement in Missions has not only led him to realize and fulfill his calling, it also played an integral role in his marriage to his

wife, Elizabeth. During her time at OLu serving in the counseling department, Elizabeth has been a mission trip chaperone, and even traveled to places like China, India, and the Appalachian region with Drew. “I have grown tremendously in my faith walk through my involvement with OLu Missions,” she said. “Watching our students step out in faith to share their testimony to a group of children in rural India taught me to be bold and courageous in my faith. Watching students play with special needs children in China reminded me how powerfully healing simple demonstrations of love are. And watching students work for hours digging trenches in rock hard earth in Africa gave me hope in the work ethic and drive for our future generation and in their humility to serve in any capacity needed. “Those experiences made me realize that I am called to action as well as to be a witness for Christ in all areas of my life.” Elizabeth has spent 12 years of her life dedicated to school counseling, a culmination of her desire “to find a way to both serve a need and work in [her] area of gifting.” “I HAVE ABSOLUTELY SEEN THE LORD’S FAITHFULNESS IN UTILIZING MY JOB HERE AT ORANGE LUTHERAN TO FULFILL A NEED AND SERVE AND WORK WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF MY STRENGTHS AND GIFTING. I LEAVE EACH DAY FEELING VALUED AND ENERGIZED BY MY WORK AS I SERVE THE STUDENTS AND FAMILIES WITHIN THE LANCER COMMUNITY. I GET TO SEE THE LORD WORK IN AND THROUGH STUDENTS OVER A CRITICAL 4-YEAR PERIOD IN THEIR LIVES AND IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO PLAY A SMALL PART IN HELPING THEM GROW INTO ADULTHOOD.” The Missions Program brought another Heim into the Lancer family in Jessica, who is married to Drew’s cousin Dave, a Junior High Youth Leader at Friends Christian Church, who also remarked about the wonderful gift it is to travel with the students, abroad and in their faith journey. “Getting to travel the world with students as we serve and share the Lord’s love is such a sweet gift. These trips are a such a special time to connect with students because for those few days or weeks, they are disconnected from everything that distracts them at home. Everyone is fully present with each other and we are willing to engage on deeper levels. I’ve made so many wonderful relationships with students on trips and have seen the Lord transform and change the lives of these students.” “IT IS A TREMENDOUS BLESSING AND PRIVILEGE TO WORK IN A PLACE WHERE EVERYONE IS SEEKING THE LORD, AND THAT PURSUIT OF HIM AND HIS GLORY IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND EVERYTHING THAT WE DO,” SHE ADDED. “IT ISN’T JUST A WORKPLACE-- IT’S A TRULY UNIQUE AND SPECIAL COMMUNITY WHERE I AM ENCOURAGED, SUPPORTED, AND LOVED.” Beyond the familial bond, Drew, Elizabeth, and Jessica have one thing in common -- their passion and love for OLu students and the Lancer family is unending and flowing deeply from their relationships with the Lord. 27

Ms. Nancy Paul has spent decades embodying the mission of Orange Lutheran. But that’s not where it ends.


She has also spent decades praying for the school. Rarely is an Orange Lutheran event void of a Nancy Paul prayer. Her name graces the court in the school gym and her words also live on the hardwood: “It is in His name that we pray. It is to His glory that we play. “ Ms. Paul has hundreds of prayers in her repertoire, maybe even thousands. And no two are the same. Below, she shares five prayers of her choosing, each of which she’s offered on five special occasions in the history of Orange Lutheran.


INAUGURAL PRAYER ON NANCY PAUL COURT, 9/10/11 This day marked the first competitive use of gym since my name and “signature words” had been added during summer refurbishing. Girls’ volleyball match vs. Edison HS. Gracious, heavenly Father, we come to You with prayers of thanksgiving as the Lancers dedicate this refurbished facility in your name and to your glory. As Californians, we celebrate yesterday’s 161st birthday of statehood for our Golden State. We are grateful for its marvelous beauty and all its natural resources. As our country recognizes the memory of those who lost their lives in the terrorist acts of 2001, we pray for guidance, direction, and healing for those of us so blessed to be citizens of these United States of America. Grant safety and a sense of fair play to the young ladies on the court before us. May they use their talents and physical skills to your glory. Keep the fans ever mindful that their role is one of positive support as they cheer on their favorite team. Give sound judgment to those officiating the match.

gratitude include those men and women who labored for fourteen years to bring their dream of a Christ-centered education for their children to fruition. Bless the local dignitaries in attendance today. Grant them wisdom so that their efforts and decisions might be God-pleasing, as they labor in the political arena for the welfare of our local community and our beloved nation. Be our ever-present Guide as OLu moves forward during this 40th anniversary year. Keep us ever mindful of the saving grace afforded us by Jesus Christ. It is in His name that we pray. It is to His glory that we celebrate 40 years of Christ-centered education. Amen. FAREWELL PRAYER, 6/27/12 As Gregg Pinick prepared to leave and administrate at Concordia, Shanghai, China, this prayer was offered at the year-end faculty gathering before his departure. Lord God, heavenly Father, we stand in awe and amazement as You direct the happenings of our daily lives to serve your plan and purpose. Today we recognize your servant Gregg as he departs from this place and makes his way to a new venue wherein to continue your work. We are grateful for his years of Lancer dedication, mindful of his willingness to serve in times both joy-filled and those laced with difficult issues. His open office door and extended hand have been a blessing to many in this community. His ear has been attentive to questions, arguments, and complaints, probably more often than the deserving compliment was paid to him. The next weeks are crammed with thousands of miles of Pinick travel. Almighty God, spread your safety net. Be the Source of calmness and strength when the flights are delayed, the legroom is crammed, sleep will not come, or baggage is lost.

LANCER 40 KICK OFF DAY, 8/24/12 This prayer was offered at dignitaries’ gathering/ribbon cutting to “introduce” refurbished gym and open the 40th year of the school. We bring these petitions before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is in His name that we pray. It is to His glory that we play. Amen. O Almighty God...our Creator, our Redeemer, our Sanctifier...With grateful hearts we acknowledge your presence among us on this celebratory day, as LHSOC begins its academic year crammed with festivities to celebrate its 40 years. People have come and gone; programs have changed. Some 5200+ persons have been pronounced alumni. Its purpose, Lord, has remained steadfast, ever since that first organizational meeting in August 1959, to help each student internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Today, heavenly Father, our prayers of

Faces and surroundings will be different, but your servant’s purpose remains the same: to help students internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. Grant Gregg the strength and courage to carry out your desires and plan. We bring these words of gratitude and the petitions for safety and guidance to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is in His name that we pray. It is to His glory that Gregg Pinick will “play out” his calling in China. Amen. CAMERON WEGENER ‘13 EAGLE COURT OF HONOR, 3/17/12 These words were offered at Cam’s Eagle Court of Honor at St. John’s, Orange. He is LHS ‘13 and the USNA ‘17. 2nd Lt. Cameron Wegener currently attends the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School in Quantico, VA. In December, he reports to flight school in Pensacola, Florida With thankful hearts, heavenly Father, today we celebrate the accomplishments of your servant Cameron Wegener. With family, friends, and Scouting compatriots in attendance to offer their 29

support, we give You thanks for the blessings showered upon this young man. Lord, he has served You while exemplifying the Scouting qualities of service: his hours enriching the lives of blind children who became the focus of his Eagle project; his leadership within Troop 51; as well as at Lutheran High School as the first junior to be president of a four-year student body. We offer prayers of thanks for his many hours of service performed, and beseech You to bless his efforts in continuing leadership as he has been elected once again to lead the Lancer student body in 2012-13. Bless this God-fearing young man as he continues on the road to manhood. May his talents and the principles of Scouting continue to impact his daily activities as he puts You first in all that he does and accomplishes. We bring these petitions before our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is in His name that we pray. It is to His glory that Cam continues to serve his Lord throughout his life. Amen. ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME DINNER, 4/2/17

Gracious heavenly Father, today has been one of CELEBRATION as we recognize the 24 years of service and athletic direction given to our Lancer Family by your servant Del Montell. He has directed, coached, and financially supported the soccer program in innumerable ways. We are grateful for the countless hours of time expended to aid football kickers and punters, long jumpers and sprinters as well. Coach Del never forgot Lutheran High’s mission to help its student athletes internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ. His teams were STRENGTHENED BY FAITH as each lesson helped to PREPARE FOR LIFE, no matter how far their athletic prowess took them. O Triune God, we offer unbridled gratitude for nearly twenty years of countless contributions JIM KUNAU has given LHS and the local community. He transformed young lives into bright futures by leading on the court, on the field, and in the classroom. These CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE have been molded by character development, academic achievement, and competitive excellence. The school’s well-defined mission to help students internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ was always foremost. Faith, honor, and integrity were never compromised but highlighted the school in a burgeoning community and the world of private education. Thank you, Lord, for the purpose and leadership of COACH K. Today their roster includes amazing stories of athletic ventures--yes, some having reached professional pigskin success--but also stories of lawyers, corporate leaders, educators, civil servants, firemen and police officers, and pastors. Like the team being honored this evening, an amazing coaching staff has reassembled to accept the accolades of Orange Lutheran High School. Schedules and miles have taken a back seat, heavenly Father. Colorado, Las Vegas, northern CA, the Midwest are here because they too answer to the title COACH. Spread your protecting arm as each one of us returns home. We are grateful for the many blessings showered upon our Lancer Family and the joys and happiness generated by this festive occasion.

