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Excursions & Welcome to sightseeing Fredrikstad and 2013/2014 Hvaler!



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Fredrikstad – an innovative city with a proud history

The City Centre

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Port Facilities Fredrikstad


The Fortified Town

Open: 24 hour ISPS approved: Yes Designated quays for cruise ships: Yes, until 140m L.O.A Pilot: Yes 3 Tidal movement: 0.50 m Ship tenders allowed: Yes Ships stay minimum/maximum: No limitations Environmental limitations/restrictions: According to international regulations Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway’s quality guidelines: Yes Maximum number of ships per day in port: 2-3 Maximum number of passengers per day in port: 4 000 4 Port Services Bunkers delivery: Yes Bunkers method: Bunker service by barge Supplies: Yes Waste Handling: Yes Waste water method: Yes, with tanker Tugboats: Yes Anchorage: Yes Pontoons: No

2 The Fortified Town


Docks in Fredrikstad: 1 Tollboden 2 The Fortified Town 3 Øra (temporary) 4 Øra main dock (from 2015)

Tollboden max loa 140m max draft -6,5m The Fortified Town yacht dock max loa 60m draft -4,5m Øra (temporary) max loa 230m draft- 8,5m Øra main dock (from 2015) loa + 300m draft -12m

Photo: Visit Halden, Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler, Visit Sarpsborg, Walter Schøffthaler, Helge Fossnæs, Eivind Lauritzen, Trine Sirnes, Terje Rakke, Storm Event Syd, Jan´s Foto, Tom Egil Jensen, Toralf Seim, Rolf Sørensen, Thomas Andersen, Fjellanger Widerøe, Fredrikstad Museum. Munch Laura C. Munch med Edvard Munch på fanget “Tante Karen”. Photo: Munch-museet Karen Bjølstad. Photo: Munch-museet. Edvard Munch, Red and white, 1899-1900. Photo: Munch-museet. Edvard Munch, Selfportrait in Front of the House Wall, 1926. Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design. © Munch-museet / Munch-Ellingsen Group / BONO, Oslo 2012. Photo: Børre Høstland, Nasjonalmuseet.


Docks in Fredrikstad: Welcome to 1 Tollboden Fredrikstad and Managing Director Maya Nielsen 2 The Fortified Town Hvaler! 3 Øra (temporary) Office: (+47) 69 30 46 00 4 32 Øra Mobile: (+47) 958 233 main dock (from 2015)

Member of: Tollboden Sales Manager Cruise max loa 140m max draft -6,5m Tove BergsengThe Fortified Town yacht dock max loa 60m draft -4,5m Øra (temporary) max loa 230m draft- 8,5m Øra Office: (+47) 69 30 main 46 00dock (from 2015) loa + 300m draft -12m Mobile: (+47) 952 76 969

The oldest part of Fredrikstad; The Fortified town was founded in 1567 by King Frederik II, and is today considered the best preserved fortified town in Scandinavia. Fredrikstad’s history starts, oddly enough, with the fall of the neighbouring town of Borg (now Sarpsborg). This historic town was razed to the ground by the Swedish army, during The Great Nordic War, and soon afterwards, King Frederik II decided to build a completely new city, by the Glomma estuary. In 2002, the Østfold Regiment was disbanded; 350 years of military presence in the fortress town came to an end. Several of the town’s buildings were in 2008 conserved by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural heritage. The newer part of Fredrikstad is big enough to give you the urban feeling, yet small enough to be friendly. The quay promenade and the pedestrian street offers a wide range of restaurants, galleries, parks and cultural scenes.

The Hvaler islands 4

Hvaler is an archipelago of 833 islands, islets and skerries. In 2005 The Outer Hvaler National Park was established as the first marine national park in Norway. The park is well suited for diving, canoeing, fishing and hiking, as well as jusr a relaxing day at best beach on the Oslo Fjord! Reduce your handicap at the Hvaler golf course! Get your picture taken sitting on King Neptune’s Throne or keep the embers of romance glowing on Kjærlighetsstien (Lovers‘ Lane). Expand your mind at the impressive international sculpture park at Rødshuet on Kirkøy! Or just take life easy on the island-hop ferry and let your thoughts wander under a wide-open sky!

