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February/March 2021

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February/March 2021



Dear Reader, Welcome to the last planned regular print issue of Options Magazine – one issue shy of “Volume XL, Issue 1.” Instead, we’ll begin our fortieth year online, with plans for annual print editions (p. 6). Never say never, but with print media vanishing, it’s hard to imagine a future Options board of directors reviving our print tradition. Evolve, we must, and we hope you’ll stick with us. One anonymous supporter has stepped up a second time to ensure a successful transition (p. 7). This issue’s News Briefs section is packed with important local and national stories (p.10). We’re grateful to octogenarian writer Myra Shays for spearheading this section in recent years on top of her responsibilities as a copy editor, as well as editor of our highly-valued Resources section. As Options’ seniormost volunteer, her dedication and encouragement have been an octane-boost to Options’ fuel.

February/March 2021 Volume XXXIX, Issue 3


Resources Editor Myra Shays Calendar Editor

Copy Editors

Black state senator. In her interview, she shares how her activism and identity will inform how she represents her Providence district (p. 12). Between the anxiety-inducing chaos of the last presidency and

Myra Shays Graphic & Layout Design Social Media Coordinator Advertising Manager

Covid restrictions are lifted. Spoiler alert: hugs are a top priority (p. 16). Dontai Carmon had an urgent desire to share his story when he presented Options came to accept his identity as a gay, Black man living with autism. Distilled into this shorter piece, we see the man emerging who would come to



for all of his communities (p. 20). Due to a lack of community gatherings to feature in our regular Out on the Town photo spread, I charged our lead photographer Jen Bonin with gathering her Pride photography team’s favorite shots to remind us of the community we hope to return to (p. 14). I thought I’d leave you with my favorite photo from my years at Options. Shot by Jack Hartwein-Sanchez for our July 2015 cover, it depicts Wendy Becker (top right, who would have led the 2020 Pride Parade as Grand Marshal), and her family on the day the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. After the four years we’ve

Board Chairperson Intern Cover

Contact Us

Congrats, America! In solidarity, Jen Stevens



Greetings Faithful Reader, "Life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the

time it’s both.” – Kristin Kreuk (as Lana Lang in Smallville) For many of us, 2020 was about the painful side of change. COVID-19, economic Options, a painful decision was to change our print schedule from bimonthly to an annual edition. While there were many reasons leading to this decision, the primary factors were lack of advertising revenue and dwindling volunteer support. Options. Our matching gift campaign exceeded its goal and prompted the anonymous donor to contribute another matching gift (see next article). Thanks to these resources, we will be revamping our website to better showcase stories and news that impact the LGBTQ+ community in a timely fashion. We will also update and increase the scope of our online Resources section to provide support for community members and their families. We will continue to expand our social media presence with the goal of becoming the media hub for the LGBTQ+ community in Rhode Island and southeastern New England. Another beautiful development is the commitment of four people who have agreed to join the Options Board of Directors. We would like to welcome: Michael Templeton lives in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston and is a career educator, having served in diverse school settings and post-secondary institutions for more than twenty years. He is a partsocial justice and is grateful for the opportunity to serve the local LGBTQ+ community as a board member of Options Magazine. Trevor Shepard lives in North Providence and has been in the healthcare industry for many years. His most recent position was as a supervisor for United Healthcare. He sang for several seasons with the RI Gay Men's Chorus (formerly PGMC) and has worked with HRC as a grassroots organizer. partnership roles. He and his partner live in Pawtucket, and are both fashion and beauty photographers who are on the lookout to collaborate with other creative people. Daniel Byrnes has lived in Providence for 20 years. He has a background in human resources management and residential real estate, and is currently a sales associate with a national housewares and furniture retail store, with a focus in residential home design. We anticipate welcoming additional board members in the next few months and would encourage other supporters to join us in this season of transformation. Diversity is our strength, so we would like to have broad representation from the LGBTQ+ community on our board to help move Options into a sustainable future. Send us an email at info@optionsri.org to notify us of your interest. Change: it’s painful, beautiful, and necessary, so we can continue to grow and thrive as individuals and organizations. Check out optionsri.org today and keep on growing! Mike Marrapodi, Chair Options Board of Directors



