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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR STAND UP FOR YOURSELF Without stepping on everyone else.


REMOTE WORKING: IT’S WHAT WOMEN WANT Tips for making the most of flexible work arrangements.

11 THE DISH ON KITCHENS Find the right style of kitchen for your individual taste.

PL1-PL4 POWERLUNCH’12 LANCASTER Guide Map, exhibitor list, panel discussion, and networking information.

14 DUELING HORMONES When puberty and menopause collide.

17 WOMEN TO WATCH New hires and promotions.

17 ACHIEVEMENTS & APPLAUSE Awards and accomplishments.

19 MEET AND GREET Regional networking events and meetings.

5 COVER STORY Even before Nicole Shaffer was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was involved with the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. That was a blessing for she was able to reach out to many women she already knew for support and direction. She continues to make herself available to women facing the same journey while acting as the director of occupational health and wellness for the Pfizer Occupational Health Clinics in North America. Cover photo courtesy of Dave Shaffer


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his issue of BusinessWoman homes in on the importance of women knowing themselves: who we are on the inside and the outside. Our cover profile, Nicole Shaffer, knew her body and was persistent in her healthcare concerns, even though tests suggested that everything was OK. Because of that, she is a breast cancer survivor today. Sure, you can say “yes” to every request that comes your way, at work and at home. But in the end, you’ll feel overextended and stressed, ultimately becoming less effective. Read how you can stand up for yourself without stepping on others. Many professional women have found that remote working can be more efficient than the established office environment. Women (and I’m sure many men) prefer this arrangement as it supports a better work/life balance. Find out more about why remote working is on the rise. It’s the cooler season now, and it’s the perfect time to give a facelift to the room where everyone will soon be gathering for the holidays. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a complete renovation, a local expert offers professional tips and kitchen trends.

How many of you have female teenagers? Do you feel like you’re at odds more than usual? You’re not alone, but you can take solace in the fact that it is generally temporary, albeit lasting several years in some cases. Learn some tips to help you manage these dueling years when hormones conflict. The year is winding down and so are the women’s events we present to you. The last POWERLunch gathering of 2012 will soon be held. It is an exceptional venue to connect with, learn from, and do business with likeminded women in the region. Register today! We are happy to announce that PinnacleHealth has joined us as the Event Partner for the Cumberland County women’s expo. An exciting day has been planned and more things are in the works. Get a sneak peek inside on page 13.


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A Reason to





icole Shaffer knows that even when times seem bad, good can come of it. And she ought to know—Shaffer is a breast cancer survivor who now does her best to help other women through what she’s been through and to show them that a positive outcome is possible. Born in Chambersburg, Shaffer always knew that she wanted to be a nurse. That dream led her to Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing where she became an RN, and then to Millersville University for her bachelor’s and master’s in nursing and family nurse practitioner program. In 1995, this happily married mother of three sons began working as an occupational health nurse at Warner Lambert in Lititz. She worked her way up to regional manager of nine locations there and under different ownership (Pfizer in 2000 to Johnson & Johnson in 2006). “In 2011 I left that establishment and returned to Pfizer as the director of occupational health and wellness for the Pfizer Occupational Health Clinics in North America, where I am currently,” she said. “Additionally, I have been a nurse practitioner parttime at cornerstone Family Health Associates in Lititz since 2000.” It was in March of 2009 that Shaffer, then 35 years old, received the diagnosis that would change her life. “I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ of the left breast,” she said. “In November of 2008 I noticed a small amount of nipple discharge and subsequently a lump in the upperouter portion of my left breast.” She decided to watch it for a while to see if it would go away on its own, but that didn’t happen. So in late December she “got a mammogram and ultrasound,” she said. “Both were read

as normal, but I was still concerned because I could still feel the lump or thickened area of my left breast.” She proceeded to schedule an appointment with a local surgeon whom she had worked with in nursing school and who is known locally for caring for many of the breast cancer patients in the area. “At that appointment in January 2009, she too acknowledged my area of concern and ordered an MRI,” Shaffer said. In February, she received the report and was told that it did not look good. “We began to discuss options of care. I then had core biopsies of the area done two days later,” she said. “On March 2, 2009, I received my biopsy report, which was bittersweet. The good news was that the cancer was not as advanced as originally thought by the look of the MRI, but bad news was that it was still breast cancer. There is no history of breast cancer in my family at all.” When the surgeon started talking about treatment, Shaffer recalls that at the time, all she could think of was that “I was going to die and not see my little boys (then ages 2, 5, and 6) grow up. I could not really grasp anything more than that,” she said. “But when I finally got the diagnosis on March 2, all that changed … I became very focused and back in control of my life. Within one hour of my diagnosis, I had scheduled a conference call with all the people who reported to me at Johnson & Johnson and told them what was going on.” By that point, she had also made her decision on surgical treatment and had scheduled all of the necessary appointments—including a second opinion. “My family was very supportive, but

my one fault was that I did not rely on sharing my feelings with my husband as much as I should have,” Shaffer recalls. “The diagnosis was very much a shock for my parents and grandmother, who said she wished it was her going through this and not me.” When talking to their boys about the diagnosis, Shaffer and her husband decided that the best approach was to be “very open and factual when speaking to them,” she said. “We tried to avoid emotion so as to not scare them.” Her coworkers were also very surprised, especially since Shaffer was known for eating healthily, cooking from scratch, canning her own fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly. As she recalls, “The one comment that continues to stick out to me was what one coworker said … ‘You have spent so many years taking care of all of us; now is the time you need to take care of yourself and come back to us well.’” On April 13, 2009, which also happened to be her husband’s birthday, Shaffer underwent a bilateral mastectomy, chosen because she

wanted to be rid of cancer and decrease any chance of recurrence. She also underwent the initial stages of reconstruction during that same surgical procedure with expander placement to prepare her chest for implant placement later. “The night before my surgery, even though I knew my risks of a bad surgical outcome were not high, I wrote letters to each of my boys and husband … just in case I didn’t make it through surgery,” she said. “While I had been very controlled and focused in the weeks leading up to the surgery, the reality of the cancer diagnosis and the surgery became clear in the weekend before, which also happened to be Easter weekend.” Normally the one who helps everyone else, Shaffer discovered that one of the hardest parts of her recovery for her was to accept help. “I think this was a lesson in humility and patience for me,” she said. “I was determined to keep the boys’


