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Henry Cavill interview That’s entertainment On the move The reign in Spain

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The ultimate toy

For Yachts The only bespoke supplier of inflatable products in the world...


FreeStyle Slides, Inc. 1.866.694.4776 / 727.563.2003 info@freestyleslides.com 2399 26th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Florida, 33713

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features 24 Superhero at Sea Henry Cavill finds solace from the world of celebrity on the ocean waves


32 That’s Entertainment Claire Griffiths looks at the latest innovations in entertainment technology 42 Under a Dark Cloud Depression is a real illness with real symptoms and not something that you can easily snap out of 50 Super Models A look at limousines, the shining celebrities of the superyacht tender market 62 Kayak Queen Legendary kayaker Freya Hoffmeister talks about her last perilous expedition 64 Bienvenue à St-Tropez Thrilling times are expected at this year’s Les Voiles de St-Tropez 66 Skiing High Alf Anderson hits the powder in Colorado 70 Cover Story The importance of getting adequate insurance cover and protection cannot be underestimated 78 Caribbean Marinas A guide to the best Caribbean marinas 92 Time For Tea A look at the benefits of tea


96 The Reign in Spain The Spanish refit business is booming 106 Painting by Numbers 10 tips for good paint practice 128 Going Places An insider’s guide to yacht transportation

regulars 05 Comment Salty Seadog defends Captains from being pilloried in the press

50 144

09 Upfronts Tips, people, advice and myths 17 MY Opinion Sara-Jane Skinner looks at how the yachting community can protect the world’s oceans 26 New Launch Suerte, the new 69 metre yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski 3 | AUTUMN 2015 | ON BOARD

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CONTENTS regulars


30 Desire Design trends from the affordable to the downright expensive

40 Crew Profile Chief Engineer Andy Palmer talks about his job on board M/Y Liberty

83 Food and Drink The latest food trends for you to try over the autumn months

90 The Corker Wine guru Tom Harrow suggests some great affordable wines for you to try

94 Table Talk ONBOARD’s favourite eateries in Lisbon


104 Six Of The Best Ahead of the game. The headsets that you need to own 112 Yacht Essentials ONBOARD’s recommended essential services and products for the coming season 135 Body Treatments, myths, a de-stress massage and a look at foot care 140 A Day In The Life Of… Harbour Master Deniz Akaltan of Karpaz Marina 148 Ask The Experts Advice from the leading experts in their field

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Get your facts right Salty Seadog suggests waiting for the outcome of an investigation before casting the first stone


am getting a little concerned with the way superyacht Captains are being pilloried in the press and judged by people who do not have all the facts in front of them.

Just recently there have been reports of a Captain accused of smuggling a Picasso painting out of Spain and ending up in Corsica. What right do newspapers have to make that accusation? Do they know that the Captain took the painting himself, placed it on board the yacht and willingly sailed away from Spanish waters into French? Maybe he was obeying orders from his owner! Maybe he thought the painting was part of the yacht’s inventory. We do know that the French authorities will be investigating the matter and will, in the fullness of time, let their findings be known. Then and only then, can the press and others speak with authority because until then, they simply do not have all the facts. It is not just aboard large three masted sailing yachts owned by Spanish bankers that this sort of thing is happening. When a crewman fell to his death off a yacht in Antibes, while trying to get back on board late one night, the whole world and his dog, was suggesting he was drunk after a good run ashore and that the Captain had raised the gangway so as to prevent anyone walking on board the yacht. It is only now after a lawful inquest has been concluded, some two years later and the evidence examined, that we are now rightfully able to comment. Imagine how the Captain of that yacht must have felt in the two years leading up to the inquest. Branded a crew killer by the press and the gossiping crowd, he must have constantly imagined and felt people talking behind his back, pointing fingers and casting innuendos. It is quite possible that his lawyers told him not to talk about the matter nor give his side of the story for fear of damaging any inquiry that was going on. That cannot have helped him knowing that he had to bottle it all up and say nothing. Who knows what memos were sent from the desks of

yacht managers to crew recruitment agencies and who knows what damage might have occurred to the career of that Captain. Now it’s happening again. There was an incident off Mallorca where a crewman fell from the side of a yacht, was underwater for a significant period of time to the point that he is now in a very poor state of mental health inside a hospital in the UK. Experts have suggested he may never fully recover. Meanwhile the industry and the press are already pointing the finger at the Captain and the management company have removed him from his job as the yacht’s master even before either flag or the Spanish authorities have concluded their investigations. The injured lad’s family have wasted no time in using social media to throw metaphoric bricks at the Captain of the yacht and his officers. Yet no one seems to have considered the possibility that the lad jumped off the yacht or even accidently slipped. No, instead of considering every possibility, no matter how remote or unfortunate, they immediately assume it was someone else’s fault and they start the accusation process.Just imagine what that Captain must think if he reads that diatribe of hatred generated by the victim’s family on the internet or the pontificating letters written by senior members of the PYA who really should know better. Think about the yacht’s purser, removed for no other reason than she was the Captain’s wife. Think about their families and the families of the yacht’s other deck officers suspended from duty, before you go round mouthing off about dereliction of duty and a casual attitude to a man’s life. Ask yourself, who dragged the poor lad off the bottom of the seabed 18 metres below the surface. Who was it, who, without thought for his own safety, was so concerned about his crewmember, that he put his own life at risk and dived into to save him. Because if you do not know, then you do not have the full facts and nor will you have them until the report is completed and published. Until then I suggest you should shut up! ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 5

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IGY Marinas have been bestowed with 5 Gold Anchors from The Yacht Harbour Association, symbols that are synonymous with outstanding marina services and facilities.


46 Megayacht Berths • Up to 656’ World Class Shopping & Activities YHGST@IGYMarinas.com • +1 340.774.9500

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Panama Pana ma Canall Cana

YACHT CLUB AT ISLE DE SOL :: ST. MAARTEN 40 Megayacht Berths • Up to 320’ Exclusive Megayacht Marina with Maintenance Services IDS@IGYMarinas.com • +1 721.544.2408

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A member of the Yacht Haven Grande Collection, representing the finest megayacht marinas in the world.




20’ ces 408

www.igymarinas.com :: 1.888.IGY.MARINAS

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UPFRONTS Yachtie Types


The Sales Broker

THE WEATHER Apparently the hottest summer across Europe since records began, which of course results in a lot of moaning and groaning that its “too hot”. Simple solution... move to England and complain about the lack of a summer. Can’t win!

THE SLASHKINI Because having normal tan lines is way too mainstream. Take your clothes off at night and you too can look like a zebra. Looking like you’ve been ‘slashed’ by some runaway zoo creature, but apparently this was the swimwear of 2015. Did you wear one?

THE QUADROFOIL Wowsers it’s pretty nifty; cruising over the water at up to 20kts, zero emissions and no noise, surely better than the continual whining of the jetski? Will they be the toy for 2016? Is he wearing red pants? Ankles showing? Shirt unbuttoned a bit too much? Super shiny shoes? Talking on his phone in VERY LOUD TONES and saying “yah yah completely” a lot? Here comes your Sales Broker with the obligatory double-barrelled name, or maybe just a Smyth dropped on at the end. Brace yourself for an overpowering personality and more demands

than your last charter principal. Chances are he’ll have a few tall tales to tell about his previous achievements and try not to chuckle when he makes stuff up about your yacht when the potential buyer puts him on the spot. It’s all about the MONEY after all! But remember, without these chaps selling the yachts, we’d all be out of a job…

Mythical Sea Creature

TINDER Seems to be falling out of favour now, too many “spambots” and let’s face it, complete weirdos have resulted in a downward slump for the once super popular app. Most people use it for hook-ups instead of seeking a relationship; new port, no strings sex with a total stranger.

The average temperature of the world’s oceans in degrees centigrade

Ichthyocentaurs The ancient Greeks had some pretty vivid imaginations, especially when it came to guessing what kind of beings lived beneath the oceans. One of the more noble were the Ichthycentaurs (aquatic Centaurs), who had the upper bodies of men, the front legs of a horse, and a hind end ending in the serpentine tail of a fish, complete with fins and flukes. A major plus for the Ichthyocentaurs was their famed relationship with the sea nymphs, who granted them the ability to live for centuries.

GOOGLE’S UNDERWATER STREET VIEW Launched on World Oceans Day in June, the collection of images features more than 40 spectacular locations including the Bahamas, Cook Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

SPICE GIRLS Reuniting for another tour to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their first single, “Wannabe”... minus Posh who clearly, like the rest of the world, just wants to stop flogging a dead horse and forget those awful songs. Could any of them sing anyway?

SHORT SHORTS We know it’s been hot out there this season, but there is also a fine line between underwear and shorts and that line is the bottom crease of your tush. Ladies; please take a look at your arse in the mirror before you go out in public.

If I had my will I would live in a ship on the sea, and never come nearer to humanity than that!

INFLATABLE SLIDES OK, they are the envy of every charter guest who doesn’t have one, but ask the crew how much fun they really are! Putting them up, taking them down and storage are a nightmare for any deckie. Please, please invent a little button to inflate, deflate and fold up nicely…

Eleonora Duse ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 9

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Greycoat Lumleys International Staffing Agency Greycoat Lumleys’ specialist yacht sector provides a personal recruitment experience, with the expertise and knowledge to find the ideal Interior Crew for discerning yacht clients. A no obligation, discreet service, with full consultation as standard.

Pursers | Stewards | Stewardesses | Chefs Housekeepers | Couples | Nannies Contact Abi to discuss your needs Email: abi@greycoatlumleys.co.uk +44 (0)20 7233 9950 www.greycoatlumleys.co.uk

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10 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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Open to Question

Fictitious Captains

The percentage of the underwater

At the end of one of the busiest (and longest) Med seasons, where are you off to spend your hard earned holidays?

world that still remains unexplored

Not until November but looking at Boracay (Philippines) for some amazing kiting, great nature and somewhere I haven’t been before. And of course to completely get away from it all which is (literally) what I’ll be doing! Can’t wait!

Captain Steve Zissou FACT Zissou’s yacht Belafonte was sold after the film, restored and is now named M/Y Mojo MODUS OPERANDI Hunting down a Jaguar Shark that ate his partner Esteban


WEAPONS Harpoon and floatation barrel VESSEL NAME Belafonte MOST LIKELY TO SAY Nobody knows what’s going to happen. And then we film it. That’s the whole concept DID YOU KNOW? There is an American attorney called Steve Zissou with a successful practice in NYC

Between 30 and 80 percent of a shark’s flesh is made of water. A protein network gives the flesh its structure

48°52.6’S123°23.6’W The point in the ocean farthest from any land is the Pacific Pole of inaccessibility or Point Nemo. It is approximately 2,688km from the nearest land, equidistant from Ducie Island in the Pitcairn Islands to the north, Maher Island, Antarctica, to the south and Motu Nui off Rapa Nui in the north east.

Flippin’ fantastic These Merfins are made by a real life ‘mermaid’. Yes, you can actually earn a living from being just like Disney’s Ariel. Mahina Mermaid was the creator of the first functional high performance Mermaid Fin in 2006. Plunge into the waves wearing a swishing, whooshing tail. Great for elegant stealthy snorkelling and wonderful for a workout in the pool to hone your abs and buttocks. €60 www.mahinamermaid.com

MARLIES SANDERS Captain/Chef/Superhero, SY

After all this 35°C blistering heat I’ll be heading back home to Blighty to appreciate some home comforts! Namely pubs with fireplaces and golden ale! Oh so many pies, scotch eggs, pork scratchings, Welsh rarebit... You name it, I’m eating it.

LARS MOLIN Mate, MY I am looking at backpacking in Cuba, exploring the last few hidden corners before the upcoming invasion of American mass tourism. It is now or never, last call to experience this cultural pearl and enjoy my Mojitos in peace.

CHRIS CORCOS EOOW in training My season has been spent on my sea phase, currently in the South China Sea, my end of season will be going back to Warsash, yay, where I’ll be third of the way through my EOOW. Can’t wait to get back to yachting!

ALEX WORLEY Mate, SY Seth Efrica for me for a wedding, then I’ll be taking in some shark diving, safari-ing, surfing and kitesurfing shenanigans and enjoying some local hospitality.

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 11

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TRIBOS® is the proven protection system for all yacht surfaces.

Superyacht and international car manufacturers continue to recognize the unmatched qualities of TRIBOS®, the world’s most trusted paint, glass, stainless steel and wood protection system. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ADRIAN MINGO: T: +356 79 895 558 or +356 21 385 158 E: adrian.mingo@triboscoatings.com W: www.triboscoatingsmarine.com

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Add some apps with these ONBOARD favourites Hooks Get notifications about things you care about. A clean, simple interface that makes configuring alerts quick and easy. Its sole purpose is sending you notifications of things that are important to you.

Moments After events, celebrations, trips or just hanging out, it’s no longer a hassle to collect all the photos. With Moments, you can quickly give your photos to friends and get their photos too.

Marco Polo If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch but can’t quite remember where, this app will help you quickly find it with just your voice. Just shout out MARCO! and your device will ring back POLO!

Hound Hound gives you fast and deep results to what you ask for, such as looking up the weather, finding a hotel that matches your detailed criteria, navigating to an address and even playing interactive games.

My Favourite Destination KATE GREAVES Manager, Deckers Antibes It has been five years since I first stumbled upon Mallorca, my little slice of heaven in the Mediterranean. I recall wearing through the rubber soles on my flipflops two days in from all the exploring. Behind its conspicuous Cathedral, Palma’s backstreets hum with heady activity. One of my favourites is ‘Ruta Martiana’, aka Tapas Tuesday which entices an eclectic mix of local and foreign folk. And the Mallorquins are no fools when it comes to an award winning G & T! From balmy summer nights spent chasing the moon on a motorbike, to street dancing with devils and demons, the magic of Mallorca will continue to keep calling me back for many years to come.

Nautical Etymology...

SLUSH FUND In the mid 19th century, the sailors in the navy were allowed salt beef. From this provision, when cooked nearly all the fat boils off. This is carefully skimmed and put into empty beef or pork barrels, and was often sold ashore by the ship’s cook for the benefit of himself and the crew. The money so derived became known as a slush fund.

Tripit Organise your travel plans in one place with TripIt from Concur. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and TripIt automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

MILLION The number of shipwrecks on the ocean floor according to the U.N.

When a man comes to like a sea life, he is not fit to live on land

Dr. Samuel Johnson

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 13

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The official MYS lounge for superyacht Captains & Crews September 23 to 26, 2015, Port Hercules of Monaco Sponsored by

www.myscclounge.com MYS.indd 96

Services offered by

Register here 8/30/15 8:16 AM


SAFE AND SOUND BALTIC LEGEND 150N LIFEJACKET The Legend fits perfectly without any sign of riding up or gaping on both men and women. Other features include a large neck opening, pliable material, padded back and a larger status window. An extra safety feature, which is now fitted to all Baltic inflatable lifejackets is a cylinder retainer, this prevents the gas cylinder working loose even under heavy vibration and temperature extremes. www.baltic.se €180

Comfortable fleece lined collar

Quick release for access to inflation tube and gas inflation

Large clear inflation mechanism Removable crotch strap

Inflation pull toggle





Compact and easy to wear try one of these auto inflatable lifejackets

Optima With spray hood €240

Hydrostatic Inflatable Life Vest €272

Crewfit 165N Sport €100

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 15

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Racing to save the oceans Sara-Jane Skinner from the Blue Marine Foundation looks at how the global yachting community needs to help protect the world’s oceans


he sport of yacht racing has enjoyed a long and illustrious history. Across the generations, however, it has not just been the thrill of competition that has united competitive sailors. All of those who look to the ocean for adventure and recreation have also traditionally shared another passion, a love of the sea itself. Historically, people regarded the oceans as being of such vast scale and unfathomable depths that they were virtually impervious to human activities. More recently, however, disturbing evidence has surfaced to show that our impacts on the seas have the potential to be as damaging as on land. From persistent overfishing to plastic pollution; from the worrying decline in coral reef health worldwide to the threat of ocean acidification linked with climate change; the range of threats to our precious marine habitats is greater than ever before. And arguably it is those who rely on the seas for their recreation and adventure who should also be at the vanguard of the battle to protect these special environments for future generations, especially given the financial privileges and influence these same individuals often also enjoy. The need for conservation is clear. But how can those who rely on sailing for their incomes or recreation, from yacht owners and crew, to charter firms and clients, marina operators, boat show organisers, regattas and sponsors, make the most effective positive impact in helping to solve the current crisis in the oceans? That is where the Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC) comes in. The BMYC was established in 2012 by Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), the UK based conservation charity founded by the team behind the award winning documentary film on overfishing, The End Of The Line. BLUE’s mission is to increase the percentage of ocean under active and effective protection to at least 10 per cent by 2020. When the charity was created in 2010, just one per cent was under adequate protection. Through the efforts of BLUE and its peers, this figure has already risen to three per cent. BLUE’s projects alone are already protecting an area of sea more than twice the size of the UK and has plans to protect a further one million square kilometres, the equivalent area of double the size of Spain.

The charity’s flagship initiatives include the creation of one of the world’s largest marine reserves in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, in partnership with the Bertarelli Foundation, as well as securing formal protection for Belize’s Turneffe Atoll, previously the last unprotected part of the world’s second biggest barrier reef system. More recently, BLUE has helped spearhead one of the world’s biggest feats in marine campaigning by persuading the UK Government to declare a marine reserve around the waters of Pitcairn in the South Pacific. The campaign is now working with Ascension Island which would involve the protection of one of the world’s most significant populations of big ocean predators including tuna, dolphins, sharks and record breaking marlin. Closer to home, BLUE is also working with partners including Marks & Spencer, creating a blueprint model of marine conservation at Lyme Bay on the south coast of England. This project is significant because local fishermen are directly involved in conservation within their fishery. BLUE is already starting to replicate the model around other areas off the coast of Britain, including UK’s yachting hub in the Solent. Crucially, BLUE acts as a catalyst and enabler for all of these projects, brokering agreements between governments, environmental NGOs, big business and influential individuals. But another group are those who spend their leisure time on the ocean and it is here the BMYC comes in. By joining, those from across the yachting world, from owners and crew to marine operators, designers and regatta organisers, will be able to access a network of like minded people whilst also knowing that 100 per cent of their membership fees go to supporting credible, pioneering BLUE conservation projects. There has never been a better time for all those involved in the sailing industry, from racing fans, yacht owners, marina/operators, regatta organisers and charter firms to get involved with ocean conservation. Now, through forward thinking organisations like BLUE, it’s easier than ever for people who care about the seas to jump aboard. Now is the time to join. For more details Tel:+44 (0)20 7845 5850 or visit www.bluemarineyachtclub.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 17

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Join the Viking crew Bringing together the best industry talent, since 1988.


MARITIME SKILLS ACADEMY in association with Viking Recruitment Ltd is a centre of excellence for STCW and professional specialist courses in safety, leadership and other essential maritime skills. Courses currently running include:


• STCW 5-part Basic Safety Training

• HELM (Management)

• Updating Training (FP&FF – PST)

• Crowd Management

• Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

• Yacht Interior Training

• Security Awareness, Designated Security Duties, Ship Security Officer

• Office based H&S courses • Train the Trainer

For a full list of course availability visit us at maritimeskillsacademy.com or give us a call.

Services include: • Recruitment

• Global Employment & Payroll

• Crew Management

• Officer Training (Cadetships)

• Marine Travel

• Filipino Seafarers/ POEA Registered

For a full list of career opportunities visit us at vikingrecruitment.com or give us a call.

www.vikingrecruitment.com +44 (0)300 303 8191 info@vikingrecruitment.com

8190 Dover Regatta ad v2.indd 1


www.maritimeskillsacademy.com +44(0) 300 303 8393 shortcourses@vikingrecruitment.com

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The Creatio Yacht Management system is designed to support yachts operating with or without full time yacht management companies and helps owners, captains and on-board staff with the smooth, legal and regulatory compliant running of their yachts by bringing a wide range of records and logs into one easy to manage and accessible system. Get in touch to find out more and request a free demo. Tel: +33 (0)6 17 42 27 95 www.creatio.org.uk 18 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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Actions speak louder Fiona Maureso looks at the importance of acquiring and sharing accurate information


ecoming a MYBA Member has many advantages and one of the most important is the access provided by the Association to accurate industry information and expert advice. Safeguarding the interests of the superyacht industry as a whole has always been one of the primary objectives of the Association and this requires informed decisions and well thought out reactions, particularly when there are changes in the law. Whenever these occur, MYBA seeks counsel from lawyers and tax experts on behalf of its Members, in an effort to assist in the interpretation and implementation of the new rules. Once collected and studied, this valuable information becomes available to all MYBA Members via the Membership-only intranet. Two important issues that have recently surfaced, and on which MYBA has already acquired expert advice, are (i) the new regulations issued concerning the French Commercial Exemption (FCE) and (ii) the change that has occurred in the rate of VAT for charters executed in Greece. The FCE is a regime which allows commercially operated yachts to be imported into France and released for free circulation in the EU exempt from VAT. Vessels that qualify for FCE further benefit from an exemption from duties and taxes for fuel supply and a VAT exemption for purchases or supplies of goods made in relation to their commercial activities. In May of this year, an administrative instruction provided new criteria which a vessel must meet to benefit from the FCE and MYBA, in cooperation with legal counsel, has prepared a practical guide to assist its Members with the verification of qualification. The guide is accompanied by a chart on how to interpret one of the more difficult conditions, which requires that at least 70% of the vessel’s charters must be conducted out of French territorial waters. Both documents are available to MYBA Members via MYBA Messenger. The second issue concerns the rise in Greek VAT. According to the new Greek law, the VAT rate now applicable is 23% instead of 13% and is due for all charters executed in Greece from July 20th 2015 onwards*, irrespective of the date the charter contract was signed.

Charters with a duration of 3 days or more, are divided into two categories. Vessels entitled to perform International cruises (Category I), are eligible for a 60% discount, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 9,2% (instead of 5,2% previously). Vessels entitled to perform Long Range cruises within Greek waters (Category II), are eligible for a 50% discount, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 11, 5% (instead of 6,5% previously). If the duration of the charter is up to 48 hours, regardless of the vessel’s category, there is no discount, therefore the full VAT of 23% is due (instead of 13% previously). The above changes have raised a serious question regarding the liability for the difference incurred. MYBA has consulted Gateley PLC specifically on the matter of the MYBA Charter Contract and has been advised that, if there is a reference to VAT in addition to the Charter Fee on any affected charters, and it says it is payable by the Charterer in addition to the Charter Fee, and further it does not specify the amount or % rate of VAT, then the increased VAT could be passed on to the Charterer. However, if all these circumstances don’t exist together, then the answer is that the VAT should be shouldered by the Owner. The above advice is applicable where: - (1) the Charter Agreement’s governing law remains English and (2) there is no local statutory or other law that would over-ride the contractual terms of the English law Charter Agreement. Apart from keeping up-to-date with legal and financial matters that are related to the yachting industry, MYBA is also active in lobbying and taking action to ensure that the relevant authorities understand the impact any changes will make. Due to the unity and experience of its Members, the Association possesses a strong voice which it uses to positively influence industry developments. *At the time of writing, and due to mounting pressure from the Greek yachting industry (with support from MYBA), the Greek government is considering the revision of the date from which the new VAT rate will come into effect. As soon as MYBA receives and verifies an update on the matter, it will be sharing the relevant information with its Members.

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 19

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Why celebrate the day you launch a Super Yacht? When you can celebrate launching Two?

Come to visit Columbus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2015 - stand QE 14

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www.columbusyachts.it sales@columbusyachts.it

8/14/15 7:32 AM

The road less travelled Release your inner wanderlust with one of these timeless travel classics A SHORT WALK IN THE HINDU KUSH





ERIC NEWBY Feeling restless in the world of London’s high fashion industry, Newby asked a friend to accompany him on a mountain climbing expedition in the wild and remote Hindu Kush, in north eastern Afghanistan. After stopping for four days of climbing lessons in Wales, they became the first Englishmen to visit this spectacular region for more than half a century. This frank and funny account of their expedition is a classic.

Between the Orinoco and the Amazon lies a fabulous forested land, barely explored. Much of Guiana seldom sees sunlight and new species are often tumbling out of the dark trees. Shunned by the Conquistadors, it was left to others to carve into colonies. His journey takes him deep into the jungle, from the hideouts of runaway slaves to penal colonies, outlandish forts and remote Amerindian villages.





Ted Simon rode a motorcycle around the world back in the seventies, when such a thing was unheard of. In four years he covered over 125,000 km through 45 countries, living with peasants and presidents, in prisons and palaces, through wars and revolutions. In 25 years this book has changed many lives and inspired many to travel, including Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Surfing only looks like a sport. To devotees, it is something else entirely: a beautiful addiction, a mental and physical study, a passionate way of life. William Finnegan first started surfing as a young boy in California and Hawaii. Barbarian Days is his immersive memoir of a life spent travelling the world chasing waves through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa and Peru.





His mind crowded with vivid images of Africa, Graham Greene set off in 1935 to discover Liberia, a remote and unfamiliar republic founded for released slaves, this is the spellbinding record of Greene’s journey. Crossing the red-clay terrain from Sierra Leone to the coast of Grand Bassa with a chain of porters, he came to know one of the few areas of Africa untouched by colonization.

The Orient Express, the Khyber Pass Local, the Delhi Mail from Jaipur, the Golden Arrow of Kuala and the Trans Siberian Express, are just some of the trains steaming through Theroux’s epic rail journey from London across Europe and through India and Asia. This was a trip of discovery made in the mid seventies, a time before the west had embraced the places, peoples, food, faiths and cultures of the east.

Chatwin’s journey through Patagonia teems with evocative descriptions, remarkable bits of history and unforgettable anecdotes. Fuelled by an unmistakable lust for life and adventure he treks through that stretch of land at the southern tip of South America, where bandits were once made welcome, in search of almost forgotten legends and the descendants of Welsh immigrants.

THE WAVE SUSAN CASEY Some people are drawn towards nature at its most extreme, and it doesn’t get more extreme than giant waves. These deadly waves have a strangely hypnotic pull on two types of people: for scientists and super surfers, rogue waves are a grail, and they will go to dangerous lengths to hunt them down. This is a white knuckle ride with the men who live to catch rogue waves.

ON THE ROAD JACK KEROUAC The chronicles of Jack Kerouac’s years travelling the North American continent with his friend Neal Cassady. Kerouac’s love of America, his compassion for humanity and his sense of language combine to make this book an inspirational work of lasting importance. Kerouac’s classic novel of freedom and longing defined what it meant to be part of the beat generation.

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 21

books.indd 21

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IGY.indd 95

8/17/15 4:48 PM

Make a splash The best waterproof makeup for work, rest and play that won’t melt, fade, smudge or run in water

MAC aughty flui dline macro vi

Haute & N

olet €14

Diorshow 0 of mascara €3 ro rp te Wa

Bobbi Brown Long-wear cre am shadow stick


The Perfect Clarins €26 Waterproof mascara black


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ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 23

waterproof.indd 23

8/30/15 4:10 PM


24 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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8/30/15 4:05 PM

Superhero at sea Hot property in Hollywood, British actor Henry Cavill finds solace from the world of celebrity on the ocean waves. Words: Fergus Ewbank


hough he made his name in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill doesn’t see himself as any kind of Superman. Beneath the smouldering looks and chiselled body, the British actor is unfailingly polite, pleasant and gracious. Born not on the comic book planet of Krypton but, rather, the small island of Jersey, Cavill has remained grounded despite his celebrity status. Although he recognises his fortune in becoming a successful actor, he hasn’t lost sight of the observations he made as a teenager in the rural solitude of the Channel Islands. With a kind of earnest sensibility that could be expected from one of the comic book world’s noblest heroes, Cavill has always preferred the quiet life. Bullied as a boy, Cavill often found refuge tinkering about in sailing boats on the bright blue Jersey waters near his home. A pastime he is still fond of in adult life, Henry spends what little free time he has vacationing on yachts and bouncing through the swell in speedboats. In his latest film, Guy Ritchie’s THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E, Cavill found himself mixing work and pleasure. For all the days spent getting caught up in high speed chases, just as many went by ideally sailing the Amalfi Coast. In the film, Cavill plays the role of dapper American spy Napoleon Solo alongside co stars Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger, The Social Network) as Kuryakin, Swedish sensation Alicia Vikander (Gaby Teller, Solo’s love interest), and Elizabeth Debicki as the villainous Victoria Vinciguerra. Ritchie’s remake, a reboot of the classic 60s TV show, which starred Robert Vaughn as Solo and David McCallum as Soviet agent Ilya Kuryakin, draws much from the spirit of the original series’ slightly camp and irreverent style. Having never seen the show growing up, Cavill resisted the temptation to watch it and catch up on what he had missed. For him, the desire to play the role came from the fantastic script and the knowledge that he would be working with Ritchie. “It was before my time and I didn’t want to be influenced by what came before,” explains Cavill, “as an actor I wanted to have a completely fresh perspective and not try to imitate or borrow from the original.” Cavill’s eagerness to work with Ritchie, the one person who could “make a cool story like this even cooler,” points to his diversity as an actor. Jumping from serious roles to tonguein-cheek ones such as this shows a willingness to adapt and widen his portfolio. The actor was originally in the running to succeed Pierce Brosnan as Bond and may still inherit the role from Daniel Craig once his run as 007 is over. Starring in the role of Napoleon Solo is a form of poetic justice for the actor then, given that The Man From U.N.C.L.E. story was also penned by Ian Fleming. Cavill is quick to distance the role from that of Bond though, joking, “Napoleon Solo is a very different animal. He’s NOT for Queen and country. He’s for Napoleon Solo and Napoleon Solo!” While Craig’s Bond is a kind of rugged neithershaken-nor-stirred affair, U.N.C.L.E. is more reminiscent of the somewhat sillier Roger Moore films. “It’s cool, sexy, fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Cavill says. “It’s going

to be visually spectacular. Guy Ritchie has put something sexy and cool together with some serious moments, too, and working with him is one of the main reasons that drew me to the project. There’s lots of adrenaline and a Swinging Sixties feel to the film.” Much of the action, and humour, in the film comes from the relationship between Cavill’s character and that of Kuryakin, Armie Hammer’s role. Whenever possible both actors got involved with the stunts, the two keen to feature in as much action as they could. “We got to do a lot of cool stuff together,” says Cavill, although he will admit that he’s “not that great a driver”. Though it may have been Hammer who enjoyed himself most flying through Rome and down Spanish steps on a Vespa, when it came to the film’s high speed boat chase it was Cavill who felt most at home. While a bit of fun on the Thames is by no means a bad way to earn a living, it was only when the actors began filming in the beautiful waters off the Italian coast that the merits of shooting on location really came into their own. An easy task for the water loving Cavill, those days working on the film were some of his favourite. “I’ve never been part of a more enjoyable movie set,” beams the actor, speaking about the time spent sailing around Pozzuoli, near Naples and his mornings taxiing to the set across the bay. When not at work, things were much the same as Cavill and his co stars relaxed on the water and toured the area. One of his favourite pastimes, the actor is often snapped aboard magnificent yachts in locations around the world. That said, Cavill has always tried to avoid the public gaze whenever possible. Growing up in Jersey, a place that remains “very special” to him, he came to love the isolation the island offered him. “I’m a very private person and I intend to remain so. I don’t pay attention to what impression of me the media may try to project to the public and I really don’t have this sense of being a celebrity.” Overweight as child, his classmates “were often very cruel” and yet Cavill looks at the experience as a positive thing, believing it to be crucial to his route into acting. “I felt very alone until I reached my twenties or so. I spent a lot of time by myself, observing people, studying other people’s behaviour and reactions,” he explains. “That was the key to my becoming an actor and it was fascinating for me to learn so much about people just by watching how people move or even just how they smile. It’s crucial as an actor to have a very keen sense of observation, I believe.” In his youth spent on the water in Jersey, his love of acting and his apathy towards celebrity status, there exists a kind of correlation. The second youngest of five brothers whose father served in the Navy, his love of the open waters runs in his blood and, while he may have upgraded his boyhood dinghy for a luxury yacht, his ability to navigate a well chosen path lies, perhaps, in the practical, real life lessons learned during his time as a boy by the Jersey waters. ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 25

Celeb Interview.indd 25

8/30/15 4:06 PM




n a spectacular event that can only ever be created by a classy Italian shipyard, Tankoa Yachts has launched and christened the first of the three yachts they are currently building in Genoa. Suerte, a 69 metre yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski was launched in a sensational ceremony that included a ballerina floating through the air suspended above the yacht by a bevy of balloons filled with helium and an impressive display of fireworks, each choreographed to a stunning musical soundtrack.

Over 500 guests sat down to a lavish dinner hosted by Tankoa. Musicians played moving from table to table, fine wine was served and it was difficult to perceive that just four days beforehand the carpeted floating dock on which the ceremony was hosted was in use by a yacht under refit. Building began, on what was then S693, in March 2014 for a client of Michel Karsenti’s Yacht-Ology and she is the first hull in a healthy looking company order book to take to the water. Speaking to us at the launch, Karsanti said, “Suerte is living proof that there are buyers who recognise

26 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

New Launch.indd 26

8/30/15 4:33 PM

Specifications Length Overall (LOA) Maximum Beam Maximum Draught GRT Fuel tank capacity Fresh water capacity Engines Output Generators Propellers Stabilisers Max Speed Cruising Speed Range at 12.5 knots

what we have here in Genoa. We offer a flexible approach to building whatever an owner is dreaming of and we already have clients ready to pay a slight premium for this quality and durability.” Suerte completed sea trials during late July and will be one of the more anticipated new yachts to grace this year’s Monaco Yacht Show in September and will be berthed on the T dock. Captain Renzo Chelazzi was the yacht’s build Captain and is under contract to take the vessel to sea and stay with her during her first year of operation.

