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On January 24, 2017, 280 community members gathered to launch a fiveyear community and economic development strategy. Attendees were called to action to rally around one united vision to help Spartanburg County build one strong economy. The strategy, developed with hundreds of pages of data and the feedback of 3,180 people, identified eight objectives and four key drivers to achieve one core goal: raising levels of prosperity and improving quality of life for all Spartanburg County residents. No single element of the strategy can in isolation advance Spartanburg County toward its desired future – they are all designed to work together.


Over the past year, a considerable amount of energy was spent assembling an infrastructure to implement the strategy. 312 volunteers were engaged, five action teams were built, and an implementation committee was put into place to advance the work and ensure the strategy’s success. 39 investors gave $4.5 million to fund implementation, and 5 positions were created to drive the work ahead.


With a strong infrastructure in place, the real work began. Implementation Partners and Action Teams prioritized strategic recommendations that will move our community forward. In an effort to achieve one common goal, OneSpartanburg has ignited 16 strategic recommendations and six related innovative projects within its first year.



grow and diversify the economy through strengths Cultivate a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem

Develop talent from cradle to career

OneSpartanburg Build a vibrant downtown spartanburg

Tell the spartanburg story

Create champions for spartanburg county

Enhance quality of place throughout the community

One core goal | Four key drivers | Eight objectives | 42 strategic recommendations |173 tactical recommendations 3

2006 Spartanburg County,   $21,610 SC York  County,  SC $24,253 Hamilton  County,  $24,702 TN Forsyth  County,  N$C25,447 South  Carolina $21,875 United  States $25,267

% %   %   %   %   %   %   %   %   %   %  

2016 5-­‐yr %  change   10-­‐yr   '11-­‐'16 %  change  '06-­‐'16 $24,959 15.50% 15.50% $30,589 12.00% 26.10% $29,576 17.30% 19.70% $29,139 16.60% 14.50% $27,016 19.60% 23.50% $31,128 16.50% 23.20%


Per Capita  Income  Change   30.00%   25.00%  

To compete for business, Spartanburg must boast a talented and skilled workforce, producing and retaining talent at every level of 20.00% education and training. 15.00%   One  Spartanburg  Scorecard  data  (Updated  January  2018)  


re 1:  


2011 $21,609 $27,318 $25,220 $24,987 $22,598 $26,708

Figure 1:  

One Spartanburg  S   corecard  data  (Updated  January  2018)   5.00%   One  Spartanburg  Scorecard  data  (Updated  January  2018)     Figure  1:   0.00%   One  Spartanburg   Updated  January   Spartanburg   York  County,   Scorecard   Hamilton  data  (Forsyth   South  2018)   One  Spartanburg   Scorecard   data   January  2018)   United  States     (Updated   County,  SC   SC   County,  TN   County,  NC   Carolina   Figure  1:     5-­‐yr  %EducaZonal    change  '11-­‐'16   A\ainment,   15.50%   16.60%   19.60%   16.50%   Adults   Over,  2016   1  yr  EsZmates    12.00%  25  and  17.30%  


