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The Dialogue for Inclusion Social Inclusion, better integration and prevention of migration, we make it happen from the Power of our Communities and Youngsters! Working together as young locals, YMRAs* and local stakeholders, as citizens of 1 world. By collaboration, sharing and helping each other, online and offline, globally and locally.

*YMRAs: Young Migrants, Refugees and Asylum seekers

Welcome to take action! Young Locals & Young Migrants have an important contribution to better integration & prevention of migration of young migrants* *Migrants: people who have to leave their country because of lack of safety, equality, justice, social inclusion, work, basic needs, future perspective. 3

Why we are together ●

To take action for Social Inclusion & Future Perspective of youngsters!

To share ideas, solutions and the nexts steps in action for better integration and prevention of migration.

To start a movement for Social Inclusion by Employment for sustainable change.

To become a community who share & support each other to work out good idea and solutions into local projects and startups.


Call 4 Action We do like to ask you: ● ●

Forget your personal challenges these 3 days Focus 100% on We Grow Together: what can we DO together?

Erasmus plus supports us with a grant of € 29.655,00* (community money) to bring us together, to conduct the Dialogue for Social Inclusion & take action. Let’s go for the maximum outcome! *Travel & Stay - New Solidarity fund! (October 18) € 12.375,00 travel € 17.280,00 stay 5

Wished outcome ●

Ideas for local projects & startups for better integration and prevention of migration.

A community of young people and local stakeholders who work out these projects & startups into Daily Action with support of each other.

Long term commitment to start and continue a movement for Social Inclusion.


Follow up* of the Dialogue for Inclusion Conference 2018 ●

Collaboration in the ONE WORLDcitizens Community

Youth Exchange/Trainer program 2019 ○ How to become a FUTURE ROOTS community Trainer ○ How to be a FUTURE ROOTS community Leader

Youth Exchange/Trainer program 2020 ○ How to start your own NGO

Dialogue for Inclusion Conference in July 2019.

*More about Follow Up 2018-2019: Friday September 14, 2 pm! 7

FUTURE ROOTS A local program in which young people empower each other for social inclusion, more future perspective by social entrepreneurshop and new employment. For more information, see WGT Facebook group: ● ●

Report FUTURE ROOTS Youth Exchange 2017 International FUTURE ROOTS (1-2-3-4) program in WGT Fb Group


Future Roots Eindhoven May-June 2018 Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship

Future Roots Eindhoven May-June 2018 Empowerment & being part of the local community

Youth Exchange FUTURE ROOTS 1 2017


The Dialogue for Inclusion Time to change (y)our channel!

Change (y)our channel! We are ONE WORLD citizens, a ONE WORLD Family! ● we belong together ● we share the same 30 human rights ● in each of us an important idea for change/contribution to our local communities is hidden.


Change (y)our channel! We need each other to create a better society & future for all and next generations! ●

Young locals & migrants are each others knowledge, experience and action partners for change!

Migrants leave their countries because of lack of safety, equality, justice, social inclusion, work, basic needs, future perspective …

We must & can change these sotutions TOGETHER! Step by step, by sharing, helping and working together.


GOOD NEWS! We have 17 GLobal Goals that connect us in action


17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development United Nations, signed by world leaders of 193 countries, Achieved: 2030

With No One Left Behind! Because we can’t succeed if half of the world is held back. ●

That’s why we focus on young people in rural areas, financial instable communities, migrants.

Priority Goal: #17 Global Partnerships ●

That’s why we organize Youth Exchanges & the ONE WORLDcitizens community,


17 Global Goals achieved in 2030? A lot of innovation & new employment!

â—? â—?

Achievement of all goals in 2030: Daily Action & making WORK of Basic Needs for all! Starting by collaborationof young locals, migrants & youngsters from their home countries! 18

Global Partnerships ●

Working together locally


globally connected with youngsters from different countries! ●

Sharing ideas & solutions for social and sustainlabe change You(ng people) see.

Basic ICT, Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship to co together online and to work out ideas & solutions into concrete projects and startups! 19

Global Partnerships begins here, today! By ... ● A new togetherness! ● New collaboration of young locals, migrants & local stakeholders :-) ● We make it happen by #WeGrowTogether


Martha & Pradeep

Better Integration

Prevention of Migration 21

We Grow Together Team leaders from 12 countries

Alfonz from Albania

Martha from Netherlands

Paul from Austria

Pradeep from Nepal

Izudin from Bosnia (BiH)

Abdoul from France

Jean Paul, Obed & Team from Rwanda

Laurentiu from Romania

Augustine & Team from Kenya, Uganda

Gunilla from Sweden

Ernest from Netherlands

Karzan & Team from Kurdistan-Iraq


Dialogue exercise September 12 Dialogue play rules

The Dialogue in 4 rounds ●

Round 1: Introduction -> Who are you and what is your connection with the dialogue topic on the table?

Round 2: Experience -> What personal experience do you have with the dialogue question?

Round 3: Dream -> If there are no limitations, if everything would be possible: how would you describe the most ideal situation of the dialogue topic? How does it look?

Round 4: Do -> What is the 1st step you can take/make towards your ideal situation? Which steps can we make together? 23

2 topics, 10 tables/groups 1


How can young locals and young migrants contribute/work together for better integration, a better life and future perspective of young migrants in their cities and local communities?

How can young locals work together for a better life, employment and future perspective of youngsters in their home country / local communities?


Program 3-day Conference September 12 to 14 Day 1. Welcome & Preparation day

Day 2. Dialogue Day

Day 3. Evaluation & Co-creation

10.00 10.30 11.00 11.30

10.30 11.30 12:00


Reflection & Evaluation Dialogue outcome & Co-creation collaboration and 1st draft EU recommendations




Arrival participants Welcome & Opening Conference Better Integration - Martha Prevention of Migration Pradeep Who are we?


Lunch & Solution Market




14.30 17.30

Dialogue Introduction & Exercise Sharing Experience & Outcome

14.30 15.15 16.00 17.00

3rd round: Your Dream 4th round: Do & summary Break Sharing Dialogue experience & first outcomes

18.00 19.00

Free time / Sports Dinner

18.00 19.30


Preparation Day 2 & We Grow Together evening

Dinner Inclusion Concert by Jermain Bridgwater & the Wontas* and Global Guests The End

Evaluation 3-day conference & Youthpass Follow-up 2018-2019: Future Roots 2 + 3 Erasmus+ Solidarity fund Dialogue for Inclusion Conference in July 2019 Collaboration on S2M Platform by S2M Passport


Opening Dialogue Conference Coffee break Dialogue: introduction 1st round: Introduce yourself 2nd round: Your Experience

● ● ● ●




Cultural evening & See you Soon Party 25

Time to change (y)our channel!  

We need each other to create a better society & future for all and next generations!

Time to change (y)our channel!  

We need each other to create a better society & future for all and next generations!