Welcome to Fredrikstad and Hvaler! The destination company Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler offer a wide range of attractions and excursions. This brochure highlights 13 different tours which are available for the group and cruise market. Choose between sightseeing, guided theme tours, boat trips, museums and well preserved fortifications. For those who want an active experience, we arrange hiking, biking and boat adventures. FIGURES & FACTS

The City Centre

Fredrikstad Population 75 500 Hvaler Islands Population 4 000 Distances Sweden 30 km Oslo 95 km Airport 30 km Fr0m port to the Fortified Town: 2 km/3 min From port to the city centre: 5,5 km/9 min


Guided tours


1. The Fortified Town

1. The Fortified Town Guided tour in Norden’s best kept fortified town, founded in 1567 by King Frederik II is one of Norway’s most popular attractions. This is a definite must see! Enjoy glassblowing, artists in action, Scanidiavia´s largest model railway and the Christmas house.

Fredrikstad and Hvaler has 3000 years of stories to tell. Some stories we tell quite often, others are seldom mentioned. But that does not make them less interesting! We tailor-make the tour of your desire and interest.

3. Hans Nielsen Hauge´s home A guided tour in the home to one of Norway’s greatest evangelists. This is where something very special happened to him in 1796. He spent the rest of his life witnessing about his beliefs. 4. The Hvaler Islands A guided tour in the Hvaler islands consists of 833 islands, islets and skerries. Skjærhalden is Hvaler’s largest village and is situated on Kirkeøy. These islands are filled with history which the guide is exited to share with you. One of the Islands’ many attractions is Hvaler Church, one of Norway’s oldest medieval stone churches.

2. The Ancient Trail

The excursion goes by coach from a pre-arranged location. The tour includes photo stops. Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler offer conducted tours with highly qualified and friendly guides who will give the group a memorable tour of the region. Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler has guides proficient in a number of languages.

4. The Hvaler Islands

3. Hans Nielsen Hauge´s home



2. The Ancient Trail Guided tour along the Ancient Trail you will find Norway’s largest concentration of ancient monuments from the stone, bronze, and iron ages including burial mounds, stone rings and fortified hamlets.

Duration: from 1 hr to 8 hrs Capacity: 30 - 300 Season: All year


Commander’s Promenade

TOUR DESCRIPTION Commander Scheele will welcome the group upon arrival in the Fortified Town. The Commander takes the group through the streets of the Fortified Town and ends up in one of the pubs. In the pub the Bar hostess welcomes everyone and offers drinks and refreshments. The Swedish national poet and drunkard, Carl-Michael Bellmann, might greet you with his presence. The big question is: How is the meeting between Bellmann and the Commander Scheel going to unfold? Is it going to be a duet or a duel?

A unique and exciting walk in a historic atmosphere. Accompany Commander Hans Jacob Scheel on a promenade of his very own streets. His guided tour of The Fortified Town is deadly serious and hysterically funny, all at the same time.


Photo: Walter Schøffthaler


The Commander’s Promenade successfully be concluded with with an artistic workshop on Bation 5, an arts and crafts centre in the Fortified Town.

Track: Easy Duration: From 1 hour No. of persons: 20 – 150 Location: The Fortified Town Season: All year


A coastal boat trip to Fredriksten Fortress through the National Marine Park

TOUR DESCRIPTION Embarkation at Skjærhalden, Hvaler. A cruise in the spectacular national park - with guide. We sail to Halden, a historic city close to the swedish border, for a visit at Fredriksten Fortress. It is known as The king of Fortresses, and is a spectacular sight in itself. The passengers will be brought by bus from the guest harbour in Halden to Fredriksten Fortress. There; they will have a guided tour for one hour. There is also Tourist information on the fortress, as well as restaurants, art gallery, museums etc.