10-­‐yr %  change  '06-­‐'16   15.50%   26.10%   19.70%   23.20%   EducaZonal   A\ainment,   Adults   25  and  O14.50%   ver,  2016  123.50%    yr  EsZmates   100%   8.0%   9.8%   9.5%   9.9%   11.9%   12.8%   90%   Capita   EducaZonal  A\ainment,   A dults  25  a8.0%   nd  Over,  Per   2016   1  yr  EIncome   sZmates   14.3%   100%   17.4%   19.9%   80%   9.8%   11.9%   19.3%   12.8%   EducaZonal   A\ainment,   Adults  29.9%   5  a21.1%   nd  Over,  29.5%   016   1  yr  EsZmates   21.5%   90%   11.2%   $32,000   70%   14.3%   EducaZonal   A\ainment,   Adults   25  and   O10.9%   ver,  2016  19.9%   1  yr  9.5%   EsZmates   9.4%   17.4%   8.4%   80%   21.1%   8.0%   9.8%   9.5%   9.9%   19.3%   11.9%   12.8%   8.8%   21.5%   60%   $30,000   20.2%   100%   8.0%   70%  9.9%   11.2%   9.5%   9.8%   14.3%   11.9%   9.4%   21.0%   12.8%   9.5%   19.2%   20.6%   50%   17.4%   10.9%   8.4%   90%   9.9%   19.9%   21.1%   22.8%   $28,000   8.0%   19.3%   9.8%   9.5%   21.5%   8.8%   11.9%   12.8%   60%   21.5%   14.3%   17.4%   11.2%   80%   40%   19.9%   20.2%   21.1%   19.3%   21.0%   9.4%   14.3%   $26,000   50%   21.5%   19.2%  8.4%   20.6%   10.9%   17.4%   9.5%   22.8%   11.2%   21.1%   31.3%   21.5%   30%   19.3%   8.8%   70%   19.9%   29.0%   21.5%   9.4%   27.2%   29.3%   20.2%   8.4%   $24,000   40%  10.9%   25.8%   9.5%   11.2%   24.6%   21.0%   8.8%   20%   9.4%   60%   10.9%   19.2%   20.6%   22.8%   8.4%   9.5%   20.2%   31.3%   21.5%   8.8%   $22,000   30%   27.2%   29.3%   21.0%   24.6%   10%   19.2%   25.8%   20.6%   29.0%   50%   20.2%   15.1%   22.8%   13.4%   12.6%   11.2%   10.8%   10.6%   21.5%   20%   21.0%   19.2%   20.6%   $20,000   31.3%   40%   22.8%   0%   21.5%   29.0%   10%   27.2%   29.3%   Spartanburg   York   Hamilton   Forsyth   South   United   15.1%   25.8%   13.4%  US   12.6%   ounty,  SC  Hamilton   11.2%   County,   10.8%  SC   10.6%   County,   Forsyth   31.3%   Spartanburg   York  C24.6%   30%   27.2%   29.3%   0%   County,   SC   County,   N   County,  NNC   C   29.0%   Carolina   States   25.8%   31.3%   County,   SC   SC   County,   TN  T24.6%   29.0%   27.2%   29.3%   15.1%   20%   25.8%   Spartanburg   SC  Hamilton   County,   US   13.4%   12.6%  Forsyth   24.6%   10.8%   York  County,   10.6%   2006  11.2%   $21,610   $24,253   $24,702   $25,447   $21,875  County,   $25,267   SC   10%   15.1%   County,  SC   11.2%   NC   13.4%   12.6%   10.8%   HS  TN   10.6%   No  HS  Diploma   Diploma   (includes   equivalency)   2011   $21,609   $27,318   $25,220   $24,987   $22,598   $26,708   15.1%   Spartanburg   0%  York   C ounty,   S C  Hamilton   C ounty,   Forsyth   C ounty,   SC   US   13.4%   12.6%   11.2%   10.8%   10.6%   County,  SC   TN   NC   Spartanburg  2016   York   County,   SC  Hamilton   ounty,   Forsyth  County,   US   equivalency)   $24,959   $30,589   $29,576   $29,139   DSC   $27,016   $31,128   No  HCS   Diploma   HS   Diploma  (includes   Some   College   Associate's   egree   Spartanburg   York  County,   SC  Hamilton   County,   Forsyth  County,   SC   NC   US   County,   SC   TN   County,  SC   TN   Some   College   Associate's  Degree   No  HS  Diploma   HS  DNC   iploma   (includes   equivalency)  Graduate  Degree   Bachelor's   Degree   Bachelor's   or  Higher  by  Age No  DHegree   S  Diploma   HS  Diploma  (includes  equivalency)     Degree   Graduate  Degree   College   Associate's   Degree   No  Some   HS  Diploma   HS   Diploma  (Bachelor's   includes   equivalency)   2014 2016 Some   C ollege   Associate's  Degree    levels Overall of educational attainment are low, with Spartanburg County falling below the Ages   2 5-­‐34 20.00% 23.30% Bachelor's   Graduate   Degree   Some   College  Degree   Associate's   Degree   national average. Bachelor's   D23.50% egree   Ages  45-­‐64 21.60% Graduate  Degree       Bachelor's  D  egree   Graduate  Degree    

IGNITED PROJECTS • College and Career Readiness: Spartanburg Academic Movement and OneSpartanburg partnered to hire a project manager who will enable Spartanburg County students to achieve their college and career readiness potential. • The Internship Challenge: Spartanburg’s College Town Consortium launched the Internship Challenge, encouraging businesses and organizations to increase internship opportunities for area college students.

