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Class of 2021

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Michelle Key, Publisher Originally from Albertville, Alabama, Michelle Key and her family moved to the Opelika-Auburn area in 2011 after her husband’s retirement from the U.S. Navy. She is a graduate of Troy University, and she joined the Observer in 2014 as an office administrator before assuming ownership of the newspaper in January 2018.

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Hannah Lester, Live Lee Associate Editor Hannah Lester, a 2019 journalism graduate from Auburn University, is originally from Birmingham. She started with the Opelika Observer in July and began as the Associate Editor for the LIVE Lee Magazine. She assigns, writes and edits pieces for the magazine, as well as helps to design the pages.

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Wil Crews, Opelika Observer Associate Sports Editor Wil Crews is an Auburn University 2020 journalism graduate originally from Prattville, Alabama. He works as the Opelika Observer’s associate sports editor and assists in developing the weekly paper and LIVE Lee Magazine.

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Robert Noles, Photographer Robert Noles is an award-winning photojournalist who has been with the Opelika Observer for more than 10 years. Originally from Tallassee, he is a graduate of Alabama Christian College and Auburn University.


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Graduating Class of 2021


Letter from the Associate Editor

ongratulations graduates! You have graduated during the midst of an ongoing pandemic — that is no easy

feat. Not only was your senior year disrupted by COVID, but your junior year as well. But you can know that you are now strong enough to accomplish anything. You are heading into the world — perhaps to a university or perhaps to a full-time job, but know that you are ready. This past year was hard. You may have lost family and friends to the pandemic — many of you will have had to battle COVID-19 yourself. But despite the loss and heartache, we can thank God for His blessings and His mercy through this time. One of those blessings is your graduation. We are proud of you. As are your teachers, your principals, your parents and, if you’ll turn the page,

your mayors. Last year everything was canceled — your proms, sporting events and plays. And even in your free time, we were all under quarantine. So, I’m sure you were glad when classes began in the fall. It may not have been a normal senior year, but you did it. You persevered. No matter where you go — whether you’re off to high-rise adventures in New York, enjoying some warm weather in Florida or just a few miles to Birmingham, know that Lee County will always be home for you. And we will always welcome you back.

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ear Graduating Class of 2021, On behalf of the Auburn City Council, I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to each of you as you graduate from Auburn High School and begin a new, exciting chapter of life. Your high school career has surely had its highs and lows with lessons learned and achievements celebrated. It has been marked by a global pandemic, but your perseverance and determination to make the best of your senior year makes us proud. The COVID-19 pandemic has not defeated you; it has given you opportunities to do what you do best — serve your community, your family and your friends in old and new ways just as we have always known you to do. It has perhaps even prompted you to reflect more deeply on the value of your time in school and the decisions you will make about your future. There are many of you who have mastered the nuances of virtual learning as well as other technologies and ways of doing things that are likely to stay with us for some time. You have had a front-row seat to teachers and other professionals who have been innovators in the workplace this past year. They no doubt have taught you so much more than what is inside your textbooks, and we applaud them for showing you what it looks like to be a caring and supportive leader. The lessons you have learned during this pandemic and

the memories you have made both in and out of the classroom will stay with you for the rest of your life. The choice before you now is what to do next. There are exciting opportunities for all of you, whether you desire to seek further education, serve in the military, enter the workforce, travel the world, attend a trade school or become an entrepreneur. The choice is yours, and we encourage you to listen to your dreams and not your fears as you make decisions about your future. As you move forward, please know that your town and your community are behind you, rooting for you and here to help you however we can. We look forward to watching you find your place in the world and discover the passions you never knew you had or listen to the longings you have always known were there. Our city and our nation need you, and we celebrate all the ways we know you will make the world a better place. Will your path ahead be void of further obstacles? No; most likely not. But if you navigate those challenges with grit and grace, your resilience will lead you through to brighter days. We have faith that each of you will make a difference in this world, and we congratulate you all on your achievements so far, Class of 2021!


Ron Anders, Jr. City of Auburn Mayor

Graduating Class of 2021


CLASS OF 2021 The years have flown by and now it’s time to begin a new chapter in life. We are proud of you for your hard work in getting this far. Mayor Gary Fuller, the Opelika City Council and all City of Opelika employees wish you the best. We know you will do great things and make our community proud. Now, go be great. Follow your passions. Reach for your dreams. Live life to the fullest. Find your purpose. And you will be rewarded in return. Best of luck!



Graduating high school can be as scary as it is exciting. My advice to you is simple … listen more than you talk. Be open to change. Be flexible. You will be amazed at what you can learn! school. Your path to graduation hasn’t been easy. The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for so many! You have turned in your last exams, written your last essays and finished those final projects. Now you But the good news is, you’ve made it and the future are ready to move on to the next chapter — whether is bright for you and your classmates! it is the exciting adventures that await you at college Chasing your dream requires effort, passion and or embarking on a new career path. Now is the time hard work. I believe we all need divine help, so keep when you can use all those lessons you’ve learned God a major part of what you’re doing. You’ve now — both from life and school. reached an important milestone and you should be proud of yourself. I know your parents, family and As mayor of this great city, I want you to know friends are. Congratulations and best wishes. how proud I am of you and your accomplishments. A lot of people have probably offered you advice regarding your future. The trick, of course, is deterGary Fuller mining what advice is good or maybe not so good! Mayor, City of Opelika ongratulations on this significant rite of passage! No single achievement in a young person’s life is more predictive of adult success than graduating from high


Graduating Class of 2021



ear Graduates, For the second consecutive year, I am writing to congratulate the senior class of Smiths Station High School on making it through one of the toughest and most challenging circumstances we have all experienced in our lifetimes. And once again, Smiths Station High School’s seniors persevered and serve as shining examples of our city and county’s future. It has been a long time, but I was once in your shoes. In addition to the daily grind of homework, quizzes and tests, I stayed very involved in extracurricular activities during my time at Smiths Station High School. Reaching graduation day is a tremen-

dous accomplishment and moment of self-validation for any high school senior, but it is important to remain humble and never forget who helped you get there — caring parents, attentive principals, dedicated teachers and passionate coaches. As a former Lee County School Board member and current Mayor of the city of Smiths Station, I commend you all on your tremendous achievement and wish you all nothing but the best as you move forward with your careers and education and the path that God has for you. Go Panthers!


Sincerely, Mayor F. L. “Bubba” Copeland

Two Seniors Share Their High School Experiences With COVID

By Hannah Lester Photos By Robert Noles and Contributed By Students


ast year there were parades, there were messages, there were announcements and well-wishes, all for seniors who graduated during the height of the pandemic and

lockdown. This year, however, graduating seniors were affected not only through their junior year but senior year.

These graduates lost the last quarter of their junior year and were left unable to say goodbye to friends who were graduating, attend prom or take finals as normal. Then, when they came back to school in the fall, things were far from normal. Some classes were still held online, some sports were not competing and so-


Graduating Class of 2021

cial distancing in the hallways left students lacking for the traditional ‘senior experiences.’ “When lockdown happened, it was the day before prom,” said Adalicia Crim, a senior at Beulah High School. “We had our prom before a lot of people, because I’m on the prom committee. So what happened was, it was the day before prom and that’s when Lee County announced that no one would go back to school.” Originally, students thought they would be able to finish their school year last March. Lockdown was supposed to last a week or two. We all know how that ended up. “I felt like, okay, we’re out of school, well maybe it’s a good thing, being a junior, but then the week after, everything just went downhill,” Crim said. “The communication, the work was overwhelming, I felt really bad for the teachers because they didn’t know what was going on and everyone was all over the place.” At least for many graduating seniors in 2020, they already knew their plans for the fall, had taken their last ACT and were in the home stretch. For juniors, that time frame is very important.

Grades impact college decisions, there are standardized tests to be taken and decisions to be made. Because of COVID-19, standardized tests, like the ACT, were thrown out the window in terms of college admission. “It was definitely not something I had ever anticipated or expected to happen in my high school years,” said Lilly Baldwin, senior at Auburn High School. Baldwin said she did take the ACT several times, though many schools did not require the test. One positive is that the use of Zoom during college admissions was helpful, she said. Teachers were more prepared to handle virtual classes when school re-opened in the fall, but in the spring, Baldwin said she felt there was not much she got out of her classes. In the fall, classes resumed in person. “It felt really weird,” Baldwin said. “On the first day, we were standing around in the parking lot talking about how we hadn’t been here in seven months.” Crim said she had hoped upon returning to in-person classes at Beulah that there might be some options for things like pep rallies, which wasn’t the reality. “Going back to school, it was like, you could only


walk down this side of the hallway, they got things in the hallway, ’social distance,’ no lockers to put any of your books or anything so you had to carry heavy books in your bookbag all day, at lunch, all day,” she said. “Then, it was like you couldn’t sit close to anybody.” Many students switched to the virtual option, Crim said, and she decided to make the switch herself for the second semester of the senior year. “My goal is just to graduate,” she said. Crim said

“I haven’t had a pep rally, I haven’t had a homecoming, I haven’t had anything,” she said. “And I wanted to go back to school to spend my last semester of high school with my friends. I was just virtual for a couple days. And I was like, ‘okay, this is not it for me.’ I wanted to be around people.” Crim said she lost her motivation to do work to finish her senior year. There are things she will never experience — senior prank, senior skip day, the parties.

that she originally wanted to go back to the in-person option in August, because she has always been a social person. She tried the virtual option at the start of the second semester and decided she preferred in-person, asking to switch back, but the option was no longer available. So Crim finished her senior year virtually, away from friends and any sense of normalcy that most seniors have.

“It feels like all the dreams that I had while being a lower classman have been ruined because of the coronavirus,” she said. “But, I can still say that we tried to make the best of it.” Crim said she felt there was not a lot of support for graduating seniors in 2021. “I feel like I don’t really understand what a senior year is supposed to feel like because I’ve never experienced it fully,” Baldwin said.


Graduating Class of 2021






his school year has presented many challenges, but the spirit of Auburn High School never wavered as students, faculty and staff rose to the occasion to make this another successful year in Auburn City Schools. I first want to congratulate this year’s graduating seniors; they are now part of the Class of 2021; I hope that they will all excel in their future endeavors. Second, I want to convey my admiration for the resilience of this particular group of Auburn High graduates for having faced unprecedented times, rising to the occasion and now earning a diploma. I am proud to have the opportunity to lead as Principal at Auburn High School, and I would like to commend all the role models in the lives of our students, including their families, teachers, coaches and peer groups. It truly takes a village, and I am glad to be a part of ours. It is always bittersweet to see yet another amazingly talented class of graduates go out into the world to do great things, but now is the time for these young people to take the next step in their lives and make a positive impact. I wish them all the best. - Dr. Shannon Pignato AHS Principal


Graduating Class of 2021

cort bradley

By Hannah Lester Photos Contributed By Cort Bradley


ort Bradley will graduate from Auburn High School as a football player and a pilot. Bradley has been an Auburn native all his life, and won’t be leaving anytime soon. In fact, he’s trading one ‘tigers’ school for another — he’ll be playing football for Auburn University in the fall. The graduating senior began his football career in kindergarten, playing flag football at Wrights Mill. “I think the dream started my freshman year, but I think it became a reality my sophomore year,”

Bradley said. “I started my sophomore year; I was the only kid in my grade that got the chance to. It was a lot of fun, I had a lot of great coaches who just really made me love the game.” Bradley said he made a lot of friends through the sport, not just in Auburn High School, but across the country. “It’s really opened up my whole world,” he said. But football is not Bradley’s only passion. He also got his pilot’s license last summer during the start of the pandemic. “I really love to fly,” he said. “My brother and my


cause of the pandemic.) Additionally, he wrestled for three years and was on the track team for two years. “I’ve always played multiple sports since middle school,” he said. Bradley said he gives credits to both his parents and teachers, for helping him to achieve all that he did in high school. “I think one of the more memorable parts [of high school] is definitely my friend group,” he said. “I really was able to branch out this past year and start hanging out with everybody and that’s been

dad are both pilots.” Bradley hopes to pursue a career in aviation through his education at Auburn University. “I fell in love with being in the air,” he said. “... I’ve never wanted to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life and it’s just, flying is just something that really intrigues me.” You could say Bradley is well-rounded. In addition to football and flying, he has been in show choir since the seventh grade (minus 2020, be-

probably one of the coolest things is just the connections I’ve made and then seeing where everybody is going. I hate that we’re splitting up but it’s really cool to see what everybody’s going to do in their future. “It’s really weird being a senior because I used to look up to those guys and it just doesn’t feel real that next year I won’t be in high school. Because for the longest time in my life I couldn’t see past high school.” Graduating Class of 2021

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A Different Kind of Education

