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The key benefits for your business include:

FREE real estate data and


Full integration of real estate data into your sales management, rental management and CRM solution at no additional charge Realising office efficiencies by using a single integrated solution that reduces internal costs Free leads at no additional charge Applying competitive pressure to industry incumbents

The more complex real estate gets, the more you need a simple solution – All of your software and content needs on a single solution.

Console has been providing market leading real estate software solutions to real estate agentcies for over 18 years. Console incorporates property management software, sales management software, trust accounting software and customer relationship management software. It has a focus on automating the office tasks associated with the administration of the sales and property management tasks required to successfully operate a large and complex real estate business.

The PortPlus online products provide an enhanced content driven sales management and customer relationship management solution emphasising ease-of-use and mobility. This product offering is focused on the sales agent and designed to increase their effectiveness in winning listings and closing the sale – matching prospective buyers with potential properties. Business analytical tools and reporting is available to the business owner to track and reward high performing agents and offices. Through PortPlus, clients can also access custom built websites and e-marketing solutions. is focused on the provision of comprehensive real estate content to the Australian public to drive traffic to the site and leads appraisals to real estate agents and other property professionals. This content is provided on almost every property in Australia, including national government sales information (Victoria soon to be launched), unimproved land values, for sale and rent listings and comparative property reports. Onthehouse’s strategic investment in Residex facilitates use of its data and valuation technology which is recognised as market leading by some of Australias leading financial institutions



We will allow you to realise office efficiencies with a single integrated solution from a combination of Console, PortPlus and data ( and Residex) products so that you can enhance the way you win and service clients. Bringing together four leading businesses in the real estate software industry has



allowed us to access the innovative developments from each business and push them out to our expanded client base. These include the ability to access your property management inspections and sales management functions on mobile devices. Free trials of these products will be available soon.

FREE DATA The business is a marketleading source of property information that encompasses national sold property information (including national Government sales data) and a wealth of enhanced property content. This content will be integrated into the Console and Port Plus products at no extra cost. This immediately provides you: • The ability to integrate your own current content with the local sales and industry content

To generate analytical applications and reports

To gain market intelligence and generate leads

Reduce your costs in no longer requiring data from other service providers

This data base will also assist you meet your regulatory reporting obligations to customers through the use of enhanced property information to generate live CMA reports - at no additional charge.

SERVING YOUR NEEDS BETTER AND FASTER We know how important customer service is

Not only do we now have the best product

to you. We want to emphasise that the current

development capability in the Australasian

levels of service that you are enjoying will not only remain but also improve as we continue

real estate industry, we will also continue to

to aim even higher in providing you better

develop our customer service systems to

product solutions for your business.

satisfy you and your needs.



Apart from the great online solutions for your business, we are offering you the ability to upload your listings for FREE to (which is the fastest growing property website within Australia) and any other real estate portals you choose (fees charged by and . Your listings will be viewed alongside the best free consumer focused property information available within Australia which means you will be reaching the most astute of potential customers across both sellers and buyers researching local property prices and the comparative values of their own homes.

Promote yourself as the Local Area Expert with the onthehouse free sales data and street reports. By having your listings on au, leads will be generated for you – FREE! Your listings will be displayed unless you elect to opt out from this free service. We also have a suite of reports available for agents to use for FREE on the site including the Street Sales Report and Suburb Sales Report. We would encourage you to check this out for yourself at



Bringing together leading businesses in the real estate software industry has allowed us to access the innovative developments from each business and push them out to our expanded client base.

Recent innovative features includes the ability to access via your iPad or a mobile device:

currently in production, we understand how

Property management inspections through Live Agent

Full CRM solution in Client Manager

With further innovative product solutions important it is keeping you and your business at the forefront of the industry.



While this process is underway you can be comfortable that our focus will be ‘business as usual’. Our team is committed to ensuring you continue to experience the same high level of service that they have come to expect from Console and Port Plus. We know you may have questions about what this announcement may mean for you and your business, and we would welcome any questions that you may have. One of the key next steps for us is to reach out to you and get your feedback on our current operations and share more with you about our vision for the future. Over the next couple of months, we are looking to roll out a major survey of our client base to facilitate the process of feedback and communication. We will also be introducing co-branding across our entire product suite. We are very excited about our collective future and we look forward to working with you to enable your business to achieve its goals. Yours sincerely, Michael Fredericks CEO and Managing Director Onthehouse Real Estate Group



For more information about any of benefits or features listed or general questions contact our General Manager - Customer Service, Nichole Aird on 1300 131 311.

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Important information for Console users 2  

Important information for Console users