We sail through scenic cultural landscapes and Europes first maritim national park (estab. 09.09.09), aswell as along the beaches and skerries.

The trip covers a lot of the region´s historical sites dating back to the Bronze Age, as well as the Solberg Tower. NOTES


After the guided tour of the Fredriksten Fortress the passangers will be taken on a roadtrip by bus through Oldtidsruta (The Ancient Trail).

Duration: 5 hrs / day trip Capacity: 50-120 Location: Skjærhalden-HaldenFredrikstad Season: All year


Visit Roald Amundsen´s Birthplace

TOUR DESCRIPTION Roald got his inspiration and desire to explore the arctic on his father´s ships in Fredrikstad. His birthplace is today a museum. The house lies in a old cultural landscape by the river Glomma, close to the Ancient Route of rock carvings and stone circles from the Bronze Age. Upon arrival the guests will be met by a guide and take part in a guided tour of Roald Amundsen’s family home. After the tour the group will be served regional food with drinks.

The famous polar explorer Roald Amundsen was born on July 16th, 1872 at ”Tomta” in Fredrikstad. Visit his birth place and family home, and experience the old cultural landscape by the river of Glomma.

Following the meal, the group can enjoy a team activity sculpturing ice from large ice blocks.



Duration: from 2 hours No. of persons: 25 - 50 Location: Fredrikstad Season: All year


Mystical tour of Fredrikstad & Halden

TOUR DESCRIPTION The Fortified town, the manors and castles in Østfold is bursting with history and urban legends. On the way to Halden, we drive through Norways most concentrated collection of cultural monuments from the Bronze and Iron Age. We visit the mass grave field at Hunn, the Elingaard Manor and the Fortified Town in Fredrikstad and Fredrikstad Fortress in Halden,

Who was the “White Lady” at Fredriksten fortress, or lady Birthe at Elingaard Manor? Are they still there? The ghost stories says so. Is Kongsten fortress a haunted place? Why is it known as Galgeberg and who is hiding in the old casemates? And will Wivar, priest from the Bronze Age, show up between the stonerings at Hunn?

Enjoy this exciting and mystical roundtrip. Guded tour of Elingaard Manor Guided tour of Fredriksten fortress Guided tour of the Fortified town and the Ancient Trail Lunch at Fredriksten fortress Refreshments at the bus Booklet with local history Bus hire



Duration: 8 hrs / day trip Capacity: High. 45 pax pr. coach Season: All year


A coastal fjord cruise through Hvaler National Marine Park

TOUR DESCRIPTION Hvaler consists of 833 islands, islets and skerries. The Coastal Boat sails through scenic cultural landscapes and Europe’s first maritime national park (established 09.09.09), as well as along the beaches and skerries. The group embark in Fredrikstad and sails towards the Hvaler archipelago and the lively village Skjærhalden.

The Marine National Park in the Hvaler Islands is Norway´s first marine national park. Enjoy the fantastic skerries and ocean scenery right on the boarder between Sweden and Norway.

At Skjærhalden the guests will be served a local seafood meal and drinks, and will also have a chance to visit the Maritime National Park Centre.



Duration: from 3 hrs No. of persons: up to 120 Location: The Hvaler Islands Season: All year


The Children´s Fortified Town – with activities for the whole family

TOUR DESCRIPTION The excursion sets of by boarding the Fortified Town´s newest attraction; the tourist train “Plankedampen”, which stops conveniently outside all the different family attractions in the Fortified Town. Jump on and off throughout the day. First stop is the Model Train Centre, the largest in Scandinavia.

The Fortified Town is a lively scene for joyful play and interaction. just as in the old days there are animals like goats, ducks and hens in the fortification. There are playgrounds and parks, and activities that the family can take active part in.

Next stop is the children’s section at the town’s museum, with lots of different activities. Next we go outside for treasure hunting before tea break and the Norwegian specialty; waffles with brown cheese served at the Children’s Cafe at Bastion5.