By Wil Crews Photos Contributed By ACS Career Technical Education


uburn High School’s Career Technical Education program provides students with the professional skills they need to successfully enter the workforce and the personal skills needed to be the leaders of future generations. “ACS Career Technical Education programs have provided students with skill sets and opportunities that enhance their talents making them marketable for several entry-level jobs as high school students,” said Program Director Dr. Silvia Scaife. “With our industry-certified instructors guiding them through rigorous curriculums and real-world experiences, many of our students are prepared for dual enrollment in two-and four-year institutions, prepared to enter the workforce earning competitive wages or decide to serve their country by enlisting in branches of the armed services.” When the Career Tech program was initiated in Auburn


City Schools in 1994, Auburn High Principal Cathy Long served as director, noticing the need to enhance students’ business and professional skills. “As always, labor and workforce development are the driving forces as to why programs are initially implemented because there is a need,” Scaife said. Now, as of 2021, a total of 1,403 students within Auburn City Schools are enrolled in the program, assembling the knowledge they need to succeed in life. Students in the program have the opportunity to choose from 15 specialized programs which fall under the Career Technical Education curriculum. The programs are: Agriculture Environmental Science; Animal Science; Building Construction; Advertising Design; Television Production; Business Marketing; Teaching and Training; Army JROTC; Health Science; Restaurant; Food and Beverage Services; Food, Wellness

Graduating Class of 2021

and Dietetics; Programming and Software Development; Precision Machining; Project Lead The Way Engineering and Work-Based Learning. Each of the programs entails several directly related, sequenced courses that are taught by instructors who specialize in the particular field. Jacque Middleton, Engineering and Project Lead The Way instructor, explained how his class differs from a typical high school course. “As the CTE Project Lead the Way and Engineering instructor, I use the Activity, Project and Problem-Based (APPB) learning approach to scaffold student learning through hands-on activities and projects that empower students to become independent in the classroom and help them build skillsets to apply to a design problem,” he said. “The APPB approach provides students with opportunities

provide students with hands-on training on a variety of industry machines and equipment,” he said. “We teach everything from manual machining to programing CNC machines. Students are also taught the fundamentals of being a distinguished employee, soft skills along with critical thinking, problem-solving, time management and much more. Through our program, we have the ability to help students gain employment and career opportunities with local industry partners. We also offer opportunities to receive Dual Enrollment credits with Southern Union State Community College through our machining program.” Business Marketing instructor Lanette Fargason believes that, as opposed to studying something like history or literature, which are subjects well-rooted in the past, her class is uniquely benefited by studying the present. “One of the things that I think is different about business/

to work collaboratively, identify problems, apply what they know and have been taught, persevere through challenges, find unique solutions and lead their own learning.” Similarly, Mike Brogan, Machining and Manufacturing instructor, also spoke about the hands-on approach he takes with his classes and the possible scholastic, personal and career benefits that come with that. He encourages any student who is interested in learning something fun and new to try out his class. The Precision Machining and Manufacturing courses provide students with hands-on training on a variety of industry. “The Precision Machining and Manufacturing courses

marketing classes is that we are studying what is happening right now in business news,” she said. “In addition, it is easy to apply what we learn in the classroom to real-time business decisions being made by businesses locally, nationally and globally. In addition to skills needed if you plan to major in business, our courses help students develop the knowledge to be successful financially no matter what career path is chosen.” JROTC instructor Tony Benitez leads a different type of course, naturally. While, of course, centering around military service, he prepares his students to be leaders, tossing core curriculum to the side in favor of real-world ethos. “The specific purpose of my class is to motivate young



Graduating Class of 2021

people to be better citizens,” Benitez said. “As opposed to teaching core-subject matter, my class focuses on leadership education and provides students the opportunity to lead their peers and perform duties that influence the success of an organization (JROTC Tiger Battalion).” Benitez explained how anyone with a desire to serve should take his course because the skills and opportunities that his class provides can be applied to servicemen and women and civilians. “I encourage students that have a desire to serve others to take my class because we have numerous service learning projects, community service activities and co-curricular teams that develop the soft skills that employers and universities covet,” he said. “Our JROTC program has produced numerous individuals who are now serving as enlisted soldiers and those who are training to be officers in the military, including three who currently attend the United States Military Academy at West Point.” Middleton shares a similar sentiment to Benitez and said that the diversity of the programs creates unique learning experience that provides students with leading-edge knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields, as well as transportable skills they can apply no matter how the career landscape evolves.

Fargason looks at the program from a practical perspective and said that there is one big reason every student should take at least one CTE program: money. “Finding out you do not like something when you are taking a free class is far less expensive than being two years into a college degree and having to switch majors,” she said. And speaking of money: not only do these programs provide immense benefit to the students, but the impact from the work-based learning program is also felt on the local economy. Since 2016, the program has generated an economic impact of $4,128,636.21 million. Going forward, the ACS Career Technical Education program looks to build upon those numbers and plans to continue providing specialized work-based courses, while at the same time including more resources in an attempt to open the program up to younger students. “While we will remain enhancing our top-notch high school programs, we are investing, time, energy and resources in the upper elementary grades to offer high-stake pathways for the younger students to actively explore,” Scaife said. “Auburn City Schools Career Technical Education program prides itself with providing stellar opportunities for our students to grow and give back to such a supportive community.”


Best Wishes to the Class of 2021

1910 Pepperell Parkway, Opelika 334-749-1471 ASMS 2021



JUNE 21-24

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| GRADES 6-12

Hosted by the ASMS Computer Science Department, the camp is part of the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition Program. Campers will be immersed in a week-long engaging and challenging world of Cybersecurity principles, concepts, and programming, with a CyberPatriot competition held on the last day! ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS MAY 1 AT WWW.ASMS.NET. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

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ASMS 2021



JULY 12-23

| GRADES 6-12

ASMS will again host an online, interactive, STEM-based summer camp with courses led by ASMS instructors. Courses like Biology of Viruses and Vaccines, Java Basics, Block-based Programming with Scratch, Number Theory, Webpage basics, and many more are examples of the phenomenal courses students will be able to take! ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS MAY 1 AT WWW.ASMS.NET. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

1255 DAUPHIN ST. • MOBILE, AL 36604 • 251.441.2100 • WWW.ASMS.NET • AIMS@ASMS.NET


his has been a most unusual year for all of us with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, but life goes on and we are wrapping up yet another year of school at Ballard Christian School. Our graduating class is much smaller this year than normal, but that does not make it any less special than if we had a larger class graduating. Even though life has been hectic, demanding and stressful at many times, with God’s help, we have risen to the challenge and overcome the obstacles. Through the chaos, God is still working out His plan for all of us. Be reminded that God is not a respecter of persons and that He is with each of you through whatever life presents you with. It is the desire and prayer from the staff at Ballard that you find God’s will for your life and follow it. It can become easy to be obsessed with preparing for and envisioning our future, but know that God may have different plans for us. The path may often be unclear with obstacles that seem to prohibit our goal from being met. Many times these obstacles are there to mold, shape and strengthen us. “Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take,” — Proverbs 3:6 Do not become so caught up in the world and its demands that you forget God’s will for your lives. We wish the best for you and success in all that you attempt. God bless, Regina Christian Academic Administrator Ballard Christian School



Graduating Class of 2021

JACK HYCHE By Natalie Salvatore Photos Contributed By Jack Hyche


ack Hyche, a Louisville, Kentucky native, is one of Ballard Christian School’s four high school seniors graduating this spring. Ballard, located at 1415 Moores Mill Road in Auburn, is one of this community’s many excellent schools offering a K-12 education. Hyche and his family moved to Alabama when he was five years old, allowing him to spend the majority of his childhood in the state he will graduate in. For the past six years, Hyche has been homeschooled through Ballard. The school’s motto, “Jesus, Team, Me” has been something that has propelled him throughout his education. “Their motto reminds me still today that Jesus needs to be first in my life, then I am to think of others before myself, and then trust knowing the Lord will take care of me,” Hyche said. When the senior first joined Ballard, he immersed himself in the extracurricular opportunities the school has to offer. While there, Hyche has played on the junior varsity basketball team and was a water boy for the varsity football team. He has also participated in the Jewels Fair for speech and photography. While in high school, Jack has also played basketball for Grace Christian during his senior year, was a community volunteer for the Columbus Ballet, as well as a member of the Voices of the Valley Choir and the Alabama Baptist One Voice Choir. Jack is all about sports, music, podcasts and the outdoors. His high school endeavors have allowed him to explore his interests while giving him experience in these fields before taking his next steps after high school. “Fond memories that I have from Ballard is the

connection and friends I have made over the past few years that started on the football field and playing basketball,” Hyche said. “My favorite memories will always be with my basketball team and practicing on the bus for away games, having fun and being with them.” As Hyche is a homeschooled student through Ballard, he said that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he was not affected as much as most students were. He was accustomed to virtual class and working through his schoolwork online despite the expected difficulties. “It was hard, though, not knowing if we would still be able to come together as a basketball team to have our practices and games,” he said. “During the pandemic, I missed seeing my team and my coaching mentors, but thankfully, we were able to come together for my last season of basketball.” Hyche plans to continue the momentum and is attending Southern Union State Community College on a full technical scholarship for welding after high school. He will continue his education here in Opelika for the next two years to complete the certification required. Hyche said he is very excited about this opportunity and is grateful to not only his family but also to Ballard for helping him reach his goals. One person in particular at Ballard that helped shape Jack is Regina Christian, the school’s academic administrator. “I am also very thankful for Mrs. Regina at Ballard, who has guided me through my classes and for always being a positive encouragement for me,” Hyche said. Hyche had her support, as well as everyone’s at Ballard, when he walked the stage and earned his diploma on May 28.



Spreading good with food

Open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 1409 S. College Street, Auburn 334-246-3144



Graduating Class of 2021



ear Beauregard High School Class of 2021, Noah Webster is credited with compiling his dictionary in 1828, a compendium of some 70,000 words. I have read that approximately 4,000 words are added to our language each year. That total has probably been surpassed with all of the “goings-on” this year. Our ‘new normal’ has contributed its own vocabulary — COVID-19; COVID positive; COVID quarantine; social distancing; and virtual, blended and traditional instruction, to name just a few. With the opening of the new Beauregard High School in September, we christened our campus with unique names, as well — the FX Building, the Hornet Gymnasium, the Career Center, Academic Blue, Academic Gold, and Academic Red, the HIVE, the Hall of Hornets, the VESPA and the Hungry Hive. Not since the class of 1973 has a Beauregard High School class experienced as many changes on campus. Of course, those changes have not been without challenges. This pandemic has definitely presented its share of challenges and setbacks, but what we have accomplished over the course of this school year is remarkable. Specifically, we started class on campus on Sept. 14, a month later than what was planned; we opened a new campus to students who knew not where to go; we transitioned to a four-by-four block schedule from an eight-period schedule; we have offered three methods of instruction (traditional, blended and virtual); we have successfully hosted all of our scheduled athletic events, albeit amidst numerous restrictions; we have enjoyed the sound of music and drama in our new choral room and auditorium; and we have striven daily to be Hornet Health Heroes (wear your mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands and stay safe). This graduating class has met each change and each challenge with dignity and with the resolve to persevere. Our mission at Beauregard High School is to prepare you for life after high school. We push you through course after course, and test after test. I sincerely hope that you will always remember, through all that your young life has experienced — a natural disaster in 2019 and this pandemic — that the adventurous spirit of our Hornets is not just to endure, not just to survive, but to thrive. We are extremely proud of you for reaching this milestone in your life and for the perseverance you have displayed along the way. As for Noah Webster, I am certain that neither he nor I, could adequately use words to define the sincere feelings of appreciation and gratitude I have for all who have kept Beauregard High School abuzz in 2020-2021 and for making this graduation a reality! Sincerely, Richard L. Brown, Jr. Principal


Graduating Class of 2021

ANSLI By Hannah Lester Photos Contributed By Ansli McDonald


nsli McDonald was familiar with Beauregard high school even before entering her freshman year.

Her mom worked as a teacher at the school, so McDonald was in and out before ever starting high school. McDonald made the most of her time at Beauregard. Like all students, there was homework and studies to contend with — but McDonald decided to get involved outside of just her classwork. “I was captain of the Beauregard High School Varsity Cheer Squad for this past year and was a member for all four years of high school,” she said. “I am President of the Student Council and have also been a member for all four years of high school. I am also a member of the Beauregard High School Volleyball team, Diamond Darlings, National Honor Society, Math Team, Mu Alpha Theta and Belles and Beaus.” Outside of school, McDonald kept busy too — she worked at Our Home Pharmacy and attended Church of the Highlands. Beauregard High School had to shut down and go virtual like every other school in the area last March. And in August, they still weren’t able to come back in person. So McDonald, like many other students, lost the last half of her junior year and part of her senior year to COVID-19. “It was not until September that we were able to come back to school and learn face-to-face,” she said. “When it came to the sports I enjoyed playing and the activities I enjoyed participating in, there were many new rules and regulations that made me afraid that I might miss out on the full ‘senior experience’. However, Mr. Brown, my coaches and my teachers all worked very hard to make my senior year as normal as possible, and I am very thankful for that.”



