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In order to be successful we have to take the time to educate ourselves through every channel available. This business is changing by the minute and in order to keep up with it we require our employees to attend various manufacturer training programs, certifications, and annual company training days. Our consultants, VGM, have continuously advocated higher learning through their award winning VGM University Platform. This gives us the ability to provide the most advanced solutions available around the globe.


2023 marks our 7th year in business at On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment and what an incredible learning experience this has been. What we set out to do based on our original business plan in 2016 and what we actually do now could not be further away from each other.

We could not be happier to share with you the 3 most important things we have learned from all of these years in business:

Yes we can and we will. There is a solution and we will find it. We love what we do and who we do it for and we can't wait to do it again.

That's our mindset going into every case and it's our promise that it will never change.

We have been lucky and we are incredibly thankful for the following…

Our introduction to VGM Consulting, Margo Colarossi and Jim Greatorex, who taught us more about this business and gave us the resources early to find what we needed when we needed it. We would not be in business without their early guidance and continuous support.

Our good fortune of finding incredible employees starting with our first full time hire, Marsi Beck, who is now our Director of Sales & Marketing as well as serving as the life coach of our team. One hire after another we have been blown away by the great people that have joined our mission.

Our employees are our contractors, as we have licensed tradesmen and certified compassion givers creating these solutions and finding ways to make a difference in people’s lives. It's hard to find people that are willing to go that extra mile every day, they wear their hearts on their sleeve and they are 100% of the reason that we are still in business today.

Our research goes beyond the scope of a small company. We have a full time R&D expert who continuously scans the globe for the next best solution, and we go to every medical equipment trade show possible to find the best solutions available.

Last but not least I must give credit to our in house social media and website team who for the last 5 years have transferred our love for what we do and our passion for helping these people onto every platform available to us and has given the world a court side view of just how much we love what we do.

So as you read through this portfolio book I want you to know that we will not give up until we make the life challenge or disability you are dealing with easier and safer for you, that we will find a way to make you more independent, and once we do we will be available 24 hours and & 7 days a week to make sure whatever solution we provided continues to work flawlessly day and night. It’s the On The Mend Way, and we feel it’s the only way.

If at any point you do not feel we are fulfilling these promises I want you to reach out to me directly at liam@onthemendmedical.com.

Let’s get to work, how can we help you today?

Respectfully yours, On The Mend

Dear Cherished & Future Customers,

The On The Mend Way

Everyone in our company has a degree in compassion and realizes that the #1 goal we have is to make an impact on your quality of life. We are relentless in our pursuit and will not give up on you until you are satisfied. Your solution is what matters to us. We will search the earth for the equipment you need, and will not stop until we find it.

Our mission is to help you get the medical product you need with the least amount of difficulty at a fair price. We have streamlined the process, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it, with the dignity you deserve.

Welcome to the On The Mend Family

At On The Mend, compassion and customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. We realize that people come to our store for a variety of reasons. Therefore we hope you notice that we do care about your experience and we strive to treat you the way we want our own loved ones to be treated.

Our process is different but it’s what makes us unique. We will come to your home and assess your “living environment” so we know right away what we are dealing with, whether it be power chairs, lift equipment, stairlifts or ramps, we need to know it will work for you in your home, this cannot be assessed any other way.

Then we research your life challenge (disease), disability or recovery process. It’s so important to know the odds of recovery, to understand the timeline of debilitating diseases, and to realize what works today for this situation will not work for you in the future and therefore we need long term solutions, not expensive bandaids.

Our Promise To You

We have several service contract options that allow you to move forward knowing that at any point you can call our emergency #, and we will respond immediately to broken equipment, malfunctioning technology, or weather causing interruptions. We understand that emergencies do not always happen between 9-5, Monday-Friday. You didn’t want this equipment, you needed it, and therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure it works when you do. That commitment makes us different, 365 days a year. You’ve got a friend at On The Mend!


Get in touch!