October 2012




lives as normal as possible … I was sure that what they would remember was that I couldn’t do things with them while healing, but ironically, they do not see that at all when we reflect on that time in our lives … I found the most comfort in spending time with my family, resting … and lastly, I journaled through my personal page on— a great resource for cancer patients and their families to keep people up to date on the journey.” Shaffer said that she honestly never let the diagnosis get her down because she saw it as an opportunity to support and help others. “While cancer is never something anyone wants to go through, I really felt like it was all in the grand plan of God for me to undergo this and that I needed to give back to others so that their journey was informed, supported, and helped in any way I could,” she said. Having been involved with the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition prior to her diagnosis (another

example, she said, of people being brought into our lives for reasons beyond our knowledge), Shaffer reached out to them for help for herself when she received her own diagnosis. They connected her with one of their directors, who had been about her age when she was diagnosed 12 years prior. “It was good to hear how she addressed her children and to know that she was a 12-year survivor,” she said. Today, Shaffer is cancer free. “All healed with no problems,” she said. “Because my tumor was not estrogen- or progesterone-positive, I do not have to continue any treatments. Since my diagnosis and journey began, I have become very active in working with others who have breast cancer. “It was also a goal of mine to write a book addressing specifically the needs of young women with breast cancer, as those needs are different than those of older women in some respects such as career, dealing with

young families, facing your own mortality at a younger age, etc. “I have gone back to school and am in the process of completing my Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree through York College and will graduate in May 2013. My doctoral project was the development and implementation of a comprehensive online resource for young women with breast cancer. So I have moved from the paper book to an online tool to assist others. I have also completed my goal of returning to running, and in 2010 I completed two half marathons.” Making herself available to other women facing a breast cancer diagnosis is important to Shaffer, and so she provides services to many local breast cancer care medical practices where they can give their patients her contact information so she can help them through their own personal journey with breast cancer. “I am in a unique position of having both the medical knowledge as well as the patient experience to share,” she said.

She also continues to volunteer for the PBCC, speaking in various public venues about breast health, treatment, and sharing her personal story. It is her passion to show other women that cancer did not get her down and to help them see that there is life after breast cancer. Her best advice for women who find themselves in the same situation she found herself in just a few short years ago? First of all, “listen to your own body,” Shaffer said. “Had I not pursued the surgeon’s opinion after the mammogram, who knows how long it would have been before the cancer would have been found.” Also, she emphasizes the importance of seeing the positives in life and to slow down and notice what is happening around you. “And perhaps the hardest one for me,” she said. “Remember it is OK to accept help from others and to say no. It’s not easy, but it can be done and one should not feel guilty about that.”

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without Stepping on Everyone Else


hen a coworker slacks off and you’re stuck with extra work or you want help cleaning the house for company, what do you do? Many smart, successful women stay silent.

While no one wants to appear selfish or whiney, silence isn’t the answer. When you grudgingly work late or mutter about your lazy husband as you vacuum under his feet, negativity prevails. What Assertiveness Is (and Isn’t) Assertive women speak up for their own self-interests. When they’re unable or unwilling to grant a request, assertive women say no. When they have a good idea, they share it and accept credit for their contribution. And assertive women don’t let bad feelings fester; they address broken promises and unmet expectations directly, not with passive aggression or gossip. Make no mistake: Assertiveness is not a watered-down version of aggression, says Judith McClure, Ph.D., communications expert and author of Civilized Assertiveness for Women (Albion, 2003). It isn’t hostile. Civilized assertiveness allows women to stand up for themselves without stepping on others or putting them down. It is both respectful and selfrespecting, McClure adds. And that balance makes all the difference. Making Everyone (Else) Feel Good As women, we define ourselves (in large part) by our relationships to others. We’re friends, coworkers, daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. From childhood, girls are told they should put others first, should do what it takes to keep the peace, says Marjorie Bauman, a licensed professional counselor and career coach. These messages can weigh us down and keep us from asking for what we want and need. Women are expected to be nurturing and compassionate and to value connection more than achievement. As a result, women may

worry they’ll be labeled aggressive, pushy, or arrogant if they stand up for themselves, says Bauman. The risk of rejection can create paralyzing anxiety and apprehension. The result? We put our own interests aside so that everyone else feels good. The Price of Passivity If we don’t pursue or protect our own interests, others can take advantage. Friends and colleagues may ask for loans or favors and expect us to respond cheerfully time after time. The boss may expect we’ll sacrifice family time to work extra hours because we haven’t said no in the past. And she may overlook you when it’s time for pay raises and promotions, cautions Bauman, because your passive approach eclipses the solid skills you have to offer. Women need to describe their strengths clearly and confidently, especially when they’re seeking employment. Assertive workers win more leadership roles than their less assertive colleagues, and their style gets results, according to Columbia University researchers Daniel Ames and Francis Flynn. The most successful leaders get things done and get along with others, because they speak up without steamrolling their colleagues. Going with the flow may seem safe, but a do-nothing approach can destroy your self-respect. Sure, making others happy feels good, but—over time— suppressing your own interests can make you believe your opinions aren’t valuable and your needs and wishes don’t matter. You may start to doubt that you deserve appreciation, recognition, or respect. And others won’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Ignoring our own needs can create intense resentment, too. If you often think, “He never asks what I think,” or “She never helps me when I need it,” you need to speak up. If not, you’ll be doing things you don’t enjoy and


