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February 2022

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Health & Wellness Tips and How Tos for your Family From Local Businesses and Organizations

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I’m Cheyanne. I’m a mom of three and a local marketing consultant here in Quinte West. I’m passionate about connecting our local families to our local businesses and community. And that’s what On Main Street is all about. We all know how important our health and wellness is, especially after this year. We don’t need any more reminders of all the things we should be adding to our to do lists. What we do need is support. We know yoga is good, but how do we get started? What about managing our stress? Exactly what does that LOOK like? And how do we not just start a new exercise routine but stick to one? Some of our amazing local business owners have come together in this edition of On Main Street to give us the answers. Quinte West is full of small businesses and organizations ready to support you and your family. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and read everything you need to know to keep your health and wellness dollars local, here in Quinte West. Enjoy!


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Contents 9 FROM THE TRENTPORT ARCHIVES A blast from the past of health and wellness moments in Quinte West's history.

14 HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS AND HOW TOS Articles from local business owners to support your health and wellness.

54 QUINTE WEST LIBRARY TOP 10 WELLNESS READS A list of ten great books for you to read from the Quinte West Public Library.

60 HEALTH & WELLNESS SMALL BUSINESS DIRECTORY A directory of the health and wellness focused small businesses in Quinte West.

7-57 LOCAL BUSINESS & EVENTS SPOTLIGHTS Sponsored promotions of our amazing local businesses and events in Quinte West and the Quinte area.

Quinte West Small Business & Organization

Contributors Allison Bayliss Allison Bayliss Custom Coaching Allison offers nutrition and fitness coaching with one-onone sessions and a monthly coaching program.

Trent Port Historical Society Historian Connie Beal of the Trent Port Historical Society helps to support the missions of sharing the stories of Quinte West's history and promoting and preserving our heritage.

Jenn Vardon Jenn Vardon Fitness and Yoga Classes Jenn offers one-on-one fitness coaching as well as group fitness and yoga classes in studio or online.


Quinte Conservation Our local watershed based not-for-profit environmental protection agency. They maintain the Potters Creek and Sidney Conservation Areas in Quinte West.

Lower Trent Conservation Our community-based non-profit environmental protection organization. They maintain the Bleasdell Boulder and Trenton Greenbelt Conservation Areas in Quinte West.

You Make Me Smile Dental Centre A full-service dental centre with offices in Trenton and Belleville.

Anna Siwakotti And the Team at Fearless Wellness Centre Fearless Wellness Centre is a holistic health centre that offers a wide variety of services for families including doula support for expecting and new moms.


10 Fitness Trenton's local gym and fitness centre. 10 Fitness has everything you need: cardio, weights, cross training, and even squash courts.

Shelley Wallace Shelley Wallace Life Coaching Shelley is a personal life coach that offers individual coaching sessions and in person workshops and retreats here in the Quinte area.

Suurdt Farms Local Dairy Farm A third generation family farm offering free range raised chicken eggs and delicious beef.

Tammy Girard & The Grit Pit Team The Grit Pit is a mobile fitness business offering classes in studio, local parks or your own backyard. Includes group training, strength training, yoga as well as social events for moms (littles welcomed)!

Quinte West Public Library The Quinte West Public Library is dedicated to enriching society and inspiring the human spirit through the exploration of knowledge. They offer children's book clubs, crafts and story times.


Angela Smylie Angela Smylie Art Angela is a local artist. Her work in acrylics can be found on display and for purchase at these 4 walls in downtown Trenton. Many of her works feature local scenes around the Bay of Quinte including the one featured on our cover.

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Allison's Top 10 Workout Songs Playlist Local nutrition and fitness coach Allison Bayliss knows what it takes to create personal transformation. She's shared with us a high energy play list, perfect for your workout, and a high intensity interval training workout you can do at home.


Click here to listen to the Allison's Workout Playlist on Spotify.


Get up by Blanka Born for This by The Score

Live for the Drop by Capital Kings Rip it up (feat. Aaron Cole) by Capital kings Check it Out by Oh the Larceny Nothing I Can’t do (feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee) by Tedashii The Search by NF Heart of Stone by Britt Nicole Victorious by The Score

Legends are Made by Sam Tinnesz


Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Our psychological and emotional needs are an important part of our health & wellness. Learning more about them increases your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Take a look.

From the Trentport Archives Health & Wellness moments in Quinte West over the years from the archives of the Trenport Historical Society.






