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OLIVIER PELLERIN M. Sc. Architecture | McGill University B. Sc. Architecture | Université de Montréal & EPFL 5512, Monkland app10 Montréal, Qc Canada H4A 1C7

The City on the small island, vulnerable, facing the elements, vertical, powerful yet fragile. The contrast of urbanity with the surrounding natural virginity. Streets. Smoke. Light. Percépolis.




Previous Exercices 1.Moving Cliff | Solo 2.Case Study: Measuring the tides | Solo 3.Case Study: Artificial Elements | Group

ARCHITECTURE AND LAND ART Design with Nature. This Master Class explored the Percépolis. What if a Megalopolis had grown where French possibilities and the techniques used to magnify and Explorer Jacques-Cartier planted his cross in the name of the modify the landscape through human interventions. King of France in 1534? The will, the rise, and the collapse [tides] of a City.

PERCÉPOLIS Master Class Architecture and Land Art University Laval Summer School Professor Pierre Thibault Percé Qc Solo

1 2


1 Cube 2 Z-move 3 Y-move 4 Rotation

tHE CUBIC RETREAT 1 cube. 3 movements. The prototype sits on a rock facing the open sea.

DETOUR BY THE SEA A Detour by the Sea after a hard day in the City. The suburb has grown as far as the opposite shore where the Detour has settled. A reflective moment before going back to reality.

UofM Studio 1 | Project 3 Space Container Professors Christian DeConinck | Marc Pape Solo

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1.Ground Floor 2.3D Grid 3.Densification 4.Public Space 5.Structure and Eco-engineering

ICONIC MANHATTAN Downtown New York as a paradigm for the New World’s conception of Living Space. The rationality of the built environment versus the irrationality of the [enclosed] natural environment.

GENERIC HOUSING The project is an attempt to reformulate the North American Suburban typology. Through a set of specific rules, private and public spaces are created according to a basic unit. The houses multiply and define a new pattern for urban development.

HABITAT DUALITY UofM Studio 2 |Solo Suburban Generic Housing Prof. Denis Bilodeau | Christian DeConinck Abstract Environment 7 8



M-E’S DJ STUDIO UofM Studio 3 | Project 1 | Solo Workshop-Home in Traditional Urban Typology Prof. Georges Adamczyk | Carole Levesque Mile-End, Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal

URBAN CRAFTMAN’S WORKSHOP AND HOME Electronic String Instruments Maker finds a Studio-Home on vibrant Boulevard St.Laurent in Montreal. The black box studio opens on both the house and the store.

1.2nd Floor 2.Ground Floor


ABCD HOMES UofM Studio 3 | Project 2 | Duo Urban Collectivity Housing Prof. Georges Adamczyk | Carole Levesque Laurier Avenue, Montreal 9 10





1.Physics of the Building [winter] 2.Ground Floor | Semi-Olympic Pool 3.2nd Floor | Baths 4.Roof Construction Detail

WATER AND WOOD Spa, Semi-Olympic Pool, Laundry Service and Living Machine (water eco-treatment) in Downtown Montreal. Wood as a local symbolic material to be pushed to its limits.

THE CANADIAN SPA The Canadian Spa offers the first national thermal experience. The baths reproduce the cycle of seasons and adapt to the exterior climate.

UofM Studio 4 | Duo HyperMateriality and Water in Architecture Professor Manon Asselin Boulevard St.Laurent, MontrĂŠal 11 12



WEAVING | INTERLACING The study of the geometry behind a contemporary architectural language. Weaving and interlacing techniques allow the optimization of the material and create strong flexible structures.

1.Interlacing techniques with different material 2.Two different floor plans: Even|left and odd|right floors numbers Grey: Adjacent private offices

PARAMETRIC DESIGN The project uses computering and digital design technologies in order to reformulate high density housing in the City of London UK next to the Barbican Center.

The two towers offer business residents apartment units with private office. Even floor numbers have an independnt access for visiting customers. All facilities, including meeting rooms, gym and private rooftop, are found in the central building.