Although many things were different, or regulated, the Beauregard students were able to have a prom this year. “Thank you to Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Ives, we were able to have a senior prom, and this meant the world to me,” McDonald said. “Because of COVID-19, we were not able to have a junior prom, so this was my only chance to have a prom experience at all.” Biology classes were always McDonald’s favorite, and she plans to attend Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy. “If I could tell my freshman self one thing it would be to enjoy and savor high school,” she said. “You only get to live it once, so make every day worth it."


Graduating Class of 2021


Class of


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ear Beulah High School Class of 2021, It is with great excitement that I write to congratulate you on this momentous achievement in your lives. Graduating high school is a major milestone that serves as the stepping stone into your adulthood. From kindergarten to the 12th grade, you worked diligently to achieve this goal, facing challenges that few could imagine. You are a resilient group of young people who have experienced first-hand the obstacles that life can offer. Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, you have weathered the storm of adversity, rose to the occasion and persevered. Your unwavering resilience makes you a bright light for the future. As this chapter ends, know that a new one will begin and that you are equipped to handle anything that comes your way! Best Wishes, Dr. Cincrystal Poythress


Graduating Class of 2021

E’Miya Moore

By Hannah Lester Photos Contributed By E’Miya Moore


’Miya Moore is graduating from Beulah High School, leaving the Bobcats behind and the team she cheered for. Moore was a cheerleader, and captain of the cheer team throughout high school, in addition to classes, and serving as a representative on student council. Classes resumed in the fall after spring quarantines and Moore said Beulah was still able to participate in things like football games. When not using her time for school or extracurriculars, Moore takes on creative passions such as painting and playing the piano.

“Being captain of the cheer team was very rewarding and also I was voted homecoming queen and football sweetheart,” she said. “I also kept an all-A average throughout high school.” Looking to the future, Moore plans to attend Southern Union for her first two years of post-secondary education, under the school’s presidential scholarship. Following those two years, Moore will take on the mantel of an Auburn Tiger and hopes to study to become a nurse practitioner. “A lot of my family members are in the medical field and also I just love helping others,” she said.


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Graduating Class of 2021


ear Class of 2021, We survived and you made it! In my 45 years in education, I have never experienced anything like the last two years of this pandemic. This time last year we were trying to find a way to safely graduate the class of 2020. Now we are completing a full year of in-person on campus classes. This would not have been possible without the patience and understanding of you

and your parents. You have survived masks, social distancing, quarantines, virtual learning, plastic shields in the cafeteria, outdoor pep rallies, a November prom and so many other obstacles. Not only have you survived these things, you have thrived! Even more amazingly is that you've never complained but instead you've come to school every day with a grateful heart and a pleasant disposition. As I finish my 10th year at Glenwood, I can


truly say you are one of the best overall classes I have had the pleasure of working with. Your hard work, determination and dedication is why this class has been so successful academically, athletically and in the community. Whether you are a lifer or have just joined Glenwood this year, every single one of you has left your mark on our school. To say you will be missed is an understatement, but how thrilling it is to know you are all on your way to making a positive impact on this world. As you start the next phase of your lives, never forget who you are, where you came from and that


God has a purpose for your life. He has designed a journey specifically for you and I am so very grateful that being a Glenwood student was part of His plan. And although roads may take you in many different directions, never forget you will always have a home at Glenwood School. Best wishes and God Bless, Frankie Mitchum, Headmaster P.S. Remember .... Once a Gator, Always a Gator!

Graduating Class of 2021

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brooke sydlik By Lofton Wheeles Photo Conributed By Brooke Sydlik


lenwood School’s valedictorian Brooke Sydlik has been attending the school since she was in eighth grade and has taken advantage of the opportunities Glenwood had in store for her. “I’ve done soccer since I came here,” she said. “I’ve done band for a little bit and then I think I ended that in 10th grade and almost every club Glenwood has such as Beta Club, Robotics, Honor Society, everything like that. Robotics is a big one though.” Brooke said her senior year experience was something she’s looked forward to since she was a child. “I guess my favorite part is ‘you’re finally here’ and Glenwood’s made it so we can still have our senior year and everything so we still have all these memories that we’ve been wanting to have,” she said. “So, I think that’s huge. “We’re looking forward to [the] senior prank now and we’re hoping Glenwood is going to let us do that. We got our football games, basketball games and the student section is like my favorite thing Glenwood has. So doing all that is super fun.” This senior year hasn’t been easy, however. The ongoing pandemic has made it a challenge for students across the country, with Brooke being no exception. “You know it throws you for a loop because it’s not something you ever thought would happen, because I mean, who’s going to think a pandemic’s going to happen,” she said. “Like I said, Glenwood’s made everything as good as it could be … I know a lot of schools are not even going, they’re all virtual. It’s different because right now all my friends are quarantined so now I have like two people left that are in my classes because if one person gets it, then everyone else has to [quarantine]. “So, I mean that’s tough, but I mean at least we’re here so I think that’s huge. We still got our football games, we still got our basketball games and we’re playing sports right now. A lot of times you lose about half your sports team. There’s five girls out of soccer right now. So I mean that’s teaching you to overcome it.” Brooke said that her favorite part about her high school experience has been the people she met during her time at Glenwood. “It’s a smaller school so I spend most of my days with the same 10 people because the classes are 20 max,” she said. “I take a lot of Dual Enrollment classes, so not even 10 people in every class. The people impact your life so much. The teachers. Mr. Mitchum, you’ve gotta love him. And then, I mean, the people, the memories … You never thought that people would sway you so much in one direction.” Brooke plans on going to Auburn University to major in Economics with a minor in Finance. She also plans on going to law school after her time at Auburn. —43—

Graduating Class of 2021


ear LSA Graduates, It is with mixed emotions that I sit down to write a letter to you. As we embark upon the last few days with one another, it has caused me to spend some significant time reflecting on your school experience, your future endeavors and the school’s role in both of these. While what the next phase of your life will hold for you is extremely exciting to me, I am saddened to think that our daily interactions will soon come to a halt. While I am hopeful for what your contributions of leadership, citizenship, passion, hard work and dedication will bring to our community, I am apprehensive about the absence of your lead-by-example character, attitude and presence here at LSA. While I am inspired by the opportunities and successes that lie before you, I am still in awe of those you have left as your legacy in our halls, on our walls and in our hearts. While we thank you for what you have done to leave your indelible mark upon our school, we want to encourage, support and have hopefully prepared you to make an even larger mark on our society. You will always be a Warrior … be proud of that. This will always be a home for you … please visit often. Please know how much all of you mean to me. Thank you Class of 2021. You have left a mark on Lee-Scott Academy and you have left a mark upon my heart. I care about each of you and I will miss you all. I wish you the very best of luck and look forward to all that your class will accomplish in the future. Go Warriors! Dr. Stan Cox Head of School



Graduating Class of 2021

Mary helen miller By Lofton Wheeles Photos Contributed By Mary Helen Miller


ary Helen Miller has been attending LeeScott Academy since she was in kindergarten. She was involved in a large number of activities that the Auburn-based private school has to offer. These activities include being the president of the Anchor Club, chaplain of the Lee-Scott Ambassadors, participating in the Scholars’ Bowl, playing varsity soccer, being an SGA class representative for the Class of 2021, being a Spanish Club member and being a Drama Club member. The most prominent club she participated in, however, is her involvement with Lee-Scott’s band program. Miller had the opportunity to serve as drum major for the march-

ing band this past season. She also played clarinet in the concert band and tenor saxophone in the jazz band. “I have truly enjoyed all of my involvement [in the clubs and activities] at Lee-Scott,” she said. “I have been challenged in all areas and pushed to be a more wellrounded person.” Miller referred to senior year as “naturally, a big time of reflection” as many seniors are about to turn to the next chapter of their life. “My favorite part has been growing closer with the rest of the class of 2021 as we all realized that our time together was growing short,” she said. “We've been through a lot together and instead of letting all of the challenges of our particular situation lead us into nonstop complaining


and disappointment, we came together and decided that we were going to make the most of our year.” Miller has many fond memories about her senior year and wanted to share one that stood out to her. “The morning before the first day of senior year, all the girls got together and watched the sunrise, and we plan on watching the sunset together on the evening of the last day,” she reflected. “Memories like these are what make senior year so special.” Senior year for Miller, and many others, has also been a strange one due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Mary Helen, however, referred to this year as a good opportunity to, as she says, “cherish the little moments”. “Any member of the class of 2021 will tell you that this year was nothing like what we had imagined and hoped our senior year would be,” she said. “Football games, pep rallies, homecoming week, student sections, band concerts and competitions and theatre productions looked different. We came to expect things to change constantly. “The unpredictability of it all definitely brought a level of anxiety, but it also gave the class of 2021 a sense of urgency to make the most of every second … I learned to appreciate everything I had previously taken for granted, and that mindset change made a world of a difference. I am incredibly proud of my class for stepping up to the challenge, and I wouldn't choose any other group to stand next to on graduation day.” The people at Lee-Scott made the experience special,

Miller said. “All the teachers that made me laugh and pushed me to realize my potential; our college counselor Mrs. Sherri Rainer, who comforted us and worked so hard to make our year amazing, despite the stressful workload that comes with being a senior; the rest of the class of 2021, who know exactly what this year was truly like because they experienced it alongside me,” she said. “When circumstances were unreliable, we turned to each other, and because of that, I've come to love my graduating class dearly.” Miller plans on attending Samford University in Birmingham to major in Psychology on the pre-law advising track. Afterward, she plans to continue her studies by going to law school and pursuing a career in criminal law. This is a time in her life that, as she put it, she “could not be more excited for.”


Graduating Class of 2021

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Graduating Class of 2021



reetings Class of 2021, Congratulations on another awesome year. We started school in a pandemic and ended the school year successfully during the pandemic. I know it was tough, but you showed what it means to have ‘Poka Pride.’ I salute your hard work and dedication to Loachapoka High School. It takes a lot of faith and perseverance to accomplish the things you all accomplished during this quarantine. You all will be graduating and moving on to the real world very soon. I wish you the best. Please know that your teachers have prepared you to be the best that you can be. Despite the setbacks COVID-19 had on your senior year, you all had a great year and can go out knowing you had the highest ACT scores of any senior class in the past four years. You also had qualifying AP scores despite the loss of face-to-face instruction last year. You all have put in tremendous work this year and have made me proud to be your principal. I am looking forward to building more positive relationships with you all and I cannot wait until we can all get back to normal. It has been an honor to serve you. Great Job class of 2021. #Poka #Pride Sincerely, Albert Weeden, Jr.


Graduating Class of 2021

Caderria thomas By Kayla Evans Photos Contributed By Caderria Thomas


aderria Thomas, a senior at Loachapoka High, will soon be leaving for Falkner University, leaving behind friends in the band, yearbook and the SkillsUSA team. Thomas currently plans to attend Faulkner University studying music education or music therapy, no surprise given she was part of Loachapoka’s marching band since the sixth grade. She also plans to be in the University Marching Band. “I ended up choosing this school because I felt very at home on my tour there,” Thomas said. “The students and faculty were extremely nice, the campus itself is absolutely gorgeous, and it has a really nice five-year program to get a master's degree in Music.” Performing in the University Marching Band came from the past seven years Thomas has played the alto saxophone. Thomas has been a part of Loachapoka’s concert and marching bands since the sixth grade, and she was a section leader beginning in 2017. “Marching band is probably my favorite elective that I have ever done,” Thomas said. “We didn’t get to this year

because of COVID, but we normally travel to home and away games. We get to meet the other bands, and we get to support our team. We have other really cool experiences too. We go to colleges for band days, and we get to compete for scholarships. So band is probably the best elective for your future and for the present. It’s an amazing experience.” Along with the marching band, Thomas was involved in the SkillsUSA team and a part of the school’s yearbook committee. In the ninth grade, Thomas was also involved in the robotics team and art club. Of course, there was the academic side of high school too. Thomas was a member of the National Honor’s Society, has been on the honor roll since 2017 and is the first student in Loachapoka’s history to receive a qualifying score on the AP science exam. Thomas enjoys doing community service around Lee County. She is a member of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church where she is a choir member and an usher. She has also volunteered at the East Alabama Food Drive, blanket drive and toy drive.