Offered at the inductions of Del Montell, Jim Kunau, and the 2006 State Championship Football Team into the Lancer Athletic Hall of Fame at a dinner held in the Ellwein Center 4/2/17

O Lutheran High, we stand beside you, proud to wear your name. Anchored in the HOPE eternal ever to remain. It is in Jesus’s name that we pray. It is to His glory these men and coaches have played. Amen.


$3 30








Contribution to need-based f inacial aid fund $4






NATIONAL SIGNING DAY On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Orange Lutheran celebrated its final National Signing Day of the 2016-17 school year. It was once again an honor to recognize Lancer student-athletes, as they take another step towards pursuing their dream of being a collegiate student-athlete!


POLE VAULT Emily Coombs - Washington State University FOOTBALL (Front then Left to Right) Stan Berryhill - University of Arizona Mason Hagey - University of Maryland Michael Noble - Western State Colorado University CJ Murray - Northern Arizona Univerity

GIRLS BASKETBALL Jessi Matson - Westmont College

WATER POLO (Top to Bottom) Josh Orrick - Stanford University Jacob Markle - Loyola Marymount University 31


By Brantley Watson


Stan Berryhill ‘17 looked to Orange Lutheran to provide a platform to achieve his goals... Orange Lutheran delivered.

Stan Berryhill ‘17 had a dream to play football at the University of Arizona. But first, he needed to seek opportunity outside of Arizona. In the summer of 2016, Berryhill made the transition from Marana Mountain View High School in Tucson, Arizona to Orange Lutheran. His vision was to play football on a higher level, in one of the toughest high school conferences in the nation. And while Berryhill got exactly what he wanted on the field, off the field, he found much more than he could have ever bargained for. After enduring a tumultuous junior year, when Berryhill looks back on his senior year, it went as smooth as he could have imagined, much of which he credits to his new environment.

In terms of football, Berryhill was a standout from the beginning of the season until the end, racking up 1,000 yards receiving to go along with nine touchdowns and several highlight reel plays. He was also named first-team All-County by OC Varsity as an allpurpose player. “I found what I was looking for, playing D-1 prospects and commits every week,” Berryhill said. “We played against high caliber players. Coming into my senior year, I had a chance to prove myself. No one knew who I was until after a couple of games.” Tight ends coach Steve Barillier ‘06, who developed a relationship with Berryhill as a counselor and as a mentor, spoke to who Berryhill was as a teammate and student of the game.

“My junior year, I sprained my ankle and had a concussion,” Berryhill said. “So I didn’t really have a junior season. I only played in five games, but I had nine touchdowns in those five games. “Still, schools weren’t really offering [scholarships] in Arizona. I felt like I had a better opportunity in Socal because most PAC-12 schools recruit out here, even the University of Arizona. And it was a good opportunity to play at a high level against high competition.” Berryhill was born in Oklahoma, but moved to Arizona at age 1. He always wanted to become an Arizona Wildcat, but didn’t feel like he could garner the attention of Arizona and other West Coast schools in his current situation. He began to research football programs in Southern California and through word of mouth, landed on Orange Lutheran. Going from a public school to a private, Christian school, for most, could be daunting. But in Berryhill’s case, with his church background, the transition into the OLu culture wasn’t difficult despite the atmosphere. “I GREW UP GOING TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY WITH MY FAMILY, SO I ENJOYED CHAPEL. IT WAS NEW FOR ME AND WASN’T SOMETHING I’VE EVER DONE, BUT IT WAS COOL. I ALWAYS WALKED INTO CHAPEL EXCITED TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW.”

“There are always concerns with how new players fit in with guys, buy into the culture, and pick up the schemes, but Stan did all of those things really well,” Barillier said. “He bought into the culture and other guys helped teach that culture. From a football standpoint, he soaked up everything very quickly. He was a huge asset for us, and you can look at the statistics and you can tell that. But he added more than just playmaking skills. He was a positive teammate, he encouraged others, and he was a really strong competitor and raised the level of other guys.”


And in the process of being a great teammate, scoring touchdowns, and raising the levels of other guys, Berryhill got what he came for: a chance to play at the University of Arizona.

Berryhill had never been in a theology class prior to coming to OLu.

Berryhill was offered a preferred walk-on spot by the Wildcats, where he will look to play receiver and return specialist.

“Trying to jump into senior theology class in only one year, and dealing with the different class schedule, I just wasn’t as astute as everyone else,” he said. “But my coaches and teachers always supported me. Mrs. Wakeling had a huge impact on me. She knew I was entering a different situation. She took time out of her day to help me. She really helped me get through the year.”

But just because he achieved his goal doesn’t mean Berryhill is satisfied. He’s already got a new goal in mind. “By the end of the summer, my plan is to earn a scholarship.”



By Mackenzi Greene ‘17

Parker Killion ‘17 will take the lessons he learned at OLu - in the pool and on-campus - and apply them to the next phase of his academic and athletic career at Stanford.


When it comes to setting an example, Parker Killion ‘17 has that skill down to a science. In 2013, Killion stepped onto the Orange Lutheran campus as a freshman on the varsity water polo team, which was in its first season in existence. Since then, the four-year starter has created a lasting impact on the program, his teammates, and OLu as a whole. Now, as Killion prepares to become a Division I student-athlete at Stanford University, and his younger brother Mason enters his sophomore year at OLu, having played one full season with his older brother, Parker is hopeful that the example that he and his teammates set for the OLu water polo program will carry on for years to come. During Killion’s time at Orange Lutheran, the boys water polo team exceeded expectations. OLu captured its first-ever Trinity League title and CIF Division I title in 2016, in only its fifth year in existence. Much of the spotlight often found its way to junior standouts Ash Molthen, 2016’s OC Varsity Water Polo Player of the Year, and Hannes Daube, both of whom currently train with the junior national team. However, Killion was the glue that held the team together. “With Ash, Hannes, and the other more offensively minded players in the pool, it makes my job a lot easier since I typically am more defensive minded, so while we all work together to create scoring opportunities, these players enable me to focus more on defense.” And defense was another science that Killion had down pat. While Molthen and Daube led the Lancers in their CIF Division I championship victory over Huntington Beach on the offensive side, Killion was assigned the toughest task of the day: defending the Oilers’ star center Quinten Osborne one-on-one. Killion held Osborne to only two goals on the day. Coach Carrera commented on Killion’s cruciality to the team, telling the OC Register, “Parker is an amazing defender.”

Killion will move forward this fall to play water polo and study electrical engineering at Stanford University. He knows the caliber of academics and athletics will be challenging, but is certain that he has been well prepared by Orange Lutheran. Killion was awarded the Trinity League 2016-2017 Varsity Scholar Athlete of the Year, and graduated from OLu with a 4.6 GPA. His years of balancing rigorous academics, the Ambassadors leadership program, and participating in a top-tiered athletic competition have equipped him to succeed at the next level. “Approaching water polo at Stanford, I know it will be a bit of a challenge. Size and strength are a big part of college water polo, so I have been training with OLu’s offseason team to stay fit and wellconditioned. I have the added bonus of practicing for college by playing with all the teammates I have bonded with and competing against the top teams in our age bracket.” Killion will miss his time at OLu, both at school and with his team. He said that his faith has expanded through his experiences in many ways, citing the Theology department as his “favorite source of knowledge about the Lord because they have taught me WHY I believe in Jesus,” and that “the peers that have surrounded me during my years at OLu have been fundamental in showing me the living work of the Holy Spirit as they reach out to others.”

