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Recognized for its recent and vibrant awakening, Santiago offers anything from sophisticated stores, malls, restaurants, cultural attractions, art galleries and national colonial heritage monuments, to marvelous vineyards, majestic mountains and world class ski resorts. In short, you will be pleasantly surprised as you explore and become acquainted with this vibrant city. Take advantage of your stay in Santiago and keep your Once in Santiago pamphlet guide with you at all times, so that you can see the maps, check out the best restaurants, and much more. Our website can also be of assistance if you need any additional information. Go ahead, Santiago is waiting for you to enjoy! Once your visit concludes please remember to leave your guide in any of our multiple Once in Santiago distribution points. We are an environmentally friendly organization and your cooperation will help us save valuable natural resources.

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4 What`s HOT Barrio Bellavista


SANTIAGO ON FOOT For those who like to explore cities on their own, see the section Santiago on Foot on page 66 and travel around Santiago and its neighborhoods while enjoying a nice walk. Relive the past in the historical district and its impressive buildings. Enjoy the restaurants and arts and crafts in the Bellavista neighborhood or wonder at the new financial center of Santiago in El Golf neighborhood. Each neighborhood has its own charm and its own culture so come and explore them!

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Spring has begun and with it, the beginning of the concert and festival season. Marc Anthony-Chayanne is the first of the large concerts in October, followed by Garbage, Simple Plan, Evanescence and the Beach Boys. In November, the highlighted concerts are Luis Miguel, Lady Gaga, and Joss Stone. Two festivals that are not to be missed are the 9th version of the Creamfields dance festival and the Maquinaria rock and roll festival with featured performers that include Kiss, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, and other invited artists. The concert season ends in December with Madonna’s concert in the National Stadium (Estadio Nacional). (See section on Festivals and Events on page 18).

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What`s HOT 5 CAMPING AND PICNICS Spring offers an ideal climate for doing outdoor activities such as trekking, having a picnic, or camping. Here we give you three fascinating options all within two hours of Santiago: La Campana National Park: With an altitude of 1800 meters, this park offers magnificent views of the valleys while traveling through forests of Chilean palm trees. Another alternative on the way to Farellones and the ski resorts is the Yerba Loca Natural Sanctuary where you can enjoy the typical Chilean mountain landscape. From here, you can reach the foot of the La Paloma Glacier after a two-day hike. Another option is the El Morado Natural Monument, located in the Cajón del Maipo Canyon where you can also do a two-hour hike to reach the San Francisco Glacier. Don’t miss out on any of these natural wonders. Check out the section on Transport and Rentals on page 76, rent a car, and enjoy!

POMAIRE If you have a bit of time on your hands and you want to enjoy some typical Chilean food and local arts and crafts, a day trip to the small town of Pomaire is recommended. The town is located a little over 60 kilometers to the west of Santiago. This town is known for its brown clay pottery, where you can find various objects already crafted with this material, such as the “piggy bank of Pomaire.” Pomaire is also an ideal place to enjoy an authentic Chilean stew (cazuela), a corn pie (pastel de choclo), or the unbeatable half-kilo empanadas.

ENJOYING THE SUNSET The mild evenings in Santiago allow the locals and tourists to enjoy a refreshing beer, a delicious coffee, or a good Chilean wine in the bars, cafes, and outdoor patios around the city. Once the sun begins to set, the pleasant temperature makes it possible to spend time outdoors until the late hours of the night. Where? Some good options for this are the outdoor seating in the Bellavista Patio or the Boulevard of the Parque Arauco.

6 Did you know? Museo de Bellas Artes

Did you know? There are a few amazing and curious things you might like to know about this peculiar part of the world. For instance, did you know that…

1. In Chile you will find the driest place of the world:

The Atacama Desert is located in the northernmost part of the country. Some parts of the desert have not seen rain for almost 25 years. Visit the Atacama Desert and enjoy its Oasis: San Pedro de Atacama and Pica.

2. The southernmost city of the world is in Chile:

Puerto Williams, located in the Beagle Channel, at the unexplored Navarino Island, is literally the end of the earth. You must visit it and see the “Dientes de Navarino”, which can be reached on a one hour airplane flight from Punta Arenas.

3. A Chilean horse holds the equestrian high jump record:

Huaso was the horse that, ridden by Chilean Captain Alberto Larraguibel, set the high-jump world record on February 5, 1949, by jumping 2.47 m (8 ft 1in). Visit the monument located in Viña del Mar, just 120 km (75 mi) away from Santiago.

4. Chile has 2 Nobel Prize laureates in literature (Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral):

Visit Pablo Neruda´s houses in Santiago, Valparaíso and Isla Negra. Stop by Gabriela Mistral´s hometown of Vicuña, located in the north of the country. Another alternative is to enjoy the Ruta de los Poetas (Poets Route) (See La Chascona, page 28).

5. Chile had the strongest earthquake ever registered and it is one of the most seismic countries in the world:

The strongest earthquake took place in Valdivia during the 1960’s. It was 9.5° on the Richter scale and it modified the geography of the area. Chile´s 2010 earthquake had a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter Scale. It ranks as the sixth largest earthquake recorded. Due to this reality, Chile is considered to be one of the best prepared countries to face this kind of natural phenomenon.

Did you know? 7

6. Chile has the biggest underground mine of the world:

It is called El Teniente, and it has more than 2,400 km of tunnels. It is a 2-hour car drive from the capital. Ask for daily tours from Santiago and enjoy this truly underground city. (See Around Santiago section, page 84).

7. The oldest mummies ever found belong to the people who lived on the Chilean coastline:

More than 7,000 years old (2,000 years older than the Egyptian ones), these mummies were a part of the Chinchorro culture. Visit them at the Pre-Columbian Art Museum in Santiago, or at the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa, in Arica. Be impressed by their amazing state of conservation. (See Chilean Pre-Columbian art Museum, page 30).

8. In the Chilean part of the Andes Mountain you can find the highest active volcano in the world:

Ojos Del Salado has a height of 6,893 mt (22,614 ft). It is the second highest peak in the American continent. Would you like to visit it? (See Adventure section, page 50)

9. Chile has the biggest open-pit mine of the world:

Chuquicamata, located at the heart of the Atacama Desert, belongs to the Codelco State Company. If you are planning to visit San Pedro de Atacama, this is a place you must see. Ask for tours.

10. Northern Chile has the world’s clearest skies, which makes it a world astronomic center:

Its atmospheric stability, dryness and height, favor clear skies, low relative humidity and good observations. Visit the astronomic observatories in Antofagasta (Paranal), Atacama (Las Campanas) and Coquimbo (Cerro Tololo, Gémini and La Silla). For more information visit

Puerto Williams ...and“Los Dientes de Navarino”

8 Santiago at a Glance

Santiago at a Glance If this is your first time in Santiago or you simply want to get to know the most relevant parts of the city, then this is the place for you, with up to date information and recommendations to learn a little more about Santiago. The city areas described are not based on political or administrative jurisdiction. They are locations that have their own identity and become notable destination points for any traveler.

n Santiago Centro (Downtown Santiago) - see map page 66 Every tour of Santiago must begin at the historic heart of the city – Downtown. In this busy civic neighborhood you will find La Moneda Palace, (see page 29) the Chilean Government head office, which has a modern underground cultural center, including a permanent exhibit of the world renowned artist Violeta Parra and many arts and crafts exhibits. Walking along the Ahumada Promenade you can get a snapshot of the city and feel the pulse of Chilean life. Continue north along Ahumada Promenade and you will reach the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) (see page 12), where you will find the majestic Cathedral (see page 24) and the National History Museum (see page 31). One block away is the Chilean Pre-Columbian Art Museum (see page 30). Without a doubt, these are three destinations you can’t miss. To view the city from above you should visit the beautiful Santa Lucia Hill. (see page 26).

Historic Neighborhoods: Quinta Normal, Brasil and Yungay - see map page 68 n

The bohemian style and cultural atmosphere of the Galpón Victor Jara offers the typical gastronomy of its restaurants, and its renowned neoclassical architecture. This has made the Brasil neighborhood one of the interesting places to visit in Santiago. Everything happens near or around the main square where college students and many artists now live. This part of town has two “can’t miss” touristic points: Iglesia de la Preciosa Sangre (Church of the Precious Blood), remembered for having been the church were an

Santiago at a Glance 9

aristocratic woman was confined for committing adultery. Concha y Toro Street, with its buildings still perfectly intact brings to mind the colonial period of the 19th century. Nearby is the Yungay Neighborhood, with its historic restaurant-hair salon “Boulevard Lavaud.” Steps away is the Matucana Neighborhood and its Quinta Normal Park. This public area harbors a lagoon, the Natural History Museum, the Memory Museum (see page 30) and 39 hectares of green areas (96 acres).

n Lastarria and Bellas Artes Neighborhoods - see map page 70 Located in the heart of downtown Santiago, at the foot of Santa Lucia Hill, this area is a tourist’s favorite. The neighborhood has been revitalized by artists who have made it their home after restoring the historic buildings of the area. Along these streets you can find museums, cultural centers, cafes, old movie theaters, a lovely antiquity fair and many bars. The jewel of this area is the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts), which offers the best of Chilean art: Matta, Bravo, Lira, Mori and Matte, along with interesting exhibits. Nearby is the Parque Forestal (Park), ideal for a relaxing walk and a good cup of coffee. Within the park is the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Contemporary Art Museum) also well-known as MAC.

n Bellavista Neighborhood - see map page 72 This is the place to enjoy nightlife in Santiago: an upbeat environment and lots of places to eat or enjoy a drink. In this neighborhood there is always something to do. Sandwich stands, restaurants, lapis lazuli stores, theaters, and many pubs with salsa dancing and jazz are found on Constitución and Pío Nono streets. This is also where Nobel Prize laureate Pablo Neruda lived in a house that he called “La Chascona” (see page 28) which is now a museum. If you are interested in window shopping for Chilean products, listening to live music, partying and enjoying some great food, then Patio Bellavista is for you (see page 36). The backdrop of this area is the Parque Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park) (see page 64), the largest city park in the country. Set in the heart of Cerro San Cristobal (San Cristobal Hill), it has a funicular railway and bike trails to the top for enjoying the best view of Santiago.

10 Santiago at a Glance n Providencia This traditional neighborhood is on the rise once again. It has new bike routes, bike rental services, lofts, galleries, specialized bookstores, cozy cafes, design stores, discotheques and many bars along Manuel Montt and the Orrego Luco Promenade which has made this part of town a favorite for young people. It is becoming a heaven for both new artists and foreigners. Providencia is an ideal place to take a stroll and enjoy its cultural attractions such as the Cafe Literario (Literary Cafe) in Parque Bustamante (Bustamante Park) and the Parque de las Esculturas (Sculpture Garden Park) (see page 32). This area is especially popular during the International Jazz Festival and the Providencia Theater Festival held every summer. Set in the heart of this community is the Barrio Italia (Italian Neighborhood). Located along Rancagua, Irarrázaval, Bustamante and Jose Manuel Infante streets, this area includes gastronomic and artistic circuits and is a delightful area for antique lovers.

n Las Condes and Vitacura These are two areas of Santiago located on the eastern side of the city. Although they are essentially residential communities, they have two neighborhoods, El Golf and Alonso de Cordova that offer interesting alternatives for tourists with numerous parks with the majestic Andes Mountains as their backdrop. In Las Condes you will find some of the most important malls in Santiago: Parque Arauco and Alto Las Condes. In these shopping centers you will encounter a wide array of shops, movie theaters, restaurants, bowling alleys, and much more. o El Golf Neighborhood - see map page 74 The El Golf Neighborhood, known as “Sanhattan”, is the new financial district of Santiago. It has easy access by subway, modern buildings and contemporary sculptures along the Paseo La Pastora (La Pastora Promenade) (see page 33). El Golf is a neighborhood located in the affluent Municipality of Las Condes, considered one of the country’s most exclusive areas. Surrounded by huge glass buildings with the offices of large national and international corporate offices, the entire neighborhood permeates a serene atmosphere. On weekdays it’s quite crowded with company executives and entrepreneurs rushing along its ample sidewalks or sipping a cup of coffee in one of the sector’s many coffee shops. In addition to office buildings there are also many luxury apartment buildings located in this pleasant and safe environment. Noteworthy are its exclusive hotels, fashion stores and restaurants. o Alonso de Córdova and Nueva Costanera neighborhoods The Alonso de Cordova and Nueva Costanera neighborhoods have become one of the most exclusive areas of the country. They have numerous boutique-hotels, a handful of art galleries, luxurious restaurants and many upscale interior design shops. A few blocks away you can find the innovative Museo de la Moda (Fashion Museum), whose collections have been highlighted in New York Times articles. This fashionable avenue, located in the affluent Vitacura Municipality, has some of the country’s most exclusive decoration and fashion stores. On this avenue you will find high-quality coffee shops and restaurants, in addition to luxury brand stores such as Louis Vuitton, Armani or Swarovski. To get to know these neighborhoods and have fun, see the Santiago on foot Section (See page 66)

Santiago at a Glance 11

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Cerro San Crist贸bal, Parque Metropolitano

12 10 Must Do 10 must do How many have you done? Go ahead, check them out…

rate them @ 1 La Moneda and its Cultural Center: Until the middle of the 19th century, this building was used for minting coins (hence, the reason for its name). Later, it was the residence for the President of Chile. Today, it is used as the government’s headquarters. Visitors can enter and enjoy the Patio de Los Naranjos and interior areas, and witness the changing of the guard at noon. La Moneda was bombarded and partly destroyed during the 1973 coup d’etat that ended Salvador Allende´s presidency and originated the military government. (See La Moneda on page 29 & La Moneda Cultural Center on page 26)

2 Plaza de Armas: Squares tell us a lot about the cities and its people; here, you will find dozens of portrait artists, chess enthusiasts and Mote con Huesillo stands (typical Chilean dessert). You will also encounter the Museo Histórico National (National History Museum) (See page 31) and the Cathedral (See page 24). These are two of the most important Historical Monuments of Santiago.

3 Barrio Bellavista (Bellavista Neighborhood) (see map, page 72)

Well known for its buoyant nightlife, this is where the poet Pablo Neruda lived and where you can enjoy theater plays, fine dining and finish the night off in one of its famous bars. La Chascona (See page 28) and Patio Bellavista (See page 36), are places you should definitely visit.

4 Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino: A block away from the Plaza de Armas, this museum will surprise you with its interesting pre-Hispanic art collection. Beautiful textiles, ceremonial objects, vestments, craft, ancient jewelry and a lot more. The greatest attractions are the Chinchorro’s mummies, from the northernmost part of Chile, which are even older than the Egyptian mummies (See page 30)

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10 Must Do 13 5 Parque Metropolitano (see page 64): This is the city´s green lung. This gigantic park is nestled in San Cristobal Hill. If you want to reach the top, you can walk, ride a bicycle or take the cable car. Once at the top, you can see the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary and admire Santiago. The view is even better after a rainy day, as the mountain range can be seen in its entire splendor. Once there, you should definitely check out the Japanese garden.