And now the time has come that all children receive the special honor of being a small Edvard Munch - make your own SKRIK sculpture or picture at the Qulthus Art Centre for childeren. The art work will be taken to the ship when they are dry with a small prize!



After a well-deserved break, we head to the Christmas House, open all year round. Santa is greeting us with a tune from his organ grinder.

Duration: 3 hrs Capacity: No limit Location: The Fortified Town Season: All year


The Tall Ships Races JULY 12th - 15th 2014 FREDRIKSTAD

TOUR DESCRIPTION This tour starts from the harbor or the city centre, with a guided tour on two of the ships followed by a mini cruise on the river Glomma. After returning to the city centre we board the City Ferry and enjoy a short trip across the river to the island of Isegran. We get a guided tour of the island. The well renowned Yacht designer and boat builder Bjarne Aas had his workshop here. This is where he designed the famous 6 meter. In 1932 he signed his very first rescue boat at this place.

Do you want a unique experience; join us at The Tall Ships Races 2014! Fredrikstad is the second stop in the race, that sets of in Harlingen, Netherland. From Fredrikstad the ships races to Bergen. Esbjerg in Denmark is the final destination.

Enjoy the rest of the evening at your own leisure.



The evening ends with Sailors dinner in the Fortified Town.

Duration: 8 hrs / day trip Capacity: No limit Location: Fredrikstad Season: July 12-15 2014




Refreshments and lunch at Cafe Galeien. Return to the Fortified Town with the City ferry.




Enjoy a visit to the Maritime Centre, where old boat building tradition are upheld.


A day in Oslo

TOUR DESCRIPTION Transfer from Fredrikstad – Oslo, back and forth. (88 km one way)

Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies the Norwegian capit0l. Oslo has a special combination of city life and easy access to the great outdoors.

In Oslo there is around 50 museums, several art galleries and also many scenic attractions. They offer conducted tours with highly qualified and friendly guides to almost any of Oslo´s tourist attractions, such as The Holmenkollen Ski Jump, The Vigeland Sculpture Park, The Viking Skip Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum, The Polar Ship Fram, The Munch Museum and the City Hall. Oslo Promenade From the beginning of June until the end of August Guideservice arrange a 1 1/2 hours walking tour of Oslo with an authorized Oslo guide every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The tour starts at the City Hall (sea side) at 17:30 and the guiding is in English and Norwegian. The walk takes you past the Akershus Castle, “Kvadraturen” – the old part of Oslo, up the famous Karl Johan pedestrian street towards the Royal Palace. The tour ends outside the National Theatre.



Oslo is the largest city of Norway, and has been the country’s capitol for more than 700 years. The Government and Parlament are located here. At the end of Oslo’s main street; Karl Johans gate, you will find the Royal Palace where the King and Queen has their residence.

Duration: 8 hrs / day trip Capacity: 45 - no limit Season: All year


Fjord safari with RIB

TOUR DESCRIPTION Fjordsafari is a rare experience, and the spectacular skerries and maritime environment around the Hvaler islands make it even more magic. We set to sea with RIB boats, and enjoy the waves and speed among the hundreds of skerries and small islands. Pot fishing is an exclusive and exciting experience for those who are after `the little extra’. Dinner can be enjoyed in “Sjøbua”, an idyllic and secluded place, right on the waterfront in the area of Hankø, in one of Hvaler´s restuarants or on the skerries.

Speed and excitement on the fjord – with RIB. Enjoy speed and the sea breeze. Subject to the weather conditions of the day, we set course for the outer region of the fjord to find some great waves. The coast and the skerries of the southeastern part of the fjord are simply fantastic.

Enjoy the waves, the catch and The Outer Hvaler National Park.



