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Blake Hansen on parenthood, designing a brand, and buffing surfboards Page 16 • 1


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Songs We Listen To (So we can survive the semester)

We listen to music because it gives a pleasurable feeling, sometimes other feelings are drawn out. Aside how human feelings work, music can also defy who you are. Here is the staff picks that defy them and their quirkiness.


Lijadu Sisters // “Come on Home” Iron Claw // “Pavement Artist” Dystopia // “Hands That Mold” Nick Cave // “Opium Tea” Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto // “The Girl FromIpanema”


Covet // “Basement” Cynic // “Disembodied” Devotion III // “Foundation” What Finds Me // “True Widow” K // “Cigarettes After Sex”


Frank Ocean// “Unity” Jorja Smith // “I am” BROCKHAMPTON// “Sweet” Rex Orange County // “Loving Is Easy” Talking Heads // “This Must Be The Place”


Sunrise Seven // “Stormchaser” Within Temptation // “Our Solemn Hour” Nightwish // “End Of All Hope” Afterstorms // “Deliverance” Dark Souls 3 // “Iudex Gundyr”

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oa 05.2018 THE NECTAR 20 Intimate Crafting


A leather craftsman inspired by tattoo imagery allows a glance into his creative technique and personal workshop. By Trenton Schwartz

14 Q&A with a surfer

Surfer Blake Hanson talks about surfboard craftsmanship, responsibility, becoming a parent and Weston Surfboards. By Timmy Heffernan



House of Wax Play

An account of a visit to a tattoo artist’s humble abode and her reflections on experiences that shape her BDSM inspired art. By Ashley Hern

38 In Defense of Aquaman

A persuasive arguement on why DC Comics’s Aquaman known as the King of the Seven Seas deserves more respect. By Frank Kalaleh



Where phrases come from // Wise tweets // Pulling an all-nighter // Cafes to study at // Beauty trends for 2018 // Horrorscopes // Pokemon championships and tips // What superhero are you? // The term consent explained


Surfer Blake Hanson pointing towards a surfboard which he fashioned for Weston Surfboards. photo by

Timmy Heffernan 2 • Orange Appeal • May 2018







Win we win it all just Congratulate and don’t Playa hate King Chuck, @EyePhone_Jerome

Really thinking of going vegan. i’ve eaten my last fur coat. Luwanda, @LuwandaJenkins

Phrases with unexpected origins


A closer look at 7 common cliches By Danyelle Opp For the most part, the majority of people use phrases, idioms and slang terms as a part of everyday vocabulary. However, not many stop to consider the origin and actual meaning of the phrases. “Not only do words reflect history, but also gender, social class, racial and ethnic backgrounds, heritage, and culture, among others,” says Bridget Hoida Mulholland, an English instructor at Saddleback College who has studied the topic of words and their origins. “Slang, especially can provide insight into youth culture and counter-cultural movements.” To fully understand the concept and context of idioms, it is necessary to look at their original roots. Here are some popular idioms and phrases and their surprising connotations. Not only are the origins of these common phrases interesting, but can also help us reflect on our past history. This can give us a better understanding of the English language and the context surrounding it. “It’s important for us to learn the history of our language, including word and phrase origins, so that we gain not only a better understanding of our language but also insight into the culture from where the words and phrases originated” says Koester.

“RED TAPE” Meaning: The phrase “red tape” is used to describe a situation or obstacle in a metaphorical way. Origin: Legal documents are other tied up with red tape, making them more difficult to open and access. “IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS” Meaning: It is raining heavily. Origin: In England during the 1500s, a houses roof was constructed of straw. Many animals would find this a comfortable place to rest. When it rained heavily, many of these animals would fall and end up dead in the street. “BITE THE BULLET” Meaning: To do something you have to do but don’t want to. Origin: When surgeons were operating on patients before anesthesia was invented, they would often give their patients a bullet or something to bite down on to help cope with the pain. “THE HAIR OF THE DOG” Meaning: This refers to drinking an alcoholic drink to cure a hangover from drinking the night before. Origin: “It originates from a belief that people could be cured of rabies by drinking a concoction that contained the hair of the rabid dog that bit them”, says Saddleback

English Professor Kristina Koester. “I’M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY” OR “HUCKLEBERRY FRIEND” Meaning: Huckleberry is used to describe someone being their friend or significant other. Origin: “Huckleberry Friend and/or Huckleberry in a Western context actually refers to a pallbearer,” says Mulholland. “Like the huckleberry bush that brambles next to a riverbed, a "huckleberry" friend is your closest friend. Someone who will stay with you to the end, and carry your coffin all the way down the river.” “RULE OF THUMB” Meaning: A guide or principle to follow. Origin: “The phrase stemmed from an English law enacted in the late 1700’s where a man could beat with his wife but only with a stick that was no bigger than his thumb,” says Koester. “However, this etymology has been disputed. It may have simply originated from the history of using one’s thumb as a tool to estimate measurements.” “PUT A SOCK IN IT” Meaning: Be quiet. Origin: Gramophones and record players used to have large horns to produce sound and no volume control. To lower the sound, it was helpful to stuff a sock or piece of cloth in the horn. • 3


how to Pull an All-Nighter T

he rare all-nighter is a necessary evil for many professionals and students trying to meet a tight deadline whether it be for a final exam or to meet a project due date. Saddleback College student Matthew Smith, 21, says his sleep habits lean more towards the side of being a night owl and how this effects his success when it comes to pulling an all-nighter at the Mission Viejo library on Tuesday, March 27. “When it comes to tackling the big night I always prepare accordingly,” Smith says. “I must be in a comfortable work setting, always make sure my station is organized, have good snacks available, stay hydrated and avoid reduced distractions at all costs.” Caffeine is a necessity when it comes to Smith’s nightly routine. He will usually lean towards coffee but he also tries his best to only drink small amounts at a time in order to reduce the possibility of crashing

4 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

afterwards. “As far as I can remember I have never had the best of sleep habits,” Smith says. “When my father passed away it became harder to fall asleep or to get a full eight hours of rest, but in the end it helped me overcome the struggle of pulling an all-nighter when I need to the most.” Like many college students, sleepless nights are sometimes the only answer when it comes to either making or breaking the final grade. However, college students aren’t the only ones who suffer from this pain, in general, adults do as well. “While the mean total sleep time of adults is about eight hours, there is much variance on both sides or tails of the curve” according to the Sleep Association. “Some adults only require six to seven hours, while others require nine to ten.” Paul Davis, 52, an independent insurance broker said he manages to pull a successful all-nighter when it comes to meet-

ing specific deadlines. “Getting the big prize is what keeps me motivated the most when it comes to pulling an all-nighter,” Davis says. “I don’t pull all-nighters all to often but when I do its mainly because I have fallen behind on work and everything becomes so overwhelming.” Physical activity and a healthy diet plays a big role when it comes to Davis’s nightly routine. He does sets of push ups and jumping jacks to keep his blood flowing so that it will help his brain stay on the right track. His diet consists of eating something healthy for dinner and then only consuming water and coffee moving forward. Overall, there are a variety of different strategies on how to help one pull an all-nighter. However, at the end of the day it is all based on which strategy you choose and how well you coordinate your night to come.

Savanah Mendoza

By Savanah Mendoza


Energized Studies

Best Cafes for Studying in Orange County


s a college student during the semester homework and studying can seem never ending. After one exam is over there’s always another one right around the corner to prepare for. And on top of that there’s still numerous homework assignments with deadlines fast approaching. Having this stress add up continuously can make anyone overwhelmingly anxious and the temptation to procrastinate becomes stronger than ever. But, a change of scenery outside the mundane school library or your desk at home could be the cure to caving

into the temptation. Here’s a list of cafes around Orange County that will inspire any stressed-out student to get on with their large amounts of schoolwork and to get in just the right mood to prepare for exams and quizzes. From spacious cafes with a variety of study rooms to smaller cafes with helpful accommodations every student in Orange County is bound to find a place that helps them get out of that unmotivated mentality. With these five cafes in mind definitely check one or even all of them out the next time you feel like you’re in an inescapable rut. Gabby Frenes

Lost Bean Organic Coffee and Tea The Lost Bean has locations in Tustin and one in Costa Mesa. While both are great for studying, the Costa Mesa location has more seating availability. The Lost Bean does not disappoint with its two outdoor areas with seating and even a ping pong table for a quick study break, and an indoor area accommodating bigger and smaller tables with comfy couches. The Lost Bean uses natural and organic ingredients in every drink and food item they have available. The spacious seating, outdoor areas, and freshly brewed coffee and teas makes studying less stressful. Cafe 7th Home Cafe 7th Home is located in Buena Park in northern Orange County. The great thing about Cafe 7th Home is its multiple study rooms and outdoor seating, so you’re bound to find a spot to study anytime of day. This cafe also serves on its menu, sandwiches, Korean fusion dishes, and even shaved ice. However, items on the menu can be a bit overpriced as the drinks range from $6 to $9. Despite that fact Cafe 7th Home’s multiple study rooms makes it easy to focus and even host study group sessions. Dragonfly Tea Bar/Lantern Grill/Macha Dragonfly Tea Bar actually has three locations in Orange County, all with different names. Dragonfly Tea Bar is located in Orange, Lantern Grill is located in Santa Ana and their newest location Macha is located in Garden Grove. A few factors about this chain of cafes include the comfy booths they have, printing system available for customers and they don’t close until 3 a.m., except for their newest location which closes at 5 p.m. You can get your late-night studying done here and the free printing system available is definitely a major plus.