Graduating Class of 2021



he Oaks School is a Pre-K through 12th grade church school that started in 2018 in the Auburn-Opelika area. The Oaks School offers a four-day school week with strong academics, spiritually dynamic chapel services, limited homework and

an encouraging family atmosphere that empowers all students to become creative, high-impact leaders. The Oaks has full accreditation through Cognia (formerly SACS) and the Alabama Independent School Association.


anna omilian By JD McCarthy Photo Contributed By Anna Omillian


or the first time, The Oaks School will have a graduating class of seniors and Anna Omilian could not be more excited to be graduating. “Very exciting,” Omilian said. “So pumped to finally graduate.” Omilian has only attended the school for two years but has been a member of the church for nine years and in the two years feels she has started to come out of her shell. Besides taking classes, she also runs track and even worked for The Oaks School for a couple of months. Omilian pointed out the bonds she has created with her classmates as her favorite thing from her time at The Oaks School. “I think just the people,” she said. “I love my classmates so much. They are just, like, my heart and I’m so sad to be leav-

ing them. I have a couple really close friends here that I hope will be my friends for life.” Omilian and her classmates spend a lot of time doing group work together and like to get together outside of class such as go on picnics. One thing that has endeared Omilian to her classmates and teachers is how kind she is to everyone. “I really want to be the type of person that loves and gives to people without expecting anything back because I want other people to do that for me,” she said. “So, I try to be a good influence on younger kids.” Next year Omilian will be attending Birmingham Southern. While she is not sure what she will be studying, she said she thinks it will be something similar to child developmental psychology.


Graduating Class of 2021

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ear OHS Class of 2021, On behalf of the Opelika High School faculty and staff, I want to congratulate you on reaching this highlight of high school graduation. This year has been a journey, and I am proud to have walked alongside you as we have navigated this experience together. You have done something no other class before you has accomplished – navigate a full year of school in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. You have taken every precaution necessary to maintain a regular school year through excellent behavior, cooperation with staff and adherence to safety measures. As historians will look back on this time and analyze the different medical and social aspects of COVID-19, my reflections will likely be different because of you. You have embraced this time and found ways to make this a positive experience – focusing on the betterment of others, continuing to work hard in your coursework and sharpening leadership skills that will undoubtedly contribute to our community, state and world in a positive way. It would be easy to let COVID-19 define this year. I ask, however, that you not allow it to define this year, but rather refine you into successful adults leaving OHS. Take the lessons learned, the content gained, and most importantly, the relationships fostered, to shape the future in a way that represents you, your family and Opelika, in a powerful way. Please know that the Opelika High School family will always be here to help and will encourage you along the way. Go Dawgs! Farrell Seymore


Graduating Class of 2021

TAYLOR By Lofton Wheeles Photos Contributed By Taylor Smith


aylor Smith has spent the entire duration of his grade school years in Opelika City Schools — and ran the gamut of extracurricular activities, from sports to academics to student involvement. “I’ve played football, I’m in the Key Club, Anchor Club, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Rho Kappa and Mu Alpha Theta,” Smith said. “I’m also the vice president of my senior class and the president of FBLA.”

A global pandemic didn’t stop Smith, either, from finishing his junior and senior year at Opelika, and continuing his involvement in high school. “[I think I will remember] my friends, the different activities that I did, the trips I went on and the different things I was involved with the most [about high school],” he said. Smith said he is grateful to Opelika City Schools for making the best of a strange situation like the COVID-19


SMITH pandemic and allowing his senior year to be as great it could be. “Even though there has been a pandemic and it’s been hard to kind of do things, the school has tried their best to create different things for us to do and try to make everything as normal as possible without breaking any COVID guidelines,” he said. “And that’s probably been the highlight of my year.” Due to the ongoing pandemic, the normal high school experience looked almost unrecognizable this year due to social distancing guidelines and mask regulations, both set by the CDC. Many high school seniors have faced a “new

normal”. Smith is no exception. “It’s been different trying to adapt to social distancing and wearing your mask and just trying to stay safe,” he said. “It’s having an impact on the way teachers can teach us and the different things that we can do and the activities. “We’re like spread out in the classroom so like the desks are as far away as possible. It’s been different but the school has tried their best to make the best of the situation.” Smith plans on going to a four-year college to major in political science. After his time in an undergraduate program, he also plans on continuing his education at a law school.


Graduating Class of 2021



lass of 2021 … First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the journey that began with your first step into a kindergarten classroom to your final steps across the graduation stage. Your diploma doesn’t mean that you were just able to make the grades necessary; It holds a much greater value. This achievement is a testament to all the struggles, excitement, tears, joy, laughter and friendships you have experienced in school. This diploma is a symbol of all the memories you have created for 13 years. Treasure it as you close this chapter of your life. The quote you selected for the Class of 2021 during your Freshman year was from Nelson Mandela, “It

always seems impossible until it’s done.” For many of you, this journey may have felt impossible. After all, 13 years is a long way to go for this moment. And you have dealt with so many hurdles to get where you are: tornadoes, school closures, virtual school and a worldwide pandemic. But, you persevered; you achieved; you completed this chapter. Now it is time for the next chapter! Whether you are going into college, the military or the workforce, write this chapter like a best seller! Impact the world! Conquer the impossible!


Dr. Brad Cook, Principal Smiths Station High School

Graduating Class of 2021


race Allen has been a Smiths Station panther for seven years — she moved to the area from Russell County in fifth grade. Allen said that she has loved the school since the first day she moved here, and that Smith Station’s great community and staff added to her experience. The now-senior was involved in several of the clubs that Smiths Station has to offer, including the volleyball team, of which she was captain during her junior

year. “As the years progressed, I’ve taken on more leadership roles and this year I’m senior class president … and I’m part of honor societies like Beta Club, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, English Honor Society and, previous to that, I was part of student council,” she said. Like many high school students across the country, the pandemic has turned the average American high school experience topsyturvy. “It was hard because I am a face-to-face learner,” Allen said. “I have to see [the teacher], I have to see the notes, I have to hear [the teacher] and transitioning from that to virtual, to not talking to my teacher, not having her there to help me was very hard. And senior year, you want your grades to be good and it was really stressful to keep it up and you had to be motivated because a lot of times you just didn’t want to get out of bed because you were so used to being in lockdown and it was really hard making the transition from being at school to being online. “Even when you came back to school, everybody’s anxiety was so bad because we didn’t want to get COVID. So that was hard too because you had to stress to keep your mask on, you had to keep distanced and a lot of the work that we did, it was hard to do [the work] when you have to be 6 feet apart. So, it was a really big

GRACE By Lofton Wheeles Photos Contributed By Grace Allen —64—

adjustment.” However, Allen said she has learned to think about the positive things when reflecting on the most memorable part about senior year. “My favorite parts, as of right now, are finally coming back from the pandemic and seeing all of my friends and seeing all of those faces that I haven’t seen since March of last year, and what I think will be my most favorite is [prom]” she said. “… We [were all] together, and I just think that will be the best part of my senior year.” When reflecting on her high school experience, Allen said that she felt sentimental about her sophomore year since that year was not influenced by the pandemic. “That was my first year of high school and my only normal year of high school that I would have, but sophomore year was definitely the most memorable,” she said. “The pep rallies, the homecoming games, everything — like we got to experience everything. Also, just being with my friends and having a schedule, I just really think I’m going to miss that the most.” Allen said she has committed to playing volleyball at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama. “Right now, I’m just excited to hopefully get a closeto-normal year and just being in a new environment

because I’ve been at Smiths Station for a long time,” she said. Allen plans on majoring in Education and minoring in Communication, something that she said could be subject to change. However, she enjoys being in school and teaching other people, so she said she feels it is “the best idea right now”.

ALLEN —65—

Graduating Class of 2021


ear Trinity Class of 2021, You have run the race well! Your last final has been turned in, you have performed in your last concert and you have competed in your last game as a Trinity student. You have had your last Socratic circle, your rhetoric speech has been presented and you’ve had your last cup of coffee while discussing Neil Postman. What a joy to have watched over the years as the Lord has grown you into a wonderful group of young men and women who exemplify each and every day “glorifying God and enjoying Him”. We will miss your

servant hearts, your enthusiasm for learning and your desire to put the needs of others before your own, and we will remember for many years the many ways that you led the students on our campus by serving them in love. You truly are virtuous scholars who think clearly, listen carefully, discern wisely, reason persuasively and articulate precisely, and it is our honor to call you alumni of Trinity Christian School. We look forward to seeing all the ways you will serve the Kingdom throughout your lives! With gratitude and love, Larry Cornelius



Graduating Class of 2021

margaret anne gunter By JD McCarthy Photos Contributed By Margaret Anne Gunter


argaret Anne Gunter has attended Trinity Christian her entire life and said she would not trade her time there for anything. “I’m just really grateful that I had the opportunity to go here,” Gunter said. “I feel like it prepared me really well for college. It's challenging academically but it has taught me how to work hard … It’s this hidden gem.” When asked if she had a favorite memory, she could not pick one, asking instead, “Can I give three maybe?” Unsurprisingly, both of her memories involved her and her classmates, who she said she sees as siblings. The first favorite memory was in her junior year when Trinity hosted the first dance she attended. “One of the most fun events at Trinity was two years ago, when we had our first dance,” she said. “We don’t have proms or anything, but it was called Protocol. And the whole year we had to learn how to ballroom dance. We had to learn how to waltz, and foxtrot and swing dance and how to do line dances too. Protocol was a highlight. That was a whole lot of fun.” The second memory she recalled was when her class and the grade above them went to Washington D.C. for over a week and got to see the famous monuments and toured the Smithsonian. Gunter participated in several different clubs throughout her time at Trinity but found her calling in the music department. She has spent the last four years as a section leader in the percussion band, played keyboard in the jazz band, sang in the choir since seventh grade and plays the harp. Gunter plans on becoming an orchestral harpist with the ultimate goal of being a harpist in one of the United States armed forces bands. To achieve that goal, she plans to attend the University of North Texas. She chose UNT because of its music school, great harp professor and the option to attend a large school. A great scholarship didn’t hurt either. While there, she plans to major in Harp Performance and minor in Mathematics.



Graduating Class of 2021

Lucy Pudner

By Hannah Lester Photo Contributed by Lucy Pudner


ucy Pudner will graduate this year — after almost 10 –– years of homeschooling. She began homeschooling in second grade to spend more time at home and with her mom, but kept with it all throughout high school. “I know it’s not for everyone because [homeschooling] takes a certain amount of self-motivation, but I feel like I have learned much better in that environment and I have such a close relationship with my mom because of all the time I spent with her,” she said. Many people look at homeschooling as a strange concept — children who end up socially unaware or lacking social skills but Pudner said that this is not the case. “As long as they have another outlet of social interaction, there is nothing about homeschooling that makes you any different or less aware,” she said. For Pudner — her social interaction was dance. The senior has made serious sacrifices for her dance career. “I got serious about ballet and stuck with it,” she said. “I ended up moving to Birmingham to train with the Alabama Ballet and then signed a contract this past summer for Milwaukee Ballet and moved up here in September.” Although she recently moved to Milwaukee for dance,

Pudner lived in Auburn for 14 years, traveling back and forth to Birmingham for dance. This is another reason homeschooling was a beneficial option for Pudner — it helped her find time for professional dancing. “With my dance schedule being so crazy, and mostly during the day, it worked out extremely well schedule-wise,” she said. Scheduling wasn’t the only benefit to homeschooling, however, Pudner said. “I feel like I retained information a lot better than I would’ve in a school,” she said. “I’m also a very impressionable person, so I think being able to be myself without the influence of peer pressure was vital to developing my personality. Not to say that would be the case for everyone, though. Also with eight older siblings, I enjoyed the time alone with my mom.” Following her graduation, Pudner said she plans to take at least one gap year to focus on her dancing. “I did feel like I was missing out on some things sometimes,” she said. “Like high school football games, school dances or just being around my friends all the time. Overall, though, I feel that the pros outweighed the cons in my situation.”


Congratulations, Opelika Graduates! NOW, GET READY FOR WHAT’S NEXT!