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February/March 2021

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Passages: Donald Boss A creative and energetic activist in the LGBT community died on December 22, the victim of a hit-and-run in Warwick, at the age of 51. Donald Boss (Aurora Borealis) was one of the earliest hosts of Gay Bingo (now called Drag Bingo), a hugely successful fundraiser for AIDS causes, and led the Rhode Island Gay Pageant Association for several years. Contributions in Donald’s memory will help his grieving family. You may visit: www. gofundme.com/f/help-donaldbosss-family. - by Myra Shays Councilman Resigns Leadership Position After Disparaging Trans Activist In December, Michael Correia resigned as president pro tem of the Providence City Council after secret recordings disclosed that he had made dehumanizing and transphobic remarks about Justice Gaines, an activist transwoman who has herself run for a seat on the Council. Before Correia acknowledged his offense on Facebook, he asked Gaines for forgiveness, which she granted. He remains on the on WPRI. - by Myra Shays

10 options

history of RI LGBTQ+ people and organizations, as well as materials created by people within the community itself. Over the past Pride Update year, PPL has been working with Since Options reported on the an amazing advisory board to turmoil within RI Pride in our begin this important collecting October/November issue, more Pride Board members Options Magazine has provided resigned following further a complete set of its issues controversy. The few remaining beginning in 1982, telling stories members, having been left of the people, work, activism, with enormous responsibility, and joy of this community for reportedly considered dissolving almost 40 years.Those interested in learning more about the RI standing members are having LGBTQ+ Community Archives, or accessing the Options Magazine It’s almost certain there will be back issues, are encouraged no Pride celebration this June, in to contact the PPL Curator light of Covid and a weakened of Rhode Island Collections at organization. Traditionally, kwells@provlib.org. – by Kate PrideFest planning would already Wells be well underway. – by Jen Stevens Providence Only City in RI to Receive Perfect Community Archives Score on LGBTQIA+ Coming to Providence Equality Survey Public Library Providence Public Library (PPL) Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza has announced the creation and Providence’s LGBTQIA+ of RI LGBTQ+ Community Liaison and Deputy Director Archives. This project aims to of Policy Bret Jacob recently provide a dynamic space to learn announced that the City received a perfect 100-point score on the the histories of RI's LGBTQ+ 2020 Municipal Equality Index. communities. While individual Providence has earned this archival materials exist at a grade every year since 2014 and variety of RI institutions, there has remains the only eligible city in Rhode Island to receive such high been no central place where this important history is easily accessible to the community. RI LGBTQ+ Community Archives will collect and provide access to materials that exhibit the social, cultural, and political

February/March 2021

marks. Only 94 out of 506 cities nationwide achieved 100-point scores. To stay up to date with the latest City initiatives, follow @CityofProv on Twitter, CityofProvidence on Facebook , and Providence Human Relations Commission on Facebook. – by Myra Shays

“Gays for Trump” Riot As Trump’s Policies Harm LGBTQ Community On January 6, rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, many falsely believing Donald Trump to be the winner of the 2020 election. Among the various MAGA signs, anti-semitic slogans, and alt-right emblems and memorabilia, were rainbow Trump.”