6 “El Mercado” and “La Vega” (Central Market): You can enjoy Chilean gastronomy at these traditional markets. With nearly a century of tradition, La Vega is the largest market of the city. In Mercado Central you can find fresh fruits, such as the famous Chilean avocado, different kinds of cheese, juice and fried food. To enjoy Chilean seafood and fish, go to the Mercado Central restaurants. (see page 28)

7 Vineyards: (see page 46)

Easily accessible, the Maipo Valley deserves a visit, especially for wine tasting. When you come to Chile, having a glass of wine is indispensable. There are several options such as the Maipo Alto Wine Route, where you can visit two vineyards and taste their Premium wines.

8 Lastarria and Bellas Artes Neighborhoods: (see map, pag 70)

Art, gastronomy and architecture are combined in this neighborhood. Start with a walk through the Parque Forestal (Park) and then visit the National Museum of Fine Arts. Travel through its stores of youthful design, antiquity fairs, bookstores and cafes. At night, visit the bars.

9 Cajón del Maipo canyon: (see pag 88)

Just 45 minutes away from Santiago, the hillsides of the Cajón del Maipo canyon offer multiple attractions to its visitors. Rafting, trekking and thermal baths are just a few of the outdoors activities that you may wish to consider doing in this marvelous natural environment. There are several eating options along the canyon. You can enjoy the delicacies of an authentic Italian trattoria or a traditional creole restaurant. Or you can take your own food and picnic along the river bank. When you are there you may wish to visit the El Morado Natural Reserve with its own glacier and beautiful lake.

10 La Piojera: It is one of the largest traditional places (it serves traditional Chilean cuisine) of the city. Its name goes back to 1922, when President Alessandri was invited and said: “did they seriously bring me to this “piojera” (unhealthy place)?” Historically popular, this bar is famous for its hams, rolled pork and grilled meats dishes and its traditional drink called “terremoto” (earthquake), made with pipeño wine and pineapple ice cream. (See page 40)

14 10 Must Try 10 must try How many have you tried? Go ahead, check them out…

rate them @

1 Wine: Chilean wine is famous worldwide for its quality, affordable price and varieties of grapes. You should visit the vineyards, enjoy some wine tasting, take a ride on the wine train and experience the grape harvest festival. You just have to choose a valley, grab a glass and relax.

2 Pisco: The Chilean grape is not only famous for the wine, it is also the basis of pisco, a typical liquor from the northernmost Chilean valleys. It contains 35 or 40% alcohol. It has a “sour” version, which is prepared with lemon juice and sugar. When mixed with Coke it is called piscola.

3 Seafood and Chilean Fish: From the Chilean coast, exotic and delicious seafood is harvested. The conger, paila marina, avalons, parmesan clams, spider crabs, crab cakes, Juan Fernandez Island’s lobster and many others are the pride of the national cuisine. The Mercado Central is a good place to enjoy any of these dishes. Another good alternative is to travel to Viña del Mar or Valparaiso and enjoy a good meal overlooking the sea.

4 Barros Luco or Chacarero: Chilean people love sandwiches; this explains why Chile has the second highest bread intake in the world. You should definitely try their most famous versions: Chacarero (meat, tomato, chili and green beans), Barros Luco (meat and melted cheese), or Italiano (avocado added).

10 Must Try 15 5 Mote con Huesillos: There is nothing like a cold mote con huesillos cup during the summer. The ingredients of this traditional Chilean beverage are boiled dried peaches, wheat, water, sugar and cinnamon. You can find them in vending carts throughout the city. Which one is the best? There are many good ones. Just make sure that it is really cold. Enjoy!

6 Sopaipillas con Pebre: Sopaipillas are made of fried flour, and pebre is a dipping sauce prepared with tomatoes, onions, chili and coriander. In many restaurants, they serve them as snacks while you wait for your order. When made of pumpkin, sopaipillas are known as “sopaipillas pasadas” or “picarones”. As they are sweet, they are an ideal dessert.

7 Barbecue: Not only a typical dish, but a real gastronomic ritual. In parks, campings or at home, you will find a man grilling meat, no matter if it is lamb, bovine, chicken or pork. Barbecues are always preceded by “choripanes” (bread with sausage) and accompanied by a glass of wine. In restaurants you should try the “lomo vetado,” (chuck loin) “asado de tira” (roast) or if you want to try a bit of everything, ask for a “parrillada.”

8 Pastel de Choclo (Corn Pie): Half native, half Spanish, this dish is made of corn paste, meat, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, olives, raisins, and a bit of sugar mixed together and baked.

9 Empanada: During September, the Chilean Independence Day celebration would just not be the same without “empanadas.” Although they can be found in other countries, in Chile the dough is filled with pino” (ground meat and onion, eggs, olives and raisins). You can also find them filled with cheese and seafood. They can be baked or fried, and you should definitely try them.

10 Cazuela: On cold days do not forget to try “cazuela” to warm up. This soup can be made with chicken or bovine, corn and potatoes. It is ideal for rainy days. Try it in Chilean cuisine restaurants and add some merquén.

16 10 Must Get 10 must get How many are you taking with you?? Go ahead, check them out…

rate them @

1 Wine: Chilean wine is famous worldwide, so be sure to try some Chilean wine and take some with you when you go back home. You can get help and advices at some specialized shops such as El Mundo del Vino and La Vinoteca. If you are looking for lower prices, the supermarkets are a good option.

2 Pisco: Chileans drink Pisco Coke (“Piscola”) or in its sour version (with lemon and sugar). There are also some fruit sour versions available, such as mango sour, custard apple sour and others.

3 Lapis lazuli: This semiprecious stone with an intense blue color is extracted in very few places of the world. One of the most important lapis lazuli deposits is Chile. It is easy to find lapis lazuli stores with jewelry and decorative objects. Taking some home is a good way to always remember Chile.

4 Merquén: Chilean traditional dishes are seasoned with merquén, a spicy seasoning made with red ground chili and smoked coriander seeds. You can buy it in some supermarkets and in most gourmet stores. There are some varieties such as olive oil with merquén.

10 Must Get 17 5 Chilean Landscapes: Chile is well known for its landscapes, so there is no better souvenir than a book that summarizes the best postcards from the Andean Plateau to the Patagonia. Photographers such as Guy Wenborne, Pablo Valenzuela and Nicolas Piwonka have impressive editions. Other books such as Graphic Santiago show the more typical and popular places of Chile.

6 Chilean Poetry: Chile, land of poets, has two Literature Nobel Prizes laureates: Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. Their anthologies are one of the best memories of this country’s soul. If you want to read more, you should check out these other three great writers: Nicanor Parra, Vicente Huidobro and Gonzalo Rojas.

7 Textiles: Wool fabric can be an excellent souvenir for remembering your trip to Chile. You can find diverse clothing garments, like a warm sweater or a colorful scarf. While alpaca wool (coming from the typical Andean animal) is characteristic of the Chilean north, sheep wool is highly utilized in the country´s south.

8 Copper craftwork: Chile is the copper country and you will therefore find craftwork fabricated with this metal in most artisan centers. Articles made from copper can range from coasters and book markers with Mapuche designs, to kitchen household items such as pots and kettles.

9 Sweets: In Chile there are a lot of sweets and many of their recipes date back to the 16th century. Be sure to try and take some cookies filled with “manjar” and bathed in chocolate. They can be found in pastry shops, chocolate shops and supermarkets.

10 Indio Pícaro (Kinky Indian): To have a funny souvenir from Chile, take this traditional craft figure home. It is a handmade native mapuche figure. Once you lift it, you will definitely be surprised! They sell male and female versions in all the craft markets.

18 Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events What kind of events can I find from April to July? The second trimester schedule is full of international artist’s presentations, festivals and outdoor activities. These are a couple of them:

October MUSIC 6th, Gigante2: Marc Anthony Chayanne Type: Pop Price: from $23,000CLP ($46USD) Place: Estadio Nacional, 9pm. Tickets: 6th, José Luis Perales Type: Latin Music Price: from $20,000CLP ($40USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm. Tickets: 10th, Gigante2: Marc Anthony Chayanne Type: Pop Price: from $23,000CLP ($46USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 15th, Garbage Type: Rock Price: from $18,000CLP ($36USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm. Tickets:

19th, Marco Antonio Solís Type: Latin American romantic ballad Price: from $25,000CLP ($50USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 22nd, Simple Plan Type: Rock Price: from $18,000CLP ($36USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 23rd, Evanescence Type: Rock Price: from $18,000CLP ($36USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 25th, 27th, 29th, 30th, Don Giovanni – Mozart Type: Opera Price: from $10,000CLP ($20USD) Place: Teatro Municipal. Tickets:

Festivals & Events 19

26th, The Beach Boys: 50th Anniversary Tour Type: Pop Price: from $16,200CLP ($32USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets:

BALLET & DANCE 6th, 9th, 10th, 11st, La Bella Durmiente (Sleeping beauty) Type: Ballet Price: from $3,000CLP ($6USD) Place: Teatro Municipal, 7pm. Tickets:

SPORTS 20th, The North Face Endurance Challenge 2012 Type: Trail Running 10K, 21K, 50K, 80K Price: from $25,000CLP ($50USD) Place: Hacienda Santa Martina. Tickets: 27th, Merrel Climbing Tour Type: Trekking, Trail Running Price: from $20,000CLP ($40USD) Place: Sierra de Ramón, San Carlos de Apoquindo, 9:30am. Tickets:

November MUSIC 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Luis Miguel Type: Latin American romantic ballad Price: from $20,700CLP ($41USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 2nd, 3rd, Don Giovanni – Mozart Type: Opera Price: from $10,000CLP ($20USD) Place: Teatro Municipal. Tickets: 7th, Robert Plant Type: Rock Price: from $28,000CLP ($56USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets:

7th, Jarabe de Palo Type: Latin Rock Price: from $14,000CLP ($28USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm. Tickets: 7th, Boris Giltburg Type: Piano Place: Teatro Municipal, 7pm. Tickets: 9th, Creamfields 2012 Type: Electronic party Price: from $32,500CLP ($65USD) Place: Espacio Riesco, 8pm. Tickets:

20 Festivals & Events

10th, 11st, Maquinaria Festival 2012 Type: Music Festival Price: from $16,500CLP ($33USD) Place: Club de Campo Las Vizcachas Tickets:

25th, Joss Stone Type: Soul Price: from $25,000CLP ($50USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 8pm. Tickets:

16th, Illapu Type: Andean folk Price: from $10,000CLP ($20USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm Tickets:

28th, Creed Type: Rock Price: from $25,000CLP ($50USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 8pm Tickets:

22nd, Cristina Ortiz Type: Piano Place: Teatro Municipal, 7pm. Tickets: 24th, Primavera Fauna Festival 2012 Type: Music Festival (24 shows) Price: from $38,000CLP ($76USD) Place: Espacio Broadway Tickets: 24th Festifunk Type: Funk festival Price: from $16,000CLP ($32USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 5pm Tickets:

Teatro Municipal

BALLET & DANCE 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, Drácula 2012 Type: Ballet Price: from $3,000CLP ($6USD) Place: Teatro Municipal, 7pm. Tickets:

EXHIBITS November 13rd- December 2nd, Cirque du Soleil Price: from $50,400CLP ($100USD) Place: Ciudad Empresarial, 4pm,5pm and 9pm. Tickets:

© Sernatur

20th, Lady Gaga Type: Pop Price: from $24,000CLP ($48USD) Place: Estadio Nacional, 9pm. Tickets:

Festivals & Events 21

December MUSIC 2nd, Silvio Rodríguez Type: Nueva trova movement. Price: from $10,000CLP ($20USD) Place: Estadio Monumental, 8pm. Tickets: 4th, Norah Jones Type: Pop Price: from $20,000CLP ($40USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 5th, Molotov – Desde Rusia con amor Type: Latin Rock Price: from $17,000CLP ($34USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm. Tickets: www. 7th, Serrat & Sabina - Dos pájaros contratacan Price: from $11,000CLP ($22USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 7th, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Type: Rock Price: from 16,000CLP ($32USD) Place: Estadio Bicentenario de La Florida Tickets:

8th, Tony Bennett Type: Jazz Price: from $14,000CLP ($28USD) Place: Teatro Municipal, 9pm. Tickets: 13rd, Cristián Castro Type: Latin American romantic ballad Price: from $15,000CLP ($30USD) Place: Teatro Caupolicán, 9pm Tickets: 14th, Emmanuel & Alexander Acha Type: Latin Pop Price: from $17,000CLP ($34USD) Place: Movistar Arena, 9pm. Tickets: 19th, Madonna Type: Pop Price: from $31,000CLP ($62USD) Place: Estadio Nacional, 8pm. Tickets:

BALLET & DANCE 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, Cascanueces Type: Ballet Price: from $3,000CLP ($6USD) Place: Teatro Municipal, 7pm. Tickets:

How to get to… Hernando de Magallanes, L1. Corporación Cultural de Las Condes: Parque O’Higgins, L2 Movistar Arena: Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Museo Parque de las Esculturas: Parque O’Higgins, L2 Parque O’Higgins: Parque O’Higgins, L2 Teatro Caupolicán: Santa Lucía, L1 Teatro Municipal: Manuel Montt, L1. Teatro Nescafé de las Artes: Santa Ana, L2. Teatro Teletón:

22 Destination of the Month Valparaíso

Destination of the Month: Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

An excellent alternative to complement your visit to Santiago is to visit the cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, the latter of which is also known as the “Garden City.” Located less than two hours from Santiago and with only 5 kilometers separating the two cities, both offer a variety of activities and sites of interest. In the same day you can fit in a morning walk through the colorful hills of Valparaíso, an inspiring local lunch with a breathtaking view of the bay, an afternoon at the beach and shopping in Viña del Mar and Reñaca and, to end the day, some delicious seafood empanadas in Concón. There are many different things to do so get inspired to spend some days in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, and its surrounding areas!