Killion reflected back on the momentous occasion, disregarding his individual performance and placing the attention on the team.

Killion feels truly blessed to grow in an environment like Orange Lutheran, a place where his team can pray before every game, thanking God for the opportunity and ability to play.

“It was my favorite memory with the OLu water polo team. Not only was winning the championship an amazing memory I’ll always have, but I love to look back on the preparation days before because of how tight we were as a group.”

Killion will take his memories and experiences forward with him into his next chapter at Stanford, and continue to grow as a person and a player.

That group contained a few sets of siblings, one being Parker and his younger brother Mason, who played his first season at OLu this past year. Mason played varsity as a freshman, just like his big brother. “It was a lot of fun having Mason on the team,” Parker said. “We try not to talk about water polo too much since we already spend so much time competing, but often we compare notes on what was the best part of the game or practice.”





Simply put, Orange Lutheran cannot reach its full potential without the blessing that is our volunteers. Whether it is working the entrance at a football game, chaperoning a Mission trip, or serving at the OLu Thrift Store, our volunteers donate their precious time to helping Orange Lutheran fulfill its mission. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS WHO HAVE HELPED THIS PAST YEAR AND TO THOSE THAT WILL HELP IN THE FUTURE. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND OLu IS A BETTER PLACE BECAUSE OF YOUR SERVANT HEARTS! If you want to sign up to volunteer, visit WeAreOLu.org/Volunteer today!

Check out the testimony of a few of our current volunteers: HEATHER SIDELL The fellowship is amazing and the Gala night is spectacular! To be able to watch the Gala transform from an inspirational word into an evening is amazing. To see everybody come and share their gifts and talents because they are inspired by the purpose and or they enjoy the fellowship is truly special - and most of all, it’s FUN! There is no better gift to oneself than giving to another.

ANNA WILSON I want the way I live my life to make a difference. Volunteering at OLu has provided me a significant way to do just that. As a stay-at-home mom, I do not take for granted how blessed I am to share my time and talents with amazing parents and staff who are dedicated to making a difference and giving back to the OLu community.

RONIT BUSTILLOS I enjoy giving back to OLu as it gave us the opportunity for my son to attend Orange Lutheran. I enjoy the experience and the new friends I make volunteering at Gala!


CARRIE WARE Volunteering at Orange Lutheran is a great way to give back to my kids’ school and a great way to meet other parents. OLu makes you feel very appreciated!

2nd Annual


What a wonderful morning we had at our 2nd Annual Lancer Ladies Brunch! It was a special time for mothers, sisters, daughters and friends of all ages to gather and enjoy this amazing event together. We had a fabulous speaker, our very own Sharon Norris Elliott, who shared wise and humorous insights with the over 400 guests in attendance. Our 35 unique vendors displayed their amazing wares for us to shop from, and the 40 beautiful tables, decorated by our wonderful table hostesses, were so fun to peruse. What a great way to kick off the holidays!



VOLUNTEERS Katherine Anderson Toni Bradley Lisa Carpenter Danielle Cortez Lorianne Ferry Karin Garell

SPONSOR Shelley Gray LaVette Henningham Raquel Munoz Milana Oyenuga Catalina Walker Rhona Slaughter

Horizon Oxygen & Medical Equipment



Our 14th Annual Power of The Dream Gala was once again an inspiring, beautiful evening filled with people who love the Lord and support Orange Lutheran’s mission!

On February 11, 2017, we enjoyed our 14th Annual Power of the Dream Gala! It was an inspirational and beautiful evening, as past, present and future Lancer family members came together to celebrate Orange Lutheran’s ‘Faces of Hope’ Gala! We had another very successful year, due to the unselfish hearts of all who underwrote, attended and bid on our auction items. We raised $350,000 net for Orange Lutheran students! What a huge blessing! Support and generosity at this level represents a living example of the values we all share and hold dear. A generous $235,000 was specifically earmarked for our Lancer Legacy Endowment Fund, which is the financial aid endowment fund for future generations of Lancers. What an amazing show of support from all of our family and friends for the mission here at Orange Lutheran! Thank you to all for believing in the Power of the Dream! And SAVE THE DATE FOR THIS YEAR’S GALA ON MARCH 3, 2018!




Ronit Bustillos Rosie Camacho Shelley Conn Antoinette Gress Diana Griffin Stephanie Harris Maria Hennigar Karen Huffman

Lan Nguyen Jasmine List Sheila Malloy Penny Pavlopoulos Samantha Penny Joalean Reynolds Tammy Sandberg Heidi Schmidt

UNDERWRITERS CORPORATE SPONSORS Bogh Engineering LuxBus America GIVE HOPE Kevin & Jamie Nadeau Craig & Jane Olson INSPIRE HOPE Brett & Kimberly Bissell Robert & Linda Grimm CHERISH HOPE Anonymous Norman Amling Walt & Leann Luchinger Concordia University IrvineName ENCOURAGE HOPE Mark & Anne Alario Bob & Susan Odle


Heather Sidell Su Thome Anne Thompson Tracey Wade Carrie Ware Diane Whitten Anna Wilson Gantry Wilson

FEEL HOPE Rick & Silvia Albertini Armen & Misty Bagatourian William & Shirley Boezinger Tom Boobar Roger & Carol Burtner Michael & Tina Carlson Richard Gartman & Laurel PenicheGartman Andy & Stephanie Harris Mark & Judy Lehner Thomas & Penny Ling Dan & Marlo Mole Brian & Heidi Newell Mike & Gayle Peterson Alex & Shannon Salottolo Weldon & Suzanne Seegers Jamison & Andrea Shedwill Charles & Cristy Taylor Santiago Food Mart

24th Annual OLu


What a great way to enjoy a day of fabulous golf, food and fun all while supporting our student athletes. Another successful Orange Lutheran Golf Classic was held this past April at Yorba Linda Country Club. As usual, we had a sold out crowd, and raised over $56,000 for our athletic programs! We were joined by two of our own OLu students, Maddy Dwyer & Noah Sasaki, who shared their testimonies about how God has led them during their time at Orange Lutheran. It was a beautiful day for all involved! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR APRIL 30, 2018 FOR NEXT YEAR’S TOURNAMENT YOUR CHANCE TO ENJOY A DAY ON THE LINKS IN SUPPORT OF OUR GREAT ATHLETIC PROGRAMS!





Anna Wilson Susan Alger Renee Bailey Shirley Ramirez Debbie Stumme Chantell Tibbets

TITLE LuxBus America GOLD Wells Fargo SILVER KPRS NCCI Santa Monica BMW Shelly BMW Spectrum Wine Auctions

CLASSIC Alium Batteries Bogh Engineering Tom Borba Case Systems Concordia University Grant Eklund Jim Frize Healing Heroes Marsh & McLennan Agency Mission Landscape Jeff Tibbets Tropical Plaza Ron Wright


2017 Athletics



The 2017 edition of the Orange Lutheran Athletics Hall of Fame Induction was a special one, as we honored two of the most respected and accomplished coaches in school history, along with one of the greatest Lancer teams to ever take the field!


Inductees included longtime boys and girls soccer coach Del Montell, who wished farewell to his coaching career at the end of the 2017 girls soccer season, and former football head coach Jim Kunau, who led the OLu program for nearly two decades. Montell and Kunau both won multiple league titles within their respective programs, and Montell led the girls and boys soccer programs to a combined three CIF titles, while Kunau led the football team to two CIF championships. One of those CIF championship teams was the 2006 football team, which was also honored at this year’s ceremony. The Lancers won the CIF Pac-5 championship, and capped off the season with a Division II State Bowl championship as well. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO CAME OUT TO HONOR OUR 2017 INDUCTEES! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AS WE ENSHRINE THOSE THAT HAVE MEANT SO MUCH TO THE LANCER SPORTS LEGACY!