Biden Administration Bolsters LGBTQ Community President Joe Biden has offered an LGBTQ agenda to broadly protect the community. Biden plans to enact the Equality Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation. This would overturn many of the laws that allow discriminatory practices based on religion. The Administration also plans to reinstate Obama-era guidelines that prevent antiLGBTQ discrimination in federal contracts.Biden intends to end the transgender military ban, and has spoken out against transphobia, stating that transgender equality is “the civil rights issue of our time.” Biden also supports the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019, with added provisions that would require the Bureau of Prisons to protect transgender prisoners when decisions are made about housing. Additionally, Biden has nominated Rachel Levine, an openly transgender doctor, as his Assistant Secretary of Health, and Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay former mayor, as Secretary of Transportation. – by Victoria McGurn

While Trump made promises to protect the LGBTQ community in 2016, the actions and statements of his administration have demonstrated the opposite. GLAAD created the “Trump Accountability Project,” a catalogue of anti-LGBTQ statements and actions that have promoted hate and discrimination towards the community. Examples of this can be seen from the beginning of Trump’s term, with the deletion of the LGBTQ community from government websites, his “License to Discriminate'' executive order, and proposed budget cuts to programs and departments that impact the community; such as a cut to research for HIV/AIDS. An article by Out Magazine notes that “40 percent of the Trump

Powwow Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Feb. 2-6 "Two-Spirit” is the Native American term for people with both female and male energies. They may or may not identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or queer. They often hold honored positions in their communities. A powwow gathers all tribes and guests to learn about Native cultures. Last year, the powwow of the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) gathered 5,000 people in San Francisco. This year BAAITS will celebrate its 10th Anniversary Powwow virtually from Feb. 2-6 due to COVID restrictions. There will be celebrations of dance, music, art, and healing. The public is welcome to participate at www. baaits.org/powwow. There is no charge. (photo credit: Avery White) – by Myra Shays Media Watch

have deep anti-LGBTQ+ records, including opposing same-sex marriage, LGBTQ+ protections in the workplace, and for trans people to serve openly in the military.”

LGBTQ representation on TV decreased last year, according to GLAAD (once known as Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against According to NBC News, the Defamation). The percentage Department of Health and Human of characters in scripted TV last week of Trump’s presidency, permitting faith-based socialservice providers that receive government funds to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. With this rule in place, LGBTQ people can be denied the right to adopt children This is one of many pushes for religious freedom that Trump has administered that has taken rights away from the LGBTQ+ community. – by Victoria McGurn

heterosexual fell to 9.1 percent from a record high of 10.2 percent the previous year. This was expected because many shows paused production due to the pandemic. The percentages of women, Black, and Latino characters remained about the same. The complete report can be found at Glaad.org. – by Myra Shays



RI's First BlacK Queer Senator:

Tiara mack by Jen Stevens


I don’t think stories or identities divide us but rather bring other people into our world, build connections, and make us closer to the people around us.


Options: M:

Senator Mack: O:

12 options

February/March 2021




O: O: M: My identities tell a story of oppression


I never saw people who looked like

to believe that I am an elected had seen and been told about I hope more people see and hear my story, resonate with my identities, and use that something else impactful for their communities. Learn more about RI State Senator Tiara Mack at tiaramackdistrict6.com.



Cameron Spiridigliozzi

Eliza Graves

Gabriel Alvarez

Alejandro E. Carvajal

Paul Martin

Hailee Gavin

Amanda Dalton

Jen Bonin

Ryan Welch

William Peresta

Out on the Town Favorite past selections from RI Pride volunteer photographers, curated by Jen Bonin. Grayson Blaire

Nicole Carreiro

14 options

February/March 2021

Keep It Up, Rhode Island! Program focuses on the sexual, mental, and emotional health of young gay and bi+ men by Mikel Wadewitz, Director, AIDS Project Rhode Island


eep It Up! (KIU) is a program for young gay and bi+ men ages 1829 that gives them an opportunity to learn more about a variety of topics that hit close to home—from dating to HIV/ STI testing to navigating a world that can sometimes seem a bit tough, even before the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed all our lives last year. A collaboration between APRI and Northwestern University, KIU is part of an ongoing project that aims to designed for cis men, trans men are welcome to sign up and may also

45-minute online episodes that unlock as participants complete them, so it can be done from any device, whether a phone, tablet, or laptop. As participants watch and other scenario-based Q&As, they learn more about a variety of topics and gain skills that clarify and answer mental and emotional health, and communicating their values to their partner(s) as they develop a plan that In addition to viewing online content, participants are asked to complete a full HIV/STI screening at the end of the program, so they can discuss and review the goals and the strategies that worked for them. Free HIV testing is available from APRI either in-person or via an at-home HIV testing kit mailed to the participant.

