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Hello! If you are new to On Main Street I’d like to take a quick second to introduce myself. I’m Cheyanne. I’m a mom of three living in Quinte West. I’m also a marketer for our local, small businesses. Working with other small business owners I could see an opportunity to gather the voices of multiple small business owners in one place. Last holiday season On Main Street kicked off with Wishes On Main Street and a leap of faith. Our hard work has paid off and the growth has been exponential.

I’m excited to bring you this special edition: Weddings On Main Street. It’s full of value for anyone planning a wedding in our area for this year or in the future. We also have a new feature all about Upcoming Local Events. And we’ve introduced you to two new businesses in downtown Trenton in our New Business Spotlight. If you’d like to be involved with an upcoming edition please reach out! Contributors are always welcomed and Ad Space is available. And if you are a small business owner looking for marketing services or packages, I’m your lady.



EASILY NAVIGATE TO WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR! On Main Street is all about providing value to our audience. So this table of contents is here to save you time. Simple click whatever section you're looking to read on the right. By the magic of the hyperlink you'll be taken right over! We know most of our readers are like us, busy people with lots going on. Thank for giving us your most precious resource, your time, and supporting our local, small businesses.

Photo Curtesy of Designs by Alexis Rose

From the Trent Port Archives

2022 Bridal Trends

Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Tips for Choosing your Photographer

Questions to Ask Your Florest

A Local Wedding in the County

Upcoming Local Events

The Psychology of Wedding Films

How to Pick the Right Venue

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FROM THE TRENTPORT ARCHIVES Historical wedding and bridal moments in Quinte West from the archives of the Trenport Historical Society

1906 Clarissa Ellis and Charles St. Hilaire on their honeymoon.

1914 Dr. George Kidd and his bride, Hazel Irene Dixon leave for their honeymoon.

March 1924 Wedding of William McClung and Evelyn Powers.

1935 Wedding of Dominic Angelo and Anna Scaletta. One of Trenton's oldest citizens, Dominic passed away in 2021 at the age of 108.

January 1, 1924 Wedding of O.G. (Buster) Alyea and Bernice Powers. O.G. Alyea was mayor of Trenton in 1939. The best man, William McClung, and bridesmaid, Evelyn Powers, were married a few months later.

1946 Wedding photo of Lieut. William Spencer. and Mrs. Marian Spencer. Lt. Spencer's father was principal of Trenton High School at the time.

Follow The TrentPort Historical Society on Facebook where they share fascinating insight into Quinte West's rich History.


Each bundle contains a uique selection of 5-6 locally made goodies from small businesses and artisans in the Quinte area valued at $65.



Local Business Spotlight Invest your shopping dollars in Quinte West.

With Covid came many lessons, changes, and adaptations for our newly engaged couples.

Tips for Planning your Perfect Outdoor Wedding

One big one for the wedding industry was moving away from the indoor venues and into embracing the outdoor setting and freedoms that it allowed. It opened the opportunities to not only proceed without the stress of lockdowns but also more flexibility in gathering capacities and in some cases, masking. With ample downtime, couples found more opportunities to explore and bond as they embarked down the “do-it-yourself” world of décor and wedding planning.

Dewmill Events was proud and excited to help our “soon to be” couples navigate these uncertain circumstances. We were there for our couples from the tents to everything underneath it and even including outdoor catering. So, whether you are planning a rustic wedding or glamourous, a large dance party or intimate backyard, we are pleased to share some of our most helpful tips:

Tents, sanitation services, specialized caterers, and delivery fees. Things can add up quickly if you are not careful. Think of low-cost areas to save on such as potluck meals to help allocate funds. With proper understanding and a clear plan for budgeting, it can certainly be achieved.

Tents Budgets Simple outdoor wedding- Cheap and easy right?! Outdoor weddings can add up quickly. Most indoor venues come with all the luxuries we often overlook already included. Though DYI aspects can certainly come in handy when it comes to decor, extra costs can emerge. From permits to rentals of almost every item.

The number one concern for most couples was mother nature. Whether it be shelter from the blazing sun or dreaded rain, a tent is surely a must for most. When looking into the use of a tent, it is always to remember 3 key things. The ground beneath the tent needs to be a level surface. This is for tent stability as well as guest safety and functionality with your tables and chairs.

