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Vision 2030: Charting the Course

As I was introduced to the City Council in June of this past year, I commented that ‘’we” would build the school system's vision collectively. For us to “create a lasting legacy,” our plan of action must be based on stakeholder “ownership” and the implementation of stakeholder ideas, instead of simple agreement to the ideas of leadership. System and school administrators have listened, learned, and led for the past six months. It has become more evident as to “who we are,” and now we are ready to develop a plan that will tell us “where we are going” and “how we are going to get there.”

During the month of January, the board will revisit the system’s vision, mission, and belief system Once we have carefully considered this guiding foundation, we will develop action steps and goals All will culminate with a board-approved strategic plan

While most organizations have such a plan, our efforts will differ greatly First, this will be the primary plan for the organization from which all other plans will be derived Because of our attention to detail, many former plans will not be necessary The plan will align with the educational pillars of Cognia, the accreditation system to which we must soon apply. Every objective will be quantifiable. Our goals will be ambitious but attainable. The document will be fluid and change as the needs of the system change. Outcomes will be measured annually and reported publicly. The metrics derived from the plan will drive future decisions. The plan will be used as an evaluation tool for system leaders and school personnel

Student, parent, business, and community surveys will be integral to this process Your participation over the next six months will be solicited We ask that you respond honestly by giving credit to our efforts and accomplishments and by offering positive, constructive feedback on the means of improvement

Together, we will chart our course and navigate the future’s uncharted waters. We look forward to working closely with you.

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 | I S S U E N O . 3

Never stop learning

To kick off the second semester, our teachers met in large and small groups to learn new skills, dig deeper into data, and find new ways to connect students with learning. Taking their turn in the desks, it was no surprise that our teachers rose to the challenge, seeking new ways to reach students. Many topics were covered, such as ACT Preparedness, Schoology, SPED updates, coaching updates, and more. Our teachers consistently demonstrate, through example, that there is always room for growth and improvement We are so thankful for these dedicated professionals and the personal investment they make in our students! that incorporates challenging academics and skills acquisition...

Orange Beach Middle & High School

Assistant Principal, Mr. Scott Cook

Getting to know Mr. Cook:

Q: Tell us a little about your background:

A: I am a military brat I was born on a military base in Germany and lived in Arkansas, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, and now Alabama I decided on a career in education because I was inspired by the impact that my coaches and teachers, in both high school and college, had on their players and students As I progressed through my career as an educator and coach, my desire to have an impact on as many young people as possible grew This led me to administration

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: My typical day consists of getting myself ready for work Upon arrival at school I am usually pretty busy until 3:23 You may find me dealing with buses, school safety, or a number of other various duties that come up on a daily basis I rarely ever have a day that goes as originally planned but I love the fact that no day ever looks the same as the previous one It keeps me on my toes and keeps me learning My afternoons usually consist of some sort of workout and extra-curriculars with OBMHS or my own children

Q: What do you love most about OBMHS?

A: I love the desire that all the stakeholders have in making OBMHS the best school in the country. I have never worked in a school or community that has this level of commitment, from top to bottom, to making OBMHS the absolute best and that drives me to put my best foot forward to help us succeed.

Q: What is one thing you would like to implement in our schools?

A: We are already doing this at a level that is comparable to our size, but I would love to see as many career tech options as possible In today's world, there is a lot of opportunity in fields that don't require a college degree Some of the most successful people I know only have a high school degree but are highly skilled in an area that has a high demand in today's society

Q: If you were a student at OBCS, what would you most like to be part of?

A: Everything! I believe that in order to be a well rounded person you need to try as many things as you can. You don't know if something is for you or not until you try it. You may find that you have a gift or love for something that you wouldn't have normally been drawn or exposed to.

Shout out to the Dad Squad:

Orange Beach Elementary is excited to have the Dad Squad from Orange Beach United Methodist Church helping out again this year Last year, OBES Principal Mary Catherine Law, reached out to Tyler Vittetoe from OBUMC expressing a need for more male role models on campus. That’s how this unique community partnership began and has continued to evolve. Tyler Vittetoe is the Director of Ministries at OBUMC, and Lyle Cooper is the counselor at OBES. Both men are Dads and have children at Orange Beach Elementary This perspective has strengthened the partnership between Dad Squad and the school

The Dad Squad sends these Super Dads to help in the lunchroom every Friday These men are generous with their time In addition to showing up each week, they’ve also participated in training and background checks Each week teachers are sent a Google form to request a Dad from the Dad Squad to help with a STEAM project or other class project. Dads have read to students, played soccer, thrown footballs and helped with beautification projects around the school. Most importantly, they’ve built relationships and are great role models for elementary students

OBES is grateful for the support from Dad Squad and is excited to see how the program continues to grow For more information about Dad Squad, please visit their website https://www obdadsquad com/ or contact Tyler Vittetoe, tyler@orangebeachumc org or Lyle Cooper, lylecooper@obcityschools org

Thank you!!
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Charting the Course...

Provide challenging academics acquisition

Focus on the Whole Student

Orange Beach City Schools recognizes that our students are multidimensional and require a wholistic approach to success. Athletics, clubs/organizations, mental health initiatives, and overall connectedness play a vital role in focusing on the whole student.

Create a results-based experience

Strategies and decisions are created based on data analysis, careful research, and a common sense approach to teaching and learning.