In addition, APRI offers referrals for STI screening and healthcare services, including PrEP, which is now available in generic form at a much lower price for those with insurance. Last but certainly not least, those who enroll in Keep It Up! and complete episodes will earn gift cards, and are the upcoming year, the APRI team will also offer other special prizes to participants. Be sure to follow KIU on Instagram @kiu.ri to stay up to date on all of these opportunities. We wish you a much healthier and happier 2021! If you are interested in enrolling or learning more about Keep It Up!, connect with APRI Peer Health Navigator Gene Hernandez at 401996-6142 or send an email to hello@ aprihealth.org. You can also see more at www.aidsprojectri.org/kiu.

Safe Zone

OUR COMMITMENT IS CONSTANT. Even with all that’s changed, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) remains here for you—with Safe Zones for respectful care, flexible insurance options, and convenient tools to help manage your plan. And we’re committed to promoting an inclusive, diverse community where everyone feels safe and accepted. Because improving the health and well-being of all Rhode Islanders is what we live for. Visit bcbsri.com to learn more.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. HR-419755 5/20



I'm going to go out and visit my friends and give them a great big hug! I miss being able to express my affection to my friends. – Bradford Greer (he/him)

Life Afte

COVID-19 restric Eating out, traveling, hugging my 89-year-old grandmother. I hope I don’t lose the simple, slow pace, creative connecting, and has provided. I look forward to creating a of family, friends, big hugs, connectedness

Hug my friends that I have not seen. Then book a table of 25 for my Eggs and Glam Drag Brunch” in New London, CT. – Joe Reddish (he/him)

I would like to take m crowded club. It is so boom-boom of the m

– Anonymous 41-yea Islander

– Vanessa Hunter (she/her)

The thing I cannot wait to start doing again is hugging. I thrive on the energy exchange created while physically connecting with other humans in an embrace, whether it's a happy hello, or consoling someone when they are down. Nothing beats the loving give and take of a heartfelt snuggle. It has been hard over the past year, especially with close family members and friends, to say our hellos and goodbyes from a distance and virtually. So, hopefully towards the end of 2021 we can bring on the hugs! – Eric Auger (he/ him)

16 options

February/March 2021

I’m going to do once COVID restrictions have been removed is to go and hug my mum, dad, and brother, as I have really missed that. On the way home, I am going to bounce and sit on sofas. Since moving, I need new ones, but don’t want to order online as they may be uncomfortable! – Daren Owen (he/him)

I am going to take a trip to Europe. – Dreya Catozzi (she/her)

For me, the aim post-lockdown is t be protective of m time [and] to nurt new unearthed slo We have created a connected 24 hour bombarded with in of being overloade tired, highly strung exacerbated by FO advice, I would sug deep breath, and b – Riaan Stiglingh (h


ctions are lifted?

my husband dancing in a o nice to hear the boommusic, and to just let

ar-old gay male Rhode

to my ture this ower pace. a global culture of being rs a day, and we are being nformation to the point ed. This results in us being g, nervous; and all this is OMO. If you asked me for ggest: slow down, take a be protective of your time. he/him)

Having a celebration in Newport! We are so ready to kick the fun back up here, get our beloved Trailer Park Girls drag performers down from Providence, and other musicians and the water, just as soon as it’s safe to do so. – Sean and Daniel, Newport Out (he/him & he/him)

I will start dating again, like, truly dating. Being polyamorous, it's hard to meet and get to know people while keeping your circle small and safe, let alone experience normal things with people, like eating out or going to a museum. I miss connecting with people somewhere other than a bed! – Holly Briggs (she/her)