69.4 m 11.6 m 3.38 m 1.400 GT 160,000 litres 37,000 litres 2 x Caterpillar 3516B 2 x 1.825 kW [2 x 2480 HP] Northern Lights, 2 x 230 kW + 1 x 155 kW Fixed pitch propellers VT Naiad, four fins, at anchor 16.5 knots 15.0 knots 5,000 nautical miles

Captain Chelazzi told ONBOARD, “When you are overseeing the build of a yacht that you will command, you have a very detailed approach on how things are finished especially when it comes to safety issues that I and my crew may have to deal with when fully operational and at sea. In the case of Suerte I have to tell you that I never once had to remonstrate with the guys building her nor did I ever have cause for concern when it came to the way in which each and every issue raised was dealt with. I am quite confident that she will be a splendid ship at sea and I am genuinely looking forward to driving her.”

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 27

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Designers and Manufacturers of Marine Night Vision & CCTV Systems



CCTV Systems

Thermal Imaging PTZ



Night Vision Systems

Yacht Video Intercom System

+44(0)1929 554709



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Management matters

Knox House Marine & Aviation expand to meet client and market demands


nox House Marine & Aviation, part of Knox House Trust Limited,an Isle of Man based corporate and trust services provider has announced their continued expansion by appointing James Porter and Tarryn Boland-Porter to their Marine & Aviation division. James Porter has been appointed as Senior Manager and is responsible for the management, development and day-to-day operation of Knox House Trust Limited’s Marine and Aviation division.Tarryn Boland-Porter has been appointed as Assistant Manager and is responsible for managing the aircraft and superyacht portfolios within Knox House Trust Limited’s Marine and Aviation division.

burden from yacht owners by delivering full yacht management and administration services. Our services cover all aspects of yacht management and administration, which can be tailored according to the level of assistance required by owners.

Knox House Marine & Aviation offers owners of yachts and privately operated aircraft a comprehensive range of ownership, management and administration services that are bespoke to their requirements and delivered through a single point of contact. Drawing upon a team of marine specialists, aviation experts and corporate service and trust practitioners, our considerable resource provides superior personal service with the convenience of instant access to highly technical support and advice. Our aim is simple: to offer convenient, accessible and specialist services that reduce the administrative burden while maximising the benefits of ownership.

KHMA’s comprehensive yacht management and administration services include budget preparation, payroll, invoicing, European VAT registrations, ISM & ISPS technical services and much more. KHMA can also provide on board inspections and preparation of ISM manuals and produce the necessary port state control paperwork. We provide a qualified shore based manager who can implement the design and audit of an approved SMS. You can rest assured that your “Designated Person Ashore” is experienced and available to provide support when it is most needed.

Knox House Marine & Aviation understand owners’ requirements and expectations and as such, aim to remove the administrative KHMA’s summary of services include: •

• • • •

Yacht and aircraft tax efficient ownership structures EU yacht importation Yacht registration Management & Payroll Technical services

• • • • • • •

Surveying Insurance Finance Trusts Companies Foundations Family Office

With the many advantages of yacht ownership, comes the responsibilities of managing the yacht’s operations and the associated book keeping and accounting duties. KHMA works closely with owners and captains to analyse the operation of each yacht to customise a financial plan best suited for meeting their requirements.

Should crew payroll service be required, KHMA can provide full crew employment and payroll services to assist owners and to ensure they comply with crew employment legislation, EU national insurance/social security and contribution requirements. With an extensive global network of reputable, well established, and trusted suppliers and agents, we can provide assistance for anything your yacht may need regardless of where it is operating. Knox House Marine & Aviation is a “one stop shop” for all yacht and aircraft ownership, management and administration services and we are always delighted to be of assistance. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1624 631710 or visit www.khtlimited.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 29

Knox.indd 29

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DESIRE Gilt trip Produced by Italian artisan Davide Giacalone and completely hand made with 24k gold and leather. Wheels, fairings and details such as: footpegs, brake levers, mirrors, even the keys are plated in 24k gold. www.ateliersavant.com €POA

THAT’S WHAT I WANT The latest eye catching innovations and design trends

Ocean view

Take a spin

An ideal submersible vehicle for carrying HD sports camera systems into underwater environments. The Seawolf is able to take still photos, videos and live stream video for remote piloting. www.ttrobotix.com €900

This record player works with a linear tracking system to capture the good old analog sound and of course allows for easy operation via remote control, but also via LED touch buttons on the front panel. www.royharpaz.com €POA

30 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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Pampered pooch Seductive smooth steel curves give the pet pod an ultra cool aesthetic whilst the softness of the cushioning makes it a comfortable place for your pet to recline in. This exquisite designer spherical element is structured in raw steel, heated on a flame and irregularly buckled, with a manually hammered opening with ground effects. The capsule is supported by manually turned wooden legs and is available in a variety of wood finishes. www.touchedinteriors.co.uk €4,900

Riding high Quadrofoil is a thrilling, yet quiet and eco friendly watercraft. Its silent motor and zero emissions enable it to ride on lakes, rivers, seas and eco zones where most motor boats and PWCs are not allowed. No noise, no waves, no emissions. When airborne, it’s all about acceleration, power steering and enjoying a smooth ride above the waves whilst staying high and dry. www.quadrofoil.com €15,000

Pool party Designed by Marc Sadler this stunning pool table is made entirely of crystal and the playing surface is covered with traditional cloth that comes in 20 colours. The feet are sheets of glass bevelled on both sides that self stabilise, the support is made of solid wood hollowed out for the insertion of the glass, hiding a perfect system of regulation. www.teckell.com €55,000

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 31

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32 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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That’s entertainment Entertainment systems found on board yachts are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse. Claire Griffiths looks at the innovations behind some of the latest technology in use within the industry


ome nights you like to ‘move it and grove it’…., others to watch movies, make movies or funky photos and view it all (including your funky moves) without moving a muscle, or at the very most, a snap of the finger… and it’s been a while now that you can do exactly that, albeit a bit clunkily… But it doesn’t mean that the world of audio and video communication and entertainment has grinded to a shuddering halt…. This industry moves and morphs to deliver ever more exciting choices and ideas to keep you on your toes or in repose just as the mood moves you. ONBOARD picks up the latest news from the AV experts this month. Foeke Komans, Marketing, Sales and Product Manager at Lantic explains that entertainment system developments are both in hardware as well as other advances in areas such as broadband development. The hardware developments include: Liftable 4K TV screens from wooden cabinets, curved 4K screens, high end drones with 4K feed and high end sound management so

that yacht owners can fully manage their sound experience when they feel the need. Also, systems allow for owners to identify the physical location of staff/crew and communicate with them through integrated digital communications via the entertainment platform. Explains Foeke, “Other developments are the full integration/auto integration of third party control devices like iwatch, pebble, as well as future tech stuff like MS Hololens. New features include ibeacons to enhance ‘follow me’ functions on board and the forthcoming development of KA broadband internet access (Global Express, Intelsat Epic) will make it easier, more reliable and cheaper to access streaming audio and video services and the latest content will be accessible much more easily, especially when the yacht is outside the marina.” Foeke adds, “We also plan to enable control options for the high end Drones with 4K feed to allow the owners to follow their toys and tenders around their yachts.”

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 33

entertainment.indd 33

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S T E M -T O - S T E R N C O V E R A G E



Take complete control of your entertainment system – and your lifestyle ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS


Enjoy audio and video, available everywhere, with a hassle-free, one-touch control solution.

Rest easy with a system that incorporates safe, secure entryways and hatches.



Transform your living spaces with one-touch presets or completely automatic settings.

We’re available to you around the clock to answer questions and assure satisfaction.

F LO R I DA , U SA a n d WO R L DW I D E t e l e p h o n e + 1 5 61 7 3 6 7 7 2 0

www.mobiusdesigngroup.com info@mobiusdesigngroup.com

Worldwide AV Design, Installation & Service Telephone

Movie Server


Music Server

VSAT / 4G


Shore Wi-Fi

IT & Networks

Satellite TV



HD Video

CCTV & Security



On-Board Wi-Fi France Office t: +33 (0) 4 93 34 84 01 f: +33 (0) 4 27 85 18 14

UK Office t: +44 (0) 870 609 1446 f: +44 (0) 182 764 688

info@veritais.com www.veritais.com

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Foeke explains that a certified VAR installs the system on board when the yacht is being built. Physical setup will differ based on the requirements of the yacht owner but in all cases maintenance can be done remotely by logging into the system to update the software when new releases are launched or for troubleshooting where needed. An extensive network of value adding resellers is globally available to support customers in many Marina’s around the world. Foeke promises, “that the control application on a mobile device is intuitive and easy to find your way around through all the features of the system. Also our iconic RC1 remote is very easy to use to control the system.”

Other developments are the full integration/auto integration of third party control devices like iwatch, pebble, as well as future tech stuff like MS Hololens At Home & Marine (H&M) Managing Director Gunter Trempnau is pleased to say that owners are enjoying the latest developments in the ‘living wall’ made from nearly frame free monitors that can be any size you want, even stadium proportions if you fancy. The monitors react to motions, especially motion created from dancing on the ‘vibrating’ dance floor: The dance floor, made from similar monitor elements as the wall, vibrates to the rhythm of the bass speakers, giving you the feeling of loud and mighty bass frequences without really being loud. “This is good for parties without disturbing your (yacht, villa) neighbourhood”, says Gunter. The product making the biggest ‘noise’ in terms of popularity at H&M are the original whisper silent TV-lifts, hiding the entire system in the ceiling, the wall or any other accommodation piece. Explains Gunter, “H&M installs very compact cinemas with very high resolution and the newest Dolby technology in such a way that H&M’s slogan ‘better than live’ really is true, because you will never get such a great sound in real life. The living dance floors and cinemas are probably our best sellers.” JL Audio is one of the largest manufacturers of marine audio speakers and amplifiers in the USA. Its commitment to research and engineering has resulted in 33 U.S. patents covering 23 unique loudspeaker and electronics technologies. Its latest innovation which compliments the market leading high end marine audio equipment takes the form of the MBT-RX Bluetooth® receiver. Paul Baker of JL Audio Marine UK explains, “The new MBT-RX Aux-input is compact, durable and weather-resistant, fitting most audio systems to provide any typical amplifier with A2DP (v3.0) audio streaming from the user’s smartphone/ Bluetooth® device. MBT-RX works either as an addition to an audio source unit via AUX-IN or directly into the amplifier as the sole audio supply. After the initial quick and simple pairing procedure, the MBT-RX will continue to automatically reconnect with the corresponding device for convenience. MBT-RX is by far the easiest way to add Bluetooth® audio streaming to almost any audio system, allowing the user to conveniently play music wirelessly without having to return to the vessel’s source unit to make adjustments.”

Crestron Crestron introduces Wireless 6² ouch Screen with Voice Command Recognition. New features include web browsing and ER wireless communications that bring a new level of convenient control. The TST-602 delivers dedicated wireless control, voice command recognition and web browsing all in a stylish, ergonomic design. Even better, primary touch screen functionality is supported via Crestron ER wireless communications, lessening or eliminating the need for wi-fi. High performance streaming video capability makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources right on the touch screen. For more details Tel: +44 (0)845 8738787 or visit www.crestron.eu

Home & Marine Taking on board audio visual to new levels, H&M living walls can range in size from 13” LCD to the 152” plasma with amazing high definition standards. H & M effortlessly combines cutting edge technology with in depth knowledge, experience, and traditional craftsmanship to deliver the perfect entertainment environment. A very popular piece of technology provided by H & M is the whispersilent TV-lift, hiding the complete systems in the ceiling, the wall or any piece of furniture necessary. The company’s end to end services include selection and installation of immersion Dolby surround audio systems, projection and display equipment, acoustic design, complete cinema solutions together with control devices and interfaces. For more details Tel: +49 (0)421 - 83 56 49 051 or visit www.home-marine.com

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 35

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8/31/15 1:50 PM

Leagues Apart Crestron leads the world in the design and installation of control and automation technology for the marine industry. Crestron technology powers the AV, security and entertainment systems of some of the most luxurious and revolutionary yachts around the globe.

Discover the difference Crestron makes – visit us at the Monaco Yacht Show 23rd – 26th September. To arrange a complimentary consultation at the show, visit crestron.eu/mys or scan below.

All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Š 2015 Crestron EMEA

crestron.indd 96 CRESTRON_AD_310715.indd 1

8/27/15 6:27 PM 31/07/2015 16:33


Paul adds, “When designing the tailored system designs for Princess Motor Yacht Sales, JL Audio UK used its M-Series maximum performance loudspeakers and subwoofers to perfectly compliment M-series amplifiers giving fantastic performance and sound quality. For maximum sonic effect the use of a subwoofer is paramount. JL Audio is famous for the rich detailed bass its products achieve. This allows the mid range and highs to sing, giving a listening experience that is jaw dropping at any volume. M880 8.8” Cockpit Coaxial Speakers are the largest diameter drivers in the range and have been designed to significantly increase output potential and clarity, with 36% more cone area and +6dB greater low frequency output than the existing 7.7inch speakers.”

More owners are requesting more party areas. This can be as simple as louder amps and speakers to disco lighting, lasers and smoke machines

Installation is done following consultation, analysis of space, layout and acoustics. When designing the upgrade system for Glider Yachts JL Audio UK took into account the unique cockpit layout of the SS18 and designed a system which provides pilot and crew with maximum enjoyment of their chosen music, locating the speakers in strategic positions on board to ensure depth and clarity of sound.

Lantic Lantic is the only designer and manufacturer of audio visual systems specifically for superyachts. They design and build the technology that controls, stores and distributes the entertainment that yacht users enjoy via the screens, speakers, players, personal devices and consoles of their choice. Their user interface is the most user friendly in the industry. It takes just seconds to master the controls and locate any content using the Lantic app or the onscreen menus. Regular software updates ensure that Lantic systems are always compatible with the very latest standards, devices and emerging technology from the world’s leading IT / AV manufacturers. For more details Tel: +45 7030 0071 or visit www.lantic-systems.com

JL Audio also works with superyacht tender manufacturers such as Wahoo and Pascoe where the JL Audio team extend the listening experience in a multi-zone audio upgrade. The company recommends that a system should incorporate a mix of intentionally positioned loudspeakers from its M-Series range, using a blend of 6.5” – 8.8” coaxial speaker systems powered by an appropriate system amplifier. Then to bring in the punch of the signature, JL Audio bass sound use its 8” 10” or 12” M-series subwoofers, either infinite baffle or small enclosure dependent on the mounting position and acoustics. “Multiple subwoofers would partner the powerful mono-block amplifiers in either the M or MHD series,” says Paul. For David Milner at Veritais the greatest excitement is for the 4K HD screens, lower broadband costs with higher bandwidth which will create for ‘streamable’ content ie; latest movies, music and TV shows. He says, “We are finding that more and more owners are requesting more ‘party areas’. This can be as simple as louder amps and speakers to DMX (disco) lighting, lasers and smoke machines in areas that are more often than not outside.” He reckons the most popular systems installed on superyachts are by Crestron, Control 4 and AMX. They all have their own benefits, some renowned for product excellence and others appreciated for their value for money in installation and particularly system updates. Recently some of the products he has been asked to install include several very large outdoor projector screens projecting onto yacht sails, under-viewable cameras, nightclub set ups and virtual tour systems.

JL Audio JL Audio is the largest marine audio manufacturer in the USA, with a product range that has been specifically developed and extensively tested to withstand every effect of a harsh marine environment. This includes the effects of salt water ingress, high humidity and UV exposure, to provide the highest quality audio solutions that deliver a depth and clarity of sound which is the equivalent to home Hi Fi. Upgrading to a premium JL Audio system will enhance the experience of any luxury superyacht or tender with a depth and clarity of sound which is unrivalled. For more details Tel: +44 (0) 120 266 4390 or visit www.jlaudiomarine.eu

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 37

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www.lantic-systems.com | phone: +45 7030 0071

The only AV control, storage and distribution technology designed and built specifically for superyachts. Versatile. Customisable. Scalable.

Let’s make yours sound amazing

. ow ow o n Sh h n at t S ti o B o c h ac es Ya i n n n co a o di t Ca on Au s a M J L t at e ch t s Se s Ya ach s Y ce r in de Pr G l i d an

Every journey has a soundtrack

Photo courtesy of Princess Yachts International

The No.1 marine speaker system in the USA arrives in Europe. Bringing sound quality previously only rivalled by home audio systems. Built specifically for the demanding environment of the sea. JL Audio - Premium Marine Audio Upgrades

visit jlaudiomarine.eu

38 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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Daniel Kerkhof is regional manager Benelux of Crestron. He believes AV technologies and their rapidly changing developments are creating the greatest excitement among the superyacht fraternity For him the most exciting element is that Crestron DM matrix already supports 4K/ UHD including scaling and up to 60Hz. Says Daniel, “Now this is maybe not directly meaning a lot to the yacht owner. However, what he will be interested in is to know that the infrastructure for AV in his yacht is ready for the future. Only Crestron DM is capable of offering him a complete end to end solution that fits his needs for today and wishes for tomorrow without changing any of the key elements of the infrastructure. For example the 4K/UHD Blu-ray players are expected to launch this Christmas in US, and its DM system is already supporting them. Now that is something a yacht owner wants to be sure about when he buys new solutions for his yacht. Crestron DM is a system that can also be retro fitted into existing yachts.”

Apple applications are popular, enabling yacht owners to have constant control no matter whether they are on board or on the other side of the world Equally popular are the Apple applications, enabling yacht owners to have constant control no matter whether they are on board or on the other side of the world. Crestron applications run on iPad, iPhone and the Apple Watch. Crestron’s control systems offer the owner a single point of control for all the technologies on board whether it’s the AV system or the curtains of the HVAC system. Says Daniel, “The controls act like an interpreter talking all needed languages to control all technologies on board.” So that takes care of the ‘everyday’ but for something really spectacular Daniel reckons there’s not much that beats a fully automated outdoor cinema… “Just imagine your deck being transformed into a huge cinema at the moment the sun sets.” Crestron’s Robin van Meeuwen notes best selling products are the 4k distribution system, the centralised control systems and the digital media because it means everything can be managed and distributed from one central place to all cabins/ areas using fibre optic cable. “So it saves weight and space, both vital for a yacht. But it’s not only about the entertainment, it’s about creating the mood on a yacht.” says Robin. Nowadays it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can create ‘out of this world’ sound and images all over the place, and then choose the music to match.

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Lantic www.lantic-systems.com JL Audio www.jlaudiomarine.eu Veritais www.veritais.com Mobius Design Group

Veritais Veritais systems have been installed in many of the world’s largest yachts, luxury hotels, private residencies and commercial properties. The company are committed to providing the highest level of service from the initial enquiry to after sales support. Veritais listen to your requirements and leave you comfortable in the knowledge your vision and dreams will be transformed into a reality. Their services include: invisible/hidden loudspeakers, interior, exterior and underwater lighting with scene control and colour changing RGB, control, VSAT/fleet broadband, cinema rooms, satellite distribution, lighting design and control, CCTV, security and surveillance and 3D/4D TV. For more details: Tel; +44 (0)1827 64688 or visit www.veritais.com

Mobius Design Group Mobius ensures that electronic entertainment, streaming music and movies, everywhere aboard your yacht, is an effortless yet sophisticated, ‘one touch’ luxury. Designed and engineered by certified staff, their custom solutions keep you insulated from the complicated, rights-managed, protocol-driven devices and Network issues behind the scenes. Mobius systems, customised for each installation, have earned the trust of captains and project managers and have reliably delighted owners around the world for over 20 years. Beyond just media distribution and control, custom Mobius systems also include Lighting, Security, TVRO and VSat communications for the complete marine experience. For more details Tel: +1 561 736 7720 or visit www.mobiusdesigngroup.com


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Andy Palmer talks to Frances and Michael Howorth about his position as Chief Engineer on board M/Y Liberty What made you join the superyacht industry? I used to teach dinghy sailing for Sunsail in Greece. After a season of living on board one of the 30ft yachts and fixing it up in my spare time, one of my guests suggest I try superyachts. I’ve always loved fixing things and a flight to Nice got me on the right track. What was your first superyacht and when did you join her? It was Four Friends, a 108ft Mangusta. I joined her at the start of 2008 for a busy charter season and immediately loved having a proper engine room to run amuck in. It was a shock to the system to be handed more money in 2 weeks than I’d earned in 8 months with Sunsail. Sail or motor, which do you prefer and why? It’ll always be motor yachts. I’m a sailor at heart and being an engineer on a sail yacht just isn’t fun! Doing a turbo change at a 45 degree angle only to have the boat tack violently, finding yourself upside down in the bilge. Motor yachts are just easier. I’ve always loved powerful engines and there’s nothing like standing in the middle of an engineer room with 4x large turbochargers spinning up! What do you say to those who say oil and water do not mix? Marpol Annex I states that they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to mix. What do you most like about your current job? I like travelling to new places and meeting the locals. It’s nice to experience the different cultures that people are more than happy to show you. I’m not much of a yachtie-bar kind of a guy.

If you had a magic wand what would you change in your job? The GT of my vessel. I need to be serving on a >500GT vessel to work towards my Y1 CoC. I keep hoping that the boss will let me build a conservatory on the bridge aft deck to bump up the gross tonnage, but I don’t think he’ll go for it. What’s the most curious request you have had made of you as a yacht engineer? Doing the cash run to the boss’s bank to pick up scarily large amounts of money, then spending the drive back contemplating all the reasons why I shouldn’t be going back to the boat! What advice would you give to someone thinking of working as an engineer on a yacht? Make sure you’re doing it because you have a passion for engineering, not just because a crew agent told you that there’s a shortage of engineers. Not everyone can be a successful engineer, so work below good Chiefs and learn from them. We play with systems that are highly dangerous, you don’t want to cause injury or death just because you’re chasing a pay check. What would you like to do when you cease working on superyachts? I’ve started up Yacht Relief Crew, a semi virtual crew agency; so I’m hoping that the unique service we’re offering will be a hit with the industry. We’ll be launching in a few weeks, so time will tell if our tech savvy approach to placing crew will be a hit.

Quick Fire How do you like your steak? So bloody James Herriot could make it moo again

And least like? The bureaucracy involved when spending the boss’s money. Yes, the pump is broken, that’s why I need to buy a new one. No, there isn’t a warranty on a 4-year-old salt-water pump. No, you can’t sue the manufacturer. Yes, it is important; the boss may notice when I can’t make him fresh water anymore.

What was the last film you saw in a cinema? Jurassic Park

Where is your favourite port for bunkering in and why do you like it? I’m afraid I’m not that geeky! Bunkering for a Chief normally involves sitting in the ECR pressing all the fun flashing buttons. As long as they don’t bring me fuel samples in Coke bottles, I’m happy! Most fun bunkering was definitely in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia tide up side to to a huge tanker who tried to offer us their 60cm diameter bunker hose!

Where would you want to retire? Mallorca

If you could recommend a Mediterranean supply service to another Engineer what would it be? My favourite supplier is actually IYS in Holland. They have a great team there who work tirelessly to get you the parts you need quickly, and no matter how obscure the request. If you ask nicely, you might even get a discount too!

Where would you love to live? The Maldives What is your favourite style of cuisine? Indian What foods do you dislike most? Tofu and other similar products Where in the world would you visit if you had the chance? Brasil What sport do you most like to watch? Formula 1 What is your nickname? Shandy Do you have any pet peeves? A rusty tool What’s your most treasured possession? My road bike

CREW’S CV Name Andy Palmer Age 28

Do you have a pet hate and if so what is it? Deckies stealing tools. Or maybe deckies submerging tools in salt water then letting them rust away in my toolbox until I need to use them, but can’t. I don’t let it get to me though. What is the most funny superyacht experience you can recall? It’s quite a simple one (and more of an experiment in human behaviour than anything else), but supergluing a €2 coin to the red carpet outside my yacht at the Anitbes Yacht Show, then seeing how many people stop to pick it up before realising you’re laughing at them. It helped pass the time!

Nationality British Previous yachts One More Toy, Magreb V, Ludy, Pestifer, Lady Anne P.B. Current yacht Liberty Number of crew 10 Charter Central Agent Northrop and Johnson Charter fee per week €235,000 per week

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Under a dark cloud Some people think that depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. They’re wrong. It is a real illness with real symptoms, and it’s not something you can easily snap out of. The good news is that with the right treatment and support, most people can make a full recovery


veryone experiences good and bad days, ups and downs… but sometimes those negative feelings just won’t go away. If that’s the case, you, or someone you know or work with, could be suffering from depression. Working long hours throughout the season, missing home, family, friends or partners, not forming solid friendships on board (the yachting “family” element can be a lifesaver if it works, if it doesn’t it can be devastatingly lonely), politics… a bully boss or difficult senior figure, there are so many possible triggers in the high pressure yachting environment that can, and regularly do, affect individuals. A stewardess, let’s call her ‘Annie’ told me she found the constant pressure to be pretty and skinny too much to bear. Annie is a normal frame, but on her last yacht the owner insisted on all girls being on the slimmer side, which resulted in a very negative environment, promoting unhealthy relationships with food. She told me her chief stew had developed an eating disorder for fear of losing her job due to weight gain, and the other stews were generally miserable due to hunger. Annie left after a season because the pressure was too much. She told me, “I’d lock myself in my cabin when the crew did watersports days. I was embarrassed to be seen in a bikini, to the point of self hatred. I cried a lot that year.” Annie left the industry and returned to the UK and went on to manage a restaurant. She said it’s taken her a long time to alter her perception of herself and not be so critical. Deckhand ‘Adam’ left his last yacht due to bullying from the first officer. “Obviously now, looking back, I can see that he was a deeply troubled man,” he said. “His girlfriend had cheated on

him, at least once that he knew about, and as she was working on another boat he was constantly on edge. For some reason he started picking on me on my first week. Name calling, giving me the worst jobs and so on.” Fortunately Adam had worked a year on another yacht so this wasn’t his first experience of the industry like Annie. “I managed to stick out the season purely for my CV but honestly, it was tough. Thank god for Skype and friends; the other crew helped me get through it.” When asked why he didn’t tell the captain, Adam told me “he knew and did nothing, said some comment about it being character building. I don’t think he really knew how to address it.” The first mate is still on board and is allegedly still terrorizing new deckhands in some sad way to make himself feel empowered. The trigger doesn’t necessarily have to be so dramatic; chief stew ‘Andrea’ told me that despite having had four fantastic years in the industry, one day she just felt like she couldn’t do it any more. “I was just so tired all the time. I’d lost my sparkle. I just wanted to hide in my cabin and sleep and do nothing but stare at the wall. Then I became paranoid, and eventually it affected my job. My captain was great, he gave me extended leave to go home and put myself first and think about what I wanted to do. He said I’d become a shadow of my former bubbly self and it pained him. It was nice he pulled me aside to show his concern, I’d become so withdrawn that I’d begun to think nobody cared. It made me realize that depression affects a lot of people in yachting but we are often too embarrassed to speak up.” Andrea took some time out to re-evaluate with her family and friends and had regular sessions with a therapist. She returned to join the yacht, where she helped the captain implement a rotation

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system for all crew. “Time out to recharge and get your head back together is essential to good mental health,” she said, “and being able to speak about depression from a personal standpoint has enabled us to build a great happy crew and avoid issues before they become too serious.” Speaking to a local mental health care specialist in Mallorca, I was shocked to discover that over two thirds of her patients are yacht crew. She explained since moving to a yacht hub, she’s discovered what a stressful environment and what challenging conditions crew are subjected to. Like many therapists, she offers consultations not just in person, but also by Skype so when you’re working away you don’t have to be alone when it gets too much. Most of her clients are referrals from private doctors who see crew after a long season and recommend they talk to someone to learn how to process and cope with situations, feelings and emotions. “It’s ok to reach out and ask for help,” she explained, “it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s quite the opposite; acknowledging you’re unhappy and taking positive steps to address this is a sign of strength”.

It’s ok to reach out and ask for help, it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s quite the opposite

There are plenty of warning signs we should learn to recognize, not just in ourselves but in other crew or colleagues. To name but a few: lethargy, not just being knackered after charter, mood swings, being withdrawn, change in personality, lack of appetite or comfort eating, self harming, obvious signs too... Someone who continually cries in their cabin is not a happy bunny! For comprehensive lists, Google is just a smartphone away and there are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to depression, eating disorders and other mental issues. There are also a number who have online help, 24/7. All you need is an Internet connection and you could be talking to either a professional, or perhaps someone who is feeling in the same boat as you. You don’t even have to talk out loud! In extreme cases, those feelings, if left untreated, can develop into suicidal thoughts. OK, some people don’t exhibit any warning signs but about 75% of suicides do, so we all need to be aware of these signs and do what we can to help them. Talking about this should be encouraged, especially in bigger crews where one person’s sudden quiet behaviour or loss of interest in doing stuff, insomnia or general withdrawal might be missed or glossed over as someone who’s just feeling tired after a long season. There seems to be a stigma surrounding depression and how to cope with it, or a perceived weakness in asking for help. The new HELM courses (Human Element and Leadership Management) courses go into detail about leadership styles and how to manage communication etc but where’s the real human element, why is depression not mentioned? Even going back to initial training. The module of the STCW; Personal Safety and Social Responsibility. Surely the latter part could introduce new crew to just being aware of their colleagues and learning about how working in a high pressure environment can affect a person? Look after each other out there!

IMPROVE YOUR WELLBEING Physical activity There is good evidence that exercise can lift your mood because it can take your mind off your depression as well as stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the pituitary gland in the brain that produce feelings of happiness. Ideally you should be aiming to take 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week. You can break this time down into shorter periods to fit it into your everyday life.

Diet Some studies have suggested a link between what you eat and depression, but there isn’t enough conclusive evidence to say whether or not it can definitely make a difference. There is some evidence that foods that are rich in some essential fatty acids found in oily fish, like mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, kippers and fresh tuna can help to relieve depression. Have three meals every day, including breakfast. Breakfast can help give you the energy you need to face the day. Try a bowl of wholegrain cereal with some sliced banana and a glass of fruit juice for a healthy start to the day.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs Alcohol acts as a depressant on the brain. If you drink too much or too often, you are more likely to become depressed. If you are already suffering from depression, drinking alcohol can make you feel worse instead of better. With such a vicious circle it is best to drink moderately, if at all. Recreational drugs should also be avoided at all costs.

Talk about it Sharing a problem with someone else or with a group can give you support and an insight into your own depression. Research shows that talking can help people recover from depression and cope better with stress. You may not feel comfortable about discussing your mental health and sharing your distress with others. If so, writing about how you feel or expressing your emotions through poetry or art are other ways to help your mood.

Set achievable goals We all have goals and ambitions, but sometimes we’re a bit tough on ourselves. The goals we set are remote, and very difficult to achieve. So set yourself manageable goals on route to the big one, ideally goals that you can achieve yourself without any outside interference or an element of luck. The sense of achievement will really boost your mood and self worth.

Keep learning Mental stimulation through continued education, formal or otherwise, adds several important components to the mix. First, by exposing yourself to new educational experiences, you might also become more socially active. Taking adult education courses, whether for work or leisure, puts you in situations with others who you would not otherwise have met but who share similar interests. Learning new skills can also boost your sense of self esteem.

Make time to have fun Fun is a serious business for happiness especially if you’re working in a high pressure environment. Every day, take a break even if it’s for just 15 minutes and do something that you enjoy. Positive emotions make us more social and will improve your overall wellbeing.