Founded in 1541, Valparaíso is one of the oldest cities in Chile. It was the principal port city of the South Pacific until the beginning of the 20th century, attracting a large number of immigrants who left their mark on the architecture, city life, transportation, art, literature, and gastronomy of the city. Its history, together with the charm of the multi-colored hillsides, caused it to be declared a World Heritage Site in 2003. With regards to its tourism, Valparaiso is divided into two zones: the flat area (plan) and the hills. Within the first part is the historic district, whose European influence brings us back to past centuries when the port was a cosmopolitan hub of activity. Places you cannot miss are the old Matriz Church, the impressive building of the National Congress, Victoria Plaza, the Santiago Severín Library, the Cathedral of Valparaíso, the Municipal Theater, the Cardonal Market, the Sotomayor Plaza with its monuments, the Aníbal Pinto Plaza with its famous cafes, and the Cinzano Bar-Restaurant. The old financial heart of the city is found between Esmeralda, Prat, and Condell Streets. In this area you can see the Turri Clock and the old buildings of the first banks and first stock exchange market of South

Destination of the Month 23 America. Another exciting way to see Valparaiso is from the sea, by taking a trip on a boat through the bay. The Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción are without a doubt the most visited hills by tourists. Their houses, built by German and English immigrants in the 19th century, have been converted into hotels, boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants, and interior design shops. Here you can also find beautiful walls to photograph, look-out points, book shops, and a cultural center. Don’t forget to visit the Anglican Church, the Lutheran Church, the Paseo Yugoslavo (with the Baburizza Palace), the Paseo Atkinson, and the Paseo Gervasoni (with the Lukas Museum House). The adventure is not complete if you do not take one of the infamous funiculars in the city. To visit both hills, you can take the El Peral, Reina Victoria, and Concepción funiculars. The Cerro Artillería has one of the best and most expansive views of the bay. Beginning at the Paseo 21 de Mayo you can take in a view of Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Reñaca, and Concón. Next to this avenue you can find the Naval and Maritime Museum with its exuberant gardens. To get to this hill it is best to take the Artillería Funicular. The Cerro Bellavista is another must-see. Here we find La Sebastiana, a housemuseum where the prize-winning national poet, Pablo Neruda, lived and the Museo a Cielo Abierto. The walls of this museum were painted by celebrated Chilean artists and give life and color to the scenery and streets of the neighborhood. To get here you can take the Espiritu Santo Funicular. The city of Valparaíso is also known for its picturesque bars, pubs, and nightclubs.



The city of Viña del Mar stands out for its beautiful parks, its soft sandy beaches, its renovated and walk-able boardwalk, and its exciting night life. The beauty of Viña del Mar’s beaches invites you to visit them, even outside of the typical seasons. The beaches of Acapulco, El Sol, and Los Marineros are the most centrally located. In all of them you can do different beach sports. For surfers, the popular Reñaca beach (located 7 kilometers from the center of Viña del Mar) is the most recommended. Nature lovers can visit different parks in the city such as the featured Quinta Vergara and the Botanical Gardens. The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, housed in a beautiful palace within the Quinta Vergara, has European works from the 16th and 17th centuries, including some very impressive pieces. The Francisco Fonck Museum of Archaeology and Natural History has the widest collection of Easter Island culture on the continent. The Palacio Rioja Museum, the Wulf Castle, and the Flower Clock are also recommended places to visit. The last two are undisputed postcards of the city. A tour of the city isn’t complete without having gone for a stroll in Victoria, traditional carriages that go around the city. Viña del Mar is also a bohemian city, meaning you can end the day enjoying a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, bars, and nightclubs on San Martin Street, or by trying your luck at the Enjoy Casino. How to get there? Where to stay and eat? See the section on Around Santiago on page 84. To rent a car, see the section on Transport and Rentals on page 76.

24 Museums & Attractions Casa Colorada

Casa Colorada

Museums & Attractions With its monuments and museums Santiago invites you to discover its historical past and vibrant present. The best way to learn about the culture and traditions of a country is by visiting its museums and attractions. In Chile, most of these places are in Santiago. You can view the paintings of national artists and sculptures at the National Museum of Fine Arts and experience the world of fashion seeing the dresses, cloths and accessories of the Fashion Museum. You can view native people’s art at the Pre-Columbian Art Museum or the testimonies of the victims of military dictatorships at the Human Rights Museum. You should definitely visit the museums if you want to learn about the past and recent history of this wonderful country at the end of the world.


(See map page 67) A National Monument, that is the home of the Santiago Museum, the Casa Colorada reminds us of the structures of the Chilean high society in the second half of the 18th century. The house was built by Don Mateo de Toro y Zambrano (known as “The Count of Conquest”). It has historical meaning as the First Government Meeting took place there in 1810. This reunion was one of the most important steps on the road to Chilean independence. It was closed in 2011 for remodeling, but you can view it from the outside. Address: 860 Merced St., Downtown, Santiago. Plaza de Armas, L5.

Catedral Metropolitana (Metropolitan Cathedral)

(See map page 67) A historical site you should definitely visit. The complex of the Cathedral consists on the Archbishop’s Palace, a side chapel, and the main cathedral. It has been a national monument since 1951. The Cathedral is headquarters of the Santiago’s Archdiocese, and it was the first Catholic Church temple in the country. The actual building was rebuilt in 1748, a construction that lasted more than 40 years. The main altar is made of white marble and lapis lazuli. Admission: Free Address: 444 Plaza de Armas, Downtown, Santiago. Plaza de Armas, L5.

Catedral Metropolitana

Š Sernatur

Museums & Attractions 25

26 Museums & Attractions Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda (La Moneda Cultural Center)

(See map page 67) Located right next to the Palacio de la Moneda, this cultural center promotes understanding and appreciation of Chilean culture through major expositions, “Cineteca Nacional” programs, and complementary exhibits and activities. There are guided tours and interactive workshops, or just enjoy the arts and crafts, cafes, and visit the works of Violeta Parra, one of the most famous Chilean artists. Cultural Center: Hours: 9am-9pm Mon-Sun. Admission: Free Expositions: Hours: 9am-7:30pm Mon-Sun. Admission: 9am-12pm Mon-Sun: Free. 12 noon-7:30pm: $1,000 CLP. Moneda, L1. Address: Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26, Downtown. Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda

Cerro Santa Lucía (St. Lucia Hill) (See map page 71)

This has been Santiago’s viewpoint since 1554. In 1814 royalists put up two cannons to protect the city. A few years later, the Fuerte Hidalgo (Hidalgo Fort) was erected. During 1870 a road and a church were constructed. More than 1,000 trees were planted, and gardens and fountains were built. Years later, the cannons were replaced by terraces from where you can appreciate the whole city. Must see: Viewpoint, Circle Garden, Caupolicán Terrace, Hidalgo Castle, Gothic Style Chapel. Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Sun. Admission: Free. Address: Alameda Ave. and Santa Lucia Street, or Santa Lucia Street and Santa Lucía, L1. Subercaseaux St. Cerro Santa Lucía

Museums & Attractions 27 Estación Mapocho (Mapocho Station) (See map page 67)

Built between 1904 and 1910, Estación Mapocho was the main train station in the country. It connected Santiago with Mendoza (Argentina), the port of Valparaiso and the northernmost cities Chile. It was designed by the architect Emilio Jecquier, who was influenced by the renowned French architect Gustavo Eiffel. For economic reasons it ceased functioning as a train station in 1987. Pay close attention to the detailed main facade, columns and the domes in the access hall. Currently, it is the headquarters of the Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, (Mapocho Station Cultural Center) where concerts, fairs, workshops, expositions and many other cultural events take place. Address: Plaza de la Cultura s/n, Downtown. Puente Cal y Canto, L2. Estación Mapocho

© Sernatur

Iglesia de San Francisco (San Francisco Church)

(See map page 67) Built between 1586 and 1628, it is the oldest architectural monument in Chile. Constructed by indigenous people and directed by monks, the temple was finished in 1618. Two cloisters were later constructed for the members of the order. During the 18th century, one of the cloisters was turned into an infirmary and new cloisters were erected. The main temple has been constantly refurbished and the interior was delicately furnished. Pay close attention to the main altar, the Image of the “Virgen del Socorro,” brought by Pedro de Valdivia in 1540. (See San Francisco Colonial Museum in page 31) Hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Sat; 10am-1pm Sun. Universidad de Chile, L1. Address: 834 Alameda Ave., Downtown.

Iglesia de San Francisco

28 Museums & Attractions Mercado Central (Central Market) (See map page 67) This historic monument was finished in 1872, and it is the main fresh seafood and vegetable market in the city. Currently it has many restaurants which are highly recommended. At the market you can enjoy high quality seafood prepared by some of Santiago’s best local chefs. Recommended Hours: 9am-5:30pm Mon-Sun. Admission: Free Address: 967 San Pablo St., Downtown. Puente Cal y Canto, L2.

Mercado Central

La Chascona (See map page 73) This innovative museum was built in 1953, by the Nobel Laureate and world renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The house was named “La Chascona” in honor of the secret love of his life, Matilde Urrutia. The name refers to the shaggy hairstyle of his beloved redhead. This old Neruda’s residence is now a museum intended to show the life of the poet by sharing his most intimate places and possessions. The house also has an interesting gallery. You can make tour reservations on the website. Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun. Admission: $2,500CLP ($5USD) Address: 0192 Fernando Márquez de la Plata St., Barrio Bellavista, Providencia. Baquedano, L1.

La Chascona

Museums & Attractions 29 La Moneda (La Moneda Government Palace) (See map page 67) Built in 1805, Chile’s most important building was originally designed for minting coins, hence the name, La Moneda. In 1845 it became the government headquarters and home to all Chilean Presidents. Visit El Patio de los Naranjos, where many international receptions, conferences, and presentations of artwork from around the world take place. Address: between Teatinos (W), Morandé (E), Moneda (N) streets and Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins (S) Ave. Moneda, L1.

La Moneda

Museo Artequín (See map page 69) This innovative project is located in the middle of the Estación Central and is intended to connect the visitor with interactive art. Games, guided tours, audio-visual and pictorial reproductions are available. The goal is to have children, teenagers and adults experiencing art while having fun. Hours: 9am-5pm Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. Admission: Tue-Fri: Children $500CLP ($1USD); Adults: $1,000CLP ($2USD); Sun & Holidays: Donations. Address: 3530 Portales Ave. Estación Central. Quinta Normal, L5.

Museo Artequín

30 Museums & Attractions Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Chilean Pre-Columbian Art Museum) (See map page 67) (Closed due to Remodeling)

Located one block from the Plaza de Armas, this museum was inaugurated in 1881. Its mission is to preserve the artistic legacy of the Pre-Columbian people of Latin America. Visitors can learn about Maya, Inca, Aztec and Andean People, and witness art pieces from local native cultures such as the Mapuche, Selk’nam, and Rapa Nui. Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun. Admission: Children $2,600CLP ($5USD); Adults: $3,900CLP ($8USD) Address: 361 Bandera St., Downtown. Plaza de Armas, L5. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Museo de la Chilenidad and Santa Rosa de Apoquindo

Santa Rosa de Apoquindo, a monumental patrimonial area in the heart of Las Condes, has a history that is intrinsic to both Chile and Las Condes. This architectural site is composed of a house and a park and located next to the Llavería y Cocheras building. It was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century. Managed by the Municipality of Las Condes through its Cultural Corporation, this site hosts important artistic expressions that protect Chile´s patrimony. The Museo de la Chilenidad focuses on four aspects: leather, wood, metals and textiles. Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun. Admission: Free Los Address: 1155 Padre Hurtado St., and Cristóbal Colón Ave., Las Condes. Domínicos, L1 + C03. Phone: (56 2) 896 9801 - (56 2) 896 9800

Museo de la Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Memory and Human Rights Museum) (See map page 69)

This museum was opened in 2010 by the ex-President Michelle Bachelet. The museum calls for reflection about the political and social events that occurred between 1973 and 1990. The human rights violations that took place during the military coup d’etat and government are embodied in objects, documents, and archives of the museum. The intention of the museum is to reclaim the dignity of the victims. Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun. Admission: Free. Address: 501 Matucana St., Santiago. Quinta Normal, L5.

Museums & Attractions 31

Museo de la Memoria y Derechos Humanos

Museo Colonial de San Francisco (San Francisco Colonial Museum) (See map page 67)

This museum was a section of the San Francisco Church’s convent. Its construction was finished in 1647, and it is a very good example of Chilean Colonial Architecture. Pay close attention to the title rooftops, corridors and inner patios. This museum has the most valuable Chilean art collection of the colonial period. You should not miss the 42 paintings which date back to 1684 and narrate the life of St Francis. (See Iglesia de San Francisco, page 27) Hours: 10am-1pm & 3pm-6pm Tue-Sat. Sun until 4pm. Admission: Children $500CLP ($1USD); Adults: $1.000CLP ($2USD). Address: 4 Londres St., Downtown. Universidad de Chile, L1. Museo Colonial de San Francisco

Museo Histórico Nacional (National History Museum)

(See map page 67) This museum was built during the Colonial Period (1808) as the “Real Audiencia” (Spanish Courts) headquarters. In 1811 it became the first National Congress and later was the central post office until 1978. The building was then restored and turned into the National History Museum. Currently, it exhibits antique weapons collections, decorative artwork, historical books, documents, coins, etc. Hours: 10am-5:30pm Tue-Sun. Admission: $600CLP ($1USD). Address: 951 Plaza de Armas. Plaza de Armas, L5.

32 Museums & Attractions Museo Interactivo Mirador (Mirador Interactive Museum)

Built in 2000, this is the most visited museum of the country. Its objective is to teach science, art and technology to the visitors while they interact with the exhibits. It has more than 300 exhibits in 14 halls. Visitors will learn while having a memorable experience. Hours: 9am-5:45pm Tue-Fri, 9:30am-6:30pm Sat-Sun & Holidays. Admission: Children: $2,600CLP ($5USD); Adults: $3,900CLP ($8USD) Address: 6711 Punta Arenas St., La Granja Pedrero, L5 + E05.

Museo Interactivo Mirador

Museo Parque de las Esculturas (Sculptures Park Museum)

This single and unique park, managed by the Providencia Cultural Institute, was designed in 1984 by the renowned architect, German Bannen Lay – National Urban Development Award Winner. The park offers an outdoors cultural environment that is unique in its genre in the country. It contains 40 mega-sculptures by an equal number of sculptors, in addition to an exhibit room. Noteworthy are the works of such National Art Award Winners as Marta Colvin, Federico Assler, Samuel Roman, Sergio Castillo and Lily Garafulic. Ever since the year 2002, during the month of January, this park museum carries out Providencia’s yearly International Jazz Festival. Hours: 9am-7pm, to 8pm in summer. Admission: Free. Phone: (56-2) 335 1832 Address: 2205 Santa Maria Ave., Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Museo Parque de las Esculturas

Museums & Attractions 33 Paseo de Las Esculturas La Pastora (See map page 75)

The Paseo de Las Esculturas La Pastora, composed by 10 works of art by prominent Chilean sculptors is a true outdoor museum. This public space that strengthens the sector´s cultural enclave, begins in the northern access of the Civic Center and Municipal Theater of Las Condes, continues in the semipedestrian walk of La Pastora street, and finishes on Isidora Goyenechea street. The stone, bronze and steel works of art found in this area are three to four meters high. Their creators are Federico Assler, Cecilia Campos, Aura Castro, Francisca Cerda, José Vicente Gajardo, Francisco Gazitúa, Mario Irarrázabal, Osvaldo Peña, Cristina Pizarro and Sergio Castillo. Address: La Pastora St. El Golf, L1.