Website: onthemendmedical.com

Email: info@onthemendmedical.com


385 Main Street South, Suite 102 Southbury, CT 06488



280 N Bedford Rd, Suite 101 Mt Kisco, NY 10549 914-483-3605


17682 Gothard St Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-602-1515

Our Purpose

We started On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment in May of 2016 with one goal in mind, to bring quality customer service and compassion into this industry. Our mission is to satisfy both the therapeutic and assistive technology needs of our community. Our approach is simple; we listen to your needs, research solutions, and provide you with the best options based on that information. Most of all, we are sensitive to our customers’ dignity and will accommodate any situation. Call us today for a complimentary assessment and home safety evaluation.

What We Have Learned

Due to our now 7 year history, we have learned that in order to accomodate the needs of our communities we have to have what you need in stock at all times. We consider ourselves a “Now Center” and the reason why we have warehouses full of stock is because emergencies, accidents and medical facility discharges do not come with notice. We offer same day delivery and weekend delivery on all items in stock. Call us, we never say no to a need. We will figure it out.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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History of On The Mend


MARCH 2016

A new company that opened its doors on May, 21st 2016. 2,000 square foot showroom located in the back of Union Square Plaza.



Built a stairwell to access the basement below us for our growing storage and inventory needs. This allowed us to incorporate the only full flight stairlift demo that people can ride in Connecticut as well as opening up 2000 square feet of storage space.


MARCH 2018

Leased another 1000 sq. ft. of space next door to incorporate more showroom space and a heavy storage area.



Partnered up with Cara and Emmy Spath to help deliver free chairs to people diagnosed with breast cancer to help them recover more quickly.


Leased 1500 sq. ft. of the first actual warehouse in Brookfield, CT with a large overhead door for better access to our bent metal and hospital bed inventory.



In the beginning of 2020 we opened our second location in Mount Kisco, NY in a corporate plaza on North Bedford Rd. bringing a new customer focused brand to Westchester and Putnam County.





We moved to a building on Del Mar Dr. in Brookfield which officially became our corporate headquarters with an office space and a wa rehouse fully equiped with a loading dock and increased storage space for our ever growing inventory.


APRIL 2021

A new company was born when we partnered up with two employees to bring a new corporation, OTM SoCal, to Huntington Beach, CA.


JULY 2022

We went up into the sky and built a stairwell to the second floor of our flagship location, OTM Southbury, to access 1200 more sq. ft of space for our business and sales offices. This allowed us the opportunity to showcase our new AccessBDD curved stairlift.



We decided we needed to show more of our bathroom modification work and therefore the first ever On The Mend Medical Bathroom Accessibility Showroom was built. Come see what we can do for you.

17682 Gothard St Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-602-1515 280 N Bedford Rd, Suite 101 Mt Kisco, NY 10549 914-483-3605 385 Main Street South, Suite 102 Southbury, CT 06488 203-262-0383 Del Mar Drive Brookfield, CT Grays Bridge Brookfield, CT
Medical Bathroom Accessibility Showroom & AccessBDD Curved Stairlift Bestbath Walk-In Shower Display
AccessBDD Straight Stairlift Demo

Proud to be the home of

the pink chair project

The Pink Chair Project’s mission is to support physically & emotionally breast cancer patients by providing comfort with a free reclining lift chair to aid in their recovery for up to 8 weeks.

Mother & Daughter Founders

Cara & Emmie Spath

do you know someone battling breast cancer that would benefit from a reclining lift chair?

To apply for a loaner chair or chair gift please visit thepinkchairproject.com


Wonderful compassionate people. Came in in the freezing cold to get my grandma a piece of equipment she needed early this morning. My family and I are very thankful for this act of kindness on Christmas Eve morning.Great customer first compassionate service. Thank you to on the Mend!

Everyone there was excellent and caring. Facing a scary time they made it much easier. The staff gave me all the help I needed and elped me to relax and deal with my situation I would recommend them 100%.

Everyone there is exceptionally kind and wonderful! They go above and beyond to help. My family is so thankful. Seriously, above and beyond!


Barrier Free Showers & Walk-In Bathtubs

Whether you are aging in place or using assistive technology, we have solutions for your accessibility needs in the bathroom. From barrierfree showers to walk-in tubs, we excel in allowing you to bathe and shower with dignity. We also offer full bathroom renovations to fit any creative need.