Savanah Mendoza

Harmony Tea Bar Harmony Tea Bar has two locations in Laguna Beach and another in Mission Viejo, which is convenient for Saddleback College students. Harmony has high quality milk teas and even boba for those sweet snack cravings while studying. The Mission Viejo location has a private study room in the back area, which makes it easy to focus. One downside: there is only one study room available along with a few small tables in the front area it can be hard to find seating during busy hours. But even so it remains a less stressful environment to get work done outside the library. ISnö Cafe ISnö Cafe is new to Irvine, in Culver Plaza. For students taking summer classes, ISnö will help you focus in on your work, while cooling you down with their selection of cold brew teas and shaved ice desserts. The staff here is very helpful in choosing the best drink or dessert to your liking, as well as assisting in making any customizable adjustments to your order. Definitely go to this cafe the next time the Southern California heat makes it unbearable to even think about studying. • 5

Foxie Cosmetics’ product photograph of its Imperial Mask.

6 • Orange Appeal • May 2018 6 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

[Beauty Trends] By Ashley Hern


Six items that have made beauty gurus and skin professionals alike excited in 2018 Herbivore Jade Facial Roller Facial rollers contain specific smoothed stones, like jade or rose quartz, which can be rolled into the skin for skin care benefits. Companies like Herbivore, claim that the cool temperature of the natural stones can improve blood circulation, skin tones, and elasticity. They can also reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and help reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles. Consider ditching concealer to cover dark circles, by incorporating this tool into your skin regimen. // $25.00

Skyn Rubberizing Mask Rubber face masks, one of the newest Korean skincare trends to spread into worldwide markets, involves mixing a gel base with a powder that transmutes itself into a thick, solid substance. Consider this a sheet mask but with more of a kick due to its weight. Because of its heavy composition, skin has no choice but to absorb all the ingredients. Rubber masks can incorporate any treatment desired, like brightening, anti-aging, hydration, or detoxifying treatments. // $30.00

Foxie Cosmetics Imperial Mask Gold-infused skin care is one of the latest crazes. Pure gold, the chemical element known as Au, is claimed to slow down collagen depletion, increase elasticity, brighten, improve blood circulation, and prevent aging signs or wrinkles. Besides being an element, gold can behave like an antioxidant and possess antiinflammatory properties. However, due to its element properties, gold can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. // $37.00

DERMA E Daily Detox Scrub Exfoliation works as a process that removes old, dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin, creating the appearance of rejuvenation. This method has beauty gurus raving about its ability to remove excess oils, unclog pores, and improve hyperpigmentation. Derma E’s Purifying Daily Detox Scrub contains natural exfoliants like activated charcoal and apricot seed powder. Whether DIY or store bought, exfoliants will make your skin feel like new again. Just remember to not be too rough. // $15.50

Stacked Skincare Micro-Roller Microneedling increases cell turnover and collagen production. It can be performed by any trained aesthetician, dermatologist, or at home with the right equipment (hint: a derma-roller). This procedure involves creating hundreds of puncture wounds on the top layer of the dermis to trick the skin into reducing the signs of aging. The old saying “Beauty is Pain” might fit this category. // $30.00

OSEA Undaria Argan Oil Argan oil comes from the kernels of argan trees. It’s small molecular structure allows absorption into the skin to be quick and fast paced. This oil has rich antioxidant properties and high amounts of vitamin E, along with other essential fatty acids. However, a Dermatology News study from October 2016 states that argan oil for topical uses only has a storage shelf life of approximately three to four months. Ultimately, it would be best to purchase this oil in smaller quantities along with consistent use. // $32.00 • 7 • 7

Pokemon the OC

Aidan Narayanan plays Pokemon sporting Infernape cosplay in Seattle.

An inside look at the competitive Pokemon gaming scene – unique rules and all – at Second City Gym By Frank Kalaleh


Sanchez what I did wrong in our match? “You did nothing wrong,” Sanchez says. “I just needed to take out the biggest threat to my monsters, but if there was a moment I guess it had to be when you didn’t switch out your monsters.” Sanchez said new players can’t avoid making this mistake. “You can’t all the time, but there will be moments where you can,” he said. “Competitive Pokémon involves a lot of psychology.” He said it comes down to the player’s level of experience. “Remembering your mon-

sters’ weakness, the match-ups, moves, etc., along with when you’re in actual battle, that mental part will either sleep or awake mid-match,” Sanchez said. Players who gain the most points that allow them to enter into this year’s World Championship event. Brandon Meckley, from Austin, Texas, won the video game championship tournament with a score of 2-1 against Michael Groshans, from San Francisco, earning him the title of Masters Division Champion. Meckley will advance to the World Championship in Nashville, Tennessee later this year. Margaret Fara, a 32-year-

What superhero are you?


Flash v Batman v Superman v Aquaman – find out which Justice League member you are. Add up the points to find.

How would you describe your personality?

Secretive, butler confidant +10 Super awkward Nerd +5 Optimistic in tough spots +15 Compassionate to all +20

What would you do if you had superpowers?

8 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

Bring down criminals +5 Impress person you love +10 Pass judgment on everyone +20 Protect people you love +15

What are the features of your ideal villain? Crazy clowns, the mafia, and assassins +10 Mutant-humans and animals +5 Aliens +15 Normal human beings +20

old mother and wife, shared it was her first time at the event. “I think this is wonderful for my boys, I don’t mind the noise or how crowded it is,” Fara said. “I think something like this should happen more often. And even if I were to get board there are other parents here, so yeah.” I believe the experience I had participating in this tournament is something that every Pokémon and non-Pokémon fan should get to experience. It’s not all about wining but more about bringing the community together, including kids, online players, competitive players, and parents.

Where is your idea vacation getaway as a superhero? Another universe +5 Japan +10 The Bermuda Triangle +20 Mythical planet lost in space and time +15

The Flash: 0-25 You’re nerd, but a cool nerd. You’re not afraid to explore the unknown that life has to offer.

Superman: 36-65 You’re powerful physically, mentally, and spiritually, in life, but you are also a bit of a pushover.

Batman: 26-35 You keep to yourself. You have a firm belief on your identity and stand by your reasons.

Aquaman: 66-75 You care and love all life, but you also have zero tolerance for anyone who wrongs you.


layers battled at the 2018 Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) Regional Championship in Costa Mesa on Saturday, March 3, to reach the title of Master. Battles took place in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. Players were permitted to use any Pokémon except for Mythical Pokémon and the most powerful Legendary Pokémon, according to the rulebook. I had the opportunity to compete in the tournament but sadly, I didn’t make it very far. It’s not that I wasn’t serious or anything, it’s just that I forgot how to play Pokémon. The monster I used was a water monster that has electric and ground moves that could counter my opponent. Yeah, I was left feeling uneasy about that. I asked my opponent Erron


When ‘No’ Leads to Speculation An exploration of consent through the observation of a sociology instructor and Cartoon Network’s ‘Steven Universe’ By Ashley Hern


atie Way’s article on babe. net “I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life,” details how miscommunication can cause sexual violence during a first date. The Brooklyn-based photographer who was given the pseudonym Grace explains in the article that she gave verbal and nonverbal cues that indicated her lack of consent which were ignored by Ansari. “A positive side of the Babe article is that people are actually starting to have conversations and a dialogue about sexual violence, consent and coercion,” said April Cubbage, department chair for Saddleback College’s gender and sexuality studies department and an experienced sexual assault advocate and counselor. “It is important to realize that every individual has their own set of boundaries, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. Consent comes down to that no does precisely and entirely mean no.” Cubbage explains that sexual violence and sexual assault are both terms with multiple meanings. Sexual violence has a broader definition that contains the spectrum of any unwanted sexual action, from sexual harassment to sexual assault. From the perspective of a scholar or a sexual assault counselor, sexual assault can be seen as any coercive sexual action or instance where a victim feels that their voice is not heard or ignored. However, the legal definition of sexual assault is more definite and involves a clear victim and perpetrator that contains any forced, coerced or unwanted sexual act. Both sexual violence and sexual assault are caused from the negation of consent. “Consent involves constantly checking in and communicating with your sexual partner,” Cubbage said. “After the word no is used, both individuals need to stop and reassess the situation or scenario.” She adds that nonverbal cues may not

