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Necessity is the mother of invention

by international teams 1 and 4

A ship The boat is useful if you are afraid of planes. Thanks to ships ancient civilizations developed commerce and created great empires. Now we can travel by boat for pleasure.

It2 Mattia M. THE SAYAN TEAM google image

A phone We think that nowadays people can´t live without phones or smartphones. Why? Because phones help us in our lives, for example, they make your lives easier because you can call the person that you want in any moment and be communicated. Es Triana and Alicia

images form Google

A washing machine This is one of the best inventions that it can be, because it helps us to clean our clothes and other items, because if it doesn´t exist we have to clean all clothes by hands.

Es Triana and Alicia

A set of cutlery A set of cutlery is necessary for all people because if it did not exist we would have to eat with our hands like animals, and this is not hygienic, so you must eat with a spoon, a fork and a knife. Google image

Es Triana and Alicia

A fridge Thanks to a fridge we can store food that it would be fresh. We think a fridge very needed at home, because stale food can harm us. We can keep an unfinished meal for late. PL Dominika and Eliza from Pixabay

A watch We think that a watch is a brilliant invention, thanks to a watch we can reach anywhere on time. We can find out what time it is in another country. Peter Henlein is considered the inventor of the watch in the 1504. PL Dominika and Eliza By SplitShire from Pixabay

A light bulb Thomas Alva Edison is an inventor of a light bulb. We think that a light bulb is very much needed in everyday life because it illuminates the roads at night, thanks to which we can read and learn. We are sure that a light bulb is also next to you. PL Dominika and Eliza

By Humusak from Pixabay

A laptop It is a portable computer. Laptop parts are smaller, lighter and have lower power than the corresponding parts of personal computers. It is a very modern technology.

CZ Hana, Nella, Hana and Aneta

image from Pixabay

Television We watch serials and films on TV. Now TV sets are more modern than in the past. Some models may be more expensive than others.

CZ Hana, Nella, Hana and Aneta

Food Food is very important. We can’t live without food, because we would die. People change food to be tasty. FRY




CZ Jana and Magdalena

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A compass A compass is an instrument used to determine any direction of the earth's surface by means of a magnetic needle that always marks the magnetic poles North-South. A compass rose shows the directions north, south, west, east. Es Yokai Watch Team

A watch This invention is very important because it is used to see what time it is or also to see if you arrive late to a specific place. Es Yokai Watch Team

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A mop This invention is often used by housewives but also by our own mothers. It is used to scrub the floor and remove most of the dirt.

Es Yokai Watch Team

A tractor A tractor is important for agriculture because farmers save a lot of time and effort and production increases easily.

picture from

by IT Gabriele

An electric bulb It was invented by an English man called Sir Joseph Wilson in 1878. I think that this invention is very important because before it, people could work only until 3 or 4 p.m. With the electric bulb the day is longer, the streets are safer and people can work and play also at night. IT2 Francesco T., THE SAYAN TEAM

A dishwasher People have invented a dishwasher to save time washing their dishes and it is also much faster. The dishes are clean and shiny, you have to load and unload a dishwasher only. CZ Jana and Magdalena

A computer Maybe a computer is the invention we cannot live without today. Thanks to it we can stay in touch with our friends and relatives, we can make research, we can chat with people living in very far places. IT2 Music Team ( Teodora, Giordana, Samira, Giulia)

A computer The first predecessor of a computer can be considered a mechanical counter, which has been used in Babylonia from the middle of the third millennium BC. Charles Babbage, who invented the basic principles of the operation of a mechanical machine to solve complicated calculations, is considered to be the inventor of today's computers. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts (February 1, 2004) CZ Gamers

image fromPixabay

Microwave This invention has the ability to warm up the food we put in in a few seconds. The microwave produce electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves were discovered in 1888 by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. Es Andreea and Edith

A car This is our principal transport. Without this machine, we would arrive late to work or other places. We can go traveling, shopping, and other things more thanks of this. We couldn’t live without this beautiful invention. Es Edith and Andreea

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Electricity Electricity is a physical phenomenon that we use a lot nowadays. We use electricity in our homes. For example, for heating we use electricity to heat. Electricity today is very usable

Musical instruments Musical instruments are very important for us, we can play or listen too. The oldest and the most perfect instrument is a human voice. It is like a galaxy you can’t see, but you can listen and it’s the best what can ever be…….. CZ Bad Piggies photo by CZ Abd Piggies

The Internet The Internet is a set of communication networks connected to each other. Nowadays the Internet is used a lot, it is a new ICT tool. Thanks to the Internet we can talk to people at a distance, send emails etc‌

ES Rebeca & Marta

A phone

A radio

We cannot live without a phone. Thanks to it we can talk, take pictures, take videos, play games, record voice etc...

Thanks to the radio we can listen to music and news everywhere we go.

IT2 Music Team ( Teodora, Giordana, Samira, Giulia)

International collaboration for eTwinning project TEAM 1 PL Different Girls (Eliza, Dominika) ES People of the World (Triana, Mario Morro, Alicia, Evelyn) IT2 Sayan (Giacomo C.,Mattia M.,Francesco T.,Marco Q) CZ Sport Girls (Jana, Magdalena) TEAM 4 IT Motorbike Team ( Samuel, Gabriele) ES Yo-kai Team (Victor Manuel, Robert) IT2 Video Games Team (Mattia S., Salvatore T., Eleonora V., Michele V.) CZ Food Team (Hana, Hana, Nella, Aneta) IT2 Music Team ( Teodora, Giordana, Samira, Giulia) ES Rebeca & Marta CZ Bad Piggies Es Edith and Andreea CZ Gamers

Necessity is the mother of invention  
Necessity is the mother of invention