Barrio Paris - Londres

34 Shopping

Shopping n


You can find Chilean arts and crafts, in small towns such as Pomaire, which is particularly famous for its “chanchitos de greda” (clay pigs), Quinchamali and its black ceramic work, Rari and its colorful figures made from horsehair and Chimbarongo’s wickerwork. A little further south you can find chamantos and other Mapuche arts and crafts. Aymara knitting is found in the northernmost part of the country where you can also find precious jewelry made of lapis lazuli. These products are found in Santiago in arts and crafts centers and in specialized stores.

Pueblito Los Dominicos

36 Shopping Pueblito Los Dominicos

Pueblito Los Dominicos: A historic colonial sector, highlighted by the impressive San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church (a National Monument), the artisan town is an obligatory visit for tourists. It houses a representative and complete sample of the country´s craftsmanship, as well as a warm and traditional Chilean atmosphere in each of its more than 160 clay and thatched roof workshops. It is the largest artisan center of the country and one of the most important in Latin America. Hours: 10am -8pm Mon-Sun. Address: 9085 Apoquindo Ave., Las Condes. Los Domínicos, L1. Phone: (56-2) 248 2295. Patio Bellavista: (See map, page 73) This center has several stores with crafts made from different materials. You can also find works of art, decorations, gastronomy and live music. Hours: 10am - 2pm Mon- Sun. Address: 30-70 Constitución St., Barrio Bellavista. Baquedano, L1. Phone: (56-2) 249 8700. Ona: At this store you can find Chilean gourmet products and fine contemporary crafts, including clothes, interior design articles and souvenirs. There is also a cozy coffee shop that offers homemade recipes. It is located in the heart of the Lastarria neighborhood. Address: 295 Victoria Subercaseaux St. Barrio Lastarria. Universidad Católica, L1. Phone: (56-2) 632 1859. Chilean Arts and Crafts: The Chilean Crafts Foundation has stores in the Pueblito Los Dominicos, Bellavista, La Moneda Palace Cultural Center as well as in Valdivia and Puerto Varas. All profits go to local artisans. Centro Artesanal Santa Lucía: (Santa Lucia Hill Arts & Crafts Center) Located in the downtown area, facing Santa Lucia Hill and the National Library, this rustic and popular store offers many objects including jewelry, accessories and clothing. Address: 510 Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Ave. Santa Lucía, L1. Phone: (56-2) 632 6618.

Shopping 37

Mall Parque Arauco

n SHOPPING MALLS Santiago has shopping malls, where you can find almost anything: a quick lunch at a coffee shop or an elegant restaurant or hair saloon; get bus tickets, go to the movies, the theater, have a drink and listen to live music. There are shops specializing in sporting goods, fashion, decoration, gifts, accessories, music and books, as well as department stores such as Falabella, Ripley and Paris. They are open every day, including weekends. Parque Arauco (see ad page 35) This mall includes shops dedicated to design and decoration as well as a bowling alley and an ice skating rink, modern movie theaters, dozens of restaurants, coffee shops and hundreds of stores, such as Calvin Klein, Zara, Patagonia and Nike. Hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 11am-9pm Sun & Holidays. Address: 5413 Presidente Kennedy Ave. Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + C11. Alto Las Condes This shopping mall includes a supermarket, movie theaters, bookstores, shoe stores, clothing stores, sporting goods, accessories, beauty shops and decorations for all tastes and budgets. On the top floor, “El Mirador del Alto” restaurants are dedicated to both gastronomy and nightlife. Hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sun. Los Domínicos, L1 + C03 Address: 9001 Presidente Kennedy Ave. Las Condes.

38 Shopping



Chilean design can be appreciated at Providencia’s Drugstore, in the “Lastarria Neighborhood” and in the “Italian Neighborhood” a part of the city which is growing rapidly. Here you will find: “Aji” jewelry store, “Ona” arts and crafts, “La Roperia” men’s clothing, “Ocho Fortuna” souvenirs and accessories, “The Popular Design” and “Comodo” design and style. Everything is guaranteed to be 100% Chilean. If you are interested in Chilean literature, the bookstores “Contrapunto” and “Lee+” (dedicated exclusively to Chilean publications is located at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center) are good options.

Ocho Fortuna A Chilean store oriented to bags, throw pillows, wallets, specialty aprons, and even key chains with a positive message. In the “Lastarria Neighborhood”, “Parque Arauco” and “Drugstore” you can find unique souvenirs. Address: 307 Merced, Barrio Lastarria, Bellas Artes, L5. Chantal Bernsau Chantal Bernsau is a well known Chilean designer. She has been working and creating for over 29 years. She was the first in combining handcraft and contemporary design. This is reflected in her unique and innovative jewelry and accessories, all of them hand made with products 100% natural and organic such as: horsemane, Chilean gems, picoyo - a native wood recycled from the araucaria tree – among others. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 - 15.00 & 16.30-20.00 hrs Address: Isidora Goyenechea 3000, ground floor, W hotel. El Golf, L1. (sanhattan)

Shopping 39



Without a doubt, the best gift you can take home from Chile is a bottle of fine wine; however you may want to be advised by experts. Here is a useful tip: Chile is the only country in the world that produces Carmenere. Make sure to also take some Pisco, an authentic Chilean liquor, premium beers, Merquen (a spicy Mapuche condiment); Chilean Salmon (in all its varieties), papayas (from the Elqui Valley), “dulce de leche” (a thick caramel like milk based spread), exotic marmalades, and other innovative gastronomic products. Emporio Nacional At this old fashioned store you will find all sorts of Chilean delicatessens brought from both the north and south of the country. There are original recipes for Wagyu pate, blueberry vinaigrette, Arica’s olive paste, goat cheese, and Serrano hams. It is well worth a visit! Address: 2124 Providencia Ave, Providencia Los Leones. Coquinaria Visiting this gourmet market, coffee house and restaurant is a real pleasure. Located at the W Hotel, in the “El Golf” neighborhood, it offers multiple varieties of breads, chocolates, wines, ice-creams, cheeses, sausages, canned foods, and fresh vegetables. This is the Dean & Deluca’s Chilean version. Address: 3000 Isidora Goyenechea Ave., local S-101, El Golf. El Golf, L1. El Mundo del Vino This store provides a great variety of wines from Chile and the rest of the world. Additionally, this store offers all the accessories for true wine enthusiasts. There are wine tastings and you can receive specialized expert service. Hours: 10am - 9pm. Address: 3000 Isidora Goyenechea Ave., El Golf. El Golf, L1.

40 Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants Fine cuisine is important in Chile, and you can enjoy it in the many fine bars and restaurants of the city. These are several restaurants that specialize in traditional Chilean food and seafood. There are also several Peruvian, Italian and French restaurants. n

DOWNTOWN - See map page 67

Downtown Santiago has many “picadas”, local restaurants that offer homemade dishes at reasonable prices. You can have a traditional meal for less than ten dollars. Chilean food: “Bar Nacional”

On Huerfanos Street, with over 50 years of service, this restaurant is well known for its sandwiches, soups and fried “empanadas”. Try the ground beef and onion or the cheese sandwich. Phone: (56-2) 695 3368 Address: 317 Bandera St. Plaza de Armas, L5. Average price per person: $4,000CLP-$8,000CLP ($8USD-$16USD)

Chilean food: “Mercado Central”

With over a century of history and tradition, this market offers fresh fruits, cheeses, jam, fresh seafood restaurants and arts and crafts. Address: 967 San Pablo St., Santiago. Puente Cal y Canto, L2. Average price per person: $6,000CLP-$12,000CLP ($12USD-$24USD)

Chilean food: “La Piojera”

This restaurant is famous for its ham, rolled pork, grilled meats and a drink called “terremoto” (earthquake), made of pipeño wine and pineapple ice cream. Phone: (56-2) 698 1682 Address: 1030 Aillavilu St., Downtown. Plaza de Armas, L5. Average price per person: $1,000CLP-$4,000CLP ($2USD-8$USD)

Bars & Restaurants 41 LASTARRIA AND BELLAS ARTES NEIGHBORHOODS see map page 71


At the foot of Santa Lucia Hill, these neighborhoods are often visited by artists and foreigners. The area offers the latest in design, art and gastronomy. There are nearly ten Parisian style cafes and restaurants that offer international food, breweries, shopping and fashionable bars. It has several hotels. All of these are located a few steps from the Santa Lucia Metro station.

“Emporio La Rosa”

Exotic green-tea, roses-mint and many other ice creams, as well as homemade pasta dishes, salads, tempting sandwiches and amazing “empanadas” can be found in this cafe-restaurant, which is a Lastarria neighborhood classic. It is located just in front of the Parque Forestal and is ideal for breakfast and lunch. Phone: (56-2) 638 9257, 291 Address: Merced St. Bellas Artes, L5. Average price per person: $1,000CLP-4,000CLP ($2USD-8$USD)


For tea time or breakfast, this cafe will definitely surprise you. It has few tables and is really cozy. It offers filtered coffee and excellent desserts. Phone: (56-2) 632 1859. Address: 295 Victoria Subercaseaux St. Bellas Artes, L5. Average price per person: $1,000CLP-4,000CLP ($2USD-8$USD) RESTAURANTS – “Opera-Catedral”

Chilean food: “Patagonia”

Steps away from the plaza Mulato Gil and the Museo de Artes Visuales, Patagonia is known for its welcoming environment. It has an exceptional terrace and offers meats, fish, shellfish and has an extensive wine list and microbrews. Phone: (56-2) 664 3830. Address: 92 Jose Victorino Lastarria St. Universidad Católica, L1. Average price per person: $8,000CLP-$12,000CLP ($16USD-$24USD)

42 Bars & Restaurants n

BELLAVISTA - see map page 73

This neighborhood, home of the laureate Pablo Neruda and many other Chilean artists, is essentially a bohemian and gastronomic neighborhood. Pío Nono Street is famous for its breweries and its university environment, while Constitución Street has many restaurants and bars.

Seafood: “Azul Profundo”

This restaurant offers an extensive variety of fresh seafood including ceviches, “chupes,” seafood empanadas, fish, oysters, broths, carpaccios and many other great marine delights. Phone: (56-2) 738 0288. Address: 111 Constitución St. Baquedano, L1. Average price per person: $16,000CLP or more ($32USD or more)

“Bar Constitución”

This is one of the most popular bars in Bellavista. Live bands, excellent DJ’s and a heterogeneous atmosphere make this bar a good option for “partying”. Address: 61 Constitución St. Baquedano, L1. Average price per person: $4,000CLP-$8,000CLP ($8USD-$16USD)

“Patio Bellavista”

This food court is a tourist’s favorite. It offers Arab, Italian, French and Mexican food, as well as several ice cream parlors, cafes and bars for all tastes. Address: 55 Pio Nono St. Baquedano, L1. Average price per person: $6,000CLP-$12,000CLP ($12USD-$24USD)

Bar Constitución

Bars & Restaurants 43

Chilean food: “Republicano”

In a stately and well preserved colonial house that reminds us of the constructions that used to be a part of the Bellavista neighborhood, you will find Republicano. This restaurant rescues the best of Chile´s traditional food while at the same time adding sophistication in its preparations. Its seafood, tripe and mutton are delicious and served in plentiful dishes. While enjoying this recommended culinary experience, you will feel like you are travelling in time. Phone: (56-2) 249 8435 Baquedano, L1. Address: 0127 Dardignac St. Barrio Bellavista. Average price per person $10,000CLP ($20USD)

Restaurante Republicano

“Corvina Norteña” Restaurante Republicano

44 Bars & Restaurants



Providencia is a residential area that combines old buildings with modern lofts. It is youthful, nocturnal and essentially gastronomic. There are “picadas,” bistros, soda shops, cafes, restaurant and bars in Pedro de Valdivia, Manuel Montt, Paseo Orrego Luco, Seminario and many other streets. You can find Chilean, Brazilian, Peruvian, Hindu, Chinese and Italian food.

“Bar Central”

Well known for its electronic music, vanguard environment and some new drinks including the Ron Central, made with ginger and ginger ale and Vodka Central, a mojito style drink made with basil instead of mint. Phone: (56-2) 235 9950. Address: 1391 Providencia Ave. Manuel Montt, L1. Average price per person: $4,000CLP- $8,000CLP ($8USD-$16USD)

Peruvian food: “Astrid y Gastón”

Brought directly from Lima to the heart of Providencia, this is the elegant restaurant of the famous chef Gaston Acurio. It offers the best of the Peruvian gastronomy, such as causas, ceviches, pisco sour, chicken with hot sauce, yucca, quinoa and Suspiro limeño. Phone: (56-2) 650 9125. Address: 201 Antonio Bellet, Providencia. Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Average price per person: $16,000CLP or more ($32USD or more)


EL GOLF - see map page 75

In Las Condes, Isidora Goyenechea Street and its surroundings is the gastronomic epicenter of Santiago with elegant Italian restaurants and Chinese food and snack bars. It is in the middle of the “El Golf” neighborhood only a few steps away from the Metro. The neighborhood has many office workers, modern buildings, boutiques, banks and exclusive apartments and hotels.

“Flannery’s Irish Pub Geo”

This pub has an Irish flair and is a favorite with tourist’s especially on St. Patrick’s Day. It has different kinds of beer, entertainment, live music and karaoke. Phone: (56-2) 233 6675. Address: 83 Encomenderos St., Las Condes. Tobalaba, L1. Average price per person: $4,000CLP-$8,000CLP ($8USD-$16USD)


If you’re a sandwich lover, Pepino´s is the place for you. This Argentine restaurant, located in Isidora Goyenechea´s gastronomic neighborhood, and only steps away from Plaza Perú, is well known for its recipes brought directly from Chile´s neighbors on the other side of the Andes Mountains. While enjoying this restaurant´s informal atmosphere and pleasant terrace, we highly recommend you to treat yourself with

Bars & Restaurants 45

Chivito Pepino’s, a steak sandwich accompanied with grated cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and avocado. Their wide variety of milanesas (wiener schnitzels) are also a great choice. Phone: (56-2) 232 0896 Address: 3185 Isidora Goyenechea St., local 101, El Golf, L1. Average price per person: $6000CLP($12USD)-$12000CLP($24USD)

Italian food: “Tiramisú”

Finding an available table will not be easy, but if you do, you can enjoy exquisite pizzas, pastas, salads, microbrews and excellent desserts. All of this is available in a welcoming environment. Located on Isidora Goyenechea Ave. it is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Santiago. Phone: (56-2) 5194900. Address: 3141 Isidora Goyenechea Ave., Las Condes. El Golf, L1. Average price per person: $4,000CLP-$8,000CLP ($8USD-$16US)

Kilometro 0

Enjoy our exquisite dishes and wonderful environment. We offer three different menus, and simple, slow-cooked dishes. We also have a wine cellar with 4,000 bottles of wine and more than 350 wine labels for you to choose from. Come and make yourself at home here. You will be very well served. Address: 3000 Isidora Goyenechea Ave. Las Condes. El Golf, L1. Average Price per person: $10,000CLP-$15,000CLP ($20USD-$30USD)



BordeRío is Santiago´s most important gastronomic center. With an architectural style that could very well be located along the coast of the Mediterranean, this meeting place offers a wide variety of restaurants. Its gastronomic diversity and highly original cuisine is overwhelming. You will find food from all over the world, including Chile, France, Italy, Peru and Argentina. A pleasant park and cycle path surround the restaurants. In addition, you will find adequate parking, valet parking, car wash, facilities for the handicapped and security service. Address: 6400 Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer St., Vitacura. Manquehue, L1 + C07 Average price per person: $20,000CLP ($40USD)

46 Wines & Vineyards

Wines & Vineyards Chilean wine deserves special acknowledgement. This section is intended to provide more information about wines and vineyards and to let you have some alternatives for visiting vineyards and for buying wine as souvenirs from your trip. Remember that getting a bottle of Chilean wine is a ‘must get’! The history of Chilean wine begins during the mid-16th century with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and missionaries who introduced the first vines. However, it was during the 19th century when French varieties and technologies were incorporated. Today, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenere, are renowned varieties. Chile is the only country in the world producing Carmenere since its extinction in Europe during the 19th century. You can also find Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. The quality of Chilean wine is due to the countries Mediterranean climate which has well defined seasons, warm and dry summer days with a thermal fluctuation which allows maintaining the grape’s acidity. The vineyards are mainly in Chile’s central valleys; Maipo, Maule, Curicó, Rapel, Colchagua and Casablanca. There are many interesting “Wine Routes” that include several vineyards you can visit through specialized tour operators. The following list includes some of the existing options:

VINEYARDS Viña Concha y Toro Founded in 1883 by Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, the vineyard is today the largest producer of Chilean export wines. The tour includes a visit to the Concha y Toro’s family summer house, its antique cellars (including the renowned Casillero del Diablo), and the vineyards where you can learn about the growth and development of the vines. The tour ends at the Wine Bar with some premium wine tasting. Reservations required. Admission: 10am-5pm Mon-Sun. Closed on All Holidays. Price: Traditional Tours: $7,000CLP ($14USD); Marqués Tour: $16,000CLP ($32USD).

