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Every arts adventure begins with a spark of creativity, and books provide endless inspiration! Explore the books and materials available in your local library to find your inspiration!



Use the suggestions in this guide to create your own works of art. Each page contains projects and activities based around an arts profession. Certain activities use templates, which can be downloaded at Try each one and fill in the star at the top of each page once you’ve completed all of the activities in one section.




Art is meant to be shared! Invite your friends and family to read your stories or watch your performances. Enjoy making them smile and be open to their feedback. They can offer you advice to help improve your works over time.



The book that inspires me to write is:

New Voca bulary Antago

nist A person in a story who is the hero opponent o ’s r the bad g uy Autobiog rap A true story hy of a person ’s life writt by him or h en erself Conflict The strugg le between opposing forces or id eas Fiction A story tha t describes imaginary events and people Protagon ist A person in a story who is the main character o r hero

n story w o r u o y l Tel wing phy by follo

ra ur autobiog o y se an g n ti ri w Try wn below. U o h s rc a is ry sto ll as the bas e w the classic r e b m e d you rem h friends an it w ry experience to s r . Share you for your tale family. Big Event

Rising Action

Falling Action int

Ending Po


o Starting P

Design a character to add to the book you read

d you! Look for unique New characters are all aroun ily and apply them to your traits in your friends or fam t hums like you while doing own creations. A robot tha y like one of your friends? chores? A cat who’s clums . The possibilities are endless



Director The book that inspires me to direct is:

lary New Vocabu on set Cut to stop filming or ct re di e th A term used by le Dialogue o or more peop tion between tw sa er nv co n te Writ Premiere g of a movie The first showin rolling until Shot e camera starts th at th t en om The m stops the moment it ns and Storyboard gs with directio in aw dr of ce d for a movie. A sequen the shots planne ow sh ch hi w , dialogue

ovies sta screenplay o rt as a r script. Ada pt the book you re ad into a scri pt, or write your o wn. Be sure to include character d ialogue, cos tu me notes, set d esigns, and scene direction. Se e an example at the Summe r Arts Adven tu re website.

Create a storyboard

rds to organize their ideas Directors often use storyboa plate below, available on the before filming. Use the tem vie bsite, to sketch out your mo we re ntu ve Ad s Art er mm Su oard; an artist to create a storyb ideas. You don’t have to be tes illustrate your ideas. Add no stick figures can be used to y your meaning. below each picture to clarif

Movie poster


Write a screenp lay Great m

A bold movie poster will help people understand what your movie is about. Draw one for your film!



The book that inspires me to act is:


a set Bring your audie nce into the wor ld of your play by your set is inside, crafting a set. If then use small it ems from around create a special the house to space. If your se t is outside, then leaves to to crea us e sticks and te a forest or pa rk.

New Vocabulary Monologue A long speech made by one actor in a play

Props An object used on stage by actors during a performance Rehearsal A practice performance of the play for a later public performance

Act orite v a f r u o y t u o you read k o o b e h t part from e book you

th rite part from vo lings. fa r u yo k ic P friends or sib r u yo h it w t u it o gue and read and act e story’s dialo th g in s u t p arse ri Create a sc e sure to rehe k a M t. s a c e hen you th distribute to et any cues w rg fo ’t n o d u your lines so yo r play for an audience. perform you

Set The painted backdrop on a stage that represents where the story takes place Sonnet A poem with 14 lines

Make costumes for your show

Don’t forget to create costumes for your show! d See what items from aroun d your house can be used, an enhance your costumes with accessories made from paper. 3



The book that inspires me to make music is:

New Vocabulary Harmony notes played Two or more different e tim me or sung at the sa Lyrics The words of a song Notes resent Musical symbols that rep sounds Percussion struck, shaken Any instrument that is or hammered

Write a song based on the book you read

Stories are often the inspir ation for popular songs. Try writing a song based on the book you read. Use the lines below to create a chorus of four rhyming verses. You ca n write your song about one particular character, or ad ap t the entire story as a song. LYRICS

Pitch ss of a sound The highness and lowne

Make instruments from household items

d your home The are several places aroun instrument you’ll be able to find a hiding See if you use your imagination. what you can find! 4



The book that inspires me to dance is:

New Voc

Make dance chart

A dance chart helps you remember the particular steps of a dance while rehearsing. Use images of heels, clearly labeled “Left” or “Right,” and connect them with arrows. Keep your routine short and repeat it three to four times.


Choreog rapher A person who create s a numbe and move r of steps s for a pe rformanc e of danc Moveme e nt Action ma de by the body Space The area c overed by the dance movemen ts Time How fast or s or short t low, even or uneve he movem n, and lon g ent is Warm Up What you do practicing before you start da n gently or stretching cing,

Create a dance based on the book you read

Create a dance that tells a story using only body movements. Exaggerate yo ur body language and facial expressions to convey fee ling and emotion in your dance. Invite your audienc e to guess what story you are telling through dance.

Incorporate props

Props have long been used to enhance dances in ever y culture. There are many traditional dance props including the baton, flags, and ribbons. Costumes may often act as props as well. 5

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