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Hello! WELCOME TO THE FIRST ONE THIMBLE MINI MAG! CELEBRATING inspirational sewing enthusiasts. One Thimble’s passion is inspiring confidence in enthusiastic home sewists — whether you’re sewing purely for fun or to make some money. I love seeing your creations and have been searching to


find a way to celebrate the ways you’ve used the patterns from One

BowPeep Dress

Thimble to create unique and inspiring sewn projects!

BowPeep Dress Pattern

AinsleeFox Boutique Patterns


Sis Boom - Jennifer Paganelli


Finishing Image Photography

Thankyou so much to those who’ve allowed me to use their images

Two Little Chooks

& stories in this issue. I hope that you enjoy looking at all the gorgeous things people have been making & reading their stories. If you’d like to get involved with future editions of One Thimble e-zine or the mini mag be sure to get in touch.

Happy Sewing,

xJen x

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YOUR STORIES Wildflower Child Creates . . . . . . . . . 8 Mini Mag Cutie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Little Miss Mulberry and the Dragon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

ARTICLES Why I think mentoring is key. . . . . . .17 Chat to a Handmaiden . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Collaborate for a Cause . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 INDEX of patterns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Lily Shine Boutique Sew Darn Ezy Ooobee Goobee Erin Bug & Miss Handmade OUTFITS TO CELEBRATE IN Apple and Fig Missy Bug Boutique Missy Moo Ruffles and Frills

SWEET FABRIC CHOICES Marmalade and Stitches Saselven Designs Horris & Deedle Bubtique Blue Bee Handmade Deb’s Dolls Clothes Rhonda EMBRACE THEIR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS IcutieAU India’s Closet It’s Sew Cute FUN FABRIC CHOICES Sam & I Designs Alikats for kids CO-ORDINATING OUTFITS Snickledoodle Stew Alexibelle

ACROSS THE SEASONS Krae-Z-Kids Leighlee Oh Sew Precious Stitched by Crystal


released 16th May 2014

It’s all in the details . . .

Outfit: Lily Shine Boutique Vest Pattern: Duchess Frilly Vest From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Outfit: Sew Darn Ezy Vest Pattern: Duchess Frilly Vest From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Left: Ooobee Goobee Right: Erin Hill Accessory Pattern: Starflower Dolly Dress: Bow Peep Dolly Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Dress: Bug & Miss Handmade Pattern: Posey Party Dress From: Issue 2 One Thimble

{Bethany’s girls love her first quilt!}

Quilt: Wildflower Child Creates Pattern: Sweet Charlotte Quilt From: Issue 2 One Thimble



{Reprinted with permission from the Wild Child Creates Blog}

I may be able to whip out girls dresses like there’s no tomorrow but quilting has intimidated me for quite some time. I’ve been going to quilt for ages and all I managed to ever do was three little rag throws. (I did rather love my rag throws though!)My father took me to visit an aunt of his recently to drool over peruse her amazing quilt collection. That combined with some encouragement from the owner of my favorite little quilt shop, The Fabric Dock, and her wonderful Girl’s Nights Out, I finally took the plunge, started and finished a few quilt tops. Not long after, I read my very first copy of One Thimble eZine. One Thimble is a great little read for someone like me that loves to get patterns for children’s clothes but has begun to dabble in the quilting world. I took one look at the Sweet Charlotte Quilt pattern and new I had to try it! It was simple squares and four patches with precious bird appliques. Now, remember guys, I’m a total quilting newb. I’ve completed three quilt tops prior to this project and finished ZERO (did you catch that?) quilts. None. Nada. This project, when completed, was my very first quilt to complete! Super exciting and super intimidating! Fortunately, this was a well written pattern with lots of details and explanations so it was easy to understand. Oh, and did I mention the precious birds? The birds are swoonworthy!

This winter has been such a drag. I will never complain about not having real winters EVER again! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and am accustomed to mild winters. Generally, if the weather is cold here that means tomorrow will be warm. This year we actually had ice storms! (Kudos to you ladies who have real winters EVERY year. I’m not cut out for that!) Anyway, I’ve been dreaming in spring for some time now so decided that although the gorgeous pinks, grays and aquas from the issue of One Thimble were divine, I needed something that spoke of spring! I hit up the fabric shop and came out with an assortment of pinks, lime greens and orange to help herald in our approaching spring!Although the flowers aren’t blooming yet and the grass is just barely beginning to turn green, our Sweet Charlotte Quilt has added a touch of spring along with some much anticipated warmer weather! One of my favorite things about this quilt is the patchwork option for the back of the quilt. It is such a sweet touch – really makes is stand out! My girls love the pretty patches on the back as much as they love the patches and sweet birds on the front. I happen to like their dirty little toes (and the fact that it’s warm enough for them to be running around without shoes!)