CONSENT BY THE NUMBERS Every 98 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. 18 percent of college students think someone has consented as long as they don’t say “No.” Sexual violence is more prevalent at college, compared to other crimes. Women 18 - 24 are at an elevated risk of sexual violence. Male college-aged students from ages 18 through 24 are 78 percent more likely than non-students of the same age to be a victim of rape or sexual assault. 21 percent of transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming college students have been sexually assaulted, compared to 18 percent of non-TGQN females, and 4 percent go non-TGQN males. The “yes means yes” standard of consent is well known, and most say it is realistic. But there is little consensus that this is better than “no means no.” The likelihood that a person suffers suicidal or depressive thoughts increases after sexual violence. 38 percent of victims of sexual violence experience work or school problems. As of March 1, 2016, 24 states and the District of Columbia require public schools teach sex education. Sex education legislation in California mandates that the information students learn is medically accurate, informative about contraception and abstinence, and inclusive of sexual orientation. SOURCES: RAINN’s campus sexual violence statistics; A Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey; “America’s Sex Education: How We Are Failing Our Students”

necessarily succeed in averting sexual behavior because cues that do not use words or speech can differentiate from person to person and can change based on location or situation. The complexity of nonverbal cues can make it tough for consent to be assessed or asserted thoroughly. In Ansari’s official statement concerning Grace’s allegations, he states that he believed the sexual activity that occurred between both of them was consensual. Furthermore, he takes accountability for his

behavior but also explains that he was unaware the encounter was not consensual. Besides Ansari, ex-cofounder of Miramax films Harvey Weinstein, along with actor Ben Affleck, screenwriter James Toback, comedian Louis C.K., “Gossip Girl” actor Ed Westwick, Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey and US Olympic doctor Larry Nassar are a few of more than 51 distinguished individuals who have had more than one allegation of sexually inappropriate behavior reported solely since 2017 affect their career. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4 in 2017 reports that 66% or twothirds of American adults feel that the recurring allegations of sexual harassment and assault reflect broad societal problems in the United States. “There needs to be more of an emphasis on comprehensive sexual education that touches on situations like what coercion feels like, tools to deal with coercion, reinforcing one’s ability to use the word no and how to self advocate,” Cubbage said. Surprisingly, Steven Universe, a Cartoon Network based children’s show, demonstrates consent practically in the episode “Alone Together.” When protagonist Steven and Connie fuse into one person or body. They both communicate constantly and check in with each other throughout their unplanned experience together. “Stevonnie, listen to me,” says Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe about Stevonnie’s fusion. “You are not two people, and you are not one person. You, are an experience. Make sure that you’re a good experience. Now go have fun.” When Connie goes to buy donuts, Connie remembers to stop and reassess with Steven if eating donuts with their shared body is comfortable for him. At the rave both characters attend, Connie self advocates for their inability of feeling safe when dancing with other people. As a result, Stevonnie lets other dancers know that they are not interested in dancing together. Steven Universe broadcasts that consent can be applied to any activity that involves listening to another person’s set of boundaries. During their experience together, Steven and Connie do not question when the other revokes or expresses their lack of consent. They both stop, reassess the scenario and tailor the experience to be comfortable and safe for each other. • 9

Horrorscopes What horrors do the stars project?

ARIES Relationships are incredibly important to you, Aries. It’s definitely not the time to go camping with your friends in a cabin in the woods or muttering words from creepy books in a basement. Use your time after the full moon on June 28 to be introspective about which projects you deserve recognition for. Start thinking about why your closest friends might consider “ghosting” you all summer. Are you too arrogant, stubborn, or confrontational?

LEO Sigmund Freud was probably inspired to write about the ego and the id because of you, headstrong Leo. Imagine being so self-absorbed and selfish, like a synthetic android whose interest lies in murdering anyone in their path of furthering a certain alien species. By promoting your narcissistic agenda, not only will you drive the human race to extinction, but there will be no one to hear your ideas or purposely ignore you. Consider it a time to be a little selfless.

TAURUS Besides being dependable, patient, and persistent, the stars also see you as a person with financial power, devout Taurus. Would being trapped in a mall, full of hungry zombies, fall into the category of your largest dreams? You would certainly have access to multiple objects that signify monetary success. Consider how materialistic you can truly be. Are you self-aware of the self-indulgent creature the stars project you to be?

VIRGO Oh Virgo, your enjoyance of mind games gets truly tiring at times. Be careful to choose occupations that require you to be creative. Your tendency to be over critical, fastidious, and judgemental will only push you closer to your fear of imperfection. There is no fun in being inventive, imaginative, or innovative if it leads you into being a ballerina that experiences hallucinations because of their overwhelming goal of achieving artistic perfection.

GEMINI Oh Gemini, you are afraid of making choices because of your complete lack of consistency. Games that involve a simple choice are definitely not your strong suit. If a philanthropic millionaire invited you to a dinner to play a macarabe version of Would You Rather, would you feel more inclined to make choices or would you let other individuals make life-changing choices that could affect your life and the amount of limbs you possess afterwards? Try using the June Solstice on June 21 as a means to reinvent yourself. Instead of not making choices, consider saying yes to any choice presented. CANCER Leaving home would be quite the pestilence for you, Cancer. Change brings out your clingy, over-emotional, and pessimistic nature. Use the new moon on July 13 to assess whether your natural tendency to stay at home will prove to be helpful at the end of the day. Would you be able to avoid a situation where a creepy duo dressed in white hold your house and family hostage with the threat of clubbing you with golf clubs? Consider installing a home security system, if you already haven’t been inclined to. 10 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

LIBRA Your indecision will be the end of you, detached Libra. Your ability to change your mind multiple times and have the perfect reasoning for it certainly make you seem both lazy and unreliable. Consider that your indecisiveness has the ability to scare even those closest to you. Would you have the ability to survive becoming entrapped in a magical, legendary Maryland forest with a hangry witch running amok all by yourself? Consider how your flaky demeanour could very well get you into this specific situation. SCORPIO You love to dominate, manipulative Scorpio. That trait is simply a cover for your fear of intimacy, because you cannot simply trust others. Try handing the commanding influence onto someone else for once. However, be careful in who you choose to trust. Strangers over the internet would not be the best choice when trying to learn how to exercise your trust. Worst case scenario: the 24-year-old you have prematurely declared your love for might be a 78-year-old who just learned how to use the internet and watched an episode of Catfish.


SAGITTARIUS There is a large amount of importance in being honest rather than nice for you, blunt Sagittarius. You can be incredibly tactless, impatient, and careless. Your overconfidence can certainly have the tendency to put your foot in your mouth during several occasions. But, you do have fears and weaknesses, regardless of how hard you try to bury that truth under the sand. Enclosed spaces do not work for you, dear Sagittarius. When choosing your words, consider being trapped inside an elevator with the demonic human being you are speaking to. CAPRICORN Oh crybaby Capricorn, you sure know how to exude the personality of a stubborn, shy, and pessimistic child. Despite how practical and disciplined you can be towards your career and educational goals, that still does not stop you from being a heavily reactive element. Imagine a colleague and yourself are inclined to design business cards for your business. Your counterpart drafts a sleeker and better design, whereas you are still in your head envisioning yours. Would murder really help you come out on top? AQUARIUS The stars portray you as an unpredictable person, dear Aquarius. Consider this a positive and negative attribute. Your curious nature multiplied with your tendency to go off-track make this quite the disasterous trait if not aligned properly. Consider haunted houses, sites, areas, and premises off limits this summer. Becoming stuck inside such buildings or places while recording the phenomenon with your friends is highly probable for you, Aquarius. PISCES The realization of your goals and aspirations commonly includes some actual work and responsibility, little dream baby Pisces. Your lack of accountability and fear of actually getting your hands dirty make you the least best person to receive super powers. Yes, you know how to be selfless and have empathetic and emotional capabilities. However, the idea of multiple people or a whole city depending on you for thier survival is enough to have you running or sleeping away from your problems.


5 New Sports in the 2020 Summer games ROCK CLIMBING

Rock climbers generally take their time, but in the contest format created by Olympic sports officials, climbers will now be in a race against the clock. The climbing time trial format will force competitors to combine their strategic thinking and athleticism as they look for the fastest way to the top of the wall.

In order to attract a younger audience and add to the diversity of the games offered at the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has added eight new sports to their event roster. These sports are a combination of established and emerging youth activities and will be seen in this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. By Trenton Schwartz


With baseball and softball gaining worldwide popularity, they will now be now be featured in the Olympics. Teams are scheduled to compete in the 2020 summer games in Tokyo.



The same individualistic qualities that make skateboarding a popular sport have also pushed surfing into the Olympic limelight, but nstead of riding on solid structures, surfers will be judged on their ability to creatively ride an ocean wave.


With baseball and softball gaining worldwide popularity, they will now be now be featured in the Olympics. Teams are scheduled to compete in the 2020 summer games in Tokyo.


With already two striking sports, many did not think Karate would have a place in the Olympics event roster. But in August 2016, the International Olympic Committee voted to include Karate in the 2020 summer games in hopes of building a diversified audience. • 11

Sanchez tattooing her client at Black Palm Tattoo.

12 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

House of

Wax play Tattoo artist Elexa Sanchez delves into her practice of BDSMinspired tattoo imagery story & photos By Ashley Hern


oise erupts while walking through the quiet and being guided through a set of stairs leading to a somewhat golden door like a blinded lamb. While being on the second floor, movement travels in the form of dips and falls. The lemon-colored entrance leads to a centerstage with a large, bright silver instationary pole. One dancer is showing another certain terminology and poses to glide across the pillar like a graceful ballet dancer. The sounds were of plummeting dancers falling off from a paradise up above. These sensory explosions are hidden and cramped inside a two bedroom apartment complex in Placentia, California being leased by a 21 year old tattooer with a hobby that includes bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. Elexa Sanchez’s living room is a animate, breathing example of feng shui: the walls are decorated in an eggshell-white which contrast the centerstage where the pole exists along with its foundation. The residence and its demeanor feels like a magic trick; the loud music inside quickly contradicts the quiet, peaceful dark encroaching the entire experience. “BDSM is truly about nurturing and being nurtured,” Sanchez says when explaining her hobby with her own words. “BDSM does not have to be entirely sexual or penetrative. I went to a goth bar in Los Angeles and was flogged in their upstairs playroom for about 10 minutes. It was one of the best experiences I have had so far.” Multiple hung objects embellished in

A banner Sanchez paints for the Portland Tattoo Expo.