Wines & Vineyards 47 Address: 210 Virginia Subercaseaux Ave., Pirque. Phone: (56-2) 476 5269 Directions: Take metro L4 - Las Mercedes Station and then take a taxi or Metrobus to the vineyard (5 minutes approx.).

Vi単a Santa Carolina

Vi単a Santa Carolina (see ad below) In the middle of Santiago city and surrounded by a beautiful park is located Santa Carolina winery, one of the most traditional wineries in Chile. With and old Chilean style house and the underground cellar which was declared National Monument in 1973, this wonderful location is available as an event center for all types of celebrations. Phone: (56-2) 450 3000 Address: 1431 Rodrigo de Araya St., Macul. Santiago. Rodrigo de Araya, L5.

48 Wines & Vineyards

Viña Santa Rita This vineyard was founded in 1880 by Don Domingo Fernandez Concha in the fertile soil of the Rio Maipo Valley. The first grapes, as well as the first winemakers, were brought from France. Today, the wines are sold in 75 countries. At the vineyard you will find the Hotel Casa Real, a 19th century Pompeian style house with 16 rooms, the Museo Andino that exhibits 1,800 Pre-Columbian art pieces and the Doña Paula Restaurant (a National Monument). The tour includes wine tasting and a complementary wine glass. Lunch is optional. Reservations are required. ( Admission: Cellar Tours + Wine-Tasting: Mon –Fri: 11:30am & 4pm. Cellar Tours + Lunch: Mon-Sun: 12:15pm & 2pm Price: Cellar Tours + Wine-Tasting: $8,600CLP ($17USD). Cellar Tours + Lunch: $12,500CLP ($25USD) Address: 0695 Camino Padre Hurtado, Alto Jahuel (Buin). Phone: (56-2) 362 2520. Viña Portal del Alto Founded in 1970, this vineyard is an important cabernet sauvignon producer and exporter. You can enjoy an open air museum focused on winemaking. In the barrel cellars, you can enjoy tasting of the best wines from the Maipo Valley. You can also enjoy traditional Chilean food. Reservations are required. Admission: Camino el Arpa 119, Alto Jahuel – Buin. Phone: (56-2) 821 9178. Address: 35 kms away from Santiago. Public transportation from San Borja Bus Station. Viña Cousiño Macul This vineyard was founded in 1856, and is the country´s only 19th century vineyard that still belongs to its founding family. Its wine cellars were constructed in the French style with limestone and mortar. During the tour of the wine cellars visitors learn about the Cousiño family and the history of the vineyard. The wine making process and how it has been modernized is also presented. The tour ends at the Wine Shop where visitors can enjoy wine tasting. Reservations are recommended. The vineyard also has a gastronomic tour which includes lunch and additional wine tasting. Traditional Tour: Mon-Fri: 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm. Sat-Sun: 11am & 12pm. Price: $8,000CLP ($16USD). Address: 7100 Quilín Ave., Peñalolén – Santiago. Phone: (56-2) 351 4135 Viña Undurraga This vineyard has more than 120 years of tradition and its wines are sold in more than 60 countries. Don Francisco Undurraga, its founder, personally brought the vines from France and Germany. The tour of the vineyard lasts about 75 minutes and includes a

Wines & Vineyards 49 visit to an authentic 19th century park designed by the French landscape artist Monsieur George Henri Dubois. Reservations are required. Admission: Mon - Fri: 10:15am, 12pm, 2:30pm and 4pm. Sat-Sun: 10:15am and 12pm. Price: $8,600CLP ($17USD) Address: 34th Km. Camino a Melipilla. Phone: (56-2) 372 2850. Directions: 34kms. Take the Autopista del Sol highway and then take the Talgante - Melipilla road. On public transportation take a bus to Talagante from the San Borja bus terminal. El Cuadro Vineyard At Estancia El Cuadro, visitors can learn about the history of wine and typical Chilean traditions while they enjoy a wonderful environment only minutes away from Santiago and ValparaĂ­so. The tour begins in a horse-drawn carriage that will take you on an extraordinary trip that tells the history of viticulture and planting techniques. It then continues with a visit to the grape garden where the experts will share their secrets on climate, soil, and characteristics of the region. Afterwards in the tasting room, you will taste, enjoy, and learn to recognize a variety of different vines, you will visit the Wine Museum and also take in a folkloric show. Also included: aperitif, lunch, access to the Wineshop, souvenir wine glass, unlimited wine tasting, entry to wine museum. *Tours require prior reservations. Reservations: (56 32) 215 6817,

Andes Montains

Adventure So you think that Santiago is only for business meetings and that you know Santiago because you have visited its malls and historic neighborhoods? Think again and check out these other alternatives. Once in Santiago you will notice that the city is located at the foothills of the majestic Andes Mountains and surrounded by hills and mountains of over 5000 meters. These invite you to take many wonderful pictures with the Andes backdrop, visit the multiple ski centers, and look for some hilltops to get awesome views of the Central Andes. All this is well known. But there is also another side of Santiago that is nearby and easy to access. You can go horseback riding along the drover’s paths, hike along unexplored paths, raft in the Cajon del Maipo, skydive, or take surfing lessons at the best beaches near Santiago. If your stay in Chile is short, there are adventure parks, paintball fields, gokart tracks and many other fun alternatives.



Wild River Lodge Did you know that the Wild River Lodge is located only two hours from one of the most beautiful places in the world to fish? At the Wild River Lodge, you can marvel at the Maullín River, one of the best places for fishing in the country, and enjoy gourmet cuisine and some of the best wines in Chile. Without a doubt, this is a place that fishermen and nature lovers alike cannot miss. The lodge is located only seven minutes from the beautiful city of Puerto Varas, the gateway into Chilean Patagonia. It is also the perfect center of operations for many outdoor activities and for visiting beautiful spots in the area, such as the Puyehue and Vicente Pérez Rosales National Parks, the Petrohué Falls, Lake Llanquihue, Puyehue Volcano, and many others. Fono: (56 9) 9917 5170

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50 Adventure

Adventure 51



Aventuras Cajón del Maipo: Go horseback riding and you will find beautiful view points from where you can see glaciers, mountains, rivers, animals and breathe the fresh Andean air. The horses are already familiarized with the area. (Minimum 6 people) Duration: 3 to 4 hours. Difficulty: Appropriate for all ages. Price: $26.200CLP ($52USD) (56-2) 861 4230. Hacienda Los Castaños: Come and explore the magic of the Andes Mountains, on trips where you can enjoy the Cajon del Maipo’s flora and fauna. • La Calchona: $18,000 CLP ($36USD).p/p Duration: 2 hours - includes: insurance and snacks. (Minimum 4 people) • Río Yeso: $25,000CLP ($50USD).- p/p Duration: 3 hours - includes: insurance and snacks. (Minimum 4) • El Sauce (nocturnal): $46,000CLP ($92USD).- p/p. Duration: 5 hours includes: insurance (Minimum 4) n


GoKarts: Come and enjoy the go-kart thrill. Compete with your friends or simply enjoy some time with the family. Open every day of the year. Price: From $10,000CLP ($20USD) Address: 9500 Valenzuela Puelma St. Los Domínicos, L1 + C03. Reservations: (56-2) 273 4625. Karting Indoor: Enjoy the thrill of racing at Karting Indoor. Having fun is guaranteed. Don’t miss it! Located a few steps away from the metro station. Price: From $5,000CLP ($10USD). Address: 122 San Francisco de Borja St. Estación Central, L1.

52 Adventure



Azimut 360: Arrange visits to the main peaks and hiking routes: Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island, Chiloe and Patagonia. The Central Andes routes are recommended during summer months (November – March); Check out the web for more information.;



Paintball Chile: Located at the Ivan Zamorano Sports Complex, provides different programs to enjoy with friends and family. Price: From $7,000CLP ($14USD). Reservations: (56-2) 321 1202 Address: 2650 Padre Hurtado Ave., Las Condes.



Parapente Chile: If you want an aerial view of the majestic Andes Mountains, this activity is for you. No previous experience needed, your only job is to relax and enjoy this marvelous experience. Contact us on the web. Price: From $35,000CLP ($70USD).



Aventuras CajĂłn del Maipo: Descend 12kms. down the Maipo River; activities are available twice a day, 11am and 4pm. Optional BBQ. Internationally certified. Check availability. Price: From $16,900CLP ($32USD). Difficulty Level: Rapids Class 3 & 4 Reservations: (56-2) 861 4230.

Adventure 53



Discover surf trips: A Tourism-adventure company dedicated to take surfers to natural environments with the best waves in Chile. English speaking guides. Programs from: 7 days Price: $1,600USD. 10 days Price: $2,100USD; Departs from Santiago.



Š Sernatur

Buceo Quintay: 120km from Santiago, (1hour 20 minutes) or just 45km south of Valparaiso, (40 min) Still surrounded by nature, a once Whaling station, today it keeps the slow pace of an artisan fishing town. We attend every day of the week, and our Cafeteria will make your trip companions enjoy their visit while you explore underwater. We recognize all SCUBA certifications and teach PADI courses. Please reserve to ensure via email at, call us or visit our site

54 Kids Fun in Santiago

Kids Fun in Santiago Are you traveling with children? There are many alternatives to keep them entertained starting with a quick lunch or a day of adventure.

Every kid is different, but all of them get bored easily: travelling with small children is always a lot of work and why it is recommended to have activities that can stimulate them. In Santiago, there are many options: from heart pounding adventures to taking care of animals in Animal Farms. Watching African lions is an option, as is the possibility of learning science in museums. The good news is that all of these places allow adults to relax and have fun with their kids.

INTERACTIVE MUSEUM Museo Interactivo Mirador:

Touch, play, jump and ask: The Mirador Interactive Museum brings children closer to science using methods that will get their attention. You will be able to get into giant bubbles, lie on a bed filled with nails, and receive explanations of how different things work. Admission: 9am-5:45pm Tue-Fri; 9:30am6:30pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. Price: Children: $2,600CLP ($5USD); Adults: $3,900CLP ($8USD) Address: 6711 Punta Arenas St., La Granja. Pedrero L5 + E05.

Kids Fun in Santiago 55 GAMES Aventura Center:

Designed as playground areas within malls, Adventure Center is intended to ensure that children of all ages have fun in safe and accessible spaces. Go bowling and enjoy the fluorescent lights effects. Hours: 10am-10:30pm Sun-Thu,10am11:30pm Fri-Sat & Holidays. Admission: Games from $500CLP ($1USD). Bowling: Mon, Tue, Thu: $9,000CLP ($18USD); Wed, Sat, Sun & Holidays $12,000CLP ($24USD). Address: Shopping Mall Alto Las Condes. 9001 Presidente Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. El Golf, L1 + 406.


Enjoy an adventure park designed exclusively for children. Train trips, bumper cars, sea lion shows, toboggans, pony trips, carousels, and many other fun activities as well as restaurants and bowling areas are available. Hours: January & February: 3:30pm - 8pm Tue-Fri, 10:45am-8:00pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. March - November: 10:45am 7:30pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. Admission: Children: $5,500CLP ($11USD), Adults: $2,500CLP ($5USD). Address: 12150 Raúl Labbé Ave. Lo El Golf, L1 + 426. Barnechea. Phone: (56-2) 217 2638

ANIMAL PARKS Parque Safari:

Who would have thought you could see African lions in a natural environment in this corner of the world? Rancagua Safari Park is an innovative project in which lions stroll around free while visitors are able to observe them from a caged jeep. You can also observe many herbivores and enjoy other activities such as riding ponies, jumping on bouncy beds and playing Paint Ball. Hours: 9am- 6pm Mon-Fri, 10am- 6:30pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. Admission: Park & Safari: $5,000CLP ($10USD). Address: KM 5 Camino a Doñihue, Rancagua

56 Kids Fun in Santiago Parque Granjaventura:

This park is ideal for school activities. It is an educational farm with domestic animals, orchards and greenhouses for children to interact and learn. Its atmosphere increases the awareness that youngsters have of their environment. There are appropriate games and playgrounds for different ages. Hours: 9am-6:30 pm Mon-Fri; Sat, Sun & Holidays: 10am-8pm. Admission: Mon-Fri: $3,500CLP ($7USD); Sat, Sun & Holidays: $3,900CLP ($8USD) Address: 11095 Larraín Ave. Simón Bolívar, L4 + D02.


Slides descend the beautiful Andes Mountains foothills in a specially designed sled route. Rodelbahn takes full advantage of the privileged environment of the mountain thanks to an over one kilometer long pathway, where the cars can reach up to 45km/h speeds. Rodelbahn also offers bungee jumping, Paintball, and helicopter trips for aerial views of Santiago. Hours: 10am- 8pm Thu, Fri-Sun & Holidays until 9pm; Admission: from $3,000CLP ($6USD). Address: 11095 Larraín Ave., La Reina. Simón Bolivar, L4 + D02.


