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Onehunga Residents Crime Prevention Public Meeting Essential Tools To Aid Theft Prevention Te Papapa 100 Year Reunion Learn more about Onehunga‘s lava caves ‗Spreading Out‘ begins at Dolphin Theatre Annual fee changes for Auckland businesses Take part in the Onehunga business house relay Auckland business confidence continuing to improve Repairing the crack inside St Peter‘s Church Tip for visual merchandising Onehunga Security Update

Onehunga Residents Crime Prevention Public Meeting Wednesday 19 June, 6.30pm at Onehunga Community Centre Don Allan, Community Constable, with support from Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga MP, invite you to attend the Onehunga Residents Crime Prevention Public meeting on Wednesday 19 June 2013 at 6.30pm. The meeting is the perfect opportunity for residents and Police to come together to share information on community initiatives such as Community Patrols and Neighbourhood Support. Plus, Don will provide some valuable advice on crime prevention and when to report incidents to the Police. For further enquiries or to RSVP, please contact Don on 622 8722 or Connie on 622 0300.

Essential Tools To Aid Theft Prevention People, Practices and technology are the key

According to the Retailers Association, Retailers in New Zealand lose between $1m -$2m per day from shoplifting and we know that Onehunga businesses are being hit hard. Loss Prevention Manager for Foodstuffs, Dave Norton, approaches loss prevention in three steps: people, practices and technology. ― Use technology to reduce and prevent risk,‖ he says. ― However, if you don‘t have the people management and robust processes in place, technology will not give you the benefits it could.‖ Well-placed, obvious cameras are a vital deterrent and show that your business is wellprotected. On the other hand, hidden cameras monitor staff in employee-only areas like break rooms and warehouses. Camera technology has advanced in two main areas: greater resolution—thus providing a greater level of detail — and improvements in the capabilities of the software driving it. With the software advances, cameras can be integrated into other parts of security and POS systems. The camera software can be set to report when high-risk transactions occur such as refunds or voids or when integrated with electronic article surveillance (EAS) - to log whenever an alarm goes off. Another feature of the advances of technology is that camera software is now able to identify suspicious behaviour. Camera software is able to pick up a possible risk if someone is loitering around a particular car and certain licence plate-reading cameras can identify the vehicles of known theft offenders and trespassed persons And the good news is that high-resolution camera have come down in price significantly over the last years. Most mid- and high-end models are IP cameras, which operate over a wireless network and allow images to be captured over a larger area and in greater details — so, fewer cameras are needed. If you are interested in investing in the security of your business, whether it‘s good quality cameras or tags , please get in touch with us — if there is enough people interested we may be able to bulk buy.

Te Papapa 100 Year Reunion Connect with old friends and associates

Te Papapa Primary School in Onehunga is holding a reunion in September to celebrate its 100th anniversary Events are being held on September 20 and 21. Phone Lani on 818 2161 or email for further information.

Learn more about Onehunga’s lava caves

Enjoy an informative presentation from an Auckland speleologist Well known Auckland speleologist Peter Crossley will be giving a giving a talk with power point presentation about the lava caves underlying the volcanoes in the Auckland field with particular reference to the caves in Onehunga. Date: 20 June 2013 Time: 7.30 p.m. Place: Onehunga Community House , 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga. Entry is free, but to ensure a place please ring Onehunga Community House 636 9900 between 8.30 a.m and 12.30 p.m.

The Dolphin Theatre Production ‘Spreading Out’ begins Roger Hall’s iconic follow on from Middle Aged Spread

Spreading Out is Roger Hall at his best – a lot of laughs and a bit of social commentary on the side to keep things interesting – a great night out for the whole family. Synopsis Roger Hall‘s iconic follow on from Middle Aged Spread – 27 years later and Colin and Elizabeth have retired to a small lifestyle block in the Wairarapa, where they tend their vineyard. But it‘s New Year‘s Eve and anything and everything can, and does, happen to interrupt their quietude. The errant son, the argumentative daughter and those loud ex-neighbours from Oz all converge to cause havoc, laughs and a few tears as the New Year approaches. To make a booking call: (09) 636-7322 - 24 Hour Hotline or email:

Annual fee changes for Auckland businesses Fees standardized across the region

From 1 July, food premises in Auckland will be operating under a new and improved food safety system, including standardised fees across the region. Adopted as part of the Auckland Council annual plan, the new fee structure will see the number of food premise fees reduce from 153, as inherited from the former councils, to just 12 fees based on grade and risk involved in food preparation. Hairdressing businesses throughout the region are also moving to fee standardisation, with a cost of $207 to renew their registration this year. To view the fee changes and for further information visit : planspolicie sprojects/pla nsstrate gie s/annual_plan /Pages/changestocouncilfees.a spx? utm_source=shorturl&utm_medium=print&utm_campaign=Fees

