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“Signed and Designed” Ceramic Design From 1870

March 15th—17th 2013

AD Antiques Invites you to join them at their Selling Exhibition to be held from the 15th - 17th March 2013 at:

Court Barn Museum, Church Street, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. GL55 6JE

Opening times Friday 15th March: 12 - 5 (by invitation only) Saturday 16th March: 11 - 4 Sunday 17th March: 11 - 4

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The Exhibition:

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The Exhibition

“Signed and Designed” British Art Pottery Circa 1870 - 2013

The exhibition will showcase carefully selected pieces from factories or designers that are amongst the finest in their field. Whether purchasing for investment or purely for pleasure, adding to a collection or looking for that special something, we hope to have things to tempt! Over the last 12 months items have been sourced specifically for this exhibition, many of which have been acquired from private collections. No items that feature in the exhibition have been offered for sale by AD antiques prior to the event; essentially they are “fresh to the market”. A number of pieces that feature in the exhibition have been consigned by clients to sell on a commission basis. Enquiries from clients interested in consigning items for future Exhibitions or Fairs are most welcome. Nothing will be sold prior to the opening of the exhibition at 12 0’clock on the 15th March. If you are unable to visit in person, we will be taking telephone sales from 12 o’clock. (No calls will be valid before that time.) The items in the catalogue will be fully illustrated online several weeks in advance with any damage or restoration noted. However if you would like a comprehensive condition report, or additional images, please enquire in good time; we will be unable to provide that information on the opening day. The opening few hours of the Show are generally very busy and because of the space constraints and limitations on numbers imposed by the museum we keep staff members to a minimum; we provide guests with “red spots” which can be initialled and placed on the label of any item they intend to purchase. A red spot is a commitment to buy. Items sold to clients known to us may be removed from the exhibition at the point of purchase. We are, however, happy to provide a complimentary postage service.

For free entrance into the museum please bring along your invitation.


Court Barn Museum Housed in the grounds of Old Campden House, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, Court Barn is a Grade II listed building celebrating the art and lives of the crafts people of the Cotswolds. The Museum features a permanent exhibition of the work of important Arts and Crafts designers such as C.R. Ashbee, Gordon Russell and Robert Welch.

Court Barn

Chipping Campden

Parking: There is no public parking at the museum, but there are several public car parks in Campden and plenty of on street parking. During weekends, parking is also available at Chipping Campden High School, just round the corner from Court Barn Museum. Trains: Moreton-in-Marsh 6 miles Evesham 10 miles Stratford 12 miles 5


1 Early Martin Brothers Jug decorated with Stylised Leaves and Floral rosettes with a handle modelled as a Fish. 7.5” high, 6” wide 1874 6

2 Pair of Early Martin Brothers Vases Decorated with Cranes hunting for Fish amongst Foliage and Butterflies, the neck and foot with pierced and reticulated detail 16.5� high. Dated 1975 7

3 Martin Brothers Tile decorated in relief with a Flower Signed to front 6� Dated 1881

4 Martin Brothers Tile decorated in relief with Flowers and Foliage Unmarked 6� Circa 1881


5 Martin Brothers Tile decorated in relief with Leaves Signed to front 6� Circa1881

6 Martin Brothers Tile decorated in relief with Flowers and Foliage Unmarked 6� Dated 1881


7 Martin Brothers Vase Decorated with Swallows and Insects Amongst Foxgloves and Irises 8.5� high 1893


8 Martin Brothers Miniature Jug decorated with Grotesque Fish 0.75� high, 1.25� wide 1906


9 Martin Brothers Vase decorated with Grotesque Fish, Jelly Fish and Eel, The Two handles formed out of Eels 10.5� high Glaze burst to body 1911 12

10 Martin Brothers Bowl Decorated with Grotesque Fish and Central Starfish 6” wide, 1.5” deep 1913 13

11 Martin Brothers Vase decorated profusely with Grotesque and Comical Fish and Eels 8.25� high 1891 14

12 Martin Brothers Vase decorated with Grotesque Fish and Jelly Fish 9� high 1903 15

13 Martin Brothers Square Section Vase Decorated with Grotesque Fish, Crab and Jellyfish. 7.25� high 1907 16

14 Unusual Martin Brothers Vase decorated with Four Grotesque, Fantastic Creatures amongst Flowers and Foliage Housing Two Owls and Six perched Birds 9.5� high Dated 1886