Duration: 2,5 hours No. of persons: 10 – 30 Destination: Hankø and the Hvaler Islands Season: April – October Lobster season (Oct. 1st to Nov. 3oth)


Experience sailing at Hankø or Hvaler

TOUR DESCRIPTION The excursion will contain sailing at Hankø or by the Hvaler Islands. Hankø Island is located in the Oslo Fjord, outside Fredrikstad. It used to be the property of the DanoNorwegian king, the site where the king hunted deer. Later an island of retreat, notable visitors are the Norwegian king, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, and her husband Ari Behn. Hankø is well known internationally as a venue for the sport of sailing, having hosted several world championships in different yacht classes.



Enjoy a meal onboard the boats or stop at one of the restaurants on Hankø or the Hvaler Islands.

Enjoy sailing at Hankø – a beautiful island in the Oslofjord, renowned for its international and royal sailing traditions. Or on the Hvaler Islands which consists of 833 islands, islets and skerries. Duration: from 3 hours No. of persons: 10 – 100 Location: Hankø or Hvaler Season: April - October



TOUR DESCRIPTION Ensemble Baroque 1704 consists of musicians and actors that together produces chamber theater and concert performances in a rustic 1700’s packaging. A baroque EXPERIENCE is Baroque music and theater in the surprising interaction, tailor-made opportunity, safety and environment. The costumes are coloured with the palette of the Fortified Town!

Ensemble 1704 consists of professional baroque musicians and actors. Meet them in the Fortified Town in Fredrikstad. The ensemble produces chamber theater and concert performances in a rustic 1700-century packaging. It´s a unique performance, a glimpse into a fascinating and colorful part of the history.

Join a theatrical tour in the Fortified Town, with baroque music and acting. Local food is served a long the route. The EXPERIENCE can be completed with a dinner in one of the many historic buildings.



Duration: 1,5 hours incl. transfer No. of persons: 30 – 50 Season: All year Location: The Fortified Town


Edvard Munch´s Mothers

TOUR DESCRIPTION Our guide, Torill Stokkan, has written the book ”Edvard Munch´s ancestors, women and life”. Laura Cathrine Munch (née Bjølstad), Edvard Munch´s mother was born in Fredrikstad May 10th 1837. In 1861 she married Christian Munch in Glemminge (Glemmen) Church in Fredrikstad. In 1863 little Edvard was born. Laura died young at the age of 31, leaving behind her husband and five children.

Edvard Munch painted several of his family members in Fredrikstad, among them his grandfather Andreas Bjølstad on his death bed (1888). The guided tour takes place in the centre of Fredrikstad. The tour starts at the island Isegran – an old naval base in the 1700s. Here came the young lieutenant Soren Rasmussen Munch in 1716. Soren started a small lumber business in Fredrikstad, and married Kristine Edvardsdatter Røring. In 1738 came as a small Edvard Munch to the world – and this little Edward is whom the painter Edvard is named after. The first Edward.


Laura´s sister, Karen Bjølstad, took responsibility for the welfare of the five minor children. She became Edvard Munch´s beloved Aunt Karen. She early understood Edvard´s talent, and supported him all her years. She was often used by Edvard Munch as a model, e.g. “Vaar” (1889) and “Det syke barn” (1885). Karen died in 1931, 91 years old.

The sights will be the birthplace of Laura and Karen, the church where Edvard Munch´s parents got married and the farm where his ancestors came from. All in a short walking distance in the midst of the town. Guided Tour, by foot Duration: 1 hour 15 min. Capacity: 20 - 100 Season: All year



i Fredrikstad


Seal safari in the Outer Oslo Fjord

TOUR DESCRIPTION A seal safari is a thrilling and rewarding way to get close to nature and marine life. After the safari the boat carries us to a lighthouse where a delicious meal of local delicacies is served.

The group is transported by boat out to the Ytre Hvaler National Park.

Suitable for small groups.



Duration: 3 hours Capacity: 15 - 70 Location: Østfold’s coast, Outer Hvaler National Park Season: May – September


Golf on the coast

TOUR DESCRIPTION Gamle Frederikstad Golf Club, near Old Town (18 holes) Onsøy Golf Club, Onsøy (18 holes) Huseby & Hankø Golf Club, Onsøy (9 holes) Hvaler Golf Club, Kirkeøy, Hvaler (9 holes)

Fredrikstad and the Hvaler islands have four challenging golf courses.