1. 1973 Field Day race at Prince Charles School. 2. Undated Bike rodeo in the playground of College St. School. | 3. 1984 The entire day shift at Murata Erie taking part in Participaction. | 4. 1968 Murray Canal 3 mile marathon. | 5. 1966 The wheelbarrow race, part of Field Day activities at V.P. Carswell School.



1: 1906 World Hose Reel Competition

2: 1910 Race to Belleville

1906 Trenton Fire Department winning the World Hose Reel Competition held in Hamilton.

1910 Runners gather in Trenton to begin the race to Belleville over unpaved roads.

Queen Elizabeth School 1972 Queen Elizabeth School skating at the school rink.

Participaction on Dundas 1984 Dundas Street is shut down while store clerks and managers take part in Participaction.

Trenton High 1968 Trenton High School Key Club fundraising basketball bounce marathon.

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Let Us Cater Your Next Event Hold your event at our restaurant or have us deliver to your space.

Open Tuesday through Saturday offering a variety of homemade soups, sandwiches and daily specials. @THE-RIVERBRAKE-CAFE


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Health & Wellness Tips and How Tos From our local small businesses and organizations in Quinte West.

Getting Into Yoga: What You Need to Know By Jenn Vardon of Jenn Vardon Fitness & Yoga


there’s anyone on the planet that is suited for helping you begin your yoga practice, it’s me. The reason being, I’m not naturally flexible myself and I didn’t like yoga before I started my journey. As a soccer player, I gravitated toward running and weight training and hated stretching. Yet, here I am now with 10 years of teaching yoga under my belt and consistently teaching classes five classes a week. I work with beginner yogis on a daily basis and I myself, was quite the beginner.

Your friend may be suggesting a class they enjoy or your physiotherapist is encouraging you to move and stretch more. You may gravitate to the spiritual aspect of the practice or you may enjoy moving in the slower, mindful manner of yoga. Or, like myself, you may just want to stretch to prevent an overuse injury from the other activities you partake in. Whatever your reason for thinking about rolling out your yoga mat, you’ve completed the first step. Now to figure out what’s next..

All of us have different reasons for beginning our yoga journey.

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE TO DO YOGA Read that again. I cannot reiterate this point enough. This is by far the biggest misconception we have about yoga. Does yoga generally work on your flexibility, yes. But, flexibility isn’t a prerequisite for taking a class. Being willing to work on your flexibility, breathing and mindfulness is the only thing you need to be prepared for. Letting go of the limiting beliefs and unrealistic expectations you have for yourself is part of the process when practicing yoga. It’s a one player game, with no judgements, no winning or losing. Just being. YOGA ISN’T ONE SIZE FITS ALL There are many sizes (types) of yoga and those sizes all fit differently from store to store (teacher to teacher). Finding the right yoga practice for you is a trial by error process. The popularity of yoga has grown, which is fantastic for the human population. However, with more and more instructors comes more and more variations of the practice.

There are a few popular yoga practice names that you will hear in your search for yoga classes. Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga practiced with its gentle, slow transitions and beginner poses. Yin or Restorative yoga is also gentle and poses are held for longer periods of time. Kundalini yoga focuses on breath work and is more spiritual in nature. Ashtanga yoga is more athletic and is geared for the intermediate to advanced yogi. Vinyasa yoga also practices intermediate to advanced poses, but is more flowing in nature. Always, always, always read the class descriptions provided by the studio and feel free to contact the instructor to find out more about the class they teach.

YOGA IS CONVENIENT Depending on when you’re reading this, we may be in the middle of a provincial lockdown or reopening phase. At this time, more than ever, we’re learning to do a lot of things from the comfort of our homes that we wouldn’t dream of doing before. We’re embracing technology to communicate with family and friends and to maintain our working relationships. We’re utilizing the space in our homes for work, recreation and leisure. Why not include yoga on that list of things we can do in the same space. You need very little room (the size of a yoga mat) and YouTube is swimming with yoga content.

"One of the great things about yoga is that you can fit it into your day at any time.'' Many studio instructors have taken their classes to Zoom, so you can even support local businesses while working on your flexibility and mindfulness. One of the great things about yoga is that you can fit it into your day at any time. Have a work break? Do some yoga. Have some time between picking the kids up from school and making dinner? Hit the mat for some yoga. You probably won’t sweat, so there’s no need to shower after. No need to change if you’re already in comfortable clothing. Heck, you can even do it in your jammies! The mindfulness aspect of yoga that comes with breathing and moving in harmony improves concentration and relieves tension. So, it’s actually an ideal activity during a lunch break at work! YOGA IS INEXPENSIVE If you’ve been perusing yoga studios and their pricing, you may have already experienced sticker shock and wrote off yoga as too expensive. You’re not wrong.