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Interior motives Margarita Amam looks at the need to provide precise and specialised information that your crew needs to deliver brilliant service and detailed care


he industry is working hard to adapt to the ever increasing demands of yacht owners. Some companies, having experience in sales, charter, payroll, regulation and/or other matters, have reacted by trying to establish their own interior management. But how? And what is interior management? What should it be? Changing a job title, assigning a person in an office, introducing more procedures, collecting static data and holding many meetings have weighed down the operation on board and have tied captains and senior crew to the desk. Interior positions on yachts are full on, active and hands on jobs. The truth is, it will always be a profession where your qualifications and success will be proven by your actions and not by paper. This is also one of the major differences between yachting and the cruise ship industry, action vs. paper, proactive rather than reactive. Fact is that Interior Management for luxury yachts and residences requires more than the standard management tools and methods. Interior management stretches beyond that and includes also the operation needing a bespoke solution. You simply cannot create or delegate a successful interior operation purely from a desk or from meeting rooms. The difference is made in the field. For that we need our stewardesses. They are in front of the guests, the face of the industry, directly influencing the guests’ experience.The conclusion is to give crew, our colleagues and industry ambassadors who are in the forefront of action, proper tools and systems to deliver excellence. Let’s support them, so they can pull the guests into an exciting and excellent experience on board instead

of pushing all of them over the edge by burdening crew with more paperwork and distracting them with the bureaucratic machine often in place. Because interior management is more than delegating purely from a desk. • Interior management requires planning and organising with the same care and expertise as the creative designers and artful manufacturers have applied. • Interior management needs to motivate crew and engage them in the “front and back of house” operation as well as in administrative tasks. • Interior management includes the need for specialised tools just the same as the engineering department has software options for their planned maintenance. With the revolutionary app CRYSTAL, the interior management and operations app, you can put your crew into action again and see the results. IMS GMBH has put over 18 years of professional hospitality and over 30 years of yachting together and created this app delivering you an intuitive, user friendly app which is always tailored to fit and grow with your interior. From interactive calendars, training features, faster inventories, creating crew profiles, placing provision orders and much more. You can do it all with just a swipe, pinch or tap. Improving crew performance, providing owners with the control desired and supporting management with the transparency needed to unleash the potential for a +7* operation. Who wouldn’t want the best? For more details Tel: +49 421 3651 9151 or visit www.ims-crystal.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 45

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WEAR IT Join our crew The classic grey crew neck sweatshirt is just one of those rare items that will forever be a crucial piece in what we call ‘American style’. Invented in 1920 by Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player for the University of Alabama. Tired of the itchy wool jerseys, Russell Jr. thought to swap out the scratchy fabric for a more comfortable and cooler cotton. Russell Jr. took his idea to Russell Sr. who, in turn, made his son’s design idea a reality and gave birth to the Russell Athletic Co. SUNSPEL Loopback sweatshirt www.mrporter.com €135

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The nautical staple goes upmarket

TED BAKER Olivar www.surfdome.com €90

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NORTHFACE Ravina jacket www.thenorthface.com €330

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Wifi on board provides 3-4G routers, Wifi boosters and UK manufactured antennae for motor and sailing yachts 4G SYSTEMS FROM €500 Our Euro SIM covers all EU waters plus Turkey Packages from 5 to 500 GB per 30 days 10 GB


50 GB


100 GB €1000 Fully flexible to cover both crew welfare and owners’ requirements All SIMs are minimum of 30 days Billed in GBP and includes UK VAT at 20%

t +44 (0)1298 427203 e info@wifionboard.co.uk w www.wifionboard.co.uk wifi onboard - AD OB Summer 15.indd 1

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+44 (0)1476 576280


BGB SILS, Dysart Road, Grantham. Lincolnshire. NG31 7NB. UK

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NautiBuoys have all the fun Clay Builder looks at the versatility of inflatable platforms


hether it’s a superyacht over 100m or a 10m pleasure craft, the inflatable platform offers a variety of fantastic time and cost saving solutions as well as increasing leisure areas and adding extra outside space. We spoke to several professional mariners who experienced the NautiBuoy inflatable platforms which offer multi functionality and versatility as a maintenance platform, jet ski dock and leisure platform. How are you using the platform on your yacht? “On Charter, as we are a canoe stern, we use the NautiBuoy as our swim platform, tying it behind the side boarding ladder to facilitate guests getting safely in and out of kayaks, paddle boards and even as a jet ski dock. It is great with the jet skis, as some guests struggle with the finer details of parking. We use the platform off charter for all hull work. It is much faster to launch than the tender and much easier to clean, which removes the need to detail our tender all the time. It is incredibly stable, so during the winter I will put the maintenance cover on and use it to polish the hull and do paint repairs.” T. Endersby, MY Heavenly Daze What are the added benefits to your charter guests’ experience? “Not only is the NautiBuoy the deckhand’s best friend, but it is also popular with our charter guests who use it as a cool and peaceful place to sunbathe while it is streamed off the back of the boat. It is most appreciated when anchored off the beach and it is used as a platform to swim to and a base for an ice cold box of drinks.” A. Sheltrum, SY Bliss “Relaxing at water level is not possible onboard, so it adds another dimension to our guests’ charter experience. They now have the ability to swim to their own small island with its own boarding ladder, float around in peace in the shallow water, and enjoy the sun whilst dangling their legs in the water in silence.

It is a big hit with all our guests, so much so that some have even enquired about buying one for the next boat they charter.” T. Endersby, MY Heavenly Daze Has the platform helped with the operational side of the boat? “I’m not really sure how we survived before the NautiBuoy came into our lives. It has become part of the yacht’s procedure when berthing (secure yacht, extend passerelle and inflate NautiBuoy). Washdowns and hull detailing have never been so easy and it’s not long until we get another yacht in the marina asking to borrow our NautiBuoy. Bliss is a 37m performance sailing yacht so we do not have unlimited storage, but we find the NautiBuoy stows away very neatly and there is no problem finding it a home.” A. Sheltrum, SY Bliss Would you recommend the platform to other vessels? “I wouldn’t do a season without it. The owner loves it, the guests love it and it makes our lives easier. Made from Hypalon, it is durable, looks good, is easy to clean and quick to inflate.” T. Endersby, MY Heavenly Daze “We were very impressed by its steadiness, presentation and adaptability. It is invaluable for watersports, preventing the usual wear and tear to the hull. In port, during wash downs, at anchor with guests, its versatility is very useful. I fully recommend it to any Captain, as it gives much needed extra usable space, on many occasions. Captain Sairah Macgillivray 50m MY. The NautiBuoy platform is available in four different sizes in both Hypalon and PVC and has its own patented air toggle linking system giving the flexibility to create any size of platform. For more details, Tel: +44 (0)1803 863233 or visit www.nautibuoymarine.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 49

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SUPER MODELS No longer are tenders used to send the crew ashore to pick up croissants and the daily paper. Gone are the days when they were off the shelf inflatable hull dinghies. Now they are an essential part of any yacht inventory and increasingly something that gets discussed at the same time as the yacht they are to serve in, is being built. Frances and Michael Howorth look at limousines, the shining celebrities of the superyacht tender market

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image Š David de Jong

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he luxury yacht tender market is ever expanding and always changing. Tenders come in many shapes and sizes including the landing craft type, chase boats, sports boats and rescue tenders. While some are designated crew tenders, others are very firmly consigned to the guest use classification. It is in this category that the limousine tender shines as the star. Josh Richardson managing director of Superyacht Tenders and Toys explains,“As a way to get guests ashore in style, little beats a limousine, But, they also have a very narrow window of use, because, by the nature of their design, they have little in the way of outside space and are not very good for watersports.” Typically specified by owners, limousine tenders are often of a rather delicate, some might suggest, fancy design and are not generally the typical robust multipurpose yacht tender many captains and crew crave. Typically the garage space allocated to tenders on many new yachts has not stayed abreast with the fad for limousines, which mostly require increased headroom. As a result, many limousines carried on yachts under 100m were built around a compromise, which normally means trying to fit too many seats into too small a length, or having to fit them with roofs that raise in order to overcome low slung garage deckheads. These compromises more often impact the use of the tender making them more difficult to handle because they are harder

to launch, recover, service and maintain. Limousine tenders are typically of a higher value when compared to their relative length and at Superyacht Tenders and

As a way to get guests ashore in style, little beats a limousine Toys, Richardson is keen to make sure his customers have thought through alternative concepts. He tells us, “If a captain is open to the idea of a towed tender then they are often the better value compromise.” Towing a tender can create more storage space on board and the space occupied by a tender can often be used to create a beach club. “Of course,” says Richardson, “Many Captains would rather not, or cannot tow tenders and this is often a discussion point I encounter when discussing ideas with superyacht owners managers and project managers. It varies on a case to case basis and each yacht’s operational requirements.” Many yachts will nowadays go for a large chase tender, which has a crew cabin and lots of guest seating in order to offer the enclosed limousine transport for guests, which can also be a highly usable all round tender. The unique experience of being on board a limousine tender is, says Peter Melchers of

Younique Tenders; “Created by a combination of high end advanced materials and design, giving limousine tender complete flexibility and the possibility of fully opening the roof section. Add in features like folding doors port and starboard which become diving platforms and sun bathing lounge areas and you no longer have just a comfortable means of transport, you have a mini superyacht that offers an opportunity to stay on board longer, closer to the water and enjoy the ocean.” The company is currently working on the design of a new range of 9.5m tenders in cooperation with partners Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. Based on three different models they include a supply tender for crew use, a sports tender and a Limousine Tender for passenger transfers.” Egbert Wattel at the company told us, “The new range reflects our philosophy. We listen to the end user’s wishes and use our joint knowledge and experience to make all these wishes come true.” There are now a number of builders of limousine tenders. Josh Richardson has first hand experience of dealing with them having been involved in the design, builds and delivery of more limousine tenders than any other type of tender over the past year. He

Superyacht Tenders & Toys Based on the challenging criteria of an owner in trying to get 12 seats in an 8m enclosed limousine, which in turn also had low head height in the garage and a very low overall weight SYTT commissioned Vripack to design an 8m limo and X tenders to build out of carbon. Use of lightweight materials was key to the success of this project. It took 11 months from conception to completion and careful management was required throughout with the company completing monthly visits and reports for the owner. This is just one of a number of limousine projects SYTT have commissioned and managed within the past year. The guys at SYTT have considerable knowledge and experience to pass onto builders, owners, captains and crew to ensure they have a watertight contract, build plan, expectations and of course ongoing support. For more details Tel: +44 (0)2380 016363 or visit www.superyachttendersandtoys.com

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Windy Yacht Projects Production boats have been the core business of Windy since 1966. In 2009 Windy were commissioned to develop and build the Windy Dubois SR 52 Blackbird. This process led to a totally new market for high end, custom boats for the superyacht markets. Following this they started the semi custom production of this model and quickly saw that the overall qualities of build, construction and attention to detail quickly attracted global recognition. Through the world famous yacht designers, Dubois Naval Architects and later through Espen Oeino, Windy hit the map of yacht tenders, custom chase boats, limo tenders. For more details Tel: +46 490 258 850 or visit www.windy.no tells us, “These have ranged from all carbon models to ones with hydraulic lifting roofs from 8-14m. Superyacht Tenders and Toys can assist in guiding owners and captains alike in the options. We also offer project management of these builds and unrivalled after sales servicing and support for the lifetime of the product. Having built with almost all builders we can help steer clients into the most appropriate builds for their budget, taste, style and requirements.” Kit Carlier Design has created Chimera a new limousine tender concept which he hopes to see built soon. The technologically advanced design was inspired by the gentleman’s racers of the 1920s and 30s. The 14.5 metre limousine is an effortless blend of classic design elements and contemporary styling wrapped around an extremely modern propulsion and electronics package. Its design sees passengers safely tucked away in a palatial private interior while being chauffeured by crew from a port helm station positioned forward; a styling cue taken from a bygone era when chauffeurs drove sans-roof with passengers cocooned in the rear. Chimera is designed to offer the three key propulsion options from conventional common rail turbo diesel engines, to a diesel/electric hybrid, and with the investigation of a fully electric package underway. Carlier says, “We wanted to create

something that was pure, uncompromised luxury; something that harked back to times when design represented luxury and glamour, but all this to be wrapped around a state of the art propulsion and vessel management system.” Just as Rolls Royce aims to be the king of the chauffeured car fleet so do manufacturers of limousine tenders strive to make each and every offering boasting the very latest in features. This increasing trend towards

building larger and more feature filled limousine tenders is supported by custom boat builders the likes of Hacker-Craf, Hodgdon Yachts, Scorpion, Van Dieman, Vikal, Wider, Windy and Younique Tenders. Each has a handsome line up in the race to have the best offerings. The classic looking Hacker-Craft tenders have, for example, served on some of the world’s most beautiful and famous yachts: Christina O, Bread, Odessa II, and Talitha G.

Van Diemen Luxury Craft Van Diemen Luxury Craft (VDLC) brings exclusive tenders to superyachts with complete customisation. They work with individual clientele to create a totally unique and personal product of practicality, quality and luxury. VDLC is an innovative boat building enterprise designing and constructing state of the art vessels, which comply with stringent size and build quality specifications. Using quality materials and world class craftsmanship, VDLC designs vessels to embody every aspect of luxury and functionality. For more details Tel: +61 419 390 738 or visit www.vdlc.com.au

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 53

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The new YOUNIQUE SEVEN limousine tender, designed by IMPOSSIBLE PRODUCTIONS INK, is the pure expression of luxury, comfort and unique style. It is a tender for an owner with a taste for the ultra-luxurious and the custom-made. Imaginative and out-of-the box thinking of both designers and shipyard have resulted in a limousine tender which has re-imagined the joy of open air living on the water and the pleasure of navigation. The 12 meter yacht is fast, comfortable, spacious, ultra-luxurious, safe and very stylish.

ADRESS Weersterweg 15, 8747NR, Wons, the Netherlands TELEPHONE +31630842218 EMAIL info@younique-yachts.com WEBSITE www.younique-yachts.com younique.indd 96

8/30/15 8:48 AM


Hacker-Craft® Recently named as one of “America’s Top 50 Products” by Forbes Magazine, Hacker Boat Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of classic mahogany motorboats. The Hacker-Craft® fleet includes custom runabouts, racers, sport boats, sportabouts, sterlings, and, one of a kind yacht tenders. Hacker-Craft® tenders are custom designed for each client and hand built to perfectly balance luxury and utility. Their world class vessels provide optimum comfort and performance, even in the harshest coastal conditions. Hacker-Craft tenders have served on the world’s most beautiful and famous yachts: Christina O, Bread, Odessa II, Talitha G, and several others. Each tender is fully customisable and several options are available for each model. For more details Tel: +1 (866) 540-5546 or visit www.hackerboat.com

The company’s naval architect works closely with each client to develop a tender design that meets individual needs and preference. Fully customisable they are based around a mahogany or fibreglass hull of 10 metres that can comfortably carry 12 guests. The 4 tonne craft has a range of 190 nm and can achieve speeds up to 38 knots. Hodgdon Yachts will have their all new 10.5m limousine tender on display at the Monaco Yacht Show. The tender is the 422nd hull built by the family owned and run shipyard in Maine USA and will be the 10th tender the yard has built since 2011. She features a dramatic exterior paint scheme with a surprisingly chic optional leather and specialty wood veneer interior. With accommodation for up to 11 guests, including two oversized owners’ seats, amenities consist of a high definition entertainment system, refrigerator/bar, and climate control. The port and starboard side windows power down, to reveal generous guest boarding access. The entire salon hardtop rises hydraulically, which allows

full-height headroom, for ease of boarding and 360 degrees of visibility. If all limousines have hard tops then the tenders that Scorpion build will have to be categorised as cabriolets. “It is the strength of the boats that we build that makes them excellent chase boats, they are elegant, fast, safe, comfortable and strong,” says Patrick Byrne the Managing Director of Scorpion RIBS He continues, “They are not only exceptional tenders but can extend the capabilities of the yacht in providing a memorable experience for the guests, without the hassle and expense of having to weigh anchor. Scorpion’s offshore proven deep V hull and high bow make them ideal as a towed chase boat and all models in the range can be fitted with a specially designed towing bracket and brace, bringing a whole new range of opportunities to the superyacht. The soft, dry ride and performance in all sea conditions they offer means they eat up the sea miles allowing the mother ship

to anchor up and use the RIB for water sports or to tour the local area, up to 50 km from the ship. Tasmanian custom tender manufacturer Van Diemen Luxury Craft, have won the contract to build a 10 metre tender for an Australian client. The tender will feature Van Diemen’s patented roof and window system along with the versatility and elegance for which they are well known. Due for delivery in early 2016, the vessel features include comfortable seating for twelve guests and two crew, an air conditioned cabin when in limousine mode, gyroscopic stabilisation and active ride control, as well as touch screen digital switching and control. The twin V8 inboard v-drive arrangement will be fitted to provide minimal cabin noise and vibration. Also featured will be a rear folding transom for ease of boarding and full amenities for patron comfort. In the 25 years of the company’s existence, Vikal has delivered more than 50 customised luxurious superyacht tenders. The Australian

Vikal International Vikal’s major projects since incorporation in 1982 have been large superstructures for a Western Australian superyacht builder and this progressed to total yacht construction in advanced composite with three vessels, from a 37m to a 51m ultra high speed motor yacht with a central sprint turbine. In more recent years Vikal, has specialised in custom designed and built immaculately finished superyacht tenders from 7.5m to 19m and the list now totals 54. They recently launched the first 3 piece fully automated hard top convertible. An extremely complex piece of composite and computer engineering. For more details Tel: +61 8 9434 2480 or visit www.vikal.com.au

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Looking for something unique?

Yacht Projects Custom Tenders

Custom Chase Boats

Custom Limousine Tenders

Custom Bespoke Interiors

Windy Yacht Projects present a unique collaboration between our skilled Scandinavian engineers and some of the yacht industry’s most reputable designers and naval architects. Our mutual philosophy is to build and deliver, what many believe, are simply the best built boats in the world.

Windy Scandinavia AB • Södra Varvsgt. 27 • SE-593 50 Västervik • Sweden • Tel.: +46 490 258 850


jp Lehne

project@windyscandinavia.se • www.windyboats.com

windy.indd 96

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based builder was one of the first to set the benchmark for quality, innovation and reliability that today’s owners seek when specifying a tender for their superyacht. Tender 33 is a 11.3m deep V hull limousine capable of cutting through chop at up to 46 knots. Her Sam Sorgiovanni designed exterior is a classy mixture of oiled teak and grey coupled with white gloss finishes, while Tim Heywood has used a high gloss mahogany finish to complement the boat’s leather interior. Superyachts with tender carrying space difficulties tend to look for innovative ways to get around their difficulty. Perhaps one of the more credible ways around this perennial problem comes from Tilli Antonelli, the founder of Wider Yachts. He and his design team have invested thousands of hours into the design as well as development of the Wider 32 to ensure that the space saving craft is practical for use as a tender, but also reflects Antonelli’s philosophy of innovation and initiative. As you would expect from the designer, this limousine tender is easily distinguishable from its competitors. The dominant axe bow and low transom give the impression that it is leaping out of the water, eager

to slice through the waves. Her 9’ 8” beam tapers only slightly towards the bow, giving maximum floor space for sunbathing and to facilitate stepping on board from a mother ship. This is a yacht that is perfect for use as a tender but can also be enjoyed as a standalone sports cruiser, fully equipped with an enclosed dinette area with two convertible sofas, galley equipment, and a separate head. Twin Mercruiser TDI 260HP engines, connected to a Bravo stern drives deliver a top speed of 37 knots and a cruising speed of 32 knots. When it comes to yacht tenders Windy Yacht Projects is proceeding above our expectations. Says Carl Fornander the COO Windy Scandinavia AB, “With more products on the market, we feel that our name as a builder of superyacht tenders is becoming more and more well known, and popular. The interest and number of enquiries is growing rapidly in this segment. In the past year we have signed contracts for a couple of customised limousine tenders as well as sport tenders. This will keep us busy at the yard in Västervik through 2016. The Dubois designed SR52 Blackbird is the queen of the line up but there is much more in the pipeline following her wake.”

Loaded with the latest digital switching and control system, extensive ranges of electrical and lighting equipment and with many boasting an underwater camera limousine tenders are the ultimate boy toy. They have quickly acquired the star quality that attracts the superyacht owner and their status with celebrities is catching on fast making the limo the must have charter accessory. Most can perform every task ever asked of them except perhaps, walking along the red carpet at Cannes.

Younique Yachts Younique Yachts seek to understand the essence of what customers want, using this knowledge to design and build yachts. They believe that they have fully completed their task when these yachts perform, look like, feel and are easy to handle exactly the way you want them. That requires great effort and attention to detail. Custom building is about what the owner wants. But Younique keep in mind the needs of captain and crew as well. After all, they will be the ones handling and maintaining the yacht for the owner. For more details Tel: +31 6 1538 9411 or visit www.younique-yachts.com

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BUILT TO THRILL Nuytco Research

Call us and we’ll build one for you! Canada: +1 778 846 8988


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Best advice

Josh Richardson looks at the benefits of dealing with just one company that can supply all your tender and toy needs


uperyacht Tenders and Toys is widely becoming known as the tender and toy supplier for owners supply on new build yachts. They provide the industry with a one stop shop, providing the best value products and industry leading aftersales service. They have a proven history of delivering and supporting some of the world’s most significant yachts. As dealers for every make and model of toy and tender Superyacht Tenders and Toys offers choice, not compromise, with the ability and resources to back up every purchase. Their promise to you is support that is second to none. Superyacht Tenders and Toys work closely with tender manufacturers, yacht builders, owners and captains to ensure that each new yacht has a tender, or a collection of tenders, that suits their individual requirements for looks, use, price, size and, importantly, that is delivered in the timeframe required by the yacht. Superyacht Tenders and Toys can propose suitable options based upon a client brief, design bespoke solutions, arrange sea trials and yard visits, project manage and provide regular photo reports on build progress and handle shipping and delivery. The service does not end there as they continue to support the yacht with any warranty queries and spares requirements after delivery. Every new build yacht needs an inventory of toys onboard and there are toys available to suit every owner or charter guest. Superyacht Tenders and Toys starts by providing a variety of proposals to the yacht/owner and works with the captain, owner or project manager to identify the items that the boat requires and then works towards getting these onboard in the timeframe that suits the build. They can visit the client to discuss any of the options available and can even design bespoke toys where required. Toys can often be branded with the yacht name and logo depending on

the lead time available. They can either ship items individually or gather all items together at their UK headquarters ready for shipping to the yacht at a time that is convenient in the build schedule. This is usually the most cost effective method and assists the yacht with its planning. Superyacht Tenders and Toys does not just provide the obvious water toys but is increasingly being asked to source safety equipment, gym equipment, fenders, scooters and specialist sports packages for yachts such as golfing set ups, clay pigeon shooting traps and everything else you can imagine to go onboard a superyacht and more! One of the current favourites is the amphibious Quadski, a quadbike and a jetski in one! A true amphibian, the Quadski is equally agile on land and water. A simple touch of a switch retracts the wheels after entering the water and deploys them when approaching land. The transition is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy an exciting experience in either environment. Capable of reaching speeds of 45mph on both land and water, the Quadski delivers spirited and stable performance and has recently been made road legal so as to add to its appeal. Equally exciting is Superyacht Tenders and Toys own Inflatable Landing Craft, which is attracting a lot of attention. This catamaran tender offers clients a huge amount of flexibility in its use. It can be produced as a fully inflatable craft or with a folding aluminium floor. With its folding bow door, the iLC can be used to transport large loads to and from the mothership and the beach, it can be set up to carry dive tanks on a dive trip, transport BBQs to the beach, tow water toys and much, much more. For more details Tel: +44 (0)2380 01 63 63 or visit www.superyachttendersandtoys.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 59

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Nauti Parts Shop Portals C/ Benito Geronimo Feijoo, 2 Local 5 - Portals Nous 07181, Calvia, Mallorca (+34) 971 67 77 30

Nauti Parts Shop Adriano Local C 2.1 Urbanizaci贸n el Toro, s/n 07180, Calvia, Mallorca (+34) 971 23 74 82


Nauti Parts Jet Ski Centre Poligono Son Bugadelles C/ Alicante, Nave 15A 07180, Calvia, Mallorca (+34) 971 69 66 44


Adorning the most famous yachts in the world.

Hacker-Craft庐 tenders are custom designed for each client and hand-built to perfectly balance luxury and utility. Our world-class vessels provide optimum comfort and performance, even in the harshest coastal conditions. To begin your dream design, please contact us at (866) 540-5546. SILVER BAY, NY & DANIA BEACH, FL | (866) 540-5546 | HACKERBOAT.COM


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Into the blue Once seen as avant garde, it is now a reality to go where no man has gone before with the technological advance in personal submarines


hen we first promoted the idea of small submarines on yachts at the 1993 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, industry leaders would walk by our booth, smile and shake their heads. To say the idea was perceived as being a bit avante guard, is a kind description. Fast forward 22 years and many of those same people come by the booth today with serious questions about integrating a luxury deep submersible on board a client’s yacht. Clients are now requesting that designers, consultants and shipyards look into the possibility of submersible ownership on their behalf, and this is largely driven by other owners raving about their experiences aboard their private submersible. An owner that wants to be a hero to their family and friends needs do no more than purchase a Triton sub and have it integrated aboard his or her yacht. Want some serious market differentiation in the charter market? Buy a sub. When you dive into the deep Cerulean blue of the ocean you should keep in mind that for the most part, no one before you has been underwater in this location. As you dive more than 10 times deeper than a SCUBA diver can manage, with very few exceptions, you can be assured that yours are the only human eyes that have ever gazed upon this place. The potential for discovery is amazing. You can explore tropical coral reefs teeming with sea life of all types. Dive to famous shipwrecks, or discover new ones. Seek out the amazing plethora of seamounts that cover the globe and are often home to as yet undiscovered species. Set up an expedition to carefully visit hydrothermal vents, “black smokers” and see, in that alien landscape, the birth of new ocean crust and the complex biological communities fueled by the chemicals dissolved in the vent fluids. And you do all this in perfect comfort and safety. The interior of your Triton is kept at one atmosphere (e.g. surface pressure) at all times,

so you feel no pressure changes. It’s air conditioned and just like sitting in your living room. And statistically, ABS and GL classed submersibles have a perfect safety record, making submersible travel the safest form of transportation in the world today. Not long ago, off the coast of Japan, a Triton 3300/3, was the platform that, for the first time in human history, allowed scientists to set eyes on the elusive giant squid underwater. Filmed for 22 minutes at depths from 680 to 930m, that footage and more formed the basis for amazingly successful television specials by the BBC, NHK (Japan) and the Discovery Channel. That same Triton filmed several segments of Shark Week as the Triton owners encountered giant six gill sharks, megamouth sharks and the strange goblin shark. That Triton is diving in the Galapagos Islands now, after trips to New Zealand, the Solomon Islands for a bioluminescence study, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Micronesia and the Great Barrier reef in Australia for dives with Sir David Attenborough. Other Tritons made the first dives ever in Antarctica, dove on the HMS Britannic in Greece and explored the waters of such places as the Maldives, Thailand, Tahiti, Malta and the Bahamas. Triton Submarines LLC of Vero Beach Florida has 14 different Triton models on offer that dive to depths from 305 to 11,000m and seat from one to eight passengers. The Triton crew has over 350 years of dedicated civil submarine experience and has operated over 80 different submersibles making our group 10 times more experienced than any of our competitors. Tritons are easy to operate, simple to maintain, and come with unprecedented 24/7 support from the factory. For more details Tel: +1 772 770 1995 or visit www.tritonsubs.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 61

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Kayak Queen Legendary kayaker Freya Hoffmeister talks ONBOARD through her most perilous expedition to date


arving her path through rough swells and dangerous seas, kept safe by only the walls of her kayak and, occasionally, a dry suit, Freya Hoffmeister has always felt most at ease with a paddle in her hand. A pro kayaker, she’s dedicated her life to her pursuit, devoting months, even years to a single expedition. She’s spent nights at sea sleeping in her vessel, faced incredibly tough conditions and come face to face with sharks, crocodiles and poisonous jellyfish. For her commitment to the sport, Hoffmeister is highly regarded within the world of endurance kayaking, the string of records she holds to her name only serving to prove why. The first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo, she remains only the second ever person to do so. Along with kayaker Greg Stamer, she completed the fastest ever sea kayak circumnavigation of Iceland, completing the journey in 33 days in 2007. She also holds the record for the fastest ever solo time for a 2,700km voyage completing it 6 days faster than the previous record, taking just 70 days. This year, she proved her paddling skills yet again by becoming the first person to circumnavigate South America solo and unsupported. Starting in Buenos Aires and finishing there three years and eight months later, the expedition was by far Freya’s longest to date. Circling a continent as vast as South America meant facing an ever changing climate as she travelled first towards the south and then back north towards the equator. With experience on her side, Freya prepared well for the journey taking with her three sets of clothing to combat sudden fluctuations in conditions. Heading clockwise from Buenos Aires towards colder seas Freya wore a dry suit, up to Peru a t-shirt and jacket and, in the warmer waters of the equator, just a t-shirt and shorts. Whatever the temperature, living out of a kayak means living with constant hindrances and challenges. In hotter weather, there was not only the constant exposure to sun to consider but also how that would affect what Freya was able to eat. Her provisions were only those that could be stored on her kayak whilst at sea. “I take as much fresh stuff as I can,” says Freya, for whom good food is very important; she’s the proud owner of a chain of ice cream shops and a salad bistro. “I have to take up to three or four weeks’ worth of food in the kayak so it’s a heavy boat, but I simply have to take what I can.” In colder waters she was faced with an entirely different set of challenges. Wearing a dry suit helped her keep out some of the cold during the circumnavigation of Iceland and the freezing temperatures of the Southern Ocean. Fall into water that cold and “you won’t last long,” says Hoffmeister, a woman who doesn’t overstate risks. Freya knows first hand the perils of dangerous water, having seen for herself how quickly things can go from calm to chaotic. In order to have circumnavigated South America in its entirety, Hoffmeister had to pass around Cape Horn, the most southerly tip of the continent. An infamous stretch of sea that has claimed over

800 ships, the Cape is known for its unpredictable conditions. As Freya attempted to round the 1400ft cathedral of rock on New Year’s Eve, conditions suddenly changed for the worse. Her boat battered and beaten, her body exhausted, Freya managed to cut back and make a forced landing on the rocks nearby, where she remained stranded for the next five days. “You don’t plan for that but it happens,” Hoffmeister says looking back on the incident with frustration, “surely everyone wants to survive and I’m not particularly looking for dangerous situations but weather can change unexpectedly and you can find yourself in situations. You have to look at forecasts and prepare yourself the best you can but, you know, there’s always something different.”

Remaining mentally strong is critical. If you get yourself scared, you get yourself into trouble That New Year’s Eve was a tough one for Freya, a moment in which she must have felt incredibly alone and yet one that she treats with the same kind of breezy attitude as she does any other experience at sea. During those five days she spent stranded on the shore, she relied on her ability to be “happy just being by myself”. On long expeditions the sense of solitude can become all engulfing but staying focused is key. Faced by many dangerous situations, Freya had to make decisions that could have meant the difference between life and death. Often paddling solo, there’s rarely someone beside her giving guidance, her decisions and their consequences are entirely her own. Remaining mentally strong is critical because, “if you get yourself scared, you get yourself into trouble,” she says, “I am mentally strong.” While South America might have been her longest expedition with a good measure of danger, Hoffmeister doesn’t necessarily see it as her toughest. Though, at 11 months, her circumnavigation of Australia in 2009 was just a third of the length of her South American expedition, it brought with it a different set of dangers. In the warmer waters she found herself prone to encountering salt water crocodiles, sharks, sea snakes and deadly jellyfish. At one point a shark bit the stern, leaving two holes in the side of the kayak. During the same trip she chose to paddle across the Gulf of Carpentaria, taking what she terms as a “shortcut”. A distance of 575 kilometres with no opportunity to land, the crossing took seven nights and eight days and required her to sleep in the kayak at sea. Something she makes sound effortless, Hoffmeister describes how she “simply tucked my paddle behind my seat, had a stable base and after that built a sloping padded sleep and just laid back.” Speak with Hoffmeister for any length of time and it’s soon apparent that very little can faze her. ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 63

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Bienvenue à St-Tropez Thrilling times are expected when modern meets classic at Les Voiles de St-Tropez 2015. Previous competitor Sue Pelling previews this annual, late summer favourite


es Voiles de St-Tropez 28 September - 4 October is a prime antidote for those who suffer from post summer blues. As summer glides gently into autumn during the September Equinox in northern Europe, the weather on the French Riviera town of St-Tropez continues to offer spectacular conditions. Not surprisingly therefore, Les Voiles de St-Tropez, has become a sailing Mecca for enthusiasts from all around the world with a reputation for attracting beautiful yachts and beautiful people. Organised by the Société Nautique de St-Tropez, under the auspices of the city of St-Tropez and the patronage of the Yacht Club de France, Les Voiles de St-Tropez attracts a diverse mix of modern and classic yachts including modern day, 100ft Wally class yachts, J-Class yachts and a fleet of stunningly beautiful 15 metre class yachts. The hub of the regatta is the Port of St-Tropez where most of the yachts are based. The dockside is always lined with rows and rows of exquisite examples of newly painted/carefully varnished, finely crafted and restored yachts that glisten in the sun. It is a great place to relax, enjoy the scenery and embrace Les Voiles atmosphere. For those keen to really get involved or take part, it’s worth contacting the regatta organisers for any last minute available crew slots. So far over 150 entries have signed up including 100 classics and over 40 modern yachts. The Wally class is always well supported with Sensei, Inti and Y3K looking to provide some exciting racing. The high profile of Les Voiles de St-Tropez tends to attract some of the biggest boats on the circuit including a healthy contingent of J-Class yachts with Ranger and Shamrock already signed up. At 55m, Elena of London is currently the biggest boat participating and is looking to enjoy some good racing within the Classic boat fleet. Other boats of interest include the two William Fife Moonbeams (III and 4), the stunning Herreshoff 1916 Bermudian sloop, Rowdy, and the British West Solent One-Design, Arrow. To coincide with the Rolex Fastnet 90th anniversary year where some of the traditional boats competed, the St-Tropez Rolex Trophy will be contested in the traditional boat division. Argos, Crazy Life, Espar II, Fantasque, Ilaria, Namib, Noryema IV, Oryx, Outlaw, Palynodie II, Ratafia, St Christopher and Stiren are among those historic racing boats that will be on the start line for the first race of the Rolex Trophy on Tuesday 29 September. The 100 year old yachts, which race according to their size and their rig types within the various competing groups at Les Voiles de St-Tropez, are some of the most interesting. Over 20

have already signed up for this division including Eva, a 1912 Fife design gaff cutter, owned by Pete Townshend, of The Who fame. The 15 Metre class yachts including the William Fife built Hispania, Mariska, The Lady Anne and Tuiga, the four surviving yachts from the 20 that were built between 1907 and 1917, are the sort of boats that have really made the regatta what it is today. Competition is likely to be exceptional with Lady Anne preparing to defend her title from last year, while Team Mariska will be hoping to continue their current form, following their recent win in Portofino. Most of the racing will take place in the Bay of St-Tropez, which means spectators can enjoy watching some of the action from the shore. The plan is to race the J-Class yachts and the Wally yachts from the same start line off Pampelonne beaches. The race village opens on Monday 28 September when the feeder/coastal race yachts from Cannes will also start to arrive into the Bay of St-Tropez. Racing will begin on Tuesday at 1100 following a Blessing of the Boats at 0900, and will continue until Sunday 4 October. Social events including cocktail parties, barbecues, and crew parties will take place every day, with the final prize giving ceremony and picnic on 5 October at La Citadelle, the 1602 built fort that dominates the hillside overlooking St-Tropez to the east.