Alternative A: Organised tournament at two courses and a concluding dinner. Joint transport by bus. 5 hour trip in total. Alternative B: Coastal golf, go as you like. We arrange for a hire car and, if desired, a course guide.



A round of golf followed by seafood delicacies at one of our excellent restaurants makes for a great day.

Duration: 4 hours – 7 hours Capacity: 10 - 20 Location: Østfold’s coast Season: April – October


Rock cycling on the Hvaler Islands

TOUR DESCRIPTION Minibus to the starting point on Hvaler. Hvaler ferry out to Søndre Sandøy island. We cycle along car-free paths and the shoreline rocks . Lunch is served at the island café Cafe Oline on Søndre Sandøy, where a visit is always a memorable experience!

A thrilling experience for the whole family! FIGURES & FACTS


Duration: 4 hour excursion. Capacity: 10 - 25 Location: Hvaler Islands Season: April – October Track: easy


Fredrikstad (N) to Strømstad (S) by boat

TOUR DESCRIPTION We sail out into the Hvaler archipelago on our way to the maritime town of Strømstad in Sweden. Sightseeing in Strømstad conducted by a local guide. We will for sure taste the local seafood! Return to Fredrikstad by boat. A wonderful voyage during which you experience two countries!

The most beautiful voyage in the east of Norway! FIGURES & FACTS


Sightseeing by boat/by foot Duration: 6 hours Capacity: 25 – 120 Season: March – December


The Halden Canal and Fredriksten Fortress

TOUR DESCRIPTION Afterwards we drive to the dock where we board the M/S Strømsfoss that takes us on a beautiful journey along the Halden Canal between Strømsfoss and Halden, through the highest set of canal locks in Northern Europe. A relaxing way to enjoy great natural beauty. Bus back to Fredrikstad.

Bus trip to Halden for a guided tour of the Fredriksten Fortress. FIGURES & FACTS


Sightseeing by bus/boat/foot Duration: 8 hours/day trip Capacity: 25 – 120 Season: March – December


The Storedal Cultural Centre

TOUR DESCRIPTION Storedal Cultural Centre is a cultural centre near The Road of the Ancients (Oldtidsruta), the main road 110 between Fredrikstad and Skjeberg in the Municipality of Sarpsborg. The park was opened by its founder Erling Storedal in 1970. Storedal was blind and his idea was to give blind people a unique opportunity to make cultural discoveries. The main attraction at the centre is the sculpture “Ode to the Light” by Arnold Haukeland, which plays music by Arne Nordheim.



The centre also has a beautiful park, an amphitheatre, and a rock carving exhibition depicting life here in the Bronze Age.

Storedal Cultural Centre is a cultural centre near The Road of the Ancients. Guided Tour, by bus/foot Duration: 2 hour incl. transfer Capacity: 30 – 300 Season: April – October


Fredrikstad City Walk

TOUR DESCRIPTION Did you know that Fredrikstad Cathedral is one of only two in the world that has a beacon in the tower to guide ships to a safe harbour? The other one is in Australia. On the walk we will pay the beautiful Fredrikstad Cathedral a visit.

Even though the part of the city on the river’s west bank is relatively new, it has a fascinating history. The town has many striking buildings and attractive spaces, all with their own story to tell. FIGURES & FACTS


Guided Tour, by foot Duration: 1 hour 30 min Capacity: 30 – 300 Season: All year


Haugsten Farm, as its name suggests (Haug Sten: The Stone on the Hill), lies on top of a hill, and is close to Solli, some 500 metres from the E6 motorway.

Farm Visit: Haugsten

The farm was originally a croft under Soli Brug (sawmill), but was sold in 1902 to one of the workers on the farm. Haugsten is a working farm with livestock, organic apple production, and a farm shop where the farm’s own produce is popular. You will find delicious homemade honey, apple juice, and other handicraft and gift items.