This is Chile´s most emblematic theme park. It has over 30 attractions for all ages which will leave you exhausted by the end of the day, but you will certainly love the experience. Hours: 12 noon-8pm Sat, Sun & Holidays. Admission: Children: $3,800CLP ($8USD); Adults: $7,400CLP ($15USD) Address: 938 Beaucheff St. Santiago Parque O’Higgins, L2. Downtown.

Kids Fun in Santiago 57 RESTAURANTS Chuck E. Chesse:

This place is ideal for the family. Chuck E. Chesse is one of the most fun restaurants in the world. This place offers great food, such as pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers, while kids can play and enjoy shows and music. Hours: 10am - 9pm Mon- Thu, Fri & Sat until 11pm, Sun until 10pm. Address: 12352 Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer St. Lo Barnechea. Manquehue, L1 + C01.

ZOOS Buin Zoo:

Located right outside the city, this zoo is the largest in Chile with over 2,000 exhibits of more than 250 different species. There are animals from every continent. It is worth mentioning that the zoo is dedicated to the protection of endangered animal species. It is known for its nocturnal visits in which youngsters will be amazed by the animal’s behavior and their relationship with nature. Hours: 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri (Ticket sales 4:30pm); 10am-7pm Sat, Sun & Holidays (Ticket sales 6pm). Admission: Children: $3,000CLP ($6USD); Adults: $4,000CLP ($8USD). Parking $1,000CLP ($2USD). Address: Panamericana Sur High way. 35th kilometer. Buin. Estación Central, L1 + Train (Buin Zoo Station).

National Zoo:

Located in the heart of Santiago, on the foothills of the Parque Metropolitano´s south side, this traditional zoo is especially intended to educate visitors about the native flora and fauna. You should not miss the aviary, penguin, chimp and many other exhibits. Admission: 10am- 6pm Mon-Sun (Ticket sales until 5:30pm); Price: Children: $1,500CLP ($3USD); Adults: $3,000CLP ($6USD) Address: 450 Pío Nono St., Recoleta. Baquedano, L1.

58 Entertainment

Entertainment Santiago offers its visitors thousands of activities and moments where you can just take a break and enjoy sports or a cultural activity. Going to movie theaters is a good option. If you love sports, then you know that you can relax with a physical activity. The following are a variety of enjoyable options:



Cosmic Center Parque Arauco: There are 18 lanes available to enjoy bowling with fluorescent lights and music. Hours: 11am-midnigh Mon- Thu, 11am-2am Fri-Sun. Admission: Mon-Thu: $10,000CLP ($19USD) & Fri-Sun: $15,000CLP ($26USD) Address: Parque Arauco Mall. 5413 Presidente Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + C11

Entertainment 59 n


Cero grado Parque Arauco There is a 572m2 ice skating rink you can enjoy with friends and family. There is an innovative restaurant that you should see! Hours: 10:30am-10pm Mon- Thu & Sun, 10:30am - midnight Fri-Sat. Admission: $2,900CLP ($6USD) 30 minutes; $3,500CLP ($7USD) 1 hour. Address: First Floor - Parque Arauco Mall. 5413 Presidente Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + C11



Centro Cívico and Teatro Municipal de Las Condes (see map page 75) Located only a few steps away from the El Golf metro, the Civic Center and Municipal Theater of Las Condes is an avant-garde architectural building connecting Apoquindo Avenue with Isidora Goyenechea (considered the gastronomic center of the neighborhood). The theater, inaugurated in 2010 during Chile´s bicentenary celebration, is regarded as one of the most modern and equipped in Latin America. It counts with seating capacity for 874 and offers high quality theater, music and dance performances. Programming and schedules can be found in the following website: On the second floor of its east wing, the Civic Center houses a Hall of Contemporary Art featuring a variety of emerging and contemporary Chilean artists. The Cultural Corporation of Las Condes is in charge of the exhibits. Address: 3300 Apoquindo Ave. , El Golf, L1. Corporación Cultural de Las Condes The Cultural Corporation of Las Condes rescues, disseminates and champions a wide range of artistic expressions. In its 30 thousand square meters of land, you can find beautiful gardens, stately trees and the big house of the old Chacra El Rosario. Within the house there are classrooms, workshops, show and exhibition rooms, an amphitheater and a complete library. With these facilities, the Cultural Corporation of Las Condes carries out its objectives, which include the diffusion of various national and international patrimonial and contemporary art forms as well as enriching the esthetic and cultural needs of the people. Address: 6570 Apoquindo Ave. Salvador, L1. Hernando de Magallanes. Phone: 896 98 01 - 896 98 00,

60 Entertainment

Espacio Hall Municipalidad de Las Condes. The Hall of the Building of the Municipality of Las Condes is a spacious and welcoming place constituting another cultural gathering point in the Civic Center´s artistic circuit. The main objective of this area is to promote the work of visual artists that will contribute to the public´s knowledge of different artistic techniques. These artists also interact with the public that visit the Municipal Hall. Address: 3400 Apoquindo Ave. El Golf. Phone: (56-2) 9507529 Hours: 9am-9pm Mon-Fri. 10am-2pm Sat. Instituto Cultural de Providencia (Providencia Cultural Institute). Located in the very heart of the Providencia District, the institute offers year-round concerts, workshops & courses, films, conferences and important exhibits of international stature. It is housed in the former Shacht Palace, built in 1921 and declared Historical Monument in April of 2005. The building centralizes the management of its two other sites: Montecarmelo Providencia and the Sculptures Park Museum Hours: 10am 7pm Mon-Fri. Admission: $1,000CLP ($2USD). Phone: (56-2) 784 8601 Address: 1995 11 de Septiembre Ave. Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Montecarmelo Providencia (see map page 73) This building belonged to the Carmelitas Nuns of Santa Teresa. The chapel was built in 1887, and is part of the colonial complex that includes a main corridor with interesting paving on the patio. You can enjoy a variety of cultural activities for all the family. See the web site for schedules and program listings. Hours: 9:30am-7:30pm Mon-Fri. Admissions: Free. Address: 0594 Bellavista St., Barrio Bellavista. Salvador, L1. Teatro Municipal de Santiago (see map page 67) This theater is the oldest cultural center in Santiago. It is where the most important artistic presentations of opera, symphonic concerts and theater from both Chile and the world are held. Hours & Admission: depending on the show and schedule. Check for dates and prices on the website. Address: 794 Agustinas St., Downtown Santa Lucía, L1.

Entertainment 61 Teatros Mori Bellavista, Las Condes and Vitacura. Mori is a cultural company Ticket office schedule: Mon 12pm-6pm Fri & Sat: until 11pm Thu & Sun: until 9pm Mori Parque Arauco hrs: Tue 12pm-6pm; Wed to 9pm Addresses: • Teatro Mori Bellavista: 183 Constitución, Providencia. Baquedano, L1. • Teatro Mori Parque Arauco: 5413 Presidente Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + C11 • Teatro Mori Vitacura: 3800 Bicentenario Ave., Vitacura. El Golf, L1. Teatro del Puente (see map page 73) This is the only company that presents its theatrical works on a bridge which is also a National Monument. See the web site for schedules and programs listings. Address: Parque Forestal S/N. Pio Nono y Purísima bridges. Baquedano, L1. Teatro de la Universidad Catolica This world class theater has a commitment from the University to quality presentations. Ticket office schedule: 11am - 2pm & 3pm - 8pm Mon- Sat Admission: General public: $7,000CLP ($14USD) Thursdays special: $3,500CLP ($7USD). Address: 26 Jorge Washington St. Plaza Ñuñoa. Los Leones, L1 + 104.



Cine Hoyts • Parque Arauco, 14 movie theaters Address: 5413 Presidente Kennedy Ave., of 250. Las Condes. C11. Price: from $3,600CLP ($6USD). • San Agustin, 8 movie theaters Address: 835 Moneda St. Universidad de Chile, L1. Prices: from $3,600CLP ($6USD).

Escuela Militar, L1+

62 Entertainment Cinemark • Alto Las Condes, 12 movie theaters Address: 9001 Presidente Kennedy Ave. Las Condes. Prices: from $3,100CLP ($6USD)

Los Domínicos, L1 +


Cineteca Nacional The National Film Archives, a part of the Moneda Palace Cultural Center, offers daily showings of films. Address: Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda. 26 Plaza de la Ciudadanía. Moneda, L1. Prices: from $2,000CLP ($4USD). Cine Arte Normandie This movie theatre exhibits the best Chilean and international underground movies. There are interesting films shown daily. Highly recommended. Address: 1181 Tarapacá St. Santiago Universidad de Chile, L1. Prices: $3,000CLP ($6USD); Wednesday: $2,000CLP ($4USD).



Club Deportivo Lo Cañas A sports complex where you can play tennis, squash, paddle tennis, soccer, and indoor soccer. Address: 5000 Monseñor Escriva de Balaguer St. Vitacura. Los Domínicos, L1 + C03. Prices: Tennis, 1 hour: from $6,000CLP ($12USD); Racquetball and Squash, 40 minutes: from $6,000CLP ($12USD); Paddle, 1 hour: from $5,000CLP ($10USD); Indoor Soccer: from $16,000CLP ($32USD) Club de Golf Mapocho A public golf course where no membership is required. Address: Costanera Norte 32nd exit, Pudahuel. Prices: from $15,000CLP ($30USD).

Parks & Gardens 63

Parque O`Higgins

Parks & Gardens Parque Forestal

Santiago has numerous park areas for spending some time with the family enjoying nature or relaxing while reading a book. There are many alternatives, check them out!

Santiago has a variety of parks and gardens where you can pause from the endless rhythm of the city to enjoy outdoor activities. The principal parks of the city include attractions that the young can enjoy such as a trip to the zoo or jumping into a swimming pool while adults may like to enjoy the silence while observing the wildlife or reading a book under the shade of a tree. Relaxation in one of these green areas of the city will help you recharge your energy while enjoying nature.



Both parks, with a total of 30 hectares, comprise one of the most important green areas of the municipality. They are located between Manquehue, Presidente Riesco and Cerro Colorado streets, – three blocks from the Manquehue metro stop –. Parque Araucano is an excellent place to participate in a variety of recreational activities that coexist harmoniously. There are walkways, playing fields, games for children and areas for running, and practicing diverse outdoor activities. Its rose garden and the cultural activities carried out during Spring and Summer are also main attractions. Juan Pablo II Park was designed by the municipality as an ecological area. Solar panels are used for lighting, and it is equipped with exercise machines. On March 2012, both parks were united by a 120 meter bridge for walkers, runners and cyclists. The bridge has a viewing point in which both the Manquehue hill and the Andean mountain range can be seen. Hours: 6am- 9pm Tue-Sun. Address: 5435 Cerro Colorado St. Escuela Militar, L1 + C14

64 Parks & Gardens

Parque Araucano



The Municipality of Vitacura’s Parque Bicentenario is an ambitious project located along the Mapocho River. It includes an artificial lagoon, a children’s playground, bike paths and a special area for dogs. Admission: Free. Address: 3800 Bicentenario Ave., Vitacura. El Golf, L1 + 405. Parque Bicentenario



With its 1784 acres (722 hectares) it is the largest urban park in Chile. It has several recreational areas, including the National Zoo (see page 57), the Botanical Garden and a Japanese Garden. During the summer thousands of visitors enjoy the park’s swimming pools. Admission: pedestrian free; Vehicles: from $3,000CLP ($6USD) Address: 450 Pío Nono St., Recoleta. Baquedano, L1.

Parks & Gardens 65



Opened in 1873, the park currently has 180 acres (73 hectares). It has the Movistar Arena Multipurpose Center as well as the Fantasilandia Amusement Park, the largest theme park in Chile. There is a theater, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and countless trails to enjoy with the family. The first Lollapalooza festival in Chile took place here in 2011. Every September the park hosts the largest Chilean Independence Day’s celebration (Sept 18th & 19th). Admission: Free. Address: 938 Beaucheff St., Santiago. Parque O’Higgins, L2. Parque O`Higgins



This park has barbeque and picnic areas, miniature golf, an amphitheater that seats over 10,000 people, and well-maintained green areas. There are several recreational areas and one can also enjoy a ride on a train that travels throughout the park. Hours: 8:30am-6:30pm Tue - Sun & Holidays. Admission: Tue - Thu $300CLP (0.6USD), Fri - Sun $500CLP ($1USD); Vehicles: $3,000CLP ($6USD) (5 passengers) Address: 8105 Francisco Bilbao Ave., La Reina. Hernando de Magallanes, L1 + 427.

Parque Alberto Hurtado

66 Santiago on foot

Santiago on foot Go for a stroll to some of the most beautiful attractions of the city and take some time to enjoy the many lovely areas. There are several routes to follow. Just go to a starting point and walk with your book in your hand. Forget about parking and schedules, just walk and enjoy. Here are some recommendations of “Once in Chile” journalists’ and the Santiago-Mapocho Foundation. A checklist before starting:

• Camera (memory and batteries) • Sunscreen • Water • “Once in Chile Santiago” Guide Book ….Are you ready? Go…

ROUTE 1: Santiago Centro (Downtown)

Duration: 4 hours / Distance: 5.2 km (3.2 mi) Starts at: Metro Universidad de Chile, L1 (Subway station) / Ends at: Metro Patronato, L2 (Subway station) 1 Iglesia San Francisco (San Francisco Church) (See page 27). 2 Casa Central de la Universidad de Chile. (Universidad de Chile’s central office) -The oldest Chilean university. 3 Palacio La Moneda and Centro Cultural. (La Moneda Palace and Cultural Center) (See page 29, 26) 4 Barrio la Bolsa. (La Bolsa Neighborhood.) 5 Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Gracia. (Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church) 6 Teatro Municipal. (Municipal Theater) (See page 60) 7 Iglesia de La Merced (La Merced Church) 8 Casa Colorada (see page 24) 9 Museo de Arte Precolombino. (Pre- Columbian Art Museum) (see page 30) 10 Palacio de los Tribunales de Justicia. (Palace of Justice court) 11 Ex-Congreso Nacional. (Former National

Congress) 12 Catedral Metropolitana (Santiago’s Cathedral) (See page 24) 13 Museo Histórico Nacional, Correos y Municipalidad de Santiago. (National History Museum (see page 31), Central Post-office and Santiago’s Municipal Building) 14 Iglesia de Santo Domingo. (Santo Domingo Church.) 15 Casa de los Velascos. (Velascos’ House) 16 Posada del Corregidor. (Mayor’s Guest House) (The Mayor was a local, administrative and judicial person appointed by the Spanish king) 17 Mercado Central (Central Market place) (See page 28) 18 Estación Mapocho (Mapocho Station) (See page 27) 19 Vega Central