CHALLENGE CUP 55 BETWEEN MOONBEAM AND LELANTINA This is a one off race that takes place on the Thursday of the regatta between two challenging boats, that must have the owners on board. The race takes place over a 15nm course (Le Portalet Tower, the Nioulargue mark and Le Club 55), and the boat that crosses the line first wins. The winning team is then given the opportunity to select a boat of its choice for the following year’s challenge. If a boat wins twice, it’s the runner up who becomes the new ‘defender’, whatever the result on the water. REGATTA INFORMATION Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez Telephone: +33 (0) 4 94 97 30 54 Email: info@snst.org Event website: www.lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr

64 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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images Š Gilles Martin-Raget ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 65

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SKIING HIGH Alf Alderson hits the powder in Colorado before Europe’s ski lifts have even opened for a winter


ome October, Colorado’s ski resorts prepare to go to war with each other for the honour of which one can open earliest. Pedants may shrug and remind you that there are resorts in the Alps that stay open all year, but they only have limited skiing on high altitude glaciers; Colorado’s resorts can in some years offer ‘proper’ skiing on snow plastered slopes that haven’t actually seen a glacier in thousands of years. The reason why you could be skiing powder in Colorado well before Thanksgiving Day is simple – altitude. Resorts such as Arapahoe Basin, Telluride, Breckenridge and tiny Silverton (just one ski lift, but people were hiking to ski

its slopes as early as late September last year…) are so high that their base area may be at the same altitude as the highest point of many European resorts, and the summit elevations of all four are close to or in excess of 13,000 feet (3962 metres); Silverton is in fact the highest ski resort in North America with a high point of 13,487 feet (4110 metres). Arapahoe Basin (aka ‘A-Basin’) and Loveland, its near neighbour to the north, regularly fight it out to become the first US ski resort to open every season; this year A-Basin is set to have its ski lifts running on October 17th, Loveland on November 1st, although if conditions permit both resorts will probably bring that forward as early as possible.

66 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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8/30/15 6:10 PM

However, before you rush out to Colorado to get in a few turns before the leaves have fallen from the trees, you should bear in mind that the state’s resorts are small compared to your average European mega resort (‘A-Basin’ has 960 acres of terrain and eight ski lifts; the linked French resorts of La Plagne and Les Arcs have over 3600 acres of terrain and more than 150 ski lifts, and that’s not even the biggest linked ski area in France…). But the fact that Colorado’s high level, snow sure resorts are relatively small in area is pretty irrelevant as the slopes rarely get excessively busy during the season and lift queues are a rarity, so sparse is the population density of the region.

Indeed, last season I skied a number of Colorado ski hills, including Breckenridge, Crested Butte and Telluride, all of which are set to open well before the end of November this year, and even on a morning following a dump of several feet of fresh snow I didn’t ever stand in a lift queue for more than a minute (compare this to Les Arcs which opens over a month after Breckenridge to almost guaranteed lift queues and busy slopes). You can see the spectacular terrain that surrounds Telluride in the latest Quentin Tarantino western ‘The Hateful Eight’, which opens this autumn and was being shot whilst I was in town. Telluride is no stranger to

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 67

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8/30/15 6:13 PM


Crested Butte’s slopes are not quite so craggy and dramatic as those of Telluride, but they still hold plenty of challenge. Besides having the steepest man made run in North America (the 55 degree Rambo, where if you fall you do not stop, as you can see here. www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_JTUhlGTQM) the resort’s piste map helpfully informs you of what’s in store should you choose to take on terrain such as ‘Extreme Limits’, which is usefully described on the resort’s trail maps thus: ‘The Extreme Limits are not for everyone. This is true double black diamond terrain as serious and demanding as you’ll find in bounds at any ski area in North America’. They’re not kidding. The mix of very steep slopes, closely packed trees and shin deep powder that I encountered on my journey to the ‘Extreme Limits’ ensured that by the end of a morning of playing around here I’d enjoyed several wipeouts and had a goodly amount of snow down the back of my neck along with hopelessly steamed up goggles (not to mention being hopelessly steamed up myself).

the movies, hosting an international film festival every year, and it’s even seen the kind of action that features in all the best westerns – one of the town’s banks was held up by Butch Cassidy in 1889. He made off with $20,000 (the equivalent today of half a million dollars) to Crested Butte where he shot up a bar before high-tailin’ it ahead of the posse on his trail… Both Telluride and Crested Butte are classic western towns; Telluride is a handsome brick built Victorian silver mining settlement that drips with character. The New Sheridan Hotel and adjoining Opera House are the town’s focal point, whilst the Senate and the Silver Bell soda parlour are two of the best of Telluride’s restored buildings, located in ‘Popcorn Alley’, once the red light district. Crested Butte is a bit more utilitarian (coal was mined here, it ain’t as valuable as Telluride’s silver and lead ore deposits so Crested Butte’s buildings tend to be timber rather than brick) and if you remove the cars, pick up trucks and fat tyre bikes from the streets you could pretty much be back in the 1890s. The town has a wealth of classic cowboy town architecture, such as the Masonic Building, the Grubstake and the Company Store. Breckenridge likewise has an authentic Wild West feel to its downtown area, albeit feeling a tad more cosmopolitan, no doubt thanks to the close proximity of Denver, and there’s a rash of great bars and restaurants to check out of an evening. But first you gotta hit the slopes…Telluride’s rugged mountains are renowned for having some of the most challenging resort skiing in the USA. This is partly due to the scarcity of oxygen in the locality. The resort’s base elevation is 2,908m and its high point is 4060m at Palmyra Peak, which is hike-to territory, thus making the lack of oxygen even more noticeable. The double black diamond terrain beneath Palmyra Peak known as Gold Hill Chutes has in recent years become legendary for its steep and challenging skiing, and the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is a spectacular steel staircase/bridge affair that spans the chasm between chutes 8 and 9 to make the scariness even more accessible.

More forgiving was my next port of call, Breckenridge. ‘Breck’ boasts the highest ski lift in North America in the form of the Imperial Express four person chair which tops out at 3958m, so yet again deep breathing is difficult when you’re not acclimatised, and snow is virtually guaranteed weeks in advance of Christmas. The resort’s high altitude means the snow quality is also invariably excellent, and I enjoyed two days of skiing in bright sunshine, crisp alpine air and on the remarkably empty slopes that are characteristic of so many Colorado ski resorts. A good deal of Breck’s skiing is above the snow line, and the open, untimbered slopes have possibly the most European feel of the resorts I skied, tree skiing being relatively uncommon in the Alps, especially in higher resorts. This means that steeper terrain such as that on Peak 8 is more open than that at Crested Butte and Telluride, and there’s more opportunity to turn where you want to rather than where a 15 metre pine tree demands it of you. All much more relaxing as far as I was concerned, although it was still steep enough to have me wondering whether the adrenaline rush was thrill or fear induced. It’s quite something to think that Telluride, Crested Butte, Breckenridge and a whole rash of other Colorado resorts will be offering skiing like this a month or more before most resorts in the Alps have opened; so, if you’re wondering where you can get powder fix as soon as possible this winter the answer is easy. Just follow in the footsteps of Butch Cassidy and Quentin Tarantino…

COLORADO ESSENTIALS Flights London – Denver – Montrose (for both Telluride and Crested Butte) with United. www.united.com For Breckenridge fly to Denver from where it’s a two hour transfer. Package deals to Breckenridge, Telluride and Crested Butte are available with Ski Safari and Ski American Classics www.skisafari.com www.americanskiclassics.com

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KEEP IT COOL OAKLEY Flight Deck XM in matt black www.surfdome.com

Hit the slopes of Colorado in style this autumn with the latest ski essentials


SWEET PROTECTION Trooper Helmet www.surfdome.com


NORTHFACE Jeppeson jacket www.thenorthface.com


ARVA Pro W Transceiver www.surfdome.com

POINT 65 Boblbee GTO 25l www.packs.point65.com

DYNASTAR Cham High Mountain www.surfdome.com



€800 ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 69

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COVER STORY The importance of getting adequate cover and protection cannot be underestimated. Having nothing less than total clarity at the outset may save you considerable heartache down the line. Words: Adam Fiander

70 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

insurance.indd 70

9/1/15 12:08 PM


ondering the complexity of a significant motor boat or sailing yacht, from the equipment and technology installed on board, through to the tenders and toys, the personal effects of the guests (cash, jewellery etc), the liability of the crew, not to mention ‘unforeseens’ such as loss of revenue through charter cancellation, or a longer than anticipated refit or repair, and it’s easy to see why Insurance has become big business within our industry. Weather plays its part as well. From racing yachts snapping carbon-fibre masts in high winds, through to sunken vessels requiring salvage, the list as to what could potentially be insured against is almost endless! Rather than diving straight in and agreeing terms with the first

company you talk to, the key is to do as much homework and prior investigation as you can, to try and find the best provider that sits as ‘comfortably’ as possible with your type and size of boat, and the nature of its use. Even the simple difference between whether you are talking about a sailing yacht or a motor vessel, is enough to determine the better suitability of one provider over another. The second and most important level of consideration that follows, is the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the policy content details itself. We often hear the term ‘plain English speaking’ used by insurance companies when referring to policy wording and, as the paying customer, this is your chance to ask lots of questions by drilling down and getting the

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 71

insurance.indd 71

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S u p e r Ya c h t s

R a c e Ya c h t s

M o t o r Ya c h t s


Specialist Insurance Brokers & Marine Underwriting Agents

Established over 30 years Underwriting schemes and facilities with leading yacht and marine insurers Expert advice on insurance requirements whether operating in Europe or Worldwide Bespoke programmes Personalised service to Owners, Managers, Captains and Crew Full wide range of insurance products for vessel and crew

We’re right behind you

Fastnet Marine Insurance Services Limited

Notebeme House, 84 High Street, Southampton SO14 2NT, UK t +44 (0) 23 80 63 66 77

f +44 (0) 23 80 63 66 78

e sails@fastnet-marine.co.uk

w fastnet-marine.co.uk

Firm Reference No. 308859 Authorised and Regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority

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all important clauses and exceptions explained to you in full. We referred earlier to the complexity of modern day yachts and its contentious areas such as the ‘wear and tear’ of engine parts and rigging and components etc that could determine whether your claim is met or not. We take a subjective, impartial and brief look, therefore, at the structure and operation of some of the different types of insurers keen to talk to you. PROTECTION & INDEMNITY (P&I) With roots that can be traced back to the very beginning of formalising insurance for ship owners in respect of liabilities arising from their operations, P&I insurance is based upon the principle of a mutual association (or club) of members who undertake the shared responsibility for financial damages, in the event that one of the members makes a claim as a result of an accident or loss giving rise to an insured liability.

Rather than diving straight in and agreeing terms with the first company you talk to, the key is to do as much homework and prior investigation as you can

To this day, the basic and undeniably refreshing principle of ‘not for profit’ within P&I Clubs still applies and instead of being focused upon generating an investment return to shareholders, as would be the case for a corporate insurer, P&I Clubs’ objectives are fully aligned with their members’ interests. Liability cover in this form is geared towards larger yachts and superyachts (and of course commercial freighters, bulk carriers, oil tankers, cruise ships and such like) and speaking generally, P&I is not always the most cost efficient option for yachts below 20m. There are thirteen P&I Clubs which comprise the International Group (IG) of P&I Clubs and even though there is strong competition for business between the clubs, the IG’s pooling agreement provides the means by which the largest claims faced by the industry can be shared within the IG Pool and protected to a very high level through the IG’s collective reinsurance programme. P&I Clubs claim their services are as equally competitive, if not cheaper, than other maritime insurance providers. Yacht owner members’ results are looked at individually and the required premium is determined with reference to an individual record. With offices providing claims services in London, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Piraeus, and a worldwide network of correspondents, Steamship Mutual is one of the larger P&I Clubs. Steamship’s Hugo Jacquot told us, “The ‘club’ ethos that runs throughout, and the complete alignment of the Club’s and our Members’ interests means that when an incident occurs that gives rise to a liability involving our cover, the Member can be fully confident of the Club’s support in protecting their assets and interests. Rates for new customers are based upon a fair rating system applicable for each member’s yacht; we have a dedicated yacht team with qualified and experienced professionals who are looking after our yacht owner members on a daily basis.”

Steamship Mutual Steamship Mutual provides a dedicated Yacht Liability Cover which answers the specific needs of yacht owners. As well as protecting the yacht owner against liabilities towards third parties, the cover allows the owner to fulfil his obligation to provide financial security for repatriation expenses and unpaid wages in accordance with the MLC. The cover can be extended to include Legal Expenses, Accident and Illness cover for crew, Hull War Risk and Kidnap & Ransom covers. For more details Tel +44 (0)20 7650 6646 (direct) or visit www.steamshipmutual.com/underwriting/yacht-facility.htm

Horizons Superyacht Insurance The Horizons presented Baiman Marine Superyacht Policy will cover you against “All Risks” of physical loss or damage to the property covered from any external cause, as well as physical loss or damage directly caused by fire, explosions bursting of boilers, breakage of shafts or any latent defect in the machinery or hull. In addition if you are involved in an accident you are covered for any damage you cause to property of other people or for any injuries they sustain. Horizons, a bespoke team of professional advisers who understand the yachting industry, have created an exclusive and tailored range of products to specifically cater for yachting professionals. For more details visit www.my-horizons.com

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 73

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Comprehensive cover. Exceptional service.

A dedicated Yacht Team at your service

• • • • • •

Leading Yacht P&I insurer offering wider coverage than available elsewhere P&I limits from US$1 million to US$1 billion per event Water sports cover included automatically Legal expenses cover option Accident and illness cover option for crew Hull War Risk and Kidnap & Ransom option

+44 (0)20 7650 6646 | yacht@simsl.com www.steamshipmutual.com/underwriting/yacht-facility.htm steamship.indd 96

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7/28/2015 2:43:42 PM


UNDERWRITING AGENCIES An underwriting agency is a firm entrusted to act on behalf of insurers to underwrite insurance. Based on long term relationships of mutual trust and understanding, underwriting agencies often operate in specialist classes of insurance where they can offer resources, expertise and additional capacity that are not otherwise available directly from insurers. In most instances, underwriting agencies are authorised to produce and sign policy terms, conditions and documents on behalf of the underwriters. As an underwriting agency has direct conduct with its clients, policies can therefore be tailored more easily to the specific needs of each customer. This authority also extends in many cases to the all important claims handling procedure. By having an independent mandate to handle any claims that arise, underwriting agencies are able to work directly with their clients on the insurers’ behalf. In some cases, this direct contact can simplify and reduce the time required to resolve claims. Having worked for one of the largest independent insurance providers and now having set up his own business, Ross Bailey from Baiman Marine said, “You can always find bottom line cover, something cheaper out there, but it is normally generic, limited and has a large amount of risk associated with it. We established Baiman Marine to provide a comprehensive specialist superyacht insurance product that could not otherwise be found easily within the insurance market. We work closely not only with owners but also with yacht managers and family office representatives and our product has been expertly designed to cater for all our clients’ specific superyacht insurance requirements. By using Lloyd’s of London underwriting syndicates we can also ensure that our clients are provided with stable and secure underwriting partners who are supported by A+ financial strength ratings.”

Banchero Costa Banchero Costa offers specialist advice and expertise, providing a tailored insurance programme to cover the complex needs of yacht ownership. From sailing boats to superyachts we can provide a full assistance and advice service for constructions and conversions, with dedicated wordings to reflect the specific trade and operations. Their empathy, passion, and specialist knowledge allow us to provide the highest level of customer service to meet clients’ needs, all while reducing the time necessary to arrange insurance or make a claim. For more details Tel: +39 010 5631700 or visit www.bancostains.it

The distinguishing line between using an insurance broker and an underwriting agency is somewhat blurred Baiman offer their own wording policies with ‘all risks’ hull cover. It includes intelligent benefits that have clearly been modified and tweaked according to today’s yachting needs, such as cover for machinery damage and fixtures & fittings cover with fine arts extensions. For fully chartered yachts, cover is also available for loss of charter revenue, personal (guests) and crew accident (with only paid for crew needing to be named on the policy), watersports and piracy. INSURANCE BROKERS The distinguishing line between using an insurance broker and an underwriting agency is somewhat blurred. An underwriting agency will likely have a smaller number of underwriters at his disposal and will be offering policies to clients where he may have had considerable input and influence in himself, and clearly that’s no bad thing. Yet the fact that an insurance broker may have a less ‘formal’ relationship with any given underwriter, and less direct input in to policy terms and wording, however, should not be classed as a

Fastnet Marine Fastnet Marine Insurance is an independent insurance broker based in the UK, providing specialist marine insurance services to clients worldwide since 1984. The business is owned and managed by working directors, all of whom have over 25 years insurance experience, guaranteeing unbiased advice and independence of operation. Authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the company complies with all the professional, solvency and operational requirements of the UK insurance market, including Lloyd’s. The company can offer innovative products with competitive premiums on a wide range of yachts; expertise coupled with a highly personalised service; policies backed by secure Insurer; straightforward dealing and a quick response and special facilities for yacht yards, marinas and marine trades businesses; and their knowledge of yacht design, construction, ownership and management, means that they can offer an invaluable and unrivalled service to their clients. For more details T. +44 (0)23 8063 6677 or visit www.fastnet-marine.co.uk

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 75

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banchero costa insurance broker is a group company which offers its customers a whole range of selected and tailored insuranceservices for each individual need. See the complete picture on bancosta.com













www.i3composites.com - info@i3composites.com - Tel: +34 971254223 Palma de Mallorca

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negative. Secondly, brokers have the whole market to turn to and are not obliged to use any underwriter, other than one who has a product perfectly in tune with the needs of the beneficial client. Richard Power, Director, Fastnet Marine Insurance International, takes up the argument for brokers very well, by saying, “Would you prefer to represent yourself in court, or be represented by a barrister? Would you take your chances with the tax man, or hire an accountant? An Insurance Broker is the Agent of the Insured, the Yacht Owner, and is responsible for representing the Insured’s interests when negotiating terms & conditions of insurance with potential Insurers. “In the same way, in the event of a claim, it is the broker’s duty to act on the Yacht Owner’s behalf to ensure a smooth, timely and fair settlement of the claim from the Insurers. In the course of carrying out these duties, a good Insurance Broker will find himself providing plenty of advice and guidance to his client.”

It’s all about having satisfactory relationships and some insurance brokers have extended their services outside of the insurance only remit

Hiscox MGA Ltd The Yachtsure24, Yachtsure, Racecover & Marinasure brands are all now part of the Hiscox Group a Global Insurer of the highest quality. Hiscox MGA Ltd is the company established to underwrite policies using these brands, their security remains unchanged and their commitment and service remains as strong as ever. Hiscox MGA remain a multi line niche underwriting agency representing both the Lloyd’s Market and “A” rated European insurers and insure some of the largest, some of the most extreme and some of the most recognisable yachts and marinas in the world. For more details Tel: +44 (0)207 448 6126 or contact paul.miller@hiscox.com

In terms of the value of premiums received, Fastnet Marine Insurance’s yacht business is split approximately 60% between yachts under 30m and 40% from yachts of 30m plus, so even if the volume of their business is from clients with smaller craft, clearly the superyacht market is still very much an important and profitable side of their business. Richard adds, “We operate under the mantra that ‘Client is King’ and we do our utmost to satisfy their demands and needs. This is not necessarily something that our competitors ignore of course, and we recognise that we are all trying to do the same thing, but we endeavour to try and find solutions which fit our clients’ requirements, and not try and make a square peg fit in a round hole.” It’s all about having satisfactory relationships, of course, and some insurance brokers have extended their services outside of the insurance only remit. Banchero Costa Group, for example, started life in Genoa 50 years ago as a commercial shipping sale & purchase broker and have since grown to offer not only insurance but ‘yacht management’ such as port agency services, refitting, fuel bunkering etc. Counting the famous 1973 built Lurssen 73m ‘The One’ (ex Carinthia V1) as one of their long standing customers, Andrea Serra, Director, Marine Hull Division at Banchero Costa told us, “We are totally independent with access to all insurance markets and relevant specialists with liberty to place insurance according to any special custom requirements from the client’s side. Based upon our international commercial shipping background, we have no size limit for yacht insurance and have a preference for superyachts and megayachts.” ONBOARD would like to extend grateful thanks to the companies involved in helping us put together this brief insurance overview.

Skuld Yacht Insurance Skuld is a world leading marine insurance provider with a strong financial position and an ‘A’ rating with Standard & Poor’s. Skuld Yacht P&I cover was designed by a specialist yacht team with the assistance of key players in the superyacht industry. Close co-operation with clients sets Skuld Yacht apart from the competition: By working side-by-side with their clients, the Skuld Yacht team can achieve the best results in claims situations, loss prevention support and specialist advice. Skuld’s global presence with offices in virtually every time zone and a dedicated Skuld Yacht team ensures outstanding and personal service for the Yacht Community. For more details visit www.skuld.com/yacht

CONTACTS Steamship Mutual


Horizons Superyacht Insurance www.my-horizons.com Banchero Costa


Fastnet Marine


Hiscox MGA Ltd

www. hiscox.com

Skuld Yacht Insurance


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A taste of the Caribbean Heading to the Caribbean this season? Make sure you spend some time in one of these marinas

THE MARINAS AT RESORTS WORLD, BIMINI As the closest Bahamas Marina to the Florida coastline, The Marinas at Resorts World Bimini is a popular destination for year round boaters. This Caribbean destination provides power services, customs and immigration and provisioning complete with fun and luxurious unique amenities not offered at other marinas. The newly opened Hilton® at Resorts World Bimini provides 4 Star accommodation complete with swimming pools, concierge services and restaurants. Additionally, the Casino at Resorts World Bimini invites you to try your hand at popular table games and slots while providing panoramic views of Megayacht Marina. With nearby shopping, tours and golf, this IGY Marinas Destination has everything you need for your getaway in the Bahamas.

YACHT CLUB PORT DE PLAISANCE, SINT MAARTEN Safely nestled within the Dutch Sint Maarten’s picturesque Simpson Bay Lagoon, the 90 Slip Yacht Club Port de Plaisance is recognised as the Caribbean’s most versatile and elegant mixed use marina catering to vessels ranging from 12m to 80m with drafts to 5m. A full service facility committed to the concept that professionally run marina. Yacht Club Port de Plaisance accommodates a wide array of craft from sail to motor powered recreational vessels casually cruising the Caribbean to sport fishing yachts hunting for the record breaking billfish. If you’re heading to the Caribbean over the coming months why not stop over in this professionally catered marina delivering first class facilities.


Max draft 3m

VHF 16 & 68

Tel: +1 305 374 6664

Max length 55m


ANTIGUA YACHT CLUB MARINA, ANTIGUA Situated in the Falmouth Harbour minutes from one of Antigua’s many beaches, AYC Marina’s facilities include cafes, a restaurant, supermarket, travel agent, boutiques and a book shop. The season kicks off with the annual Yacht Charter meeting in December and in April the Yacht Club also hosts the ever popular Antigua Sailing Week. Next to the marina is the 49 room Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort with Turkish steam bath, fitness centre and spa.


Max draft 4m


Max draft 6m

VHF 16/67

Tel: +1 721 544 4565

VHF 09/68

Tel: +1 268 460 1544

Max length 80m


Max length 110m


78 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

caribbean marinas1.indd 78

8/30/15 6:30 PM

BLUE HAVEN MARINA, TURKS & CAICOS Built with a “boaters first” mentality, this IGY Marinas destination provides first class services and amenities within a tropical paradise, earning it a 5 Gold Anchor rating. From laundry services to high speed fueling and provisioning, Blue Haven Marina has you covered in every aspect of your stay. Pamper yourself with spa services and an infinity edged swimming pool, or relax on the private beach overlooking the cerulean waters of the Caribbean. Restaurants, nightlife, nearby adventures and golf, complete this boaters paradise. 21°49.13’N/72°08.83’W

Max draft 2.6m

VHF 16

Tel: +1 649 946 9910

Max length 67m


PORT LOUIS MARINA, GRENADA Port Louis Marina currently operates 170 berths, fully serviced marina slips for yachts of all sizes, including superyachts up to 90m (300ft) in length and 6m (20ft) draft. This luxury Caribbean marina, ideally situated for cruising the beautiful waters of the Grenadines, offers marina slips for sale as a permanent home marina base, as well as for annual or seasonal rental or for short term visitor stays.

MARINA CASA DE CAMPO, DOMINICAN REPUBLICA A private and independent marina fully equipped with unsurpassed modern amenities, La Marina’s area expands over more than 90,000m² and holds 350 slips ranging from 30 to 250ft for private and charter yachts. Monophasic and triphasic electric connection (110-220-440 volts) water, 2 fuel stations, a shipyard with a travel lift for vessels up to 120 tons, on site heliport and international airport 10 minutes away. Customs & Immigration services onsite, mooring assistance, exclusive yacht club. 4 golf courses, polo, 60 boutique shops, restaurants, cinema, supermarket, car rentals and 24 hour security vigilance. 18°23.47’N/68°54.15W

Max draft 4m

VHF 68

Tel: 1 809 523 2111

Max length 76m


RED FROG BEACH RESORT & MARINA, PANAMA Located on the Caribbean side of Panama, just north of the Panama Canal, Red Frog Beach Resort & Marina provides an array of first-class services and amenities catering to all boaters, including megayachts. This IGY Marinas Destination is hurricane-free and provides floating docks complete with state of the art power services, high-speed fueling, water, and complimentary wifi. Rated as one of the best marinas in Panama, Red Frog Beach Resort & Marina offers beautiful beaches with an activity centre, zipline canopy tours, restaurants, tropical gardens and activities and private rentals complete with private pools. Free shuttle service to the nearby Bocas Town completes your Red Frog Beach Resort & Marina vacation.


Max draft 6m


Max draft 7m

VHF 14

Tel: +1 473 435 7431

VHF 68

Tel: 507 6726 4500

Max length 90m


Max length 80m


ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 79

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casa de campo.indd 96

8/27/15 6:55 PM

CAPELLA MARIGOT BAY, ST LUCIA Nestled into the rain forest that envelopes the scenic west coast of St Lucia, Marigot Bay is one of the most enchanting and intimate yachting destinations in the Caribbean. Set in front of the Discovery Hotel, the marina prides itself on providing the highest quality eco friendly service to its visitors in tandem with the full range of technical support, power, fuel & provisioning all in conjunction with a friendly and welcoming local community. Berthing up to 80m the marina offers the perfect shelter, a security in nature’s Hurricane Hole in the eastern Caribbean. 13°58.1’N/61°01.8’W

Max draft 6m

VHF 12

Tel: +1 758 451 4275

Max length 76m


PUERTO DEL REY MARINA, PUERTO RICO Puerto Del Rey lies in a beautiful and naturally protected bay, where its massive breakwater has provided shelter from tropical storms and hurricanes for over 25 years. Perfectly situated on the eastern tip of Puerto Rico, the marina is very close to the spectacular islands of Culebra and Vieques; beyond these lie the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. Puerto Del Rey is also an ideal place to stage longer voyages to the U.S., Bermuda, South America and the Panama Canal. The 1000 slips accommodate boats up to 180m LOA with 4.5m draught. Extensive storage and repair facilities accompany more than 400 drystack spaces on 50 acres of land. The marina also hosts numerous regattas, a boat show and fishing tournaments.

ATLANTIS MARINA, BAHAMAS Atlantis Marina is the premier facility in The Bahamas. This luxury yacht harbour accommodates vessels of up to 70m and offers a variety of yacht and fishing charter services. With direct access from Nassau Harbour, Atlantis Marina features 63 megayacht slips. A 30m wide channel, located to the west of the north bound Nassau/Paradise Island bridge, allows for unrestricted mast height on sailboats and easy access for power boats. Within a protected harbour, the largest of the 63 slips are 48m finger piers with a 10m beam, plus several lay along side berths with no beam restrictions. 25°04.58’N/77°19.18’W

Max draft 4m

VHF 16/10

Tel: +1 242 363 6068

Max length 65m


YACHT HAVEN GRANDE, ST THOMAS Conveniently located in the protected heart of the Charlotte Amalie Harbour, this state of the art marina offers the visiting yacht and charter guests over 7,500 sq metres of retail space, international dining and entertainment options, plus numerous seaside residences. The spectacular facility encompasses a 48 slip megayacht marina for yachts up to 135m in a marina dedicated to crew, owners and guests alike.


Max draft 4.5m


Max draft 5m

VHF 71

Tel: +1 787 860 1000

VHF 16

Tel: +1 340 774 9500

Max length 100m


Max length 200m


ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 81

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Bespoke Provisioning for Yachts and Villas By sourcing directly from producers we guarantee outstanding quality

Specialising in Spain whilst capable of delivering across the Med and Worldwide


Attentive and personalised service focusing on your every need and want


Sabor Barcelona

+34 655 053 626


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FOOD & DRINK The latest food & drink trends for you to try over the autumn months


GOAT ICE CREAM ANYONE? Sales of non cow’s milk dairy options such as goat, camel, rice and almond have risen by 40% in three years. Now ice cream is getting in on the act. Goat’s milk ice cream is popping up all over the place. Tasting less fatty and slightly thicker in texture, it is suitable for the lactose intolerant. Flavours include macha tea as well as raspberry, chilli and pistachio.

Fruit? Vegetable? Who cares, what you really need to worry about rhubarb, the food world’s equivalent of The Beano, is that the cartoonish looking stalk may be fine but the leaves are highly unsafe. Cooked or uncooked, eating the leaves will more than likely see you ingest oxalate, which can cause seizures, comas and even death. And before you ask, custard isn’t a viable antidote.


45ml Vodka

30ml Cranberry juice

Black pepper

15ml Cointreau


Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and double strain into large cocktail glass, add a grind of black pepper and garnish with strawberry.

Try one of our recommended Mediterranean sparkling waters this autumn

Skyr is becoming very popular thanks to its creamy, velvety texture and the fact that it’s low in fat, high in protein and loaded with probiotics. To the uninitiated, skyr is similar to yoghurt but much, much thicker; it is technically a soft cheese. Skyr is made by incubating skimmed milk with active cultures. The whey is then strained away.The flavour is slightly sour, like crème fraiche, and for this reason it is often served with a sprinkling of sugar.





Skyr is traditionally served cold with milk or cream, and a topping of sugar, jam or fruit.

DARE TO DIP A classic Icelandic dipping sauce is skyronnaise, a healthier version of mayonnaise.Skyr is mixed with anything from herbs to garlic, ginger or wasabi and often served with fish and chips

ONE MORE THING… Skyr became an unlikely piece of ammunition when demonstrators launched it at the Icelandic house of parliament during protests in 2009. The police responded to the dairy product fusillade with pepper spray and batons.

Uludag Marmara, Turkey

Vichy Catalan Catalonia, Spain

Aigua de Vilajuïga Tuscany, Italy

Natural sparkling mineral water is bottled at the same source since 1912, located in the Çaybaşi Village of Mount Uludağ, at an altitude of 2543 metres. The water comes in an outstanding cobalt blue glass bottle.

The most recognised mineral water in Spain. A high mineral content water with natural carbonation. High in bicarbonates and sodium which aid digestion and low in calcium and magnesium.

Taking its name from Villa Panna in the Tuscan hills where the spring was discovered in the 16th century. Clarity and a neutral pH level with low level mineral content make this an Italian favourite.

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 83

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Aushi Walalam is a Chef with staying power having spent 12 years on board Electa a 40 metre CCYD sailing yacht. Now, the 31 year old whose home is on Los Roques off the coast of Venezuela has moved to Caroline 1 a sailing yacht

What is your favourite dish to cook? Fish, it has to be fish! Coming from islands famous for lobsters I love to cook them too but shy away from crab because they are so fiddly! What is your favourite restaurant? Kerasma in Rhodes. The Chef Moschonas Antonis was born and raised in Athens and has travelled in Germany and England. He features fusion cuisine and he and I share the same philosophy on food. If you weren't a chef what would you be doing? Teaching I guess, or maybe fishing. What is your Favourite kitchen gadget? Freddy! It is a blast chiller from Irinox that combines slow heat with blast chilling. It enables me to blast chill cooked food, quickly and carefully. It freezes and thaws food, cooks meat and fish at low temperature, rising bread, pizza and focaccia, and provides meals that are hot and ready to serve as well as chilling wine and other drinks. What is your favourite type of food? I like a Mediterranean style with a fusion of Asian influence.