EPFLausanne Studio 5 | Solo High Density Housing and Digital Brutalism Professor Stylianos Dritsas London Wall St, London City

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Nez de dalle en béton préfabriqué Support métallique pour l'ancrage du nez de dalle Isolant thermique rigide Brise-soleil automatisé

Dalle et voile de béton renforcé Fenêtre à profilé en aluminium Panneau-plafonnier chauffant

Isolant thermique Membrane hydrofuge Tôle ondulée Poutrelle d'acier Panneau de recouvrement intérieur de gypse

Cornière métallique boulonnée pour la fixation de la poutrelle à la paroie de béton

Vitrage spécial en verrre dépôli


Linteau de béton renforcé-préfabriqué




SITE ANALYSIS The whole site and every single building were analysed in detail and reproduced in 3D in order to understand the construction techniques, the materials and the architectural intentions of the architect.


ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION The studio focuses on construction techniques and the feasibility of the future intervention both in terms of budget and preservation of the existing building.

1 2 3 4 5

Existing buildings Isometric view Construction Detail 1:50 Mullion detail survey Wall detail Transversal section

MODERN ARCHITECTURE HERITAGE Swiss architect François Maurice designed the Geneva municipal garage in 1954 following the principles and the style of Mies Van der Rohe. Red: 1 intevention : Z-building artists’ residences


NEW PROGRAM Schaulager: Art exhibit [schau] and storage [lager]. Following the success of a similar institution in Basel designed by Herzog&DeMeuron, here’s the Geneva Art Center which includes large exhibition rooms and residences for artists.

EPFLausanne Studio 6 | Solo TSAM LAB Conservation of Heritage Buildings Professor Franz Graf, Architect Geneva Municipal Garage, Switzerland

15 16

Z-VILLAGE IN MALLEY EPFL Construction and Ecological Criteria Professor Bill Dunster, Architect, Z-Factory London Malley District, Lausanne, Switzerland Solo

NEW URBAN TYPOLOGIES Designing a zero-emission neighborhood for the district of Malley in Lausanne, CH. The urban blocks must include a density of 100 residenetial units per hectar as well as commercial room and public transportations.

ECO-VILLAGE The project must be a Zero-Emission complexe meaning that both the construction techniques and the use of the building over the years have to be entirely nonpolluting.

ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTION Digital conception and parametric design using Grasshopper and RhinoScript. The entire project must be produced and fabricated using only automated processes.


GRID SHELL Variation of the organic structure based on the new Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban. PVC

LAMP The components of the same structure are now interThe main criteria were optimisation of material, time connected in a continuous shape. Wood and costs.

McGill University Digital technologies and C.A.Manufacturing Professor Maria Mingallon, Engineer at ARUP Trio

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3 1

NEW PROGRAM ARENA: in situ concrete work and zenithal lighting. Recalls the geological composition of the area.

THEATER: Public agora and performing arts center become the new local epicenter. It is the new beacon.

1 2

SWIMMING POOL: Concrete coral patterns are thermal mass and urban functional signage.

OFFICE SPACE: for community organizations. Polycarbonate prefabricated modules.

3 4

PLAZA: Gathering space and exterior skating rink (w).

Section Theater | Vertical infrastructure Crushed brick composite forms the new pavement Longitudinal section of the site Concrete work of the arena walls

COMMUNITY CENTER IN SOUTH-WEST MONTREAL Replacement of the Pointe-St-Charles community and sports center. The former brutalist and monolithic building transforms into multiple architectural aggregates and creates internal circulations that follow the route created by the new pavement.


MATERIAL MANIFESTO “No more bricks”. Exploration of new materials and construction techniques that are uncommon in Montreal’s traditional architecture. The materials express the functions of the building and follow a hierarchical composition related to the new locus, the new sense of space.

McGill University | Master Studio 1 | Solo Urban apparatus design Professor Michael Jemtrud Pointe-St-Charles, Montreal, Qc

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* 3

POST-INDUSTRIAL CITY Vertical zoning creates new social interactions


LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS Changing the perceptions of the landscape. *The two main components of the mining landscape are the open pits and the tailings; negative and positive elements. The tailings are steep grey mountains and the pits are filled with pristine blue water over the years.

1 2 3 4

Guilin, China: living within a similar landscape Thetford Mines, the tailings along the road Geological evolution and stratification Jean-Paul Lemieux: a cultural landscape

RECLAMATION PLAN The asbestos industry drastically transformed the natural landscape of this area. What can we do with it? Considering the strong political will to redevelop the area:

This proposal uses parametric design to generate an adaptable master plan that magnifies this unique landscape.

THETFORD-BLACKLAKE CITY The project is a variation of the North American urban grid and a manifesto for the future of our cities: for higher density and a city in harmony with the landscape. The streets and the height of the buildings adapt to the mining topography in order to create sublime perspectives of the moutains and the lakes.