Framed prints Sanchez designed.

both rough and soft leather rest above her dark bed frame. The restraining intention of the largest of the objects, a rectangular pole with shackles attached on each opposite end, was being demonstrated by the expert dancer. There is a form of perpendicular balance that comes into fruition when a horizontal tool can be incorporated into a vertical pole dancing routine. Sanchez’s pronunciation of certain words linger due to the different tones caused by her bifurcated tongue. She explains how her exposure to art began at an early age due to her father’s profes-

sion as a mural painter; furthermore, she has studied under her first mentor, Devin Fitzgerald, for almost five years. Some of her favorite subjects to draw or tattoo are gendered figurines that are coincidentally involved in her favorite pastime besides tattooing. “I did not understand the idea behind latex kinks, until I tried a tight, latex skirt,” explains Sanchez. “The skirt was able to reproduce and manipulate even the smallest movement my body would make consciously and unconsciously. BDSM is a self discovery in a way, if you • 13

Sanchez working on her client’s outline for a cover up tattoo.

Sanchez’s workspace decorated with previous tattoo designs. Sanchez tattooing her client at Black Palm Tattoo.

14 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

really think about it.” An ebony-hued candle and its wick steal the limelight through its magnetism to a vibrant flame. Its purpose is simple yet alchemic. To obtain amusement involves the equivalent exchange of burnt human flesh. Within her tattoo portfolio, multiple twists to black and grey Chicano, neo-traditional, traditional and anatomic art styles can be distinguished that focus on a dominant and recurring theme of BDSM. Sanchez improvises designs for clients just like a dom choreographs their sequence of bittersweet gesticulation without premeditation. “Both of these practices are a form of art that visually shows a person’s thought process,” she asserts. “There is something exciting about being able to see how a person’s mind works, kind of like solving a puzzle piece by piece.” Sanchez explains that there is a liberating agent to conceptualizing a client’s BDSM influenced designs for herself and her patron. Intrigued by curiosity, she finds herself asking them why they chose that specific element in the spectrum of bondage, discipline, domination, sadism or masochism. The emergence of Andreas Wismeijer and Marcel van Assen’s scientific research, “Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners,” contradicts the DSM-5’s inclusion of BDSM as an unusual sexual fixation and has shifted the social taboo and perception towards such a practice. Sanchez clarifies that practicing BDSM with the appropriate boundaries and a partner who listens can help those who have felt powerless in sexual experiences previously to gain both confidence and power from their experiences. Multiple articles similar to Jolene Sloan’s article in Sexualities titled “Ace of (BDSM) clubs: Building asexual relationships through BDSM practice,” suggest that practicing BDSM has given several individuals from multiple sexual backgrounds the appropriate tools to navigate and define their sexual experiences and behaviors. “There is something incredibly powerful about being able to dictate and control the experiences you or your chosen partner are put through,” Sanchez says. “Practicing BDSM has made me incredibly aware of my personal boundaries and my ability to experiment physically.” Sanchez currently tattoos and manages at Black Palm Tattoo in Orange. She is the only female counterpart of the team and works alongside tattooers Jordan Yescas, Andrew Castruita, Joey Cox, and Aaron Cox.

Sanchez and her client focused on thier current project. • 15

Shaping a Life photography & interview

By Timmy Heffernan

16 • Orange Appeal • May 2018


lake Hansen and I stand close on the balcony of his one-bedroom apartment in Oceanside, chilled by the salty wind blowing through both

us and the palm trees that spread to the horizon of the flatlands. His girlfriend and their baby sit warmly inside, entertaining another guest that came to visit Hansen and the four-month old. Their apartment is tidy and comfort-

able for a couple in their early 20s, its empty spaces filled with surfboards, baby stuff, and musical instruments. The two of us lean on the railing listening to the leaves rustling, looking inside.

Left and Right: Hansen buffing a board at Weston glass and surf shop in Oceanside. • 17

Describe to me what a normal day looks like for you.

me a little about the shop you work at.

Laughs — I don’t really have any normal days lately. On a good day, not like a fried work day, usually wake from Hazel ‘cuz she’s like squirming and making noise and crying and whatnot then say, ‘What’s up Hazel!’ and then she’ll smile at me and that’s always really good. Then cruise out here to the living room and Maddy or I will make a pot of coffee, you know just morning stuff, usually some bacon and, um, after that then Maddy and I will go on a drive on the beach road and look at the waves and if it looks good we’ll — usually she goes first and I’ll watch the baby ‘cuz Hazel will be hungry or something, then we’ll go skate, is that good, should I keep the answers short?

Well, the shop I work at is a glass factory owned by Wes Holderman, but he’s also a surfboard builder, he has his own company called Weston Surfboard. They’re really beautiful boards, and it’s also a production glass shop, there’s usually 20 to 30 boards being made a week, from foam. A lot of shapers give their boards to us and we turn them into surfboards.

Laughs — No long is good. Tell 18 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

Yeah, could you tell me about the process of making the whole surfboard and what’s your role in it? So, there’s a whole process, in a nutshell, it starts off with foam and it’s called laminate where you lay down the fiberglass cloth, you usually do the bottom of the board first, so you lay it down over the

bottom and you blast that then you flip it over and do it on the other side, then you add this thing called hot coat resin to it, splash some hot coat on there then you put on some fins and fin boxes and then this is where I come in and I sand them or polish ‘em and make em feel and look good for surf shops or whoever. Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing with making your own surfboards now and about that first one that you made ... the Hazel Blu one (the board seen on the cover.) Oh that one right there? Blake points inside towards a stack of boards. Yeah, yeah tell me about that, so that’s the first board you ever made? Yeah, so Wes taught me everything I

know about glassing surfboards and I’ve been doing that for about two years and then I was finally like, ‘I wanna shape a board, I feel like I know how to fully glass it and I know I wanna do it all by myself’ so I just shaped it, I didn’t have a template, I just took a picture of an old Brewer. So I tried to make something like that but the Brewer is a double winged swallow tail so it’s really complex so I was like, ‘I can’t do that’ so I just made it a pin tail. it?

So you basically just freehanded

Yeah, freehanded it, the outline, and then, um, basically just hacked it up with a planer and expanded it down. That’s sick and now you’re starting to make more of those and kinda making it a brand a little bit?

Yeah, so I wrote ‘Hazel Blu,’ that’s my daughter, on there on the deck in cursive and then I was like, ‘I know I wanna get Hazel Blu tattooed on me,’(see left wrist on cover) and I liked that lettering so then I like showed the guy.

“I wanna give her that, hopefully that feeling where it’s like, ‘Reminds me of the good ol’ days,’”

‘cuz like my printing sucks so he asked, ‘You did this? What the fuck?’ and yeah so I kinda wanted that writing on my arm so then the tattoo artist made that letter and was like, ‘Oh, let’s throw a lightning bolt in there,’ and I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, that’s sick! That completes it,’ then before he put the stencil on my wrist I was like, ‘Woah, that’d be a cool logo’ and he said he could make it ‘cuz he’s like a screenprinter and stuff. So I went forward with it and I started making logos with it and I started making more surfboards and throwing them on there. I actually just sold my first one, to a buddy of mine.

Oh, you just drew that yourself?

That was the guy I was walking in past today?

Yeah, I just wrote it on with a paint pen — laughs — yeah my boss was so confused

Yeah! That was like the first transaction for a surfboard that went down.

Left and Right: Hansen singing and strumming to his daughter Hazel Blu, a daily routine. • 19

20 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

Left and Right: Hansen skating a sewer ditch behind his shop.

Do you see that becoming like a future for you? I mean, I feel like I’ve been putting so much work into this and I really like it, I really enjoy it, so yeah. Hell yeah. So I just wanted to ask you a couple questions about Hazel too, she’s how old right now? Four months. She was born December 28? Yeah, December 28. How’s it been? Dude it’s nothing you can explain, it’s so rad. How do I explain it, like you never knew you had so much love for something and everybody always says that but you know, you’re like ‘Yeah, OK,’ but then you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh I understand, this

is insane, like you’re the best thing ever,’ like now everything I do is for her that’s why I’m working my ass off, ‘cuz it’s all for her and so we can live here and like not in our van. And I just remember my young memories of my dad and my mom just like stoked on life and now she gets to, and it’s cool ‘cuz I’m pretty young, I’m only 21, so when she’s my age I’ll be 40 and hopefully I’ll still have lots of energy. You said you usually play guitar for her like each morning too? Yeah every morning, every morning, unless I have to work super early and she’s not up yet and I have to sneak out. I’ll wake up and like, play with her on the bed and she’s just chillin’ and we’ll grab the guitar next to her and jam or I’ll bring her out to the living room to my electric guitar. I make it point to do it every single day, ‘cuz I remember when I was young and still now to this day I just love the sound.

I wanna give her that, hopefully that feeling where it’s like, ‘Reminds me of the good ol’ days,’ when she’s like our age and thinking about her childhood, I want her to have a sick childhood.

“I wanna shape a board, I feel like I know how to fully glass it and I know I wanna do it all by myself’ so I just shaped it, I didn’t have a template.”

