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Origami slippers Slippers made by using origami technique. Put your foot on the piece of fabric, fold and stitch. Repeat untill the slipper is wrapped around your foot. 1 piece of cotton fabric for the slipper. Approximately 60 cm wide and 60 cm long. The size depends on your foot. Thick fabric (felt) or many plastic bags for the sole.

freely choose your size

2 hours 2

How to make step by step: 1



Put your foot on the fabric.

Fold the fabric over your foot and stitch. You don’t have to copy the exact same folds as on the picture. Fold the fabric as you like to make the fabric fit your foot.

Fold again and stitch.

openwear/ collaborative clothing


Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the result.


Stitch a velcro tape on the front or back side of the slipper.

openwear/ collaborative clothing





You can use felt or plastic bags to make the sole. If you want to make the sole out of plastic bags choose different types of unused plastic bags and cut them into smaller pieces.

Put layers of plastic bags one over another and than iron on top till they melt together into a solid piece. Try different types of plastic bags to find the best type.

Cut out the sole out of chosen material - plastic or felt.

Stitch the sole onto the bottom of each slipper.

openwear/ collaborative clothing


“Forward to Basics� was possible thanx to the active participation of: Daniela Pais Studio i_gle Jure Purgaj Serpica Naro David Luxembourg Oloop Pamoyo Opensourcepants

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