Figure 2:    

Figure 2:  hich  tables  they  used.    How  are  they  defining  “In-­‐Migrant”?    From  different  counties,  states  and  countries?    They  did  some   I  can’t  figure   out  w 24.00%   calculations   n  this   one.  o  ut   I  wwant   to  tm ake  tshey   ure  u msed.   ine  a  H re   consistent   ith  the  v“In-­‐Migrant”?   ariables  they    uFsed.   I  23.00%   coan’t   figure   hich   ables   ow   are  they  w defining   rom  different  counties,  states  and  countries?    They  did  some  

Bachelor's Degree  or  Higher  by  Age  

• Education to Employment: Initiated by the Talent Action Figure 2:   calculations   n  this   one.    I  “wIn-­‐Migrant”?   ant  to  make    sFure   mdine   are  consistent   ith  the   variables   they   sed.   2:     they  used.   ’t  figure  out  which  tables    How  are  othey   defining   rom   ifferent   counties,  w states   and   countries?    Tuhey   did  some   22.00%   I  can’t   figure   out   wmhich   tsables   hey  aure   sed.    How  are   they   defining   “In-­‐Migrant”?    From  different  counties,  states  and  Team, countries?  leadership  They  did  some   from Converse College and Milliken are ulations   on  wthich   his   otne.    I  wtant   tuo  sed.   ake   ure   mtine   consistent   with   the   variables   they  used.    21.00%   figure  out   ables   hey     H ow   a re   t hey   d efining   “ In-­‐Migrant”?     F rom   d ifferent   c ounties,   s tates   a nd   c ountries?     T hey   d id   some   calculations  on  this  one.    I  want  to  make  sure  mine  are  consistent  with  the  variables  they  used.   spearheading the creation of a formal framework that will tions  on  this  one.    I  want  to  make  s20.00%   ure  mine  are  consistent  with  the  variables  they  used.   connect business and higher education providers, better  

re 2:  

19.00% 18.00%  



Ages 25-­‐34  



Ages 45-­‐64  



Over the past two years, Spartanburg County has drastically improved educational attainment levels in young adults, yet we still fall behind the South Carolina average for degree obtainment.


align educational offerings with business needs, and retain Spartanburg’s best and brightest.

Developing talent is vital to Spartanburg’s long-term competitiveness, however, these initiatives will take time to pay off, as Spartanburg currently faces low educational attainment levels in young residents. In the meantime, we must market Spartanburg County to talented people who may be inclined to relocate here.


Figure 2: In-migrant Educational Attainment For Adults 25 And Over, 2010-2014 100% 90%


8.5% 17.9%

70% 60%






24.4% 19.4%

0% Spartanburg County, SC



18.1% 20.8%



20% 10%



50% 40%






York County, SC

Hamilton County, TN

Forsyth County, NC

No HS Diploma

HS Diploma (Includes Equivalency)

Some College or Associate's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Graduate Degree Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey,- 5 Yr Estimates

While Spartanburg County is attracting new residents who are more educated than the county average, other communities are attracting more highly educated in-migrants.

• Talent Attraction Guide: Employers across Spartanburg County have begun to use the newly created guide to showcase Spartanburg to potential employees during the recruitment process. Thanks to OneSpartanburg funding, employers can take advantage of this tool at no cost. • STEM Premier: In a partnership with South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance’s SC Future Makers initiative, Spartanburg will begin utilizing the STEM Premier platform, a tool that allows companies to showcase career opportunities to students, while identifying and recruiting potential STEM talent. • SeeSpartanburgRise: In an effort to show Spartanburg’s walkability and quality of place to potential residents, OneSpartanburg partnered with the City of Spartanburg to relaunch to include downtown’s live, work and play assets. 5

ECONOMY Per Capita  Income  and  Income  Change  2006-­‐2016 2006 2011 2016 5-­‐yr  %  change   10-­‐yr   '11-­‐'16 %  change  '06-­‐'16 Spartanburg   County,   $21,610 SC $21,609 $24,959 15.50% development 15.50% Spartanburg leads South Carolina in economic for York  County,  SC $24,253 $27,318 $30,589 12.00% 26.10% growth in manufacturing and distribution. Hamilton  County,  $24,702 TN $25,220 $29,576 17.30% 19.70% Forsyth  County,  N$C25,447 $24,987 $29,139 16.60% 14.50% South  Carolina $21,875 $22,598 $27,016 19.60% 23.50% United  States $25,267 $26,708 $31,128 16.50% 23.20%

new investment. Few communities stack up when it comes to recent


Per Capita  Income  Change   30.00%   25.00%   20.00%   15.00%   10.00%  

White collar sectors such as professional services and finance 5.00%

are significantly less concentrated in Spartanburg County and 0.00% accounted for'11-­‐'16   just 5-­‐yr  %  change   10-­‐yr  %  change  '06-­‐'16  