15 Martin Brothers Vase decorated with Four Grotesque Birds With an unusual Green Colourway 3.5� high 1907


16 Martin Brothers Vase Decorated with Three Grotesque and Comical Birds Restoration to top rim 8� high 1892


17 Martin Brothers Grotesque Bird with a Quiff 8� high including base 1911 20

15 Early Martin Brothers Vase Decorated with Field Birds and a Snake 13.5� high Dated 1876

18 Martin Brothers Gourd with Ribbed decoration and Blue Banding Small glaze frit to one of the ribs 8� high 1900


19 Martin Brothers Miniature Vase with Two Lug Handles with a Spotty Glaze (Glaze pops under handles) 2.25” high 1910

20 Martin Brothers Gourd Vase in a Blue Glaze 2” high, 2” wide Circa 1910



21 William De Morgan triple Lustre “Serpent Island” Dish By Charles Passenger 11” wide, 2.5” deep Circa 1890


22 William De Morgan (attributed) Vase In Persian Colourway decorated with Fish Minor frits to rim 6.75� high Circa 1890 24

23 William De Morgan Dish Decorated with Stylised Flowers By Charles Passenger 8� wide, 1.5� deep 1888-97


24 William De Morgan Vase Decorated with Carnation Design Restoration to rim By Fred Passenger 7.25� high, 6� wide 1888-97 26

25 William De Morgan Tile Panel with Central 8” Marlborough Tile Flanked by Turquoise border Tiles in a Frame 13” Circa 1880s

26 William De Morgan Tile Panel with Central 8” Iznik Tile Flanked by Turquoise border Tiles in a Frame 13” Circa 1880s


27 William De Morgan 6” Tile Decorated with “Fantastic Ducks” Design 1882—8

28 William De Morgan 6” Tile Decorated with Birds and Foliage Fulham 1888—97


29 William De Morgan 6” Tile Decorated with “Bedford Park Anemone” Design 1882 - 8

30 William De Morgan 6” Tile Decorated with Flowers and Scrolling Foliage Design 1888 - 97


31 William De Morgan Charger Decorated with Three Fish in a Copper Lustre Glaze 14” wide, 2” deep Circa 1890 30

Doulton 32 Doulton Lambeth “Mock Turtle” Paperweight Designed by Mark Marshall 2.5” high Circa 1905

33 Doulton Lambeth King Chess Piece By George Tinworth (monogrammed) 3” high Circa 1890s


34 Pair of Doulton Lambeth Vases each decorated with 6 Panels of Dogs, Sheep, Pigs and Goats by Hannah Barlow. Borders by Emily Stormer Restoration to the neck of both vases 11� high Circa 1890


35 Doulton Lambeth Vase by Hannah Barlow Decorated with 6 Dogs Restoration to the foot 11.5� high Circa 1910 33

36 Early Doulton Lambeth Jug Decorated with a Bird of Prey hunting a Rat By Hannah Barlow 5.75� high 1869-72 34

37 Doulton Lambeth Jug decorated with a Fox and 5 Rabbits By Hannah Barlow 9.5� high Circa 1890


38 Doulton Lambeth Vase in an Art Nouveau Design By Eliza Simmance 14.5� high Circa 1910


39 Doulton Lambeth Vase In an Art Nouveau Design by Frank Butler 14� high Circa 1900


40 Pair of Doulton Lambeth Vases Decorated in an Art Nouveau Design by Eliza Simmance 14� high Circa 1900 38

41 Doulton Lambeth Vase with Applied Copper “Skin” Decorated with a Mermaid and Fish by Francis Pope 10.25” high Circa 1910


42 Royal Doulton Flambé Vase Decorated with Egyptian Scene marked “Cairo” 8.5” high Circa 1930s 40

43 Royal Doulton Flambé Vase Decorated with a Fruiting Vine with Guilt Highlights By Nixon 6.5” high, 4.5” wide Circa 1930s


