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My name is Latrice and I am a fashion expert and style strategist. I help personal and corporate clients express who they are and tell their story through style. My work gives my clients confidence and introduces them to parts of themselves they didn’t know were there or could be expressed in personal style. I offer a variety of services from headshot and photoshoot styling to social media styling for corporate brands.






Personal Styling is not just for celebrities, its perfect for the busy mom, business professional who just doesn't have time for shopping or special event style. This service includes but not limited to: Personal Shopping and Styling, Professional Headshot Styling, Travel & Packing Services and so much more. Its my pleasure to help make getting dressed easy, stress-free but also a fun experience. All Personal Style services can be customized. Rates start at $125/per hour.

The key to building your personal style is developing it around your unique personality & understanding how to dress to compliment your body type. Your personal & brand values are things that bring you joy & it sometimes may take you out of your existing comfort zone. The heart & soul of personal brand styling is embracing who you are & reflecting it in everything you do from your resume, website, social media, client meetings, a day out shopping with the girls, or at a industry party. It takes work, discipline & tenacity to stay consistent but with the help of a Personal Style Strategist you are one step closer to building a great personal style!

WARDROBE STYLING SERVICES -Wardrobe Edit -Personal Shopping -Virtual Styling -Packing Services -Style Packages

The Wardrobe Edit I will meet you where is all your closet. During your appointment, we will work together to solve your clothing dilemmas!

step #1 You and the Stylist will go through every piece in your closet. We will help you determine what to keep, toss, alter , donate or sell.

step #2 After you and the Stylist decide what stays & what goes, Andrea Latrice can start on your fresh new look. You will also learn new ways to outfit closet staples & learn my accessorizing tips.

step #3 Next, Andrea Latrice will create a list of prioritized new clothing & accessories to purchase that will maximize your current wardrobe. These can be purchased over time, or all at once.

step #4 After your wardrobe edit experience, the Stylist will take your donation pile to a local charity and will mail you tax receipt for your records.

Wardrobe Edit - The Details

THE DETAILS The Investment - $500 *Personal Style Profile *Shopping List *Two Seasons covered per Wardrobe Edit: Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter *4 hours, some larger wardrobes may require more time. *Each additional hour, over 2 hours is an additional fee {$100/hour}


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2019 personal styling magazine alatricestyle  

Benefits of hiring a Personal | Professional Stylist