Gregory Alcantra Natividad (Jr) Alvarado Davonte Anderson Emmanuel Andrade Michael Arakelian Nicholas Arkyns Kapono Asuega Blake Ayles Lance Barker Gregory Beaudoin Kelan Bragg Donald Brandel Allen Cadreau Matthew Carona Simon Carrillo

Nathan Castro Nicholas Chapman Aaron Corp Matthew Culp Kyle Dravis Jacob Fey Lucas Fields Kent Fleager Bennit Gammage Connor Gaulke Douglas Gebhardt Grant Grevin Fernando Guzaino Jarred Herrera Tyler Hockenberry

INDUCTEES Isiah Huss Blake Hyepock Eric Jeong Justin Klinkenberg Russel Koh Chase Lancaster Trevor Lane Terrence Leele Michael Leonetti Christian Lozon Cullan Maher Christopher Mason

Kyle McMillian Clay-Michael O’Neal Jordan Pavlisin Alexander Pemasa Ricky Pemasa Jeremiah Pemasa George Peniche Moses Peralta Austin Pettis Seth Preuss Aaron Prindle Christopher Prosser

David Quandt James Rammelsberg Cody Ratliff Michael Reardon Kevin Reiss Michael Richardson Nicholas Rodieck Charlie Rodriguez Blake Rush Tyson Seneca Hayden Shaw Eric Siegel Cody Smith Matthew Sobek Kristofer Stauffer

Kirifi Taula Anthony Tellez Tyler Venrick Erick Vera Michael Verburg William Vinovich Donald Williams Joshua Williams Scott Williams Kenneth Wilson Wingate Wong Christopher Woods Randa Woods


He continues to bless Orange Lutheran with amazing students, families, volunteers, faculty and staff. He continues to provide for our needs, often in ways we don’t even realize. His presence is felt here at Orange Lutheran through so many blessings that it is nothing short of incredible. We continue to see increasing numbers of people getting involved in different ways at Orange Lutheran. We really could not accomplish any of what we do without the help of our outstanding volunteers. Between the Thrift Shop, events including Gala and Lancer Ladies Brunch, Missions activity on campus and in the community, as well as our Moms in Prayer group, we are beyond blessed by these generous servants. In spite of charging tuition, Orange Lutheran has needs that exceed what tuition pays for. This is why we truly need support for our Annual Fund. The support provided this year for our Annual Fund increased over the previous year and we are very grateful for this. We received more dollars from more people, a great combination. I would like to encourage each of you to consider making a gift to the Annual Fund and making a difference in the lives of all of our students. When we tell you that every dollar matters and makes a difference, we mean it. Thank you to all who were able to support us in this way.


The Advancement Department works hard to provide you with meaningful communications, web content, events and support for our alumni. We, too, are a work in progress just like our students. We welcome volunteers and ideas to help us better serve you and advance the mission of Orange Lutheran.

Advancement Message

The generosity of so many aids us in accomplishing all that we do. On the following pages, you will find a list of those who have financially supported Orange Lutheran over the past year. Names shown in bold print represent donors who have given for 5-9 consecutive years. Those shown in bold red print represent donors who have given for 10 or more consecutive years. This is truly a wonderful statement about a lasting belief in the benefits of a Christian education for our young people today, who will be our leaders tomorrow.

CAO, Cathy Blankenship ‘86

We do strive to maintain accurate information at all times and sincerely apologize for any inaccuracies. Please do contact us with any questions or concerns. And thank you to all who have prayed for the ministry that is Orange Lutheran. Prayers are the most important gift you can give and we are very grateful for yours.

RELATIONSHIPS Cathy Blankenship ‘86 Chief Advancement Officer

INDIVIDUAL Donors Visionaries $100,000+

Anonymous Del & Debbie Montell, Sr

Champions $50,000-$99,999 Mike and Kristin Gibbons Kevin and Jamie Nadeau


Partners $25,000-$49,999

Mark and Bridget (Seegers ‘86) Bogh Anonymous Scott and Stephanie Bragg Navin & Becky Narang

Innovators $10,000-$24,999

Paul & Liz Belden Michael & Caryn (Hildenbrand) ‘81 Borland

Matt Brown ‘97 Michael & Christina Carlson Bill & Shelley Conn David & Donna DuBois Les & Tina Fields Richard Gartman & Laurel Peniche-Gartman Teresa Harshfield Thomas & Penny Ling James & Andrea Maginn Todd & Christine Moritz John & Annie Nicoletti

Craig & Jane Olson Kevin & Tara ‘93 Para Reid & Jennie Pullen Ronald & Grace Wright

Ambassadors $5,000-$9,999

George & Joan Adams Mark & Anne Alario William & Amy Bailey Charles & Amy Battaglia

Robert & Roberta Bechtloff Donald & Toni Bradley Scott & Stephanie Bragg Thomas & Annette Collins Joe & Kelli Cunningham Michael & Sandra Grant Robert & Linda Grimm Patrick Harrington Jim & Sheila Heim Kris & Nancy Kent Lee Khanthaphixay & Liz Chan Walt & Leann Luchinger Bryon & Maria Meyer Steven & Angela Ogaz Anthony Osterkamp Michael & Kathleen Palkovic James & Susan Philipp Kurt ‘78 & Carol Rammelsberg Rick & Debra Rodriguez Brady & Traci Schmidt Timothy ‘85 & Kellie Schnabel Kevin & Terry Steckler Joel & Danine Stensby Gardner & Debbie Tarlow David & Lisa Threshie Jeff & Chantell Tibbets Marius & Karen Van Der Watt

Igniters $2,500-$4,999

Sam & Debbie Abuzalaf Norman Amling Steven & Kathleen Amort Armen ‘95 & Misty Bagatourian Daniel & Stacey Bentley Youssef & Georgina Beshai Dennis & Kathryn Bise Brett & Kimberly Bissell Cathy Blankenship ‘86 Thomas & Karen Borba Marilynn Bragg Daniel & Jeannie Burns Roger & Carol Burtner Brad & Genevieve Ermeling Gerry & Tricia Esser James & Dara Frize Jeffrey & Karin Garell Cole & Antoinette Gress Sebastian & Amy Gutierrez David & Elizabeth Hanson Tony ‘85 & Jolie Harnack Mark & Kym Hilinski Clyde & Carole King Robert & Carol Lienau Michael & Carroll Maietta Mark & Angela Maietta John & Tracy Milstead Quoc ‘88 & Huong Nguyen Jerry & Sherri Nourse Robert & Susan Odle Lillian Owens Daniel & Barbara Palma Carrie Partridge Anthony & Liliana Prajin Brian & Lesley Renken Bassel & Erin Salloum Eddie & Shelly Scantlebury Andrew & Tracy Seagren Philip & Leslie Smith Ghassan & Lara Tooma Todd & Heidi Vander Hill Ramon Vasquez Winfield & Judith Western Robert & Julie Wheatley Robert & Diane Zeinstra

Illuminators $1,000-$2,499

Brian & Gloria Abrams Joyce Adams

Rachel Ahn Rick & Silvia Albertini Shad & Janelle Arnold Jesse & Kristy Ash Rachel Askland Christina Atwater James & Cindy Baca Joseph & Arline Barsa Todd & Melody Becker Nels & LeighAnn Billsten James & Carmen Birrell Boe ‘85 & Catherine Boezinger William & Shirley Boezinger Russ Bogh Rodney & Margaret Borger Ignacio & Andrea Brache Beverly Brand James Bright & Vicki Woodard-Bright George & Judy Brink Scott & Linda Britt Chester & Terisa Britt James ‘95 & Julie (Savage) ‘96 Brown Guy & Shelley Buker Sherry Bull Frank & Kristen Busalacchi Dave & Melissa (Boring) ‘06 Cacciapuoti Tim & Tammy Cahill Peggy Cansdale Shuhao Cao Michael Carran Russ & Becky Casenhiser Tim & Angela Cassidy David & Linda Cecil Jamie & Melissa Chisick Charles & Inja Chung Kenneth & Kathleen Cirks Kevin & Shelley Cloyd Drew & Mary Cohen Randall & Jane Coombs Matthew & Mardi Cork Ronn & Kim Cornelius Robert & Terri Crandall Paul & Stephanie Darnbrough Gianna Diaz ‘19 Dale & Julie Ducheny Robert Dunwoody Mona Eakin Grant Eklund Todd & Rachel Eklund Brian & Crysti Everhart Constantin & Maria Falcusan Scott & Christina Farquhar John & Jamie Fierro James Fitzgerald Laura Fitzgerald Michael ‘88 & Silvia Fleischli David & Marianela Flores Nancy Forgay Paul Forgay Brad & Laura Formsma Nathan & Rebecca Fransen Roger ‘81 & Patty Frick Chahan Fu Donald & Katherine Gath Michael Gerhard Kimberly Gerhard Ken & Carrie Gilson Mark & Lori Glasgow T. Clark & Ravone Graham Doreen Gray Doug & Becky Gresch Steven & Dianna Griffin Marc & Lori Guilford John & Gayle Gunnison Bonnie Gustavson Rick & Sherri Gutierrez Ruben & Tracy Gutierrez Warren Harms Andrew & Stephanie Harris Gordon & Kimberly Hassenplug









