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Region 1 Project Monitoring Evaluation System First Semester CY 2011

s c i t s i t a t Region 1 Project Monitoring Evaluation System S First Semester CY 2011

Different implementing agencies, LGUs and SUCs in the region completed a total of 213 out of 499 projects (42.7 percent) during the first half of CY 2011. 31.7 percent or 158 projects were still ongoing as of the second quarter of the year, while the implementation of the remaining 128 projects will still be started in the following quarters as targeted.

The financial status of projects revealed an expenditure rate of only 71.8 percent on the overall. RDA projects had the least expenditure rate at 57.1 percent, which was tantamount to P480.3 million. Typhoon Rehab projects had an expenditure rate of 89.5 percent, while the RAACC and MDG projects had 100 percent and 102.2 percent expenditure rate, respectively.

Compared to the targeted physical accomplishment of 78.7 percent, the actual physical ccomplishment in the first semester of CY 2011 was just about 75 percent. This could be attributed to the slippages accounted for in the physical accomplishments of RDA (-5.4), MDG (-2.4), and RAACC (0.9) projects. Overall, the physical performance for the second quarter of 2011 was 95.3 percent.

In terms of job generation, a performance of 118.84 percent was recorded as actual man-days generated through the projects totaled to 627,038.5 compared to a target of 527,648.0.