2 ripe peaches

1 tsp vanilla extract

100 ml coconut milk

a refreshing treat Place all the ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth. Pour mixture into lolly moulds and place in freezer for 4 hours.

€135 per kg The price of Civet coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak that comes from Sumatran cat poo. Basically this feral feline prowls Sumatran coffee plantations at night, choosing to eat only the finest, ripest cherries. The stones (which eventually form coffee beans) are then collected by sifting through the Civet’s number twos, forming one of the world’s finest blends


What three factors do you look for in food? It must be fresh, organic and come from a sustainable source. Where do you think is the best city in the world for food? Milan where I live now with my wife. Milanese cooking produces dishes that are in a class of their own. Risotto à la Milanese for example is a wonderful saffron infused risotto. You have to try the very traditional Al Girarrosto da Cesarina on Corso de Venezia to see what I mean. What is the one ingredient everyone needs in their galley? Top quality Virgin Olive Oil. What was the last meal you cooked for yourself because you really wanted to eat it? I am always experimenting and I really wanted to try a gazpacho iceberg salad with prawns in coconut milk and curry.

As well as having an attractive nutrient profile, teff also boasts 13% protein, making it an ideal grain for slow release energy. It is also naturally gluten free, so is likely to cause rather a stir amongst those keen to stick to a gluten free diet.

What is your most memorable food moment? I got a standing ovation when I once entered the room where guests had just eaten a meal I had cooked for them.

A cup of cooked teff offers 123mg, about the same amount of calcium as in a half cup of cooked spinach. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient not commonly found in grains.

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SPECIAL BREW Designed by David Freud and inspired by the old time coffee house culture of central Europe, every piece in Freud’s range of table and glassware oozes luxuriant quality and meticulous attention to design. This stunning, stainless steel cafetiere has a smooth wooden handle and a French press system. €85 www.eclectdesign.com

CULINARY COLLECTION You may not need them but you could certainly get used to them



Now your wine can breathe and mature while you pour. This catalyzer is a brand new and unique way of treating wine. Its magnet system brings out the wine’s flavour and bouquet while suppressing the tannins. Part of Eva Solo’s exclusive wine series. €50 www.houseology.com

Timing is everything in the kitchen. With its practical and smart design, this piece features an integrated strap for hanging the timer on a hook. Simple to use and easy to wind up much like the chef. €22 www.houseology.com

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PURE FLOW A revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative free state. Sulfites are artificial chemicals added to wine as a preservative. Üllo purifies wine using a food grade polymer to selectively remove sulfites, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected. €TBA www.ullowine.com

LET IT BREATHE Mouth blown glass wine carafe from Eva Solo. When wine is poured into the carafe, it runs through small holes in the integrated stainless steel funnel and down the inside walls of the carafe. This oxygenates the wine gently, effectively and beautifully. The large surface of the carafe also contributes to the oxygenation process. Please note due to the hand crafted artisan finish of this piece, no two items will be the same and every product is unique. €70 www.houseology.com

ROLL UP ROLL UP The ravioli rolling pin is absolutely amazing! Seeing the perfectly formed ravioli emerge from behind the pin is like watching a little miracle happen. Not a big mess, no fuss...just awesome ravioli. The company even replants 100 trees for every tree used in its production. €110 www.repastsupplyco.com

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GABRIELLA FLOWERS T +33 (0)6 78 63 89 28 www.gabriellaflowers.com

We handle ALL your needs

from arrival to departure. PORT LOUIS MARINA OFFICE:

473.435-6342 or 534-6342 1 Full Provisioning Service 2 Immigration / Customs Clearance 3 Piloting 4 Flowers (local & imported) 5 Airport Transfers 6 Parts Procurement; deck orders

7 Fishing & diving excursions 8 Boat, plane & helicopter charters


Airline reservations

10 Hotel, villa, restaurant reservations 11 Duty free fuel & oil 12 Laundry 13 Crew placement 14 Spa treatment

Main Office True Blue, P.O. Box 267 St. George’s GRENADA Telephone 473.534.3688 or 473.439.4369 473.444.4662 or 473.407.3688

www.spronksprovisioning.com claire@spronksprovisioning.com

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Table Ready For the perfect lunch or dinner setting, be it formal or casual, make sure you have different options available as suggested by Fiona’s Atelier

Double sided linen napkin

Assorted metallic napkin rings

Leather placemat

The Perfect Placemat and napkin set navy & white

Table set gold & cream

Table Settings Soft colours setting

Vinyl round placemats

Rattan placemat and coaster

Egyptian cotton with embroidery


Vinyl oval placemat

Fiona’s Atelier offers you a collection of accessories and furnishings for your yacht’s interior and hospitality areas such as tableware, salon and décor items, outdoor furniture and accessories. For more details Tel: +34 9331 57941 or visit www.fionasatelier.com

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The price is right Tom Harrow suggests that now is the time for you to explore some of the better value wine regions of the world


t is coming to the end of another long season, with some interesting and challenging new clients or destinations notched up and hopefully opportunities to try local delicacies and regional wines as well as whatever were this year’s preferred fine wine vintages stocking the boat’s store. Now is a good time to explore for yourself some of the better value wine regions of the world, which offer a serious mouthful but more reasonably than the better known appellations. It’s also worth bearing in mind some basic economics when making your choices: The cost of a wine, taking into account the bottle, cork/closure, cap, label, box, shipping, taxes, warehousing and delivery is around €5, leaving about €1 for the liquid itself. So a €10 wine is not twice as good as €5, as the costs remain largely the same, but in fact more like five times as good.

well worth your attention. From a small sub denomination of Monsant Cellar El Masroig’s Sola Fred is rich, ripe and cherry led with liquorice and 5 Spice.

Portugal is a favourite destination for great value whites and reds, almost all from indigenous varieties, the former being crisp, lively, unoaked and long on citrus and orchard fruits, where the latter are spicy, earthy and full of the flavours of hedgerow and forest. The Douro is famous for its reds, usually dominated by Touriga Nacional grape of Port fame but Alentejo is coming up on the rails and the Dao (perhaps Portugal’s Burgundy to Douro’s Bordeaux?) is making some beautiful wines. Look out for Quinta do Correio (a blend of Touriga, Alfrocheiro and Jaen), the estate wine from the region’s top producer Quinta dos Roques.

South Africa offers terrific value and a good range of styles. Full throttle, fruit driven reds tend to garner the most attention but the whites, especially from Chenin Blanc, a grape which has established a great base outside its Loire homeland, are delicious too. Whether from an established region like Stellenbosch, or the new wave of producers from trendy Swartland or off the beaten track areas like the Robertson Valley, Chenin is doing very well. From the latter region try the mid weight example from Rooiberg, an award winning cooperative of growers, with its clean, waxed lemon and riper peach vibe, is guaranteed to refresh.

“Spain is the new Portugal” is a good line to throw in at a dinner party and will demonstrate you recognise how the country is moving on from a period of (vinous) stagnation and that regions like Rueda, La Mancha, Navarra are making some great, affordable, modern wines. Rioja has always been seen as the top end of basic, the mid shelf wine you can grab in a supermarket en route to a friend’s house, but several notches up and for only a couple of euros more the wines from Priorat, with its proliferation of old vine Garnacha (Grenache) and Cariñena, are

Love Burgundy but hate Burgundy prices? Chile is back in the game making better Chardonnay than ever, especially from the higher, cooler climate regions. Cousiño-Macul, the country’s oldest family owned estate, is a great example of a grower making excellent “stepping-stone” wines from the Maipo Valley, that are a cross between classic old world styles and the bolder, riper New World. Their Chardonnay tastes like a slightly richer, sweeter Macon Villages, packed with ripe melon and apple fruit and a whiff of cinnamon.

Visitors to the Languedoc will find the quality of winemaking unrecognisable from 20 years ago, perhaps no region in France, indeed even the world has gone from zero to hero quite so impressively. Some interesting whites exist but it is really the reds that excel, mainly blends based on Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre but with a myriad of others thrown in. Domaine de L’Hortus in Pic Saint Loup makes a great Chateauneuf du Papealike for a little over €10. I remember trying it first 15 years ago, and the most recent vintage (2014) is as impressive as ever with a little more old vine character for added complexity.

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Time for tea

From green tea to hibiscus, from white tea to chamomile, teas are chockful of flavonoids and other healthy goodies


op the kettle on please! Tea is a beloved beverage around the world. Black tea (our favourite, with milk of course) pu-ehr, oolong, green and white all come from the leaves of the same plant, dried and infused to perfection for our consumption.Tea benefits have been recognised and valued for centuries in areas of Asia, but it’s only in recent years that Western countries have begun to appreciate how drinking different types of tea can aid and improve our health and general wellbeing. Different types of herbal teas have been used for years to treat illnesses, prevent disease and even help improve appearance. So stock up and start drinking! The countless health benefits of herbal tea turn this beloved beverage into far more than a comforting, delicious drink to enjoy with friends or over a good book! From relieving insomnia, to calming an upset stomach, to fighting viruses and infections, and more, herbal teas have so many powerful health benefits. Herbal tea isn’t really made from tea, which is a specific kind of plant. The French use the word tisane, which is a little more accurate, since herbal tea is really just an infusion of leaves, seeds, roots or bark. In drinking a well steeped herbal tea, we get all the plant’s benefits in an easily digestible form. Tea can also help you relax and sleep, the soothing properties in both camomile and lavender tea can help relieve stress and anxiety, encouraging relaxation and settling you down for a peaceful night’s sleep. Don’t throw away your chamomile tea bags, either use them topically to diminish those dark circles and bags under eyes. Certain herbal teas can also improve the appearance of your skin. Nettle tea is astringent and antiinflammatory, helping to treat acne and other skin conditions such as eczema. It can even heal insect bites. Drink rosehip tea for healthy skin tissue growth and repair. It’s rich in Vitamin C and other skin benefitting minerals. Peppermint tea is a powerful digestive aid and help can cure tummy troubles. Whether you’ve over indulged or are just feeling a bit queasy, drink this hot for instant relief. Ginger tea is another favourite for solving stomach problems; be it indigestion, heartburn or nausea.

Green tea, rooibos tea and hibiscus flower tea are all rich in antioxidants, helping to rid the body of harmful toxins and protect cells against damaging free radicals. Detoxing your body is extremely important and can help prevent certain types of ailments and generally keep you healthier in times of stress and hard work. Other herbs to help fight toxins such as milk thistle, dandelion and green tea all contribute to helping regenerate the cells in your liver and aid it in expelling the toxins it has to process on a daily basis. A healthy liver will have you feeling and looking your best. You can even go one step further and try bamboo tea or camomile and sage to improve the condition of your hair and nails and to promote growth.

TEA FACTS Temperature When herbal tea reaches a certain temperature the volatile oils escape (these are what contain the medicinal benefits), so to prevent them escaping it’s best to keep a cover on your teapot, and pour a little into your cup at a time. Struggle with sugar cravings after dinner? Fool your taste buds with sweeter tasting herbs and spices like liquorice root, marshmallow root, fennel, aniseed, rose and cinnamon in your herbal teas without the blood sugar spike. Look out for these flavours in herbal tea combos. Green tea Aware of the many benefits of green tea but don’t like the taste? Perhaps you’ve been brewing it wrong. Green tea should only steep for 2-3 minutes; any longer can make it taste bitter. If due to tiredness you’re finding it hard to concentrate then reach for a cup of glorious green tea, said to increase concentration levels and help you retain information. Studies have shown that it is beneficial for people studying or at work by helping them focus and conduct tasks more effectively. And last but not least herbal teas could aid recovery from the dreaded hangover. Aside from rehydrating your body after having one too many the night before, the medicinal properties in ginger, peppermint and thyme tea to name a few can help alleviate the symptoms.

TAKE THE STRAIN EVA SOLO A charming alternative to its counterparts. Crafted in a sculpted tear drop shape made from durable plastic and contemporary stainless steel. €20 www.houseology.com

BODUM Brew multiple times from just one serving. It features a long neck to accommodate most cups. The push button handle depresses downward to open up the fill chamber. €10 www.bodum.com

EVA SOLO One touch blending has never been so easy. The blender comes with four handy dishwasher safe bottles and flip top sipper lids for when you’re on the go. €24 www.houseology.com

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Surrender to sleep

Energy infusion

These potent botanicals yield a sweet and tranquil tea, delighting palate, mind and body

This masterful blend offers herbal benefits and a naturally sweet, smooth, pleasing flavour



Lifting one’s spirits and inspiring the mind

Aids lowering of LDL cholesterol and blood pressure

Refreshing spearmint and peppermint from the Pacific Northwest are combined with the bright, crisp flavour of lemon balm

This bold, tropical infusion is pure refreshment either served hot or over ice



Warm the heart herb tea

After meal digestive aid

Aids digestion with mild antibacterial qualities to neutralise dental bacteria and aid a general detox

Ginger is spicy on the tongue yet soothing to the digestive system

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TABLE TALK ONBOARD’s favourite eateries in Lisbon to fit all palates and pockets

RESTAURANT BASTARDO Located in the stunning Internacional Design Hotel which rocks a different theme on every floor. The restaurant offers tasty local dishes with a gentle nod to the other international cuisines. Overlooking Rossio Square, the decor is a diverse mix of colours, designs and contemporary furniture creating a cool atmosphere. The menu offers a variety of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, with an excellent wine carte. Rua da Betesga 3 Tel: +35 121 32 40 993 | €€€

CASA DE PASTO A no nonsense, no bells and whistles joint. Run by Diogo Noronha who is one of the most creative young chefs in town. He offers a choice between several inexpensive, delicious Portuguese tapas and gets the little things just right. As a newly added option to the Lisbon dining scene, this restaurant is rapidly becoming a go-to for those who want authentic Portuguese cuisine without breaking the bank. A small eatery with a handful of tables for that intimate dining experience with someone special! Rua de São Paulo 20-1 Tel: +351 96 373 99 79 | €€

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BRICK CAFÉ Brick Café is an authentic Portuguese place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or just sip a cup of coffee after strolling around town. The menu offers several delicious options, all fresh and in line with what the season has to offer. The atmosphere is laid back and welcoming. Try some of their pastries and cakes to build up your stamina. Rua de Moçambique 2 Tel: +351 21 81 41 575 | €€

BELCANTO Chef José Avillez

DONA QUITÉRIA Located in a former grocery store dating back to 1870 you’ll find this charming “petiscos” (Portuguese tapas) restaurant. Packed with authentic decoration, this restaurant has a unique vibe. Friendly staff serving tasty bites with a gourmet touch ensures a satisfying gastronomic experience for either lunch or dinner. Travessa São José 1 Tel: +351 21 39 51 521 | €€€

PATEO 13 Looking for the perfect restaurant to spend your autumn evening? Pateo 13 is your man. This authentic eatery is the perfect spot for large groups, or to just have a relaxing evening with some close friends. The BBQ food is to die for with quality fish and meat dishes being delivered with style. Watch the world go by from the terrace, but book early to guarantee the table. Calçadinha de Santo Estêvão 13 Tel: +351 21 888 23 25 | €€ A must visit is Pasteis de Belem, home of the pastel de nata, an eggy custard tart with crisp pastry and a blistered top

© Paulo Barata

Dip in the sea serves 4 INGREDIENTS 4 sea bass steaks, 170g each For the sea water Lemon juice to taste

400g mussels, well cleaned

For the bivalves

100g water

12 mussels

Seaweed & marine plants

12 razor clams

60g false dulse (dilseia carnosa)

20 cockles

60 g sea lettuce

Sea salt

40 g marsh samphire

Mineral water

40 g dead man’s fingers (codium fragile)

METHOD Place each sea bass steak in a sous-vide bag. For the bivalves Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil and cook the bivalves separately. Count 30 seconds for the mussels, 13 seconds for the cockles and 50 seconds for the razor clams (which should be cooked in a vacuum sealed bag). Quickly cool the bag of razor clams in cold water and ice. With a small knife, remove the remaining bivalves from their shells and keep in the refrigerator. For the sea water Bring water to the boil. Add the mussels and count 30 seconds. Remove from the heat and pass the mussel cooking water through a superbag. Retain the broth and cool it immediately. For the seaweed and marine plants Soak the false dulse in cold water to remove excess salt. Boil water in a pan, add the sea lettuce and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remove and cool in cold sea water. Use the marsh samphire and the dead man’s fingers raw. To finish Place the sea bass in a bain-marie heated to 54ºC, for 20 minutes. Heat the bivalves and seaweed in sea water steam. Heat the sea water (the mussel broth) in a pan to 80ºC. Remove the sea bass from the sous-vide bag and place in the pan of sea water for 5 seconds. Remove the sea bass from the mussel broth and strain onto a serving plate. Pass the broth through a fine strainer and add a little lemon juice. Serve the sea bass with the seaweed and the bivalves and finish with a little of the broth.

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The reign in Spain Fiscal advantages, an abundance of professional and skilled companies and a temperate climate are just some of the reasons why the refit business in Spain is thriving Words: Frances and Michael Howorth


ey Amigo, if you think that no work ever gets done in Spanish shipyards and that the workers all disappear for siestas after lunch then think again. Spain has changed and the refit business is not only a modern well run and rather slick industry, it is attracting a great many yachts that otherwise would have gone to the northern European yards to get the business done. No one can have failed to notice how the superyacht scene in Spain is accelerating when compared to the facilities offered in France, Italy, Turkey and Greece. The changes in the way yachts are taxed is just one of the more recent and better publicised changes that have affected the attitude of Captains and Yacht Managers. Marinas are being constructed and it would not be an under statement to suggest that marinas on the Spanish Mediterranean coast are some of the most technically advanced in the world. Superyacht crews are choosing to work over winter in boats moored in Spain because of the Spanish way of life, the temperate climate and the facilities offered by local marinas are perceived as being superior to those offered elsewhere in the area. Ben Parnwell is Operations Manager at Branagh Marine Composites (BMC) a Palma based company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of carbon fibre equipment for motor and sailing yachts. He believes that the recent changes in the laws have lead to an immediate increase in the number of boats staying in Spanish waters and choosing to berth there. He said, “The

growth year on year is noticeable with yachts choosing to use their downtime between charters to have refit works completed here in Palma. Most strikingly, the historically quiet months of July and August have seen a significant upturn from last year to this. This summer period is now becoming a busy time for refit work as more boats look to take advantage of both contractor availability and the scheduling flexibility that the summer months can bring.” “The law changes have definitely favoured us indirectly as yachts dedicated to charter travel between marinas,” agrees Júlia Quintana the Marketing Manager at MB’92 in Barcelona. She adds, “The greater charter traffic in Spanish waters, the greater the opportunities there are for marinas and shipyards like us to provide a service for any needs that they may have.” Siggi Mansaker from Evolution Sails adds, “Over the past few years Palma has seen a very nice growth in refits and this could have continued to happen even without the change in the law. But, for sure with more yachts cruising in Spanish waters due to the recent changes the bigger the chance that they will do service and refit work here.” So why is Spain proving to be the answer to the refit location question? The fact that, in Spain, if the vessel is not EU registered, then VAT/IVA is not payable on refit works is one good reason. This is a serious budgetary consideration when

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looking at cash flows. Combine that with the recent relaxation of Charter Taxation laws and it is easy to see why Spain has become a very attractive base for many boats. The ‘Open Market’ policy operated by yards such as STP in Palma, where contractors are not charged commission by the yard is giving the choice of contractor back to the yachts themselves. Besides it keeping competition vibrant and quality very high it is also proving to be a decision making factor in Spain’s favour. Clearly, the network of quality contractors and suppliers that now exists around the shipyards is very well established in Spain and boats are becoming confident that they will get the best product or service made available to them.

The sheer number of companies that work in Palma make it a perfect place for a refit. You can cover all aspects of a refit with local businesses Jon Winstanley of Modesty Interiors also explains that, “The change in these laws means that our season is now longer and vessels are remaining in Spanish waters and having works, both large and small, right through the summer. This has proved invaluable in levelling out the peaks and troughs we have traditionally had to cope with.”

MB’92 Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92) is a company fully dedicated to the yacht industry providing service, refit, repair and maintenance works to more than 90 superyachts per year with a length from 35 up to 180 metres. MB’92 facilities cover a surface area of 76.000 m2 and it is located in the port of Barcelona, a strategic stop off point for yachts on their journey between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. With more than 20 years of activity in the industry, a team of expert professionals are able to undertake any yacht refit operation from start to finish guaranteeing the highest level of quality. For more details Tel: +34 93 224 02 24 or visit www.mb92.com

As a long established company BMC proves that point. “We have the structure and facilities in place to carry out and guarantee serious refit works,” says Ben Parnwell. He adds, “In addition we have built up a vast network of trusted contractors who we have worked with for over 10 years in many cases. This is combined with recently being appointed the distributor for GURIT Products here in Spain, which ensures that we can offer the most technologically advanced composite materials to all our customers.” One such international company growing organically in Palma is Evolution Sails. “The sheer number of companies that work in Palma make it a perfect place for a refit. You can cover all aspects of a refit with local businesses,” explains Mansaker. Evolution Sails in Palma focus on the service of sails for large sailing yachts; repairs, modifications and recuts of existing sails that are completed at the 800 sqm loft by experienced sailmakers. Mansaker adds, “We also have a large facility to clean sails and awnings, and with our large industrial washing machine we can accommodate large quantities of ropes for cleaning as well. Last winter we cleaned 3000 metres of white ropes for a large classic sailing yacht.” Such is the profusion of professional services offered on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline it can be difficult to identify one as being better than the other. “A key benefit to yacht owners, captains and crew choosing to carry out refit work at MB’92 is that we are located in the heart of Barcelona,” says Júlia Quintana. She adds, “Being here provides all the wonderful advantages of being at the very heart of this world famous city giving crew direct access as soon as they step off the boat.” MB’92 has developed and grown in this sector on the foundations of quality and service provided to all its clients. With over 20 years experience, they have been

Overtemp Marine With operations in South Florida, NY, Spain servicing France and Italy Overtemp Marine provides a mobile dockside heat exchanger cleaning service. No one else in Europe is providing this service where a Captain or Engineer can call Overtemp and have their entire cooling system chemically descaled and in a day have the engines, generators, AC chilled water system, hydraulic coolers, crossovers and sea chests cleaned and back to factory new and engines performing better and running cooler. Without taking the engine apart and no downtime Overtemp Marine offer free estimates and come to where the boat is situated. For more details Tel: +34 871 570 634 or visit www.overtemp.com

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Marine Fire Protection for all applications KJ FireOff ® – The Water Mist System Take all the benefits. It’s the best choice. www.kj-fireoff.com Knaack & Jahn Schiffbau GmbH Piping systems and technical fire protection Uffelnsweg 10 20539 Hamburg/Germany 24/7 Call +49 40 7812930

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fortunate to develop long lasting relationships with yacht crews who trust in their ability to provide a consistent service year after year. This personal approach and quality guarantee is certainly attractive for anyone seeking to carry out a superyacht refit in Spain. “Our location provides crew with two key advantages,” says Júlia Quintana. “Firstly, we are conveniently positioned for vessels making the voyage from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or vice versa. Secondly, our pleasant climate all year round allows us to limit any potential delays due to bad weather, therefore minimising the time the vessel is out of the water.”

Changing laws means that vessels are remaining in Spanish waters and having works, both large and small, right through the summer If MB’92 is an all encompassing full service yard working with expert businesses in various sectors. It offers a global project subcontracting to the main specialised companies from Barcelona, Palma and Europe, meaning the Captain works closely with their Project Manager from MB’92 who coordinates all the works carried out by contractors. Other companies are more specialised, BMC are experts in composite while Modesty are one of the more established companies offering quality woodwork, carpentry and cabinet making and deck replacement. Based in Palma Winstanley adds “95% of work comes through word of mouth and yachting is such a small, fluid industry that this is the strongest form of achieving a powerful client base. We offer a fast, efficient service of the highest quality. We have never tried to compete on price, but purely on quality. We have revolutionised our teak decking replacement with large investments in the latest Cad and CNC equipment enabling us to produce decks whilst the vessel are away working and to have the panels ready and waiting when their seasons have finished.” Refits need not necessarily be about the supply of hardware. Engineering services are an equally important provision in the refit sector. Ask James Heise at Overtemp Marine, a qualified yacht captain who runs the Palma based firm that solves overheating problems in yachts’ engines. Overtemp does exactly as its name suggests, and prevents marine engines, generators, hydraulic coolers, sea chests and crossovers from running over temperature.... This is a condition that every owner, captain or engineer is keen to avoid, for the obvious reason in that it increases maintenance costs and shortens engine life. James Heise is not a man to get hot under the collar, in fact he has made a speciality and a successful business out of keeping things cool on yachts, specifically in the engine room. Heise explains, “During this recent long and hot summer, the yacht is working overtime with every engine part, HVAC and electronic system on board maxing out. Our dockside heat exchange cleaning service is unique in these waters. Having the entire cooling system chemically descaled, plus generators, AC chilled water systems, hydraulic coolers cleaned and back to factory new simply means engines performing better and cooler.”

Pro Rigging Rodrigo Sanz is the owner of Pro Rigging, and has been working in the rigging business for more than 15 years. Working from their 500m2 workshop, one minute from the Palma harbour and STP yard, they cover the full region of the Balearic Islands, though they have also done works in Barcelona, Coruña and Italy. They address all their projects in the same way with the principal goal to satisfy all their clients with the work they carry out. A lengthy list of satisfied customers is the proof of their quest and delivery for perfection. For more details +34 (0)971 592 905 or visit www.pro-rigging.com

BMComposites Pantone 877c (metalic silver ink) With the refit season fast approaching, Palma is bracing itself for one of the busiest years to date. BMComposites now has orders booking up time into next year and with the usual influx of boats to Palma in September/October, we are expecting the demand to increase further still. We will be working closely with the foremost suppliers in the superyacht industry, realising both warrantee work and requested modifications. BMComposites are trusted by class surveyors and insurance consultants alike for their project management, construction and repairs. BMComposites work alongside some of the best Naval Architects and Composite Engineers in the industry and are renowned for their ability and creativity when it comes to complex structures. BMC are proud to announce in addition to their ever increasing capabilities, they are now the official distributors of GURIT composite materials for the Balearic Islands and Spain. For more details Tel: +34 971 254 181 or visit www.bmcomposites.com

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THE PREFERRED CHOICE OF INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS – WORLDWIDE Trusted Since 2005 Superyacht Refit and Repair Specialists (+34) 971 254 181 info@bmcomposites.com www.bmcomposites.com

doCkSIdE hEAT ExChANGER CLEANING Is Calcium and Scale Build Up Causing Poor Performance in your Marine Engine? From Small Yachts to Mega Yachts Biodegradable Barnacle Buster Used Engines • Generators • AC Systems Sea Chest - Crossovers No Engine Teardown Lower Engine Temp 5-10 degrees Impeller & Zinc Replacement





Overtemp Marine Florida 102 NE 2nd Street, Suite 127 Boca Raton, Florida 33432 561-935-3276 | 800-727-2304

Overtemp Marine Europe C.L SoLEdat, 4 BajoS-102 07003 Palma de Mallorca 34-871-570-634 Servicing Spain, France, Italy


Overtemp Marine New York Main Street Sag Harbor, New York 11963 1-800-727-2304


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If the growth in the number of yachts using Spain as a refit base had to be put down to a single factor, it would probably be noted that modern day communications between crews is being used to express concerns about some shipsyards at a time when others are being praised. Word of mouth is clearly playing a major part in the expansion of Spain’s refit business.

Word of mouth is clearly playing a major part in the expansion of Spain’s refit business “I should say so,” agrees Ben Parnwell of BMC. “Word of mouth is very important in the marine industry and always has been. It stems from it being a traditionally small industry even though it is globally dispersed. This means that boats do see each other fairly often in different ports and recommendations between captains and between crews carry a lot of weight. This network of trust is an important element to many boats making their decisions on where and who to work with.” “The very nature of the superyacht sector means that word of mouth is extremely important for recommendations,” Júlia Quintana of MB’92 said. Júlia adds, “All stakeholders in the sector from owners and captains, to crew and contractors all communicate with one another in the marinas, events, boat shows and through social media.Therefore, all these shared experiences travel fast, and especially the bad ones. Therefore it is vital for any shipyard to be on the top of their game and strive for a consistency of excellence in everything they do. This can only be a benefit for all and continue to see the sector evolve for the better.” As the businesses in Spain continue to get talked about, they thrive and as they do so, they spend more money to build a bigger and better infrastructure. Just recently the Pearlson Shiplift Corporation announced that it had won a contract bid to design and supply a new shiplift and transfer system as part of an expansion project underway at the Barcelona shipyard operated by MB92. The first phase of the shiplift project will provide a platform of 81 metres by 20 metres with the capability to lift and transfer megayachts of up to 105 metres in length. The system is designed to enable future increases in length and capacity for megayachts of up to 120 metres length. Larger yachts can be docked in the graving dock, which is located elsewhere in the expanded site. Rigs like this are not cheap to procure and operate but the fact that they have been ordered by a shipyard bodes well for the refit and repair industry in Spain.



Evolution Sails


MB’92 www.mb92.com Modesty Interiors


Overtemp Marine


Pro Rigging


Modesty Interiors Modesty was formed in 1999 by Phil Spear and Jon Winstanley and, due to a dedication to quality and customer service, quickly grew into one of the largest and most well respected carpentry companies in Mallorca. They developed, within the company, two separate teams with one specialising in teak deck works and the other in interior refits, exterior furniture, capping rails, gratings so as to be able to provide a full service to all their clients. They have perfected a revolutionary system for producing prefabricated decks. Using non invasive laser measuring equipment and CNC machinery, Modesty is able to measure, design and fabricate a new deck accurate to within 0.5mm over 45mts. All aspects of the design, construction, varnishing and upholstery are carried out under one roof leading to a smooth trouble free project. For more details Tel: +34 971 910 211 or visit www.modesty.es

Evolution Sails Evolution Sails is a worldwide maker of high end custom cruising, racing, grand prix and one design sails. The company was established in New Zealand and the US in 2009 and finally opened their European operation in autumn 2014 in Mallorca. Their large local sail loft is now busy doing service work on superyacht sails and they offer cleaning, inspection, service/repairs, modifying and storage facilities. New sails are being produced in New Zealand and in the US and their sails are truly made by passionate sailmakers who strive to make the best sails possible, using best practice and top quality components. Evolution Sails are now established as a premium sailmaker focusing on quality, design, craftsmanship and service. For more details Tel: +34 634 330 783 or visit www.evolutionsails.com

STP www.stp-palma.com

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Ahead of the game Virtual reality is back and these are the headsets you need to have

SAMSUNG GEAR VR The chunky but lightweight headset uses a Galaxy S6 smartphone as a screen to deliver 360 degree videos that feel strangely life like, as well as immersive, interactive animations. Lots of free content available and works well with Bluetooth game controllers. Best game: Gunner www.samsung.com €270

HTC VIVE Getting great reviews that is mainly thanks to the headset’s two 1080 x 1200 screens, the highest resolution displays out there. The pc connected device has two sensors that hang on your wall to track whole body movement and gives haptic feedback. Best game: Portal Demo www.htcvr.com €TBC

ZEISS VR ONE Using your smartphone as its display. However, unlike the Samsung Gear, it supports both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5, although you need to specify which one when you buy. Predictably, the optics are excellent with field of view around 100 degrees. Best game: Jack White: Third-D www.vrone.us €170

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FOVE VR FOVE believes that the future of VR control is eye tracking, and its headset uses tiny cameras to track where you’re looking in real-time. FOVE is being backed by Microsoft Ventures and as we know nailing a simple control system can unlock a much larger global market. Best game: Shooting Gallery Demo www.getfove.com €400

ARCHOS VR GLASSES The cheapest product on the market, unless you build your own Google cardboard headset. Use any smartphone up to 6 inches in size. The device takes the distorted split image on your smartphone and transforms it into stereoscopic 3D. Best game: War of Words VR www.archos.com €30

SONY MORPHEUS No pc or snazzy smartphone required, just use your PlayStation 4. Sony also has some of the best game studios in the world working on games for Morpheus. A special mention has to go to the headset’s 120Hz refresh rate, which really helps to eliminate motion sickness. Best game: London Heist www.sony.com €TBC

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TIPS FOR GOOD PAINT PRACTICE With the ever constant need to keep a superyacht shining brightly in the sunlight the maintenance and application of paint and brightwork is an increasingly important task for the accomplished member of crew. We asked experts in their field to give us tips for avoiding everyday issues relating to painting and varnishing which can cut emissions, boost performance and improve fuel economy aboard your vessel.

Fifty shades of white

Wrap it up to go

When it comes to touching up the white superstructure it might be a good idea to call the girls up on deck and get them to look at the colour match before the male deckies begin to paint. Scientists have long maintained that the sexes see colours differently. That’s why Israel Abramov, a psychologist and a behavioural neuroscientist gave a group of men and women a battery of visual tests. Having done so he suggests one possibility for the difference in ability, which he cautions is highly speculative, is that it’s an evolutionary adaptation that benefited hunter-gatherer societies: “Males,” he says, “Needed to see distant, moving objects, like bison, while females had to be better judges of colour when scouring for edible plants. “Either which way, it pays to check out the colour match before the boss’s wife comes on board.” Akzo Noble who make and market the Awlgrip brand of coatings suggests one good tip is to keep a log of what is painted when it was completed and what product was used noting any batch numbers or identification codes shown on the tin. That way you know exactly what colour was originally used.