saying things you don’t believe to protect the feelings of people you don’t respect. No one wins. Finding Your Voice It’s common for women to overshoot and behave aggressively when they stand up for themselves, says Bauman, especially if they’ve let angry feelings build up. Here’s how to speak up successfully: Set priorities. If you’re going to assert yourself, you’ve got to know what you stand for. Make a list of goals and priorities to guide your actions. When a lunch invitation conflicts with your fitness goals, say, “I’ve made a commitment to exercise at lunchtime, so I’m not able to go with you.” Listen up. Pst! That voice inside is your gut reminding you of what you really want—listen to it! Perhaps it’s telling you to ask the boss for added responsibility or to find out more about a childcare provider before you hire her. Don’t ignore intuition; act on it. Be direct. Women often try to soften the impact of their assertive words. If you preface opinions with “I may be wrong, but,” you’re discounting your own wisdom before you even share it. Don’t dilute your message. Say the truth straight out. Don’t over-justify. You have every right to speak up, pursue opportunities, and set boundaries. There’s no need to explain your feelings or run on and on about why you want something. Stay focused on what you need, want, or think. Be constructive, not emotional. You won’t get the results you want if you’re anxious or angry, so calm down before speaking up. Then use “I” statements instead of “you” statements so you aren’t perceived as blaming or dictatorial, cautions Bauman. Though it may seem stressful initially, standing up for yourself is the only way to create the life you want. When you speak your truth


October 2012




Stand Up for Yourself


thoughtfully and courteously, you build honest, trusting relationships and you stop aggressive and manipulative people in their tracks, McClure says. You’ll be paid more money and earn more respect if you

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Just Say No! If you respond to almost any request with an automatic “yes,” here’s help. 1. Slow down. Practice suspended civility, says McClure. Say, “Let me check my schedule and get back to you.” Think it through when you aren’t under pressure.

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3. Check your feelings. Is this something you’ll enjoy? Do you have time for it? Is it required? If not, politely decline.


4. Say no. Afraid of the “N” word? Say, “That won’t work for me,” “I can’t,” or “I’ve made another commitment.” And don’t apologize. You don’t want to sound weak or indecisive.

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Remote Working: It’s What Women Want

Learn how we can help you care for them without losing yourself. • We are the leader in contractfree home care services, ranging from short-term to 24/7 live-in care. • We provide high-quality, bonded and insured caregivers, who are experienced in care for older adults.

Tips for making the most of flexible work arrangements By CINDY BATES

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hese days, more and more employees spend a significant amount of time working outside

the office. According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft and 85 Broads, women now work outside their physical office for an average of 2.8 days per week, but that doesn’t mean they’re not getting their work done. Rather, they are taking advantage of the increasingly viable option to work remotely. Today, technology makes it easier than ever for businesses to employ virtual teams, and with nearly all of the

women surveyed indicating that they would prefer a regular remote-working schedule, many companies are making it happen for their employees. It’s no surprise that the demand is great among professional women to work remotely, especially given the fact that such arrangements support work/life balance. The primary reasons women cited in the survey for wanting to work remotely include establishing a better balance of work and home priorities, followed closely by the desire to avoid traffic or long commutes and attain greater personal productivity. The survey respondents concurred that their personal

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October 2012




Struggling With Caring for Aging Parents?


productivity actually improves when they’re not in the office. The tides have turned from an emphasis on having physical office locations and making an in-person impression on colleagues and superiors to one of support for flexible work arrangements. Yet, if you’re a woman who works remotely, I’m sure you also can relate to some of the challenges that come along with working outside the office: namely, to stay connected, to stay on task, and to build relationships with colleagues. With that in mind, here are some tips for being productive and successful while working remotely: Create one workspace. Do your best to keep your work life separate from your home life. Although you have the luxury of working from practically anywhere, creating a dedicated workspace can help you make a psychological connection that it’s time to work when you are in that location. Just as dressing professionally can influence your confidence and productivity, so too can giving yourself



Women now work outside their physical office for an average of 2.8 days per week. a specific location dedicated to work— preferably a room that is free from potential distractions.

Make it a priority to connect with colleagues. One advantage of being in the same location as colleagues are hallway conversations and cubicle chats, which don’t tend to happen when working remotely. If you find yourself out of the loop more often than you’d like when working from home, set reminders or schedule time to reach out regularly to key colleagues and catch up on what people are working on. By making appointments, you build structure into your day, and you send a message to your colleagues that even though you’re out of sight, you’re not absent from work.


Ti l e

Minimize multitasking when on conference calls. It’s easy to grow accustomed to multitasking while on the phone or participating in an audio conference. After all, no one can see if you are scrolling through yesterday’s emails or emptying the dishwasher. But you’ll stay more in synch with colleagues and save yourself from having to chase down unanswered questions later if you pay full attention during every conversation. Arm yourself with the right technology. Nearly half of respondents to the Microsoft/85 Broads survey reported that technology is a challenge when working outside of the office. If you feel your workplace doesn’t have the right technology tools in place to support a remote workforce, share



your concerns and offer specific examples of how you need technology to better empower you as a remote worker. Cloud technologies make it easier than ever for virtual teams to collaborate and share documents. Communication and productivity solutions like Office 365 and Microsoft Lync make it easy to connect and communicate with colleagues anytime and anywhere and are ideal options for businesses looking to better equip remote and in-house employees. Take breaks. Though it may seem conducive to productivity, it’s normal to hit a wall, so to speak, when working in solitude at home. Make time for breaks. Move around, walk outside, call a friend. You’ll return to your work refreshed and ready to focus again. • Cindy Bates is the vice president of Microsoft’s U.S. SMB Organization. For more information on solutions that facilitate remote working and keep SMBs thriving, visit, where you’ll also find a link to Cindy’s blog.

