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“The more I worked in the industry, I am like, actually I don’t think I am interested in this industry,” Rambo says on photography and working with record labels. Because she was more interested in her chosen family and using photography to get them up and out of where they are. Some big names have reached out to Rambo to work for them, but she’s not always interested. “Don’t hire me for a job. I am the job. What you have is a full-licensed creative who can style herself, do all her own hair and makeup and is a photographer. I would like to be the job now. That’s where I am at. I have been producing my own work for the last five years to the tune of about 35 shoots a year that I completely self-fund — I hire, I scout, I do all the casting and styling,” she says. Scan QR code for the It’s hard to say how much of her magnanimous spirit is something she was story behind the story — behind the scenes of born with, but the hurdles and experiences of Rambo’s past and present have what’s on the page. undoubtedly nurtured her to be a healer in her own kind language. It was the lack of kindness, a series of tiny and seemingly insignificant dehumanizing acts and words that led to that day of violence. And Rambo would trade all the beauty that has Rambo’s favorite since happened in her life for that day moment shooting to have never happened. There was no “One of my favorite moments in the last year meaning in it. There was no silver lining. creatively was taking star photos out in Marfa It was just one big tragedy. For this [the West Texas High Desert]. I like the cost reason, she has gotten very protective of terrain, sand everywhere, skin wind blasted. with language around that horrible Something about it makes me feel small, event. The language she uses for “that organic and capable of enduring. Staring at stars bad day” is purposeful and purposefully vague. But her new language is is an easy way to spend time for my mind.” beautiful beyond words. It’s in the confident smile on the woman’s face in a photo she took. It’s in her recovering dog Casey’s healing heart and sweet kisses he gives her house guests. It’s in her husband’s gentle spirit. It’s in the horse’s eyes in another photo of hers. It’s an unspoken truth alive in all of us that we can see if we just pay attention with our hearts, even if it means dreaming with both eyes open.