IStudio space and teacher training is expensive, the instructors and studio owners need to cover those costs. I don’t judge anyone for their pricing. However... whether or not you spend your hard-earned money on those classes is your prerogative. The same goes for yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters. All of these items can be found at your local dollar store or department store for more than reasonable prices. They can also be found at specialty stores at higher costs. No one is here to judge your yoga mat. We all have our reasons behind our buying habits and if you want to spend $15 or $100 on your mat, you can do so! Generally speaking, you will need a yoga mat (or non-slip surface), a block and a strap to participate in most classes. The block and strap assist you in areas where you’re less flexible.

A strap can be purchased in the exercise equipment section at a department store or you can use a belt or the strap from your housecoat. A bolster is a nice-tohave if you are uncomfortable sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor or if you are uncomfortable in child’s pose. Bolsters can be pricey, so feel free to use a pillow or two instead. A rolled up towel can also do the trick or can be useful for any poses in a kneeling position. Yoga Can Be Fun! One-off classes like Beer (or wine) Yoga, Date Night Yoga or Yoga with Goats are great ways to get a taste of what yoga has to offer. You can participate with a friend, knowing that you both definitely like beer (or wine) and you might also enjoy the yoga. Animal shelters may even hold Cat Yoga or Puppy Yoga classes as fundraisers. You can donate to the shelter or maybe even find a new furry friend while you try a class! Yoga is just as unique as the person practicing it. Sometimes it takes time and patience to find the right class, teacher, video, mat etc for you. Once you find the right match, you’ll be thankful you spent the time and money investing in your health and well-being. I wish you all the best on your yoga journey!

"Yoga is just as unique as the person practicing it. Sometimes it takes time and patience to find the right class, teacher, video, mat etc for you."

YOGA MOVES TO TRY AT HOME FROM JENN REVERSE WARRIOR Standing in a lunge position with your back foot on an angle, draw your front arm up and back. Make sure your front knee is directly over your heel and that your knee is pointing in the same direction as your toes. If the position is easy, feel free to slide your feet away from one another to elongate your stance. As you inhale, think of lengthening through your front body. As you exhale, feel your hips open.

TREE POSE Start by standing nice and tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Transfer your weight into your right foot. Bring your left foot to the inside of your right foot, to your calf or to the inside of your thigh (try not to rest your foot on the inside of your knee). Bring your arms up straight overhead, by your ears, palms facing in. Let your shoulders release away from your ears. As you inhale think of standing long and tall. As you exhale, release any tension in your shoulders.

REVERSE WARRIOR Standing in a lunge position with your back foot on an angle, straighten your front knee without locking the joint. Bring your arms out to your sides, reaching in opposite directions. As you exhale reach forward with your front hand and press your opposite hip out to lengthen through your torso. Release your front hand toward your front thigh, shin, yoga block or even to the floor. Your top shoulder should be able to stack over your bottom shoulder. As you inhale, lengthen through your top arm. As you exhale release any tension in the back of your front leg.



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Step into Nature this Winter Written by: Quinte Conservation and Lower Trent Conservation Imagine the sun, casting flickers of light down a forested path. Its rays warming your cheeks as you watch winter’s cool breeze float through the air when you exhale. You can hear the sound of snow crunching under your boots while a soft dusting of flakes falls from the branch of a newly landed chickadee. You can experience this kind of winter magic when you visit one of this region’s conservation areas this season. Whether you are looking for a place to hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski, or even an open space to play around in the snow, the Quinte area’s rich natural history and

diverse series of nature trails is the perfect place for you to explore. Lower Trent Conservation and Quinte Conservation both invite you to visit their public conservation areas for an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities all year long.

JOURNEY THROUGH TIME AT BLEASDELL BOULDER At Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area, you can take a journey through time with a short hike to the “Bleasdell Boulder”, one of the


largest known glacial erratics in North America, estimated to be 2.3 billion years old. Follow the 0.6 km link trail that connects to the City of Quinte West's, 17 km Lower Trent Trail, a nonmotorized path along the former rail bed between Trenton and Glen Ross. On these wide trails, you can pick your activity of choice, from hiking, mountain biking, snow shoeing, or cross country skiing. Managed Authority





MORE TO EXPLORE AT POTTER’S CREEK Nestled along the Bay of Quinte, Potter’s Creek Conservation Area offers over 7 km of hiking trails.