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The Dish on Kitchens



“” A light, clean,

tailored look is the new

traditional look.

giving the pasta a quick stir, the open plan is popular. If you’re working on refreshing an older, blocked-in kitchen, remove a wall—if possible— and invite the conversation and fun into your space. Riddle says you can provide a friendly barrier with a multilevel kitchen island; this feature keeps dinner prep out of view while allowing guests to engage with the cook. Since the kitchen is one of those spaces that may affect the resale value of your home, that possibility may influence the esthetics of the design. Riddle suggests “going neutral,” in this case, “and add whimsical items in the accessories.” For example, if you select neutral tile and honey maple cabinets, then you can add your own dramatic touches with sleek lighting and a recycled glass backsplash for an urban-chic look. In place of a lot of fine details and complex shapes, simple, sharp lines are popular. “A light, clean, tailored look is the new traditional look,” says Riddle. Consequently, she’s doing a lot of white kitchens with white cabinets, giving a “furniture look” to the space. Riddle says she usually works with six to eight versions that “read white,” with slight degrees of shade differences. Along with whites, jet black and gray are the new neutrals. Popular grays include deep charcoal paired with white, and even charcoal paint on the walls with white trim. “Also showing up,” Riddle says, “are warm grays with cool grays, and a taupe gray.” According to Riddle, “Combining rustic with industrial for an eclectic look is also in.” For example, she recently paired a white kitchen with a reclaimed barn beam used for the mantle over the range hood and finished off the effect by grouping metal stools around the island (pictured here). Stainless steel is timeless and can be put with anything, so stainless steel appliances are still big. Riddle says companies are coming out with clean steel, which offers the look of stainless but with a different texture and a laminate finish; this helps alleviate the


nock out a wall for an open plan? Install pendant lighting for ambience? Add tile backsplash and an under-mounted farmhouse sink? Like kids eyeing up choices in a candy shop, choosing the design, materials, and layout for your new kitchen or deciding on fresh updates for your old one can be daunting. Eileen Riddle, certified kitchen designer and president and owner of Kitchens by Eileen, says that her clients “are often overwhelmed and scared by the permanency of some choices and don’t know where to begin.” Riddle begins by listening. When clients ask, ‘Where do I start?’ she counters with, “What do you like?” If they don’t know what they like, she responds with, “Tell me what you don’t like.” That usually triggers some reactions and helps to narrow down the choices. She also recommends that they peruse magazines and tear out pages of appealing kitchens, then uses those images to identify a common thread. After a plan begins to materialize, she physically visits their space to get a sense of how the rest of the house flows, so that she can tie in the kitchen’s design accordingly. “Everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen,” says Riddle, “and casual entertaining is big.” In order to create the inclusive, friendly feel for you and your guests while you’re dicing the red pepper or

smudged fingerprints that invariably show up on refrigerators and dishwashers. Kitchen sinks are essential for food prepping and cleanup, and stainless steel is again a popular material. There are also some composites on the market that are easy to clean and have eye appeal. Riddle says she puts in a lot of double sinks with a lower divide down the middle. Farm sinks are popular, as are soapstone and cast iron. She even put in a concrete sink and counter—though she says it’s not as durable a material. According to

Riddle, white remains the most popular color for a sink. When it comes to countertops— granite is No. 1. If you’re put off by its shine, you can opt for honed granite, which gives off a matte finish and results in a more casual look. Another textured option for granite is the leather effect. Metal, wood tops with a marine finish, and distressed wood are also trendy material choices for your counter. “Additional counter space is key,” says Riddle, so some clients add a peninsula for more work space. Your kitchen floors see a lot of


October 2012




action, so you want a material that’s durable and easy to clean. Riddle says that’s why wood is a good choice; 75 percent of the kitchens she designs have wood floors. Tile, while esthetically pleasing, does not “give” and may fatigue your legs and feet while standing. Adding a rug or area mat injected with gel material or memory foam may compensate for the lack of “give” in the floor. Cork and bamboo provide eco-friendly flooring options. Lighting comes in threes: task lighting, located under cabinetry for the work areas; recessed lighting, located in the ceiling for overall illumination; and pendant lighting, installed for ambience. Other than the pendants, Riddle says you shouldn’t think about lighting when you enter the kitchen—it shouldn’t draw attention to itself. She uses LED lighting for maximum efficiency. One of Riddle’s favorite quotes is, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” The kitchen, in order to be truly functional, is certainly the place to put this aphorism into practice. Storage options include turnouts, Lazy Susans, corner Lazy Susans, roll out shelves, wire pullouts, under-sink tip-out trays, vertical storage for baking pans and sheets, and pull-out waste recycle units. Proper storage also opens up additional counter space. When designing kitchens, Riddle designates zones. The cleanup center includes the dishwasher,


~ October 2012 | BUSINESSWoman

waste, and cleaning supplies. The cooking/prepping center—where the knives and pots and pans are stored—takes place between cook top and sink or the island. In a large kitchen, she suggests two sinks. The coffee center, where the grinding and brewing of fresh beans takes place, is another zone option for coffee enthusiasts. What about all those strong cooking aromas that tend to linger—garlic, fish, or a spill on a burner? “Venting is very important,” Riddle says, “and there are great, quiet fans you can install.” Blowers mounted on the exterior of the house help remove steam, smoke, grease, and cooking odors, leaving you with fewer residual smells and a well-ventilated space. Not in the market for a new kitchen nor a total renovation? Riddle says popular upgrades include the following: changing the hardware, switching out the appliances and the hood, adding new tile backsplash, installing under-cabinet lighting and new flooring, and replacing the island with a popular painted distress finish. Any combination of these ideas will give your kitchen what it needs to keep on cooking.