Beyond Expectations




Financial Aid




Special Projects



$598,088 Total Giving

$1,831,929 43

Mark & Jane Heim Doug & Linda Heller Edwin & Anita Hernandez Rick & Lisa Hicks Jeffrey & Suzanne Higgins Mark & Marie Huff John & Wendy (Albrecht) ‘92 Hunt Jeff & Lynn Huston Robert & Cheri Hutnyan Brad & Kathryn Jarvis Donald & Margaret Jervis Jeremy & Nicole Johnston Brett & Denise Kacura Thomas & Cheryl Koch Keith & Yvette Kratzberg Lorne & Dee Dee Lahodny Gary & Carey Landrith Randy & Mary Lawrence Mark & Judy Lehner Kevin & Amy (Willett) ‘90 Leon John & Suzanne Lewis John & Lisa Lind Dean & Jennifer (Conradson) ‘90 Mallender Dawn McCrumn Baher & Manar Metry Jerry & Tiffany Milby Jeff & Holly Miller Marty & Jill Milligan Dan & Marlo (Naber) ‘89 Mole Jason & Joanne Mowery Michael & Alison Mowrey Patrick & Raquel Munoz Frank Naumann Michael & Susan Nevell Tim ‘89 & Kelly Odle Malcolm & Catherine Ortego Kevin & Bonnie Piazza Thomas & Cynthia Podmajersky John ‘80 & Dana (Adams) ‘82 Poerschke Jimmy & Angela Poremba Gabriel ‘91 & Lynn Potyondy Caroline Price Cesar & Cynthia Reta Jason & Lisa Roberts Ricardo Rodriguez Steven & Connie Mack Alex & Shannon Salottolo Howard & Tammy Sandberg Gary & Susan Sawyer David & Sabrina Schaffer Brent & Nancy Schellhase Kent & Cindy Schlichtemeier Stephan & Melissa Shatynski Chris & Heather Sidell Robert & Kari Smith Jeff & Tana Spencer Scott & Victoria Strong Brent & Debbie Stumme David & Carole Swanson David & Brenda Tax Ken & Cara Thompson Steve & Ann Thompson Shady & Emmy Toma Robert & Renee Tripp Robert & Diane van der Goes Pablo & Patricia Velasquez Dean & Dian Vieselmeyer Michael & Robyn Vossen William & Carla Walker David & Lori Walker Richard & Patricia Wallace Todd & Lisa Wardlaw Jay & Carrie Ware Lawrence & Kay Washburn David & Brandi Watkins Glenn & Emily Weingarth Christiaan & Meryl Wienand David & Michele Wiggs Murray & Shari Morner ‘79 Willis Gantry & Anna Wilson


Daniel & Lisa Wozab Takuya & Atsuko Yamamoto Shane & Karon Yates Brian & Kimberly Young Hong Zhang

Scholars $500-$999

Ronald & Leslie Adcock Rachelle Anderson Rachelle Anderson Phillip & Christy Arey William & Susan Armstrong Robert & Manita Bartels Richard & Linda Beardslee Kenneth Berner Thomas Boobar Jingky Clementir Wilfred & Kay Cooper Jeff Crosby Ken & Norma Croucher Daniel & Gayle Demsher David & Allison Demurjian Greg & Lisa Doherty John & Deanna Drum James & Heidi Dwyer David & Marilee Edgar Gene & Betty Egan Michael & Lisa Fischer Jim & Marilyn Fisher Cory ‘92 & Clarissa Fleming John & Ellen Franklin Wayne Freeland Jeanne Fults Mike Fusco James & Nancy Gartner John & Wendi Gornick Michael & Tanya Grasz Thomas Gray ‘78 Sean & Peggy Greene Michael & Andrena Greenwood Todd Hagey Michael & Janet Hards Drew ‘03 & Elizabeth (Salyer) ‘99 Heim Todd & Maria Hennigar Steve ‘78 & Karen Hight Ronald & Azalea Holness Jim & Kerin Kazarian Bonnie Kent Darren & Kellie Kidder Michael & Kristy Kiper Mark & Rachel Klitzing Michael & Ellen Lange Robert & Cindy Larson Sung & Soo Lee Yougen Lei Brian & Mandy Liles Kim Lomakin Bruce & Andrea MacCallum Edward & Jane McCormick Gary & Catherine Meza Dean & Tracy Morris Karen Morris Marc Neben ‘79 Todd & Tiffany Nelson Gerald & Michelle New Timothy & Jennifer Noble Christopher & Meredith Nordstrom Michelle Olsen Sung & Soo Park Nancy Paul Steven & Susan Paulsen Gayle Peterson Charles & Esther Peterson Robert & Marsha Podas Tim & Deborah Preuss Kurt & Jill Rahn David & Laurie Reinhart Kathleen Ries-Jubenville Christopher Russell

Nancy Sadek Lowell & Denise Sanchez Sean & Lisa Savala Ken & Mary Schlueter Avery Seagren ‘19 Weldon & Suzanne Seegers John Sellars Ara & Karen Sevacherian Jamison & Andrea Shedwill Charles & Janet Shellenberger Erin Shevlin Darren & Julie Smith Jeneva Stanley ‘19 Bret & Janeen Steele Jennifer Sterett Damon & Malinda Suter Richard & Christy Tak Eunice Tasser Cristy & Charles Taylor Ray & Jodi Teare Hilary Thomas ‘08 Dan & Su Thome Lyndsey & Kristine Tidwell Janet Tittle Todd & Trisha Tripp Christina Vidger Janna Vis Matthew Voigt Matt & Kathryn Voigt Warren & Stacy Williams Sam & Rose Wilson Harold & Linnea Wilson David & Traci Wise William & Jeanette Wynne Thomas & Lois Yunghans Mark & Lisa Ziebell Mark & Elizabeth Ziebell

Missionaries $100-$499

Robert & Rachel Abijay William & Lesli Adams Gregory & Ann Adams Edward & Kirsten Aleman Dan & Amy Alexander Daniel & Lisa Alexander John & Anamarie Covey Richard & Sandy Allen Linda Alves Brian & Katherine Anderson Mark & Deborah Apodaca Monica Arredondo Gregory ‘86 & Julia Asquith Steven & Natalie Aviles Ken & Penny Bacon Tamara Barnes Bruce & Dawn Bartos Robert ‘85 & Tara Bathke Michael & Debra Bean William & Serena Beedie Spencer Bell ‘19 Beverly Bell Scott & Elisabeth Benson Lenore Benson Issac & Mary Beshay Richard & Pauline Bianchini Nicole Birrell Andrew & Heather Bivens George & Janelle Blanco Michael & Tahnee Blondel Shelly Blythe ‘86 Peter Boada Dustin & Julie Boburka Scott & Beverly Boley Phil Bongiovanni Eric & Cindy Borba Craig & Raquel Born Jerry & Kim Brakebill Pauline Brehm ‘77 Mark & Carolyn Brewer