Visit Potter’s South for a short trail along the Bay and through a small, wooded forest. It is quite common to see a variety of songbirds criss-crossing through the tree canopy above. Bird feeding platforms are scattered throughout the area and the chickadees are always thrilled when you bring them sunflower seeds. Visit Potter’s North for a more robust set of trails featuring views of a demonstration wetland, and an old orchard. Tree-lined trails wind throughout the area and lead you in and out of open fields and forested parts. Trails are groomed for winter recreation and are used often by cross-country skiers.


Managed by Quinte Conservation Authority


ESCAPE TO NATURE AT SIDNEY Stately Red Pines line the entrance at Sidney Conservation Area, designating the start of a trail system that loops through sections of mixed forests just outside of Stirling. As you journey just over 1 km of trails, the sights of a variety of plant and wildlife species will offer you so much to explore. This popular destination is a true nature trail and is suitable for cross-country skiing. Managed by Quinte Conservation Authority

RIVERSIDE RELAXATION AT TRENTON GREENBELT Trenton Greenbelt Conservation Area provides the perfect setting for a quick escape from the everyday hustle and bustle – all within downtown Trenton. Whether walking, hiking, cycling, or fishing, the Jack Lange Memorial Walkway offers something for everyone.

The boat launch provides access to the Trent River and the Bay of Quinte. Managed Authority





MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR OUTDOOR WINTER EXPERIENCE We have all heard the saying – there is no poor weather, just poor clothing. Dressing appropriately for the weather and trail conditions has a great impact on how much you will enjoy being outside as well as how long. Always wear appropriate footwear, take into consideration the distance and the terrain that you will be exploring. Be prepared for trails that may be covered in snow, ice, and slush. Layer up! Make sure you wear multiple layers of clothing so you can help regulate your body heat by taking things off and putting them on throughout your visit.

"Conservation areas are open for you to explore every day between sunrise and sunset." PRACTICE GOOD CONSERVATION AREA ETIQUETTE Remember, conservation areas are home to sensitive ecosystems, rare flora and fauna, and resident wildlife. It is important to stay on designated trails in order to preserve and protect the surrounding area. For your pet’s safety, always keep them leashed to avoid interactions with wildlife, invasive species, hazard plants, and for the courtesy of other trail users. Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints - make sure that anything you bring in with you, is taken out when you leave. Lastly, conservation areas are open for you to explore every day between sunrise and sunset (unless otherwise posted). To learn more about this region’s public conservation areas, visit and

Book Online!

An upscale, full service barbershop in downtown Trenton. @Fleetstreetbarberco


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You’re Never Too Old to Have Your Teeth Straightened By You Make Me Smile Dental Centre

Having crooked teeth or teeth alignment problems is common, but it might make you feel reluctant to smile or selfconscious about talking to people. If you didn’t have orthodontics done as a child, it’s not too late to do so as an adult. Learn more about orthodontics for adults, such as Invisalign® treatment, so you can enjoy having straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

REASONS FOR ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT IN ADULTS Why might adults have orthodontic treatment done? While orthodontics are usually associated with children, adults might look into this type of treatment. Adults with teeth alignment problems can gain self-confidence from having their teeth straightened or bite problems corrected.

This type of treatment can improve their smile significantly. Orthodontic treatment for adults provides other benefits as well. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth can also help improve dental health. These problems can make teeth harder to thoroughly brush and floss, which can raise the chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease. Undergoing orthodontic treatment helps adults reduce the risk of needing major dental work done later on.

GOOD CANDIDATES FOR ADULT ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT Can any adult have orthodontics done? While many can, some might not be considered good candidates for this type of treatment. Some types of orthodontic treatment, such as braces, might not be suitable for those who have advanced gum disease. Treatments that involve shifting teeth into a straighter position or into proper alignment can be hard to do when gum disease is present. In some cases, these treatments can make this condition worse. Adults with underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, might need to check with their doctor to see if orthodontic treatment is a good option. Certain medical conditions can make orthodontic treatment difficult to do.

ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR ADULTS What kinds of orthodontic treatments are available for adults? Traditional treatments, such as braces, can be used to straighten teeth or correct bite problems in some adults. Braces are placed on teeth and worn all the time until treatment is done. Adults who wear braces need to be careful about what they eat and how they brush and floss. Braces can make it hard to clean all tooth surfaces. For those who are looking for an alternative to braces, Invisalign® or clear aligners might be an option to consider. These clear aligners are plastic trays that are custom-made to fit teeth securely and comfortably. They’re also not as visible as traditional metal braces. Adults who wear these aligners can remove them in order to thoroughly clean their teeth and gums, which helps lower the risk of dental problems. Invisalign trays need to be worn for a specific amount of time each day, so that they can reposition teeth. Those who have them can expect to different series of trays throughout treatment as their teeth shift position..

WHAT DOES CLEAR ALIGNERS/INVISALIGN® TREATMENT INVOLVE? First, one of our experts needs to devise an initial treatment plan before creating the special aligning trays. Threedimensional digital images are taken of the entire jaw. These images allow the dentist to move specific teeth on the screen, view the jaw from different angles, and also foresee what the face might look like in years to come. In essence, this technology can show how Invisalign® trays will change the facial aesthetics. Once planning is complete, a unique set of aligners is made. The total number of aligners required varies with each individual case, but 20-29 sets per arch is typical.

CONTACT US ABOUT INVISALIGN® TREATMENT If you’re looking for more information about your oral health or would like to improve your smile, please contact You Make Me Smile Dental Centre today. We can help you determine if this is the right treatment option for straightening your teeth or correcting bite problems. At You Make Me Smile Dental Centre, we are dedicated to providing our patients with excellent dental care. Going above and beyond with dental technology, combined with skilled techniques to enhance your treatment, helps our patients achieve their oral health goals.

We always welcome new patients and we have two convenient locations in Trenton and Belleville. We are a fullservice dental office with short wait times and low anxiety dental services. Give us a call today : 343-270-4423 Or send us an email : You Make Me Smile Dental Centre More than 20 years of Smiles!

Video Series


Join Marylou in her video series where she shares fun tips for selling your house in the Quinte area.

Marylou Frost

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What’s a Doula & How Do They Help New Moms? By Anna Siwakoki of Fearless Wellness Centre Welcoming a new baby home can be one of the most exciting yet terrifying times. It is a time filled with so many questions and sometimes even doubt. How do I hold my baby? How do I know my baby is well fed? How do I know if this is normal? In comes the doula. As doulas we are there to support you through your pregnancy, birth and your postpartum recovery. We are always available to answer questions, provide information and be there to support you! A doula is a birth companion who provides continuous support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

Postpartum doula support can be incredibly valuable to families, we can help listen to your fears, hold space for you and give you some tips and tricks to help make things easier for you. We can also help care for baby so you can take a shower or a well needed nap. We can help with feeding, light cleaning and even some meal prep. We want to make sure our Fearless families are supported in all of their needs. A well supported family is so important in those first few months and can help the transition of bringing home baby just that much easier. - Anna & the Fearless Team

Feelings Wheel Here's another EQ moment for you. The inner ring represents our primary emotions. Every emotion we experience comes from one of these core emotions.

The Beginner's Guide to Joining the Gym

Here’s the harsh truth. A lot of people find the idea of joining a gym intimidating. And they let it stop them from making the changes they know they need to make to take control of their health and fitness. Joining a gym doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here at 10 Fitness we make sure every new member feels welcomed and supported. We’re going to share all you need to know, then come check us out in person and take the first step to committing to your health and fitness.

BEFORE YOU START Walkthrough The gym can feel like another country when you are new to working out. It’s not just you, we all started there.

That’s why at 10 Fitness our staff are happy to walk you through the gym, explaining our different zones and showing you what we have that can help you reach your fitness goals. Looking to get your heart rate up and log in some cardio time? Our Cardio Zone is your answer. We’ve got all the favourites: treadmills, ellipticals. AND equipment that will take your cardio to the next level: steppers, arc trainers, a pinnacle trainer and a jacob’s ladder. Our Weight Machine Zone offers you everything you need for an entire body workout circuit in one room. And it’s about to be upgraded with brand new high end equipment. We’ve also got a whole Free Weight Zone with squat racks, a Cross Training Zone, a Flexible Zone that offers total

"During your walkthrough don't be afraid to ask any questions that pop up, the whole point is to help you get to know the gym. We love getting a chance to answer your questions!" privacy for your workout, and a Squash Court that’s included in every membership. During your walkthrough don't be afraid to ask any questions that pop up, the whole point is to help you get to know the gym. We love getting a chance to answer your questions! Signing Up Once you’ve decided you see what you like and you’re ready to commit you can quickly and easily sign up for a membership online at home or on the touchscreen located at our front desk. At 10 Fitness we have a no BS policy. There are no extra sign up or towel services fees, and no contracts.

