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INKUBUS Scrapbook


1. Title screen and introduction Brief instructions and credits. Option to launch the work at full screen if possible on Desktop version

Project outline & map February 2013

2. Opening interactive sequences text and imagery (2D) This section could include up to 5 “questions/answers” to gain initial viewer response and score Suggest bedroom setting / bed covers outlined or shown here briefly

3. Camera fly-through sequence going under bedcovers (2D/3D) Bedcover fly-through with possible timed narrative appearing above? before escaping out into black

4. Main cave and narrative ‘quiz’ sequence; a mix of tunnels and trigger points (2D/3D) Different tunnels highlight depending on answers chosen to questions/options. Upto 15 of these trigger points scatter through the cave.

5. Final battle with the Inkubus (3D) Depending on score achieved through sections 2-4, this computer-game like visceral battle can be lost or won / relatively easy or extremely hard. End sequence?

2. Inkubus Lair


Prototype Cave Map March 2013

1. Entry point

Inkubus cave map showing possible junction points

Inkubus Scrapbook  

A visual scrapbook of development imagery from Inkubus, a digital narrative/game by Andy Campbell and Christine Wilks http://www.dreamingmet...

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