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Important Information for all valued PortPlus clients

PortPlus has recently joined forces with, Console and Residex to form Onthehouse Holdings, meaning more value for you and your business. Apart from the outstanding products and services PortPlus has delivered to clients over the past 12 years, the integration with other market leading companies means an open door of opportunities. Our range of product and services has expanded immensely, providing valued clients like you, the opportunity to experience these at competitive rates. We continually work hard to ensure that the best possible value is delivered to you and your agency. This includes constantly improving our products and services within our businesses so that we deliver innovative and dynamic solutions to real estate professionals. To continue to grow and provide innovative products, from November 1 2011 (and subsequent months), there are exciting new and previously stand alone features rolled out to your WebChoice package now called WebChoice Premium. To focus all our energies on providing greater benefits for our website software solutions, your current package may reflect a slight price increase, however, collectively the package now provides over $4,000 of additional benefits.

Your NEW WebChoice Premium package will continue to evolve - with future innovations and product offerings included into your package. No longer will innovations to WebChoice Premium be charged on a stand-alone basis - providing you greater benefits at lower costs.

Your NEW WebChoice Premium Package now includes previously stand alone features such as: iPad Application SAVE $1,650 pa


Become the ultimate mobile agent.

Transfer your listings into an online

Showcase your listings on a screen in


your office.

View OFI’s & Auctions Powerful Mapping Features View Recent Sales

SAVE $1,150 pa


Create custom pages

Create a range of displays

Email directly to your client

Update instantly


No Monthly Fees and

No Monthly Fees and No Setup Fees

No Monthly Fees and discounted

No Setup Fees

SAVE $1,210 pa

Setup Fees

Mobile Websites

SAVE $295 pa

Print Manager Templates

SAVE $110 pa

Optimises your website for mobile

Create window cards and brochures



Easy navigation

Quick and easy to use

Innovative designs and functions

Print ready templates

No Monthly Fees and

3 NEW templates

No Setup Fees

No Monthly Fees and No Setup Fees


Want to know more? Click here for WebChoice Premium’s full features and benefits

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