PREPARING Timing Choosing the best time to go to the gym will be a mix of what time works for your schedule and avoiding peak times as much as possible.

10 Fitness is open both early and late (as early as 5am and as late as 10pm), to give our members the chance to come in when it works best for them. The gym is busiests weekdays in the afternoon between 2-5pm. But with our distinct zones and large square footage the gym always offers space and privacy. Gym Bag Essentials Don’t over complicate this. To start with all you need are a few basic items. Gym appropriate training clothes Gym Shoes Towel and Shampoo (for showering after workout) Water Bottle (we have a fountain for you to fill it up) We know you’ll quickly start to love your gym time and it won’t take long before you fill your bag with all kinds of amazing gym gear. But to start this is all you need.

YOUR FIRST GYM SESSION Signing In Each gym session will start with you signing in by scanning your keytag. We follow all health and safety protocols and at the time members are required to scan their temperature, sanitize their hands and show their vaccination certificates. Warm Up & Workout Next do a quick warm up to get your blood flowing and your muscles ready. The workout you choose will be based on your own fitness goals. With our wide range of equipment 10 Fitness has the space and tools you need for whatever you're needing. Don’t be afraid to try out each Zone, challenging yourself is what fitness is all about. Etiquette Although gym etiquette can feel a bit overwhelming, it’s just a few simple rules used to keep the space nice for everyone. Don’t drop weights and always put them back after using. Always wipe down equipment before and after use. Masks can come down while working out, but they are to be worn while walking around the gym.

"Although gym etiquette can feel a bit overwhelming, it’s just a few simple rules used to keep the space nice for everyone."

Take a Selfie Celebrate! Fitness is about more than looking good, it’s about feeling good and celebrating ourselves! We’ve built selfie spaces in our bathrooms just for that. Be sure to take a minute to do your best pose and celebrate your commitment to yourself. Some of our members tag us on social media with their selfies and we love it!

ESTABLISHING YOUR GYM ROUTINE Plan it Now that you’ve signed up and gotten your first session, set yourself up for success. We have the best odds of sticking to a gym routine when we schedule it. Pick consistent days and times and dedicate that time in your schedule to YOU. Connect Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to connect with other gym members, stay motivated and focused and keep up with updates and news from 10 Fitness. Get Training or Coaching Take it to the next level or get some guidance to help you focus with a coach or trainer. Allison Bayliss is a local coach who knows 10 Fitness better than anyone. She offers custom coaching for anyone ready to get serious about their nutrition and health. You can follow her on Instagram for workouts, advice and motivation.



Trenton's Local Gym No Signuup Fees, No Contract No BS




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5 Steps to Managing Stress & Overwhelm By Shelley Wallace

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? HOW ARE YOU REALLY FEELING? Based on everything that is going around us, it may seem as though the entire world has become inflamed with anger, hostility, fear, shame and sadness because of everything we have lost over the past two years. These feelings have been heightened even more since the most recent lockdown. Many people are feeling like they are just going through the motions of life, on automatic pilot, putting one foot in front of the other, living in survival mode and just trying to get through the day so they can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. It can begin to feel like we are trapped in a never ending cycle of stress and overwhelm which can lead us to wonder… “What’s the point of even trying anymore?” And while most of us are longing to feel better, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Can you relate to any (or all) of this? I know I certainly can. I've put together (and tested) some 5 really important steps to managing stress and overwhelm caused by our current situation. I want to share it with you today in the hope that it brings you peace, healing and clarity in your life.

"Notice that the situation you are experiencing is causing or activating a reaction within you. "



Notice that the situation you are experiencing is causing or activating a reaction within you. Once you recognize that a reaction has been activated within you, take in three deep rejuvenating breaths (to calm your rattled nerves) and make the decision to respond to the situation with intelligence and compassion (for yourself and others).

Grab your favourite pen, treat yourself to a lovely journal, and write about what happened.

And also notice the sensation you are experiencing in your body and then follow that sensation back to the thoughts you are having about the situation. This will make you aware of the emotion (or feeling) you are experiencing.

First write about it from your perspective. Write out your side of the story using this prompt… “This is what happened…. This is what I felt…” When you are finished, write down what happened again only this time, write about it as if you were the other person that was part of the situation. Essentially, you are telling the “other side” of the story. Write about it through their eyes using the same prompt…

“This is what happened… This is what I felt…” (imagining yourself in their shoes). And finally, write about it one more time from the position of a neutral observer — without any emotion and just recounting the facts.