We have found, through experience, that in order to keep somebody home, the barrier free shower, especially for those with a disability, is the single most effective safety modification you can make while allowing somebody to get both the hygienic and therapeutic benefit of a real shower. For those of you who love to soak in a tub but can no longer access a traditional bathtub or jacuzzi, the walk-in bathtub was made with you in mind.

Before After

Bathroom Safety

Studies show that the two most common areas of your home to fall or have an accident are in your bathroom or on your stairwell. In our experience, falling in the bathroom causes more damage.

A bathroom can be a tricky and dangerous place, particularly for individuals with limited mobility and for those seniors aging in place. Commodes, grab bars, pressure poles, shower benches, raised toilet seats and more are available to help you stay safe and continue to use your bathroom with the dignity and independence you deserve.

Call us for an assessment today.


Bathroom Assistive Technology

When someone is suffering from a debilitating disease or loses their mobility due to age or accident, one of the most important investments you can make is bathroom access and equipment. We feel strongly that if you can allow somebody to still use their bathroom you are in fact helping them keep their dignity. This equipment will allow a person to bathe and toilet where they should be doing so, not in bed. We pride ourselves in offering the best equipment in the world to make this happen.


Home Modifications & Installations

Some situations call for modifications to your home in order to use the medical equipment necessary to keep you independent. These include wooden ramp access, widening of doors, leveling of doorway transitions and other surface changes. We can accomodate outdoor walkway coverings and walls and partition removals. We also offer ADA compliant kitchens that will allow for lower cabinets, wheelchair access and safety mechanisms to allow you to be productive in your kitchen.

If you are living with a disability and need help moving up or around in your home, give us a call today and we will figure out the solution that is right for you.

Whether the goal is increased safety or a total assisted living space, On The Mend has all the tools to keep you in your home.


Medical & Home Care Beds

In both aging in place and sickness, the type of hospital bed you choose is important for both well-being and functionality. It’s so important, especially living with an illness, for the bed to be a solution for the needs of your patient or loved one. Healthy people spend at least 1/3 of their life in bed. These numbers drastically increase due to illness or aging in place.

Come browse our full selection of hospital and homecare beds in any of our locations or make an appointment and one of our specialists can work with you to find the right bed for your situation.

We carry Span America, Transfer Master, Med-Mizer, Medline, and more. White glove delivery is always included.


Medical Reclining Lift Chairs

On The Mend has the largest selection of medical reclining lift chairs in the universe. Wait! There’s more! Come try one of the 12 different models we have in stock on a daily basis. These chairs have advanced so much in the last 7 years that we have been in business that we implore you to come in and find both the comfort and the functionality you want or need.

In both aging in place and illness, this will be the piece of medical equipment you or your loved one spends the most time on other than their medical bed.

Same-day delivery is always an option. Can’t come to us? Call us for our concierge, in-home service. We keep bringing you chairs to try until you say Uncle.


Patient Handling & Lifts

We consider patient handling and lift transfers to be one of the most important factors of our business model. What sets us apart is that we come to your home and assess what kind of patient lift is right for you and your enviroment. We will also come to any rehab or Acute 2 Center to work with you prior to coming home. We also do in service days and lift demonstrations for caregiving companies and senior living communities.

From powered sit to stands to hoyer lifts, ceiling lifts to full powered positional lifts, we will continue to demonstrate different patient lifts in your environment until we find the one that is right for you.

Need help figuring out what lift can get you from “Surface A” to “Surface B” and vice versa? Call us today and let’s start working on it.


Portable Oxygen

On The Mend is proud to carry a full line of portable oxygen concentrators. Whether you are on pulse or continuous supply of oxygen, On The Mend has a solution that will allow you to explore the universe with the oxygen you need to keep moving forward. This is the single most life changing piece of equipment we offer. If you are stuck home or relying on old world oxygen tanks, portable oxygen will change your life. Call us today and let’s assess your oxygen needs.


Power Scooters & Power Chairs

We offer a wide variety of mobility solutions to get you where you need to go. Whether it’s a standard factory order or one custom made to fit your specific need. We are constantly in high pursuit of the smoothest ride on the market. Over the past 10 years, this power market has grown remarkably fast with remote control options, power folding options, tilt-in-space, and elevating seats. We make it our business to carry as many brands as possible so that when you come in we have the most suitable options available for your needs.

