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The Brand Book

Deal Effect is an Irish online daily deals site, which uniquely gives 11% of our subscribers spend to a charity of their choice. Our branding is essential to the Deal Effect experience. We have created this book to help communicate our message to those who wish to join us. We have made some suggestions so that you can use our tools to work for you. We look forward to working together.

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We all see 11 from a different angle

Meet our Family Everyone who benefits from Deal Effect.


A Deal Effect Subscriber We all see 11 from a different angle

Meet Sarah & Jack, educated, forward thinking, stylish. They embody the Deal Effect couple, she likes the fact of getting a great deal on a breakaway, he likes the savings and the idea of a charity trek. They resemble the fun side of Deal Effect. They’re bargain hunters, hunting for quality deals. Proud of their purchases and it makes them feel good that they’ve given 11% of the purchase price to the charity of their choice. That’s how Sarah & Jack see 11.

Since we signed up life’s become a whole lot better


A Deal Effect Member

m o r f 1 1 e e s l l We a e l g n a t n e a differ Meet Seán he is 5 years old. Today Seán has learned from his speech and language therapist how to sing Happy Birthday to his Mum. His therapists’ skills were funded by Down Syndrome Centre who received 11% from the cost of Sarah & Jack’s romantic getaway. That’s how Seán sees 11.

Since we became a member life’s become a whole lot better


A Deal Effect Merchant






This luxury Castle Resort, Spa & Golf Club now have the opportunity to offer incredible bargains to Sarah & Jack. They are delighted to host the couple during a period of low occupancy and really appreciate that their keen pricing may help Seán at the same time. That’s how they see 11.


Since we became a merchant life’s become a whole lot better

or the action around 11

how do we see 11?

1 1 t u o b a l l a s ' It e r e h w y r e 11 is ev 11% creates a link to the Deal Effect brand and highlights the

social initiative.

11% serves as a connection between an amazing act that

benefits the member, subscriber and business.

11% of the consumers spend is donated to a charity of

their choosing.

11% the merchants can also benefit by knowing that 11% of

spend on their product is given to a worthy cause.

Our Voice When we give we feel good - fact. Austerity has given us a passion to support each other, to shop locally, to give local. Deal Effect gives us wonderful deals, big discounts, unique opportunities and new experiences. 11% of every purchase made goes to a worthy charity. Deal Effect is leading the way to a new consumerism where, as conscious shoppers, we help others. Stand a bit taller, feel a bit better. That’s the Deal Effect way.

Our Values? Helping each other


Supporting local business

Beautifully crafted deals


We have 11 great ones...




Great value opportunity




...because we see 11 everywhere. By the way, this is page 11

Our Brand Consistency and care of the Deal Effect brand will increase awareness for all of us. The more we look after it the more powerful it will be. Our brand is a valuable asset it should be protected and used to best effect at all times.

Our Tone We’re smart, clever, warm and kind - we enjoy our fair share of banter yet we know exactly when to speak from the heart. We communicate this using our speech bubbles. You may also like to...

Our Logo

Our Other Logos

Our favourite...

Black & white

We like to use it whenever possible.

Now, sometimes our favourite just won’t work so we’ve created some other options to help you out.

Our Colours These are our favourites

These are perfect as an accent: CMYK values are: C M White 0 0 Black 0 0 Dark Grey 0 0 Light Grey 0 0

CMYK values are: C M Pink 0 80 Brown 54 74 Blue 66 0 Dark Blue 70 5

Y 45 58 30 35

K 0 51 0 0

Y 0 0 0 0

K 0 100 75 25

Our Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do leave her space to breathe, she looks best if her style is not cramped.

1 Do ✓

4 Don’t ✗

2. Do use white or neutral backgrounds But ..If the unavoidable happens... We’d prefer it if you used a light colour from our pallet or a photo, use either of the black or white logos, depending on what’s clearer. 3. Be kind to her. Do not make her sit on garish colours, it doesn’t allow her to shine.

2 Do ✓

5 Don’t ✗

4. Beware of clutter. Do not use the logo on backgrounds that are too light or cluttered. 5. Don’t swivel, twist or stretch her. 6. There’s no need to embellish - she’s perfect as she is so no drop-shadows, embossing etc. are necessary.

3 Don’t ✗

6 Don’t ✗


Our style

4 typefaces have been chosen to use in conjunction with a Deal Effect campaign.

Our Gift Labels We’re all about giving, so, we like to put gift tags and ribbons on our artwork, to help remind people we all see eleven from a different angle - here’s some to choose from.

These are:

Intro inline font: This is our headline font

Playball Font:

This can be used for strap lines

Gill Sans Font:


Spot the We all see eleven from a different angle so all our imagery shows an 11 in an everyday place .. Can you spot the 11’s?

To be used as the body font whenever possible.

Dooodleista Font: We think this font goes well with the ribbons

Our Wave Inspires others to give and keep on giving. Here are the waves for you to use with our Deal Effect colours.

All of these nice visuals are kept in contact us for more details and we caour digital button box n guide you to it.

Our strapline

Our strapline is intended to explain Deal Effect in three simple words.

Buy Donate Enjoy It’s not mandatory to use it, but if you choose to please only use it in our font, you can change the font colours to any from our pallet.

Our union

it’s about working together Flyer Our goal is to make everything with the Deal Effect brand smart, beautiful and motivating - Let’s speak with the same voice. However working with you and your brand, we should try our hardest to keep our joint messages consistent and focused. If that’s ok with you. Our message is “all about the 11” Your message is to help others. Together - we can make a change.


Of everything you spend on great money saving deals

Put your own image here

is donated to us

Building the future for children with Down Syndrome Sign up now to help us benefit and at the same time you can benefit from 50-70% off great deals

This is for your strapline


This space is for your logo.



Of everything you spend on great money saving deals

Place the image that suits you best here

is donated to us

You can change the colour to any of the colours in our pallette.

I am the face of arthritis Sign up now to help us benefit and at the same time you can benefit from 50-70% off great deals

We get the effect When you do the deal....

Here we’ve changed the message

e: w: t: 01 410 0900

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Deal Effect Brand Book  
Deal Effect Brand Book