44 Royal Doulton Chang Vase by Fred Moore 7.25� high Circa 1930 42


Doulton Titanian Vase Decorated with a “Night Herron” By H Allen 4.25” high, 3.25” wide Dated 1933

46 Royal Doulton “Chinese Jade” Vase Decorated with Fruiting Branches by Charles Noke and Harry Nixon 5.75” high Circa 1930s



47 William Moorcroft Coupe In “Spanish” Design 7” high, 5” wide Circa 1914


48 & 49 William Moorcroft Tea Cups in “Spanish” and “Revived Cornflower” designs 5.5” wide. Circa 1914 and 1912 respectively


50 William Moorcroft Vase Decorated in “Persian” design 7” high Circa 1916 46

51 3546 William Moorcroft for Liberty William Moorcroft Vase “Moonlit Blue” Vase on a Tudric Pewter Base Decorated in Eventide design 11.75” high Circa 1925 Circa 1920s 9.5” high 47

52 William Moorcroft Vase Decorated in the “Pansy and Bud” design 10.5” high Circa 1935 48

53 William Moorcroft Vase Decorated with a Single Fish 11.25� high Circa 1930s 49


54 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with Three Knights by Richard Joyce “Dulce, Natale, Solum” 11.5” high 1914-23 Irregularities to the firing 50

55 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase decorated with Birds of Prey Attributed to Richard Joyce 7.5� high Circa 1920s 51

56 Pilkington’s Lustre Box Decorated with stylised Flowers By Annie Burton 3.25” wide, 1.25” high 1911


57 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase decorated with Four Galleons on a Choppy Sea by William Mycock One Galleon with scratches to the Sail 10.74” high Dated 1927 53

58 Pilkington’s Lustre Charger decorated In Bold Relief with Pegasus Signed in full by Richard Joyce 15.5� wide 1926 54

59 Pilkington’s Lustre Two Handled Vase Decorated with Stylised Carnations By Gordon Forsyth 9.5” high, 6.5” wide 1911 55

60 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with Four Birds By William Mycock 6� high 1907 56


61 Pilkington’s Lustre two handled Vase Decorated with Lions Passant by Gordon Forsyth 7.5” high, 6.5” wide 1910


62 Pilkington’s Lustre two handled Vase Decorated with two Rampant Lions and Foliage By Gordon Forsyth and William Mycock 9.5” high, 6.5” wide. Dated 1907 58

63 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with Stylised Flowers by William Mycock 5.75” high 1929


64 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with Stylised Pine Cones by Gladys Rogers 3.5” high 4.5” wide 1914-23 59

65 Pilkington’s Lustre Bowl Potted by Edward Radford Decorated with a Central Flower by William Mycock 9” wide, 2.75” high 60


66 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with three Fish By Richard Joyce 3.75” high, 4” wide 1914—23 61


67 Pilkington’s Lustre Vase Decorated with five Fish by Richard Joyce 7.5� high 1914 - 23 62


68 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Malphry Pot In the scarce “Lahore” design 8.75” high Circa 1920s 63

69 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Vase Decorated in the “Willow” design in a flame colourway 8” high Circa 1920s 64

70 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Plate Decorated with “Imps on a Bridge” Design 10.5” Circa 1920s


71 Monumental Wedgwood Dragon Lustre vase 17� high, 7� across the rim Circa 1930s


72 Wedgwood Bowl decorated to the exterior with Dragons on a Powder Blue Ground and to the interior with lozenges of Flowers and Ceramic Vessels 9.5� wide, 4.25� high Circa 1930s 67

73 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Footed Bowl in the scarce “Nizami” design 3.75” wide 1” high Circa 1919

74 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Dish in the scarce “Nizami” design 4” wide 0.5” high Circa 1919


75 Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Bowl Decorated in “Firbolgs I” design 4” wide, 2.5” high 1920—30 69

Three Scarce Wedgwood Lustre Brooches

Top Left: 76 Dragon Lustre Brooch in golden metal mount (unmarked) with safety chain. 2” diameter Circa 1920