Give us a call, set up an assessment in your home or stop by and test drive all of our models today.


Ramps & Multi-Level Access

One of the most challenging issues we come across in both aging in place and those living with disabilities is getting them safely in and out of their home.

Let’s face it, most homes were not built with handicap accessibility in mind. Whether it be a bifold or trifold ramp, or a modular ramp with handrails, On The Mend always has what you need in stock to allow you access when discharged and finally coming home.

Remember the rule, one inch per foot, because we will never stray too far from that ADA standard.


Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Equipment

In extraordinary cases of severe need, On The Mend has a variety of manufacturers we have partnered with to provide solutions. We have a rule, we never say no to a request for help and therefore we have done the research and set up procurement for those most challenged, physically or mentally. This equipment usually requires intricate assessment and measurements to customize it exclusively to your patient or loved one’s needs. Call us today for an assessment and we will search the globe for the most suitable piece of equipment available and customize it.


Stair Lifts

We install customized stair lift systems to keep you moving UP in your home, not out! Get from one floor to another and use all of your house with our personalized lift installation service. Whether you have a straight, curved, split, switchback or a L-shaped staircase, we have the solution you need.

We are master certified dealers of Harmar and Access BDD stairlifts. Whether it is a straight or a curved stairlift we take pride in delivering the best in custom lift installation service and support in the country.

Need a demo ride? Visit a showroom near you. We an have Access BDD curved and a Harmar straight SL300 in Southbury and our Access BDD straight HomeGlide in Mount Kisco. 33

Vertical & Incline Platform Lifts

For those unfortunate situations where a patient or loved one relies solely on a wheelchair or power chair for mobility, these two platform lifts provides them with the ability to level up and move from floor to floor. Whether it be to gain access to the home or for freedom in a multi-level home, On The Mend can install intricate lift systems both inside and out.

These wheelchair lifts are the only answer when space does not allow for a ramp and certainly are alot more economical than an elevator. With automatic doors and full carriages you will arrive at the next level safely and comfortably. Give us a call today and let us assess your needs and where you’re trying to get to. We promise you, we will figure it out for you.


Wound Care Surface Management

No matter what a person is suffering from, a pressure sore will make that situation 10x worse. It is so important to realize that when somebody goes from being active to spending all of their time on their buttocks or back, the friction of their skin on surfaces will cause skin maceration. We can’t stress enough that being preventative about this and using the right equipment will save your patient or loved one from these terrible pressure sores. Do not wait until it’s too late. Be proactive and preventative.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic surfaces to help in the prevention or treatment of pressure sores and ulcers. Whether you need an overlay, cushion, alternating pressure, or full mattress replacement system, On The Mend has a solution for every situation. Call us today for a consultation.


Equipment Rentals & Delivery

As our company has grown, so has our rental inventory. In facilitating our Reverse Rental Purchase Program, we have amassed an impressive variety of equipment that we can rent to our cherished customers. Although bathing equipment and mattresses are not part of the offering due to sanitary reasons, we pretty much rent every piece of medical equipment you could possibly need. We implore you to think through the renting verus buying options that we give you because we don’t want to rent you something that you should be buying.

Same day and next day rentals are always available for any short term need. We pride ourselves in always having multiple options in stock, ready to go. Call us today.


Canes, Knee Walkers, Rollators & Accessories

We have all the ambulatory aids necessary to meet your unique needs. From the simplest cane to our premium Nitro Rollators and Drive Knee Walkers, we will provide you with the product necessary to assist you with your mobility challenges. All are adjustable to suit varying heights and weights.

Orthopedic Bracing, Rehabilitative Supplies and Athletic Sleeves

(FLA Orthopedic, Incrediwear, Orthosleeve, Bauerfeind, Solaris and Redi, KT Tape, Ice It & Thera Pearl)

Whether you are sidelined by injury or in need of therapeutic support, we carry a full line of products to help you get back to your active lifestyle. We have the largest selection in the area, with a full array of styles to fit your needs and get you back in “the game”.

CPAP Masks & Accessories

On The Mend has become an authority on sleep apnea service, equipment and accessories. With a respiratory therapist on staff, On The Mend has the ability to do everything but tuck you in at night. Our partner, Philips Respironics, has the most advanced technical equipment on the planet: DreamStation units and DreamWear masks and accessories.