Spartanburg York  County,   County,  SC   SC  

Hamilton County,  TN  

Forsyth County,  NC  

South Carolina  

6.4% of local employment in 2015. 15.50%










Per Capita  Income   $32,000   $30,000   $28,000   $26,000   $24,000   $22,000   $20,000  

Spartanburg York   County,  SC   County,  SC  

Hamilton County,  TN  

Forsyth County,  NC  

South Carolina  

United States  






















Manufacturing jobs are a significant source of local prosperity – the average employee Bachelor's Degree   r  Higher  more by  Ageper year than the average employee across all sectors in the sector earnso$18,000 2014 2016 in Spartanburg County

Ages 25-­‐34 Ages  45-­‐64


20.00% 23.50%

23.30% 21.60%

Bachelor's Degree  or  Higher  by  Age  

IGNITED PROJECTS United States   • Economic

Development Marketing: The Economic Group is utilizing a new digital marketing technique 23.20% to attract attention from new investors in target sectors. This has resulted in 10 million targeted impressions and increased international visibility for the Spartanburg market. Futures 16.50%  

• New Investment: EFG managed 21 economic development projects in 2017, totaling more than $885 million in capital investment (16.3% of SC’s total investment) and creating 1,789 new jobs. New and expanding investment comprised of 76% manufacturing, 14% professional services and 10% distribution logistics. • In the City: Around $30 million has been invested in Downtown Spartanburg, including the addition of the AC Hotel Spartanburg and 11 new restaurants and retailers.

While its overall business climate is strong, residents are eager to see economic diversity, including a wider range of corporate and professional services jobs and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. By leveraging existing advantages and raising awareness of available resources, Spartanburg can grow quality jobs and support the creation of new businesses.


IGNITED PROJECTS • Entrepreneurial Resource Hub: A virtual front door for entrepreneurship, the digital hub will connect entrepreneurs with business resources and with Spartanburg’s entrepreneurial community.

of entrepreneurs are unaware of local resources According to Market Street Services Community Assessment

• 1 Million Cups: The introduction of 1 Million Cups to the Spartanburg market has fostered relationships and built community between local innovators. The monthly event follows a national model that brings together entrepreneurs and community members for coffee and conversation. To date, eight business ventures have been showcased through five sessions, attracting more than 50 attendees per event.


PLACE Spartanburg must focus on improving place in order to attract and retain talent and high-quality jobs. When describing what they’d like to see changed in Spartanburg over the next ten years, community members broadly agreed that a more vibrant downtown is a significant priority.

BUILD A VIBRANT DOWNTOWN SPARTANBURG IGNITED PROJECTS • Downtown Development Partnership: With support from OneSpartanburg investors, the Spartanburg Downtown Development Partnership launched in May as a new division of the Spartanburg Chamber. The entity acts as the front door for potential developers and investors, activates underutilized properties, and partners with the City to market Downtown Spartanburg. • Build a Business Case for Downtown: In order to gather data that will encourage businesses to locate in Downtown, OneSpartanburg has funded the installation of pedestrian foot traffic counters to gauge pedestrian activity, has initiated a downtown way-finding audit, and is pursuing an intensive survey of existing downtown businesses. Of 3,180 survey respondents, the word ‘downtown’ was used by a ratio of 5 to 1.