I look forward to getting together with my fellow LGBTQ friends and associates. We plan on doing more activities for our work community that will encourage others to have the courage to be their authentic selves and to shine! We cannot wait to have fun in 2021! – April Wilson (she/ her)

I want to hug my friends – actually anyone! Almost anyone! – Jodi Glass (she/her)

new LGBTQ people in Rhode Island, face-to-face – yay! Since moving here just before the lockdown, my life has been in isolation, except for a handful of people. Even though it has taught me to respect the time I have, it has also highlighted a need for social interactions in my life. I’m gonna put on some beautiful rags, highlight my best features, and be a part of the new healing 2021 adventure. Hooray for 2021! - Page Wooller (they/them)



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February/March 2021

“Options Saved My Life.” I

at Options Options at the

Felicitations By Felicia Nimue Ackerman

Nell and Cecily's Cat Views the Pandemic In the past I was sorely bereft Every day when my humans had left. But they presently shelter in place, When I settle in Cecily's lap, Nell caresses my head till I nap.

The point? Options

Though they’d welcome a turnaround soon, For their cat, the pandemic's a boon! Options



Options has



Accepting My Gay, Black, & Asperger’s Identity by Dontai Carmon


am a 30-year-old, gay, bipolar black man with high functioning autism. I knew I liked guys

“Dontai, why do you like boys?” and I would always say, “I don’t know.” I thought something was

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s (a condition on the autism spectrum) at 12, a late age to be diagnosed with a developmental disorder. It took many years to face this reality and accept myself. I honestly wondered if there could be such a thing as being both gay and autistic! That’s how closeminded I was. As the years went by, I met other gay guys who had different types of disabilities. It felt pretty good knowing that I was not alone.

God saying, “Lord, why didn’t you make me a girl?” I seriously thought I was going to hell for being attracted to guys.

Coming Out of the Closet I had certain experiences in my childhood that confused me but led me to understand my sexuality. I would always hug and kiss my male friends on the cheek, and sometimes grab their butts. I always liked the way men looked, especially one of my mother’s friends. When I was around seven years old, we had one of those hot boxes for the TV, and I found porn on the Spice Channel. The choices were either straight or lesbian porn. I never understood why they wouldn’t show two guys. If you could show two women, you could show two men; that’s how I saw it. I was very sexually confused. I would often ask myself,

20 options

February/March 2021

At age 11, my sexuality drifted. I felt my hormones raging. My attraction to guys faded, and I was girl-crazy for a while. When I was 14, I attended a summer day camp and had my (I had only ever kissed a girl at school before.) After swimming in the pool, I went to the showers with a boy named Jovany and another male friend. One thing led to another, and suddenly Jovany started giving the other boy oral sex. I was shocked and didn’t say anything because I was aroused. Then, I gave Jovany oral sex. Did I like it? Yes, but I didn’t want anyone to know. Someone must have told, because my mom and I were called to a meeting at the pool. Fortunately no one seemed angry or upset, not even my mom. In a shaking, embarrassed, and small voice, I confessed to the sexual activity, and put my head down and covered my face. My mom may not have been mad, but she was still concerned about her young son. I am glad she showed concern instead of just

getting mad and lashing out, because she wasn’t keen on her son having feelings for boys. We headed home and she asked, “Did you like doing that?” Of course I liked it, but said, “No.” Toward the end of our deep and emotional conversation, I broke down and started crying. My brother Kash, a cute toddler, heard me crying and said, “Mom, why is Dontai crying?,” but she was too teary to explain. We may not have been the best family throughout the years, but we have truly stuck together and accomplished a lot in life.

came to my rescue and gave me CPR. Another time I tried hanging myself, but could not go through with it. Is suicide an answer? Many people have thought about killing themselves at some point in their lives. Being bipolar, experiencing depression or a lack of success, being bullied and harassed, being told you will never amount to anything, or even just being different can all seem like good reasons to end your life. Well, all of that happened to me growing up.

all colors, religions, abilities, shapes, and sizes. I went to high school with someone who was transitioning from male to female. At the time I had no idea what being trans meant. I’d see her getting targeted or talked about behind her back, and I wanted to stand up and say something, but didn’t out of fear of being the next target.