Manual Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs, Tilt-in-Space Chairs and Reclining Wheelchairs

(Drive, Nova, Karman)

We carry a full line of manual wheelchairs and transport chairs to get you where you want to go. From basic to complex, standard to desktop arms, tilting or reclining, we have yours in stock and ready to go, let’s get rolling!


Therapeutic Shoes

We offer the highest quality therapeutic shoes by trusted manufacturers.



We have quality incontinence supplies available for every level of need and offer discreet delivery service for your convenience. Ask us; we are here to help.

Compression Socks,

Stockings & Custom Garments

(Jobst, Sigvaris)

We want to be the only name you think of when it comes to your compression needs. We are Certified Stocking Fitters and our staff is highly knowledgeable. Most importantly, we will take the time to educate you on both your garments and how to apply them. They only work if you can get

Alternating Pressure Surfaces and Cushioning & Wedges

(Span America, ProActive, Meridian, ArjoHuntleigh, Drive, Roho, Contour, Hermell, Drive, ObusForme)

We offer a wide range of therapeutic surfaces to help in the prevention or treatment of pressure sores and ulcers. Whether you need an overlay, cushion, or full mattress replacement system, we have a solution for every situation.

Aids to Daily Living

We offer a wide range of therapeutic surfaces to help in the prevention or treatment of pressure sores and ulcers. Whether you need an overlay, cushion, or full mattress replacement system, we have a solution for every situation.

Medical Alert Systems

(Philips Lifeline, Guardian 911, Smart CareGiver)

We carry a full line of electronic communications to allow you or a loved one to live a safe and independent life. From antiwandering devices, to medical alert systems tracked by GPS, On The Mend has every level of response technology available.


Reverse Rental Purchase Program

On The Mend Medical has developed The RRP to help our customers purchase the medical equipment they need without having to worry about the inevitable life expectancy questions that come with critical situations and “end of life” scenarios.

We have experienced so many of these situations in our exstence that we finally came up with a compassionate financial situation to help in this most crustial time of need.

We are proud to offer you our proprietary reverse rental purchase program, allowing you to purchase what your loved one needs, with the ability to “reverse” it into a rental program if your loved one does not need it anymore for any reason in a shorter timeline than what was medically expected.

Compassion + Understanding + Kindness = The On The Mend Reverse Rental Program

As you can see from the examples below, On The Mend offers two different options that set us apart. Option 1 allows you to purchase your equipment and turn it into a rental at any time and in the long run is the most economical option every time. Option 2 is a straight rental option. Even in a rental option you own it after 12 months. The rent to own is more expensive but certainly doesn’t mean you shoud pay rent forever. We want to make your experience as friendly and compassionate as possible.

1 – Own With The Option To Rent 2 – Rent With The Option To Own

You purchase a bed for $6299.00

We would rent this bed used for $600 a month and charge you $200 to deliver it. Three months later, you call us and do not need the bed anymore for any reason. We would then execute the RRP and reverse your purchase, reimbursing you $4299

You rent a bed for $600 a month that costs $6299 to purchase. It’s now 13 months later and you have spent $7800 plus $200 delivery. You have now spent $8,000 for a bed that costs $6299.00 and qualify for equipment ownership. We contact you to confirm your purchase and that you no longer owe monthly rental payments.


You gave us $6299.00 and kept the bed for three months

3 months x $600 a month, plus $200 pick up fee equals $2000

$6299.00- $2000 = $4299.00

We would then come pick up the bed and reimburse you the $4,299.00 within the contracted period of time.


13 months is the maximum amount of time we will rent you something until we award you ownership. This decision was also a moral one made by our company, as the old adage of “enough is enough” holds true with us.

In most cases other than temporary recovery, using the RRP and buying the equipment is the most sensible, when you can.

*Some equipment not available to rent and some equipment does not qualify for the RRPP.

Hoyers Ramps
Stair Lifts Hospital Beds EasyStand ArjoHuntleigh
Sara Flex Non Powered Sit to Stands Powered Sit to Stands ArjoHuntleigh
Maxi Move
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