McGill University | Master Studio 2 | Solo Urban Design | Landscape architecture Professor Paula Meijerink, landscape architect Assistant professor GSD Harvard Thetford Mines, Qc

19 20

(previous page) -The Green Belt around the mining landscape; the future city will grow within those boundaries. Central Park dimensions (green): reversed Manhattan. -PICTURESQUE STREETS: Optimization of the circulation between the tailings and the lakes following magnetic patterns.

-The new city between the tailings and the lakes. The floor area ratio is determined by 3 parameters: 1. Proximity to the lake (therefore public transportation); 2. The view to be preserved and the urban topography; 3. Commercial value of land near entry points. -Section of the beach near the downtown area with access to the floating swimming pool.

CONTEXT The site is at the crossroad of multiple transportation facilities; metro access, bus stop, bike lane, Bixi stand, bike parking, large sidewalks for boulevard St.Laurent pedestrians. This version of the project is for a gym and a playground (rooftop).

CONCEIT The conceit is the conceptual artifact that illustrates the abstracts and the premises of the site and the future project. Slow, as penguins on a ramp, or Fast, as drivers in the interchange, the project captures movements in time and space to generate hybrid architecture-structure.

The project becomes a platform for multiple crossroads and optimize the circulation patterns between the different functions of the site. The shelter creates an open public space which can grow indefinitely according to the rules established in the conceit.

ARCHITECTURAL EXPLORATION Working with two other classes, hyperdrawing research and contemporary Japanese architecture, this studio project explores potential architecture based on contemporary architectural theories and the spatial experience offered by the built environment.

HYPERDRAWING «Along St.Laurent. Go down metro St.Laurent. Turn left Maisonneuve. Get on 55. Grab Bixi; a lot of bixis! So a bike lane. Pedestrians 1,2, 3, […] 10’000. Spectators too. Go up. Get changed. Dance, work out, do weights, run, bathing, sunbathing. Or playground, very top. Get lost on your way. --It feels like a system.»

ROUNDABOUT McGill University | Master studio 3 | solo Urban infrastructure Professors Torben Berns, Michael Jemtrud, Thierry Beaudoin Metro St-Laurent - Quartier des Spectacles | Montreal

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Architecture as the expression of human character: The project implies the study of human anatomy and proportions in order to recreate a facial expression.

The power of the eye in the facial expression of leaders and how the whole face provides subtil changes to the general expression.

ARCHITECTURE AND ANTHROPOMORPHISM EPFLausanne Teaching Unity | Solo Professor Arduino Cantafora

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Study Trip in China

ECOLOGEZ 2008 Integrated Design competition in Montreal A new image for the Biosphere [Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome] CYCLES 1st Position

Work Experience SchokBeton Inc. Technical Drawing and Landscape Design Residential Project Mont-Tremblant, Qc

PAINTINGS 56x32 40x32 28x32 19 20

LEFT -Corail building elevation

RIGHT -Bamboo building facade design and elevation

-Penthouses facade planning and drawings -Descriptive documents for real estate agent -Plans and typologies

INTERNSHIP GROUP 8 ARCHITECTS+URBAN PLANNING Intern - Architectural assistant Geneva, Switzerland June 2010 - August 2011

ITHAKA As you set out for Ithaka Hope that your journey is a long one, Full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians, Cyclops, Angry Poseidon-do not be afraid of them: You’ll never find things like that on your way As long as you keep your thoughts raised high, As long as a rare sensation Touches your spirit and your body. Laistrygonians, Cyclops, Wild Poseidon-you won’t encounter them Unless you bring them along inside your soul, Unless your soul sets them up in front of you. Hope that your journey is a long one. May there be many summer mornings when, With what pleasure, what joy, You come into harbors seen for the first time; May you stop at Phoenician trading stations To buy fine things, Mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony, Sensual perfume of every kind As many sensual perfumes as you can; And may you visit many Egyptian cities To learn and learn again from those who know.

Keep Ithaka always in your mind. Arriving there is what you’re destined for. But do not hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts for years, So that you’re old by the time you reach the island, Wealthy with all you’ve gained on the way, Not expecting Ithaka to make you rich. Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey. Without her you wouldn’t have set out. She has nothing left to give you now. And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you. Wise as you will have become, so full of experience, You will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

C.P Cavafy

Portfolio July 2011  
Portfolio July 2011  

Updated Portfolio including all the work I did during my master's degree