STEP 3: SHARE YOUR STORY WITH SOMEONE YOU TRUST Please note… this is not the same as “venting” which is all about projecting your “stuff” onto someone else by reliving the experience, and recreating all of those unhealthy emotions within you and them! That is not helpful to anyone in the long run.

This is you, simply sharing what happened and how it felt (without judgment or blame) with someone you trust.

STEP 4: RELEASE THE EMOTION “What is this emotion costing me/doing to me?” (In the form of time, energy, happiness, peace, connection with loved ones, health, etc). “Who am I really hurting by holding on to this emotion?” (Usually it’s yourself more than anyone else). And once you are ready to let it go, release it by creating a powerful ritual of some sort that feels right to you and creates meaning and significance.

Some ideas are ripping up the notes you've made, meditation/visualizing the emotion leaving your body, singing a song/chanting a mantra or doing whatever feels right to you that signifies the release of the emotion.

STEP 5: CELEBRATE THIS PROCESS IN ANY WAY THAT FEELS RIGHT TO YOU! That’s right… throw yourself a little party of some sort, or reward yourself with a nice massage, a hot bath with scented oils, or prepare and enjoy your favorite meal. Have fun and show yourself some love because you deserve it! Mission complete! If you’d like some support in mastering the steps in this article and learning strategies that are easily integrated into your everyday life, I’m here for you! You can get the ball rolling by emailing me at or subscribing to my email list by clicking the link RIGHT HERE (where you will receive some FREE resources and become part of a community that will get you started on your journey to transformational selfcare)! You deserve to experience greater health, happiness and success, let’s do this together!

xo Shelley

"Have fun and show yourself some love because you deserve it!."

Things I Can Control Putting your thoughts, time and energy towards these things is an investment in yourself and your life. Learning more about yourself in each of these areas will increase your EQ.

Things I Can't Control You waste your time and energy when you spend them on these things. As you learn to let go of focusing on these areas you increase your EQ.

3 Tips to Establish & Stick to a Workout Routine as a Mom By The Grit Pit Team

Are you a fellow Mom who wishes they could have a solid exercise routine but you don’t know where or how to start? Are you tired from wakeful nights with your newborn, chasing after a toddler or just flat out exhausted from the 24 hour job of parenthood? What if I told you that setting a solid routine and blocking off a section of the day to move your body is equally important... you can make it happen mama. Exercise gives you energy, improves circulation and boosts our mood. It promotes better sleep and exercise can be fun and social!

At the Grit Pit we understand why it may seem impossible to put yourself first as a Mom, but we also know how amazing you will feel once you’ve taken that big step in making yourself a priority too. If you think “this sounds too good to be true” let me give you a few helpful tips to start a consistent exercise routine while taking on motherhood.

01. Find a Workout Partner This one may not be for everyone, but as a Mom at home with tiny humans many of us thrive with a bit of companionship. Grab your phone, call up your “mom friend”, encourage and support one another to be accountable to each other’s goals. Having a workout buddy will make the exercise more fun and give you someone to share your progress and goals with. You will keep eachother consistent even on the hard days and the best part… the kids get a playdate as you get to care for your overall mental and physical health! At the Grit pit our team is committed to making sure our clients physical and emotional needs are met. This includes Mom’s, children and all women who feel empowered to move their bodies but struggle with their own personal journey. At the end of every workout all our grit gals and grit kiddos leave sweaty and smiling with friendships grown in our own community. This is our main goal, women supporting women, raising each other up.

02. Choose a Style of Exercise that you will Enjoy Maybe you have joined a gym, went in, felt intimidated or confused and walked out. Maybe you have been consistent at the gym, saw progress but didn’t feel fulfilled.

As grown adults let’s not forget it’s okay to have fun too. Remember your favourite activity in gym class ? You can still have that kind of fun while getting active and improving your health. Sounds amazing right? Enjoyment is the backbone to staying consistent. Think back to that favourite activity you had as a child or maybe something you have always wanted to try.. basketball, dance, skating, swimming, yoga, jujitsu, hiking, and so many other possibilities. If it still intrigues you then give it a go, with kids in tow. It may seem near impossible, at times, but that is when we mentally need it the most.

03. Get Outdoors I can’t stress this one enough whether it is sunny and hot, snowy and cold or just in between.. fresh air will always do wonders!