The Orange Beach City Schools Mission

and skills

We want our classrooms to challenge students to reach their full potential, while helping them develop skills that will assist them well into the future.

Strong Character Development

Orange Beach City Schools expects excellence in all that we do, including expectations of the highest character for our students. Through modeling, classroom guidance, and targeted programs, we hope to develop students of the highest character and integrity.

Solid Citizenship

Learning to be a positive contributor to the greater community is an important part of learning and development. We want our students to understand the value and impact of giving back and being a good steward and citizen.

OBES Assistant Principal,


Cendy Hart Things The

Mrs. Cendy Hart, Orange Beach Elementary School's Assistant Principal, was asked what three things best represented her. After thoughtful consideration, these are the items that she presented. I hope this helps you get to know this remarkable school leader.

The first and most important thing that represents me, is my family. My husband, Rusty and I have been married for 13 years and have 2 boys, Russell (3rd grade) and Rhodes (1st grade) Rusty and I both went to Auburn and graduated the same year, but never met there. God always has a way with his timing, and we met years later when a mutual friend introduced us in my hometown, Hoover, AL. A year and a half later, we were married in Rusty's home church, Orange Beach Methodist Church. It was important to me that the church we were married in would be our home church 13 years later, we can’t imagine being anywhere else, building our family and serving the Lord.

The second thing that represents me, is staying centered. My boys and I try to always start our day with a daily devotion. Even on the hectic mornings, finishing up homework, completing morning chores we try to stop to thank the Lord. My boys will tell you I say, “we are thankful, grateful and blessed” a lot. I want to never forget that every day is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice in it. Sometimes, we are doing the morning devotion in the parking lot just before we enter the school doors. It helps us to stay centered and focused on what God's purpose for us is and follow his guidance. I love when the boys offer up prayer requests for our school resource officers, their teachers and school staff or a sick classmate.

I chose these books as the third item that represents me. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Nelson, was my inspiration to become a teacher. For the years following that, my parents would give me books for Christmas and my birthday. My mom always wrote a message in the book. These books helped me build my library as a first year teacher, became books I could share with my own boys, with so many meaningful stories and memories connected to each one. Each time I open up one of the books, I can read the message and the year it was written. I grew to love poetry as an elementary child, and started collecting poetry books by Shel Silverstein. You can see the post-in notes marking a few pages, and as a teacher and mom I loved reading these poems to my students and children. It always brought laughter to my classroom and my home! These books mean more to me than I can describe! To me, they reflect support and love which overflows into my position at Orange Beach Elementary. People ask me all the time, how I do what I do, and I always reply, “it’s a calling.” I truly believe I am serving in the position the Lord wants me in and I love working with our students, staff, families and our community as we love on our children, the children of our future.

We LOVE our Grands!! Thank you for supporting Grandparents' Day at OBES! To see all of the photos: Please use this link.

A Strategic Plan

Beginning in January 2023, Orange Beach City Schools will come together to begin its work on our Strategic Plan. With input from Board Members, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, and local community members, we will work diligently to outline the values, direction, and goals of our school system. This process is not taken lightly, and we will be asking for your support and input. As surveys are created, please help by giving us your feedback!

Our charge to our students and staff this year was to Create a Lasting Legacy. This Strategic Plan will do just that. We are excited to embark on this undertaking. It's an incredible time to be a Mako!

Something to "Crow" About Relationships Matter!

I truly believe the most important function of life is to create relationships. It is the intent of Orange Beach City Schools to establish positive connections with all persons and organizations

After reflection on our brief system’s existence, it brings to light specific relationship-building events, such as July 1’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, multiple Meet and Greets, Employee Back to School Bash, Open House events, Makos on Main, Ground Breaking Ceremony, Parents Day, and Homecoming events. There have been many send-offs to State, art and athletic events, and organizational meetings

Two events of late of which I wish to “crow about” are the elementary school’s Christmas program and Grandparents' Day There were 1,000 seats in the Event Center with students on the floor and stage, with many standing in the back of the auditorium. The community support was overwhelming, and the students’ performances were outstanding. It was an incredible event!

As a grandparent, nothing brings greater joy than the happiness of a grandchild Knowing that grandchildren are being educated in a safe and loving environment gives us peace Orange Beach City Schools demonstrated all of the aforementioned during Grandparents’ Day and wishes to thank school and system personnel and the Orange Beach PTO for its efforts. The smiles, hugs, and excitement were more than worth the venture

The system’s New Year’s resolution is to strengthen current connections and facilitate new relationships in the next calendar year If you are not as involved as you would like, please contact the local school or the board office. We will surely welcome your involvement and give you a sense of belonging.


Agreeing with Mr. Wilkes' statement, relationships truly are the key to any successful school or organization. Great things are accomplished when we are all working together toward a common goal. The future of our children and our community will depend on our ability to chart a course that outlines a path to success for each child. I am thankful and blessed to be part of this remarkable school system. Together, we will form our strategic plan, lay out attainable goals, and work diligently toward making our vision a reality.

is truly what it takes to Create a Legacy. I'm excited that this is only

Projects Visit our websites for the latest information: District-Wide Site: OBMHS: OBES: Follow us on social media for daily posts about great things happening on our campuses. Be sure to check email and text from school messenger. Adding the app is very helpful.
-Mary Courtney, Special

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