• Activate Underutilized Sites and Buildings

Spartanburg County Community and Economic Development Strategy – Community Assessment

And from these various avenues a clear theme emerged:Spartanburg County residents generally love

where they live but see numerous opportunities for quality of life and quality of place And from these various avenues a clear theme emerged:Spartanburg County residents generally love improvements Spartanburg . Among these things that could be improved areStrategy the three critical factors influencing County Community and Economic Development where they live but see numerous opportunities for quality of– Community life andAssessment quality of place community attachment – social offerings, aesthetics, and openness. improvements . Among these things that could be improved are the three critical factors influencing

community attachment – social offerings, aesthetics, andSpartanburg openness. County residents generally love And from these various avenues a clear theme emerged:

FIGURE 17: PLEASE RA TE THE FOLLOWING ASP ECTS OF SPARTANBURG COUNTY’S QUALITY OF opportunities for quality of life and quality of place LIFE, BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCES WHERE U YOLIVE improvements Among these things that could beASP improved areSPARTANBURG the three critical factors influencing FIGURE 17: .PLEASE RA TE THE FOLLOWING ECTS OF COUNTY’S QUALITY OF Downtown Spartanburg has the potential to be an amenity for LIFE, BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCES WHERE U YOLIVE aesthetics, and openness. community attachment – social offerings,

where they live but see numerous

all of Spartanburg’s citizens, but we must also address quality 7.3% 43.2% 49.6% development, aesthetics and connectivity throughout the County.


Social Offerings

9.8% 11.8%

43.1% 44.9%

47.1% 43.3%

11.8% 7.3% 12.6%

44.9% 43.2% 36.2%

43.3% 49.6% 51.2%

12.6% 9.8% 15.9%


15.9% 11.8% 19.0%

19.0% 12.6% 20.8% Aesthetics and appearance of the community

20.8% 15.9% 29.0%

Aesthetics and appearance of the community

36.2% 43.1% 53.4%

51.2% 47.1% 30.7%

53.4% 44.9% 44.6%

30.7% 43.3% 36.3%

44.6% 36.2% 36.0%

36.3% 51.2% 43.2%

36.0% 53.4% 44.8%

29.0% 19.0% 33.3%

44.6%44.8% 42.8%

Spartanburg County’s Quality of Life Ratings 33.3% 36.0% 42.8% 20.8% 42.7% 36.7% Aesthetics andand appearance Entertainment recreational of the community amenities for families

36.7% 29.0% 37.9%

Entertainment and recreational amenities for families

37.9% 33.3% 38.2%

Nightlife options for adults

38.2%57.3% 36.7%

43.2% 30.7% 26.2% 26.2% 36.3% 23.9% 43.2%23.9% 20.5%

42.7% 44.8% 38.5%

20.5% 26.2% 23.6%

38.5% 42.8% 44.5%

23.6% 23.9% 17.4%

44.5% 32.4% 42.7%

17.4% 20.5% 10.2%

Ability to access shops, restaurants, Nightlife options forrecreational adults Entertainment and 10.2% 38.5% 32.4% 23.6% 37.9%57.3% 24.2% 8.1% 67.7% and services without using a car amenities for families Ability to access shops, restaurants, 8.1% 67.7% 0% 10%38.2% 20% 30% 40% 50% 44.5% 60% 70% 24.2% 80% 17.4% 90% 100% and services without using a car

poor/Below Average NightlifeVery options for adults

Average Excellent/Above 0% 10% 20%57.3% 30% 40% 50%Average 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 32.4% 10.2%

According toMarket Market Street Community Assessment Source: Street Services ;Services Spartanburg County Community Survey (2016) Ability to access shops, restaurants, Very poor/Below Average Average Excellent/Above Average 67.7% and services without using a car



Source: Market Street Services ; Spartanburg County Community Survey (2016)

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Input participants gave mixed reviews Average to Spartanburg County’sExcellent/Above social offerings. Among the quality of life Very poor/Below Average Average Social Offerings and quality of place factors shown in Figure 17, “volunteer opportunities” received some of the most Input participants gave mixed to Services Spartanburg County’s social offerings. Source:reviews Market Street ; Spartanburg County Community Survey (2016)Among the quality of life positive responses. Stakeholders praised the community’s enormous philanthropic capacity and rich and quality of place factors shown in Figure 17, “volunteer opportunities” received some of the most assortment of non-profit and faith -based institutions that do excellent work in the c ommunity. “Cultural positive responses. Stakeholders praised the community’s enormous philanthropic capacity and rich Social Offerings and arts facilities and programs” also performed well in the online survey, and the Arts Partnership of assortment of non-profit and faith -based institutions that do excellent work in the c ommunity. “Cultural Input participants gave mixed reviews to Spartanburg County’s social offerings. Among the quality of life and arts facilities and programs” also performed well in the online survey, and the Arts Partnership and quality of place factors shown in Figure 17, “volunteer opportunities” received some of the mostof