Next, when measuring your space, do not forget the clearance! Tents need a good 10ft clearance around all sides from any structures to accommodate for the tie down. Lastly, those stakes holding down the tent need somewhere to go! Can they be hammered into the ground at least 24” deep? If not, no need to fret, there are alternative options such as blocks or water barrels however, you will need to inform the provider to make the necessary arrangements.

The Unpredictable The great outdoors is beautiful. Clean... simple... It is also… Windy. Even with tent walls, the weather and bugs can be unpredictable. To help make your day run stress free for everyone think about how the environment will impact your guests. Will you need additional umbrellas as guests migrate around the space? Perhaps fans or additional water to cool off from the heat. Maybe propane heaters or blankets for warmth? Do not forget those unwanted insects. Consider spraying your outdoor space 7248hrs before you event to lessen those pesky bugs.

The Table Setting Those unpredictable issues can creep up on the dinner table as well.

Keep breakable glassware and table settings to a minimum. This will help lessen the risk of guests or wind knocking them over on a crowded table. Consider wind proofing your centerpieces as well. Avoid lightweight pieces like vases or opt for battery tea lights opposed to wick candles. Simple potted plants and wooden disks keep the natural theme as well as function as necessary tools to hold down that table runner or tablecloth.

The Extras Remember outdoor weddings are an open canvas. Mother nature provides this bare and natural environment you love. It also means the bare minimum of everything around you regarding amenities.

Your outdoor setting can range from rustic wineries, open wheat fields, lush gardens or even the simple cozy backyard. As wonderful as each is, mother nature only provides the scenery, the rest is up to you. Think of the overall flow of your event. Wide aisles or paths past scenic areas are best. Is the seating accessible for all? What is the best area to set up for party goers to navigate uneven/soft ground? You don’t want chairs and stilettos sinking into the ground. As dusk falls, lighting is key to ambiance. Think of cord placements and hydro accessibility. Going generator? How many watts and amps can it hold? The same goes for sound systems and any hook ups your caterer may need.

"Outdoor weddings can connect you deeper to emotions."

Most importantly, washroom facilities. Consider locking your home if in a private backyard and still renting a portable restroom. Remember at the beginning when I mentioned saving in one area to splurge in another? This is where the potluck dinner funds just got allocated for better purpose. If at an outdoor venue, who is responsible? How many will you require for the amount in attendance. The world or portable facilities is a league of their own now. From the simple and practical to the upscale, temperature controlled, there is an option for every budget. Think of adding a little first aid kit nearby. Band-Aids, sanitizer, safety pins- the outdoors can be unforgiving. Lastly, think of courtesy aspects like parking and neighbours. Lawn maintenance before hand and clean up afterwards. Accessible garbage, recycling, and cigarette receptacles.

Enjoying the Freedom This is your day! Outdoor weddings can connect you deeper to emotions. Choose your favorite season. Perhaps you have a special place. The central park you first met. The beach where you got engaged. The family yard you raise your children in. Embrace the wild side of the great outdoors. Ditch the shoes and throw on your flip flops or go bare feet. Release the doves and butterflies. Blow bubbles. Ignite the fireworks! Dance under the stars. Welcome in the pets and playful children or find your Zen in the quiet wind, crashing waves or still garden. Nature is beautiful and so is your love. This is the beginning of your new chapter and however you choose to turn that page with some simple tips and planning you are sure to enjoy every moment of it. -Cheryl Cooper



our Wedding Day It's the culmination of months of planning. It's your story.

Contact me to start a conversation that will open up ways to preserve the preparations, the spirit and the magic of fleeting moments that are most precious.

613-970-1268 BRIAN@LAVENDERLANDEMEDIA.CA FIND LAVENDER LANE MEDIA ONLINE AT: Local Business Spotlight Invest your shopping dollars in Quinte West.

The Most Stunning Bridal Trends for 2022 Always on trend, Emma’s Bridal offers an extensive 2022 wedding dress collection. We quickly became a destination of choice for brides in search of our unique, handpicked selection of gowns from highly sought-after designers. Our commitment is to provide the latest styles with the hottest trends at the best prices. We cater to women attending momentous occasions such as marriage, prom, graduation and other special life events. Emma’s Bridal Boutique strives to make your dress purchase a truly memorable experience


Colour Whether you want head-to-toe blush or a small touch here and there, 2022 coloured wedding dresses will have you standing out and making a statement in colour.