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Graduating Class of 2021

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2020-21 High School Teachers of the Year Photos Contributed By The Schools And Teachers


silvia scaife auburn HIGH SCHOOL —75—

Graduating Class of 2021

Teachers of the Year 2020 - 21







Graduating Class of 2021

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Graduating Class of 2021



AUBURN HIGH SCHOOL Adams, Lucy Palmer Aksoy, Janset Al-Taie, Issa, Zeyad Aldridge, Kristen Nicole Alexander, Chandler Alsobrook, Andrew Robert Alsobrook, Anna Elizabeth Alsobrook, William Norris Alvarez, Mia Victoria Alverson, Davis Wade Ammons, Paul Douglas Anderson, Caroline Elizabeth Anderson, Jeffery Brenten Thomas Kade Anderson, Samuel Welsh Andrews, De'Onte Jaquan Anguiano Avilez, Cristian Yahir Argenti, Caroline, Taylor Arnold, Andrew William Arvelo, Enrique Kelly Ashe, Kolton Forrest Ashmore, Thomas Brayden Atkins, Hayleigh Marie Atkinson, Simon Au, Gabriel Austin, Riley Nathaniel Austin, Ryan Edward Ayala Martinez, Brandon Steven Baeder, Juliana Grace Baig, Hassan Ahmed Baker, JaVian Mykei Baldwin, Lilly Pearl Ballard, Russell Cruz Bang, HeeChan Bang, Yeseul Barjis, Ariabel Barkley, Joseph Martin Barlow, Katherine Jo Barnes, Sydney Nicole Barnett, Graham Dixon Barr, Morgan Len Barrington, Ansley Claire Barron, Jamari Izayah Bass, Colt Raini Bass, Connor Tadan Bass, Hunter Scott Beaudet, Ashley Lauren Beavers, Raivin Jamya Bell, Sullivan Reeves Belyeu, Brock Remington Benjamin, Augusta Leon Benson, Thomas Ryan Berrien, Nicholas Karson Besong, John Douglas Black, Kendal Shayne Blair, Jeffrey Daniel Bogan, Damien Christopher Boone, Ella Caroline Bowden, Dakota Colton Lawrence Bowen, Cheyenne Sage Bradley, Cort Gray Bradshaw, Grady Waid

Brantley, Chloe Marshall Brewer, Makayla M Brockwell, Kayla Mae Brooks, Christian Keyshawn Brown, Alyssa Lasidra Brown, Stewart Preston Browne, Jacob Robert Browne, Trinity Olivia Buckingham, Anna Mckenzie Burgess, Madisyn Taylor Burke, Corey Elijah Butler, Ambreah Alexis Byars, Amanda Grace Byrd, Jacob Parks Caldwell, Matthew Rayburn Callahan, Hailey Dawn Cameron, DarQuerious Corde Campbell, Ryan Dwyane Cannon, Jayden Jaquan Carbajal, Michael Augusto Carpenter, Emma Ann Carter, Kloye Ashanti Casey, Madison Grace Cason, KeJuan Deontrae Cavanaugh, Peyton Lane Cerro, Landon Alexander Chae, Hyunjun Chagolla, Sandra Jackelyn Chandler, Abigail Louise Chandler, Aubry Noelle Chandler, Beckett Wynn Chaney, Connor Kevin Cheshire, Megan Grace Chidume, Gabriel Ikechukwu Cho, Sunghun Cho, Taeyun Cho, Yo Hyun Cho, Yumin Choi, HyeJung Chung, Songyeon Clague, Bryson Hale Clark, Danie Louis Clayton, Hailey Christian Clemmer, Jacob Alan Cleondis, Davis James Cleveland, Bella Star Cline, Michael David Collier Cobine, Lily Jasmine Cochran, Caroline Grace Cockerham, Macee Brooke Coggins, Fredrica Celee Coleman, Elizabeth Claire Conway, Alicia Cullom Cornett, Benjamin James Cortez, Beverly Coshatt, Emily Marie Cottier, John Ethan Crayton, Daishan Que Crum, Courtney Grace Crutchfield, Emma Elizabeth Curry, Benjamin Ethan

Dagg, Everett Thomas Daniels, Leighton Edward Dark, Caroline Grace Daughtry, Donovan Madrigal David, Isabel Frances Davis, Benjamin Thomas Davis, Ellie Laine Davis, Emma June Davis, Nicholas Jacob Dean, Ivey Harris Dean, Zachary Bryan Dearing , Avery Elizabeth DeBardelaben, Tanner Joseph DeBardeleben, Dagney Elise Decker, Aaron Cole Deerman, Mallory Lorane Delgermaa, Chingis Dempsey, Marion Miles Derrick, Tyler Neal Dettmering, MaKenna DeWeese, Mitchell Smith Do, Timothy Donaldson, Davis Reyer Dong, Vicki Dorman, Emily Anne Dorough, Luke Whitterka Dover, Timothy Alton Lee Dowdell, Cameron Jakobe Draughon, Parker Allen Draughon, Richard Hudson Duffield, Kathryn Anne Dumoga, Woelinam Ethan Duong, Danny The Duster, Torrey Jermaine Dyal, Bailey Catherine Earles, Camilla Kay Edwards, Zackary Owen Elafandi, Ahmed Gamal Elston, Wynton Elijah Engledow, Marshall Austin Erwin, George Cowen Erwin, Scarlett Elizabeth Escobar-Mejia, Andrea Michelle Esparza, Amelia Elisa Grace Espinal, Anthony Espinal, Jonathan Alexander Estep, Caroline Austen Etheridge, Gracie Elizabeth Evans, Jack Thomas Evermon, Ethan Nathaniel Evermon, Lindsay Grace Ezell, Alexis Nicole Fain, Grayson Elizabeth Farr, Ian Jacob Feehan, Nathaniel Stephen Feeney, Caroline Sarah Fellows, Trinity Eliana Ferguson, Camdyn Grace Fetner, Kennady Mccall Finley, Jon Michael Finley, Ryan O'neal


Fisher, William Wilks Fitzpatrick, Marion Elizabeth Flennoy, Amaya Symone Fogal, William Logan Forthofer, Gabriel John Foster, Mark Daniel Fowler, Austin Howell France, Kelsey Nicole Freeman, Elizabeth Jayne Freeman, Joseph Payne Fulghum, Robb Morgan Fuller, Brady David Fullerton, Tyler Christian Futrell, Joseph Daniel Gadzey, Selom Malcolm-Elliot Gaines, Jacquez Armand Gardner, Gabriel Clay Garner, Kai Alexis Garrett, Camryn Hope Garrett, Joe Wheeler Gary, Griffin Baker Garza, Jacob Anthony Gentry, Braden Lee Gibbs, Camron Lamar Gilliland, Rebecca Marie Gomez-Pena, Mariana Gonia, Ryan Jeffrey Gordon, Kenya Monia Graham, Jordyn Grace Gray, Abigail Juliette Gray, Whitten Carter Gregg, Leonard Lee Grindle, Cooper Earl Gross, Hope Elizabeth Grossman, Lola Elisebeth Gulley, John Joseph Ha, Byeongjun Hakel, Joseph Taylor Halanych, Coral Nadia Halbrook, Reagan Alexis Hall, Mary Grace Hamby, Abigail Faith Hames, Lucy Scott Hancock, John-Austin Dexter Hand, Tyson Kade Hardy, Leslie Katharine Harper, Mary Frances Harris, Andrew Frederickson Harris, Jackson Ryan Harris, Mary Elizabeth Harris, NyLeeyah Nichole Hasan, Mahabub Hassett, Lindsey Brooke Hawke, Kobe James Hayslip, Madison Taylor Heard, Mya Mckenzie Heaton, Aidan Stewart Helton, Hayden M Herring, Carolyn Medora Herring, Hatcher Hunt Herrod, Kyle

Hill, Kamarius Deman Hiller, Matthew Craig Hines, Harris Jackson Hixon, David Morris Hodge, Hannah Morgan Holloway, Jakyia Nesha Holmes, Hattie Elizabeth Holmes, Luke Frederick Holt, Cornell Tushaud Hoover, Jackson Richard Hornsby, Chambliss Price Hruska, Emma Elizabeth Hudson, Lucille Elizabeth Hume, James Winfield Hummel, Margaret Leigh Hundley, Rachel Elyse Hunt, Miles Alexander Hutchins, Sara Fran Hutchinson, Amaury Keyshaun Imperio, Joseph Matthew Irwin, Gabriella Claire Jackson, Kentarius Ty'quan Jager, Emily Lauren Jang, Yuhyeon Jefferson, Jacoby Jashoun Jennings, Chrishanta Naishae Jeong, Jiyoon Jerkins, Jacob Addison Jinright, Daniel Everett Johnson, Amanda Lange Johnson, Kayla Tana Johnson, Matthew Bennett Johnson, Taquajah Ashaureah Jones, Aubrey Kimora Jones, Desiney Aaliyah Jones, Joshua Cole Jones, Morgan Angeline Jones, Travis Petedron Lee Jordan, Alana Brooke Ju,Yeonwoo Kang, Namgyu Kasuba, Anna Kamper Kelly, Anna Grace Kelly, Colton Kelsey, David Alexander Kempfer, Savannah Grace Ketring, Ryan Scott Key, Gracen Larayne Kilpatrick, John Edward Belton Kim, Anna Minkyoung Kim, Haeun Kim, Hongin Kim, Hyun Yoo Kim, Jaemin Kim, Justin Yong Kim, Min Hee Kim, Sangyoon Kim, Seo Hyeong Kim, Seohyun Kim, Yun Seo King, Austin William King, Joshua Marquez Kirk, Logan Zachary Klash, Austin Benjamin Knight, Jaylen Maurice Knight, Taliya Alexus Koerper, Ryan Nicholas

Kor, Emre Heinze Korsah, Synaai Afuawa Lackey, Daniel Wilson Lake, Aubrey David Lane, Krislynn Jade Lark, Sha'Royal A Lauraitis, Madison Danielle Lawrence, Sarah Ashton Le, Julia Kim Le, Nguyen Kim Anh League, Jane Elizabeth Lee, Bin Lee, Eunji Lee, JaeYoung Lee, Jarryn Deandre Lee, Kyung Min Lee, Lacie Isabella Lee, Sarah Grace Lee, Sukyeong Lee, Wonjae Lee, Ye Won Lee, Yebin Lee, Yeohosua Leong, Kaitlyn Yuebi Levett, DeCayleb Deshawn Levett, Jason Deon Levy, William Larrick Lewis, William Turnbull Lim, Ashley Lim, Sowon Linneman, McKenley Lipe, Megan Lee Lopez, Rachel Isabell Lowery, Sara Noel Lucas, Abigail LeeAnn Lucas, Benjamin Joseph Lytle, Aiden Brian Macklin, Caitlin Maureen Macon, Leanieard Justin Maddox, Janiya Simone Maldonado, Nicholas Axel Maldonado, Franco Juan Fernando Mancuso, Angelo Christian Thomas Manley, Karston Jake Mansour, Ashraf Mahmoud Marine, Taylor Ruth Marshall, Aunadia Janae Marshall, Jeremiah Charles Masic, Kennedy Claire Massey, William Tate Mastroianni, Alina Mastroianni, Evan Mathis, Peyton Elizabeth Mautz, Haley Kristin May, Hunter Peyton Mayberry, Rylan Jeffrey McAnulty, Olivia Simone McClure, Zykia Shantierra McCurdy, Jordan Chase McGinty, Charles Connor McGinty, Joseph Paschal McGonagill, Sawyer Hodge McKinnell, Russell Alexander Meadows, Adrian Faith Melendez, Jourdon Merritt, Elizabeth Clair Middleton, Mark Alloway

Miller, Kadence Mitchell, Constance Cary Mixson, Joshua James Monk, Jessica Elizabeth Moore, Caleb Carnell Moore, Chad Andrell Moore, Tatum Riley Moreman, Lillian Bradley Morgan, Ti'anna Monea Morris, William Crawford Mosconi, Catalina Moseley, Stewart Jackson Moslem, Youssef Moss, Corey Deon Mount, Addison Scott Mun, Geon Young Myers, Collier Wilson Nadar, Rishi M Nance, Chace Davis Nance, Henry Lowe Nathan, Mia Leela Nelms, Laquavious Damon Newman, Mason Lee Newsom, McKinley Grace Nicks, Ethan Parker Nist, Elizabeth Pratt Noh, Sang Won Nolen, Andrew Clark Norman, Amanda Lee Nunn, Reinaldo O'Gwynn, Riley Carolyn Oh, Taeyang Olive, Erin Taylor Oliver, Quandarius Dequavious Orr, Brady Christopher Ostrander, Megan Overstreet, Brooke Lynn Owen, Sara Elizabeth Padgett, Tyler Scott Paleologos, Calen Seth Park, Eunice Park, Hyoram Park, Hyun ha Park, Irene Sohyun Park, Jihyeon Park, Soojin Park, Suhyeon Parker, Daniel Jacob Passailaigue, Isabella Rose Patel, Om Narendrakumar Pearson, Stone Harris Pendleton, Zoria Lakima Perez, Ramiro Patricio Phillips, Madison G Phillips, Tanner Adison Philpot, Cristin Denarri Pick, Charles Cary Pippin, Annamarie Nicole Pitcock, Tate Joseph Pittman, Tristan Lajuan Pitts, Hannah Marie Pitts, Raquavious Jameon Pledger, Brittany Auburn Pope, Emma Louise Potts, Emma Lynn Powell, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Prajapati, Anal Devendrakumar