Melissa Brey Seth & Julianne Britton Ted & Lori Bultsma Garrett & Rhonda Burke John & Ruth Cairns Lihuan Cao Jon & Terri Capuzzi Kelly & Stacia Carlson Simon Carrillo ‘07 Florentino & Blanca Castaneda Keith & Justine Chalman Anthony & Lisa Chavos Rich & Lori Chvilicek Anne Cilani Brendan ‘04 & Ashtyn Circle Brian & Kelly Clauss Georgene Cole Dennis & Kathleen Cole Michael & Laura Conroy Alfred & April Cooper James & Elaine Cordes Carlos Corona Chris & Mary Corp Richard & Tracy Crady Christina Crandall Christina Crandall Michael ‘97 & Laura (Miklos) ‘01 Crawford Cory Crawford William Daily Jan Darst Jack & Beverly Davis John DeCriscio Andrew & Lisa Del Rey Robert Densham Timothy ‘79 & Jennifer (McCann) ‘81 Detviler Robert & Rebecca Devereaux Steve Dierker ‘83 Marianne Dinicola Cheryl Dismuke Howard & Donna Drake Eric & Kim Dravis Gary & Glennis Ducheny Philip & Maggie Duerr Meredith (Riebau) ‘89 Dufield Thomas & Monica (Krumes) ‘86 Dupuis Randy & Traci Edwards Alexa Eguchi David & Carolyn Elfman James & Amy (Smokov) ‘87 Elmore Darlene Elsa John & Deborah Emerick Betty Enderle Jesse Rae & Sheri Farese Anthony & Dawnmarie Favata Kristine Fay Brent Ferdig Robert Ferguson ‘97 Stephen & Therese Fey Robert & LaVerne Francis Robert ‘81 & Valerie Freeman Ron & Patricia Freepartner Vincent & Kelley Fregoso Karen French Andrea Funk Larry & Jennifer Furry Maximilian & Kimberly Garces Stephen & Kelly Garis Clifton & Diane Gazich Mark & Kim Gebhardt Mark & Danna George Mark & Margarita Gest The Giacumakis Family Christopher ‘10 & Alyssa (Alaniz-Smith) ‘11 Gibbons Andrea Glabb Tim ‘81 & Cassandra (Gehm) ‘83 Glastetter Greg & Sarah Glisman Joshua ‘01 & Marci Goedl Bonnie Goetting Richard & Karen Golde










Christopher & Krista Gonzalez Daniel & Charlene Goodman Gregory Gower ‘08 Misty Graves ‘97 Kevin & Linda Grover Chaz Guinn ‘02 Debbie Guss ‘77 Ayn Hackett Paul & Jean Hackmann Jon Hadley ‘86 Brian Hand ‘09 Gregory & Faye Hanoian Drew & Erica Hantula Stephen & Brenda Hantula John Harb III ‘08 Christina Hehl David & Jessica Heim Brad ‘82 & Donna Heinecke Ken & Miriam Heinecke Matthew & Lauri Hemsley Jessica Hernandez Steven & Catherine Heyman Linda Hilbert Mark & Susan (Dannemeyer) ‘80 Hirzel Steven & Shelley Ho Robert Hobbs ‘02 Jerry & Pamela Hoerauf Charles & Anita Hoger Kathrine Holly ‘97 William & Kim Hood Stacey Houston Mark & Nancy Howard Stacy Howard Curtis Huston Simon & Lisa Izing Sean Jackson

Rolf & Samantha Jacobs Michael & Pamela Jones Jeff & Barbara Joslin Edward & Kathleen Jubenville Joseph Juliano ‘95 Myron & Virginia Kampfer Fereshteh & Kangarlou Victor Karidakes Donald & Kari Kazanjian Jack & Colleen Keeter Lisa Kendrick Arik & Jody Killion Scott & Rhonda Kirby Wayne & Hilary Kircher Charles & Karen Klein William Knight Joel Kott ‘02 Paul & Tamra Kraemer Joseph & Kaye Krum Rolf & Heidemarie Krumes Dave & Laurie Kuelpman Norman & Joyce Laesch Ken & Michelle Landrith Stephen & Nancy Lane Steve & Chi Larkin Michael & Patricia Lazcano Stuart & Shirley Lee Jeff & Daiana Leedom Brian & Linda Lewotsky Michelle Li Yolanda Liang Richard Lie Robert & Victoria Lienau Douglas & Darcy Lincoln John & Sandra Lode Scott ‘82 & Karen Lohan












Jeffrey & Janine Lozon Conrad & Karen Maag Steven & Connie Mack Patrick & Sonia Maher Julia Mahon David Mains Fred & Cindy Markle Jonathan Marona Juan Marrujo John & Lydia Martinez Isabella Martino ‘19 Salvatore & Kara Martino Bea Maselli Gilbert & Susan Maturino Arthur & Phyllis Maurer Kelly (Wilson) ‘86 Mayes Leonard & Tracy McCray Kevin & Julie McKhann Michael & Maureen Mekjian Edward & Janelle Mendez Bill & Julie (Anderson) ‘86 Mengert Gary Meyer Jennifer Miklos ‘99 Steven & Janet Miklos Brian & Nicolle Miller Loretta Miller Ron & Patricia Mills Mike & Natalie Milton Thomas & Kirsten Minasian John & Sandie Minguez Scott & Cynthia Minshall Cynthia Mize Todd & Nancy Moeller Tuyen Mong T Vu Robert & Jeannie Mooney Manuel & Sherie Moreno

Donald & Charlotte Morner Gregory & Deirdre Moseley Jeremy & Donna Moser Elaine Mouw Lisa Murray Rodney & Julia Naylor Doug & Jan Naylor Shawn & Sharon (Francis) ‘85 Nelson Joseph Nickerson Kit & Mary Nirenberg Jack & Dorothy Nordt Trinon & Melissa (Norero) ‘89 McNabb Sue Norman Wayne & Diane Oestreich Alan Olick Espen Olsen Mark & Barbara Olson Teofil & Mariana Oros Mary Clare Ovalle Adey & Milana Oyenuga Don Pargee Norman & Louise Pargee Alex & Mary Kay Park Edward & Suyeun Park Matthew ‘01 & Julia (Hoerauf) ‘01 Parsons Roger & Amy Patton Eugene & Gloria Paulus Vicki Pavlisin Kenneth & Peggy Peake Gerardo Perez Lorraine Perez Chuck & Roya Petersen Julie Pettis Christan Pettis Michael & Melinda Pierson Gregg & Melanie Pinick


John Scholten Eric ‘86 & Cindi Schulz Christine Scimia Brian & Cheryl Scudday Asher Segelken ‘16 Larry & Joyce Segelken David & Michelle Seiler Kiko & Marie Serna Monica Shafer Michael Fischer & Lisa Shatzkin Thomas Shevlin Terry & Joyce Shibuya Glen & Carolyn Shiery Vincent & Jill Shih Peter & Vicki Haas Shorts Scott & Victoria Siksnus Steven & Teresa Simmons Jeffrey ‘87 & Stacey (Anderson) ‘86 Simmons Gonzalo & Johann Martinez Rhona Slaughter Roland ‘88 & Dawn Slyke Julie Smith Daniel ‘91 & Rebecca Solkamans John & Suzanne Sotelo Richard & Debbie Spitz Robert & Alison (Riach) ‘97 Spors Jeffrey & Kerry Stanley Daniel & Darlene Steege Mark & Nancy Steinbergs Janet Steiner Jeff & Jennifer Stice Dennis & Judith Sweeney Steve Sylvester Cole Tachdjian Eric Tarquin ‘99 Brent Tarquin ‘02 Richard Taylor

Jose & Luz Tena Gamal Tewfik Verna Thome Karl & Rosemary Thompson Forrest & Emily Tillitt Jasmine Torgerson Anne Towles ‘09 Tim Truitt Matthew & Vicki (Voltarel) ‘90 Tupa Gerald & Lori Unis Joseph & Tamara Urban Luis & Vilma Urrego Cristina Valencia Maralisa Van Andel Heidi Vanderhil Lori Varisco Dana Vigneault Pablo & Marilynn Villa Staci & Hans Vis Maria Viveros Ann Wagner Kevin & Sandra Walker Dave & Crystal Walker David & Joanne Warsinski Jeffrey & Susan Washiashi LaVette Webb Douglas & Carole Wells James & Kathryn White George & Lois Widly Donald & Julia Williams Sandi Williams Donald & Marjorie Wilson Greg & Deborah Wingert Theresa Woo Brett & Marci Wyland Dongkai Xie ‘19 Rick & Patty Young George & Janet Zaun

Stephanie & Corey Zdanavage

Believers $1-$99

Kelly (Reed) ‘06 Acton Frank & Vicki Aguilar Lourdes Almada Christopher & Jessica Anderson Anonymous Meredith Arldt David & Carol (Lomakin) ‘90 Aspling Laura Ayala-Huntley Thomas & Pamela Ayers Steve Barillier ‘06 Danielle Batol Tracy Baxter Mike & Debbie Bean David & Ruth Beiter Bruce Benson Darren & Marynna Berezowski Alison Bergquist Lisa Beukers Marcia Bradbeer David & Kerry Brager Barbara Bredfeldt Patrick & Jaclynn Brennan Susan Britton Lori Brown Holly Bruning Ronit Bustillos Rockland & Lisa Caligiuri Herbert & Annette Carroll Steve & Gina Carter Curt & Ruth Cattau Douglas & Janet Chandler Christopher Chevalier ‘86 Samuel Chiang Chris & Valerie Chilcott