Jumpsuits 2022 is the year of the sparkly sophisticated power suit, tuxedo and jumpsuit. These are perfect options for brides who want an alternative to the classic wedding dress.

Big Bows Larger-than-life bows featured across many 2022 bridal collections. Some designers went modern, others retro.

Corsets 2022 has corsets paying homage to the traditional wedding dress silhouette, while also highlighting the bride's figure.

Statement Florals Gowns with bold blooms will be everywhere in 2022.

Square Neck line Square necklines have made a major comeback. This 2022 wedding dress trend also works for pretty much every wedding style.

Gloves The 2022 bridal runway showed statement gloves! But this isn’t your grandmother's bridal accessory! This finishing touch can feel edgy, and speaks to our longing for dressing up.

Statement Veils Veils are becoming less and less about following tradition and more about expressing your personality! Designers have created a more stated approach to veils with sparkle tulle, 3D floral appliqué, colourful details and heavy lace.

High Slits Va-va-voom! High slits brought sex appeal to the runways. If you're looking to show some skin, this is the 2022 wedding dress trend for you.

Voluminous Sleeves Puff sleeves and so-called Bishop sleeves are set to be huge in bridal fashion for 2022.


Paul Green 3 Tips When Choosing a Wedding Photographer Hi there, I’m Paul Green, an intimate wedding photographer based in Quinte West, Ontario. I capture authentic love stories for couples around the province. I know that choosing a wedding photographer can be challenging. So here are a few details to pay attention to when selecting someone to cover your special day.

Meet Up In-Person See if the photographer’s personality meshes with yours. Get a general sense of the photographer's communication skills. Is the photographer prompt to respond in a manner that’s professional and courteous? Does the photographer look to receive feedback from you?

During the wedding day, there will be many moments to capture. It gets busy. Having someone who is organized, energized and personable will help to ensure all goes smoothly. You’ll want someone who is both jovial at times and then confident enough to command the attention of large groups during the taking of family photos.

Look at the Photographer’s Previous Work Seeing a photographer's previous work will give you the chance to see what it is that you might receive as a customer. It can reveal what their personal style of editing is, if they’re confident posing couples, if the bride and groom have moments when they’re enjoying themselves, if the photographer has a shot list in mind throughout the day and etcetera.

Have a Clear Set of Expectations Wedding photography can make up a fairly large portion of the wedding budget. As such, wedding photographers should clearly explain their roles and responsibilities for the wedding day and other details such as the turnaround time for the delivery of your photos. Having these details spelled out in a signed contract ahead of time will help to protect both parties involved. As much as I aim to capture beautiful compositions, it’s also important to me that when the day is done, you remember the way I made you feel.



Fleet Street Barber Company in Downtown Trenton offers everything the groom needs to look his best on the big day. Hair & beard services and LLBO approved to sell and serve alcohol.

FIND FLEET STREET ONLINE AT: Local Business Spotlight Invest your shopping dollars in Quinte West.

If you’re a newly engaged couple, or even a couple who is in the thick of planning, you may find my “How To” tips list helpful when it comes to approaching the topic of florals for your big day.

What Every Couple Needs to Know Before Booking a Consultation with a Florist Hi there everyone! My name is Alexis, and I am the owner and head floral designer for the brand “Designs by Alexis Rose” in Trenton, Ontario. I have been in the floral industry for over ten years and running my own brand since February of 2020. Wedding work is something I did consistently in my years as an apprentice and when launching my own business, I knew I wanted event design to be a priority for my brand.


Budget The first thing anyone should do when choosing florals for their wedding is understanding that not everyone can afford a $10,000 floral budget for their wedding, and that is perfectly normal! On average a wedding budget should sit anywhere from $700.00- $3,000.00 if a couple is wanting all their personal wearables (i.e., Bouquets, Boutonnieres, corsages, etc.…) as well as some décor options like an archway piece. Before going to a florist, it is helpful to know how much your top end is for spending. From there your florist will be able to let you know what they can make for you from your wishlist.