October 29, 2012 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eden Resort & Suites, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster

Join us for a day of networking, information, and social fun. Our panel discussion, “WORK/LIFE BALANCE ... Is it a reality?” features six well-respected businesswomen from the area addressing a topic that we all can relate to in some way. Join in on the conversation, or just hear what they have to say.

Grand Prize Sponsors

Gift Certificates Gift Certificates (1) $500 gift certificate for sunroom products (2) $250 gift certificate for shade products

(10) $100 gift certificates

Gift Certificates (10) $100 gift certificates



Exhibitors • Listing • Map L 101 THE ROSE 1996 Auction Road Manheim, PA 17545

12 Kitchens by Design 2126 Columbia Avenue Lancaster, PA 17603 717.397.1461

15 BetterLiving of Central PA 2785 S. Queen St. Dallastown, PA 17313 717.741.9949 Central-PA

6 Members 1st Federal Credit Union Locations throughout Central PA 800.283.2328

16 Certified Carpet 1855-65 Columbia Ave. Lancaster, PA 17608 717.394.3731

14 PPL ePower 1553 Mountain Road Elizabethville, PA 17023 717.903.1304

8 Wilbur Chocolate 48 N. Broad St. Lititz, PA 17543 717.626.8530

10 Rodan & Fields Skin Care Jenny Shambaugh 316 Cherry St. Wrightsville, PA 17368 717.332.7860

17 Wings Travel Group Sue Stechman 9 Meadow Lane Lancaster, PA 17601 717.519.6930

4 SCORE Lancaster Dawn Mentzer 313 W. Liberty St.,Suite 231 Lancaster, PA 17603 717.435.3559

3 Clutter Stoppers 900-C Centerville Road Lancaster, PA 17601 717.898.2825


13 Eden Resort Inn & Suites 222 Eden Road Lancaster, PA 17601 2 Elizabethtown College One Alpha Drive Elizabethtown, PA 17022 717.361.3588



9 ADT Security Services, Inc. 3040 Industry Drive Lancaster, PA 17603 717.475.8391

5 Unique Limousine 1900 Crooked Hill Road Harrisburg, PA 17110 717.233.4431

11 PRIMERICA Financial Services Tina Papapavlos 440 Running Pump Road Lancaster, PA 17601 717.393.0122

7 Four Seasons Sunrooms 7831 Paxton St. Harrisburg, PA 17111 717.564.2244

Exhibitors and Lunch COURTYARD

Speed Networking ENCORE ROOM

1 FastSigns Ann Marie Hall 121 Centerville Road Lancaster, PA 17601 717.569.7606

Brought to you by




Speed Speed Networking Networking isis aa quick quick and and effective effective method method of of meeting meeting other other professionals professionals in in aa relaxed relaxed atmosphere atmosphere at at POWERLUNCH. POWERLUNCH. Sign up at the registration desk. First come, first reserved.

IN THE ENCORE ROOM: Session 1: 10:15 a.m. • Session 2: 11:15 a.m.

Meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more business! PL2

~ POWERLUNCH Lancaster’12 | BUSINESSWoman

12:30 p.m. in the stage area. Marilyn Walker President and CEO of synergize!

Anne Deeter Gallaher Owner and CEO of Deeter Gallaher Group LLC

Marilyn Walker helps organizations select and retain top performers and also enables dysfunctional work groups to become effective teams. The new Women’s Center at synergize! offers programs to help women develop their potential, from individual coaching to peer accountability groups and the Kee to Your Future women’s mentor program for women over 30 who are entering or reentering the workforce. Marilyn has a Master of Science in clinical psychology and worked full-time as a psychotherapist for several years before becoming the Central Pennsylvania branch director for a national nonprofit child welfare agency, responsible for all hiring, training, supervising, developing, and terminating staff. She received the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce 2010 Athena Award and was a 2011 recipient of the Count Me In M3 1000 national women’s business competition. You can find Marilyn at and view her blog at

Anne is owner/CEO of the Deeter Gallaher Group LLC, a marketing/PR firm that combines traditional and social media to wield Powerful language. Smart marketing? Driven by measurable performance, Anne and her team create award-winning results for clients in mechanical contracting, engineering, IT, banking, commercial real estate development, legal, music entertainment, and the automotive industries. Active on The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital Region advisory board and the Harrisburg Regional Chamber/CREDC board, Anne is also a member of The Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Economy Task Force and the founder of Harrisburg Social Media Club. Published in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Ragan Communications, and a contributor to the international blogs of The Social CMO and Crowdshifter, Anne holds bachelor’s degrees in English and communications/journalism. Honored in 2007 as one of PA’s Best 50 Women in Business, she is a frequent speaker and writer on entrepreneurship, women in business, social media, and PR/marketing.

Sherry Christian Anchor, CBS 21 News This Morning

Liz Martin Owner, Martin Insurance Agency

Known to family and friends as the consummate “morning person,” Sherry Christian is the natural choice for anchoring CBS 21 News This Morning. She joined WHP-TV in July 2002. Sherry holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication from the University of Florida, Gainesville. Sherry has earned numerous awards for reporting excellence and community service. She finds time to participate in professional organizations including the National Association of Black Journalists and National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In her own community, she has served on the boards of many civic organizations, including Goodwill Industries, March of Dimes, and United Way and is on the board of directors for the Harrisburg Area Autism Society. Quite the sports fan, Sherry enjoys watching Major League baseball games and professional and college football and basketball, and doesn’t mind bragging about “playing a mean game of softball” herself. Sherry lives in the Harrisburg area with her husband, Jeremy, and their three daughters.