Top Right: 77 Fairyland Lustre Brooch “Big Eyes” in a 9ct Gold metal mount and safety chain. 2” diameter Circa 1920

Bottom: 78 Fairyland Lustre Brooch “Picnic by the River” in a Sterling Silver Mount 1.5” x 1” Circa 1920


79 Large Wedgwood Fairyland Bowl In the scarce “Lahore” design 11” wide, 4” deep Circa 1920s 71

80 Wedgwood Fairyland Vase “Daventry” design 12” high Circa 1926 72

81 Wedgwood Fairyland Bowl “Daventry” design 5” wide, 2.25” high Circa 1926 73

82 Wedgwood Fairyland Bowl “Ship and Mermaid” interior, “Fiddler in the Tree” exterior 8” wide, 4” deep, Circa 1920 74

83 Wedgwood Fairyland Bowl “Bird and Hoop” interior, “Castle on a Road” exterior 7” wide, 3.5” high, Circa 1920s 75

Distinguished Art Pottery

84 “Hadcote” Vase by Wardle For Liberty & Co Designed by Frederick Rhead Min scuffs to glaze 9.75” high Circa 1905 76

85 Della Robbia Plaque decorated in relief with a group of Dancing Children by Miss M Furniss 9.75” wide, 8” high, 0.75” deep Frits to edges. Circa 1900 86 Pair of John Pearson Arts and Crafts Vases 3.5” high, 4” wide. Circa 1900


87 Ruskin Vase in a Kingfisher Blue Lustre Glaze 10.5� high Dated 1921

88 Ruskin High Fired Vase with a Speckled Glaze 7.5� high Dated 1906


89 Della Robbia Vase by Ruth Bare Decorated with eight Oval Panels Of Fairies in various poses 13.25� high Circa 1898 79

Heidi Warr Heidi Warr has an established history in the collectable ceramic art market. She worked at Dennis Chinaworks for nearly 16 years and for many of them she was the principle decorator. Over the years she has amazed those who love and collect art pottery with her skill as a decorator. Her work has sold for thousands of pounds through Bonham’s Auction House and is on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Now Heidi has burst forth onto the collectable ceramic art market scene with her own range where she showcases herself as a competent and outstanding designer as well as one of the finest ceramic decorators. Heidi creates individual handmade slab built earthenware towers and decorates the pieces using traditional methods including sliptrailing, incising and different brush techniques with under-glaze colours, stains and oxides. These methods date back hundreds of years and she is keeping important traditions alive. The pieces she creates are bold statements which merge the traditional with the contemporary. Each design has a meaning and a message, which as an authentic artist she feels it is important to convey through her work. Seeing the execution of her skills on the earthenware towers, one is left in no doubt about the quality and desirability of the pieces. It is unquestionable that Heidi has a long career ahead of her; able to design, create and decorate her own ceramic art pottery. It is thrilling to be part of her journey as she grows as an artist and satisfies our passion for highly collectable and exquisitely decorated ceramic artwork. Having formally launched her debut collection at the AD antiques 2012 exhibition, and having enjoyed commercial success in the UK and overseas during 2012, the following pieces are from Heidi’s new range (the first major pieces in her second series) and are being exhibited for the first time at the Opening of the Exhibition.


90 Heidi Warr “Battling Dragon” Extra Large Tower Each side decorated with different Sea Creatures 21” high. Limited edition of Five 2013 81

91, 92, 93, 94 Heidi Warr “Battling Dragon” Large Tower Each side decorated with a repeated design 17 “ high. Limited Edition of Five of each design 2013 82


95 Heidi Warr “Woodland Spirit” Extra Large Tower Each side decorated with a different Spirit 21” high. Limited edition of Five 2013 84

96, 97, 98, 99 Heidi Warr “Woodland Spirit” Large Tower Each side decorated with a repeated design of a Spirit 17 “ high. Limited edition of Five of each design 2013 85


100 Heidi Warr “Celtic Bird” Small Tower Vase 9.25” high. Limited edition of Nine 2013 87


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