Take Part In The Onehunga Business House Relay Contest runs from 17 June to 5 August 2013 The Onehunga War Memorial Pool invites you to enter a team in the 2013 Onehunga Business House swimming relay. This contest takes places through all 18 CLM Aquatic Centre‘s around the country. To enter a team just select four workmates who will each swim 100m consecutively of the 25m pool. You can decide on the day and time (6am to 7pm Monday to Sunday) which suits your team to take part. Onehunga War Memorial Pool staff will be on hand to welcome your team and time your relay. The contest is over five consecutive weeks and your team is required to complete one relay each week. The results and current placing for all teams will be posted on the CLM website. The final result is based on a total of your six best swims. Teams may have a reserve (a fifth swimmer) who takes the place of the absent swimmer. Entry costs $100 per team. This covers your weekly timed relay as well as all your practice swims, plus free sauna and spa use during the five weeks of the contest. Entries close on 10 June. Any questions or ideas—please call Louise Brockwell 09 634 3748. Register by emailing:

Auckland business confidence continuing to improve May 2013 survey conducted by Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Business owners are increasingly positive about the New Zealand economy and also about their own businesses, according to the latest figures from Auckland Chamber of Commerce quarterly business confidence survey May 2013. ―The survey indicates that a net 50% of respondents believe that the New Zealand business situation will improve, up from 37% last quarter,‖ said Chamber CEO Michael Barnett.

Repairing the crack inside St Peter’s Church Specialist expertise required to preserve building Have you noticed the scaffolding on St Peter‘s Church and wondered what it is for? We were curious and went to investigate further — it turns out that there is a crack on the side of the tower where the porch structure meets the tower structure and there is a leak when there‘s heavy rain. Chairperson of the St Peter‘s Trust Board, Roger Drake, has been involved with the Church for more than 40 years and says that repairing the crack is a long-term project as the work requires specialist expertise and there are limited contractors to do the work. The first St Peter‘s Anglican Church was built in the Selwyn style of architecture in 1848. Unfortunately these buildings do not last forever and in 1930 the tower building was constructed.

Tip For Visual Merchandising “ Art of creatively displaying your product to entice customers to take a closer look.” Organise your merchandise into themes with negative space to separate the themes. These themes could even be a match of products from across groups to get them all purchased together.

Onehunga Security Update

For Security Help

There has been a surge in counterfeit notes being passed in Auckland and we would like to remind you to be vigilant when receiving cash especially when it is of a large denominator. Most fake notes look and feel different, and a sometimes a slightly different size. If you suspect you‘ve been given a fake note, check it for the security features below and against other notes in your till. Be alert to anyone asking to change a $100 into other notes or purchasing a small item with a $100. Give Police a description of anyone attempting to pass a counterfeit bank note and try to get a car registration if you‘re able to do so safely.

Call Onehunga Town Centre’s Security Guard

Satia Sami

02 0401 13040 Or contact the OBA office ph

636 8535

Outside business hours, on Sundays & Public Holidays please call Police —Dial 111 Dial

A touch of Onehunga history Did you know that….

In 1860, The Blockhouse which still stands today was built on Green Hill Reserve, now Jellicoe Park, to protect women and children. The Land Wars had started and the authorities were afraid that the Maori would attack the settlers in the Onehunga.

Onehunga Event Calendar

See more events at If you’ve got an event coming up, email us at We’d love to hear about it. 8 June —The Dolphin Theatre‘s ‗Spreading Out‘ begins 19 June — Onehunga Residents Crime Prevention Public Meeting 20 June — Onehunga lava caves presentation 15—21 July— Matariki Art Exhibition, Onehunga Community Centre 28 September— Heritage Festival in Onehunga

Rubbish Collections Red bins are emptied every Tuesday morning. Blue bins every 2nd Tuesday: NEXT on June 11 & June 25 Please put your bins out ready for Tuesday collection on Monday nights after close of business and remove bins off the footpath and back onto your business property first thing Tuesday morning.

Cheers Amanda, Anne and Satia OBA Committee (2012/13 year) Peter Gibson, President (Parkinson & Bouskill) - 636 3300 Debbie Leaver (The Library Café & Function Venue) - 636 7292 Elizabeth Bedford (Changes) - 634 1913 Gaylene Powell (Dress Smart) - 622 2400 Rob Gallagher (Westpac) - 634 8555 Ross Mudafar (Onehunga Family Pharmacy) - 622 2865 Bridget Graham (Deputy Chairperson, Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board) - 301 0101 Dana Jin (Rainbow D) - 6349068 Ross Reddy (Daniel Overton & Goulding) - 6222222 This e-news is sent to you by Onehunga Business Association, because you are either a member, or you have an interest in the organisation or the area. If you do not wish to receive these communications, please let us know by phoning 636 8535. Please note: If your business lies within the Onehunga business precinct you are automatically a member of Onehunga Business Association - paying a part of your rates to fund the OBA.

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