Types of Pieces Take the time to create a wish list of florals you would like to see at your wedding. When making your wish list it is okay not to think of your budget as you are not expected to know how much each piece will/ can cost. To give you a list of general pieces one would find at a wedding I have created a checklist below! Bridal Bouquet. Think of the style you would like as there are many and all can come with a different price tag. (Round, Cascade, Posey, Hoop, etc.…) Groom’s Boutonniere. Rather than a traditional Boutonniere a groom could choose a floral pocket square to stand out from their groomsmen. Groomsmen Boutonnieres. Bridesmaid Bouquets. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box with your bridesmaids when it comes to their florals. A recent trend is to do floral hoops rather than traditional bouquets. Corsages & Boutonnieres for the mothers, fathers, and grandparents of the couple. Hair Pieces. Floral crowns, combs, and hats have been a massive trend over the last few years and show no signs of slowing down! Ceremony Décor. Archways, signing table, Aisle chairs/ pews, greenery for signage, etc. Reception Décor. Centerpieces, Head table florals, Photo backdrop, etc.

Visuals Take the time to create a visual mood board with examples of the pieces you would like as most florists are visual learners, and love to have an idea of what you are picturing in your mind. Pinterest is a valuable tool to use for this circumstance, and I always encourage my couples to make a board and send me as many inspiration photos as they can. My work will never be a direct copy of a photo, but I will always take your vision into account when creating a piece for you.

Numbers Something most people overlook is the exact quantity of floral pieces your florist needs to know so that you may be given a quote. Always take a count of your bridal party, extended family, tables, and other décor items you may need as everything is calculated by stems. A florist does the math based on how many stems it will take to complete a design for each piece you will need for your special day.

Measurements It may sound silly but a bouquet, boutonniere, archway piece, or floral crown are all very precisely sized objects that can look out of place or photograph poorly if misjudged on size. It is always appreciated by a florist when you come prepared with exact measurements of yourself, and your décor objects.

Seasonal Florals Not all types of flowers are available at all times of the year. Coming to a floral designer with an open mind about what you would like for specific flowers is always appreciated as we cannot control what our suppliers can get to us at any given time. Your florist will always be able to tell you which florals are in season when and knowing that you and your partner are kind and understanding of the fact that we cannot control the weather, or the growing patterns of certain florals, will always be appreciated.

I always pride myself on having my couples walk away from their experience with me with a better understanding of what they should be looking for in a florist, not just for their wedding but also for every day purchasing of flowers. I hope this list helps you and your partner with planning your special day. I am currently booking into the 2023 & 2024 wedding seasons, with a few spots left for 2022 so if you would like to reach out you can find me on Facebook and Instagram @designsbyalexisrose, or e-mail me at




Spilling the Tea with Marylou Quinte's Local Real Estate Video Series

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In her video series 'Spilling the Tea' Marylou shares her expert knowledge and answers your common questions about buying and selling in the Quinte area.

MARYLOU FROST EXIT REALTY GROUP: 343-263-4654 Local Business Spotlight Invest your shopping dollars in Quinte West.

The Psychology of Wedding Films By Brian Lavender Lavender Lane Media

Why do the best weddings make us cry? I believe the overwhelming convergence of significant people, powerful words, aesthetic beauty and emotions might have something to do with it. At the crossroads of my own experiences as a journalist, psychology teacher and filmmaker is the psychological principle of gestalt. Quite simply, gestalt is defined by Oxford Languages as “an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.” Weddings definitely match this definition.

While we’re “in the moment” our brains take in a plentitude of stimuli through our senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. This flow is managed through multiple levels of processing and encoding to give us a robust immediate experience plus some hasty entries into our shortterm memory. But before we can consolidate those memories through rest, there are more memories trying to be made… and more. This cognitive backlog results in that “overwhelmed” sensation. And, yup, there are often tears. While it might seem that tears are good, we can also be left with imperfect memories as a result. The presence of cortisol, a stress

hormone, causes our brains to curb functions that are considered nonessential in “fight-or-flight” situations, and memory functions are deemed non-essential. So, whether we’re awash in tears of joy or labouring under tearful conditions of stress (two possible wedding day conditions for couples), we’re more than likely to flunk the memory test for our own wedding day. With such a huge investment of time and finances, to lose details in the fog of emotion on such an important day seems like a tragedy.