— • 21


By Trenton Schwartz

Leather craftsman Eugene Uechi, 29, works in this Laguna Hill studio. 22 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

nton Schwartz

Eugene Uechi opens up about his experience as a leather crafter in the 21st century story & photos by

Trenton Schwartz • 23

“Seeing handcarved art in leather for the first time blew me away. I immediately started wondering, how can I do that?”


ercing sounds of a mallet striking a rivet setter echo through the house as Eugene Uechi carefully binds two pieces of a leather wallet together. At his home in Laguna Hills, Uechi has transformed a large office space into his leather workshop. The room is slightly chaotic, as piles of leather scraps lay on the floor and hundreds of different stencil sheets with Uechi’s art are spread over his desk and the surrounding walls. Uechi spends many hours in the depths of this room transforming leather hides into the beautiful handbags, wallets, belts, and other accessories that he handmakes and carves in his own art for his self-run leather accessories business, called Kyoko, offering premade and custom leather pieces. When taking a closer look at one of these unique creations, Uechi’s tremendous skill as

24 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

a craftsman and artist become self-evident in the detail and structural design he fashions into each of his products and the bold imagery he carves deeply into the leather. His art is inspired by traditional tattoo imagery, of which he has always adored for its simplistic but iconic style. Uechi’s leather products bear a natural and unique look for many to appreciate and love, cultivating a following in his local Orange County community. At 29, Uechi has been designing and constructing leather goods for the last eight years. Taking a break from his current project, Uechi reflects on how he found leather crafting. “I have always had a passion for drawing and I was really into screen printing at one point. I like being able to create stuff I can hold,” Uechi says. “I have always been drawn towards tattoo art and culture, so at the time, I was thinking about becoming a tattoo artist, but I never got the confidence to ask how I could get into tattooing because I

saw so many people get turned away.” Uechi was not inspired to peruse leather until his friend, Sid, showed him a handmade leather book cover, exposing him to the craft. Sid, a tattoo artist in Santa Ana, had been gifted the book cover from a friend in Japan, and on the front panel, the Japanese craftsman carved in one of Sid’s drawings depicting a “rock of ages”, an iconic tattoo image where a woman is shown kneeling underneath a stone cross. “I couldn’t stop touching and looking at it,” he explains “Seeing leather used as an artistic medium for the first time blew me away, I thought it was so beautiful. I immediately started wondering, how can I do that? I thought, that guy did a rock of ages on big book cover, I want to do a rock of ages on a wallet or a belt! I want to carve epic tattoo art on the leather things we use every day.” Because leather crafting is a very niche trade, it is often difficult to find a class or mentor, so instead, Uechi used the vast

Eugene Uechi sets rivets into a leather keychain using a mallet and anvil (left). Eugene cuts peices of a wallet before staining the leather a dark brown color (top). Two keychains stamped with the name of Eugene’s leather accessories brand, Kyoko (bottom).

amount of knowledge shared on the internet and decided to teach himself. He bought a leather making starter kit and taught himself how to build his products, and with guidance from his tattoo artist friends, he progressed his skills as an artist and learned how to properly draw the tattoo imagery he wanted to carve into leather. “After months of learning how to stencil my drawings and lots of practice carving, I eventually made some acceptable leather pieces and sold a belt, which was the first time I made money from leather,” he says. That first purchase was a pivotal moment in Uechi’s business because it validated leather making as a career path. “At 21, I didn’t want to work my day job in retail anymore and I wasn’t going to college, I really wanted to make money doing something I loved,” Uechi says. “Leather crafting clicked with me because I have all the creative freedom I want, and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing someone purchase and

enjoy something I worked really hard on.” Uechi quit his side job to dedicate all his time to leather and has grown his business, naming it, Kyoko, so his customers have a brand name to associate with his work. The social media platform Instagram has become very important to his brand as it has serves as a virtual storefront, allowing him to promote and sell his leather items. Uechi is constantly sharing his new creations throughout the week and they can be admired on his Instagram page, @kyokohandcrafted. Today, Uechi does not plan on quitting leather anytime soon. Leather crafting is a very integral part of Uechi’s life, not only has it become his main source of income, but it is also an outlet for his creative expression. Uechi has dedicated so much of his time and focus to the trade, that it really is a part of him now. “In high school, I would have laughed if someone told me I would be making leather handbags. But you never know where you are going in life,” Uechi says with

a humorous tone. “Leather has introduced me to so many cool people over the years and I’ve gotten to see things and have experiences I would never have had if it were not for leather. I have a deeper appreciation for art, a better understanding of business, and a different outlook on life because of leather. It has definitely shaped who I am.” With machine manufacturing dominating today’s industry, there are smaller numbers of those who are entering or making a living performing a craft or trade. Technological aid has increased the efficiency and lowered the cost of production, but the resulting products are often mundane and sterile. They lack the natural characteristics of something that is handmade, as these items express the small details in a maker’s creative process. Luckily, there are still those, like Uechi, adding more texture to the world with handmade items that break up the sterility in our everyday objects. • 25

southern california

Reflections A collected series of narratives from a painter, hiker, cruiser and disc jockey story & photos by Casy Alvarado

“I enjoy showing up to festivals and concerts and showing others art through what I can draw. I actually attended an arts institute in Los Angeles for animation however dropped out after a year. I discovered that school was definitely not for me and was too expensive and instead do freelance work on my spare time. I work full time as a stock manager at Whole Foods grocery store and offer my freelance services to private businesses, will draw for close family or friends or will just draw when I have the chance to create something for others to see and enjoy.” Manuel Delhoyo Fontana, California

26 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

“I try to wake up as much as I can and as early as I can to go on a hike. However most of the time I am not able to make it up here everyday because my wife hates to go hiking or anything that has to do with outdoor activities. I try to even take her on the easier hikes that are more for beginners but she wont budge. I like to believe it is because she is too tired in the morning but I wanna say it is also due to the fact that she’s extremely scared of snakes. For the past three years I have been trying to at least attempt every hike in Orange County mostly with friends but even at times by myself which I do not mind, gives you time to think and some much needed alone time especially when you have two kids like I do.” David Vazquez // Laguna Beach “I have lived in Huntington Beach pretty much my entire life. Now as a 45 year old man there’s not much that really makes me happy except for spending time with my family. Every Sunday afternoon or evening we have our traditional beach bike rides. Luckily for me I am fortunate enough to live a short 10 minute walk to the beach. We usually take our own bikes down to the beach near the pier or we like to rent out the bike with the attached seats in the back so we can fit all of us into one bike . I am trying my best to keep this going for as long as I can because I know once they hit middle school or high school they’ll much rather spending time with friends than with their parents.” Joe Marquez // Huntington Beach “I have been working as a DJ for over five years and it is my passion as well as part time job. The other half of my time I work in my dad’s dentist office. My passion is with music and is in my soul I believe. My entire family is made up of ether dentists or business marketing majors, but I went to school for music producing. I never thought of myself as an artist until I turned 21 years old. I had been going to college while still living at my parents house and I was giving up on the fact that you can make any money while making music. Thankfully to my friends who introduced to me other friends who were in the music scene as well I started playing at local clubs and bars. I play at clubs now locally around Orange County but eventually know I want to be playing at larger venues. Perseverance is key, trust me.” Charlie Barranger // Los Angeles • 27

The Tea House on Los Rios location in San Juan Capistrano.

Beyond Earl Grey Los Rios Historic District seats the community with a cup of tea By Celeste Espinoza


njoy an afternoon of dressing up, sipping on tea, and socializing in San Juan Capistrano’s antiquated Los Rios Historic District. The Tea House on Los Rios holds a serene environment, incorporating English tradition and leisure into Orange County life through its muted, pastel-colored porcelain table sets. The plum-colored Victorian wallpaper is adorned with large, elegant white, black, and red tea hats illustrating the complete motif of a sophisticated tea party. Top this with a freshly baked currant scone and some raspberry preserves for the perfect dose of instant sensory tranquility. “I knew I wanted to create a space for 28 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

Outside seating set up for tea time.

people to take time for themselves and enjoy the company of others in a quiet setting,” Ariana Smith says, the Tea House on Los Rios founder. “I wanted to give them the experience just as I did the first time.” Smith was inspired by both one of her personal traditions and the location of the cottage in the Los Rios Historic District. She

and her friends had created an unwritten law to celebrate any special occasion or time with a cup of tea. This ritual then became extended to her immediate family, including her mother and sisters. Smith loved the theme of peace and quiet that the tea celebrations brought so much that she became interested in owning a tea shop of her own one day.

The tea house celebrated its 20th anniversary this past February. The concept started off in 1911 from an abandoned cottage which took two years to restore. Damien Niccola, Smith’s grandson, currently runs the location while Smith and her husband, Allan Smith, live in the reestablished 1887 Victorian forester house behind the tea house. “After leaving my job as a tax accountant for a large firm of seven years, I found that it was a good career,” Niccola says. “It would have paid a lot of the bills but, wasn’t what I really wanted to do, I always had a built-in passion for the tea business.” Niccola has watched the tea shop grow since its beginning and adds that at the end of the day it is important to follow your dreams despite what everyone else might think. In order to expand the uniqueness of the tea house geographically, the staff has created an online tea shop, where consumers can purchase an assortment of rooibos, herbal, private reserve, green, black, or decaffeinated loose leaf teas. For Mother’s Day weekend, the tea room includes a special seating that features traditional English dishes like eggs benedict, a garden frittata, hash brown quiches, assorted finger sandwiches, a pan-roasted Atlantic salmon picatta, and a grilled Angus steak cobb salad. The concept specializes in hosting a plethora of events, which include weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, baby and bridal showers, birthday and anniversary parties, as well as corporate and non-profit events. Twenty-five women dressed to the nines prepared to celebrate Kirssa Kobel’s bridal shower. The bride-to-be wanted to celebrate her engagement in one of the most historic neighborhoods as opposed to having a catered event. “I have known about the Tea House on Los Rios for a couple years and have been a fan since I first went with some of my closest girlfriends,” Kobel explains. “I chose this tea house shop for my bridal party because planning a wedding can be a stressful time and I knew that if I were to celebrate it here I could be able to relax in such a peaceful stetting.” The tea shop’s tea ceremonies allow guests the setting to build and develop relationships through the chemical interaction of loose tea leaves and hot water. Smith elaborates that the spark behind her tea concept was the idea that people should be able to take time for themselves and enjoy the company of others through quiet and calm conversation, especially in today’s fast paced society.

