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Sugar Stone FOOT FILE This tool is just what your toes need.

Featuring an ergonomic

handle that fits comfortably in your hand, this file helps you approach any angle with ease. Soft feet are seconds away!

XL Curved FILE No more bending and twisting to get the right angle!

The XL

Curved File makes reaching your feet much easier.


wet your feet and use this tool to smooth even the hard to reach areas.

Hang this pedi

powerhouse in your shower and make it part of your routine!

Energizing COFFEE


Get an instant pedi perk up! Nourish and smooth your feet with this richly hydrating scrub. Forumlated with coffee seed, this scrub will easily remove dry skin and soften skin instantly!

Avocado FOOT SCRUB Give your feet a little something extra they deserve with this exfoliating scrub. The fresh scent of avocado and vitamin packed formula will give your feet the treat they need!

Repair INTENSIVE CARE BOOTIES Bring back moisture to your dry cracked feet with Onyx Professional Repair Intensive Care Booties.

Formulated with

luxurious caviar extract and vitamin E for unique hydration power, these booties are one of a kind!

Cracked Heel Balm HYDRATION STICK Transport yourself to a tropical destination anytime with this coconut scented treatment! Provide rich moisture to feet without the mess using this hydrating stick. treatment

Use this

when your feet just

need some extra love!

Detox CHARCOAL MASK Draw out toxins and combat swelling with this cleansing mask.

Onyx Professional's

Detox Charcoal Mask acts as a magnet for impurities and bacteria and helps to re-oxidize your foot foundation.

Peeling Callus REMOVING BOOTIES Take care of even the most severe calluses with these disposable booties.

Ditch the

dead skin and reveal fresh, soft feet in minutes.

Ingrown TOENAIL KIT Get rid of unwanted ingrown toenails with ease. Key features like the sharp pointed tip and double sided nail lifter make removal a breeze.

2 Faced FOOT POLISHER Get twice the treat for your feet with this dual sided tool.

One side provides a

coarse file for thick skin and the other has a fine surface for smoothing.

Siliglass PUMICE STONE A pumice stone is a classic pedi tool everyone needs in their self care arsenal.

Made with

unique siliglass, this pumice stone is the best of the best.

2 Step MIRACLE TOOL Cut down calluses with this terrific tool.

Stainless steel

blades and the textured attachment help remove even the toughest callus.

Clipper CATCHER Tame toenails without the mess using this clever tool.


things clean and clip with accuracy every time!

Foot RASP Use Onyx Professional's Foot Rasp to rid your feet of dry skin and unwanted calluses without creating a mess.


comfort grip tool features a convenient debris catcher meaning maximum results with minimum clean-up!

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