Liz Martin was born and raised in Lancaster County and has dedicated her career to serving the community. Liz ran Martin’s Hatchery and Poultry Farm for eight years and later became the fourth-generation owner of Martin Insurance Agency. She has continued to grow Martin Insurance in part by purchasing three other insurance agencies. To her credit, Liz has also received a number of prestigious leadership and service awards, including the 2006 Athena Award and the 2011 Small Business Person of the Year award. Liz is active in the Lancaster County community and currently serves on the board of the Lancaster YWCA and the Lancaster Rotary. She is also a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania Sustained Agriculture (PASA), Elizabethtown College Leadership Council, and Millersville University Foundation. Liz does all this and continues to oversee the operation of her family’s all-natural grass-fed beef farm in Manor Township.

Robin Montgomery Owner, Sales Assistant Strategies and

Kae G. Wagner President, North Star Marketing, Inc.

Robin Montgomery has built a successful career and is a leader in the business community. She is an excellent communicator and is effective in analyzing and solving problems. However, there was a time when Robin didn’t have any skills, and that was when she needed them most. Her first husband abused her, but, like many women, she stayed in the marriage because she had no money, no skills, and two children. After gathering the courage to share her secret, Robin left the marriage. Resolved not to go on welfare, she often took jobs where she could take her children along with her. Through hard work, determination, and continually upgrading her skills, she eventually became the chief operations and compliance officer for Braverman Financial Associates. In 2005 she founded her own companies, Sales Assistant Strategies and Robin has been happily married for more than 10 years and is determined to help other women living in abusive relationships.

Kae Wagner is president of North Star Marketing, a marketing and branding firm she started in 1989. Throughout her years in business, Kae has been a writer, speaker, and author of two books: The Power Principles of Marketing and The CEO’s Little Black Book of Branding. She started her career in television and film, was a national columnist for two years, and has been published in many regional and national publications. Kae is an award-winning marketer and was named one of Pennsylvania’s 50 Best Women in Business by Gov. Ed Rendell. She is active in her community and has served on many community boards. In addition to her work in business and the community, Kae enjoys the culinary arts, travel, gardening, reading, and working on her golf game.

Bring-a-friend registration – just $30 (save $10) Register online at



Escape the Ordinary with Betterliving

2785 S. Queen St. Dallastown, PA 17313 Betterliving of Central PA/ Garrety Glass, Inc. Better Business Bureau Member PA Home Improvement Contractor # PA 069506

717-741-9949 •

Cumberland County

omen’s Expo Event partner

November 3, 2012 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Carlisle Expo Center 100 K Street • Carlisle, PA

FREE advance registration online! ($5 at the door)

Hosted by BUSINESSWoman magazine, this one-day event features exhibitors and interactive fun that encompasses many aspects of a woman’s life, including:

Beauty Home Health & Wellness Shopping Fashion Finance Technology Nutrition

and more! a G r e a t Wa yTo S p e n d M y D a y. c o m PL4

~ POWERLUNCH Lancaster’12 | BUSINESSWoman

Please, Join Us!

November 3, 2012 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Carlisle Expo Center • 100 K Street, Carlisle

You’ll be Saying: “That was A Great Way to Spend My Day!” The Cumberland County women’s expo is quickly approaching. It will be held on Nov. 3 at the Carlisle Expo Center, 100 K St., Carlisle, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. We would like to invite anybody who enjoys having fun with other women from their community, learning about new products and services, doing holiday shopping, and possibly winning a great door prize. Oh, that sounds like you! We are grateful to our Event Partner Pinnacle Health for teaming up with us to bring this special day designed just for women. The aisles

will be packed with exhibitors for every facet of your life – fashion and accessories, health and wellness, home decorating, home improvements, living and care options, travel, educational opportunities, and so much more. Need a little more enticing? I won’t give everything away, but a fashion show by Creative Elegance Boutique will be one of the day’s highlights. See what you’ll want to be dressed in, including sportswear, from work to after-5 wear, holiday fashions, and elegant affairs. All of us should know what to do in case someone harasses or shows aggression toward us. Caryn Mottilla, from I C Self Defense, will demonstrate some tried and true self-defense techniques. Because the unexpected can happen

any time, be prepared for your safety. Did you ever wonder what your writing says about you? Do you write very large, so tiny it’s almost illegible, back slanted, forward slanted, with a lot of curly q’s, or something that doesn’t even really resemble a signature? Mitzi Jones will be enlightening us as to what those little things reveal about our personalities with handwriting analysis. And my last little tease … there will also be free mini spa treatments and a seminar on losing weight by Cyndi Taylor, Head Coach Central PA Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge. They’ve lost a combined total of 37,000 pounds. And she’s helping more people lose the next 37,000 pounds.

Ladies, go online now to register at It’s FREE, simple, and it will save you $5 at the door. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues; everything’s more fun when you include others! Like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening – See you there!



The Fertility Center, LLC • Giant Food Stores



($5 at the door)


October 2012

a G r e a t WayTo S p e n d M y D ay. co m



s e n o m r o H g Du el i n Collide

By E


nopause e M d n a ty r e – When Pub


n 1980, the average age of a first-time mother was 23. Over the years, that age has risen, and in 2010 the age of first-time mothers reached almost 27 (26.8). Now, more than ever, many households are experiencing puberty and perimenopause and menopause (I call it PM&M for short) at the same time. So what happens when you mix adolescent hormones and menopausal hormones in the same house? Hormone combustion!