Pruitt, William Jantsen Pryor, Logan Guy Pye, Takel Qashou, Sarah Amjad Rabren, Olivia Taylor Rabren, Sarah Marie Raburn, Stockard Elizabeth Ray, Ja'Zavion Meo'kevious Keonza Reagan, Abigail Morgan Reaves, Allie Patricia Reddy, Nandini Reed, Clayton Thomas Reed, Lauren Elizabeth Reese, Cameron Adam Reif, Storm Ren, Steven Kenneth Rendleman, Maggie Reuss, Michael Ryan Reynolds, Alexis Trayshon Rhodes, Matthew David Rice, Peyton James Richey, Maxwell Davis Riese, Kaitlee Elizabeth Robbins, Rachel Anne Roberts, Jesse Turner Rodriguez, Miriam Jaqueline Rogers, Jonathan Robert Rohling, David Sawyer Ross, Ja'Quavian Cortez Rosser, Mya Gabrielle Rowell, JLavon Namia Rudolph, Jaden Allen Rush, Ryleigh L Russell, Jasmine Ranigah Ryland, Grayson Allen Salazar-Ortiz, Yaire Sanders, Caleb Reid Sanders, Hunter Weldon Sanders, Nolan Russell Sanders, SaMyia Kavari Sanders, Tobias Terreyll Sandusky, William Hayes Sanford, Crystal Ann Sanford, Xavier Rashad Saylor, Jason Allen Schallock, William Henry Schindler, Monique Renay Schwadron, Alayna Isabel Scifres, Jackson Ray Scott, Nicholas Chase Seals, Makiyah Simone Seidman, Isabella Myah Sertoz, Ege Su Sertoz, Ipek Su Shackett, Grayson Michael Shaddix, William Alexander Shaughnessy, Brian Michael Shelton, Joshua Conner Shepherd, Bailey Rebekah Shields,Gabrielle Joy Siek, Alicja Simpson, Sophia Ann Sipes, Madison Claire Skipworth, Emma Victoria Small, Cameron A Smallridge, Abby Cain Smith, Adian Michael Brance Wes

Graduating Class of 2021

Smith, D'Andria Nikole Smith, Devan Chase Smith, Gracelyn Faith Smith, Montarious O'ron Shenkay Smith, Trevor Reese Smith, Tyler Washington Smith, Victoria Elizabeth Snead, Rachel Corinne Snyder, Samuel Joseph Son, Chaeyeon Song, Hyunseo Sparks-Burnham, Heavan Leigh Spates, Layton Charles Spiers, Celia Litton Stanwick, John Wilton Stephens, Cole Ellis Stewart, Nathan Hunter Stiles, Ian Sawyer Stoddard, Trevor Jamison Stoker, Jackson Keith Stone, Jacob Hamil Storm, Jonathon Gavin Stough, Josephine Marie Streetman, Celie Lassiter Stringer, Amarea Janelle Stringer, Erin Alexis Sweeney, Alexander Talmage, William Ducote Tanner, Adrevian Rushawn Tao, Rachel Fang Taylor, Lucy Mclellan Taylor, Max Townley Terhune, Sara Marie Thomas, Burnard Edward Thomas, Daysun Myzell Thomas, Elijah Derek Thomas, Jawan Iverson Thomas, Trey Bryant Thompson, Destiny Shermiah Thompson, Ethan Lee Thong, Anh Ngoc Thornell, Blake Madison Thornton, Hannah Marie Thornton, Matthew Caleb Thrasher, Megan Elizabeth Thurman, Makyara Askhari Timm, Benjamin Walter Townsend, Nasser Ahman Tran, Angelie Taylor Truc Tran, Anh Tran, Trung-Hieu Hua Tschetter, Hailey Betty Tucker, Noyajua Hyschrelle Tullier, Jack Elliot Turberville, Emily Elizabeth Turner, Emily Marie Turner, Kamryn Alexis Turner, William Rashaud Turner, William Ruttman Van Dyke, Gracie Ella Van Slyke, Alexia Catherine Vaquero, Lynell Selena Vasconcelos, Joao Pedro Perigolo Vaughan, Nora Elaine Veronese, Webb Philip Vickerstaff, Ashley Tyler Vollenweider, Joseph Paul

Wadsworth, Elizabeth Jordan Waggoner, Emerson Faith Waid, Harrison William Walden, Micah Todd Walker, Riley Charles Walker, Seth Thomas Wang, Jeremy Din-Ming Ward, Andrew Ryan Ward, Sarah Grace Wardlow, Kailey Marie Ware, Dac Lamar Warren, Kylon George Warren, Noah Merrell Warren, William Ellis Washington, Calvenna Chantell Waters, Judson Howard Watkins, Logan Phillip Weed, Carly Riles Ellison Weigel, Hayden Karl Weiss, David Cole Whaley, Kal West Whatley, Elizabeth Ann Wheat, Kayla Allissa Wheat, Logan Bryce White, Gillian Autumn Whitfield, Christian Lamar Whittenburg, John Nellums Whittenburg, William Smith Wilkerson, Analiah Charrell Wilkins, Eliza Faith Williams, Creighton Wesley Wilson Williams, Madeleine Joy Williams, Peyton Thomas Willoughby, Alexandra Grace Wilson, Ariel Natrice Wilson, Bridgette Lee Wilson, Julia Catherine Wohlers, Meredith Claire Woo, Seo Yeong Wood, Tyler Grayson Woodham, Matthew Garrette Woodrow, Andie Belle Woods, Harper Anne Wright, George Onley Wright, Shahita Beyounce Wright, Sydney Elizabeth Wright, William Harrison Wu, Caitlin Wu, James Yae, Dahi Yancey, Kaleigh Tayla Yendle, Lauren Elise Yoho, Nicole Elizabeth Yoon, Jae Hyun Young, Colton Joseph Young, Emily Katherine Young, McKinnon Grace Zanzot, Veronica Kaydiya

SCHOLARSHIP DECLARATION: The Auburn High School Class of 2021 has been offered a grand total of more than $26,000,000 in scholarship offers. This is the highest scholarship total in Auburn High School history. Congratulations on your many accomplishment, Class of 2021! You are all fine representatives of both Auburn High and Auburn City Schools.

Congratulations Class of 2021

ballard christian Luke Christian Jack Hyche Michael Murphy Brandon Rusk


Graduating Class of 2021

beauregard high school Adams, Zayden Lewis Armstrong, Peyton Brooke Baggett, Eliott George Bass, Madden Elijah Bell, Jada Briana Billingsley, A'lailah Sanai Blackmon, Laren Alizabeth Bowling, Samuel Hunter Bracknell, Brooklyn Michelle Bradshaw, Madison Lee Ann Brand, Colten Riley Brewer, Austen James Britt, Madison Blair Brown, Ethan Kyle Browning, Jameriah Britshay Byrd, Hannah Raygan Cain, Quincie Christine Campos, Lidia Brianna Carter, Alexxia Molet Chadwick, Lauren Hailey Chambers, Kentavius Daniell Collier, Sierra Rose Cox, Jr. Christopher Heath Coxwell, Autumn Elizabeth Crawford, Trames Donta Daniel, Damian Gaston Davis, Kaden Lee Davis, Krista Nicole Davis, Nathaniel Cornell Dudley, Kaitlyn Claire Farrow, Sydnie Nicole Ferguson, Nathan Cage Floyd, Aaliyah Ka-Kejerice Focht, Jeffery Ammons

Galloway, Allyson Dawn Gilliam, Madison Leann Goodwin, LaKeisha Elizabeth Gordon, Tyler Natavious Gouker, Victoria Lynn Hadaway, Jackson Parker Hamrick, Stephanie Dawn Harman, Kelly Christine Harman, Kyle David Hattaway, Robert James Heptinstall, Cambrie Samone Herring, Mary Linlee Hicks, Chandler Lee Hill, Robert Gage Hodges, Cameron Eli Hollingsworth, William Mitchell Holloway, Michaela Grace Hooks, Jasmine Patrice Hopper, Jessica Dessire Horner, Dayton Shawn Horton, Alycety BriAnna Howard, Terry Leann Howell, Clara Elaine Jenkins, Isabella Grace Johnson, Brailyn Ann Johnson, William-Carl Hunter Jones, Trenton Rashaad Kirby, Meagan Grace Kirby, Riley Kenton Lane, Thomas Riley Lawler, Jacob Cody Lawrence , Jessica Nicole Lewis, Sierra Samone Lewis, Wesley Gage

Lloyd, Taylor Wade Long, David Flynn Long, Samuel Frank Maloy II, Kelvin Christian Marion, Khadijah J'nya Martin, Chaz Jeremy Martin, Peyton Elizabeth Massey, Hunter Dale McAnally, Joshua Tyler McClain, Katherine Grace McCollough, Mallorie Laine McCullough, Lardrell Santez McDonald, Ansli Skye McDonald, Madison Nicole McLemore, William Bankston Mendoza, Tea Alexis Maria Minchew, Apryl MaKaya Nichole Moore, Raimbian C'iera Morgan, Jonathan Luke Murrell, Kamryn Deon Nied, Christian Michael Ochoa, Nicole Miranda Padgett, Katie Ann Parham, Abby Ruth Parker, Jazmine Andriana Pecci, Julia Ann Pendleton, Moziarra Monajai Perkins, Ajayla Dentrice Peters, Corey Allen Pierce, Justin Brantley Preston, Ahnayah Mone't Preston, Jada Aviona Prickett, Gavin Michael Prickett, Miracle Michelle


Ray, Cody Dylan Reuss, Nathan Wayne Riddle, Robert Zackary Roberts, Christopher Lowell Lamar Rush, Azariah Maray Santa Ana, Cason Patrick Smith, Jon Ethan Smith, Justin Gauge Spratlin, Sydney Ann Stanfield, Kathryn Danielle Strong, Jacob Donovon Sward, Bryce True Thomas, Janiah Nyasia Thomas, OR'Tavius Sha'mon Tolefree, LaZerious Keyshawn Toler, Hanna Makayla Townson, Ethan Blake Vazquez, Dianna Arely Walls`, Raygan Michelle Ward, James Ryan Weatherley, Brandon Keith Webb, Jerwonski Iisaiah Welch, Ta'Nala LaJoy Wells, Korban Daniel Whittington, Ashanti Makel Whittington, Jamal Christopher Wiggins, Elizabeth JoAnn Williams, Mikayla Sharese Williams, Mortzrell Davant Willis, Totiana LaTrice Wilson, Elijah Walker Yates-Lee,Karmen Alysa Young, Salina Fawn

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beulah high school Abney, Kaleb Shayne Anthony, Dawson Eugene Arabie, Dakota Austin Belvin, Dalton Lee Billingsley, Austin Richard Brungart, Hailie Renee Burton, Jessi Mary-Lynn Calloway, Angelica Symone Carmack,Anthonyseth Carpenter, Matthew Logan Chambers, Destiney Amelia Cofield, Madison Bailee Coker, Lindsay Ciara Mae Coleman, Aaliyah Heaven Crim, Adalicia Shamiracle Linta Dunson, Emileigh Blaise Foster, Thomas David Hale, Quinton Alexander Hines, Blain Douglas Hocutt,Michaelchance Hornsby, Caden Logan Irelan, Sara Marie Jackson, Michaela Janay Kelley, Mykelius Jaquez Kelley, Owen Gabriel Kilgore, Dylan Blake

Kite, Mary Elizabeth Langley, Ty Houston Lumpkin, Hope Janelle Lynch, Emily Brooke Martin, Jackson Tyler Mccarty, Andrew Niles Mccool, Christian Ryan Messer, Christina Nicole Miller, Jeffrey Ethan Mills, Victoria Nicole Milner, Elisha Nicole Moore, Emily Brianna Moore, Emiya Nijae Moreland, Donquavious Mondrell Morris, Rasheek Rafron Osborne, Kayla Renee Osborne, William Michael Padgett, Chance Lanier Parrish, David Allan Person, Justin Jacoby Prestridge, Graisan Thomas Raiford, Sky Alexis Ramsey, Katelynn Marie Riddle, Kyleigh Morgan Riley, John Malcom Iii Rivera, Trey Mason


