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University18 Offering Online Degree Courses from India’s Largest Universities Our vision is to become the world leader in Online Education, setting benchmark on the following metrics:  Credible Certifications  World Class Quality Content  Affordable Degree Programs  Easy to use Technology for education  Quick and Responsive support

Courses Offered By U18 Executive MBA Courses Master in Business Management MBA in Technology Management MBA in Entrepreneurship Master in Computer Applications Bachelor in Business Administration Bachelor in Computer Applications Thousands of students use the U18 Platform to access course material, virtual classroom sessions, assessments and examinations online.

All you need is the Internet.

A brief Intro to our courses Executive MBA Course This program will prepare the applicant with the abilities that are desirable to be an active top board expert, forerunner and policymaker. Master in Business Management This program aims to supplement and improve the decision-making skills of applicants and to help them understand various business practices. Our faculty use live Virtual Classroom Sessions and Pre Recorded Video Lectures to explain key concepts over each course.

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A brief Intro to our courses MBA in Technology Management The course is designed for aspirants who want a mid-level career profiles in Information technology, and managerial prospectus in IT/ITES fields. MBA in Entrepreneurship This program develops various habits of a successful entrepreneur and business skills that are building blocks for starting a new business. Students can use our e-Library platform to access eBooks from anywhere in the globe.

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A brief Intro to our courses Master in Computer Applications  The MCA degree programs are diligently designed for developing skills and expertise in computer Application Development process.  The MCA program is not only a post graduate course; it is broad professional mentoring for candidates for a bright career prospects in IT industry. Online Discussion forums and social networking forums support students to discuss class works, assignments and other things and make professional network outside the class.

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A brief Intro to our courses Bachelor in Business Administration The BBA program offers solid, entry level speculative foundation towards business major with state-of-the-art practices and real-world training of business strategies. Bachelor in Computer Applications The BCA program helps candidates to advance IT skills such as good software development skills, good knowledge of computer devices etc. Our Web proctored examination system permits candidates to schedule their assessments by their own without any bother of travelling to an exam center.

Education on the Go !!!

The U18 Apps allow aspirants to access their course content on the go, regardless of any location. All the classroom lectures, course material are also accessible here. You can download U18 apps FREELY from Android market.

Contact U18 for more Info ! University18 A Square, 278, Udyog Vihar Phase II, Gurgaon, India 122016 +91 (124) 4767000 1800-1027-018

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