As a recent father-of-the-bride, I’m familiar with this experience. It’s one of the reasons why I now make media fulltime. A carefully-planned wedding film isn’t just a record of what happened. It’s an intentionally-crafted story that begins long before the main event. Knowledge of the couple, the family and the wedding priorities are deeply necessary for a filmmaker to do his/her/their work. Filmmakers on the leading edge of their craft take a larger view of the story that unfolds around a wedding event. In effect, they are the synthesizers of all elements seen and unseen. They are in more places throughout the day than any single attendee. Connection with a planner can be very helpful as wedding planners are the directors of the event; thus, they possess knowledge vital to successful storytelling. Every wedding detail from flowers to favours is thoughtfully considered and, in a solid wedding film, well documented. Ideal wedding media draws from multiple perspectives – from back-row guests to frontrow parents to the point of view of the special couple themselves. It will cycle through a number of moods and will reflect the emotional heft of this intimate event. According to at least two prominent Quinte area wedding planners, skipping a wedding film can be one of the few major regrets of newlyweds. In hindsight, a carefully-planned wedding story offers the gestalt-informed perspective that permanently preserves beautiful and powerful memories.


Photos Courtesy of Quirky Love Photography (Owner/Operator: Viera Mileva)


Prince Edward County has become a destination wedding location. It boasts a wide variety of experiences, from the minimalist to the most luxurious. No matter the choice, the journey is guaranteed to be interwoven with unique mixes of architecture, from old to modern, lovely vineyards, micro breweries, tasting rooms, post card worthy hamlets, interspersed with sand dunes and shorelines, "The County" has been attracting excellence for some time.

The most sublime chefs amongst the bounty of some of the finest ingredients the country has to offer awaits…arts, architecture and design mingle with the timeless history of everything loved and made fresh again. Couples from near and far are clamoring to bring friends and family together to share the experience…it is unique and enriching…there’s a vibe to this place, a feel…something special around every corner, down every side street, something interesting where fun awaits the explorer, the adventurer, the shopper…great Pinot Noirs, lakeside vistas for miles, turquoise Caribbean waters at the right times of the year…and quilts…it’s a county thing. When a couple wants to share the experience for their most memorable of days, people remember the place, yes, they remember the fine meal, yes, but what many of them will always remember is the dancing, at the end of it all. A great DJ will capture the mood of you and your group and elevate it like no other, if the DJ is right and tuned in to your group. Choosing vendors from afar can be challenging. It takes either great research, or, someone in the know. If you have family or friends from The County, things can be easier, but if you don’t, then using Google is most often your choice.

Check your vendors ratings and comments in their social media.

These people see all of the other vendors in their work and they usually come to know like minded vendors that bring a level of quality and professionalism that are similar to them, which will be very helpful to your research.

Check your vendors ratings and comments in their social media. Call your vendor and see if you get a great feel for them. Do they value your call, are they supportive of your wishes and requests, responsive, do they get back to you in a timely manner…when you feel like there is a match there….I’m talking venues/locations, caterers , photographer, DJ’s, talk to them and ask them who they recommend.

The County’s bounty can provide for your every need, no matter what the occasion. Come share in the experience.


Put a percentage of your budget for each line item. When meeting with the venue ask what the cost is and what is included. Do they set things up/tear things down? Do they provide catering or do you need to source that yourself? Do they include linens, tableware, cutlery?

How to Pick the Right Venue for your Wedding! QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF AND ALL POTENTIAL VENUES By: Katey Leone Event Coordinator Heroes Landing

First and Foremost, What is my Budget? Weddings can be very expensive. Prioritize all aspects of your event so you know how to allocate your budget. This means--what is most important to you? Food? Photography? Venue?

Don't be afraid to ask all the questions. Many venues offer allinclusive options which can help if you have a more modest budget.

Does this Venue Match my Vision? Usually when planning a wedding there is a theme in mind. Majority of brides or grooms will have many Pinterest boards detailing their vision. Perhaps you are looking for classic elegance, or bohemian beauty, or modern chic. First thing when sourcing out a wedding venue is to consider the vibe--does the ambiance match your theme? A rustic country wedding would likely be best suited for a barn venue. A winter wonderland wedding would be best suited for a larger indoor space due to the unknown weather. Always go see the venue in person, as pictures can be deceiving.

Does the venue have a wedding coordinator and/or event day coordinator? Many venues have staff whose focus is to ensure your day is exactly as you envisioned. Make sure you are meeting with the coordinator and that you feel heard when discussing your day. Don't be afraid to discuss in detail exactly what you are looking for--the more information the better!