{One Thimble’s Youngest Reader}

“Naughty food, cuddles and One Thimble were planned for 9am, it’s now 3.30pm, better late than never!” ~Lauren from Bubtique

Outfits to celebrate in

Outfit: Apple & Fig Vest Pattern: Time Traveller Vest From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Dress: Missy Bug Boutique Pattern: Bow Peep Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Dress: Missy Moo Ruffles & Frills Dress Pattern: Bow Peep Party Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Outfits: Sew Darn Ezy Left: Posey Party Dress Right: Twist Shift From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Dress: Missy Bug Boutique Pattern: Bow Peep Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

{REPRINTED FROM THE ONE THIMBLE BLOG} Why I think Mentoring is Key by Jen Kennedy I never had much interest in sewing until after my daughter was born and by then I was living 1600km away from my greatest sewing resource - my Mum. Luckily sewing is one of those skills that seems to result in crazy passionate supporters who LOVE nothing more than talking about sewing and helping others nut out their sewing problems, so I soon found sewing mentors in the most unexpected places! I used to feel guilty asking for help from the ladies I worked with at the time, until they told me about the sewing groups they used to be a part of. They’d go to each others homes with their sewing machines and kids and each Mum would take turns keep an eye on the kids while the others would sew. They gave me a real sense of the sewing community and the give and take of mentoring. They might’ve been helping me learn but they were helped in the same way and one day I’d pass what they were teaching me on. Nowadays lots of the sewing groups are online, but the generosity of members and sense of community remain. In 2014 I’d love to grow the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group groups/onethimblesewingenthusiasts/ into a place where you’d love to hang out and ask and answer sewing questions. I believe that questions from all levels of experience are relevant as sewing is not a linear skill there’s no beginning to start at, you simply gain skills as you need them for different projects and before you know it “you know how to sew”. Questions from others help you review your skills and learn new ones.

Sweet Fabric Choices

Dress: Marmalade & Stitches Pattern: Bow Peep Party Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Left: Lily Shine Boutique Pattern: Posey Party Dress From: Issue 2 One Thimble Right: Saselven Designs Pattern: Bow Peep Dress From : Issue 1 One Thimble Patterns: Gypsy Shrug From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Left: Horris & Deedle Right: Bubtique Pattern: KISS From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Left: BlueBee Handmade Pattern: Bow Peep Party Dress Right: Bubtique Pattern: KISS Dress From : Issue 1 One Thimble

Dress: Deb’s Dolls Clothes Pattern: Dolly Bow Peep Party Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Rhonda made this


dress for her gorgeous Grand-daughter Lily

Dress: Rhonda Pattern: Posey Party Dress From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Chat to a handmaiden!

I was so happy to have an opportunity to ask Alana from Yumminess Textiles all my burning questions! It’s taken me so long to print this interview that Alana’s gorgeous new bubba has arrived. Congratulations Alana! What other crafts do you do? Do you still do them or just sew for now? Yumminess textiles actually started off as a crochet business. However, I quickly started to realise that at the rate I was crocheting, it wasn’t a viable business option. I needed something quicker and when my Mum bought me a sewing machine it was love at first sight. She’s professionally trained and had to suffer through watching me wing it through making a skirt with no knowledge of sewing. But it created something inside me….I could take a piece of fabric, and I could sew it in to something wearable. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Do you have any tips for others on working/sewing while pregnant? Be disciplined with your time. My pregnancy has coincided with school holidays for my Mr 4 so I have been struggling to find the time, because I am generally too tired at night (gone are the 2am finishes!). Any spare minute I am straight in to my sewing room! But I don’t push myself any more, I only work when I am rested as working when I am tired means mistakes! Oh‌.and for sewing, get a chair that you can lower. I have the bump under the sewing table at the moment. What comes first - fabric or design? It's usually always fabric with me. Sometimes as soon as I see the fabric online I know what I am going to make and have to wait until it arrives. Other times I receive a fabric I have ordered and will stand and stare at it for inspiration. It never takes long as I have so many wonderful patterns I like to use. To me fabric just has a "feel" to it and is meant to be made in to certain designs. How do you stay so disciplined with your stash - photos I've seen of your stash is awesome because it is so concise and not full of heaps of fabrics you'd never use like the other ones I've seen (ie mine!) My fabric is part of my business plan. I don't treat it like an extravagance or something to collect. If I can't use it and make money from it, I don't have space for it. That's not to say I don't have a small collection of my favourite fabrics‌I'm not totally crazy! But at any one time I only have 4 cubes of my Ikea cupboard filled with fabric. If it starts to get fuller, then I cull and have a destash. It makes me feel free to create and keep my ideas fresh. What/Where/Who inspires you? There is just something inside me that has to create. I am inspired every day by that urge - it's not always something concrete that I can put my finger on, but I know that if I ever have a spare minute, I am in my sewing room. It's never a chore, I quite simply adore what I do. Other ways I am inspired are by the other handmaidens around me, the beautiful things that I see in my Facebook newsfeed every day. I am inspired by fabric. I am inspired by my customers beautiful bubbas.