Travis ‘05 & Sara (George) ‘06 Pinick Kendel Pink George & Gail Pla Philip & Anna Podruski David Poerschke ‘82 Daniel & Lilian Ponce Elma Powers Gina Puccio Rick & Jill Pullen Spencer & Carrie Puskas Amy (Ward) ‘96 Quinn Robert & Cecile Raasch Chris & ReaAnn Rameson Michael & Diane Reafsnyder Tayler (Hoffman) ‘06 Reardon Andres Redeker Matthew & Rosemary Reisbeck Mark & Joalean Reynolds Patrick & Kimberly Rhoten Clint ‘85 & Becky Rieber Linda Riedmann Michelle Rieke Phil ‘05 & Joanna Roberts William Rogers Donald & Barbara Rogers Ronny & Donna Rowell Dave & Angela (Schlueter) ‘89 Rumsey Alejandro & Melissa Sabad Patricia Sackett George & Linda Sagen Josh & Sarah Salzberg Hayley Sampson ‘02 Andrea Samson Margaret Sandoval Steven & Sandra Sarandis Vicente & Eva Sarmiento Glen ‘83 & Rena (Perkins) ‘83 Schlueter Mark ‘89 & Heidi Schmidt



2017 TOTAL



OT H E R 46






Brad & Kathy Christensen Lisa Collier Bradley & Valerie Edwards Donnalee Cooper Christopher & Melissa Cordes Josh & Danielle Cortez Lydia Cortez Brittan Cox ‘04 Dana & Shirley Crandall Thomas & Sonita Crane Richard Currier ‘96 Lynn De Blasio Bradley Dean Lorena DeCarlo Toby & Jennifer Dial Elizabeth Emrick Mark & Sharon Evans William ‘86 & Suzie Ewing Christopher & Lorianne Ferry Elizabeth (Vogel) ‘06 Fitzgerald David & Alicia Forrest Heather Francine Brett & Rossette Franklin Suzan Freeman Aaron Friesen Scott & Jena Fullerton Michael & Kay Gadd Matthew & Lisa Gauen David & Jessica Gazzaniga Bernice Gerken Felicita Giannavola ‘87 Brian & Jennifer Glicker Domingo & Robin Gomes Arnold & Tracey Gooch Steve & Shelley Gray William Griffith ‘06 Tara Gross ‘05 Greg & Deborah Hahn Donald & Oralia Haid Aaron & Dawn Hamby Brooke Hansen ‘95 Matthew ‘80 & Pamela (DeGroot) ‘80 Hansen Michael & Diana Hanson Steve & Michelle Hardy Tami Hayden Joyce Hays Karen Helton Timothy & Deborah Henigman Robert & Shannon Henning Roland & Janice Hernandez Clifford Hickman Susan Higgins Frank & Marcia Holland Michael Hollingshead ‘06 Mark & Christin (Houseknecht) ‘83 Horton Kimberly Howorth Thomas & Karen Hubbard Liza Hudson Rose Huston Blake Hyepock ‘08 Brian & Susan (Roeder) ‘86 Ilten Kate Jarvis Gregory ‘86 & Carol (Stern) ‘86 Kamin David Kasad Timothy & Joy Kaufmann Karly Kazanjian ‘14 Lynda Kelly Robert & Judith King James & Marla (Dial) ‘87 Kingsland A Kitzelman Nicheryl Knibb Michael ‘86 & Sandra Krabbe Nallan & Sudha Krishnan Chris & Kristen (Grice) ‘86 Lagerlof David & Marianne Landrith Carol Landrith Tyson Peter & Jennifer (Ritter) ‘98 Lark Philip Lau ‘86 Marc Laulhere Jane Layton

Alex Lehrer ‘86 Francis & Suzette Leskowicz Robert & Joy Liefeld Norbert & Michele Lippert Peter & Anne Livermore Sandy & Robert Lopez Denise Lopez William & Kristine Macdonald Tracy Mackey Scott & Mary Martin Matthew & Kayla Marty Tony & Heidi Matson Steve & Janette Mattoon Kelly McDonald ‘09 James & Kimberly McGovern Raymond & Leslie McMannis Marliza Merritt-Strasser Kevin Michael ‘06 Nicholas Miner ‘06 Devon & Lisa (Olson) ‘02 Molitor Martin & Teri Molthen Ernie & Terry Monson Demetrius & Lourdes Montrose Douglas & Marissa Moore Djrik ‘80 & Gail Nelson Kathleen Nelson Alfred Neukuckatz Tim & Christine (Strasbaugh) ‘88 Neumann Donald & Carrie Nichiporuk Gary & Diane Nowak Jack & Henriette Nydam Clay O’Neal ‘07 Charles Olsen Eirik ‘82 & Sherry Orman Juliana Orrick Dominique Ovalle James Oveson Nicole Pacholl Justin & Alison (Salsbury) ‘89 Parsons Don & Esther Pearsall Brian & Samantha Penny Raquel Perez Nelda Peterson Hlalefo & Michelle Phororo Scott & Carol Pickford Tim & Trish Ponder Jeff Potter Jason ‘92 & Brandy Presley Scott & Kelly Rawley Kristin Roach Ed & Colleen Rodieck Jonathan Royal Timothy Rush Scott & Laura Sampson Kent & Dawn Sandie Paul & Carolynn Santaniello Ken & Cynthia Santini Russell & Jennifer Sasaki Shannon Savala Shannon Savala Philip & Vicki Schaffer Linda Schenkoske Christopher & Michele Schloeman Jim & Kristy (Morner) ‘81 Schroppel Adam Schulte ‘99 Matthew & Vicki Schulte Gregory ‘86 & Denise Schulz Bill & Mariza Schwerter David & Deanna Scott Kimberly Scudday ‘17 Richard & Sheryl Seapy Chad & Yolanda Sellers Rhonda Shader Karen Shaw Eric Siegel ‘08 Paul & Adelaine Sin William & Elizabeth Smith Matthew & Kimberly Smith Steve & Michelle Snyder Gerald & Linda Staake Mark Staake ‘00

Jeff & Maren (Moss) ‘86 Stanley Victoria (Barnett) ‘86 Stone Douglas & Donna Strange DeeAnn Summers Thomas & Karen Sunshine Ron & Faith Surprenant Mark & Nonette Swart Michelle Tabb Bret & Myra Taylor Alveste & Launa Taylor Kelly (Dolton) ‘88 Templeman Richard & Debra Thierjung Paul & Kim Thorp Eric & Kirsi Turbedsky John & Toni Valdez Erick Vera ‘08 Matthew ‘06 & Camille Wade Ida Wade Timothy & Catalina Walker Brantley Watson William & Kathryn Watts Dawn Weller Christopher Whiston ‘09 Erika Willis ‘09 Rebecca Willis ‘07 Ryan Willis ‘05 Scott & Jen Wilson Roberta Winn Gennifer Wolffe Chase Young ‘17 John & Janine Zanelli Rachel Zauner ‘03 Nanci Zinngrabe


DIRECTORS Mark Apodaca Catherine Boezinger James Bright Roger Burtner Curt W. Cattau Roger Frick Michael Grant Thomas D. Gray Anita Hernandez William Hood Jenny Jordan Leann Luchinger Robert Odle Craig W. Olson Kurt M. Rammelsberg Carolyn Shiery


Susan Alger William & Amy Bailey Paul & Liz Belden Dennis & Kathryn Bise Boe ‘85 & Catherine Boezinger William & Shirley Boezinger James Bright & Vicki Woodard-Bright Sherry Bull Peggy Cansdale James & Sharon Elliott Robert & LaVerne Francis Richard Gartman & Laurel Peniche-Gartman Brad & Donna Heinecke Matthew & Lauri Hemsley Amy Jahn Karl & Cyndee Jenkins John & Suzanne Lewis Walt & Leann Luchinger Todd & Christine Moritz Navin & Becky Narang Eldon & Rose Neben Shawn & Sharon (Francis) ‘85 Nelson Michael & Susan Nevell Quoc ‘88 & Huong Nguyen Tim ‘89 & Kelly Odle Craig & Jane Olson Rick & Debra Rodriguez Bill Rogers Alex & Shannon Salottolo Howard & Tammy Sandberg Mark & Jan Schmidt Heather Sidell Gardner & Debbie Tarlow Cristy & Charles Taylor Jeff & Chantell Tibbets Robert & Tracey Wade Joan Waken Gantry & Anna Wilson