What are the Capacity Limitations of this Venue? One of the first things you need to do when starting to plan a wedding is determine a guest list. How many guests will be in attendance? Venues come in all sizes. Are you looking to have a more intimate event? Perhaps looking into a local restaurant with an event room would be best. Looking for a more elaborate affair? A larger banquet hall may suit you more. Also, consider how the space will be laid out. Do you want to have ceremony and reception at one venue? Ask the venue if they have multiple spaces available.

Do they have a bride’s suite or groom’s lounge for the wedding party to get ready or perhaps relax before the festivities begin? Also ensure there is ample parking for guests and if you have any guests with mobility issues that they will be able to be accommodated easily.

What does the Venue offer for Food and Drink Menu? Many people will argue that THE most important part of a wedding is the food and drink.

Ask the venue if they have an onsite caterer or if it is your responsibility to secure catering. If it is up to you to find a caterer-- do they have a list of preferred vendors? When meeting with caterers to discuss your meal don't forget to discuss any allergies that your guests may have. Also, don't forget to discuss cocktail hour and/or midnight snack. Do you want to have a plated meal or buffet? passed hors d’oeuvres or just serve yourself? Bar options should also be discussed.

Every event is different when it comes to the bar and bartenders should be booked accordingly. The last thing you want is a long line to get a drink when people are ready to let loose and socialize. Ask if there is the option of having wine on the tables with dinner and what wine options are offered. Can the bar be tailored to your needs? Will having a limited bar menu help cut down on costs?

Finally, does this Venue Feel Right? Ensure that the venue hold the same values as you. Is the venue an inclusive environment that you feel comfortable attending? If there are certain elements to your day that are important to your faith or religion-- can they easily be incorporated in? Can you picture your event coming to life in this space? Is the event staff easy to contact and quick to reply to your needs? Make sure the vibes are right!

Heroes Landing With multiple event spaces, Heroes Landing is able to host any and all events! Our newly renovated Crystal Ballroom has capacity of up to 400 and is the perfect space for an elegant engagement. We also have the Celebration room, with capacity of up to 150, is perfectly suited for a more intimate event--such as birthday parties, jack and jills, engagement parties, bridal showers, etc. Heroes Landing is a locally owned, family run business which prides itself on the personal touches we put into each event. Please contact us to discuss any of your upcoming events at We look forward to hearing from you!