Do we all have to have the same lives to have the same rights? I thought It truly breaks my heart when I hear diversity is what this world was all It took a long time for me to be ready about someone ending their life about when I was growing up – having to search my soul and deal with my because they have been bullied for people of different races, religions, their sexual orientation. Sometimes I sexualities, genders, and abilities in own sexuality. the community. I came out to Every color of myself at 19, but Being different is the spice of life. What a the rainbow kept it a secret is from others at dull world this would be without differences. because glorious each one is special you are gay, lesbian, or trans, so much goes into start bawling, crying out with a desire coming out – admitting it not only to to hug and kiss them and tell them different is the spice of life. What a it is going to be okay. They were dull world this would be without yourself but to the world. ashamed and embarrassed to be differences. Bullying gay, and felt alone and isolated. I felt like that plenty of times throughout Being gay and black with Asperger’s Bullying is a serious issue, whether it my childhood, but I got through it. I makes me somewhat unusual, is online or in person, and it needs sought help and was in therapy for and these attributes have left me ostracized from many social groups. years. bullied and I get so upset that I want I now know I need to embrace to travel back in time and handle One thing that really helped me it much better than I did then. l was watching a ton of YouTube something to pick on you for, but was called retarded, a faggot, and a coming out videos, and many of just know if you have ever been nigger. I got hit. Stuff was thrown at them inspired me. Most of them bullied and made it through, you are me. At age nine, I was living in New were very touching and sometimes a survivor. Yes, I am still depressed, York when a kid pinned me against a heartbreaking. I truly felt all of their and I suffer from bipolar and trauma. wall and pulled a knife on me while pain and I would talk to the video But I’m here, breathing and living life yelling slurs. Today, I can remember screen and say over and over, “I love one day at a time. the fear I felt while being bullied. I you. You’re beautiful, and brave, and never really stood up for myself. strong. Welcome to the family. You Dontai Carmon lives in Newport and I used to cut myself, and I tried rock!” I didn’t feel so alone anymore. works for Advocates in Action Rhode drowning myself at age ten. My mom Now I understand that gay comes in Island.





by Cathy Gorman, SAGE-RI Steering Committee


SAGE-RI (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) addresses issues of concern to LGBT elders and is an organization of diverse people of all ages. For information on programs or to join SAGE-RI, drop us on Facebook as SAGE-Rhode Island; or send correspondence to SAGE-RI c/o the

22 options

February/March 2021

Intersex Activist Emily Quinn: Making Healthcare Workers Think Outside the Box Rhode Island


To learn more about Emily Quinn or intersex topics, visit www.emilord.com. Dr. Matt Collins



Voices: Anthony Santurri

Can We Celebrate Our Pride in 2021?

by Anthony Santurri


r and allies of the

See Anthony Anthony Santurri is a local small business owner and former Pride Board member.


Nurses • Certified Nursing Assistants • Certified Medical Technicians Housekeeping • Food Services • Laundry • Activities Be part of the fast-growing, inclusive and friendly staff of wellness professionals at Aldersbridge Communities. We are a local, nonprofit provider of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living and independent living communities where older adults live in comfort, dignity and with purpose. ✓ Group Life Insurance ✓ Paid Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance ✓ Voluntary Health Insurance ✓ Voluntary Dental Insurance ✓ Voluntary Vision Plan ✓ Voluntary Supplemental Insurance ✓ Flexible Spending Account (FSA) ✓ Paid Sick, Personal and Vacation Time ✓ 10 Company Paid Holidays ✓ Voluntary 403(b) Retirement Plan (6% Matching Employer Contribution with a 3% or above Employee Contribution) after one year of employment

If you’re dedicated to caring for our residents with compassion, show us your “AldersPride” and apply today..