Embrace their favourite characters

Left: Icutie Right: India’s Closet Pattern: Posey Party Dress From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Left: Missy Moo Ruffles & Frills Right: It’s Sew Cute Pattern: Bow Peep Party Dress From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Left: Sam and I Designs Pattern: Gypsy Shrug Right: Alikats for Kids Pattern: Itty Bitty Harems From : Issue 2 One THimble

Fun Fabric Choices

{One Thimble Spotted}

“This Little Ladies Bag was made to go with a twirly skirt I made last week for a little girl to wear to a wiggles concert (Emma Wiggle). The mum saw all my bags the other night and had to have one to match the skirt!�~Jamie from Little Miss Mulberry and the Dragon

Bag: Little Miss Mulberry and the Dragon Pattern: Little Ladies Bag From: Issue 1 One Thimble

[Networking for Facebook Based Handmade Businesses] Collaborate for a Cause (C4AC) is an annual facebook based charity auction which started in 2011 as a way to counteract competitiveness and negativity between handmade businesses on facebook with networking and positivity. Handmade businesses partner with each other to create unique, handmade pieces that are auctioned to raise funds for charity.

The aim of ‘Collaborate for a Cause’ is to promote friendship, understanding and fun throughout the Facebook handmade community, while raising important funds for charities. What sets it apart from other charity auctions is that it lets donors select their own charity recipient and that each donated item is a collaborative effort between two or more handmade businesses. In 2011 we had 200 participating businesses who raised $18 000 for 70 charities, in 2012 we had 416 participating businesses who raised $40 000 for 105 charities and in 2013 we had 629 participating businesses who raised almost $49000 for 140 charities. The 2014 event will kick off at the start of May and the 2014 Charity Auction will run from Friday 8pm QLD time 25th July to Sunday 8pm QLD time 27th July. If you’d like to be involved in 2014 be sure to check out the facebook page and group at the start of May for all the details.

Co-ordinating outfits

Outfits: Snickerdoodle Stew Pattern: Time Traveller Vest & Twist Shift From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Sister Love

Left: India’s Closet Pattern: Posey Dress From: Issue 2 One Thimble Right: Alexibelle Pattern: KISS From: Issue 1 One Thimble

Versatile for all seasons

Left: KrAe-Z KiDz Right: Leighlee Pattern: Twist Shift From: Issue 2 One Thimble

Left: Oh Sew Precious Right: Stitched by Crystal Pattern: Ranger Shorts Steam Train Applique From: Issue 2 One Thimble


Available in Issue 1 or as a Stand Alone Pattern via Issue 1 available via Review: http://patternrevolution. com/blog/2013/12/13/ something-new-one-thimble-e-zine-review

Available in Issue 1 or as a Stand Alone Pattern via Review:

Reviews: http://horrisanddeedle. net/index.php/pattern-reviews/146-the-kiss-dresspattern-by-one-thimble

Issue 2 available via

Available in Issue 2 or as a Stand Alone Pattern via Reviews: uhe3neoft97xiy1q3qfn4nmix1yt0g http://lilyshineboutique. com/2014/03/03/theposey-dress-pattern-byainslee-fox-boutique-patterns/

Available in Issue 2 or as a Stand Alone Pattern via Reviews: http://leighleecollection. onethimbleezine.html http://snickerdoodlestew.wordpress. com/2014/02/25/the-twistshift-dress-by-ainslee-foxfor-one-thimble-e-zine/

Reviews: http://leighleecollection. onethimbleezine.html

Reviews: https://wildflowerchildcreates.wordpress. com/2014/03/09/sweetcharlotte-and-spring-ison-the-way/

Available in Issue 2 or as a Stand Alone Pattern via Reviews:


Reviews: Reviews: http://lilyshine dlestew.wordpress. the-duchess-frilly-vest/ com/2014/03/04/the-timetraveller-vest-by-ainsleefox-for-one-thimble-ezine/


released 16th May 2014

One thimble mini mag #1  

The One Thimble Mini-Mag is a free lookbook jam-packed with photos of projects people have sewn with One Thimble patterns. Check out how pe...

One thimble mini mag #1  

The One Thimble Mini-Mag is a free lookbook jam-packed with photos of projects people have sewn with One Thimble patterns. Check out how pe...