Welcome to Haugsten Farm, situated in Rolvsøy, at roughly the same distance from the towns of Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, and Moss.




Guided tour by bus/foot Duration: 2 hours incl. transfer Capacity: 20 – 100 Season: All year


From Sawmill to Gallery: Soli Brug

TOUR DESCRIPTION Since 1975 the Dorje-Berg family has been restoring the remaining buildings. Soli Brug stands today as a courtyard with eight well-preserved houses, and sawmill ruins by the Ågård river. Since 1978 Soli Brug has become an important centre for art exhibitions. Large exhibitions are held here two or three times a year, attracting visitors from all over Norway. The buildings also house a framemaker’s workshop, a pottery workshop, and the family’s private residence.

There was a sawmill at Soli Brug as early as the 17th century. In the period 1860-1880 it was the largest in Northern Europe, with 22 sash saws and 600 workers. The mill was closed in 1925.



Soli Brug is about an hour south of Oslo and about 20 minutes from Fredrikstad.

Guided tour by bus/foot Duration: 2 hour Capacity: 20-100 Season: All year


Fredrikstad in 2 hours – city sightseeing by bus

TOUR DESCRIPTION The western bank of the Glomma was initially developed as a suburb to the Old Town, lying adjacent to the Royal Road to the capital. Sightseeing with bus in the city area.



Even though the part of the city on the river’s west bank is relatively new, it has a fascinating history. Guided Tour, by bus Duration: 2 hours Capacity: 30 – 300 Season: All year


Our beautiful and historic churches

TOUR DESCRIPTION We visit Fredrikstad Cathedral, the East Fredrikstad Church in the Old Town (Gamlebyen), the medieval Old Glemmen Church, Tune Church, and Skjeberg Church in Sarpsborg.

Fredrikstad and neighbouring Sarpsborg have a large number of historical and beautiful churches. FIGURES & FACTS


Sightseeing by bus/foot Duration: 3 hours Capacity: 25 – 100 Season: all year


River Sightseeing on the River Glomma

TOUR DESCRIPTION The first brick factory was established here in 1660. In the centuries that followed the factories and saw mills stood cheek by jowl along the riverbanks, and the remains of many are still to be seen. Our guide will offer you fascinating insights into the industrial heritage that grew up along the river Glomma.

Explore our industrial heritage – by boat! Along the banks of the Glomma, the longest river in Norway, the fascinating industrial heritage of Fredrikstad can be explored. FIGURES & FACTS


Sightseeing by boat – boarding from the cruise ship Duration: 2 hours Capacity: 25 – 70 Season: March – December


Island Hopping on Hvaler with guide!

TOUR DESCRIPTION This round trip of island hopping can be done on your own or in a guided group. We pack a picnic basket and visit the eastern Hvaler Islands of Herføl, and Northern and Southern Sandøy, where the prime minister has his summer home.

The island paradise of Hvaler is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day.



This is a relaxing and fascinating trip through a beautiful and historical part of Norway.

Sightseeing by bus/boat/foot Duration: 4 hours Capacity: 40 Season: March – December


A Taste of Norway: delicacies from Hvaler

TOUR DESCRIPTION We´ll visit Kofoed brewery (beer tasting and shop), Fjordfisk (sampling of fish products), Frøkengården (bread baking, freshly baked bread with homemade jam is served), Hvaler Garden (healing gardens). There will be detailed information on the bus.

We visit some local producers of food delicacies on the island paradise of Hvaler: FIGURES & FACTS


Sightseeing by bus/boat/foot Duration: 4 hours Capacity: 25 - 50 Season: May - October


From Saga to Science

TOUR DESCRIPTION Our journey starts along the Road of the Ancients with a visit to the mysterious stone circles of Hunn where the “Lord of the Stone Rings” greets his guests from the distant future.

The Ancient Road – Storedal Cultural Centre – The Science Centre: A unique journey from the ancient past to the future!