Safe Zone

View our current open positions at Aldersbridge.org/employment • 401-438-4456 x 167 ad 2020.indd 1 options February/March 2021 24AC Options

3/13/20 11:40 AM

RESOURCES Options Island Gay Task Force. Editor Jos Fayette explained, “The RIGTF wants to make the homosexual community aware of their options as gay men and women in Rhode Island. And it’s only because we live, work, love, and play in this state that there are such a large number of options available to all of us.” Options has always, and will continue to print LGBTQ resources so that

you can, as Fayette went on to say, “Exercise your OPTIONS today to make positive changes in your life tomorrow.” Help us help you! Email info@optionsri.org if you come across a resource listing that needs updating. New, updated, and featured resources are highlighted. Phone numbers are in the 401 area code and addresses are in Rhode Island, unless otherwise indicated.

ADDICTION SUPPORT GROUPS AA Brothers in Sobriety: AddictionCenter.com:

AIDS Quilt RI:

Brown University AIDS Program:

Alcohol/Drug Helpline: Project BREAK: RI LGBT AA Group:

Community Care Alliance:

Community Care Alliance-Agape Providence:


Seven Hills Behavioral Health: Comprehensive Community Action Programs: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous: Gabriel Care, LLC: YPTQ (Young People, Queer, Trans) meeting of AA:


HIV Antibody Testing: Home and Hospice Care of RI:

House of Compassion: AIDS Action Hotline: AIDS Care Ocean State:

LGBT Caregiver Online Support Group: Luis E. Martinez House CHS, Inc.: Miriam Hospital HIV & STD Testing Clinic:

AIDS Project RI:



Partners in Learning About AIDS:

South Coast LGBTQ Network: United Way of RI Referral Line:


Planned Parenthood of So. New England:

The Alley Cat Providence:

Prima CARE Transgender Clinic:

Bobby’s Place:

Project Weber/RENEW: Brooklyn Coffee Tea House: Seven Hills HIV Prevention & Screening: Club Body Center: SSTAR






The Dark Lady: EGO:

Steppingstone, Inc.: Mirabar: Providence Eagle:

Thundermist Health Center:

The Stable:


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Amnesty International OUTfront: Brown University Queer Alliance:

Fenway Community Center LGBT Helpline: GLBT National Help Center Hotline:

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD):

Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund:

LGBTQ Action RI: National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Assoc./New England: NewportOut: The Next Thing (TNT):


RI Commission on Prejudice and Bias:

26 options

February/March 2021

RI Socialist Action:

Concordia Center for Spiritual Living:

RI Human Rights Commission: Edgewood Congregational Church: Emmanuel Episcopal Church: Servicemembers Legal Defense Network:


RELIGIOUS & SPIRITUAL All Saints Memorial Church:



First Unitarian Church: First Universalist Society:

Amicable Congregational Church: Foxboro Universalist Church: Barrington Congregational Church:

Grace Episcopal Church in Providence:

Bell Street Chapel:

Hopedale Unitarian Parish: Immanuel Lutheran Church: Interweave at Channing Memorial UU Church:

Berean Baptist Church: Calvary





Central Congregational Church:


Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd:

Mathewson St. Church: Mercy of God Community:




Chapel Street Congregational Church UCC: Charter Oak Grove ADF: Christ Church in Lonsdale:

Murray Unitarian Universalist Church:

Newman Congregational Church: Newport Congregational Church: Park Place Congregational Church: Pilgrim Lutheran Church:

Church of the Ascension Church of the Epiphany:

Pilgrim United Church of Christ: Providence Presbyterian Church:

Church of the Redeemer:



The Pub Church:

United Congregational Church:

Riverside Church:

Westminster Unitarian Universalist Church:

St. Augustine’s Church and Episcopal Center at URI:


Bisexual Resource Center:

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church:


St. Martin’s Episcopal Church:

Boston Bisexual Women’s Network:


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church:

Cape and (CIGSYA):

St. Paul’s Church:


St. Peter & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church: Saint Therese Old Catholic Church:





Feminist & Queer Happy Hour: Gay Men’s Social Group: Imperial Court of RI at Providence:

Second Congregational Church of Attleboro: Seekonk Congregational Church:



Mixed Borders Gardening Group: Old Lesbians Organizing for Change:

Soka Gakkai: Achim:

Opera Club: Providence Gay Men’s Chorus:

Temple Beth-El: Temple Emanu-El:

Queer Book Club: RI Association of Gay Professionals:

Temple Habonim:

RI Parents Pride: Temple


RI Pride:

Unitarian Church in Fall River:

RI Pride Lions Club:

Unitarian Universalist Society of Fairhaven:

RI Prime Timers:

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County:

RI Skeptics Society:

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February/March 2021

Bi Women Quarterly. Youth


RI Women’s Association:

Frontrunners Rhode Island:

SAGE/RI (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders): Frontrunners Boston RUNNING Group: SEMASSMEN:

OutRyders SKIING:

South Coast Social Club for Gay & Bisexual Men: Social and


Womxn’s Night:

Renaissance City SOFTBALL League:

Yankee Lambda Car Club:




Beantown SOFTBALL League: Fitness

SPORTS & RECREATION PrideSports Boston:

TENNIS-4-All: Cambridge Boston VOLLEYBALL Association: Players

Boston Gay BASKETBALL League: BOATING: Big Gay Al’s Duckpin BOWLING League:


Ocean State Pride VOLLEYBALL League:

East Coast WRESTLING Club:

STUDENTS & YOUTH Bristol Community College The Lambda Connection:

FIELD HOCKEY: Brown University Queer Alliance: FLAG (For Lesbians And Gays) FOOTBALL:

Boston Pride HOCKEY Movement Mondays: One hour class open to people in

CCRI Triangle Alliance: Home to Hope:

Providence Gay Flag Football League: Rondeaus KICKBOXING: Main Street MARTIAL ARTS: Chiltern Mountain Club:

LGBT National Youth Talkline: Peer Listening Line: Queer & Trans Thursdays:

Boston Gay ROWERS: Boston Ironsides RUGBY Football: Providence Women’s RUGBY Club:



Salve Regina University – The Alliance:

Gay Fathers of Greater Boston:

S.H.E.P.A.R.D. (Stopping Homophobia, Eliminating Prejudices and Restoring Dignity):

Gay Men’s HIV+ Social Group:

The Trevor Project: University of RI LGBTIQ2: URI LGBTQ Center: Youth Pride Inc.:

Gay Share: LGBTQ+ Grief Support:

SUPPORT GROUPS & SOCIAL SERVICES Abuse Victims and Survivors: Support on phone for


HIV+ Gay Men’s Support Group: LGBTQ+ Pregnancy & Parenting Group: Free support

Adoption Options: Blackstone

Helpline for LGBT Youth:



Child & Family Services: Community Care Alliance: Community Care Alliance-Agape Providence: Transitional

LGBTQ+ Peer: Mantalk of S.E. Mass:

MentalHelp.net: Partner Support Group at Fenway Health:

Compass: Crossroads RI Hotline: Day One: Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County:

PFLAG (Parents, & Friends of Lesbians & Gays): Attleboro Chapter Greater Providence Chapter Newport Chapter

Family Service of RI: Foster parents needed: Foster Parents wanted:

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February/March 2021

Project Weber/RENEW:

Queer Transformative Roots (QTR):

Rape Crisis Center for S.E. Mass:

St. Mary’s Home for Children: Straight Spouses: TGI Network of RI:

RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence: RI Rainbow Support Group:

Trans* Partners New England:

Samaritans: Seven Hills Behavioral Health: Sexual Health Education & Advocacy Program:

Trans* Youth Family Allies: Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA):

Sojourner House: Women’s Resource Center of Newport and Bristol Counties:



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