Vinyl wrapping is a way of protecting a paint finish with a plastic layer, rather than a chemical topcoat.Using a clear vinyl can preserve the look of original paintwork by preventing minor scratches and chips from reaching the paint, whilst still keeping the original colour and finish. Coloured vinyl wrapping is most commonly used to revitalise or replace old painted surfaces to change colour or finish for considerably less than the cost of a respray. Vinyl allows for special effects the likes of pearlescent or matt effect to be applied if required. Well trained technicians should properly prepare the surface before they apply the plastic layer, cutting it to fit and blend in seamlessly by hand. Alexandros Karvelas at Pro Wrapping says, “Along with a more attractive price tag comes many benefits that wrapping offers over paint. Professionally installed wraps will leave yachts and tenders with a breathtaking finish that will be admired for years. Wrapping can also shorten the time the yacht is out of action and in a yard, and for small detail work wrapping can be applied and removed with ease.”

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TASK FORCE Peel me another orange Paint that has a dappled look about it is often referred to as having an orange peel effect because of the texture of the finished surface resembles the skin of an orange or grapefruit. It is almost certainly the result of improper painting technique, and can be caused by fast evaporation of thinners or when using an incorrectly set up spray gun. It can also arise when

a surface is painted with a roller using too little paint or too thick a paint so that the surface dries before the texture as a whole does so. When using a spray gun check the air pressure and ensure the correctly sized nozzle is fitted. Avoid spraying paint at an angle other than perpendicular to the surface and never apply an over excessive amount of paint.

A task force is formed from a pool of experts to cover the many potential variables that lead to paint failure. Through collaboration the root cause of the paint defect is quickly identified. A task force is formed from a pool of experts to cover the many potential variables that can lead to paint failure. Through the collaboration of these experts the root cause of the paint defect is quickly identified.

Chemical Engineer A chemical engineer can investigate complex chemical processes that can lead to paint problems, whether these processes have taken place during the paint preparation & application phase or later, when the yacht is in service.

The average thickness of a

Naval Architect

single topcoat is 80 microns

Certain design features in yachts can induce paint failure and a naval architect can be appointed to examine this variable. The ship’s structural rigidity sometimes plays a role and should also be investigated.

1μm is equal to one thousandth of a millimetre

The number of litres required for one coat of antifoul to cover a 70m yacht

3D Imaging Expert A sharply undulating substrate can result in coating issues. A 3D imaging expert can visualize the ship’s bare surfaces through the filler and paint layers and thereby determine its potential influence on the paint issues.

Application Specialist

Play it safe Remember always when handling paint that it is a chemical compound and can, as such be harmful to humans if not handled properly. Avoid eye and skin contact wherever possible. Eye protection should be used when there is any risk of paint splashing on the face. Use eyewear that complies with EN 166. If material does contaminate the eye, it is recommended that the eye is flushed with clean fresh water for at least 15 minutes, holding the eyelids apart, and medical attention sought. Skin irritation can occur from contact with paint products. Crew should always wear protective gloves and protective clothing when applying or mixing any paint products. Overalls which cover the body, arms and legs should be worn. Skin cream, of a non-greasy barrier type, may be used on the face. Do not use petroleum jelly as this can help the absorption of paint into the body. Remove rings and watch straps before commencing work, as these can trap paint particles next to the skin. Remove any paint that does get onto the skin by washing with warm water and soap or an approved skin cleanser. After washing, apply a skin conditioner. Never use solvent or thinners to clean the skin.

A paint application specialist can scrutinize the work processes that were employed during the coating application period and determine whether suitable products have been specified for the project. Any application-related factors can be pinpointed or ruled out.

Lab Researcher Paint materials can be thoroughly tested in a controlled laboratory environment. Are there any issues with the product and the product’s formulation? Are the paint products free from foreign matter? Is the paint from a ‘bad batch’?

Legal Specialist The legal specialist assists in the documentation and reporting of findings and observations. A water-tight and wellsupported document can be prepared in preparation for possible legal proceedings. Joop Ellenbroek www.ellenbroekcoatingsolutions.com

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Call me Dusty It is a sad fact of life that the Sahara Desert is just too close to the marinas on the northern shores of the Mediterranean. That and the fact that superyacht docks are often close to roads, means that whenever crew are trying to paint a surface outside they encounter dust. Minute particles of sand or road grit are generally invisible to the eye but add a layer of wet coating to a surface and the annoying molecules of grit can quickly spoil hours of hard work.

13,500 litres of filler and 450 litres of top coat are required for a 45m yacht

Here are some tips from Top Coat d’Azur: •

Use thinner layers of paint or varnish as the faster a surface dries the less time dust has to spoil a surface.

Use an air compressor to blow away dust from a surface before applying the coating.

Check on deck outlets and a/c vents are cleaned or turn off the fans if possible.

Before applying a coating, spray or sprinkle water on the deck, this will help keep dust on the deck and help prevent it moving around in the air.

1 litre of paint will give you a coverage of 5m2

Some like it hot When painting, it is always best to avoid extreme air quality or temperature conditions. Low temperatures will for example increase drying times while high temperatures will reduce drying times and can make application more difficult, as product flow and levelling is compromised. Optimal painting conditions are when the ambient temperature is between 10 - 26° Centigrade and relative humidity is below 65%. Betty Gkika is the Business Development Manager of the Yachting Department within the Spanopoulos Group in Greece. She suggests, crew avoid painting in direct sunlight, or when the substrate itself is excessively warm. One good way to check this is to check the surface temperature using a specialised surface thermometer. She says, “When applying epoxies in high humidity conditions they can develop an ‘amine blush’ on the surface particularly at lower temperatures. This slightly sticky substance must be removed and can normally be washed off with soap and water. If the blush is not removed it can lead to the delamination of subsequent coats. High humidity conditions can reduce the amount of solvent evaporation during the drying/curing stages; with epoxies this can lead to a ‘soft cure’ where solvent can remain trapped in the film for many days leading to slow or poor final cure.

Tribos Tribos and its management team have been at the forefront of superyacht protective coating development since the very start. Superyacht builders, refit yards, paint companies, management companies, owners and captains have gone from complete sceptics to enthusiastic promoters. They have accepted the concept that a seasonal, sacrificial, professionally applied coating will protect the yacht’s surfaces extending their life, while saving time and money, plus improving shine and appearance. The company remain committed to the long term supply of scientifically researched protective coatings proven on superyachts year after year, whether advanced amino functional polymers, or ceramic protective coatings, glass protection for increased visibility and safety, or stainless steel coatings for enhanced protection and shine. Tribos® now offers total unrivalled protection for your yacht managed by experienced project managers and applied by a highly attentive team of applicators. For more details Tel: +356 79 895 558 or visit www.triboscoatingsmarine.com

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A stitch in time Patching paint should always be thought of as a temporary repair because it will more than likely always be identified as such. George Balmforth Manager of the Yacht Contracts department at General Coating in Germany believes, hard cutlines are almost always visible, especially in darker colours the likes of dark blues and blacks. “They should,” he says “be avoided in areas where they are easy to spot.” He advises crew not to polish hard cutlines suggesting, “They will look worse than if they were simply left as they were. It is sometimes better to paint an entire section than a patch in the middle of a surface, as you would have less risk of it being visible. Larger areas are often better than smaller ones.Polishing out soft cutlines using specialist polishes is always the better solution.” He adds, “Certain paints can be polished and others cannot be polished, so be aware of what is possible before you start. A well polished patch when done properly will be almost invisible.”

Wash after use Yachts live in some of the most corrosive conditions for paintwork in the world attacked constantly by high doses of ultra violet light and salt water. Paint surfaces are porous with millions of microscopic holes.Salt crystals get into these holes and act a little like the tip of a screwdriver boring away making the pores bigger.

Spanopoulos Group Since its foundation, Spanopoulos Shipyard has developed major capabilities in dry docking, ship repair and conversion of ships. The company operates as an independent unit and pursues its own activities based on its particular qualifications, assets equipment and facilities. Since last year Spanopoulos Shipyards has expanded its borders in the yachting sector by opening a new 16.500m² modern and luxurious site exclusively dedicated to projects for megayachts. The company’s vision is to hold the leading position in the field of yacht repairs, refits and new builds with two operative units, of more than 55.000m², contemporarily in the Piraeus zone, Greece. For more details Tel: +30 210 467 4555 or visit www.spanopoulos-group.com

General Coating The sooner these salt crystals are removed the less damage is done. The less damage is done the smoother the surface and the smoother the surface the shinier the boat looks, as light is refracted in a focussed single beam rather than diffused in many directions. Adrian Mingo of Yacht Help Malta says, “Tribos protective coatings seal the pores on paint, glass and stainless, preventing them from being damaged and creating an uneven surface that will never shine no matter how many wash downs are done. From the crew’s point of view, washing down a surface sealed smooth with Tribos is quick and easy and results in the perfect shine.”

General Coating is a new build and refit paint and fairing contractor specialising in finishing and refinishing of superyacht exterior and interiors. This ranges from tanks, engine and technical room coatings to the filling, fairing and finishing of topsides and hulls. Our main services include; corrosion protection and control, filling and fairing and application of primers ans topcoats in accordance with all international standards and norms. The company have invested strongly in the future and are constantly striving to maintain and better the quality a customer expects within stringent time limitations. Their staff are constantly trained in new methods and equipment, always acquiring best practice knowledge and are ISO 9001 certified as well as SCC health and safety managed. For more details Tel: +49 431 28933127 or visit www.general-coating.com

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We shine on the inside and out

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Interior/Exterior Finishing Corrosion Control & Protection Filling and fairing Paint Restoration Coating Protection Polishing

Contact us for any kind of enquiry or advice

Professional Approachable Flexible

Tel: +49 431 28933127 email: info@general-coating.com www.general-coating.com General Coating GmbH, Grabastrasse.21, 24148 – Kiel, Germany

High Quality Wrapping & More...

E info@prowrapping.com T +30 6985082282 www.prowrapping.com

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It’s all down to the preparation The difference between a good paint job and poor one is always down to the preparation. The lazy focus on painting while professional crew put most of their effort into preparing the job for painting. It is a cliché, but it is also true, that 99% of any good paint job lies in the preparation. It doesn’t matter if the finish is wood or fibreglass, the prep work still has to be done. It begins with removing all hardware, railings and decorative strips. Avoid using masking tape where the complete removal of the object can be safely achieved. Jotun the paint specialists have a good website that details many good practices and tips among them: •

Use thinner layers of paint or varnish as the faster a surface dries the less time dust has to spoil a surface.

Use an air compressor to blow away dust from a surface before applying the coating.

Check on deck outlets and ensure that a/c vents are cleaned or turn off the fans if possible.

Before applying a coating, spray or sprinkle water on the deck, this will help keep dust on the deck and help prevent it moving around in the air.

Gloss it up Specialist polymer and ceramic coatings enhance and protect the exterior paint surfaces against ultra violet, salt, dirt, exhaust fumes, oil and a host of other contaminates. Using a good polish can delay a paint cycle and if applied from new or whilst still in good condition can extend the life of the paint for years. When polishing surfaces it pays to use products specifically designed to work perfectly with most surfaces. Adrian Mingo of Yacht Help Malta says, “We are constantly researching and developing our range. Our Tribos paint coatings give unrivalled shine and depth of colour, delivering a new look to your surfaces. You can touch and feel the difference from the very first time you apply it and the more often you apply, the better that surface is protected.”

ProWrapping With an experience of more than 15 years, ProWrapping boasts real expertise in the yachting industry. The company applies exceptional techniques and uses high quality vinyl materials in order to transform any surface of the yacht, according to your needs and preferences, adding a high aesthetic finish that one can hardly distinguish from marine painting. You can choose among a great range of colors and patterns or request your own design idea. Some of the main advantages are: low cost compared to marine painting, no need for special care, easy repair process in shipyard and in water, wrapping removal without damaging the boat, eco friendly material and process, long lasting protection avoiding annual polishing for five years. Among other services, ProWrapping also specialises in window tinting, exterior polishing and biological yacht cleaning. For more details Tel: +30 698 50 82 282 or visit www.prowrapping.com

Topcoat d’Azur CONTACTS Akzo Noble


General Coating






Pro Wrapping


Rolling Stock


Spanopoulos Group

Top Coat d’Azur Tribos / Yacht Help Ltd

www.spanopoulos-group.com www.topcoatdazur.com


Topcoat d’Azur are leaders in the field of paint application and work closely with some of the industry’s R&D departments, field testing products to assist development of optimum performance and durability, as well as keeping at the forefront of application techniques for finishes such as pearlescent and metallic. Topcoat d’Azur are experts in anti-corrosion technology and have solutions for fighting corrosion problems even in hard to reach areas. Topcoat d’Azur offer an all round service from small repairs to full refinishing and have developed a unique modular ‘in water’ system, allowing them to recoat the whole vessel, above the waterline whilst in the water, enabling the vessel to obtain a paint refinish at a fraction of the cost of going into the yard. For more details Tel: +33 (0) 492 92 18 51 or visit www.topcoatdazur.com

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YACHT ESSENTIALS Chris Clifford recommends his essential products and services

Herzliya Marina As Israel’s largest marina and the gateway to the Holy Land, Herzliya Marina is an official port of entry and is well located in the district of Tel Aviv. Surrounded by wonderful sandy beaches the marina offers a huge variety of restaurants overlooking the water, various fashion retail units, hotels and around the clock entertainment. The facility also offers a full range of technical

services and other provisioning items. The marina is the perfect base for exploring the nearby archaeological sites such as the Crusaders Fortress and the Apollonia area, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. For more details Tel: +972 9956 5591 or visit www.herzliya-marina.co.il

GW Surveying

Super Yachting South Africa

Geoff Waddington & Partners Ltd is an established independent marine surveying practice, based in Hythe, Southampton. They have three professional surveyors available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, supported by over 60 years of experience in the marine industry. Their range of services includes all types of marine survey, for private and commercial clients and are experienced in multiple survey disciplines undertaking instructions at short notice. GW Surveying pride themselves on high quality, clear and comprehensive reports and an ability to adapt and tailor these to best-suit a client’s specific requirements. For more details Tel: +44 (0)2380 333307 or visit www.marine-surveying.co.uk

Yacht crew work in an industry where attention to detail, focus, discipline, dedication and professionalism and levels of service and hospitality is unparalleled to any other maritime working environment. SYSA offer training, advice and guidance to crew to achieve this standard, specialising in RYA and PYA internationally accredited Steward/ess, Deckhand and Chef training, especially focusing on entry level crew. The company’s team is headed up by yachting industry experts with over 20 years’ experience in the deck and interior departments. SYSA provide the most up to date and applicable information possible on how to succeed and advance in the world of yachting. For more details Tel: +27 72 419 5457 or visit www.sysa.co.za

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Buzz Connect

Sabor Barcelona Sabor Barcelona is a company built on the knowledge and passion of Paul Healy, previously a yacht chef who trained under Heston Blumenthal and Paco Torreblanca. With uncompromised quality and personalised service at the core of its ethos, Sabor is now distributing a range of outstanding stocks and sauces, a true galley essential. Produced by True Foods, committed to utilising only 100% natural ingredients and serving chefs of the calibre of Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller, the sauces are blast frozen at source, packed in practical one litre bags and have a 12 month shelf life, making them ideal for any busy chef. For more details Tel: +34 655 053 626 or visit www.sabor-barcelona.com

Buzz Connect has been at the forefront of the marine coastal 3G market with products like the Hubba X selling across the world. They have just released a range of 4G/LTE units with single and dual SIM versions in order to take advantage of the new high speed data services becoming available and to help satisfy the burgeoning demand created by more data hungry devices now arriving on board vessels. After extensive testing of all similar products, Fred Olsen ferries recently chose the Hubba X4 as offering the best overall performance and usability. Buzz Connect are also delighted to announce Swire Pacific are to equip the Asian fleet of c100 ships with Hubba X4 units. For more details Tel: +44 (0)203 488 0088 or visit www.buzzmarine.co.uk

Greycoat Lumleys Greycoat Lumleys has provided high calibre staff to discerning clients for 20 years, so they know a thing or two about good service. Their specialist Ski & Yacht sector can undertake the recruitment of your Interior Crew for yachts worldwide. Chefs, Stewards and Stewardesses at all levels are a speciality, as well as other on board catering, hospitality

and housekeeping roles and childcare positions. The company believe in quality, not quantity and carefully select the best candidates; and do not bombard their discerning clients with unsuitable CVs. For more details Tel: +44 (0) 20 7233 9950 or visit www.greycoatlumleys.co.uk

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Oceania Yachting Group A niche firm in the yachting sector, suitably sized to provide luxury class yacht services exceeding all expectations.Founders and joint managing directors Tania Sofikitou and Kostas Skiathitis are actively involved in the yachting industry with 20 years of experience and a great passion for the sea. This year the company extended their activities to include Brokerage and Chartering. As they cover all of the Eastern Mediterranean, they offer their clients ideal destinations for exploring the magnificent and unique islands of Greece and the beautiful coastline of Turkey. The company also offer quality yacht charters, tours through natural wonders, flower arrangements, customs clearance, immigration, berth reservation, bunkering, provisioning, transportation services, 24/7 assistance and turnkey technical services. For more detail Tel:+30 2104 180841 or visit www.oceaniayachting.com

Gabriella Flowers On a brilliant spring morning, while most florists are arranging flowers in their shops, Gabriella is already on the road to St. Tropez. As she arrives the scent of fresh flowers envelopes the air around her and trails behind Gabriella’s every step intoxicating all within reach. By noon she has made her way back to her HQ in Nice, to pick up flowers for her afternoon delivery in Viareggio. She is a true artisan and continuously astounds her clients with her magical creations. A complex mixture of leaves, flowers, stones, glass, candles, and other delicate items compose her most beautiful pieces which never fail to please her discerning clients. For more details Tel: +33 (0)6 78 63 89 28 or visit www.gabriellaflowers.com

Freestyle Slides The all new Non-Leg Support Plus (NLS+) slide is designed as a streamlined alternative to the Freestyle Leg Support (LS) Slide. This slide is for those desiring a height of 7m to 12m without the need of a leg support. The NLS+ weighs less and takes up less storage space than their standard LS design. Freestyle have also simplified the deployment process, making set up and take down much quicker and more efficient. Each Freestyle Cruiser Slide comes with a 3 year warranty, all operation accessories and world class service for as long as you maintain ownership. For more details Tel: +1 727 563 2003 or visit www.freestyleslides.com

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Knox House Marine & Aviation Collectively Knox House Marine & Aviation and Knox House Trust offer a powerful range of services to yacht owners and the marine industry that not only includes day to day management services, surveying and consultancy but also registration, asset structuring, tax and VAT planning, and financial administration. Their clients are yacht owners and captains across the globe. Knox House Marine & Aviation

and Knox House Trust can offer clients individual services as well as all inclusive packages to assist them in running a safe and compliant vessel. With a broad network of trusted and reputable suppliers, they can offer a one stop shop solution for all yacht ownership issues. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1624 631710 or visit www.khtlimited.com

Creatio Yacht Management Systems Creatio provide a configurable yacht management system that is simple to use and works on any internet enabled device. Each yacht informs their version of the solution so it reflects their own brand, needs and content. Records can be linked within and across logs to provide a complete and comprehensive picture. For example, Maintenance Schedules can be linked to actual maintenance tasks and outcomes, equipment logs and supplier details, even as evidence to any relevant regulatory requirements. Real time dashboards are available per log and each user has their own inbox bringing key records and tasks to their immediate attention. For more details Tel: +33 (0)6 17 42 27 95 or visit www.creatio.org.uk

Stable.no Ultimate comfort starts with a stabilised bed. You don’t need to compromise any more. A stabilised embedded platform inside your bed will let you sleep unaffected through waves. The Norwegian company Stable. no has developed platform solutions that take luxurious life at sea to a complete new level. Stabilised platforms can also be embedded in billiard tables, operating theatres, wine cellars, bowling lanes, swimming pools, dining tables, libraries, comfort zones, treadmills and a magnitude of other products. For more details Tel: +47 907 47 153 or visit www.stable.no ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 115

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YACHT ESSENTIALS Innovation3 Composites Innovation3 have an extensive race boat background and are constantly drawing on this wealth of experience for solutions to their clients’ needs. Combined with the CNC machine the company purchased last year they are finding they have even greater freedom in the techniques used to tackle any given scenario. From furniture to bow sprits they can now create from CAD designs, through tooling, then finally the finished products. The company are also expanding the workforce for the 2015/16 refit season to meet demand and look forward to the challenges it brings. For more details Tel: +34 971254223 or visit www.i3composites.com

Surf Yachts Surf Yachts is a unique network developed around the yachting industry. Allow them to guide you to the best there is on offer, be it lifestyle services for you and your guests, stocking the boat with consumables, maintaining your yacht or upgrading to the latest technology. Create your personal or your yacht’s profile, upload documents and have them wherever you go or send with one click of a button. Book marinas, restaurants, car hire or place an order with one of their suppliers and have them deliver to your location. Plan ahead and follow upcoming reservations and orders on your personal or yacht’s timeline. Make reservations and take advantage of their members only offers. For more details Tel: +356 2060 4555 or visit www.surfyachts.com

Station 53

Electric String Electric String are specialists in providing the superyacht and marine industry with electronic control and audio visual solutions worldwide. From cinema systems and state of the art audio visual equipment to the latest satellite communication and Wi-Fi technology. Electric String are also able to provide complete on board integrated solutions. Their range of technical partners, chosen to help create an outstanding technological environment, include; Crestron, to keep you connected; Meridian, who offer

multi award winning music, video and home entertainment systems; Cisco, a market leader in cloud controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security; Amina Technology, a leading supplier of invisible speakers; Sim 2 Multimedia, experts in true Hollywood picture quality; Kaleidescape, giving you a breathtaking audio and video experience and Videotree, pioneers in full HD, waterproof, LED televisions. For more details Tel: +44 (0)207 148 2048 or visit www.electric-string.com

Encompassing over 30 years experience in marine electronics and communications Station 53 is widely recognised as a VSAT leader in the yachting industry. Offering Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific global coverage connecting vessels around the world, yachts rely on Station 53’s technology to provide and maintain their VSAT and VoIP communication connection while they travel globally. Station 53’s unparalleled client/technical support supersedes the standards in the VSAT industry. Yachts confidently depend on Station 53’s knowledge, expertise and reliability to deliver quality internet and VoIP communications. For more details Tel: +39 (0) 245 508 400 or visit www.station53.com

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9/1/15 8:00 PM

David Store Navigational Management DSNM, a leading Chart Management and Navigational Consultancy have joined forces with Paul Hailwood to offer a new service in response to the growing number of observations and deficiencies in the maintenance of nautical charts and publications. The combination of expertise results in them being in a position to launch a first class product. With DSNM’s reputation of providing a ‘second to none’ service and Paul Hailwood’s status as a key industry leader, this is an exciting new partnership. The new Nautical Charts and Publications Safety Audit is designed to improve the safety, efficiency and compliance of the procedures for maintaining and updating nautical charts and publications, including digital versions. For more details Tel: +44 (0)2381 800 320 or visit www.dsnmltd.com

Hamble Yacht Services

Spronk’s Mega Yacht Services Spronk’s Mega Yacht Services offers a complete concierge service to megayachts, from Immigration/ Customs clearance, complete provisioning, airport transfers, tours, duty free fuelling, flowers, parts procurement, APA receipt and delivery, and everything else the visiting yacht requires. They have offices at True Blue and at Port Louis Marina in the Port of St. George. Spronk’s can also deliver to you if you are on anchor, at your chosen destination and can also send provisions and parts to wherever you may be in the southern Grenadines. For more details Tel: +1 473 534 3688 or visit www.spronksmegayacht.com

One of the most renowned boat yards in the world, largely due to the reputation and facilities offered by their Boat Refit and Repair workshop. Over the years they have managed refit projects for some of the most prestigious yachts, high profile race boats and round the world charter fleets. From initial survey and quote through to project management and quality control they can look after every aspect of your project from start to finish. From collisions and groundings to general wear and tear, they can get your yacht back on the water quickly and efficiently. Experienced in working with classic wooden yacht restorations and timber yacht repairs including topside planking replacement, repainting, installing modern luxuries and fittings. For more details Tel: +44 (0)2380 454111 or visit www.hambleyachtservices.co.uk

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Marine Shore Assistance MSA in Montenegro represents a natural development of Marine Shore Assistance, Professional Yacht agency in Italy based on 16 years of experience gained in the yachting industry by its founder Gianluca Devicienti. Marine Shore Assistance operate all over the Montenegrin costline providing their clients complete and top quality service with reliability, trust, quick action and inevitable good mood. The business pride themselves on keeping every operation smooth and fast in order to achieve the main goal, a satisfied customer. MSA’s highly qualified team of

professionals provides the following services but not limited to: clearance in/out, custom and immigration formalities in all ports, berth booking, tax free/duty paid bunkering, best quality provisions, technical assistance/spare parts, VIP private tours with multilingual guide, flower arrangements, courier and shipping services, medical assistance, laundry service, phone and internet assistance, financial service and VISA service. For more details Tel: +382 67 300584 or visit www.marineshoreassistance.com

GN Espace Nautibuoy Marine Two former superyacht crew members have recently launched this year’s must have yachting accessory, a multifunctional inflatable dock. The NautiBuoy platform is a versatile marine tool that converts from an essential maintenance raft to a guest ready luxury leisure pontoon or a jetski dock, it offers three different uses in one product. Available in Hypalon or PVC and in four different sizes ranging from from 2.5m to 4.5m, the patented air toggle linking system offers endless linking possibilities for side-by-side, end-to-end, T-shaped and L-shaped configurations. Inflation times range from 90 seconds to 3 1/2 minutes. A range of leisure and maintenance accessories are also available. For more details Tel: +44 (0) 1803 863233 or visit www.nautibuoymarine.com

GN Espace offers expertise in the design and supply of superyacht galleys. As well as supplying an extensive range of galley equipment to meet the exacting needs of professional chefs, they can also provide refrigeration, laundry and ‘front of house’ serving solutions from leading manufacturers. All GN Espace galley equipment is designed and supplied with marine use in mind. Durable and good looking, their stainless steel furniture also meets the most stringent international food hygiene standards. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1992 893713 or visit www.gn-espace.com

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9/1/15 11:15 AM

NRG Marine Columbus Yachts Columbus Yachts, brand of the Italian builder Palumbo Group, has recently launched the very secretive 57m Classic, which is a full displacement yacht with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Belonging to the Classic line inaugurated by my Prima, the first yacht branded Columbus Yachts and launched in 2011 which picked up a Judges’ Commendation at 2012 World Superyacht Awards. Her interiors are really eclectic: a variety of woods, mirrors and marbles were mixed together to create a unique environment inspired by natural elements. The yacht will be revealed in an exclusive worldwide preview at Monaco Yacht Show this year. For more details Tel: +39 081 090 0112 or visit www.columbusyachts.it

Sonihull has proven itself as a very effective ultrasonic anti-foul solution. Not just for hulls, but also for sea chests, heat exchangers, thrusters, even jet drives. In fact almost anywhere you suffer from marine fouling. With over 1300 systems sold worldwide, extensively for commercial, military and coast guard vessels. Sonihull has become the new must have for a savvy chief engineer. With all the legislation on marine pollution and biocides in paints, Sonihull being a totally eco friendly solution that actually works must be the way forward. For more details Tel: +44(0) 845 900 2171 or visit www.nrgmarine.com

BGB SILS Developed from a seemingly impossible idea, BGB SILS has proven the underwater lighting industry wrong by manufacturing and patenting a powerful contactless underwater lighting system without having to penetrate any surfaces such as the hull of a yacht. The new BGB Submersible Inductive Lighting System (SILS) uses induction contactless technology to power the LEDs used within the exterior light. Electromagnetic induction is the near field wireless transmission of electrical energy between two coils that are tuned to resonate at the same frequency. The two coils may exist as a single piece of equipment or comprise two separate pieces of a singular unit. BGB SILS operates by having the primary unit on the inside of the marine vessel, lined up with the secondary unit on the exterior of the vessel. The operator can tune into the surrounding SILS wifi zone with their tablet or mobile device and control the RGB-W coloured LEDs with a simple slide of a finger through a bespoke BGB App. The lights can be easily retrofitted without fear of leaks and gives peace of mind that the vessel has not been weakened in any way with a hole. SILS will be available early 2016. For more details Tel: +44(0)1476 576 280 or visit www.bgbsils.com

Knaack & Jahn Knaack & Jahn is a company with 50 years experience in pipe and apparatus installations, they are also active in marine fire protection and for the last three years they have marketed their very exclusive KJ FireOff® Water Mist System for all applications on board. The unique sprinkler system produces very fine water mist. It is approved for all popular classes and is reliable and extremely effective. Moreover the system has low water consumption and a low weight. The visual appearance is very aesthetic and easy to maintain. Also if used in the engine room, there is absolutely no risk for the crew. For more details Tel: +49 40 7812930 or visit www.kj-fireoff.com

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Israel’s largest marina and gateway to the Holy Land

Tel: +972 9956 5591


Official port of entry

Full service marina

Yachts up to 60m

Full range of technical services

24 hour security

Shopping complex


vhf channel 16

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Viking Recruitment Viking have introduced The Viking Family of Companies: Viking Recruitment, Maritime Skills Academy, Chiltern Maritimes and the newest joiner Viking Hospitality. Viking Recruitment is the leading luxury Cruise Ship and Large Yacht Crew Management specialists primarily offering career opportunities globally for Officers & Crew of all positions. The Maritime Skills Academy is a MCA accredited centre that offers STCW courses in safety,

leadership and other essential maritime skills. Chiltern Maritime is a privately owned and independent UK based training consultancy for the Merchant Navy Scholarship Schemes. Viking Hospitality is a leader in the recruitment of personnel to the hotel, restaurant, spa, private residence and hospitality industry. For more details Tel: +44 (0)300 303 8191 or visit www.vikingrecruitment.com

Made 2 Measure Fenders Made 2 Measure are the leading suppliers of superyacht fenders, fender covers, dockline, fender hooks, tender fenders, swim platform fenders and tender mooring packs. Based in the UK, but operating worldwide the company is uniquely placed to take care of your superyacht mooring pack needs. Offering standard mooring packs and bespoke mooring packs, backed up with a first class service. Whether you need replacements, are in for a refit or are part of a new build project, give Made 2 Measure Fenders your mooring pack requirement, they will be happy to manage it from start to finish. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1983 210493 or visit www.m2mfenders.eu

SubAviators Check out SubAviator System’s revolutionary Orcasub! This two man submersible offers extreme performance characteristics to allow you to explore the ocean realm in safety, comfort and style. How extreme? Imagine being able to fly at 10+ knots, barrel roll with whales or dive thousands of feet beneath the waves to explore a wreck. Although the potential for underwater fun and adrenaline is unmatched, Orcasub is every bit the serious exploration machine, custom built and classed by Lloyds Register Group for depths between 300 and 800 metres. For more details Tel: +1 778 846 8988 or visit www.subaviators.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 121

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Sarissa RIBs Sarissa RIBs are bespoke rib packages, built in Athens and imported and distributed throughout England, France and Holland by Premier RIBs Ltd. The RIBs range in size from 6m to 10.5m covering both the leisure and performance ranges. The Sarissa 737 is the flagship of the range, unveiled at the London 2015 boat show. All models are fully bespoke, allowing the new owner to

choose the layout of the deck, fabric colour and style of seating, along with choice of tube colour. The combination of the performance hull and rib design allow for ultimate fuel efficiency and a stunning top speed of 74mph! For more details Tel: +44(0)1202 671 570 or visit www.sarissa-ribs.com

Vector Developments

Heinen & Hopman Sometimes, a broken AC chiller might better be replaced instead of repaired. However, the chiller is often difficult to reach, which implies that a replacement is very expensive and often a hole needs to be cut in the ship’s hull. The Replacement Chiller is specially designed as a building package and therefore no hole needs to be cut. This way an old AC chiller can easily be replaced by a state of the art Heinen & Hopman chiller. Since the summer of 2012, Heinen & Hopman has had a dedicated full time service mechanic on the Côte d’Azur. For more details Tel: +31 33 299 2500 or visit www.heinenhopmanfrance.com

VDL offer security, surveillance and imaging solutions throughout the marine industry. Products include SeaMoon cameras, security intercom systems and stabilised night vision equipment. SeaMoon cameras are designed for internal and external use on seagoing vessels. VDL’s security intercom systems include the CallPod unit for onboard or passerelle use. The Seenite stabilised range of platforms provide the latest technologies for long range and short range night and day vision. VDL systems are available with analogue, digital or IP options. In addition to off the shelf equipment, VDL offer a bespoke service using their design, engineering and software expertise. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1929 554709 or visit www.vector-developments.com

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Over 30 years’ experience in marine electronics and communications

Over 30 years’ experience in satellite communications

24/7 customer support Competitive rates iDirect Evolution platform Automatic Beam Switching Committed Information Rate [CIR] Ku & C Band Global coverage

Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific coverage Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth Seasonal upgrades Slow Season Suspensions US and European VoIP telephone numbers Global Static IP Flexibility to deliver customized service packages to meet the unique needs of each client Superior VSAT antenna systems knowledge and expertise

US +I 843 564 4028 EUROPE +39 (0) 245 508 400 www.station53.com satsales@station53.com

M2M Fenders

Superyacht Mooring Pack Specialist Made 2 Measure Fenders

Leading supplier of Superyacht Mooring Packs Based in the UK, but operating worldwide ✓

Superyacht fenders

Fender covers


Fender hooks

Tender fenders

Swim platform fenders

Tender mooring packs

M2M Fenders is uniquely placed to take care of your Superyacht mooring pack needs. Offering standard mooring packs and bespoke mooring packs, backed up with our first class service.