APRIL & MAY 2022

QUINTE WEST UPCOMING EVENTS Click on Each Event to Learn More




Cheap Nights Admission $6

Preschool Storytime Ages 2-5

After School Activities

Centre Theatre

Quinte West Public Library

Quinte West Public Library

FRIDAYS 10-10:30 AM


APRIL 13 & 20 5:00 AND 6:00PM

Baby Storytime Ages Birth-2

Parents & Littles Playgroup

Create with FriendsPersonalized Mugs

Quinte West Public Library

The County Emporium

Quinte West Public Library

APRIL 14 6-8:30PM

APRIL 14 7:00PM

APRIL 16 7:00PM

Beer Tasting Night with Spearhead Brewery $35

Square Foot Art Show Opening Night

Amazing Puzzle Race $45.50

these 4 walls

Pieces Board Game Cafe

APRIL 18 10:30AM

APRIL 19 & 26 6:30-8:00PM

APRIL 21 6:00 PM

Kids Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser $10

Whimsical Flowers Workshop $100

Business Mixer

The Grit Pit

these 4 walls

The Grind and Vine

APRIL 21, 28 & MAY 5 6:30-8:00PM

APRIL 22 7-9:00PM


Poppin Through Landscape Painting $180.97

Live Music Returns Hosted by David R Charron


these 4 walls

The Grind and Vine

The County Emporium

The County Emporium

APRIL 23 10:30AM 8:30PM

APRIL 25 5:30PM

APRIL 30 7:00AM- 6:00PM

Get Road Ready with Doug’s Bicycles

Create a Wood Sign Craft

Giveaway Day

Quinte West Public Library

Quinte West Public Library

Quinte West




Grand Opening Bloomin' Bliss Local Art Exhibition

Glowchella: Ladies Night out

First Saturday Farmers’ Market

these 4 walls

The Grit Pit

Front Street Farmers’ Market

MAY 7 9:30 AM-4:00PM

MAY 7 10:00AM- 4:00PM

MAY 7 10:00AM-4:00PM

The Mother of All Craft Shows $5

Quite West Wellness Expo

Make Your Mother’s Day Market

At The Grand Belleville

Quinte West City Hall

At Venue 1906 In Belleville

MAY 7 & 8 12-4:00 PM

MAY 14 7:00PM


Mother’s Day HIgh Tea and Paint Activity $109.03

Speed Dating: Games Night Edition $15

First Wednesday Farmers’ Market

these 4 walls

Pieces Board Game Cafe

Front Street Farmers’ Market

MAY 29 1-4:00PM

High Tea $37.29 these 4 walls

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Jenn offers fitness and yoga classes, personal training and athome programs. All classes and sessions are available in-studio as well as online. Jenn has 20 years experience working in the fitness and wellness industry and works with all fitness and skill levels. Her friendly, supportive approach will make you feel comfortable and confident while looking your best on the big day.

FIND JENN VARDON FITNESS & YOGA ONLINE AT: Local Business Spotlight Invest your shopping dollars in Quinte West.


PRICELESS WEDDINGS FOR UNDER $5000 Kathlenn Kennedy Priceless Weddings for Under $5,000 proves that you can celebrate the spirit of love, hope, joy, and community -- without spending a fortune.

PERFECT READINGS FOR WEDDINGS Jonathan Law An anthology of the best poems, prose passages and quotations about love and marriage. Including everything from familiar blessings and verses to more unusual choices, it covers every sort of reading you could wish for.

THE BRIDESMAID HANDBOOK Sharon Naylor The ultimate guide to being a great bridesmaid, helping you focus on what you need to do, when to do it, and how to be both economical and fulfill the bride's wishes at the same time.

Photo Curtesy of Designs by Alexis Rose

THE GROOM TO BE HANDBOOK Today’s Groom Magazine A fun and informative guide for every guy ready to take the plunge. From figuring out whether she’ll say “yes” before you ask, to deciding what cut of diamond she’ll love, this guide speaks to every man embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures: marriage.

EMILY POST’S WEDDING PLANNER Peggy Post A perfect companion to our bestselling Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, this will help brides ask all the right questions, keep track of all the details, stick to their budget, and plan the wedding of their dreams.

EMILY POST'S WEDDING ETIQUETTE Anna Post and Lizzie Post Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette is the classic indispensable, comprehensive guide to creating the wedding of your dream.

DESTINATION BRIDE Lisa Light The complete guide to planning your wedding anywhere in the world.

TRAVEL GUIDES Travel guides for all around the world to book the perfect honeymoon.


Check out one of their Makerspace events in our event section or use our free downloadables to create your wedding invitations in the Makerspace.

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NEW BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT With warmer weather now here it's a great time to shake off the dullness of winter and get out and about! Our downtown has a growing charm and can provide a fun backdrop to a weekend day out. Not only do we have several businesses selling their own unique products, from novelty socks to artwork from local artists, we have some great spots to grab lunch. The two new businesses we feature in this edition are both newly opened in downtown Trenton this year. One, Tasteful Trends Cafe and Cakery is a lovely spot to stop and grab lunch. The second Kaleidoscope Catering offers an incredible opportunity to have ready to heat meals delivered to your door.

Starting a new business in Quinte West? We'd love to know more. Contact us about being featured in our next magazine If you are in the middle of wedding planning, Kaleidoscope has an incredible catering menu and Tasteful Trends is known for their custom cakes. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next edition of On Main Street to discover your next favourite local businesss.

KALEIDOSCOPE CATERING A new edition to downtown Trenton the team of Kaleidoscope Catering is no stranger to our local food scene. Tomas, Kimberly, Matthew and Simmin are well known for their award winning business, serving our area through their event catering and mobile food truck. Lucky for us they have also expanded into Comforts of Home, a ready to heat meal delivery service. Their weekly menu goes live on their website every Sunday and is delivered to your door on Thursdays. Find them online at:





Another new business to our downtown, Tasteful Trends Cafe and Bakery opened up their eat in cafe earlier this year after having sold their baked goods at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. They serve daily lunch specials every Thursday to Saturday from 9:00am2:00pm. Owners Cassandra and Jesse are a local, young family and have brought some modern vibes to our local businesses offering online ordering and delivery through DoorDash and Skip the Dishes. Find them online at:




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