Provides you mental clarity and focus, lowers blood pressure and increases a healthy heart rate, clears your lungs, strengthens your immune system and so much more. So, let’s get outside... for whatever it is you enjoy, a swim, a beach day, when weather permits, maybe that walk or hike even in the snow, get lost in the trails and enjoy the trees. Hit up the neighborhood park, play on the monkey bars with the kids, add in some step ups on a park bench, or even a few push-ups, and don’t be scared of looking silly? Your kids are watching you, and learning from you. Embrace your inner child Mama, you got this girl!

Our business started outdoors at the parks and I can tell you, it was so empowering to not care how you look, and more often than not we never felt silly, we felt encouraged and even gained friends each class. Our group of ladies were at the parks and having fun while getting strong with our children right by our sides. That’s what it is all about for our team and our Grit pit families too. Whether it's with us or you and your own crew, take these tips to go.. we are rooting for you ! You’ve got this mama. -The Grit Pit Team

The Benefits of Eating Pasture Raised Meat By Joel Fox for Suurdt Farms Contrast the experience of cooking eggs from a local farm, or from the grocery store. In the first scenario, you pull the carton from the fridge, remembering the fresh air, fields and pastures, the cackling of the hens as they strut confidently through the grass, and the friendly wave of the farmer. You crack the egg into the pan to see a rich, orange yolk, and when it’s finally done, it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Perhaps the monotone of the automated checkout, “Please put your item in the bagging area. Please select your method of payment.” Or perhaps you might ponder how little you really know of the process – Where is the farm? How are the animals treated? What do the animals eat? And you would crack an egg into the pan to the likely sight of a pale, anemic, yellow yolk. Hopefully it tastes better than it looks.

Now suppose you had bought some standard fare from the grocery store? Would you have anything to recall?

I was raised a firm believer in the idea that an egg is an egg, and a chicken breast is a chicken breast, but as I began

replacing my grocery store diet with more food purchased from neighboring farms, or grown at home, I began to discover greater satisfaction in my food. Not just at the time of consumption, but even in the purchase and preparation of that food. I have satisfaction knowing the excellent welfare of the animals from which my food comes. I have satisfaction knowing that my money is supporting my neighbors and community. And, of course, I have the greatest satisfaction in the sights, smells, and taste of the cooking. As a farmer who sells pasture-raised meats and free-range eggs, I could try to expound on all the nutritional benefits of pasture-raised products – but such things are not my expertise, and in all honesty, I personally don’t much care about omega 3:6 ratios, or levels of vitamin A.

Healthy fats or no, pasture-raised chicken broth tastes heavenly, and grass-fed ground beef makes some todie-for tacos. Improved animal welfare, greater nutrient density, and a stronger community are all real benefits of buying food from local farms, but the real benefit of buying local, pastureraised, free-range products is the pleasure of the experience. From the trip out to the farm to the taste of the finished product, the joy of the dinner table is enhanced when you buy local, pasture-raised products.

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Top 10 Wellness Reads By The Quinte West Public Library

HAPPINESS PROJECT Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin wanted to be more happier in her everyday life and embarked on an experiment to see what would make her happier. This book is full of practical tips and insights on how to live a happier life.

HAPPINESS EQUATION Neil Pasricha PHD Neil Pasricha, PHD illustrates how to want nothing, do anything, and have everything. He says this is the key to happiness.

FEEL BETTER IN 5 Rangan Chatterjee Dr. Chatterjee gives people really easy 5 minutes activities that can create long lasting sustainable change. This book has practical advice, illustrations and anecdotes to make lifestyle changes.

ATOMIC HABITS James Clear James Clear, breaks down habit change into practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and create big results through small changes.

TINY HABITS BJ Fogg PHD The world's leading expert on habit formation shows how you can have a happier, healthier life: by starting small.

THE SERENITY PASSPORT Megan C Hayes PHD Discover a calmer way of life with secrets drawn from cultures around the world.

SLOW: SIMPLE LIVING FOR A FRANTIC WORLD Brooke McAlary Brooke McAlary encourages simpler living with less phones and things and more attention to the present.

THE FINNISH WAY Katja Pantzar Katja Pantzar shows readers how to embrace the "keep it simple and sensible" daily practices that make Finns one of the happiest populations in the world, year after year.

OUTER ORDER, INNER CALM Gretchen Rubin For most of us, outer order contributes to inner calm. Gretchen Rubin suggests more than 150 manageable clutterclearing ideas so readers customize the best plan for them.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE Meik Wiking Meik is CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and has spent years studying Danish life. Find out why Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world.


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