COUNCILS EXECUTIVE STRATEGY COUNCIL Mark Bogh David DuBois Tricia Esser Mike Gibbons Lee Khanthaphixay John & Alecia Kruger Navin Narang Sherri Nourse David Threshie PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Bridget Bogh Don Bradley Liz Chan Joe & Kelli Cunningham Cindy Minshall Annie Nicoletti Sherri Nourse Debra Rodriguez Lisa Threshie Robert & Diane van der Goes



Donors Visionaries $100,000+

Santa Monica BMW

Champions $25,000-$99,999

Nadeau Productions

Innovators $10,000-$24,999

Lux Bus America Klein Family Foundation Kramer Family Foundation Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Ambassadors $5,000-$9,999

The Walt Disney Company Foundation The Walt Disney Company Foundation Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift program Southern California Pizza Company, LLC Vanguard Charitable Wells Fargo

Igniters $2,500-$4,999

Project Metals Concordia University Irvine Plan It With Sunshine Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Amort Construction, Inc. Ghassan S. Tooma, M.D., Inc. Cholame Vineyard Salon TM:2 Bragg Companies Law Offices of Robert Wheatley Shelly BMW Spectrum Wine Auctions, LLC

Illuminators $1,000-$2,499

Rexnord Foundation Inc. Healing Heroes Ministries Tropical Plaza Nursery, Inc. The Benevity Community Impact Fund LCMS Foundation Intel Corporation Charity Trust Account Dartco Transmission Sales & Service, Inc. Kooly Solar Energy LLC Mission Landscape The Webb Foundation Laurel Peniche Gartman, Attorney at Law Dalton Capital First Lutheran Church Horizon Oxygen & Medical Equipment SSD Alarm

Scholars $500-$999

Stat Surgical LLC The Pumpkin Factory Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Melrose Educational Consulting LLC M M Home Solutions Capital Group Co Charitable Foundation Scott Graduation Services Synergy Clinical Skincare A Professional Law Corp Bidwell Marketing Eye Magic Photo, Inc. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Herff Jones, LLC Mark Company Orange Creek Marketing Inc.


Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program Rodin Atwater Properties Santiago Food Mart & Auto Wash Snow Circle Corp

Missionaries $100-$999

Knights of Columbus Climate Inc Gary Steven Findley Attorney at Law Gary M. Souza, PT & Associates Good Shepherd Medical Clinic, Inc. Pure Health Lifestyle, Inc. TRUiST Convergence EE1040 Corp Lupat Corporation; DBA Advanced Realty Tile Expo Inc. Brakebill & Associates, LLC D. K. Motorsports MCP Computers, Inc. The Stahmer Foundation Travel of Orange Greenstripe Media, Inc. In-N-Out Burger JTB Supply Company, Inc Morrow-Meadows Corporation Odle & Associates Perfection Plumbing Inc. RE/MAX Realty Centre ROHM Building & Development, Inc. Law Office of Linda K Ross Boeing ActivBody Physical Therapy Allen Media, Inc. Barney & Barney Faces Total Body Care FitFactor LLC Infinity Injectables Lidgard and Associates, Inc. Michelle West Attorney at Law Wanda L. Delgado, CFP Wright Builders

Believers $1 - $99

Online Donations Integrated Prescription Solutions Clairmont Design Edison International Matching Gifts Sports Clips Ware Disposal, Inc. Metro Pacific Contracting Rod Carpenter’s Pool Service Royal College Planning Consulting Sandy’s Natural Nails Vander Tuig Family Revocable Living Trust LRG Prep, LLC The Kula Foundation Dyas Family Trust


Adiana’s Salon & Day Spa Allucra Anaheim Ducks Bart Cave Drum Studio Belle Amie Studios Black Gold Colf Club Blondies Style Bradford Renaissance Portraits Capital Genealogy Chick-fil-A Chili Pepper

Chirping Hills Studio Cholame Vineyard Cinema City Theaters City National Grove of Anaheim Club Pilates DB Engineering, Inc. Disneyland Resort Dream Dinners DS Services Duchess on Cambridge El Cholo Elmer’s Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Fit Pro Personal Training Flightdeck G. H. Wilke & Co. Jewelers Guy Babusek Vocal Studios Heroes Bar & Grill Hit the Mark Fitness Island Rentals Islands Restaurant Jersey Mike’s Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards King’s Seafood Company L.A. Racing Lamppost Pizza Matoska Trading Company Medieval Times Miller Coors Mixx Yoga Nails and Spa by Katie National Sports Apparel, LLC No Limit Personal Training O.C. Recording Experience OC Service Dogs Inc OSI Express, INC PartyLite Gifts, Inc. Rainbow Sandals Raising Cane’s Rexco Development Rockwell’s Cafe & Bakery Rowley Portraiture Sender One Service Steele Aerospace Sheila Kelley’s S Factor Sky High Sports Skylinks Golf Course SkyZone Softball Performance Workshop South Coast Plaza South Coast Repertory Sports Clips Stone Fire Grill Teen Driving Academy Test Prep Gurus TGIS Catering Tropical Plaza Nursery, Inc. The Brea Improv Comedy Club The Brea Space The Dry Lounge The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon The Rinks The Tulsa Rib Company Thomas Fallon Photography Totty Printing Toyota Matching Gifts to Education Trapeze School of New York - Los Angeles Travis Mathew, LLC Tustin Ranch Golf Club Urban Plates Watson’s Yorba Linda Country Club Yves Restaurant & Wine Bar Zov’s Bistro

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lasting legacy

PLANNED GIVING Planned giving involves providing a future gift through your financial and estate plans and are an effective means of Christian stewardship as they redirect assets to ministry that otherwise would be lost to income, capital gains or estate taxes. They are a wonderful way to support charities you care deeply about. Opportunities include: >> GIFTS THROUGH WILLS AND TRUSTS





ENDOWMENT GIFTS Orange Lutheran has established the Lancer Legacy Endowment Fund in order to ensure the long term sustainability of the school. This fund is composed of money that is permanently restricted. The principal remains secure and restricted and held in perpetuity, while the earnings from the invested assets are utilized for their designated purposes which currently include need based financial aid and the Missions program. Endowment funds provide the financial means to sustain the mission of Orange Lutheran ensuring that as many students as possible hear the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus. This type of support allows you to leave a legacy and pass on the values and ideals that are most important to you for generations to come. During the past year, the Lancer Legacy Endowment Fund reached nearly $1 million in principal through the generosity of so many. Orange Lutheran is grateful for the endowed leadership gifts of $25,000 or more which are listed here. All of the generous donors who have supported the endowment are listed on the donor pages herein.

DONORS Anonymous Anonymous Paul and Liz Belden Amy Nadeau Berokoff (‘05) Cody Nadeau (‘09) Maggie Nadeau (‘13) Narang family Nicoletti family


As a new member of the Orange Lutheran family, I want to first praise God for the opportunity to serve in such an amazing place. There is something very special and unique happening here, and it all starts with knowing that we are saved by grace, through faith in Christ Jesus. Although I begin after the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year, I am pleased to report that Orange Lutheran continued its outstanding financial performance, generating positive income from operations while maintaining focus on things that directly impact our Lancer families.

Lowest Tuition

Message from Business Services CFO, Justin Stewart

in the Orange County Trinity League

20% Increase in year-over-year need based financial aid

Largest Assocation Discount in the Orange County Trinity League

64% Increase in year-over-year Endowment fund balance

Continue Growth in unrestricted cash reserves for future investments in the ministry

$2.8M In Operational Investments including campus-wide solar, upgrades in information technology equipment, software and infrastructure, audio visual equipment, and improvements in Nechita


Thank you for being part of this incredible ministry where we help students internalize the message of salvation in Christ every single day! In Christ, Justin B. Stewart






OPERATIONAL INVESTMENTS (excludes $15M expansion)


SET GROUP LEFT TO RIGHT: Todd Moritz, Todd Eklund, Patty Young, Leslie, Smith, Tim Detviler ‘79, Justin Stewart, Cathy Blankenship ‘86, Jeremy Johnston