Multiple tea hats and porcelain tea sets arranged in the dining room (top). A display of the finger sandwich plate along with a cup of tea (left). Krissa Kobel, the bride-to-be (right). Damian Niccola, present owner and manager of the tea house (bottom). • 29

A seafood delight at the restaurant Portside at the Trade Food Hall in Irvine. (Kristin Torres)

Refreshing craft beer served at Center Hub in the Trade Food Hall. (Kristin Torres)

Not just another food court, TRADE changes the term “fast food.” (Kristin Torres)

A MODEST MEAL Trendy food revamped at TRADE food court in Irvine // story & photos by Kristin Torres


rom sweet Belgian waffles to gourmet chicken sandwiches, there is a magical place down the 405 freeway from Saddleback College where burger dreams come true, seafood platters are as big as a table and where your diet goes in the garbage. TRADE, a high-end food hall that opened in fall 2016 is right in the heart of Irvine, California, offering guests quality and unique dinning in the typical food court concept. Close your eyes and think of the traditional American food court. Typically, one

30 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

will find a Panda Express, Hot Dog on a Stick, a mediocre Chinese place and maybe a Subway sprinkled in there if you are lucky. There definitely will be some kid screaming and a slight stench of fried food mixed with stinky feet. Never are these places trendy or enjoyable, basically they are just good for a quick bite while shopping. TRADE took the idea of a drab food court and occupied their stalls with tasteful and delicious restaurants. The interior is sprinkled with gorgeous communal dinning spaces all to share your eats with family and friends. They ditched the booths and bright colored tables for modern and

interesting seating. “TRADE offers such a cool experience for people that are looking for quick and casual but still want restaurant quality food,” says Adam Hurtado, cashier at Portside the Fishery. You will find nine extremely diverse restaurants scattered throughout the walls of TRADE. The longest line seemed to be for Two Birds, which in short looked like a glorified Chick-fil-a. There was a vegan place, a Latin and Asian fusion restaurant and burgers galore. The savory food list seemed endless and next to impossible to choose just one. Al-

Delicious gourmet sandwitches served at the Trade Food Hall. (Kristin Torres)

Trade Food Hall in Irvine offers concept food in a casual and comfortable setting. (Kristin Torres)

Sweet Combfort’s liege waffle menu features a variety of toppings and drizzles, along with ice cream to pair. (Kristin Torres)

Belgium Liege waffles at Sweet Combforts in the Trade Food Hall. (Kristin Torres)

“TRADE offers such a cool experience for people that are looking for quick and casual but still want restaurant quality food,” Adam Hurtado says.

though, the real show stopper was for the dessert shop called Sweet Combforts, this place brings a piece of Belgium straight to Irvine. Trending on Instagram right now, these photo-friendly waffle creations look like the perfect finish to any meal. “I think just the whole look of the waffle when posted on social media really gets people to come because they look delicious and people want pictures of them,” says Jocelyn Ramon, an employee at Sweet Combforts. The newest member of TRADE is a burger restaurant called Ground House Burger. Posts of these burgers are flooding

Instagram as well. They are beyond drool worthy and put In-N-Out Burger to shame. “The biggest benefit of being in TRADE is people have options to come and buy whatever they want for a good meal,” says Sergio Garcia, owner and operator of Ground House Burger. “It is not your typical brick and mortar store, I like the idea of food halls and definitely is trendy.” Next time you find yourself in Irvine, TRADE is a must go. With every food possibility under one roof, you and your lunch date will not be disappointed. Grab a burger and beer, kick back and enjoy a nice afternoon at TRADE. • 31

SQUIRRELS in San Clemente,

GHOSTS Investigating the Urban Legends Hidden in South Orange County, from the Streets of San Clemente to the Suburbs and Historic Mission in San Juan Capistrano STORIES & PHOTOGRAPHY


32 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

in San Juan

“I’m really kind of married to the squirrels. They live ‘Here.’” DIANE DONALDSON • 33


he North Beach district

in San Clemente is known for its sparkling coastline, midweek farmers market, and lively restaurant scene. It’s also the setting of a tableau that leaves passerbyers puzzled. On a quiet street, in the window front of a building marked only with a sign that reads “You Are Here” you’ll find the Squirrels of Los Molinos Street. Three well-dressed mannequins pose in a small windowed room adorned with accordions, ceramic crows and an assortment of furniture and art. The trio of dummies wear rubber squirrel masks and depict ever-changing scenes, only moving positions every so often, week to week, month to month. A sensor detects when pedestrians pass the strange scene, activating music ranging from jazz to country to polka, adding to the sense of confusion and disbelief with each walk by the strange scene. Few know of the Squirrels of Los Molinos Street and even fewer know of their origin or meaning. What is housed in the mysterious building? Why are the squirrels there, and who keeps changing their poses? What exactly does “You Are Here” mean? “It all started in Austin four years ago,” Diane Donaldson says. Donaldson and her husband and fellow artist James were looking at art in Texas. “We got the first mask at one of those ‘hip-and-now’ stores.” She decided to have a little fun with their new. “I had the squirrel head and I was in bed. There was a knock at the door, so I get up with the blanket wearing the squirrel head and go to the door and it was someone from the hotel that was there for something else. I said ‘I thought you were my husband’ which I’m sure didn’t help.” They brought the mask home that summer and shortly after, purchased the building on Los Molinos Street which would serve as their art studio. The two additional squirrel masks were purchased online, and the mannequins were purchased one at a time in downtown Los Angeles. The company that makes the squirrel masks do indeed make other animal masks. Donaldson has thought about buying more creatures other than the famed rubber rodents at the studio but has since reconsidered. 34 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

“I’m really kind of married to the squirrels,” Donaldson says. While the scenes are ever-changing, the masks are not. “They live ‘Here.’” As for the signs out front, they signify the name of the building that houses Donaldson and James’ studio. “We tried figuring out a name for the building and decid-

“The one of the two spacemen walking has been on Del Mar now for seven or eight years.” DIANE DONALDSON ed to call it ‘Here’” Donaldson says. The ceramic crows that accompany the squirrels are scattered around the studio. Donaldson makes them out of clay with a mold she produced. Donaldson also made several ceramic squirrels that are laying about. They’re much smaller than the trio in the window. “A lot of people don’t notice them

when they pass by,” Donaldson says. “The people that do - they’re my tribe. They always get a kick out of it.” Another mystery centered around San Clemente is a set of inexplicable metal placards scattered downtown. On an unnamed road that spans from Avenida Valencia all the way to El Portal, nailed into telephone poles are rectangular sheets of metal with cryptic images and messages like “What’s new on Earth?” and pictures of two astronauts, one with a briefcase, walking down a street. Pedestrians that walk this alleyway, which intersects the top portion of Del Mar, are left clueless as to what these messages mean and who has been leaving them. Once again, the people behind this mystery are Donaldson and James. “They’re like forms of haiku leaving people always surprised,” Donaldson says. “He made about fifty of them,” Donaldson says. James hasn’t put any new placards up in the past year, and quite a few of the remaining placards have been written on, scratched up and even taken. “I hope they go to good homes.” The placards have been a part of San

Left Top: A Donaldson squirrel sits attentively in the San Clemente art studio. Left Bottom: James Donaldson’s placards fixed to telephone poles, the spacemen seen

have, “been on Del Mar for seven or eight years.” Right: San Juan Capistrano’s crumbling mission on an eerie day, the type of day one might catch a glimpse of the haunting Magdelena.

Clemente for quite some time now. The remaining placards have stood the test of time. “The one of the two spacemen walking has been on Del Mar now for seven or eight years,” Donaldson says. Leaving the beaches of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano is also the home of some other urban legends. The story of the swallows returning to San Juan is one of the town’s most renowned tales. Many are unaware of the ghosts that are said to still linger in the town. “If you’re a skeptic, you’re a skeptic, and if you’re a believer, then you’re a believer,” Jan Siegel, museum curator, and Historical Society program chair says. “But, in these stories, there’s always one element of truth. They all feed on each other and they become myths and legends.” As a member of the board of directors for the Historical Society, Jan knows of plenty of the ghost stories of San Juan, including one that takes place in the very building she works in. Across from the train station is the O’Neill Museum, which is the home of the San Juan Historical Society. The building itself was constructed by sa-

loonkeeper Jose Dolores Garcia in the late nineteenth century. Garcia was murdered in 1896 and not soon after, the home was bought by Albert Pryor. Albert Pryor was known by residents to sit on his porch smoking cigars while he watched the trains pass by, day in and day out. Pryor died from a stroke