These days, households with both teens and moms entering PM&M can reach an atmosphere of playoff intensity and become a place of hate and not love. That’s not a beneficial situation for anyone! I’ve heard so many stories that absolutely break my heart. From children going to stay with friends because neither child nor parent knew how to resolve the issues, to separation and divorce. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The good news is that amidst all

~ October 2012 | BUSINESSWoman

this chaos, there is an opportunity to turn this time into one of growth and connection. We can all get through this together if we really get down to the business of what’s really going on. Often the anger or frustration that we send outward is really just an overflow, or misdirection, of that same anger and frustration that we might have toward ourselves. Working on yourself, focusing on your own personal growth, knowing your body, and being prepared will

help ease the tension you have in your relationships—particularly with those closest to you. It seems as soon as our children begin puberty, they stop talking. They begin pushing adult figures away in an attempt to achieve independence. This process is hard enough on Mom, but if she is experiencing PM&M, it’s a dangerous combination. Often this leads to a lack—or complete loss of— communication between mother and child. When the communication lines

are down, everyone suffers. How do you fix this? Keep talking! Dig it out! A simple hug instead of a look of disgust is a good place to begin. To do this, both the menopausal mother and the teen need to try to stop personalizing everything the other is saying and doing. It is nobody’s fault. Everyone is dealing with their own personal challenges. Keeping this fact in mind can be liberating. Your teen may roll their eyes and look at you like you’re an alien from outer space, but just ignore that. It’s kind of how they look at everything; it’s really not about you. Keep communicating no matter what the response is. Be the first to give. If you share your challenges openly, you show that you’re willing to be vulnerable. This can be an incredible example to set for a child who’s going through a tough and confusing time. When you reach out and share your struggles, you’re setting an

example through your actions that it’s OK to not be fine, it’s OK to be confused and frustrated, and it’s OK to reach out to your loved ones for support. Look, teens can be total monsters (weren’t you?), but remember, so can a menopausal woman! Of course, every situation is different, and it may take some tinkering to customize this loving approach to fit your family structure, but the more we educate our loved ones and ourselves, the happier and more understanding the whole household will be. • “E” is the pen name of Ellen Sarver Dolgen, author of Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness, a lighthearted, informative, easy-to-read book on menopause, and creator of, a resource treasure trove for women going through perimenopause and menopause. E stands for everyone because everyone goes through menopause or knows someone who does.

Christopher Shih, MD Regional Gastroenterology Associates of Lancaster (RGAL) is pleased to announce that Dr. Christopher Shih joined our practiced in September 2012. Dr. Shih brings eight years of experience in Gastroenterology to our community.

• Doctor of Medicine, Michigan State University • US Air Force physician for past 10 years • daVinci Trained

Dr. Shih is a fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology with special interests in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and Colorectal Cancer Screening. Dr. Shih is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, consult your primary care physician or call 717-544-3400.

• In-Office Procedures OB OB •• GYN GYN •• Infertility Infertility •• 3D/4D 3D/4D Ultrasound Ultrasound •• In-office In-office Procedures Procedures Urinary Urinary Incontinence Incontinence •• Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Screening Screening

Two Convenient Locations: MAIN OFFICE: Women & Babies Hospital OTHER LOCATIONS: Brownstown • Columbia • Elizabethtown • Willow Street • Intercourse

• Lancaster Health Campus • Oregon Pike - Brownstown • 717.544.3400


October 2012




Dr. Shih is board-certified in Gastroenterology and obtained his education and training from some of the nation’s premier institutions: Harvard University (Undergraduate), Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine), Hospiital of the University of Pennsylvania (Internship and Residency), and Johns Hopkins Hospital (Fellow wship).

Join Us for the eighth annual

Power of Style Fashion Show October 11, 2012 West Shore Country Club 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 12:30 Fashion Show Tickets are $100 Tables of 10 available

Signature Sponsor,


Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


~ October 2012 | BUSINESSWoman

The Only Fashion Show To Exclusively Feature Local WomenOwned Boutiques! Higashi Pearls & Fine Jewelry, Leaf of Eve, Baby Bug & Me, Tara’s Bridal, The Plum, Creative Elegance, Maggie Adams, and Presence invite you to a fashion show luncheon highlighting domestic violence DZDUHQHVVPRQWKDQGEHQH¿WLQJWKH YWCA Greater Harrisburg.

For tickets call Devan at 724-2248 or



Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), has joined the law firm of Mette, Evans & Woodside as counsel to the firm. Barattini brings extensive knowledge of municipal financing, which will be her focus of practice with the firm.

Lara Colestock joins JPL as an account strategist. She brings a wealth of experience in account management, strategic planning, and media planning from her five years at Neiman. Prior, Colestock worked with CBS 21 WHP TV, Harrisburg.

Avis M. Graham has been promoted to assistant vice president – Investment & Trust Services for F&M Trust. Graham is a registered representative of INVEST Financial Corporation, holds a CFP® certification, is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), and is a Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL).

Tiffany Look has been named branch manager of Members

Vicki Miller has been hired as administrative assistant for

Darlene Farren Piazza has been

1st Federal Credit Union Camp Hill branch. Look brings 16 years of experience in financial services to her current position.

the York County Community Foundation. She most recently served for five years as executive administrative assistant in the dean’s office at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

appointed director of nursing for Pleasant View Retirement Community. In addition, she is a licensed nursing home administrator and personal care administrator in Pennsylvania and holds numerous certifications in healthcare safety and occupational health.

Bernadette Barattini, former deputy chief counsel for the


ACHIEVEMENTS & Tish Bachleda of Schaefferstown won the highest award as a traditional artisan in this year’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts in Early American Life magazine. This marks Bachleda’s 10th year of being ranked among the best traditional artisans.

Marketing Works, a York-based advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, was recognized for excellence in two recent healthcare marketing competitions: Healthcare Advertising Awards and Aster Awards.