Why not give us a ring We’ll be happy to help

T +44(0)1983 210493 Email your requirements to info@m2mfenders.eu or visit us at

www.m2mfenders.eu www.superyachtfenders.co.uk ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 123

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The Original Paint Specialist On The Cote d’Azur

We do exactly what it says on the tin Paint refinishing & repairs Metallic & pearl specialists Varnishing Experts in engine room application

MARINE PAINT REFINISHING AT ITS FINEST Tel: +33(0)492 92 18 51 www.topcoatdazur.com Info@topcoatdazur.com 124 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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BVI Registry With over 3500 vessels on register, operating to high standards of quality and service the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry provides uncomplicated and competitive vessel registration service. Annual fees are low; there is tax neutrality and legal certainty with access to the British judicial system. As a non EU flag, registered vessels fall outside the EU VAT system leading to significant tax advantages. The security offered by VISR, in registering title in a stable British jurisdiction, is very much suited to owners and the ownership structures of superyachts. The British Virgin Islands also offers the visitor spectacular cruising grounds and full shore services handled with quintessential Caribbean charm. The BVI is the complete destination for the discerning yacht owner. For more details Tel: +1 284 468 4335 or visit www.bvifinance.vg

Nauti-Parts Nauti-Parts is dedicated to making sure that all their clients have the most fun and accessories when it comes to watersports and yacht toys. The experienced team are always on the look out for new and exhilarating toys from around the world to stock up their toy cupboard adding to their already extensive range of products. As an official dealer for Seadoo BRP they are very excited about the new line up and you should check out the Seadoo Spark available in five refreshing colours. They also supply many new products on the market including, inflatable Jetski docks, and the X-Jetpack. Nauti-Parts are now the Spanish dealer for Aquaglide and are an official authorised dealer for Seabob. For more details Tel: +34 971 677730 or visit www.nauti-parts.com

With space constantly at a premium and with a need to store waste for potentially long periods of time without causing issues with hygiene and odour, the use of a Tony Team Waste Compactor is the answer. Manufactured in BS304 stainless steel, all machines are suitable for the extreme conditions at sea. Likewise they are ideal for use in food preparation areas, as the compaction chambers can be steam cleaned or power hosed without affecting the controls. With a range of units to meet the waste management requirements of any size of ship. Tony Team’s bag compactors automatically compress rubbish down to 14% of its original size making waste storage less hazardous and more hygienic. The waste is reduced into neat polythene cubes which are convenient to store and prevent the release of unpleasant odours. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1629 813859 or visit www.tonyteam.co.uk

Prodive Prodive provide a team of highly qualified and regulated (Lloyds Registered) professionals. Specialising in the superyacht arena or assistance in mooring and anchorage, maintenance, mounting and dismantling of propellers. Plus, all underwater certified inspections for navigation and protection. Laurent Boulmier acquired Prodive in 2006 from a family run business started in 1965, and to this day Laurent runs a tight team of professionals that will assist in all technical areas and necessary maintenance for superyachts. For more details Tel: +377 9350 6100 or visit www.prodive-monaco.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 125

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Helidecks Specialising in superyacht aviation Helidecks Training Solutions provides Helideck training and consultancy services to many of the world’s most prodigious yachts. Some of the many services offered by the company include: MCA accredited HLO/HDA training on board individual vessels anywhere in the world, guidance and advice during design and build, assistance in the achievement of commercial Helideck certification, helicopter operating risk

assessment, safety management and the development of bespoke operating manuals. When it comes to landing helicopters on superyachts, whatever the need, Helideck Training Solutions has the expertise and experience to help superyacht operators achieve their goals. For more details Tel: +44 (0)1872 262 819 or visit www.helidecks.co.uk

Superyacht Distribution

Columbus Yachts After winning multiple awards at the 2014 World Superyacht Awards with their first 40S Hybrid, Columbus Yachts have recently launched their second hull of the Sports Hybrid 40m line which will be on display at the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows this year. The 40m semi displacement aluminium yacht is powered by an advanced hybrid propulsion system that can produce a maximum speed of 22kts. Coupled with the aerodynamic lightweight hull, this system enables the yachts to run on generators at low speeds ensuring low environmental impact. Combining new, vibrant lines and cutting edge design, the yacht embodies a fresh and dynamic approach to the yachting world enhanced by spacious interiors and fantastically versatile open areas. For more details Tel: +39 081 090 0112 or visit www.columbusyachts.it

SYD, other than distributing magazines and marketing materials on board yachts has a very busy delivery department, Superyacht Deliveries. As owner Lee Rampton states, “SYD delivery and logistic service is available to assists all companies from uniform providers to provisioners, management agents or individual yachts that need that spare part NOW!” Their goal is simple, ensure that all goods arrive at the yacht on time and in pristine condition no matter what it takes. With a team of drivers who understand the needs of the yacht and the importance of getting the goods to a specific location on time as well as a solid track record. Everyone should have SYD’s contact details to hand. For more details Tel: +33 (0)6 89 123 570 or visit www.superyacht-distribution.com

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Prevention matters

John Balodis looks at the importance of fire prevention and the necessity to hold a valid certificate of treatment and conformity


he rules and regulations regarding fire retardant treatments and those who apply them on yachts wishing to be compliant with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) changed with Marine Guidance Note MGN 453 (M) in October 2012. Companies involved in the fire retardant process must now be approved and certified in accordance with a new set of rules. Your yacht, guests and crew could all be at risk if you haven’t taken the correct precautions. The flame retardant we apply to protect your vessel is approved for use on Large Yachts and has undergone rigorous testing in MCA nominated approved, IMO FTP Flame Test laboratories and passed the most stringent relevant code tests and is accepted by all major flags. Fire Retardant treatment is an important requirement for your vessel to remain compliant, so if you are commercial and charter, fit within the parameters of the LY code and don’t have a sprinkler or fogging system on board the chances are you need to have the treatment. A certificate is issued after the work has been carried out in accordance with MGN 453(M).

image © Kurt Roll - Low Altitiude Films

Some technical managers, refit yards and masters do not realise their vessel needs to have a Fire Retardant certificate to comply, even on a new build, however, as crew are becoming more aware of the need for this treatment they are turning to Inter-Nett, a company they know and trust to carry out the work effectively and to a standard they have come to expect from a business in its 28th year serving the yachting industry. We are seeing more and more port state controls and fire retardant treatment is not just about another piece of paper for the yacht, it is also about safety and is an important feature which could prevent a more serious fire and adds another layer of safety to your vessel. It is designed to give you valuable minutes in the case of a fire and is both preventative and proactive. As people become more familiar with the need to

have the work carried out and the process involved, they are realising that it should be part of a yearly, scheduled refit programme. The MCA highly recommend yearly re-treats or sooner if advised by the applicator. There are many misconceptions as to the rules on Fire Retardant on board and who can carry out this treatment. How do I know if I need Fire Retardant treatment on board? If your vessel is for commercial charter, under 500 GT and fits within the parameters of LY2 or LY3 then you will require treatment in order to remain compliant. Who can carry out this treatment? This must be carried out by an approved and certified supplier to MGN453(M). What proof will I have that the treatment has been done? A formal certificate will be issued to the vessel. What if I don’t have a valid Fire Retardant certificate? There are several possibilities which could have serious repercussions; In the event of a fire on board your insurer may not honour their contract; A port inspection when cruising could prevent the vessel from leaving; A surveyor’s routine inspection could prevent the vessel from moving until resolved; Ultimately in the event of any incident where treatment and certification were found to be lacking, both the captain and owner could be found culpable. For more details +33 (0)6 43 91 62 96 or visit www.internettmonaco.com Licensed Applicators for Flame Screen Ltd Approved for Large Yachts in accordance with MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 453 (M) by BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd Certificate No:53/00047

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9/1/15 5:30 PM

image Š Wayne Parris/Peters & May

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Going places Adam Fiander offers an insider’s guide to letting the professionals take care of your yacht transportation needs


ith the availability of free time being regarded by many yacht owners and business people alike as one of their most precious and valuable ‘assets’, the fact that there are specialists out there willing, able and experienced in taking the hassle out of transporting yachts and equipment from one country to another, will serve as a comforting thought for many. Similarly, instances involving yachts and significant craft subject to any kind of commercial agenda are known to be frequent users of professional transportation. Take the case of a yacht builder or dealer having to honour a particularly important customer delivery deadline, for example, or requiring their boat(s) to be present

at an important boat show, perhaps, or a racing team due to compete in a high profile regatta in some far flung destination. Typically when Europe’s weather gradually starts to decline and evenings become shorter, October to November time, thoughts for some turn to the Caribbean and other equally ‘beneficial’ destinations where transport routes start to become populated. Similarly from the US and the Caribbean, pre summer routes back to the Mediterranean then start to become busy again. For some providers up to 70% of their business is contained within these two half year peak periods, an

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8/31/15 2:18 PM

Navigational Management DSNM setting the standard…

Some of the services provided by DSNM are:

The DSNM team has over 50 years of experience in managing yachts and client’s expectations and with its long-standing partners has evolved to become the market leader in the field of navigation supply.

• Chart Corrections & Chart Outfit Management

We ensure that all required publications are held onboard and are maintained, so that port state control and flag audits are always successful and the vessel remains compliant at all times.

• Initial Build Supply

• Designated Fleet Managers • Publication Corrections • Auto Advise of New Editions • Management of Digital Subscriptions • Chart & Navigational Equipment Supplies • Storage of Inactive Chart Folios & Publications

t: +44 (0)2381 800 320 e: info@dsnmltd.com Follow us here...

m: +44 (0)7810 823 400 w: dsnmltd.com @DSNMLtd

• Set up and Training via Remote Access Software • Electronic Chart Training & Supporting Services David Store Navigational Management Ltd. (DSNM LTD)

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unavoidably seasonal business then, or so it would appear. But the larger transportation providers have nonetheless become adept at marketing themselves within other aspects of the marine industry and are now finding themselves busy throughout the whole year. We’ve established that the market clearly has a need for professional yacht transportation services, therefore, so let’s take a look at some of the different businesses out there.

Innovation has been the key to success, including the development of new loading methods and adaptable shipping cradles One of the most well known and visible providers is Sevenstar Yacht Transport, who were acquired in 2000 by the Spliethoff Group, a major Dutch cargo ship owning company with a fleet of around 100 plus company owned vessels, ranging from 2,100 to 23,000 tonnes. If one of the purposes of a yacht transportation company is to offer owners and management companies a wide choice of the most interesting, tempting and exotic cruising and far away destinations to explore, then Sevenstar’s destinations inventory cannot fail to impress. From as far away as New Zealand, through to the Pacific Islands, North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East, India, Africa and of course almost all parts of Europe, the list of possibilities is endless and Sevenstar’s claim that there is “always a vessel near you” is no idle boast.

Peters & May Peters & May Ltd provides worldwide yacht transportation services to over 4,000 vessels each year via sea, road, rail and air to any global destination. Their clients include professional and commercial organisations, individuals and leisure clients, and are the long term preferred logistics supplier to many manufacturers and race teams. Peters & May has opened wholly owned offices in the UK, USA, France, Spain, Hong Kong, China, and Germany. To support their network and extend their global reach, exclusive agencies were opened wherever partnership opportunities have been identified. Locations include: Dubai, Australia, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, South America, Belgium and Russia. For more details Tel: +44 (0) 2380 480 500 or visit www.petersandmay.com

Sevenstar’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Sander Schuurman, told us: “Innovation has been the key to Sevenstar’s success, including the development of new loading methods and adaptable shipping cradles. Today, the company arranges the transport of motor and sailing yachts up to 60 metres in length and 650 mt. Sander adds: “Traditionally one of our busiest months is always May, charging and discharging ports where we have been known to make over 70 port calls and delivering more than 200 yachts in one month alone.” At the end of 2013 Sevenstar acquired the interests of Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT), another well known provider with the deal including two dedicated yacht transport vessels (Super Servant 4 and Yacht Express) for a total consideration of some USD 40 million. Known for their amazing ‘semi-submersible’ float-on, float-off vessels, DYT have an emphasis on Central and Northern US routes and although they are sister companies, it has been decided that from a marketing perspective the two brand names should remain trading separately for now. News more recently, that Sevenstar has expanded its liner operations by merging with Complete Marine Freight’s UK operation (CMF UK), is further evidence of Sevenstar’s significant commitment to this market. Announced as a news item on Sevenstar’s website, on the 3rd August, the merger strengthens Sevenstar’s smaller ‘production boat’ transportation interests, as this was an area where traditionally CMF UK were strongly known for. It’s important to mention, however, that CMF’s Mediterranean operation remains wholly independent and was not part of the 3rd August merger announcement.

Sevenstar Sevenstar Yacht Transport has successfully transported a 165 foot, 267 tonnes Wally yacht with a 70 metre mast from Genoa to Fort Lauderdale. The transport requested a precise planning and immaculate execution by the Sevenstar operations team and its experienced load masters. The enormous rig and the delicate carbon fibre material of this precious sailing yacht made the operation all the more impressive. Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world’s leading provider of yacht transportation services. In 2013 DYT Yacht Transport was acquired with its float-on, float-off specialism and two semisubmersible vessels. Making it the perfect fit. Sevenstar operates offices all around the world and offers a global network of destinations. For more details Tel: +31 20 448 8590 or visit www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com

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8/31/15 2:09 PM

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world’s leading provider of lift-on lift-off yacht shipping services. Dedicated partner DYT Yacht Transport specializes in float-on, float-off yacht transport of yachts of any size. Utilizing our 125-carrier fleet, including 2 semi-submersibles, we offer frequent sailings to more than 50 destinations throughout the world. Where would you like to go? Sevenstar Yacht Transport Amsterdam, The Netherlands, phone +31 20 448 8590 info@sevenstar-yacht-transport.com sevenstar-yacht-transport.com

Where would you like to go?


Book noW!

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One would assume quite correctly that it’s in the interests of all of the different service providers to maintain at least working (if not entirely friendly) relationships between each other, ostensibly for those occasions when there is ‘spare’ capacity on a transport ship that is contracted to sail. While Sevenstar is the best example of how a fleet owner/operator conducts its business, then CMF Mediterranean is typical of a smaller, independent style broker outfit and Tom Sell, Managing Director of CMF’s Palma de Mallorca based operation told us: “We act as freight forwarders and broker freight transport on behalf of clients, to get the best prices. We handle the full range of yachts from small boats in containers, right up to large superyachts and the associated logistics connected to the necessary customs paperwork and liability included. With the forwarding of yacht spares and equipment also part of our remit, we like to think we offer a truly bespoke, personal service, a ‘one stop shop’ if you like.”

It is in the interests of all of the different service providers to maintain a working relationship with each other One other operator known as a ‘freight forwarder’ is Peters & May, who are the first to admit they don’t actually own any trucks or cargo ships outright, but nonetheless offer a very international and highly capable service as a broker and carrier, providing worldwide boat transport services to many of the premier race teams, superyacht owners and manufacturers, as well as many private boat owners. Peters & May’s approach is to be as ‘open’ about the business as possible, an important consideration when explaining the pros and cons and what-ifs between a ‘Liner’ and a ‘Charter’ service, for example. Peters & May, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Robert Blades, told us: “In terms of volume we are moving over 4,000 marine crafts of all kinds in any one year. The marine business for us is segregated into leisure, commercial, superyachts and racing & events and each category is marketed and handled in its own unique way.” Asked about the intricacies of quoting for leisure marine, Robert adds: “Rates are based upon demand, timing, port infrastructure and numerous factors and variables, including the fact that sometimes a ‘door to door’ price might include road and sea, with the additional use of a skipper and supplying all customs advice.” “As a service orientated company, last year’s ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), for example, was typical of the lengths we will go to, to do a good job. To bring participants back to Europe, customer requests dictated an additional port calling in to Antigua, as well as St.Thomas, and this year saw over 100 yachts depart the Caribbean over four vessels; a fair proportion of which were ARC participants.” With the all important customs paperwork, VAT and insurance formalities taken care of as part of the package, there’s a lot to be said for using one of today’s professional yacht transportation companies for complete piece of mind.

Cigisped Cigisped Yacht Transport is an international logistics providers specialising in yacht transportation, as such they offer clients the full spectrum of yacht shipping with cradle rental, in house custom clearance, load master and transport insurance. This year, Cigisped celebrates its 30th anniversary, over the years they have established themselves as one of the leaders in the industry developing a strong network of offices, agents and partners worldwide. As a result, Cigisped Yacht Transport offers a wide range of routes but the best seller remains the ever so popular line from North Europe (HamburgAntwerp) to Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dalian) via the Mediterranean sea (Genoa, Turkey and/or Greece) and Dubai. For more details Tel: + 971 4 380 6045 or visit www. cigisped-me.net

Complete Marine Freight Complete Marine Freight specialises in the transport of sailing yachts and motor yachts worldwide plus handles all movements by air, sea or road of all marine related equipment. Over the past 5 years, Complete Marine Freight has established itself as a leading player in the yachting industry, providing hands on experience in global yacht shipping, freight forwarding and a range of other yacht services. Complete Marine Freight work with people who are serious about yachting and selling yachts and boats worldwide. They are a small team who offer an incredibly personalised service. For more details Tel: +34 971 432 600 or visit www.completemarinefreight.com

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Control the comfort


22º C



As a key supplier to many leading yachtbuilders, Heinen & Hopman ensures that onboard Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration systems meet the highest possible specifications. The result is a superior interior environment, providing owners with the absolute comfort they expect from the finest superyachts.

OnBoard 180x130mm (ED20150828).indd 1

Office: 1.24 Kings Road, Chelsea London SW10 0SZ

www.heinenhopman.com Meet us at the MYS: QAB10 Follow us on:


28-8-2015 7:49:38

E: marine@electric-string.com T: +44 (0)20 7148 2048

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BODY The latest facts, fads and tips to help keep your body in shape this autumn



Bagni di Bormio Spa Resort, Lombardy, Italy At the boot’s thigh high point where Italy meets Switzerland and Austria, there’s Bormio. A tourist hotspot for several reasons: its natural thermal springs; high mountain passes including the legendary Stelvio Pass; and year round skiing. Visitors have been coming since the 1st century BC.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Poles can cost anything from €60 to €300 a pair, and beginners are encouraged to take a €75 four week course.

BEAUTY MYTHS Putting Vaseline on your face every night will prevent wrinkles Petroleum jelly is the strongest moisturiser there is because it forces the body’s natural oils into the skin and prevents them from evaporating. As the skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture, and skin that’s dry looks older. Petroleum jelly can make wrinkles less apparent because its adding moisture to the skin, which softens lines, but it cannot actually prevent ageing. Only a cream with a proven active ingredient, such as retinol, can stave off wrinkles. Plus, petroleum jelly is so greasy that it can create other problems, including breakouts.

WHAT IS IT? A full body method of walking, where you propel yourself along using a pair of long poles. It’s cross country skiing, basically, but without the skis or silly clothes.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Nordic walkers burn around 50% more calories than their regular-walking counterparts. Its real appeal is that it can be adapted to meet personal needs: beginners can use Nordic Walking to deal with mobility problems, while more seasoned athletes can use it as a sports conditioning tool.

HAIR WE GO This strange little gizmo, which looks like a pair of mini nunchucks, works on the same principle as threading but uses a metal coil to trap the hairs. Just twist and roll it over your face and grab the blighters from the root. Brilliant for cheeks and ‘taches. www.tweezerman.co.uk

WHAT’S IT ACTUALLY LIKE? Very pleasant. After spending a few minutes learning how to use the poles, essentially they’re a sort of high speed gondola punt, all Nordic walking entails is powering through fields. WHAT ARE THE TECHNIQUES? There are a few different techniques to employ (shortening and lengthening your stride, depending on terrain; double poling up steep hills; full speed bounding, if you’re feeling particularly fit), but it’s all secondary to the social aspect. The extremely fit will gain little, but for the rest of us it’s just a lovely day out. BEST AND WORST BIT The worst bit came at the beginning, because it is easy to muddle up which arm should move with which leg. The best bit was getting fresh air and talking to interesting people in the process.

The number of days it will take you to break a bad habit

IS IT WORTH IT? If you’re after something that’s only mildly strenuous but gets you out of the house and among people, yes, it is. ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 135

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DAILY DE-STRESS MASSAGE It is important in our daily life to take care of our mind and body. Relieving stress is an important component of well-being. An easy way to reduce stress and tension is by giving yourself an auto massage. An auto massage of 10 minutes each day will get rid of a big part of your stress and fatigue. The body will recuperate its strength and the mind will be at peace. These movements are simple and easy to execute and will procure immediate stress relief.




With your right hand massage the opposite shoulder using the palm of your hand. Gently squeeze from the top of the arm all the way to the base of the neck. Slightly tilt your head. Repeat on the other side.

Very slowly and gently rotate your head from one side to another. Do not force and overstretch the muscle. Keep your neck relaxed, drop your shoulders and only stretch as far as feels comfortable.

Place both hands behind your neck and with your fingers pull slowly but firmly the neck muscle away from the spine so starting at the base of the head and work your way towards the lower neck.




Place your hands on the back of your head. Your thumbs are placed at the line between the head and the neck. Press softly and rotate the thumbs following the base of the skull from the centre towards the ears.

Place your 10 fingers on your head. Make slow rotation movements with all fingers simultaneously. Massage the upper skin by pressing firmly your fingertips in the skin. Cover the entire scalp.

Massage your temples by placing your three middle fingers on each side of the head between your eyes and ears. Rotate your fingers slowly in both directions with a little pressure.

Choose a moment of the day where you are sure you will not be disturbed. Turn off your cell phone. Sit on a comfortable chair. Keep your back straight. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Take a few deep breaths through the nose. For more details contact Tel: +33 (0)6 51 36 93 65 or visit www.bluetree-massage.com

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HAPPY FEET Girls... and boys, after a busy season it’s time to give your feet some much needed R & R

Six steps to foot heaven

Your feet are probably the last part of your body you think about until they start hurting. They’re too important to overlook, though: With some 26 bones and a complex framework of 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, your feet absorb the impact of your full body weight with every step, keeping you balanced and upright in the process. The problems that can afflict your feet are numerous. Foot odour, cracked skin, fallen arches, corns, ingrown toenails, fungal infections and even damaged bones can cause discomfort and reduced mobility. But many can be avoided with a little TLC. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, all of these problems tend to worsen as we age, so if foot care doesn’t seem important now, it soon will be.

KEEP THEM DRY Some of you suffer from dry feet, while others suffer from sweaty, wet feet. Keeping your feet dry isn’t easy, as you have approximately 125,000 sweat glands in each foot, and each foot can produce 110ml of moisture a day.

AVOID SOAKING FEET Contrary to what you might think, soaking can further dehydrate already dry feet. So instead of soaking your tootsies, apply a sugar scrub directly onto dry skin, and wipe it off with a moistened towel.

KEEP A PUMICE STONE IN THE SHOWER Use one daily or every other day in the shower as the skin will be easier to remove if it’s soft and supple; just make sure to apply less pressure to soft skin and more to callouses when giving your feet a scrub down.

HEAVY DUTY MOISTURISING Your heels are prone to over use, and as a result, they tend to dry out more easily than the rest of your foot. The heel is also protected by thicker skin. Apply a lotion or oil immediately after you shower to retain the moisture.

DON’T FORGET TO APPLY SUNSCREEN Lots of people neglect to apply a good SPF to their feet, but don’t make this big mistake. Not only does the skin on your tootsies need protection, but nails are made of protein and are therefore as vulnerable as your skin.

LET TOES BREATHE Nails are a living part of your body, they need to breathe. Take a break from nail polish about once a month for a few days. This can help prevent discolouration, particularly if you like to use dark coloured nail polishes.

So why is it that so few people give their feet proper care? We stretch our hamstrings, tighten our stomachs and carbo-load our muscles, we hydrate and slap numerous creams on our faces, but we barely pay any attention at all to our feet. Proper shoe selection is vital to foot health, not merely the shoe brand and model, but the fit. An ill-fitting shoe can cause a multitude of problems for your feet, everything from numbness and burning to blisters and painful calluses. Shoes that are too short can cause black toenails. Shoes that are too narrow in the forefoot can cause pinched-nerve pain, bunions, corns or calluses. Shoes that are too wide allow the foot to slide around, which causes undue friction, which in turn can lead to blisters. Research has also linked stress on these complex instruments to malfunctions in the ankle, knee, and hip joints as well as back pain and arthritis of the knees. Unsurprisingly, those killer stilettos are the prime suspects. They tilt your body forward so the balls of your feet are bearing the brunt of your weight. The flip side is that so called comfy shoes like ballet flats and thongs can be almost as damaging. Without support, your arches suffer extra strain, causing tiny tears in the tissue that, over time, can get so bad that you feel searing cramps with each step, a condition called plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel). It’s the number one reason women visit a podiatrist, so try to balance wearing flats with some shoes that give your feet support. Always make sure you examine your feet regularly. If you notice red, itchy, flaky skin between your toes then it will most likely be a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot, which is easily treatable. The best way to keep your feet healthy is a simple regimen of daily care that will help keep the skin, bones and muscles of your feet functioning properly. 138 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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STEP THIS WAY The best footcare products to keep your feet in tip top condition 4





CLARINS Foot Beauty Treatment Cream www.clarins.com €26


JACK BLACK Dry Down Friction Free Powder www.getjackblack.com €18


NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES Pumice Foot Scrub www.nealsyardremedies.com €14


MARGARET DABBS Hydrating Foot Soak www.margaretdabbs.co.uk €30


(MALIN+GOETZ) Peppermint Scrub www.malinandgoetz.eu €44


NORWEGIAN FORMULA Nourishing Foot Cream www.neutrogena.co.uk €8


LIZ EARLE Foot Repair Moisturiser www.uk.lizearle.com €20 ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 139

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... A HARBOUR MASTER Deniz Akaltan, Karpaz Gate Marina Deniz’s first taste of superyachts was 16 years ago in his job as Harbour Manager at Atakoy Marina after he finished university. Following a short period with the Turkish Sailing Federation and then as Istanbul Regional Technical Manager for Beneteau’s Turkish dealer. He then decided to move to North Cyprus and Karpaz Gate Marina where he was working as the Country Sales Manager for Mercury, Turkey. Nearly five years later, Deniz still believes that he has found heaven on earth, living on the Karpaz Peninsula surrounded by turquoise waters.

THE DAY BEGINS I start my day at around 7.30am at my home at Yenierenkoy, a village 10 miles from the Karpaz tip on the north coast of North Cyprus. I relish my first coffee while enjoying the refreshing sunlight and breathtaking Mediterranean views from my house. Before I go to the marina, I check the news on the internet and TV. After many years in Istanbul and spending an average of 2 hours every day stuck in traffic, I consider myself very lucky to live just 5 minutes walking distance from the marina. However, I prefer to use my motorbike to go to the marina, with perfect road and weather conditions here for biking. Karpaz Coastal Road © Dudu Tresca

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE MORNING? The working day starts at the office when I check the dock walk and security reports, and answer emails. After a short tour of the marina, I go to the dry dock to meet the technical manager and his team to discuss the daily agenda and job programme. During one routine dock walk tour in the marina, I saw a black hat in the water at the entrance to the marina. I immediately informed the security people that there was a diver in the water and to stop the boat traffic. I rushed out in the dinghy to warn the diver and take him from the water, at which point I heard a loud breathing noise and realised it was a 2.5m long Mediterranean Monk Seal which I could now see perfectly through the crystal clear water. It was a very big surprise for me as they are under protection, with only two or three Monk Seals in the area.

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LUNCH Karpaz Gate Marina

Lunch is my favourite and main meal during the day, which, if possible, I love to eat at Hemingway’s Resto Bar at the marina. Although there is an international menu with many delicious choices, my favourites are always the traditional plates, especially fish. Usually, we share the same table with department managers, which is a good chance for us to come together and discuss the rest of the day.

AFTERNOON The afternoon is mostly dedicated to meeting with boat owners, if we do not have a travel lift operation at the dry dock, plus the second tour of the pontoons and promenade area of the marina. We consider a boutique marina like Karpaz Gate Marina to be a kind of non sailing superyacht. We are on the sea, with crew and customers, working with similar technical equipment, following similar procedures and trying to give the best service to our guests with a big smile. All of these responsibilities need meticulous attention to detail and effort every day.

END OF THE WORKING DAY In many jobs at a marina, your working day never finishes, but you still need to find a way to go to home! I leave the marina at around 7pm during the winter season and 8pm in the summer. Often, I will spend happy hour with my team and our guests at Hemingway’s, which is a great way to wind down while watching the sunset.

DINNER I have two options after a normal working day. I can go to my boat and spend a couple of hours completing various maintenance jobs or go home and prepare dinner, which I tend to do in the winter. I love cooking and it is easy to find many varieties of vegetables and meat here in North Cyprus, which are always fresh and tasty. Having barbeques with friends is almost a weekly routine.The day finishes at around 11pm, sometimes at home, sometimes in my cabin on board. Whenever I have the chance, I sleep on my boat while watching the millions of stars from the hatch. Hemingway’s

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ALGIERS GUIDE Algiers never fails to make an impression. This is a city of rare beauty and of thrilling, disorientating and sometimes brutal contrasts

Notre Dame d’Afrique

Jardin d’Essai

Bay of Algiers

Stay HILTON ALGER Close, but not too close to the airport, a typical Hilton experience. Set amid palm trees overlooking the Mediterranean, but 15 minutes from the city centre, however, always plenty of taxis at a decent price. Nice outdoor pool, very calm atmosphere if you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Pins Maritimes El Mohammadia 16000 www3.hilton.com | €€€ SOFITEL ALGIERS HAMMA GARDEN A little like a bank’s international headquarters from the outside, once you enter the central atrium… you get the same impression. It is what it is, a swanky 5 star hotel, no surprises in the rooms, they work hard on the décor to bring some French and North African design into the common areas but the rooms are large, modern and what you’d expect. Both indoor and outdoor pools are fantastic as are the spa, restaurants and various cafés and bars. First class all-round. 172, rue Hassiba Benbouali 16015 www.sofitel.com | €€€

Roman ruins of Timgad

EL AURASSI HOTEL Apparently one of the first 5 Star hotels in Africa, originally built back in 1975 but enjoyed a well deserved renovation project in 2011. Only 5 minutes from the city centre this luxury hotel looks over the Bay of Algiers. The large outdoor pool area is complimented by a modern health and spa club. The service is first class and if you like large bedroom suites, book it Danno. 2 Bvd Frantz Fanon, Les Tagarins www.el-aurassi.com | €€€

EL-DJAZAIR Formerly the St George, this hotel lost in time and crying out for an era long gone. A historical building that is in need of a little TLC, but you quickly forget once you’re relaxing around the pool or in the secluded and peaceful gardens. Centrally located and perched above the port, the views are stunning, all mod cons are on offer including a nice spa area to sooth those aching legs after a day pounding the Casbah looking for deals. 24 Avenue Souldani Boudjemma 16070 www.chaineeldjazair.com | €€€ SHERATON CLUB DES PINS Algier’s only true beach front hotel gives you the typical no nonsense 5 star treatment you come to expect from the Sheraton chain. Located on the west side of the city the secluded resort’s private beach is a slice of heaven. The colossal pool is surrounded by pool bars and restaurants to suit every taste and if you’re missing your daily workout the hi-tech gym and spa area will more than suffice. The service received at all levels also above and beyond. Club Tennis, 16101 www.sheratonclubdespins.com | €€€

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Essential information

LE TANTRA Considered by the populous to be one of the best in the city, so be sure to book in advance. Great location and a cool terrace offer the weary traveller an open invitation from attentive staff with a well rounded menu of local and Mediterranean dishes. Brace yourself for the price list, but for a special occasion or to blow your well earned tips Le Tantra fits the bill. Villa n° 2, Bois des Arcades, Riad El-Feth Tel: +213 21 65 46 54 | €€€€ LE BEARNAIS An all round good eatery, very French at heart with Algerian twists, but definitely a range of tasty and interesting dishes that will not disappoint. Great location, attentive service and reasonably priced menu with an acceptable range of wines and alcohol. No outside tables so prepare to waft away the cigarette smoke. 5, rue Khalfi Ahmed/Boualem (ex-rue Burdeau) Tel: +213 21 63 03 07 | €€€€ LE GOURBI A seafood speciality restaurant, offering comfortable styling and décor with jovial and helpful staff. You will often find live music in the evenings which if celebrating a birthday is the perfect accompaniment to an enjoyable evening. Make sure you go with a good appetite and try the Paella. 6, Avenue Principale Ain El Baida, Ain Taya Tel: +213 21 86 62 90 | €€€€ HAVANA A young and happening gastro experience with live music and great for a drink before being seated to dine. Depending on your luck you could either be listening to some great blues or some traditional north African music. Well priced menus, great cocktails and later into the evening the locals head to the dance floor. Zone d’affaires Said Hamdine Tel: +213 782 36 20 02 | €€€€

Play CAFE TANTONVILLE Since 1890 the historical café in downtown Algiers has been a central point in local culture. A smoke filled, male dominated coffee drinking affair. Or if coffe doesn’t rock your boat…try another local favourite - mint tea flavoured with rose water from the shaker on the bar. 7 Pl Port Said, Upper Town

PORT BÉJAÏA 36°45’24’’N 05°05’50E T +213 34 21 18 07/08/93 E info@portalger.com.dz W www.portdebejaia.dz SERVICES Peninsula Petroleum T + 350 200 52641 E gibraltar@peninsulapetroleum.com Femo Bunker T + +39 010 27 01 415 E emobunker@mmv.it

Essential Algiers

SIP A SUNSET COCKTAIL AT THE AURASSI From the terrace of the Aurassi Hotel the view is spectacular of the capital and coastline below, and the perfect spot for an apero. 1 Ave du Dr Frantz Fanon, Alger Centre

Culture THE KASBAH Entered into the UNESCO World heritage list in 1992, this unique medina (Islamic City) stands on one of the most fantastical coastal sites of the Mediterranean dating back to the 6th century BC. ROMAN RUINS OF TIMGAD Described by UNESCO as ‘one of the world’s most beautiful Roman ruins’, dating back to AD 100. The highlight, a well preserved theatre seating 3,500 people. NOTRE DAME D’AFRIQUE After 14 years of construction, the basilica was inaugurated in 1872. Located on the northern side of the city on a 124m cliff overlooking the Bay of Algiers, the basilica is considered to be the counter piece of the Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille. LE JARDIN D’ESSAI DU HAMMA Still considered as one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, the 140 acre site was established in 1832 and now boasts an estimated 1200 species of plants throughout its gardens. DJEMMA EL-KEBIR Located near to Algiers harbour and constructed in 1097, it is also known as Grand Mosque d’Alger. In 1840. the final gallery surrounding the mosque was added.