Roberts-Fears, Zoe Latrece Rowell, Jarquavious Dmon Schwarz, Brandon Alexander Sellers, Jacob Dale Seroyer, Jacarl Santana Sexton, Riley Kevin Shepherd, Baby Larue Kay Simpson, Nicholas Gage Smith, Sherman Levar Jr Speed, Chloe Gabrielle Sutton, Ethan Alexander Taylor, Lauren Danielle Toungett, Jeremy Daniel Turk, Marquez Deon Waites, Kelsea Gwendolyn Watson, Constance Sierra Louise Weldon, Hannah Grace Weldon, Jacob Riley White, Samantha Lorraine Williams, Lanee L Williams, Travarey Cordell Wilson, Gracie Lynn Wilson, Latravious Cedric Wright, Lani Leigh

glenwood school Adams, Margaret Caroline Bader, Katherine Mechelle Bell, Shaynon V. Bence, Kody Thomas Boatner, William James Brooks, Amandah Sha'mya Brooks, James Creed Carden, Matthew Wade Carpenter, Camden James Caul, Andrew Garett Corbett, Payton McKenzie Craw, Ethan Luke Deason, James Hunter Denny, Devin Michael Durham, Mary Ann Elizabeth Dykes, Lindsey Elizabeth Edwards, James Trenton Fanning, Macie Lee Fariss, Kailey Marie Floyd, Jared Rafton Funderburk, John Bradford Jr. Givens, Blake Devin Green, Macey Michelle Griner, Jackson Thomas

Haines, William Preston Hall, Garrett Edward Harper, Danielle Elizabeth Horne, Trevor Ray Hyche, Greg Windle Ingram, Crystal Ann Jackson, Morgan Lindsay Jeffcoat, Andrew Paul Johnson, Wesley Brent Jones, Derrick Orlando II King, Leia Patrice Krick, Gracie Elizabeth Lurker, Mary Frances Grace Maple, Tony Durron Jr. McClary, Jeffrey Garrison McDowell, Ja’Marra Arianna Monn, Austin Tyle Moore, Alfonzo Maurice Morrison, Thomas III Nolin, William Beau Poole, Tyler Powers, Addyson Quinn Rhodes, Gavin Luke Robichaux, Kye Christopher


Robinson, Avery Luke Rosier, Bryce Joshua Rud, Matthew Edwin Russell, Caltlyn Morgan Schoenherr, David Blake Schwind, Haydn Gabriel Sharpe, Olivia Jane Sims, Madelyn Mae Sinclair, Jamikule Tramontez Smith, Charlotte Grace Smith, Harrisen Kate Snellgrove, Brian Collis Jr. Sports, Madison Brianne Stephens, Reginald Raynard Jr. Sydlik, Brooke Nicole Terry, Makenzie Grace Wade, Brinkley Kay Walton, Hunter Blake Wash, Caroline Greer Williams, Alexis Day Wilson, Riley Kate Worrell, Whitni Oriana

Graduating Class of 2021

Lee-scott academy

Margaret Ann Aldridge Carson Christopher Alexander John Ryan Allers Alyssa Renae Arrington Grant Thomas Bagley Kristin Laurie Bailey Davison Mitchell Bumpious Audrey Nicole Chastonay Jonathon T Cochran Thomas Conrad Crawford Olivia Grace Dennis Douglas Wayne Dickerson, III Madeline Elizabeth Donald Jack Michael Dudley Bradford Gilbert Fuller Mary Claire Futch Shelby Leigh Gray Hayden Elizabeth Hairston

Jackson Perry Harrison Emily Susanne Heartsill Caroline Elizabeth Dixie Heidt Mason Heath Helm Dylan Hickman Jagger Thomas Hilyer Kendal Juliet Hull Kylie Elizabeth Kennedy Joshua Glen Lake Laird William Collins Landers Campbell Lanier, V Sidney Hana Lee Christopher Watson Lyle James Edwin Lyle Makenzie Ann Meadows Mary Helen Miller Connor Nicholas Nagy Arian Hanson Nakhjavan


Daniel James Sayre Robertson Holly Nicole Rolader Alexander Joseph Self Georgia Frances Smith Lauren Ansley Smith Elizabeth Anne Sprayberry Abigail Joyce Starr Randall Wade Starr Grayson Charles Teague Allie Belle Thompson Landon Paul Veleke Keo John Wang Brandon Allan Wiersma Wesley Kellam Williamson Chase A Wilson Maggie Elizabeth Wood Jeong Ah Angela Yoon

Congratulations, Class of 2021!












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Conrad Crawford Lee-Scott Academy

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Kristin Bailey Lee-Scott Academy


LOACHAPOKA HIGH SCHOOL Allen, Tyreke Jacquan Bedgood, Brandon Keith Butts, Rayshaun Corey Calloway, Shawndria Denniecia Dowdell, Courtney O'neal Duncan, Dustin William Duran Flores, Berenice Durr, Isaiah Meki' Edwards, Shakira Zy'tina Gutierrez Castro, Alan Gutierrez, John Michael Harris, Tyler Alexander Benson Hernandez, Yahir Holley, Jordan Isaiah

Hughley, Ke'ron Quintez Jackson, Ladarren Howard Matthews, Charlexia O'shay Montgomery, Breanna Sadae Moss, Tyler Jhene Patterson Echols, Artie Girrad Pink, Andrevion Montrez Randall, Kyla Dana' Ray, Jireh Nissi Robinson, Terry Jamall Rudolph, Dexter Joe Nathan Sanchez, Fernando Jose Speed, Simone Ashaya


Graduating Class of 2021

opelika high school Leslie Alcantara Melanie Alcaraz Santana Celina Lynn Aleman Xiomara Alfaro Tyreke Jacquan Allen Jackson Scott Anderson Romina Arevalo Villegas Madisen Elizabeth Badger Abbie Caroline Bagwell Nicolas Christian Bartlett Charles William Beams Katilyn Lee Bell Cameron Dwayne Bennett William Hunter Bennett Daniel Jackson Bigham Kelsi Marie Cooksey Birmingham Jayla Nicole Blakes Jonathan Florida Blanco Wesley Blanton Cheyenne Joy Brown Hosea Albert Brown Kaitlyn Octavia-Arie Bryant Mya Gabrielle Bryant Malachi Ja-Rod Burke Max Brian Caldwell Michael Alonzo Campbell Carson Andrew Carpenter Shaniya Ja'Mere Carter Fernanda Sosa Castillo Omarion Sa'Jason Childs Ross Jopeiel Landon Churches Estiben Cisneros Tirado Alex Jarrod Clark Edward Britt Clark Meredith Claire Cook Brianna Skylar Copous Hardy Jamal Zia'Keith Core Vacaro Rayfal Cox Jaqueline Cruz Cervantes Paige Nicole Cummings Cordelia Sophia Gene Cutcher Laura Tyson Daffin Demetrius RaShad Darden Candace Bertina Davis Jamya Nicole Davis Taylor Alyxandra Davis Makiya Ayanna Denson Abigail Lee Dixon Mia Cece Doolittle Alyissa Danielle Driver Julian Thomas Duke Kristopher Paul Epperson Alira Mahaila Rena Evans Kinte Fawintez Evans Landon Joshua Faison Shavonna Jaquan Farmer Lorenzo Eugene Farrow Raelee Danae Fenn Jose Manuel Fernandez-Gonzalez JeMarein Decorin Ferrell Adrian Martez Fields Jaylen Malik Finley Nicholas Garrett Fitzwater

Mackenzie Grayson Ford Tiare Shaques Foster Jasmine Monae Freeman Elizabeth Blake Gaberlavage Ashley Nicole Galindo Syleena DeAnn Glenn O'mar Alexander Graham Lania Danielle Greathouse Talia Shirnyia Griffin Matthew Alexander Grilliot Kourtneí Allenson Guice Jonathan Trace Guyton Larenzo Delorance Hall Emma Anne Hankins Jaylan Garrett Harkins Jordan DeJuan Harkins Beńet Jonique Harris Braxton Asenath Harris Jashondia Semone Harris Owen Graham Hartley Nathaniel Brady Hawkins Leila Graye Haynie Isabella Renee Heard Jalen TyRese Heard Keanna Diamond Heard Emily Rae Hegwood Katheryn Noelle Herrmann Andrew Cullen Hess Myracle JeShawn Hicks Rebecca Lynn Hodo Jalen Melique Holliday Chahmya Nahjaé Holloway Jaevian Ar'Kale Holmes Keyierra Shamya Lasha Hooks Brandon Tre'von Howard Leighanna Virginia Howell Andrew David Hudson Gamston Clay Hudson Jalen Montiny Hughley Marquavion Ar'Money Hughley La'Dajah Samone Huguley Nathan Bradley Hunter Ariel Adrianna Ingram Wright Miller Augustine Isaacson Austin Jace Jackson Malaysia Corvonne Jackson Breasia Jarmera Johnson JaKytie Terrell Za'Quan Johnson Jameria Latrice Johnson Raven Michelle Johnson Ryan Edward Johnston Daysia Maleigha Jones Robert Early George Jones Cyleigh Ashlen Jordan Maleny Juarez Ashlyn Brooke Kendrick Stephon Xavier Knight Richard Scott LaGrand Jalaya' JaShanti Lawrence Alyssa Morgan Lee Amy Vanessa Legaspi Avian Jermar Calio Lewis Andrew Bernard Ligon

Kevin Levan Lilly Dazmin Moet Little Raven Brianna Little A'Nadia Mikayla Love Markesia Tamara-Nikole Love Trinity Annia Love Xander Mitchell Lujan Emily Anna Lux Natalie Aaralyn Marie Mallory Joshua Alexander Marshall Michael Dean Martichuski Anthony Deon Martin Quandarion Dashon Martin AGhazzii Goddess Zyindia Matthews Caleb Andarious McCants Kaitlyn Nichole McDonald Audrey Rose McGhar Justin Monrell Martinez Mcghee Anthony Ty'Quavious Maleke McGuire Devin Lamar McPherson Brianna Niralis Merly Hallie Elisabeth Miller Malaysia Sharkale Miller Xzavia Monay Mitchell Jada Renee Moore Jaylen Derell Moore Jordyn Tyrell Moore Tre'Von Jermod Moore Grant Lanier Morgan Jakayla Briana Moss Shye Whitney Murphy Abigail Michael Noon Carmen Dominique Nunn Serenity Andrea Oliver Jack Stanley O'Quinn Morgan Elizabeth Osborne McGinnis Theodore Overton Alexis Catherine Parker Ja'len Mikal Parker Sha'Dimun Prinziyeah Parker Samuel Brayden Parsons Eddie Davilmar Perez Kylin Christopher Perry Priscilla Denice Perry Matthew Jared Petrina Caleb Lamar Phillips Dillon Christopher Phillips Robert Adam Phillips Brianna Lashun Philpot Kaitlyn Trinity Renee' Pink Imani Chardee' Poole Noah Edison Powell Braylon Ledeltrick DelReco Prince Ja'Nareous Deontae Randolph Kiyasha Trenyce Reid Autumn Skye Richards Kailynn Mae Riddle Kebreauna Ambrell Riley Austin Charles Roberts Levina Sharane Roberts Torianno Addrayell Roberts