Kelley Clements Keller, Esq., a sole practitioner of intellectual property law at The Keller Law Firm, LLC in Carlisle, has been accepted into Leadership Harrisburg Area Fellowship Program, as well as King’s College London, where she will be attaining her postgraduate diploma in U.K., E.U., and U.S. copyright law.

Do you have an announcement? Please email your announcements of career advancements and professional new hires to Electronic photos should be saved as a tiff, jpeg, pdf or eps at 300 dpi. Or mail to: BUSINESSWOMAN, 3912 Abel Drive, Columbia, PA 17512. Photos sent through mail will not be returned. Please – no duplicate releases.

While We Were Out ...


Northwest Savings Bank recently donated $5,000 to the Cultural Alliance of York County. Pictured, on left, is Joanne Riley, president of the Cultural Alliance of York County, and Jill Bollinger, vice president, Commercial Lending for Northwest Savings Bank.


Mid Penn Bank Nonprofit Banking Officer Christine Nagorzanski, left, recently presented $2,000 to Channels Food Rescue Executive Director Lori Hoffmaster, right. The contribution is supporting the organization’s “Food for the Future” program, which provides food-service industry training to students of Dauphin County and Adams County technical schools.

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October 2012



a la Card

Products and services at a glance. ~ 717.285.1350 Networking


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Educating Women on Best Practices in Business Oct. 9 Present with Power

Join other businesswomen at monthly luncheon workshops to learn more about achieving success in business.

Nov. 20 Entrepreneurship Central PA 2012 Conference

Real Estate


The first step in reaching your goals is reaching the person who can help you achieve them. Our Advisors. Your Dreams. MORE WITHIN REACH®

Call me today at (717) 431.0522 30 East Roseville Rd, Suite E Lancaster, PA 17601 717-431-0522

Julie Mc Corkel, CFS® Financial Advisor Business Financial Advisor julie.k.mccorkel Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results. © 2012 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.

300 Lakeview Dr. – SOLD! 104 W. Elizabeth St. – SOLD! HOMESALE 31 Limestone Ct. – SOLD! SERVICES GROUP 441 Stonegate Ct. – SOLD! Nancy Sarley, SRES (717) 286-9680 Email: nsarley@

I need your listings!

717-295-HOME 150 North Pointe Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17601

Call me to set up a meeting.

Experience & Integrity Without Pressure


3 Reasons to Advertise Your Service or Business Here: Call to host a party or join our team! Great employment opportunity! Pamela Santiago

Angela Jakubowski



#1. It’s affordable #2. Substantial visibility #3. Assistance is available to design your ad! Contact your representative at 717.285.1350 or email

oman online is pleased to introduce eXPERT eXCHANGE!


Experts from a variety of fields will share their tips and strategies for success. Visit 18

~ October 2012 | BUSINESSWoman




American Business Women’s Association Camelot Chapter 6 p.m. 3rd Monday of the month The Radisson Penn Harris Hotel & Convention Center, Camp Hill Tania Srouji, President

Central PA Association for Female Executives (CPAFE) Oct. 3, 2012 11:30 – 1 p.m. Registration Required Giant Super Foods 3301 Trindle Road, Camp Hill Jessica Warren

Lancaster Area Express Network 7:30 – 9 a.m. 3rd Wednesday of the month Social Networking Lancaster Country Club 1466 New Holland Pike, Lancaster Lisa Horst 717.381.7312

utive Women International Execu Harrisburg Chapter 5:30 p.m. 3rd Thursday of the month Rotating location Cynthia A. Sudor 717.469.7329

Lebanon Valley Chapter 6:30 p.m. 4th Wednesday of the month Hebron Hose Fire Company 701 E. Walnut St., Lebanon Barbara Arnold 717.867.5227

Harrisburg Business Women 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesday of the month Best Western Premier Central Hotel & Conference Center 800 East Park Drive, Harrisburg Lynne Baker 717.975.1996

Women at Work Express Chapter Network 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. 2nd Thursday of the month Heritage Hotel 500 Centerville Road, Lancaster Virginia Klingensmith vklingensmith@unioncommunity Yellow Breeches Chapter 6 p.m. 4th Wednesday of the month Comfort Suites 10 S. Hanover St., Carlisle Leslie Shatto

Harrisburg Chapter 5:30 p.m. 3rd Monday of the month Holiday Inn Harrisburg East Lindle Road, Harrisburg Karen Folk, CAP-OM, President Jodi Mattern, CPS, Webmaster

Mechanicsburg Business Women 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 3rd Wednesday of the month Liberty Forge 3804 Lisburn Road, Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Network (PAIRWN) Ho-Thanh Nguyen 717.433.0900 Pennsylvania Public Rellations Society 5:30 p.m. Last Thursday of the month Suzanne Graney, President 717.910.2948 Shippensburg Women’s Area Networking (SWAN) Noon 1st Wednesday of the month Rotating location Amanda Ridgway 717.658.1657 Women’s Business Center Organization 11:30 a.m. 2nd Tuesday of the month Alumni Hall, York College of PA Mimi Wasti

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Women’s Network of York 11:30 a.m. 3rd Tuesday of the month Outdoor Country Club 1157 Detwiler Drive, York Jennifer Smyser 717.495.7527


Carlislee Business Women’s Networking Luncheon Noon 2nd Wednesday of the month Magnolia’s Jewelers 728 N. Hanover St., Carlisle

International Association of Administrative Professionals Conestoga Chapter 5:30 p.m. 4th Tuesday of the month Woodcrest Villa 2001 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster

White Rose Chapter of York 6 p.m. 3rd Wednesday of the month Normandie Ridge 1700 Normandie Ridge Drive York 717.792.1410

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Business Woman October 2012  
Business Woman October 2012  

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