Santiago on foot 67




l de La


La P

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Gral. Mack ena





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Puente Cal y Canto

Av. S an José



21 de Mayo a



San An


Plaza de Armas Ahumad








13 lips Phil





Santo D





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Río M


17 San Pablo


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Enrique M








5 4 Nueva York




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Plaza San Francisco





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no Zente

La Moneda

Universidad de Chile

e Padr

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San Francisco






1. Iglesia de la Preciosa Sangre (Preciosa Sangre Church) 2. Plaza Brasil (Brasil Square) 3. Teatro Novedades (Novedades Theater) 4. Iglesia Pentecostal (Pentecostal Church) 5. Pasaje Lucrecia Valdés (Lucrecia Valdés Passage) 6. Pasaje Hurtado Rodríguez (Hurtado Rodríguez Passage) 7. Cite Adriana Cousiño 8. Peluquería Francesa 9. Iglesia San Saturnino (San Saturnino Church) 10. Plaza Yungay (Monumento al roto chileno) (Yungay Square) 11. Basílica y Gruta de Lourdes (Lourdes Basilica and Grotto) 12. Museo de la Memoria y DD.HH (Memory and Human Rights Museum) (See page 30)

13. Museo de Historia Natural 14. MAC (Contemporary Art Museum) 15. Museo Ferroviario (Rail Museum) 16. Museo Artequín (Artequín Museum) (See page 29) 17. Biblioteca de Santiago (Santiago Library) 18. Centro Cultural Matucana 100 (Matucana 100 Cultural Center) 19. Planetario de Santiago (Santiago Planetarium) 20. Estación Central (Central Station) 21. Cites Esperanza 22. Teatro Palomera (Palomera Theater) 23. Iglesia Gratitud Nacional (Gratitud Nacional Church) 24. Teatro Carrera (Carrera Theater) 25. Plaza Libertad de Prensa (Libertad de Prensa Square) 26. Palacio Elguín (Elguín Palace)

Duration: 4 hours Distance: 4 km (2.4 miles) / Begins at: Plaza Brasil / Ends at: Palacio Elguín

ROUTE 2: Historic Neighborhoods: Brasil/ Quinta Normal and Concha y Toro

68 Santiago on foot

Parque Quinta Normal

Plaza Libertad de Prensa

Peluquería Francesa

Basílica de Lourdes

Las Palmer





Las Sophoras s


l José Migue



nfu r Sa

acio de


a Salv



Unión Latinoamericana

oro yT

or rtad

Los Héroes San Ign




Ricardo Cumming



ero Rom


s iggin O`H rdo a n r Be

oso irante Barr


25 26



ez imen Tucapel J




ire Ram


Estación Central




ica Santa Món cala Erasmo Es




Rafael Soto

Escala Erasmo






o Teatin


El Belloto







General Re



de Jesús






a Compañí

Quinta Normal










10 9



Parque Quinta Normal


Santo Doming


a nch



Santiago on foot 69


Cent ral


Vergara Carrera



Camino Público

1. Plaza Italia (Italy Square) 2. Parque Forestal (Forestal Park) 3. Museo Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) 4. Accesos Cerro Santa Lucia (Accesses to Santa Lucia Hill) (See page 26) 5. Bajada Cerro Santa Lucia (Descent from Santa Lucia Hill) 6. Centro de Extensión UC. (Catholic University’s Extension Center) 7. Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center)

8. Iglesia La Vera Cruz (La Vera Cruz Church) 9. Centro Cultural Plaza Mulato Gil (Plaza Mulato Gil Cultural Center) 10. Palacio Bruna (Bruna Palace) 11. Casa de Luciano Kulczewski (Luciano Kulczewski’s House) 12. Iglesia y Parque San Borja (San Borja Church and Park)

Duration: 2 hours / Distance: 1.9 miles (3,100 mts.) Begins at: Plaza Italia (Italy Square) / Ends at: Parque San Borja (San Borja Park)

RUOTE 3: Lastarria & Bellas Artes Neighborhood

70 Santiago on foot

Barrio Lastarria

Barrio Lastarria

Cerro Santa Lucía

Cerro Santa Lucía





ri Victo

a Subercaseaux

Enrique M

ac Iver

San Anton


Cerro Santa Lucía

ta L


Uiversidad Católica


ca Reña

Plaza Hotel

12 Crowne Parque San Borja




s dré An






r na





Marí a Ca Río Map ro ocho





Barra ur

B r. be



Estados Unidos







a Vicuñ

is Lu ia dre div Pa Val de


Jo Jos sé e Victor toriino no La Las tarr sta ia rria

sal Ro





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Emporio La Rosa

ed Merc


el Va

ldéz Verg ara Monjitas


Parque Forestal



Bellas Artes


J. M. de la



Santo D

Santiago on foot 71

ma nte Carnic er

Mack enna

r Po


ga l




1. Patio Bellavista 2. Teatro El Cachafaz (El Cachafaz Theater) 3. Teatro Bellavista (Bellavista Theater) 4. Plaza Mori (Mori Square) 5. Parque Metropolitano 6. Casa Museo La Chascona de Pablo Neruda (La Chascona Museum, Pablo Neruda’s former home) (see page 28) 7. Teatro Mamut (Mamut Theater) 8. Teatro San Ginés (San Ginés Theater)

9. Montecarmelo Providencia (Montecarmelo Cultural Center) (see page 60) 10. Iglesia Epifanía del Señor (Epifanía del Señor Church) 11. Ruta Lapislázuli (Route of Lapis lazuli) 12. Teatro Alcalá (Alcalá Theater) 13. Teatro del Puente (Del Puente Theater) 14. Parque Forestal (Forestal Park)

Duration: 2 hours Distance: 1.8 miles (3,055 mts.) / Begins at: Patio Bellavista / Ends at: Parque Forestal (Forestal Park)

Route 4: Bellavista Neighborhood

72 Santiago on foot

La Chascona

Camilo Mori

Puente sobre el rio Mapocho

Patio Bellavista



a Ma ría




Ernesto Pin to Lagarrigue

Parque Forestal





a No





1 2






e Lóp



Bel lavi sta

Pio Non







Nuñ ez

Patio Bellavista


Del Patio Hotel

4 3




Card enal




Fernando M. de la Plata





Cerro San Cristobal

10 st





id rov

s dré An





The Aubrey Hotel

a rzú ba A n as lla en pe Ar so Ca ta no n Do Pu or d lva Sa Be l

Santa Filomena



Elio d

oro Ya


Santiago on foot 73

Jo an se M uel In fante

Salv ador





1. Centro Cívico and Teatro Municipal de Las Condes (Civic Center and Theather) (See page 59) 2 . Paseo La Pastora (See page 33) 3. El Bosque Ave.: Gastronomic Route 4 . Embajada USA (US Embassy) 5 . Isidora Goyenechea Street: Gastonomic Route 6 . Plaza Perú (Perú Square) 7. Cerro San Luis (San Luis hill)

8 . Club de Golf Los Leones (Los Leones Golf Club) 9 . Embajada República Checa (Czech Republic Embassy) - example of original architecture 10 . Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles (Church) 11 . 4 corners - example of original architecture. (note the symmetry)

Duration: 2 hours Distance: 1.8 miles (3,055 mts.) / Begins at: Metro El Golf, L1 (Subway station) / Ends at: Metro Alcántara, L1 (Subway station)

Route 5: El Golf Neighborhood

74 Santiago on foot Centro Cívico and Teatro Municipal de Las Condes

Paseo La Pastora


Vitac u




Se b ue Fo

o Le


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Burg os

to Rena




ast ián



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cia Calla





El Golf


El Golf


ust Aug




o uind Apoq

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a ond ioc

G La







s Lav Reye



e ant El D


Tajama r





orte eN qu s o lB

Atton Hotel







ra asto La P

Plaza Perú Pepinos s arlo Tiramisú


7 Magd





Goyene chea

Km 0 W Hotel




iesc te R






Plaza el Bosque Hotel





Intercontinental Hotel


den resi






Club de Golf Los Leones

Las T orca


dré Ve oN

Radison Hotel


El Quisco



Holiday inn Express


Las P

é Am ci spu



Santiago on foot 75

uria s

dis E chen


Hend aya






76 Transport & Rentals

Transport & Rentals Everything from a compact car to a 4WD can be rented for travel around Chile at your own pace. The following are the best rental options available in Santiago. Later, we will describe everything you need to know about public transportation in Santiago and interurban bus routes in Chile.



Is it possible to rent a car in one city and return it at a different one? Yes you can. Some companies charge extra for that service. Ask previously. Advices for driving in Chile…(see page 91)


They have several different models and good office hours. They are located in cities throughout the country, and have two offices in Santiago, at the Airport and Costanera Norte. Make Reservations: 600 360 866 Hours: 8am - 8pm Mon- Sun. Address: 1469 Andrés Bello Ave. Providencia. Manuel Montt, L1.

Rosselot: (see ad facing page)

A Chilean company with two offices in Santiago: Airport and Providencia. There are cars, trucks, vans and luxury cars available. Make Reservations (56-2) 690 1374 Pedro de Valdivia, L1 + Address: Airport and 2032 Bilbao Ave. Providencia. 117.

Suzuval: (se ad page 79)

Prestigious Chilean company located in Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, and La Calera. All types of cars available. Address: Valparaíso: 2537 Colón Ave. Phone (56 32) 257 4000

Transport & Rentals 77



La Bicicleta Verde

They offer four types of bikes to rent from half a day to a full month. Also ask about city bike tours. Price: half a Day from $5,000CLP ($10USD). Full Day $9,000CLP ($18USD). Week from $36,000CLP ($72USD) Address: 227 Santa Maria Ave. Bellas Artes, L5. n


If you want to take a Taxi in Santiago it is recommended that you to make sure that the taximeter is working properly and on the Highway toll roads you will be charged the toll fees. If you want a taxi, it is recommended that you call for a radio taxi. They usually have a minimum fee of $1,200CLP ($2.4USD). You can check the fee by previously calling and indicating where you are and where you are going. n


Las Condes Radio Taxi

They are reliable and punctual. Phone: (56-2) 211 4470.

Radio Taxi Uno

Available 24 Hours. Phone: (56-2) 866 6529.

78 Transport & Rentals n


A rather comfortable and safe way to travel throughout Chile at a relatively low cost is to take an interurban bus. There are many companies that provide this service.

Advices and Facts about Interurban Buses

• It is the law to use seat belts. • Leave luggage in the cargo area and be sure to keep the luggage ticket given by the bus cargo personal (you will not be able to receive luggage without the corresponding ticket). Do not leave your luggage in the overhead compartments. The bus is only responsible for the luggage left in the cargo area. • On more than 5 hour trips, you will be asked to give your basic personal information for safety reasons. n


Tur Bus

They offer several routes, schedules and types of buses. Ticket sales are made at the bus terminal or online. Phone: 600 600 6600. From cell phones: 02 822 7500. Terminal Alameda (Alameda Bus Station): Address: 3570 Alameda Ave. Universidad de Santiago, L1. n


Unfortunately there are very few routes covered by train. However, the train is a good alternative to travel south towards Rancagua, Talca and Chillán. Departures made from the Estación Central. Estación Central, L1. Check schedules with the State Railways Company. n


The best way to get around in Santiago is using the subway or Metro. It is safe and reliable. If possible try to avoid peak hours (7:30am to 9am and 6pm to 7:30pm). To move through Santiago we recommend that you first take the metro and then buses or taxis. If you don’t know how to move around Santiago a good way is to visit www.transantiago. cl which can provide you all the information that you need. Just type in your starting point and final destination and you will see the alternative routes available.

How to use Public Transportation in Santiago?

Metro: To take the metro you must pay at any metro station approximately $600CLP for the fare (approx. $1,2USD) and will receive your ticket which goes in the slot on the turnstiles. Metro & Buses: To use the combination system you need a “Bip Card.” This is a prepaid card that costs approximately $1000CLP ($2USD). The card, which can be purchased at any metro station is used to enter the metro and board the buses. REMEMBER: Buses do not take cash, which means that you cannot get on without a “Bip Card.” See Santiago’s subway map on the last page of this guide.

80 Accommodation

Accommodation Santiago offers big variety of hotels for all requirements, tastes and styles. From hostels for independent travelers, to the most exclusive boutique-hotels for those who look for something more intimate. The following list provides a summary of hotels in different areas of the city: AIRPORT Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Hotel Address: 2150 Armando Cortínez Norte St., Santiago International Airport. Phone: (56-2) 799 9900

DOWNTOWN Crowne Plaza Hotel Address:136 Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Ave., Downtown. Universidad Católica, L1. Phone: (56-2) 685 5000.

Plaza San Francisco Hotel Address: 816 Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Ave., Downtown. Santa Lucía, L1. Phone: (56-2) 360 4445.

Accommodation 81 Galerías Hotel Hotel Address: 65 San Antonio St., Downtown. Santa Lucía, L1. Phone: (56-2) 470 7400.

Caesar Business Hotel Hotel Address: 632 Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Ave., Downtown. Santa Lucía, L1. Phone: (56-2) 832 0000.

BRASIL NEIGHBORHOOD Happy House Hostel Hostel Address: 1829 Moneda St., Barrio Brasil. Los Héroes, L1. Phone: (56-2) 688 4849.

Luz Azul Hostel Address: 2350 Moneda St., Barrio Brasil. República, L1. Phone: (56-2) 671 6551.



Andes Hostel

Grand Hyatt Santiago

Hostel Address: 506 Monjitas St., Barrio Bellas Artes. Bellas Artes, L5. Phone: (56-2) 632 9990.

Hotel Address: 4601 Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + Phone: (56-2) 756 0994.

Hotel del Patio Boutique

Hotel Address: 2885 Vitacura Ave., Las Tobalaba, L1. Condes. Phone: (56-2) 755 0024.

Hotel Address: 61 Pío Nono St., Patio Bellavista. Baquedano, L1. Phone: (56-2) 732 7571.



82 Accommodation

Marriott Santiago


Hotel Address: 5741 Kennedy Ave., Las Condes. Escuela Militar, L1 + Phone: (56-2) 426 2000.

Hotel Address: 2770 Roger de Flor St., Las Condes. Tobalaba, L1. Phone: (56-2) 947 3600.


Plaza El Bosque

Radisson Plaza Santiago Hotel

Hotel Address: 2828 Ebro St., Las Condes. Tobalaba, L1. Phone: (56-2) 498 1800.

Hotel Address: 2610 Vitacura Ave., Las Condes. Tobalaba, L1. Phone: (56-2) 433 9000.

Ritz - Carlton Hotel Address: 15 El Alcalde St., Las Condes. El Golf, L1. Phone: (56-2) 4708500.

W Hotel Hotel Address: 3000 Isidora Goyenechea St., El Golf, L1. Las Condes. Phone: (56 2) 770 0000.

Holiday Inn Hotel Hotel Address:2929 Vitacura Ave., Las Condes Tobalaba, L1. Phone: (56-2) 499 6000

Accommodation 83 PROVIDENCIA Santiago Park Plaza Hotel Hotel Address: 207 Ricardo Lyon Ave., Providencia. Los Leones, L1. Phone:(56-2) 233 6668.

Sheraton San Cristobal Hotel Address: 1742 Santa María Ave., Santiago. Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Phone: (56-2) 233 5000.