“If you’re a skeptic, you’re a skeptic, and if you’re a believer, then you’re a believer.” JAN SIEGEL after the turn of the century and over the years, the home went into disrepair and rumors about hearing the cries of Garcia’s ghost or smelling the smoke of Pryor’s spirit around the home grew. It wasn’t until the 70s that the Historical Society moved the house to where it rests today and remodeled it. “It’s true, he used to sit on his rocker

on this porch and smoke a cigar,” Jan says. She, however, has never met anyone who has smelled the cigar smoke in the house, nor has she herself ever smelt the stogies of Albert Pryor. The myths have been passed around and have been documented in books like “Ghost And Legends of San Juan Capistrano” by Pamela Hallan-Gibson, which also dissects another ghostly San Juan tale. According to Hallan-Gibson, in 1812, an native girl named Magdalena was punished by the Mission priest for secretly seeing a man named Teofilo. Part of her punishment was to walk through the Great Stone Church at the Mission in front of the parish with a candle in her hand. During her faithful walk, an earthquake decimated the church, killing Magdalena. Legends says that on quiet evenings, from the garden or even from the street, a small candle-lit face can be seen from one of the remaining windows of the collapsed church. “There is an absolute element of truth,” Jan says. Magdalena was a real person. She was killed in the 1812 San Juan Capistrano earthquake. • 35

The State of

the Opioid Crisis in Orange County

A statistical analysis of the effect of opiates and opioids on Orange County’s population


Over the past decade, emergency department visits related to opioid use have doubled in Orange County, while the rate of fatal overdoses has remained relatively consistent. The Orange County Health Care Agency released a report analyzing opioid-related deaths and overdoses, detailing the upward trend in emergency department visits provoked by opium-derived drugs, along with their synthetic counterparts. Researchers studied Orange County emergency department and hospitals visits, along with coroner reports, from 2011 to 2015. The Opioid Overdose and Death study states that Orange County’s leading cause of death is accidental drug overdoses, among people under the age of 35. The study also confirmed that most overdoses involve opioids. White males, ages 18 to 34, were the demographic with the highest likelihood to visit the emergency department for issues related to opioids. White males, in general, had the highest rates of opioid overdoses, though the rate of overdoses for both male and female rose in the last five years. Through the course of these five years, there were 4,012 hospitalizations, with each patient staying for an average of five days.

36 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

The average charge for these overdose patients was approximately $33,000, resulting in a sum total of nearly $134,000,000 from 2011 to 2015. 37 percent of these patients were covered by Medi-Cal insurance or paid out of pocket, while the rest were insured through private companies.

Approximately 81 percent of all overdose deaths were to white residents, Hispanics followed the next highest proportion of fatalities at 14 percent. Males, once again, had a higher rate compared to females in this category. Overall, the rate of opioid-related overdose deaths during

these five years remained consistently level, neither rising or falling dramatically. The southern and coastal OC cities of Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel, Huntington Beach and Laguna Hills saw the highest mortality and hospital visit rates compared to the rest of the county. These southern and coastal areas saw, respectively, a 21 percent and 20 percent increase of deaths, while northern cities experienced a decrease of 18 percent in such fatalities. In an effort to reduce opioid-related deaths, Orange County gave a supply of Narcan, a brand of a medication that blocks the effects of any opioid, to a local nonprofit. This nonprofit, the Solace Foundation, received 6,200 doses of the opioid-blocking medicine after a Naloxone Grant Program was created as a result of Senate Bill 833, allocating $3 million to the

Information and graphics provided by Orange County Health Care Agency and Coroner

By Timmy Heffernan


Information and graphics provided by Orange County Health Care Agency and Coroner

related to opioids by city

California Department of Public Health to run this program. Supervisor Todd Spitzer, who is running for district attorney this year, dissented against this grant. These southern and coastal areas saw, respectively, a 21 percent and 20 percent increase of deaths “They need to get help, and they shouldn’t rely on this reversal of an opioid to save their lives. They should be figuring out how not to use heroin. Not…how to use heroin, and then have somebody come rescue them,” Spitzer said during an Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting in July of last year. Countering this opinion was Supervisor Shawn Nelson who included the fact that his own uncle, now deceased, had been a heroin addict. “I just want to suggest to you that, when you get to opiate addiction…they’re addicted. They take the heroin because they get physically ill if they don’t take it, and that’s the same with all these other opioids, oxycodone … down to Vicodin,” Nelson explained.


imee Dunkle would also disagree with Supervisor Spitzer. Dunkle created the Solace Foundation in response to her son’s fatal heroin overdose. Dunkle and other volunteers supply addicts, mainly homeless, with the opioid overdose-blocking drug weekly at Santa Ana’s City Hall, due to the building’s proximity to massive homeless encampments. Aiming to reduce as many preventable deadly overdoses as possible, the nonprofit consistently donates Naloxone to the public and implements training to ensure the medication is properly administered. Along with local treatment centers and sober living homes, Dunkle’s agency also

worked alongside another nonprofit fighting the same crisis, the Orange County Needle Exchange. As of January, the county’s only needle exchange program was denied permission to operate. The Orange County Needle Exchange was and is a nonprofit whose purpose included accepting dirty, used needles and exchanging them with a clean replacement. They also provided onsite HIV and hepatitis C testing, as well as contact information for housing, treatment and health services. The Orange County Health Care Agency gathered statistics from 2016, finding that Santa Ana has the highest rate of

“So providing Naloxone to this population means they now have the means to protect themselves and the people that they love, and it’s incredibly powerful for them,” Kyle Barbour says. • 37

HIV infection in the county. A spokesperson from California’s Department of Public Health described the services that the exchange provides as, “an essential component of preventative health care for people who inject drugs.” Despite this, the city of Santa Ana viewed the needle exchange as having too many adverse effects on the community’s welfare. City officials complained of needle debris in public areas, understandably dangerous as each needle poses the threat of infection. Employees at the city hall have reportedly been pricked by needles on the way to work and local library staff says since the needle exchange opened they’ve found as much as 40 to 50 syringes in their libraries. One of the founding members of OC

The Solace Foundation, received 6,200 doses of the opioid-blocking medicine after a Naloxone Grant Program was created as a result of Senate Bill 833. Needle Exchange, Kyle Barbour, commended Dunkle’s efforts for providing at-risk communities with resources they wouldn’t normally have access to. The Solace Foundation’s website features the following quote from Barbour. “This population is at extremely high risk for overdose, yet the services that are intended to protect them aren’t willing or able to adequately serve their needs,” he said, explaining that many homeless heroin users don’t feel safe going to the emergency room and fear prosecution if they call 911. “So providing Naloxone to this population means they now have the means to protect themselves and the people that they love, and it’s incredibly powerful for them,” he added. 38 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

OC Resources for those struggling with or looking to aid others suffering from drug abuse OC LINKS 855 OC-LINKS (855-625-4657) OC Links is an information and referral phone and online chat service to help navigate the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) system within the Health Care Agency for the County of Orange. Callers are connected to clinical Navigators who are knowledgeable in every program within the BHS system. This includes children and adult mental health, alcohol and drug inpatient and outpatient programs, crisis services, and prevention/early intervention programs. Once a program is identified, the Navigator will make every effort to link the caller directly to that program while still on the call or engaged in the chat. Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG PREVENTION SERVICES STRATEGIC PLAN The strategic plan informs and directs AOD prevention services provided by HCA, which includes Public Health Services’ Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Team, and Behavioral Health Services’ AOD Prevention Services. These prevention services work together under one strategic plan that capitalizes on their complementary strengths. SAFERX OC Brings together health experts, public health agencies, hospitals, prescribers, community clinics, emergency departments, medical associations and law enforcement, along with key voices, to take action to combat prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths in Orange County, California.

MEDICATION DISPOSAL Drop boxes offer a safe location where people can dispose of unused medications, which can help prevent individuals from using medications that were not prescribed to them. In addition to the many drop box location sites throughout Orange County, medications can be safely destroyed at home. OPIOID STRATEGIC PLAN The Orange County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board is developing an Opioid Strategic Plan that will identify individual and community needs in Orange County specific to opioids as well as effective strategies to address these needs. MEDICATION ASSISTED TREATMENTS FOR OPIOID ADDICTION Vivitrol and Methadone are available MATs for those who meet certain qualifications. For treatment services, please call 855-OC-LINKS. NAMI WARMLINE 877-910-WARM (877-910-9276) The NAMI WarmLine provides telephone-based, non-crisis support for anyone struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Hours: M-F, 9 a.m to 3 a.m.; weekends 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. 24 HOUR SUICIDE PREVENTION LINE 877-7-CRISIS (877-727-4747) The Suicide Prevention Line provides 24-hour, immediate, confidential over-the-phone suicide prevention services to anyone who is in crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts.


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Luke and the USA climbing team at a competion in Montreal, Canada.


the Wall

Luke Rodley/courtesy

By Trenton Schwartz

Being a competitive climber has shaped Luke Rodley into the person he is today. Through climbing he has made life-long friendships and been shown the world.

40 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

An official secures Luke’s climbing harness before competing.

Luke celebrates with his friends in Beijing.

Luke Rodley/courtesy


constant clamor of shouts and clanking metal echoes through the building as Luke Rodley, 15, hangs onto a 30-foot man-made rock face. He is in a very vulnerable position, but he is in his zone. His focus and physical power is evident as he begins to climb further up the wall. There is a sense of pure focus as he pulls himself higher, each step methodically planned and calculated quickly in his mind. Luke is now three quarters of the way up from the top of the rock climbing wall at the Vertical Hold training facilities in Del Mar, California. With a final explosion of energy, he quickly walks with all four limbs up the remaining 15 feet of the wall in about five seconds. Immediately as he touches the top, he launches himself into midair and falls back

to the ground, hanging on his ascending rope and he bounces back and forth from the wall. As he touches the ground, he quickly unbuckles himself from the climbing restraints. The 27 seconds it took him to climb 35 feet was praiseworthy. “I actually did alright that time,” he shrugs quickly. “I could of climbed a lot better.” Although he is a tough self critic, Luke is an internationally ranking sports rock climber on the youth circuit. Luke has been climbing for the last four years, ever since his mother enrolled him in a climbing summer camp to expose him to new hobbies. Luke developed a passion for climbing almost instantly and quickly excelled at it. He is a normal high schooler, living in San Diego, but in his free time he loves to climb, along with a handful of other things he has a passion for. He is actually a very talented teen.