IGNITED PROJECTS • Support Beautification of Key Gateways: OneSpartanburg will assist Spartanburg County in funding gateway signage near Landrum in preparation for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon. In addition, stakeholders are building momentum to support and prioritize the revitalization and beautification of the West Main gateway into Downtown Spartanburg. • Implement Blueways Master Plan: Spartanburg County Council awarded $150,000 to the Blueways Coalition for the improvement of public access to the Tyger River Basin. • Access to Social Amenities: The Quality of Place Action Team is in the process of developing an app that will connect adults to Spartanburg’s breadth of social amenities in a streamlined manner.

positive responses. Stakeholders praised the community’s enormous philanthropic capacity and rich

assortment of non-profit and faith -based institutions that do excellent work in the c ommunity. “Cultural Page 33 – April, 2016

and arts facilities and programs” also performed well in the online survey, and the Arts Partnership of Page 33 – April, 2016


IMAGE Image is key to Spartanburg’s success, as people’s perception of a place plays a role in our ability to compete for jobs, talent and investment.


28% of African American respondents

54% of white respondents,

agreed that opportunities, communities and networks in Spartanburg County are accessible and open to a diverse range of people and cultures. According to Market Street Services Community Assessment

Some stakeholders said that residents occasionally have negative perceptions of their own community


• The Pipeline Project: Funded by the Duke Energy Foundation, the Pipeline Project promotes broader and more diverse membership on area boards in order to create new champions for Spartanburg County that reflect its diversity. In its initial year, the project will engage 351 community leaders and train 122 organizational representatives on the benefits of board diversity. • Community Pride Campaign: Action Teams are currently identifying a diverse array of Spartanburg residents, businesses and assets across Spartanburg County in order to create a series of videos that instill a sense of community pride in residents, and that showcase how becoming “One Spartanburg” benefits all parts of the community. • Talent & Economic Inclusion: Based on the stark contrast in access to opportunities, investors have supported and funded the creation of a staff leadership role and accompanying programming budget to drive the work of economic inclusion.

Internally, Spartanburg residents generally ‘love where they live,’ although they recognize various community divisions that take a toll on community pride. Externally, Spartanburg County must do more to promote itself as a place to live, work, visit and do business. We need local champions who will work to boost community pride and cohesion throughout the County, and better tools to share our successes with the outside world.

Tell the spartanburg story Change in Perception of Spartanburg Over Past Six Months

Somewhat/ Much More Favorable

17% 81%

No Change


Somewhat/ Much Less Favorable

A great place to meet interesting people A place with a good quality of life Great place to live Great place to have kids and raise a family Friendly to businesses A destination with a lot of growth Great place to work Destination with a lot of diversity Place with creative people Place with innovative people A great place for businesses to network


Net Change

IGNITED PROJECTS • #OneSpartanburg: The community at large has rallied around the #OneSpartanburg social media campaign, which raises visibility of Spartanburg’s unique assets by curating content under a single hashtag. The hashtag is used by locals, visitors, businesses and media representatives alike. To date, the collection includes 15,453 Instagram posts, and has a reach of approximately 86,000 per month on Facebook. • Amplifying Our Reach: The Image Action Team has implemented a new social media technology that empowers individuals to share positive news about Spartanburg.

77% 74% 71% 70% 66% 65% 64% 63% 62% 62% 61%



are engaged as social ambassadors

positive stories about Spartanburg have been amplified over the past four months



Thanks to the OneSpartanburg Investors Fueling the Work Advance America, Inc. American Credit Acceptance Barnet Development Corporation BB&T - Branch Banking & Trust Company BMW Manufacturing Co. Carolina Alliance Bank City of Landrum City of Spartanburg Contec, Inc. Denny’s Inman Mills

JM Smith Foundation Johnson Development Associates Mary Black Foundation McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture Michelin North America, Inc. Milliken & Company OTO Development Palmetto Belk, LLC South State Bank Spartanburg Economic Futures Group Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District *Some investors have chosen to remain anonymous 12

Spartanburg Water System Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System TOMB, LLC United Community Bank Vic Bailey Automotive Wells Fargo White Oak Management William Barnet & Sons, LLC Woodruff Roebuck Water District Young Office

Onespartanburg 2018 scorecard  
Onespartanburg 2018 scorecard