Diego de Velázquez Hotel Address: 150 Guardia Vieja St., Providencia. Los Leones, L1. Phone: (56-2) 234 4400.

Orly Hotel Address: 027 Pedro de Valdivia St.,, Providencia. Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Phone: (56-2) 231 8947.

Vilafranca Petit Hotel Boutique Hotel Address: 1650 Pérez Valenzuela St., Providencia. Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Phone: (56-2) 235 1413.

Andes Suite Furnished apartments Address: 2087 Diego de Velázquez St., Providencia. Los Leones, L1. Phone: (56-2) 761 7070.

VITACURA Hotel Kennedy Hotel Address: 4570 Kennedy Ave., Vitacura. Escuela Militar, L1 + 425 Phone: (56 2) 290 8100.

Novotel Santiago Hotel Address: 1630 Américo Vespucio Norte Ave., Vitacura. Escuela Militar, L1 + 425 Phone: (56 2) 499 2200.

Noi Hotel Hotel Address: 3736 Nueva Costanera Ave. El Golf, L1 + 405 Phone: (56-2) 941 8000

84 Around Santiago Reloj de Flores, Viña del Mar

Around Santiago A few kilometers away from Santiago you can visit Natural sanctuaries, World Heritage Sites and old mining camps hidden in the mountains, among many other alternatives. These destinations were chosen for their proximity to Santiago so they can be made as day trips. It is recommended to visit them with sufficient time to fully appreciate the areas. For the more adventurous, who wants to leave the city you may wish to consider the following alternatives:


DESCRIPTION Located 120 kilometers from Santiago (74.5 mi). For centuries, Valparaíso has been a strategic port for the shipping routes that crossed the Strait of Magellan. As time went by, German, French, Italian and English immigrants gave the city a cosmopolitan character. Their houses on the steep hills, their elevators and steep stairs have made Valparaíso a unique place in the world. Currently it is an important university, cultural, and administrative center.

ATTRACTIONS • Paseo 21 de Mayo, Cerro Artilleria (May 21st Promenade, Artillery Hill) • Museo Maritimo y Naval, Cerro Artilleria (Navy and Maritime Musuem, Artillery Hill) • Paseo Atkinson, Cerro Concepción (Atkinson Promenade, Conception Hill) • Plaza Sotomayor: Monument to the Iquique Heroes, the Naval Command Building • National Congress • La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda’s House.

Around Santiago 85

ACCOMMODATION Hotel Zero (Boutique Hotel) Address: 343 Lautaro Rosas St., Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso Phone: (56-32) 211 3113 Gran Hotel Gervasoni (Boutique Hotel) Address: 1 Paseo Gervasoni, Cerro Concepción, Phone: (56-32) 211 1043

HOW TO GET THERE? By car: Take the Costanera Norte Highway to the west. Where this freeway ends, take Ruta 68 (Route 68) to Valparaíso.There are service stations and restaurants along the highway. Public Transport: There are 2 options. 1. Take the metro until Pajaritos station (Line 1), and go to the bus terminal for the coast. 2. Take the metro to Universidad de Santiago station (Line 1) and you will find the entrance of the bus terminal.


86 Around Santiago VIÑA DEL MAR Viña del Mar

DESCRIPTION Located 120 kilometers from Santiago (74.5 mi), Viña del Mar is located less than 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) away from Valparaíso. It is well known for its large old houses, lush gardens, fine restaurants, hotels and lovely beaches that make the city a very attractive place to visit.

ATTRACTIONS • Reloj de Flores (clock of flowers) • Castillo Wulff (Wulff castle) •Francisco Fonck Archeology and History Museum (it has an authentic Easter Island moai). • Quinta Vergara • Lieutenant Larraguibel and his horse Huaso Monument. They have the world highest jump record. • Trips on Victorian Carriages, traditional carriages of the city. • Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes • Museo Palacio Rioja


Hotel San Martín (See ad facing page) Address: 667 San Martín Ave., Viña del Mar Phone: (56-32) 268 9195 Hotel Sheraton-Miramar Address: 15 Avenida Marina Ave., Viña del Mar. Phone: (56-32) 238 8600

Around Santiago 87

HOW TO GET THERE? By car: Take the Costanera Norte Highway to the west. Where this freeway ends, take Ruta 68 (Route 68) to Valparaíso. To go to Viña del Mar, continue on the same highway and a few kilometers before Valparaíso, turn to the right where indicated. There are service stations and restaurants along the highway. Public Transport: There are 2 options. 1. Take the metro until Pajaritos station (Line 1), and go to the bus terminal for the coast. 2. Take the metro to Universidad de Santiago station (Line 1) and you will find the entrance of the bus terminal.

88 Around Santiago CAJÓN DEL MAIPO DESCRIPTION The Cajón del Maipo is located on the banks of the Maipo River in the majestic Central Andes Mountains. It is a destination for those who want to spend some time in a pleasant natural environment. Only 35 minutes away from Santiago, Cajon del Maipo is an ideal place to spend some time away from the city. Activities such as trekking, whitewater rafting, canopy, thermal baths and massages are available . Enjoy the Chilean restaurants and the beautiful landscapes.

ATTRACTIONS • A Variety of adventure sports (see page 50) • El Yeso Reservoir • Río Clarillo National Nature Reserve • Cascada de las Ánimas Nature Sanctuary • Lagunillas Ski Center

ACCOMMODATIONS Casa Bosque Hotel Address: 16779 Camino al Volcán Phone: (56-2) 871 0464 Santuario del Río Hotel Address: 37659 Camino al Volcán, San Alfonso Phone: (56-2) 790 6900 Millahue Hostel Address: 27724 Camino al Volcán, El Melocotón Phone: (56-2) 86102020 Cajón del Maipo

Cascada de las Ánimas

Hostel - Bungalows Address: 31087 Camino al Volcán, San Alfonso Phone: (56-2) 861 1303

HOW TO GET THERE? By Car: From Las Condes, take the Américo Vespucio Highway towards the south. Take the Las Torres exit and head east on Departamental Avenue, until you find La Florida Avenue. Then, turn south and continue on La Florida Avenue until you reach Camino al Volcán. From that point there are many interesting sites to visit. Public Transportation: Metro Bellavista la Florida station (L5), go to the bus terminal and take Metrobus Nº 72 towards San Jose de Maipo Main square.

Around Santiago 89 SEWELL – WORLD HERITAGE SITE THE CITY OF THE STAIRS Better known as “The City of Stairs” the marvellous Sewell mining camp is located in the Andes Mountains, at 2,200 meters above sea level. This “office” gave birth to one of the country’s most important mining companys and the world’s largest underground cooper mine, El Teniente. Its construction began in 1905 thanks to William Braden’s efforts and vision. In 1915, it was named Barton Sewell, in honour of the first president of Braden Copper Company who assisted Braden by investing in the company. The town was constructed on a hillside with slopes that were too steep for vehicles. Irregular shaped green areas were placed along the staircases, which constituted the main public space. The city was abandoned in 1970, but when active it was populated by over 15,000 people. Today it is a semi-deserted city which preserves the enchantment of what was at the time, one of the most advanced cities of its kind. In 2006 the UNESCO declared Sewell a World Heritage Site.

How to get there? To visit Sewell, you may contact any of the following companies that provide the service. They offer day tours from $20.000CLP ($40USD) p/p. VTS limitada Phone: (56-72) 952 692;

Turismo Cultural Ltda. Phone: (02) 220 6750



90 Useful Information

Useful Information 1. Useful Numbers

Ambulance: 131. Fire Department: 132. Police: 133

2. Phones

Country Code: 56. Santiago City Code: 2 Calls made from cell phones to land lines: dial 0 + city code + number. Example: to call Santiago from cell phones, 02 123 4567

3. Holidays - 2012

• January 1, Sunday: New Year’s Day • April 6, Friday: Good Friday • April 7, Saturday: Holy Saturday • May 1, Tuesday: Labor Day • May 21, Monday: Naval Glories Day • July 2, Monday: St. Peter & St. Paul • July 16, Monday: The Virgin of Carmen Day • August 15, Wednesday: Assumption of Mary • September 17, Monday: Independence Day • September 18, Tuesday: Independence Day • September 19, Wednesday: Army Glories Day • October 15, Monday: Columbus Day • October 28, Sunday: Local elections • November 1, Thursday: All Saints Day • November 2, Friday: Protestant and Evangelical Churches Day • December 8, Saturday: Immaculate Conception • December 25, Tuesday: Christmas

Useful Information 91 4. Business Hours

General business hours are from 9am to 6pm, Monday-Friday. Supermarkets usually close at 10pm. Malls are open from 10am to 9pm. Banks assist people from 9am to 2pm.

5. Time Zone

Continental Chile: GMT -4; Easter Island: GMT -6. In both cases add an extra hour during the summer.

6. Bills and coins

The Chilean currency is the Peso (CLP). However, some hotels and stores take US dollars. The existing bills are: 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000 and 1,000. Coins: 500, 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1.

7. Tipping

Restaurants: 10% is recommended for restaurants, unless of course the service was inadequate. If you feel the service deserves more, then you may leave a higher tip. Gas Stations: You may consider tipping a gas station operator if he provides you with windshield cleaning or water/oil levels check services. Tip recommendation: between $100CLP and $500CLP. Supermarkets: Many young people finance their studies by working as grocery boys at local supermarkets. Tip recommendation: between $100CLP and $500CLP.

8. Electric Current

220 volt, 50 HZ.

9. Banks and ATMs

Most banks and malls have ATMs.

10. Taxes

Value Added Tax (IVA) is added to almost all goods and services prices. Most shops and stores must give you a receipt that certifies that taxes have been paid. This tax is usually included in the price.

11. Public Transport and Car Rentals:

See Transport & Rentals Section, page 76.

12. Police and Security

Assaults and Robberies: Santiago, like any big city has certain areas where you should take some extra precautions. Keep you cameras and backpacks close to you and stay alert in crowded areas such as bus terminals or while using public transportation. Do not walk alone on dark streets. Alcohol ingestion: You may drink alcohol in the terraces of bars or restaurants, but it is strictly prohibited in public areas such as streets, parks and squares. Drugs: Drugs and any other narcotic are prohibited.

13. Driving in Chile

Driver’s License: You must have and carry a valid Chilean or international driver’s license. Make sure that the vehicle you will drive has: a valid registration, up to date vehicle checkup and compulsory insurance. Max velocity: Speed limits are: 60km/h on urban areas, 100km/h on highways

92 Useful Information and 120km/h on interurban highways. Other conducts: Always drive with lights on. You must not drive while under the influence of alcohol. Smoking and using cell phones while driving, is punishable by law. Using seatbelts is obligatory.

14. Santiago Tourist Information Centers

SERNATUR: State Tourism Agency that provides information, pamphlets and maps. (; 1550 Providencia Ave., Providencia. Pedro de Valdivia, L1; 8:45am-8:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat; (56-2) 236 1416) CITI: the Municipality of Providencia Tourism office provides pamphlets and information. (; 2359 Providencia Ave, Providencia. Los Leones, L1; 9am-8pm Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm Sat, Sun and Holidays; (56-2) 374 2743) Municipal Tourism Office: Santiago Municipality department that provides information and maps. (; 860 Merced St. Plaza de Armas, L5; 10am-6pm Mon-Thu, Fri until 5pm; (56-2) 632 7783) CONAF (Chilean National Forest Corporation): Provides information on National Parks and National Reserves. (; 291 Paseo Bulnes, RepĂşblica, L1; 9:30am-5:30pm Mon-Thu, Fri until 4:30pm; (56-2) 390 0282)

15. Embassies Germany: Las Hualtatas 5677 St., Vitacura. (56-2) 463 2500. Australia: 3621 Isidora Goyenechea St., 13th floor, Las Condes. (56-2) 550 3500. Brazil: 1665 Alonso de Ovalle St., Downtown. (56-2) 876 3400. Canada: Nueva Tajamar St., 12th floor, Torre Norte, Edificio World Trade Center, Las Condes. (56-2)362 9660 China: 550 Pedro De Valdivia St., Providencia. (56-2) 233 9880. U.S.A.: 800 AndrĂŠs Bello St., Las Condes. (56-2) 330-3000. www France: 65 Condell St., Providencia. (56-2) 470.8000. Italy: 1050 Clemente Fabres St., Downtown. (56-2) 470 8400. Japan: 520 Ricardo Lyon St., Providencia. (56-2) 232 1807. New Zealand: 3000 Isidora Goyenechea St., 12th floor, Las Condes. (56-2)

Useful Information 93 Portugal: 555 Nueva Tajamar St., Torre Norte, 16th floor, Las Condes. (56-2) 2030542. UK: 0125 El Bosque Norte Ave., Las Condes. (56-2) 370 4000.

16. Exchange Currency, sending and receiving Cash

Cambios Afex: A reliable company for currency exchange. 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm Sat. (56-2) 231 4265 • Las Condes: 2747 Ebro St.; Tobalaba, L1. • Providencia: 012 Pedro de Valdivia St.; Pedro de Valdivia, L1. • Downtown: 1050 Agustinas St.; Plaza de Armas, L5. Guiñazú Cambios: A reliable company for currency exchange. (56-2) 4817144. • Las Condes: 0192 El Bosque Norte Ave., Tobalaba, L1. • Vitacura: 4115 Alonso de Cordova St., (56-2) 481 7140. • Providencia: 048 Pedro de Valdivia St.; Pedro de Valdivia, L1. Banks: Most Banks provide reliable currency exchange services. Western Union: Send Money outside and inside the country. 8am-7pm Mon-Fri; (56-2) 698 7476 • Las Condes: 287 Asturias St.; Alcántara, L1. • Providencia: 2246 Providencia Ave.; Los Leones, L1. • Downtown: Located in the Central Post Office. (Plaza De Armas S/N, Santiago. Plaza de Armas, L5)

17. Medical Assistance

Clínica Alemana: One of the best medical centers in South America. Escuela Militar, L1 + (; 5951 Vitacura Ave., Vitacura. 24 hours; (56-2) 210 1111)


18. Common Scams and Hoaxes

Asking for money to pay for University Studies: People pretending to be students may approach you and ask for money to help them pay their university studies. This is especially common in the downtown area, around the “Plaza de Armas”. Although some might actually be real students, most of them are thieves that make a living by scamming tourists. Money exchange: Only exchange currency in authorized establishments. Tourists frequently get scammed by people offering allegedly convenient exchange rates. Be aware.

19. Religious Services in English available in Santiago

Catholic Congregation of the Holy Cross • St. George’s College Chapel. Address: 5400 Américo Vespucio Ave., Santa Maria de Manquehue, Vitacura. Phone: (56-2) 228 1628. Sunday Mass: 10:15am. Anglican/Presbyterian • Santiago Community Church. Address: 151 Holanda St., Providencia. Phone (56-2) 232 1113. Sunday Morning Service: 10:30am. Children’s Sunday School: 10:30am. Thursday, 12 noon, Holy Communion.

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