Luke races to the top of a speedclimbing wall. • 41

Why It’s Cool to hate Popular Things

Marvel Studios is white hot at the box office, and everyone is talking about them. Its films are beloved. But if you don’t like Marvel, you’re met scorn. If you say anything bad, if you don’t follow what’s cool right now, you’ll be isolated. There are two sides to any topic of taste: it’s either cool or dumb. And that is why it’s so cool to hate, the feeling of having a different opinion from everyone else, than being challenged. For me, I love when someone can change my opinion with an intelligent argument.. My friend Austin Weatherman, the former editor-in-chief of Orange Appeal, asked me what I thought about Fortnite. I hate it because everyone talks about it. Now that may seem like an odd explanation, but what I meant to say was how annoying it is to hear everyone talk about it. Annoyance is one the key elements to drive someone mad. Remember Psy’s “Gangnam Style” or Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say?” I still remember a student teacher in a math class at Southlake Middle School singing “Gangnam Style” over and over. The other key elements of hating: popularity and nostalgia. Before I go any further, some things in life worth hating. Transformers and Twlight are the best examples. These two have clear flaws that cannot be defended, espe42 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

reasons for its faults, but if you make a nasty comment without offering explanation, you’re a hater. So when you hate, make sure you’re smart about it. Always establish a good argument. I hate the Patriots because they always win the Super Bowl: not a good reason. A much better response: Tom Brady and the Patriots cheated before, therefore I dislike them. Hating on success because is stupid. But maybe the path there is stupid and worth hating (i.e., Kim Kardashian). Hence, without a good argument, you’re not being smart. On that note, separate your feelings. The newest Star Wars films created major debate amongst fans. Some love them, some

hate them. You will find, however, many fans use the prequel films for a comparison in their arguments. I will never forget what my English high school teacher said to me. If you use another piece to help better your argument, you’re not a good writer. And as I watch and read all these reviews with that comparison, I can’t help but think my teacher was write. For something so simple like a film, you can analyze the film itself and nitpick its flaws without having to bring up the prequels. Fortnite was never this popular, the video game was released in the summer of 2017, free to play, but nobody was playing it. At the time Battleground and Overwatch overshadowed Fortnite until recently, thanks to Drake’s promotion efforts. Now, Fortnite is crazy popular, and everyone is playing. When the object – a film, TV series, manga series, video game – is overshadowed and only a few people are engaged, that itself is cool. Having the object all to yourself, do you want it to be popular? So the concept of overshadowing brings up a conflict when the object gets noticed: is there less value in the topic knowing you were the first to engage it? This is why so many people hate Fortnite. The people who played the video game first when it was unknown and unpopular are the ones hating on it now. And this is a good reason to hate something. You were the first, now everyone is jumping on the hype train, thus there is no more fun. There are many factors to include when you hate, but establishing the groundwork of a good argument will eliminate fallacies or anything that is a threat to your reasoning. Inclusion, Apple sucks. DC Comics/courtesy


ating on something has always been a thing, but recently it’s become a trend. Star Wars, Fortnite, YouTube, the list goes on. How many people today actually have a legitimate criticism for what they hate compared to someone mindlessly bandwagoning? You won’t find accurate statistics on the subject, but you can tell when an individual is a sheep following the herd. Because of this, legitimate criticism doesn’t get taken seriously. But that’s not to say the other side is at fault.

cially the first Transformers film’s copyand-paste plot, characters, and lazy writing. As for Twlight, it obliterates everything within the vampire-wolf subgenres. Both these examples have something in common, exploiting source material. Criticism can sometimes be labeled hate, which is different from criticism. When criticizing a topic you must offer

Frank Kalaleh

Don’t be a dumb hater, do some research By Frank Kalaleh

In Defense of Aquaman

The King of the Seas and a normal human being on land, fishing for the truth By Frank Kalaleh

DC Comics/courtesy

Frank Kalaleh


quaman’s an iconic comic character who has been around for more than 70 years, and within the last decade, became one of comic lovers’ favorite characters. He’s affiliated with the Justice League, Superman and Batman. All my friends were fans of Superman or Batman, while I favored the overlooked superhero Aquaman. The reasoning for his low popularity was due to his powers, but ever since DC’s reboot, Aquaman’s popularity is quickly escalating. In the comic series Aquaman 2016, the writers make it clear they’ve ruined the character in the past and want to change his image. What really makes Arthur Curry/Aquaman a flawless character is that he developed his own philosophy. Nobody forced him into protecting Atlantis, nobody told him how to think, nobody told him that he should become king. Arthur Curry has made every decision for himself and because of that he grows his own beliefs, thus making him one of the rare superheros to not be spoon-feed as a character. For example Pe-

ter Parker/Spider-Man (Spider-Man 2002 version) was told great power comes with great responsibility. Peter Parker ended up taking someone else philosophy. Unlike other superheroes Aquaman kills whomever is a threat to Atlantis. He doesn’t give it a second thought. Superheros don’t stop and think whether someone is good or evil to be saved or die. Do you think Batman will track down people who didn’t pay their taxes? Is Superman going to stop and think if people in a burning building deserve to be saved. Authors will highlight this aspect of the superhero genre and use it for future storylines. This is not the case for Aquaman, we see him kill and kill. He is depicted as a heartless monster, but in other ways we acknowledge the fact that Aquaman is who he is because he needs to protect the people he loves. Eventually this behavior Arthur displays leads him to a life of pain, misery, and suffering from Black Manta. It’s common for superheroes to appear in other comics, yet everytime Aquaman gets involved, it’s just a bloody beatdown. He nearly choked Batman to death, he also went to war with Wonder Woman, defeated

Vixen, Commander Steel, Lobo, Martian Manhunter, allied with Black Adam to kill Gorilla Grodd, and the greatest feat of all, he won his fight against Superman. The only DC character to defeat Aquaman is Swamp Thing. Within the DC universe there is a source of power called Elemental Force. The power separated into several elements that make up life and Earth, these are The Blue, The Green, The Red, etc. Swamp Thing’s powers come from The Green, being able to manipulate and control all of Mother Nature’s creation. The fight between Swamp Thing and Aquaman was a clash of Mother Nature’s force. Swamp Thing won his fight because he honed and matured his power to its full potential, thus overpowering Aquaman. Aquaman is a badass. Superman is suppose to be this almighty being yet when we read/watch the character he’s mindlessly punching his enemy, while other times he’ll struggle. Inconsistency, and that’s something you’ll never get from Aquaman. Aquaman is a well-written character. At last, Aquaman is undoubtedly the strongest among the DC universe. • 43

An overall assessment of Donald Trump’s first term as president By Lita Sims


bnormal. If I had to sum up Donald Trump’s first year and a half in office in one word that would be it. There has never been a president as controversial or strange as Trump. During his first year in office he has had very little legislative achievements, yet somehow has caused such a ruckus on so many issues that often he is on the front page or in the latest trending news article. From Twitter tangents to constant ramblings about “fake news,” he has come to be the most off the cuff president who just says whatever comes to mind. Despite being constantly concerned on his ratings, the only top one he has maintained is the lowest appraisal for a president in their first term in office. According to Gallup, his approval rating is “languishing at 39 percent, which is the lowest recorded

44 • Orange Appeal • May 2018

of any elected president in his term.” What tends to stand out the most about Trump is his lack of presidential behavior on the home front and abroad. He has started to normalize this behavior of “speaking his mind” and setting a precedent for speaking disrespectfully to a large portion of the American public. Several of examples of this were seen in his comments on not wanting immigrants from “shithole countries” and saying that Democrats were “treasonous” for not applauding during the State of the Union address. This has caused a lot of divisiveness within political conversations in the public, and often is why it becomes such a heated discussion when people talk about the latest issues that Americans care about. Not only because a lot of his statements are just outright false, but are often so outlandish that it almost seems ridiculous to have to prove how ridiculous they are. He is normalizing this behavior to the point where people are repeating his statements as if they were fact or that somehow his behavior is normal and not outrageous. But what is rarely brought up and is

Gage Skidmore/WikiCommons

Quite Abnormal

the most important thing to notice, is how Trump constantly stirs the pot whenever a new indictment comes his way or a spotlight is shining over a new corruption scandal linked to his name. Stormy Daniels is a recent example of the media focusing on this tidbit of news instead of continuing to talk about his tax evasion, business dealings or other involvement in corruption. Trump immediately goes to Twitter to voice his opinions on allegations brought against him and calls them “false” or “fake news.” America has had a history since President Nixon with presidents being faced with an independent investigation (aside from Barack Obama). But what makes Donald Trump different is that he is being investigated for obstruction of justice for the firing the former director of the FBI James Comey. As well as the Russia probe over the ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, either during the campaign or during the presidential transition (Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos being a few examples). Recently two of Trump’s lawyers have either resigned or backed out of the Russia probe case just last month. Robert Mueller keeps bringing forth new information or people to testify, which continues to dig a deeper hole for Trump and his clear ties to obstruction and corruption. We must not normalize his behavior. Donald Trump and his first year in office need to be acknowledged as the most abnormal first presidential term we have seen in the last 60 years.


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