The time travel continues on to Storedal Cultural Centre where we take part in the unique story of the “Ode to the Light”. Finally we explore the future through the galleries of the magnificent INSPIRIA Science Centre. The future of the universe comes to exciting life.

Sightseeing by bus/foot Duration: 4 hours Capacity: 25 - 50 Season: May - October


Visit to the Bøensætre in Aremark

TOUR DESCRIPTION The Bøensætre is a uniquely well-preserved example of the typical tithed cottages of Østfold. The TV series “The Farm” was recorded here in 2007. Today Bøensætre is preserved as a tithed cottage with farm animals much as it was 100 years ago.



There are opportunities for rowing a canoe, and children can ride a horse. Fresh coffee and waffles are on sale. And the countryside is peaceful and relaxing. Perhaps you would like to stay overnight out here in the Norwegian forest? There are beds for 30 people on the farm.

Visit the Bøensætre (farm cottages) in Aremark, day trip or overnight stay. Sightseeing by bus/foot Duration: 4 hours Capacity: 25 - 50 Season: May - October


A Day in the Footsteps of Vikings

TOUR DESCRIPTION Yes, Sarpsborg was founded by the Viking warrior Olaf Haraldsson, named Saint Olaf of Norway after his death. He was killed in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030, and became a saint because of the wonders that happened before and after his death.

The year is 1016. The great Viking king Olaf Haraldsson has just founded the town of Borg, and is giving a feast for his brave men. You are invited to the party!

During this adventure the guests will get to know the Viking way of life. They will meet chiefs, warriors, men, women and children. The guests will be dressed up in Viking clothes at the arrival. They will then be divided into groups, each being set a different challenge: shooting with bow and arrow, jumping, “glima” wrestling - or creating Viking poems. A Viking meal will be served accompanied by Viking entertainment. And maybe some angry warriors will show up...? NOTES


King Olaf built a castle in Borg, and visited it frequently during his short and dramatic life. In 1019 he got married here to Astrid, daughter of the Swedish king Olof Skötakung.

Sightseeing by bus/foot Duration: 4 hours incl. transfer Capacity: 25 - 50 Season: May - October


Diving Cruises – diving and snorkeling

TOUR DESCRIPTION The platform and the ladder at the back of the boat make entering the water and re-embarking the boat convenient for you. If you have 2 tanks you can stay on board, chill out, and have a hot drink and snack and maybe move on to a second dive site. The islands of Missingene form probably the most spectacular dive-site in the area. The frigate “Schleswig” stranded here during a storm on the 13th of August 1711 during one of Tordenskiold’s campaigns. Only one of the 200 sailors survived. Bodan Badowski discovered the ship in 1956 while looking for crabs. Now only the cannon and a large anchor from “Schleswig” are left on the south-west side of Missingene. The depth is from 5 to 30 meters. FIGURES & FACTS


The boat “Himmeltinden” is specially suitable for diving cruises. On the spacious deck you can relax before and after the dive(s) and there are racks for the equipment. Duration: 4 hours – 7 hours Capacity: 10 Location: Østfold’s coast Season: May - September


Angling or Fishing

TOUR DESCRIPTION Here you can relax on board for an afternoon, spend the whole day on a trip to a deserted island for swimming and a picnic, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, or just sightseeing the coast with its picturesque small villages and islands like Hankø and Hvaler.



The beauty of the Østfold coast is stunning and the normal weather conditions are also an advantage. Sunny weather and calm seas will be an experience for the whole family. We will make this an unforgettable day on the water including water activities, food, and beverages.

Experience the beautiful coastline of Østfold on board the M/S Himmeltinden. Duration: 4 hours – 7 hours Capacity: 6-9 Location: Østfold’s coast Season: May – September

Shore Ex Fredrikstad 2013/2014  

Cruiseport Fredrikstad together with Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler offers a wide range of excursions and attractions. Situated in the outer Os...

Shore Ex Fredrikstad 2013/2014  

Cruiseport Fredrikstad together with Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler offers a wide range of excursions and attractions. Situated in the outer Os...