TÉLÉPHERIQUE TO MADAME L’AFRIQUE Algiers resembles a North Africa San Francisco, at least in terms of topography. Five fully operational cable cars link the city’s heights to the coastal quarters below. For a great view, try the gondolas ascending from the seaside Bologhine neighbourhood. SHOP THE BOULEVARDS While they may not stack up to the great avenues of Milan, Paris or New York, Algier’s main shopping drags bring plenty of historical charm. Rue Didouche Mourad, Place Audin and Rue d’Isly have been window shoppers’ and people watchers’ paradises since colonial times and remain so today. THE MAMA Besides occupying an awe inspiring space, Algiers’s modern art museum, built in a masterfully converted colonial era department store, is a great place to see works by Algeria’s largely yet unknown, young creative class. DANCE TO CHAABI MUSIC Chaabi literally means “popular” in Arabic, and its name is fitting, given its important place in Algeria’s culture. Small concerts pop up throughout the year, but the best time to catch a local chaabi group is Ramadan. HIT THE BEACH The yellow sands of Ain Taya, just east of Algiers, are well kept and the atmosphere is comfortable even for Western women. The best part about Ain Taya? The Hotel Turquoise, with its superb seafood restaurant overlooking the surf, is just down the beach.

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HIGH AS A KITE If you are looking for a kitesurfing holiday check out these destinations for all levels from absolute beginner to experienced pro MASTICHARI Kos, Greece

Due to complicated wind conditions there are only a few kitable spots on the Greek Islands suitable for beginners and intermediates. But Mastichari is just perfect. The little village is contrary to the rest of the island and far removed from mass tourism, you will find several little taverns, typical restaurants and really hospitable locals. The kitesurf spot offers both the professional and novice excellent conditions in which to hone your skills or take to the water for the first time. It is located on a wide sandy beach and offers a 400 metre area for your exclusive use. The season lasts from April until October and is actually longer than one might think. You will also find good windy conditions and nice warm weather during this seven month period.


Everyone is talking at the moment of the massive lagoon in Kalpitiya. There are two seasons (May until October and December until March) with a wind probability that can keep up with Brazil’s long summer. As the tide is very low the lagoon is surfable at all times. Windproof, more space than you can imagine and no obstacles turn this spot into something close to perfect. At the end of the day you will be happily enjoying the last sunlight from your balcony with a well deserved apero, totally exhausted from the day. The KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge opened its doors in June 2015 and offers comfortable rooms in European standard.

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Tarifa is located on the Strait of Gibraltar where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet and Europe and Africa are separated by only 14km. Due to the strait and the ocean currents, this area is especially warm which has a jet effect and increases the wind. In Tarifa and the surrounding area, there are many spots with different conditions for all kitesurf levels. The kite metropolis of Europe, if not of the world presents surfer lifestyle, endless party nights in the old town with tapas bars and more. There aren’t many kiters, who don’t fall in love with Tarifa at first sight.


Zanzibar known as Spice Island is located in the Indian Ocean and famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. This exclusive kitesurf spot is located directly in front of the accommodation lodge on the east coast of Zanzibar in Jambiani. The Red Monkey Lodge is completely renovated and contains nine rooms which are in small bungalows with palm roofs. Coral Rock Hotel is situated at the other side of the bay, and is priced higher with even more comfort and a stunning seafacing pool. The waters provide perfect conditions for beginners, advanced riders and freestylers. Because of a 2km long sandbank there is a huge lagoon with shallow water for beginners to learn their trade but also for freestylers and advanced riders. The kite season is from June until September and December until March.

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ULCINJ Montenegro

Montenegro can be seen as the new kite hotspot of Europe. The main spot is ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers due to its broad beach, waist deep water and the steady side-onshore wind. From May until September the Albanian Alps in the south cater for super steady thermal winds that will hit the coast in the early afternoon with 18 to 25 knots. As tides don’t really exist in Montenegro you can start kiting whenever the wind kicks in. Due to the warm water, wetsuits are not really necessary in the summer.


One of the biggest flat water lagoons in Europe is in Lo Stagnone Marsala! There are two different wind systems, both suitable for kiting, and one of them is practically dedicated to wind seekers with more than 300 windy days per year. Due to the shallow lagoon, you’ll always have perfectly flat water, only in the very middle of the lagoon, the conditions might get slightly choppy. You can be sure to always find enough space for practicing your first few metres on the board or some new freestyle moves. The short distance to the African continent is responsible for the warm and pleasant temperatures from March until November.

For more details on these kitesurf destinations contact Kiteworldwide. Tel: +44 (0)2036 085777 or visit www.kiteworldwide.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 147

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STEVE MOSINSKI Global Brand Manager GoFree

LIZA SINGER Owner’s Representative Karpaz Gate Marina

CARL OMUNDSEN Engineering Director Vesper Marine

DAVID GOLDIE General Manager Akula Yachts





Wireless connectivity is now an expected amenity for on board guests, however it’s also playing a bigger and bigger role in vessel management for security, navigation and other systems. For example, the GoFree WiFi-1 wireless gateway, which provides wireless access with a hotspot or mobile tethered link, works in conjunction with compatible Simrad and B&G displays to allow purchase, direct download and immediate use of Insight maps, Insight Genesis (including Social Map) and other 3rd party maps from the GoFree Shop. This ensures yachts will have access to the charts they need, when they need them most. The GoFree connectivity also guarantees captains are running the most up to date operating system with the latest and greatest features by providing automatic software update notifications, direct download and installation.

Owners are now looking for modern marina facilities in different, often more remote, regions as they explore away from the traditional sailing grounds of the West Mediterranean. As owning a yacht is no longer restricted to the financial elite, there are more people in different types of boats demanding to stay at a variety of destinations with a range of prices. The lack of berths in the overcrowded West Med is another factor behind the growth in marina projects in Cyprus, south east Turkey, more islands in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Israel and Egypt, which offer competitive prices, a mild winter climate and brand new facilities. A great example of this trend is Karpaz Gate Marina, located in an unknown part of Cyprus which was closed to private vessels just five years ago, but which is now attracting sailors from all over the world.

AIS technology, indispensable for vessel tracking and identification, has recently seen an expansion in its capabilities. With nearly endless applications, AIS transponders are being used to identify a variety of other targets such as channel markers, offshore wind farms and no boating zones. Displayed on your dedicated AIS and/ or chartplotter screen, AIS ATONs are true physical markers, while Virtual ATONs project a mark where one does not exist, often due to the physical difficulty of placing a marker at that location. Easy to set and move, Virtual ATONs provide exceptional situational awareness for navigators. Vesper Marine has solutions installed across the globe, each tailored for its particular application. AIS is changing the landscape of maritime navigation and is quickly giving navigators the best understanding of their surroundings.

For those yachts looking to cross the Indian Ocean for the winter, now is the time to start planning the security arrangements. The prospect of having armed guards on board for the passage through the official High Risk Area can be daunting. But when the time comes, having a small group of competent but personable ex British forces personnel on board is highly reassuring, both for those on the yacht and its insurers. Dressed like the crew, and with any hardware kept secure and out of sight except when needed, the best teams will treat the boats with respect and cause minimum disruption. STCW security training in basic security for the crew over the summer is also a good investment wherever you may cruise. So plan now for peace of mind later in the year.

148 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

ask the experts.indd 148

9/1/15 3:46 PM


The perfect fit

Dave Stanley looks at the benefits of choosing Bodrum as a location for your refit & repair projects


espite public perception, Turkey is strategically located in both Europe and Asia and is not part of the Middle East. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Turkey has a centuries long history of seafaring, and a number of ethnic Turkish sailors were on the original ships under Christopher Columbus and his quest to discover the New World. Modern Turkey began to comply with entry requirements for the European Union during the mid 1990s, thus introducing strict adherence to labour laws, quality standards, manufacturing and workplace safety conditions, yet Turkey has not joined the EU. Thus all the advantages of a European country are in place but without the high costs behind adhering to a full and often bloated implementation of cumbersome EU laws. In 1987, the introduction of a number of Free Zones throughout Turkey including Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir brought important investments in the way of boat building. Boatyards had the advantage of building without being subject to corporate tax, VAT and customs while still being able to transfer profits. Foreign investors brought a wealth of knowledge, equipment and skills to an already talented local workforce, with much lower employment costs than in Europe. Over the last twenty years, Turkish boatyards have been building motor yachts, gulets and sailing yachts of a quality to rival much more expensive yachts produced in Europe and America. One of the most recent marvels to be launched was the legendary Maltese Falcon. At the time of her launch, she was the longest

sailing yacht ever built at 88 metres, boasting the unique DynaRig速 sail system using free standing masts. Commissioned by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkins, the Maltese Falcon was completely built in Tuzla, Turkey with a Turkish labour force. The Aegean town of Bodrum is currently the largest builder of wooden ships in the world. Many of the best boat builders learned their skills from Greek craftsmen during the 1920s population exchange and have passed these talents down through the generations. Combined with state of the art technology, beautiful yachts such as Rox Star, Annabella and Infinity represent the finest of local Bodrum workmanship. With an extremely efficient workforce and excellent labour rates, a refit and repair in Bodrum is very sensible. Bodrum is a working town and a year round venue offering affordable accommodation, transportation and world renowned night life. Transportation to Icmeler, the hub of the boatyards, is less than 3 kilometres from the town centre and the climate is excellent. Bodrum Yacht Services is a Turkish-American-Australian company in its ninth year, with a solid track record of refits and repairs for a variety of motor yachts, sailing yachts and wooden boats. They emphasise matching the right boatyard for the work that is required. No job is too large or too small, and they absolutely love what they do. For more details Tel: +90 252 316 2434 or visit www.bodrumyachtservices.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 149

bodrum.indd 149

9/1/15 5:35 PM

There are

NO LIMITS to an unlimited certificate!

OOW (Unlimited) experienced seafarer route

The fastest and most efficient way for those with sea service gained on yachts to get an unlimited certificate.

Next available start 27 October 2015 APPLY NOW T. +44 (0)23 8201 5015 E. wma.admissions@solent.ac.uk

Find out more: www.warsashsuperyachtacademy.com/oowunlimited Visit us at the Monaco Yacht Show! We’ll be in Darse Sud, stand QS95 and in the ACREW Monaco Lounge in La Rascasse.

Join the best trained crew.

150 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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9/1/15 7:33 PM


Highly debatable

Lars Lippuner from Warsash Superyacht Academy looks at the new STCW requirements


he debate about the new STCW updating requirements is heating up, and it’s no wonder, as the enforcement date of 1 January 2017 is looming just around the corner. There are many differing opinions and, as is so often with new regulations, there is a lot of misinformation. Let’s take a closer look at it. First of all, here are the facts: All crew on board yachts have always been obliged to hold all four STCW basic safety certificates (fire prevention and fire fighting, personal survival techniques, elementary first aid, and PSSR). Both deck and engineer officers had to hold, in addition, the three advanced STCW safety certificates (proficiency in medical first aid, advanced fire fighting, and PSCRB). These requirements remain in place, but what has changed is that the two courses relating to the ‘hot stuff’ (i.e. basic and advanced fire fighting) and the two courses relating to the ‘wet stuff’ (i.e. personal survival and PSCRB) must have been completed either within the previous five years or alternatively need to be updated. Updating is done by very short refresher courses, half a day for personal survival, and one day each for all other safety training certificates. In other words, crew will need to do one and a half days, officers three and a half days in total, every five years. I can completely understand those who complain that “yet another mandatory course has been introduced”, especially as in yachting in the majority of cases, crew pay their own way for training. However, not to comply is not an option. Evidence of having completed the updating training (if the original course has been completed more than five years ago) will have to be provided in a number of occasions: 1) when the Port State Control (PSC) inspector comes up that passarelle, if any certificates have not been updated it will result in a PSC deficiency. 2) when applying for a Certificate of Competency

(CoC) such as an Officer of the Watch CoC or a Y4 CoC. 3) when revalidating an existing CoC. It is also worth mentioning that the new MCA M-Notices explicitly mention that “companies must ensure that seafarers assigned to any of their ships have received refresher and updating training as required by the Convention”, thus assigning an obligation to management companies and owners too. There is, however, another side than a purely regulatory discussion to this. The reason the updating requirements have been introduced by the IMO in the first place is that research shows that more than half of everything learnt on an STCW safety course has been forgotten again after just six months. This is known as ‘skills fade’. Moreover, new relevant equipment and techniques have been developed over the years, and new valuable lessons have been learnt from accidents. Personally, I think that a fire on board is probably the worst case scenario at sea. The last time I did a fire fighting course was almost ten years ago. Can I honestly say that all the knowledge obtained back then is still present? Have I kept myself informed about the latest fire fighting techniques and massively improved equipment? Probably not. Would a short refresher bring back some of the previously learnt elements and bring me up to date? Almost certainly. How valuable and effective updating training is will be largely determined by the training providers’ efforts to ensure that a course is delivered which meets its intended purpose. This should not be a box paper ticking exercise, both trainers and crew are well advised to approach these courses with the seriousness they deserve. There is simply too much at stake. For more details contact: lars.lippuner@solent.ac.uk or visit www.warsashsuperyachtacademy.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 151

training.indd 151

9/1/15 3:48 PM

Vector Developments Limited Designers and Manufacturers of Marine Night Vision & CCTV Systems

SeaMoon CL Dome

camera designed for gangways, bathing platforms and other areas where a fixed field of view is required. High definition low light performance camera IP or analogue.

+44(0)1929 554709

SurfYachts BoatShow Add_P.indd 1

SeaMoon PTZ Dome

camera with pan, tilt and zoom function and 360° endless pan rotation. Designed for weather decks, exposed areas, masts and bathing platforms. High definition colour camera IP or analogue (PTZ) or thermal imager (Watchman).


SeaMoon Panoramic 360° camera has IP and/or analogue output providing 2144 x 1944 resolution. Designed for continuous 360° deck monitoring. Suitable for internal and external marine use.


30/07/2015 12:59

152 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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9/1/15 7:37 PM


Money on the move

Pippa Maile talks about the cost effective benefits of using a currency transfer specialist for a property purchase


oving money quickly, safely and cost effectively is essential to everyone in the yachting community. It’s staggering to think that more than 82% of yachting crew members use their banks to make their international transfers. What they don’t know is there is a better solution. From investing in a property abroad to making regular international payments, Currencies Direct significantly reduces the cost and hassle of making international payments for yacht crew.

Anchors away It’s easy to get swept away by the romance of the sea. But at some point practical considerations will creep in, like how you’re going to get your hard earned money to follow you around the globe, without shedding too much of it along the way. You’ve worked hard for your tips and your pay, and now it’s time to make your money work for you! But the world of foreign currency can be a confusing one, and if you’re making overseas transfers for the first time it’s easy to get a bad deal or lose a lot of money without realising it until it’s too late. And if you feel that the time has come to exchange the high seas for home comforts and buy property, the amount of money you could miss out on by using a bank is considerable. When you are transferring the deposit on a house, the services of a local or high street bank are likely to cost you thousands in transfer fees and unfavourable exchange rates. Using a specialist means getting a better exchange rate, and usually paying a lot less in fees and hidden charges.

Make your money go further

Using a simple Direct Debit, we can help you set up any regular currency transfers you need to send in all the major currencies. The payments are sent automatically, so you get to enjoy the hassle-free transfers you deserve. We get our customers a better exchange rate than they’d get from the bank, and we never surprise them with hidden fees and

charges. In fact, you could save up to 5% by using us for your international money transfers instead of a high street bank.* We offer a range of services that can help you to make your life easier and your money go further, so switching from your bank to us is a bit like giving yourself a pay rise!

Peace of mind

When you’re looking for an exchange provider, the best rates and great service are what you want as a minimum. You also want someone to talk to you, to understand what’s important to you, and take the time to help you achieve all you want to. Most importantly, you want to make sure your funds are in safe hands. After all, it’s your money we’re talking about. Look for a company that’s established, with a good credit score and authorised by the FCA for the provision of payment services.

SAVINGS SPEAK LOUDER Example: An engineer invested in a property in Antibes €249,000 RATE



High Street Bank




Currencies Direct




* Please note these rates are indicative as of 28/08/2015

Savings made using Currencies Direct £5,631 / €7,708

To speak with a Currencies Direct representative or book an on board consultation contact: Pippa Maile E Pippa.m@currenciesdirect.com T +33 (0) 422 326 240 W www.currenciesdirectyachting.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 153

Currencies.indd 153

9/1/15 3:49 PM

Efficient. Connected. Working together.

We understand the mechanics of team building.

Stay connected.

Your partner in recruitment

Please visit our Antibes office.

MLC 2006 accredited by Lloyds Register

tel. +33 (0) 492 904 610 YPICrewHalfPage_OnBoard_FINAL_credit.indd 1


email. info@ypicrew.com 03/06/2013 16:43

154 | AUTUMN 2015 | ONBOARD

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9/1/15 7:40 PM


The generation game

Laurence Lewis looks at the new yachting workforce and their aspirations for a better work life balance


he Monaco Yacht Show 2015 is taking place towards the end of September which pretty much signals the end of the Mediterranean season and the beginning of the shipyard and Caribbean season. Charter vessels all of sizes, builds, styles and ages were busier than ever this summer and last minute clients were struggling to find any available yachts; Stamina was the key quality required for the 2015 crew, especially for the newcomers to the industry; 2015 was not the season for the faint hearted! Yet, many yachts and captains were having to struggle with junior crew, Millennial crew, the ‘Y’ generation, many of whom have been described as lazy, selfish, self centred, money orientated and prone to job hop with no consideration for the team, the yacht schedule and its owners and guests. “It’s not for me, I want to go now”, “It’s my friend’s wedding on the 5th August, I don’t want to miss it; I’m off”… ‘The trophy kid’ syndrome, as presented by Ron Alsop in his book ‘The Trophy Kids grow up’. You know, children who have been rewarded by their parents for minimal accomplishments and have unrealistic or delusional expectations of working life. It is en vogue to criticise this generation and many captains find this new crew unprepared to work on yachts and difficult to manage. The Generation Y is a larger group than the baby boomers and their children, the Generation X (that’s you if you can remember where you were when Kurt Cobain died) and, like them or not, they are the future of yachting. In fact, the US Bureau of Statistics shows that by 2015, ‘Millennials’ became the workforce new majority. It’s a remarkably talented generation. Millennials have passion, are very sporty and have a broad range of interests. They love travelling and want to get ‘there’ fast! It’s also a complex generation with contradictory characteristics and a different concept of authority; understanding them will help to recruit and retain them on your yacht. Millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips, they communicate quickly and request fast internet access on yachts, and why wouldn’t they?

Many can’t even remember the world before PCs. They have a lack of sense of discretion on social media and are not willing to sacrifice their network of friends for a job. They want freedom and flexibility. Ah, I forgot to mention it above, this generation is also called The ‘Me’ Generation… Of course, some comments above are stereotypes; trying to define a generation is often a futile exercise, but nevertheless, adjusting your style of management might just make the difference between keeping or losing your new crew and having to start building it up all over again. Millennials have been told by their parents that their opinion matters, that they should speak up and question things so you might hit a brick wall with a ‘command and order’ management style; a more inclusive philosophy will get you more results; I know, easier said than done on a yacht where it’s 24 /7..Over to you to demonstrate that processes are in place for a reason, because they work and that old ways can be the best way. The other important point is training and development; the new crew coming on the market has a low boredom threshold and they want to acquire new skills and certificates quickly. Employers and yachts who assist with courses and career progression will strike a chord with these newcomers as it demonstrates that as an employer, you have an interest in their success which in turn, will make them want to give you more in return. Recruiters and employers have to be clear and ensure crew understand fully what the collective goal is, explain that yachting can be, and often is, tough with long hours, hard physical work but that just rewards and promotion are available for those able to keep the pace. This message should be sounded loud and clear at the interviewing stage so that all parties know where they stand. Millennials are looking for a well balanced working environment, they want to work with friends and in many ways, yachting with its strong communities is a great place for Millennials to be. For more details contact laurence@ypicrew.com or visit www.ypicrew.com

ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 155

Recruit.indd 155

8/31/15 9:50 AM

“Will exchange of information affect me? What should I know before it starts?”

Talk to the people who know.


If you are resident in one country and have financial assets in another, exchange of information affects you. Your personal details will be automatically shared with your local tax authorities. Are you sure you are correctly declaring your overseas income? Talk to the specialists at Blevins Franks for peace of mind and advice on tax efficient arrangements.

contact us now on

0033 (0)4 93 00 17 80 riviera@blevinsfranks.com

Blevins Franks Financial Management Limited (BFFM) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, reference number 179731. Where advice is provided outside the UK, via the Insurance Mediation Directive from Malta, the regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Blevins Franks Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of trusts and companies. Blevins Franks Tax Limited provides taxation advice; its advisers are fully qualified tax specialists. This promotion has been approved and issued by BFFM.

FRANCE blevins.indd 96






w w w. b l e v i n s f r a n k s . c o m 8/27/15 6:18 PM


Changing times

Rob Kay looks at the exchange of information and the end of financial privacy


utomatic exchange of information is almost here. What does it mean for you? This loss of financial privacy affects us all. If we are tax resident in one country and have assets in another, our information will be shared between countries. Tax authorities will be able to track our wealth like never before. So, for example, if you are resident in France for tax purposes, and have investments in the Isle of Man, or bank accounts in Switzerland, or pension funds in the UK, the French tax authorities will receive information about these assets. This will include your name, address, tax identification number (where applicable) and the account and income details. Almost a hundred countries have committed to automatic exchange of information so far. They will follow the Common Reporting Standard developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Information will be shared annually between governments. This will happen automatically, for everyone who owns assets outside their country of residence, so not only where tax evasion is suspected. The information to be exchanged includes account balances, interest, dividends and sales proceeds from financial assets. This covers entities like trusts as well as individuals. Reporting financial institutions include banks, certain collective investment vehicles, certain insurance companies, custodians and guardians. They will determine your residence, collect data on your assets and income, and forward it to the tax authorities in your country of residence. The ‘early adopters’ group, which includes all EU countries, will start sharing information in 2017. However they start collecting data next year. Other countries will join the following year. The list includes so called ‘tax havens’ like Switzerland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Monaco and Singapore.

In Europe, the Common Reporting Standard will be implemented through the Administrative Cooperation Directive. This provides for automatic exchange of information on interest, dividends, other investment income, sales proceeds from financial assets, income from employment, directors’ fees, life insurance, pensions and property. Once the tax authorities in your country of residence receive this data, they will be able to compare it to your annual income tax returns, as well as wealth tax returns in countries like France and Spain. It is essential you understand where you are resident for tax purposes, and which assets and income need to be declared there. For example, if you are resident in France or Spain, you are liable to French/Spanish tax on your worldwide income, gains and wealth. This includes most income which is also taxed elsewhere, such as UK rental income, and UK private pensions. Although the income is declared and taxed in the UK, you are still obliged to declare it in your country of residence. Many people who have paid UK tax believe they have no further requirement to declare it in their country of residence and have no idea they are doing anything wrong. One thing that has not changed, though - every individual has the right to structure their assets in a tax efficient manner. It is important to only use compliant arrangements, but it is also important to protect your wealth, for yourself and your heirs, where possible. There are tax efficient arrangements available in most countries if you take specialist advice. Professional guidance is even more important for those who have cross border interests, or whose residence situation is not straightforward. For more information contact Rob Kay, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks Var & Côte d’Azur office TEL +33 (0)4 93 00 17 80 or visit www.blevinsfranks.com ONBOARD | AUTUMN 2015 | 157

Finance.indd 157

9/1/15 3:52 PM


Yachting SEPTEMBER 01 HISWA in water show, Amsterdam 02 Perini Navi Cup, Porto Cervo 06 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Porto Cervo 08 Cannes Yachting Festival 11 PSP Southampton Boat Show 23 Monaco Yacht Show 24 Auckland Boat Show 26 Les Voiles de St Tropez 29 Oyster Mediterranean Regatta, Palma de Mallorca 30 Genoa International Boat Show OCTOBER 01 Sao Paolo Boat Show 01 Extreme Sailing, Istanbul 07 Ibiza Rendezvous Regatta 14 Barcelona International Boat Show 15 Hong Kong to Vietnam Regatta 16 America’s Cup, Bermuda 17 Athens International Boat Show 12 Rolex Middle Sea Race NOVEMBER 05 FLIBS 08 ARC Caribbean 1500 08 Hamburg Boat Show 16 Global Superyacht Forum, Amsterdam 17 METS, Amsterdam 20 Jolly Harbour Yacht Club Regatta 28 RORC Transatlantic Race DECEMBER 04 Antigua Charter Show 05 Salon Nautique, Paris 10 Extreme Sailing, Australia 10 China Superyacht Rendez-Vous 16 Asia Superyacht Rendezvous 16 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race

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Twickenham DECEMBER 02

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Awakens’ release


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NOVEMBER F1 Mexican GP, Mexico City 01 03 Melbourne Cup, Flemington 12 Rally of Great Britain 15 F1 Brazilian GP, Sao Paulo 16 Tennis ATP World Finals, London 27 Davis Cup Tennis Final 29 F1 Abu Dhabi GP, Yas Marina

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䄀 琀愀砀ⴀ渀攀甀琀爀愀氀 樀甀爀椀猀搀椀挀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 栀椀最栀氀礀  爀攀猀瀀漀渀猀椀瘀攀 琀漀 挀甀猀琀漀洀攀爀猀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 愀渀  攀ϻ挀椀攀渀琀 猀栀椀瀀瀀椀渀最 爀攀最椀猀琀爀愀琀椀漀渀 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀⸀   吀栀攀 嘀椀爀最椀渀 䤀猀氀愀渀搀猀 匀栀椀瀀瀀椀渀最 刀攀最椀猀琀爀礀  ⠀嘀䤀匀刀⤀ 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀攀猀 攀砀挀攀氀氀攀渀琀 猀攀爀瘀椀挀攀 愀渀搀  栀椀最栀 猀琀愀渀搀愀爀搀猀 漀昀 爀攀最甀氀愀琀椀漀渀 昀漀爀 猀栀椀瀀  漀眀渀攀爀猀 琀漀 漀瀀攀爀愀琀攀 琀栀攀椀爀 瘀攀猀猀攀氀猀  攀挀漀渀漀洀椀挀愀氀氀礀Ⰰ 攀ϻ挀椀攀渀琀氀礀 愀渀搀 猀愀昀攀氀礀 愀琀  攀挀 栀漀洀攀 愀渀搀 愀戀爀漀愀搀⸀

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吀栀攀 䈀嘀䤀 椀猀 琀栀攀 夀愀挀栀琀椀渀最 䴀攀挀挀愀 漀昀 琀栀攀 䌀愀爀椀戀戀攀愀渀Ⰰ 攀焀甀椀瀀瀀攀搀  眀椀琀栀 洀漀搀攀爀渀 猀琀愀琀攀ⴀ漀昀ⴀ琀栀攀ⴀ愀爀琀 昀愀挀椀氀椀琀椀攀猀Ⰰ 戀攀爀琀栀猀Ⰰ  愀挀挀漀洀洀漀搀愀琀椀漀渀Ⰰ 猀甀瀀瀀氀椀攀猀 愀渀搀 猀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀⸀ 嘀䤀匀刀 椀猀 愀 洀攀洀戀攀爀 漀昀 琀栀攀 刀攀搀 䔀渀猀椀最渀 䜀爀漀甀瀀⸀ 匀栀椀瀀猀 ˰礀椀渀最 琀栀攀  䘀氀愀最 愀爀攀 攀渀琀椀琀氀攀搀 琀漀 䈀爀椀琀椀猀栀 䐀椀瀀氀漀洀愀琀椀挀⼀䌀漀渀猀甀氀愀爀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀 愀渀搀  刀漀礀愀氀 一愀瘀礀 倀爀漀琀攀挀琀椀漀渀⸀ 䌀漀洀瀀攀琀椀琀椀瘀攀 刀攀最椀猀琀爀愀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 愀渀渀甀愀氀 洀愀椀渀琀攀渀愀渀挀攀 昀攀攀猀 嘀䤀匀刀 椀猀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀攀搀 椀渀 夀愀挀栀琀 爀攀最椀猀琀爀愀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 漀甀爀 䌀攀爀琀椀ǰ挀愀琀攀猀  嘀䤀匀刀 椀猀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀攀搀 椀渀  愀爀攀 爀攀挀漀最渀椀猀攀搀 眀漀爀氀搀眀椀搀攀⸀ 䘀甀氀氀 挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀攀Ⰰ 氀攀最愀氀Ⰰ 琀攀氀攀挀漀洀洀甀渀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀 愀渀搀 挀漀甀爀椀攀爀  猀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀 愀爀攀 爀攀愀搀椀氀礀 愀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀 椀渀 琀栀攀 䈀嘀䤀⸀ 嘀䤀匀刀ᤠ猀 瀀爀漀洀瀀琀Ⰰ 挀漀甀爀琀攀漀甀猀 愀渀搀 攀ϻ挀椀攀渀琀 猀攀爀瘀椀挀攀 椀猀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀攀搀  戀礀 愀 昀甀氀氀礀 挀漀洀瀀甀琀攀爀椀猀攀搀 䘀氀攀攀琀 䴀愀渀愀最攀洀攀渀琀 匀礀猀琀攀洀 愀渀搀  䐀愀琀愀戀愀猀攀⸀ 刀攀最椀猀琀攀爀攀搀 漀眀渀攀爀猀栀椀瀀 椀猀 瀀攀爀洀椀琀琀攀搀 琀漀 挀椀琀椀稀攀渀猀 漀昀Ⰰ 愀渀搀  挀漀洀瀀愀渀椀攀猀 爀攀最椀猀琀攀爀攀搀 椀渀 䈀嘀䤀Ⰰ 唀䬀 愀渀搀 愀氀氀 䈀爀椀琀椀猀栀 吀攀爀爀椀琀漀爀椀攀猀⸀  䰀椀欀攀眀椀猀攀Ⰰ 琀栀漀猀攀 漀昀 琀栀攀 䔀唀Ⰰ 䌀䄀刀䤀䌀伀䴀 愀渀搀 伀䔀䌀匀 愀爀攀 攀氀椀最椀戀氀攀  昀漀爀 爀攀最椀猀琀爀愀琀椀漀渀 愀猀 伀眀渀攀爀猀 漀昀 䈀嘀䤀 匀栀椀瀀猀⸀

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Better than live.

Your senses: Our profession.

Home & Marine is your partner entertainment systems the market has to offer – living worlds of experience to see, hear and almost touch. For your home, yacht, aircraft and office.


for the finest and most advanced

Cinemas, HiFi audio and TV lift systems, discotheques, light and security systems for up to 300 rooms.

The entertainment professionals. H & M Electronic Systems GmbH · Uhthoffstrasse 14-16 · D 28757 Bremen · Tel. +49 (0) 421 66 15 46 Hafentor 2 · D 20459 Hamburg · Tel: +49 (0) 421 - 83 56 49 051 · info@home-marine.com · www.home-marine.com

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