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The Queen of the Adriatic The classical simplicity of the stone columns. An elegant mahogany yacht silently glides towards one of the numerous pebble beaches Opatija prides itself in.

No, this is not a ďŹ lm set, a fairy tale or a myth. This is everyday scene in the Queen of the Adriatic, Opatija, whose breathtaking and timeless beauty has held visitors spellbound for more than 150 years. Let us take your breath away. You will not regret it.

Traces of the past At every step you come across traces of times past, when Opatija was the multicultural centre of the powerful Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Those were the days when Opatija was the source of inspiration for A.P. Čechov, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Isadora Duncan, Franz Josef II and many others. Be enchanted by the culture of an entire era, as the world’s notables were long ago. Only then will Opatija show its full splendour.

Left: Hotel „Palace Bellevue“, detail Right: Hotel „Kvarner“, detail Fountain, detail family villa

A touch of elegance Let your day in Opatija begin with a relaxing view of the blue sea.

Maintain a good rhythm and find a place to enjoy yourself. Whether it’s a romantic terrace by the sea, the lively main street or the quiet of a stately hotel room, savour every moment. Tomorrow is another sunny day in Opatija.

Left: Vila „Madona“ Right: Hotel „Miramar“, terrace Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta

The sun plays on the immaculate exteriors of houses, putting every detail in relief.

Hotel „Milenij“ Hotel „Opatija“, park

The magnificent villas and hotels are only part of Opatija’s attraction, which, like a siren’s song, is hard to resist. Their classical beauty has easily weathered the ravages of time. Bask in the spring Raskošna je paleta boja opatijskog hedonizma.

warmth or the summer heat, explore

Opatijska ponuda zabave i gastronomije

every detail of the architecture and then

počiva na stoljetnom iskustvu, posvećenim

cool off in the deep shade of Opatija’s

majstorima zanata i brojnim inspirativnim well-tended parks and gardens. lokacija širom rivijere. Bez obzira na doba godine i Vaše želje, Opatija će predstaviti baš ono lice koje će vas opčiniti.

Hotel „Bristol“ Hotel „Mozart“ St.Jacob's church

It is hard to describe Opatija’s luxuriant green, there are no words to convey the colours, the scents and the sounds...

Vila „Angiolina“ Park „Angiolina“, sculpture Park „Angiolina“, camelia

More than 150 plant species have been carefully cultivated here for centuries, creating impressive settings and views. The thick bamboo forests, the glorious bloom of Opatija’s symbol, the magnolia, and the beautifully kept lawns remind you that perfection really does exist. Enjoy it.

St. Jacob's park, fountain Park Angiolina, details

The Riviera Opatija is the centre of a 30km-long riviera set between the green slopes of Učka and the blue expanse of the sea.

Whether you tour the riviera along a winding scenic road or on a yacht, you will be charmed by the combination of cultivated scenery and unspoilt nature. The picture would not be complete without the famous Lungomare promenade, which is 12 km long. To visit Opatija and not walk along the Lungomare is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

Left: Opatija, panorama Right: Volosko Brseč, beach Mošćenice

From royal Opatija to the medieval fortified towns and shepherd’s hamlets on Učka, it is only half an hour’s drive along scenic roads!

Mošćenička Draga Ičići

Each of the places around Opatija has its own unique attraction. The charm of the fishing villages of Volosko and Mošćenička Draga, the urban rush of Rijeka, the absolute calm of the dazzling white pebble beaches and green forest clearings - miss out on just one of these and you’ll never complete the picture.

Lovran Kastav Mošćenice

Unity in diversity

The variety of places reflects the heterogeneity of their natural surroundings. While staying in Opatija, in one day you can climb a 1400 m high mountain..., scuba dive, visit one of the dozens of islands scattered in the Kvarner Gulf or one of the mountain lakes in Gorski kotar. All that within 50 km of Opatija, close at hand, one step away from the comforts of civilisation. There are few places on the Mediterranean, or beyond, that oer such a mix of the seemingly irreconcilable.

Taste the fun!

By day or night, recklessly shopping or dancing at a beach party. The terraces and beaches merge into one with the sea and become the perfect backdrop to a romantic Mediterranean evening. The main street is ready for the rush of silk gowns and the clicking of high heels‌

Pure enjoyment

Nouvelle cuisine showpieces or a rustic tavern where time has stood still? Whichever you choose, Opatija offers the best of both worlds!

Restaurant „Bevanda“ Restaurant „Le mandrać“

Opatija’s ideal position at the juncture between the sea and mainland is reflected in its gastronomy. Creative menus mix continental and Mediterranean cuisine which cannot be imagined without perfectly fresh local organic produce. It is no wonder that Opatija boasts some of the best restaurants on the Croatian Adriatic. Let us mention just a few of the famous local delicacies: Kvarner scampi, fresh from the gulf of Kvarner, wild asparagus, chestnuts and cherries from Lovran, and Istrian truffles. You can keep adding to the list, right down to dessert....

Restaurant „Plavi podrum“

The cradle of wellness

Wellness centres merge with the numerous parks and gardens, turning Opatija into a wellness town, a rare oasis of pleasure all year long.

The story of Opatija as a wellness centre began with the discovery that the winds here have a beneďŹ cial eect, purifying the air and enriching it with marine aerosol. With their state-of-theart techniques, the numerous wellness centres are a perfect complement to the famous climate in Opatija, making it a ďŹ rst-class setting for relaxation and recharging your batteries.

A trendsetting place “To be introduced in Opatija�; this has always been very prestigious and is an enduring mantra. Opatija has always been a centre for the most important business, artistic and entertainment events.

Charming your guests is easy in Opatija, because Opatija has plenty of charm. This is an unwritten rule which has been valid for more than a century and a half. Major business events and spectacular concerts have always been at home in Opatija and on its famous stages: the Open Air Theatre and the legendary Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner. Become part of this great tradition.

Opatija Opatija is situated in Kvarner Bay, a place where the most beautiful part of the Berlin

Mediterranean – the Adriatic Sea, enters the heart of Europe.

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easily accessible destination throughout the whole year.

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Istra Krk

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1000 km

Information OPATIJA TOURISM OFFICE HR – 51 410 OPATIJA, V. Nazora 3 tel. +385 (0)51 271 710, fax +385 (0)51 271 699 e-mail: Tourist Information Centre Opatija HR – 51 410 OPATIJA, M.Tita 128 tel. + 385 (0)51 271 310, fax +385 (0)51 712 290 e-mail:

Impressum Publisher: Opatija Tourism Office Text: Ivan Šarar Graphic design: Sagita, Opatija Photos: Vjekoslav Frlan, Egon Hreljanović, Željko Jerneić, Renco Kosinožić, Petar Kürschner, Sergio Lussino, Duško Marušić, Dean Miculinić, Petar Trinajstić, Studio InOut, Hotel archives, Opatija Tourism Office archive, Kvarner County Tourism Office archive

Opatija - Queen of the Adriatic  

Image brochure of Opatija, Croatia

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