Ty'Lavia Shonta Robinson Ty'Quarious La'Monta Robinson Gisselle Angelica Roblero Edward Jesus Roof LeDamian Shaquille Rowell Baker Alexander Rowton Kimi Mattie Sellers Anna Catherine Seymore Zavier Martin Shaw Christopher Kason Brooks Short Justin Cortez Shorter Evelyn Lee Smith Sarah-Grace Elizabeth Smith Sean Micheal Smith Taylor Deon Smith Kerrian Arieana Snipes Harleigh Jade Solano Ja'Kai DaQuan Stephens Tamria Stone VaCoreuntae Ke'Shawn Jah'Mose Story Meriambi Hope Stroer Arjanay LaKerriah Surge Rachael Elyse Tennant Eric Lamar Thomas Jamesha LaTia Thomas Jamon Marquez Thomas KeDarious Joshon Thomas Amani Jadae' Todd LaJadan Tekell Tolbert Raveen Denise Tolbert Dionicio Toledo Andres Dalen O'Brian Torbert Harold Manuel Torres Ortiz John Garrett Trask Jasmine Simone Trimble Joseph Winston Spencer Tufts Michael Israel Vail Delgado Estefania Valencia Amia Lakeba Vaughns Jonathan Alexis Velazquez Kendrica Oliveria Vicente Vicente Milagros Aide Villanueva Gallegos Amiracle Sherardre'Auna Walker Julious Rhondaze Watkins Derrick Lamar Watts Eric Danard Watts Natalie Nicole Wiggins Elijah Jaquel Jerome Williams Janiya Alexis Williams Kennedy Salyse Williams Jakyle Montrez Willis Devhin Kyle Wilson Eleanor Lawley Wilson Ja'Myria Kania' Wilson Mykel Malik Wilson Brianna Dor'e Wingo Marcus Jaylen Winston Hannah Carsen Woodall Ai'yanna Ameir Woods Patrick Donnell Woodyard Jr. Ty'Shawn Durrelle Wright

smiths station Jo’niah Ariel Alexander Joseph Alexander III Robert Eric Alexander Jr. Grace Camil Allen Jade Shree Alvarado Janard Larence Anderson LaMya Larosa Armstrong Jack Nugent Austin IV Robert Mark Noad Baker Tymia Jewel Barrett Kaiden Sage Baxley Ricardo Sanchez Bell Jr. Shakwasia Moneé Jeanelle Bellamy Evan Gray Belton Ayden Paul Biggers Jace Alexander Black Jacob Ray Blackmon Gavin Paul Blair Joshua Kelvia Blanding Jr. Amelia Grace Blaschke Casidhe Morgan Boley Hannah Leigh Bonner Daniel Thomas Bonniot Mackynzie Denise Born Kaleb Wayne Boulware Makenzie Brooke Boyette Carson Allen Brandt Andrew Connor Brasfield Kaylin Maree Brawner Amiya Rachele Broaders Hannah LeAnne Brockwell Alexis Rae Brown Jhaki Tatheo Brown Jonathan Christopher Brown Madison Layne Bruce Sarah Elizabeth Bruce Shandi Elizabeth Bryant Brooke Alexis Buckingham Tannor Robert Burnham Elijah James Allen Burns Gordon Brock Byrd Autumn Renee Calhoun Toney David Samuel Caradine Hailey Michelle Card Tristan Allan Carlisle Abbigail Rachelle Carman Frank Samuel Cartwright Benjamin Todd Casey Kurt Stephen Chester Baylen Anne Childs Brooke Elizabeth Childs Joseph William Clark Tyler Jacob Clines Christopher Jonathan

Colantonio Avery Savannah Coleman Liana Marie Colon Emilee Larson Cook Maiya Sanaa Cook Joseph Bradley Cooper Joseph Bradley Cooper Valeria Cortes Ian James Costello Jariyah Amani Cotton Rylan Matthew Cowart Makayla Lee Cowhick Ashton Dakota Craft Ashton Kage Cramer Michael Gabriel Crawford Jacen Wilson Criss Harley Griffin Culbertson Jordan Ann D'Ostroph Kaysee Brooke Darcy Lakelan Jade Daughtry Ethan Nathaniel Davis Joshua Hunter Davis Zachary Chase Davis Ashlyn Brianna Day Kyle Blake Dean Christopher James Deblase Kathleen Evanelle Dees Aliya Gabryelle Dixon Pollyann Morgan Dixon Hannah Nichole Dodd Christian Malie Donath Gabriel Aragorn Dorough Tyson Niguel Doss Hunter Levi Doty David Braedon Downey Paige Carson Downing Anthony Johntae' Dunn Elijan Kane Dunnivan Julia Palmer Dykes Johnna McKenley Elias Walker Dean Elliott Mikayla Oriza Erwin Synthia Laure Eustache Anthony Aquil Evans Payton Nicole Evans Joshua Ryan Fain Fantasia Elizabeth Azara Fariss Tearza Christine Fielder Keevon Danyell Floyd Nevaeh Ann Folds Emalee Grace Forsythe Abbeygale May Francis Elijah Steven Franklin Emarie G'lise-Lanee Franklin James Tyler Franklin

Clayton Matthew Freeman Andrew Dana Fryer Yannick James Claude Fugate Ashanti Amerie Fuller John Thomas Gagne Dylan Gene Gallops Andrew Thomas Gary MeKeylin Cordaey Gates Kyle Sol Gentry Wyatt Lewis Gerken Desiree Aleida Gladney Gabriel Jeremiah Godwin Zachary Donovan Goolsby Christian Charles Gordon Jonathan Andrew Gordon Jhameir Lavontae Gore Chrysler Divine Richardso\ Goshea Justin Timothy Graley Rayshon M Grant Jonathan Wayne Grantham Madeline Elizabeth Green Aziah E’mon Griffin Christian Lane Grimes Tyler Jason Grochowski Christopher Shawn Guenkel Kinsley Anne Hadaway Dylan Walker Hadley Daniel Lee Halderman Lonnie Ray Hall Jr. Anthony Keegan Hand Caden Watson Hare Skylar Ruth Harlan Paden Tell Harm Aden William Harman Ashley Nicole Harman Anderson Reid Harrell Lacey Madison Harris Trent Matthew Harris Adam Scott Hartzog Luke Bryson Hasty Megan Lynn Hattaway KateLyn Dawn Haws Faith Elizabeth Hayden Ashleigh Linette Helton Cory Adam Franklin Henderson Dylan Richard Hess Anna Marie Hill Caleb Jade Hill Jackson David Hill Trenton Ryan Hodgdon Cody Blake Hodge Elijah Daniel Holloway Patricia Meadow Rose Holloway


Stephen Carlton Hood Logun Scott Horn William Trenton Horne Levi Lawrence Houston KImberly Madison Hovey Alani Nycole Howard Yubin Hudson Makayla Brooke Huffman McKenzie Marie Hunter O'livia La'Shay Hunter Justin Tyler Jackson Trinity Tamia Jackson Erica Leigh Jacobs Lillian Abigail Jeffers Ferrian Jamald Jefferson Camron Sa'Quan Johnson Jamon Wesley Johnson Namya Rose Johnson Nicole Gabrielle Johnson Olivia Elle Johnson Bryanna Marie Jones Demarre Jonathan Jones Jordan Lorenzo Jones Jordan Wade Jones Karaline Ashley Jones Madison Klair Jones Tahj Samari Jordan Emily Nicole Kennison Leslie Michelle Key Melanie Minchong Knight Trevontae Jamal Knight Quintin Dean Mckay Knipe Logan Payton Knoll-Wright Savannah Leigh Ladd Ernesto De Jesus Landeros Mason Christoper Lang Alphonse Mark Lettieri Jr. Ty Evans Levy Le'xavien Ahvaj Lewis Alexis Star Livingston Lauren Makayla Livingston Kaylie Rhiannon Lodahl Dawson Brier Long Kyle Davis Long McKenzie Linn Luster Viczavious Lorenzo Madden Zayne Jackson Maddox Emily Rose Mangers John Wayne Mann, JR Christian Blake Marchant Dakota Gabriel Marsh Sierra Marie Martin Tamara Monique Martin Jayden Kalani Martinez Cameron Joseph Massoud Brianna Nicole Masters

Graduating Class of 2021

smiths station Jasmine Larissa Maxwell Gavin Lee Mays-Holmes Gracie Alashe McCart Shalei Rashell McClain Robert Seth McConnell Jada Blair McCormick Xavier Lamarr McCory Ray Triston Ezra McCoy Jacob Tanner McNeill Nicholas Eli McSpadden James Elton Mefford Janie Marie Kay Messer Robert Sean Miller Aspen Raymond-Fredrick Mills Breahna Delanie Mills Christian Corey Minton Sophie LeeAnn Mitchell Hannah Marie Mixon Carlos Michael Montgomery Celeste Emitri Moody Jovan Enrie Moody Mia Reyna Moreno Markayla A’Myah Morgan Timothy Lee Morgan Jr. Matthew Edward Morrison Richard Anthony Moss Silver Alexander Motley Asya Brynee Murphy Deon Terese Nelms Jr. Maison Danielle Nelson Ethan Gabriel Niles Jacob Gage Norris Nicholas Emanuel Northern Matthew Carter Ochs Mya Nicole Ogletree Steven Gunnar Olesen Drake Gage O'neal Alex Emmanuel Ortiz Preston Luc Ouzts Madison Nicole Overby Gracie Dae Parette Abbigail Nichole Parker Carson Phillip Parker J'Nya Sanay Parker Sean Jaxen Parnell Xander Ryan Paschal Tavion Qortez Pass Ashton Gail Marie Pate Hunter Blake Paul Donovan Gervon Pearman Alejandra Isadela Pérez Valdes Alanna Shelia Perkins Quintyria Trishelle Perry Warrington Chase Perry

Chase Franklin Hayes Peterson Hannah McKenzie Petty Danielle Paige Phillips Mikayla Elizabeth Philmon Devonte Layton Pierce Hannah Grace Pilkinton Patricia Miriama Potasi Savannah Skye Powell Naylon Andrew Primus Jaxon Aubrey Prins Halie Jesseca Pritchett Kylie Brooke Pritchett Joseph Tommy Quezada Laura Roxana Ramirez Victoria Carolina Ramirez Gabriel Michael Randolph John Taylor Ransom Maurice Courtney Redman Ashanti DaQuandra Reese Jamee Sue-Lynn Reeves Makayla Isabella Rempel Madison Leigh Renfroe Brianna Lauriemae Richards Kaydee Lynn Richardson Cassidy Alyssa Riley Dylan Conner Riley Alexalee Nahir Rivera Comas Chloeigh Grace Robinson Courtney Jade Rodgers Thomas Kyle Rodgers Michael Grant Rogers William Keith Rogers Maksim David Roha Malachi Rashaad Rollins Lukas Peyton Ruof Adama Joy Sall Hunter Thomas Salmi Layla Michelle Sanabria Timothy Joshua Sanders Sarabeth Nicole Sansbury David Joel Alexsies Santana Breana Cheyene Savage Hayden Craig Schofield Summer Nicole Scroggins Rhiannon Jorja Sevier Jakob Tyler Shaw Bentley Nichole Shedd Kendall Faith Sheehan Preston Edward Sheely Kasari Treshae Shelton Alicia Marie Sherwood Angelica Nichole Sherwood Elizabeth Jae Shields Elysia Genaxis Shonce Brian Nathaniel Simmons

Ryley Christopher Sims Anna Jaden Sinclair Ava Marie Singletary Dean Robert Slappey Abigail Marie Slaughter Evan Houston Sloan Cody Jacob Smith Hunter Michael Smith Jariah Larae Smith Tristan Scott Smith Zachary Bryan Lorenzo Smith Laci Brooke Sollsberger Kyla Mari Somerlot Sydney May Spain Kendarius D’Zavier Spencer Chase Bane Springer Rafer Edward Springfield William Tyler Spurlock Colby James Loronza Starnes Eric Jamaal Stenson Jr. Bryen Jason Stephens Maddox Kaine Stewart Deseray Maria Stone Michael James Stone Justin Joel Strauch Kaylee Marie Strickland Sydney Paige Stringfellow Robert Andrew Strothers Payton Taylor Stuck Tyler Chase Suggs Connor Matthew Sullivan Landon Joe Summerlin Kaitlin Nicole Surrett Savannah Raelyn Sutherland Nathaniel Gerald-Wayne Sutliff Bentley Hayden Swift Angelica Emily Sykes Sydney Nycole Taliaferro Emma Victoria Tapia Jayden Arnaz Tarver Avery Kathaleen Taylor Emma Rebecca Taylor Ian Nathaniel Taylor Kayla Madison Taylor Bryan Jacob Thomas Grady Paul Thomas Parker James Thomas Haley Coryn Thomason Hailee Danielle Thompson Tory Nicole Tillson Marvin Patrick Tolar Roman Gabriel Tonogan Noah Chase Toole Demetrius Jamaal Trigger Tandy Delane Anne Turkovitz


SirRyan Isaiah Turner Brian Lamont Twitty Jr. Katelyn Elizabeth Tyner Logan Alexander Vollmer Kathleen Margaret Wade Joanna Elizabeth Walden Elijah Malik Walker Landon Thomas Walker Emily Payton Wall Dayzjah Nicole Walton Brandon Michael Trace Ward Gracie Elizabeth Ward Jesse Duene Washington Hannah Marie Waters Abby Gayle Watkins Michael Gabriel Watkins Cameron Lane Welch Kami Elaine Wells Erika Gracelyn West Briana Marie Westbrook Matthew Raven Whitley Demiyah Nichelle Whitney Brandon Jakobe Williams Cole Jacob Williams Jakevia Amirah Williams Nathan Paul Willis Alyssia Marie Wilson Jacob Paul Wilson Zoe Amaya Wilwerding Wade Sean Wolfe Khamiya Ty’riel Wood Joseph Ryan Woodard Addison Claire Woodham Tymirah Shontinique Woods Dylan Anthony Wootten Dylan Anthony Wootten Colby Ryan Worthington Asya Queundra Wright Ellis Mason Yohn Jacob Allen Youngren James Teancum Zogg

May God bless the Class of 2021 Paving the Way to the Cross —95—

Graduating Class of 2021

The Oaks Carrington Allen Christian Allen Ryan Decker

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Graduating Class of 2021


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